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#robin talks
sketchingtons · 8 hours ago
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Hello, yes,I’m still stuck in the Tim/Bernard hole I've dug for myself-and how are you?
These two are still living in my brain rent free! And now they have me practicing side profiles and kissing poses? Two things I’ve avoided drawing for years?? Well, whatever works I guess 😂 👏 
Anyway, I just think it would be really cute if Tim (who is going through his Bi/Gay awakening) is very determined to kiss Bernard at the end of their date! He’s gunna do it! But he’s also very nervous underneath all that determination so, while he had a good start when he grabbed Bernards shoulders, he’s kind of hesitating on the follow through-But have no fear! Bernard thinks it’s adorable, and grabs Tim’s jacket to pull him in the rest of the way~ 
I still have my clown nose and face paint ready for when DC pulls all this away from me, but darn it if I won’t enjoy these moments while they last! 🤡 
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im-a-crying-mess · 15 hours ago
speaking of iconoclasts, i’ve been slowly working on a passion project involving the game! it isn’t anywhere near finished, but i figured i could at least share a pic!
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lesbianrobin · 22 hours ago
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scalesandtethers · a day ago
✪ ((the character is Robin! They're linked on my pinned post!
Send ✪ for my character to reveal how they feel about yours.
I think you’re awesome ║ I like you ║ I want to go on a date with you ║  I love you ║ You’re cute/handsome ║ I want to marry you ║ You’re attractive ║ I wish we could spend more time together! ║ I’d like to get to know you better ║  I admire you ║ You’re someone that I look up to ║ You’re very kind ║ I consider us friends ║ I secretly have a crush on you ║ I have high respect for you ║ We have common interests ║ I’m happy that I met you
I feel uncomfortable around you ║ You’re bothersome ║ I never want to speak to you again ║ I dislike you ║ I loathe you ║ I’m envious of you ║ I’m worried about you ║ We don’t get along well ║ You’re the worst kind of person ║ You get on my nerves ║ You’re annoying to me ║ We have nothing in common ║ I wish I had never met you ║ I wouldn’t date you if you were the last person alive ║ Not you again
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alternativeproject · a day ago
I just think there’s a connection between Jordan peele’s get out, white people wanting to control black bodies and wear blackness like a costume, and the like 5 episodes of teen titans go where Robin wants to live in cyborg
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lesbianrobin · 2 days ago
hiii!! i really love how u write steve and robins dynamic. if its possible could you pls drop some tips on how to write them both well/in character? thank you <333
:'0 thank u so much!!! honestly i don't have like... a process or anything. i'll try my best to think of how to articulate what works for me though!! i'm gonna focus on the dynamic between them bc i think this would be an Ungodly length if i also went into their individual characterization skjldnckml.
so, for me, the key to steve and robin is just letting their conversation flow naturally. like, when you're with somebody you're close to, your best friend, talking to them is easy, and sometimes you talk about dumb shit and sometimes you get deep and it all just flows together! so when i write dialogue between steve and robin, i try to let myself just go! i don't often have to stop and consider "hm, what would steve say here? how would robin respond?" because their conversations are more like... more like one thing than two. if that makes sense? sort of like that rapid-fire sitcom dialogue where you can clearly tell that the conversation was written by one person for maximum comedic effect, rather than being an organic interaction between two people. i shoot for that kind of ease and fluidity to communicate their closeness. they'll reference inside jokes, mutual acquaintances, things they've done together and plans they've made that the narrator/reader doesn't know about. they don't always need to be on the same page, but the point is that they're used to each other. they know how the other person generally thinks, they know how to read the other person's mood, etc. they also genuinely care about each other! they know where the line is to stop teasing, they're not afraid to be frank and honest, and they like to help each other (ex. robin making fun of steve for striking out with girls, then suggesting that he'd probably be successful if he was just honest, and letting him know when a cute girl's approaching so he could get ready).
i also like to give steve and robin that same fluidity and closeness in a more physical sense. you know how they were constantly leaning all over each other during the bite? how robin wasn't shy about yanking steve around? how their limbs sometimes overlap when they're sitting or standing close together? the way steve jogs ahead to open the door for robin in the epilogue and she swings right in and it all just feels... routine? steve and robin are generally pretty comfortable being in each other's space, and more than that, they often move together, like when robin leans back on steve while they're tied up and he shifts to accommodate her. they sometimes initiate physical contact for the sake of comfort (like holding hands when they nearly got caught outside the russian base). so one of my tips for writing them is to just... not forget the physical aspect of their friendship!! they're both athletes and they're both kinda hyper (to use steve's own word), so making sure that you remember to include physical description of movement and action can help with their individual characterization, too.
lastly, i think humor is integral to their relationship. when steve and robin talk about big things, hard things, those conversations always end in laughter, because they have the same approach to dealing with their emotions!! they both like to joke around to lighten the mood, though robin has more of a tendency to find humor in tough things than steve does. steve's generally sarcastic while robin's generally dry, but they can also both be really goofy!! they like to fuck around and be silly just as much as they like to be sarcastic little assholes.
i think that's it??? sorry this isn't really a clear list of tips, i don't generally think about my writing process this much!! i hope some of this is helpful, and if you have any more specific questions please let me know!! i'd be happy to help <3
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robinisaghost · 2 days ago
animatic ideas :0 (ramble away, i would love to hear them!!)
mk thank you for enabling me, i will now be yelling
this is gonna be so obnoxiously long i am so sorry
can you add read more's on asks? eeeekkkk because this got so damn long lmao
mild dsmp spoilers obviously
this is the playlist, by the way
-im sorry boris (wilbur soot)
i think it would work really well with mmm slightly post lmanburg niki. andby slightly i mean. well when she leaves (that is the whole thing of the song gdfjkhgsdf) also side note at like 1 minute 11 on that song theres a discord notification really subtly in the background and it makes me paranoid every time i hear it. anyway god its such a nice song. even for just like. the end of lmanburg. not necesarily paired with a character, just the sense of leaving a place that was so highly populated before it got blown up twice and was like. the main part of the smp. yeah. anyway also the lines "they'll knock down the pubs before helping you...they'll let you jump under trains before helping you" yeah those four lines have big niki vibes but also i think the song could work well with exile tommy or actually even with the finale when tubbo is about to sacrifice himself? mmmmm yeah
-this is home (cavetown)
mmmm got exile tommy vibes innit. a lot of these have exile tommy vibes tbf i just like sad songs and also exile tommy. plus the song has a lot of like. the message is sort of like. changing yourself to appeal to others? like with "ill cut my hair to make you stare" but also the repeated thing of "ill figure out a way to get us out of here" which is clearly the main character of the song trying to help everyone when they are clearly not in a good way themself. yeah thats got big tommy vibes in general tbh but more like. pre finale tommy. i think he got a bit more independant after that.
-soldier poet king (the oh hellos)
ok this is self explanatory and has been done to death already but d a m n its kinda funky. anyway i had thoughts and actually started this but then lost motivation and deleted it all lmaooo. the only proof of its existance is a shitty storyboard in my draw which will hopefully never see the light of day again (unless anyone wants to see it :eyes:) anyway i had the thought of like. sbi? so soldier techno poet wilbur and king tommy. but tbf tommy and techno are kinda interchangeable with that, cos while techno is obviously the better fighter, tommy is used a lot, especially in lmanberg era and also i think he probably will be now that wilburs back
-pyjama pants (cavetown)
ok so i honestly dont remember why this is on the playlist but tbf this could go well with a bunch of characters. thinking like. phil and wilbur? or wil and tommy, or tubbo and ranboo are two that like. i know for a fact that i did not put the song on the playlist specifically for them but god thinking about it now it works so well with them
-boys will be bugs (cavetown)
OH BOY THERES A LOT OF CAVETOWN ON HERE HUH (i feel like that probably says something about me but shhhhhh we dont need to talk about that) ANYWAY
I think this could probably work really well with tommy? because of the whole like. trying really hard to come across as not caring about others, but really being like. very vunerable. but at the same time it could go really well with wilbur for the same reasons. also the song fucks ok cant deny it. to be fair i think it works better with tommy, because he's younger and also he really likes bugs (unless i am mistaken) which is just a cool coincidence but still)
-brother (kodaline)
i added it because of tommy and tubbo because holy shit, but also it could work very very well with wilbur and tommy, techno and wilbur, probably techno and tommy, and oh my god i just thought of this but this would work so well with phil and techno!!!! but yeah i originally thought tommy and tubbo because i thought it was a funny coincidence with exile tommy waking up underwater, and theres a line that says "if you were drowned at sea, id give you my lungs so you could breathe" and like. just thinking about the compasses especially. me gusta.
-feel better (penelope scott)
fundy. that is all.
no ok this works well with fundy but also probably karl sapnap and quackity, and also very much wilbur, like it works well with both. just mainly fundy idk why its got big fundy vibes tho. very poggers.
-as the world caves in (matt maltese)
ok but like this goes very very well with the explosions of lamberg. either of them. i think probably the first one is better, but i think it goes well with both. probably the first one, because it was way more emotional i think? cos it was the first time that their homes had been destroyed and everything, but also because it was so personal, because wilbur was the one who did it. i think that also it would work well if it was set during the explosion but also focussed on different facets? so like. one bit about wilburs perspective, one bit about tommys, one about phils, one about fundys maybe? idk just a bunch of lmaburg citizens' povs for this. its good. as the world caves in is a song that can be so gender tbh.
-do you hear the people sing? (les mis)
obvious obvious obvious...... but like..... also tbh it goes well with a bunch of things. like, mmmmm wilbur in pogtopia. the butcher army. lmaburg independance war (obviously ghdskj) but yeah. also this song just goes so hard like b r u h
-wolf in sheeps clothing (set it off, william beckett)
but yeah. it would go so well with like. well any betrayal basically. so eret, from tommys pov maybe, or about wilbur from nikis pov, or wilbur from anyone pov tbf, or quackity from charlie/purpled/foolish/sams pov, or sam from tommys pov, really it works well with so many people which says a lot about the characters tbh but shhhhhhhhhhhh
-need you here (idkhow)
like b r u h that works so well with them
also i started this one as well but didnt like it, theres a story board in my draw as well for it because like. oh my god its such a good idea i just am shit at animating and don't have a decent enough program :')
also also
the line "daddy has to go, and that makes me sad, but daddy will always come back, he promised" fuckkkkkk that works so well with like. say for example, idk, when they're celebrating schlatts death and wilbur leaves to press the button? the sheer fucking angst of that is enough to kill any one person istg that is in fact the entire reason why i started the animatic in the first place. just that line. also all the lines sung by the child voice. fuckin angsty as hell. also ust generally a banging song, as is every idkhow song
-green (cavetown)
another cavetown song huh. ok sure.
mk so wilbur and sally and fundy. like. for a start, the imagry of a fish at the start? boom sally.
anyway the lines "you looked so good in green, i hope you're well, and you look so good with him, (schlatt ig?) and I'm proud of you still (wilburrrr and fundyyyy) i miss your perfect teeth, i was too blunt, i hope you feel happy, that's all I want"
the whole song is about missing someone you used to love and only hoping the best for them!!!! and wishing that they are happy and safe!!!!!!!!!!! and hoping they still think about you!!!!! but even if they dont its fine because all you want is for them to be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
-achilles come down (gang of youths)
so like. tw suicide but thats what the entire song is about and bing bang boom i just think it works so so so so so so so well with not only exile tommy (who obviously did try to kill himself) but also wilbur in a slightly more metaphorical way? so like. his self destructive habits leading him to a point where he had no choice other than to kill himself and to take his country down with him. and its all about other characters trying to help them and persuade them not to but also near the end there is a second voice trying to persuade them to go along with it, which im thinking like. if its wilbur, either dream or maybe just himself. his own brain persuading him to continue down the path that would inevitably lead to his and his countries destruction. also it works well with schlatt for the same reasons, except he doesnt want to die. maybe (since the song is so goddamn long) like. one verse for tommy one for wilbur and one for schlatt? dead gang poggg but also like. the verses cover fairly different things which work with one character but not so much the others, for example the first verse would be tommy because its mainly about persuading the person to not kill themself (which tommy did himself but shhh) the second for schlatt because its literally about drinking and smoking away your problems, and the third for wilbur since its more of a fight between the "good" and the "bad" sides, which is obviously what wilbur was experiencing. also obviously i have a soft spot for this song because its string instruments and french, basically my favourite combination ever (also i like his voice idfk lmao)
i literally thought of another song while i was in the shower today but i dont remember which it was but a n y w a y the playlist will most definitely be getting longer, especially since there are so many more songs that are good for this but i just havent added them yet lmao. anyway ive been writing this for like an hour gsdfjhgdhfsg but still oh my god this was fun to write
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vitekvanecek · 2 days ago
I'm watching a video on r/murderedbywords. Something about the Islanders and Sabres came up. The Islanders beat the Sabres 3-0. The dude that commented said he bought a cardboard cutout of his aunt because she passed away. He asked if he could go pick it up because he didn't want her to watch the Sabres lose anymore. I'm--
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minruko · 2 days ago
and now I‘m mad bc I fell down the op hole
good cause me too once the crew made it to the grand line i knew i was in too deep😗
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communicore · 2 days ago
Might make a sideblog for Ghostbusters stuff so I can talk about it and my ocs for it more there, hmm....
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looney-dani · 2 days ago
that episode of HIMYM where ted and robin fight over robin’s dogs because they were gifts from exes and he wants her to get rid of them, but it’s hannibal and will post-fall.
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