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#robin makes memes
amemesiella · 26 days ago
listen i know the way rt acquired jefferson is actually kind of sad and messed up but i can’t stop thinking abt an angsty comic where jefferson has grown up and learned the truth about his family but he has to grapple with the fact that this man kidnapped him during his baby years but has slowly grown to genuinely love and care for him as he grew up and now jeff has to make a choice between finding his old family, the one he was ripped from but barely knows, and rt, the man who has given him a loving home but kidnapped him when he was little
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trans-hoverfish · a month ago
just had the coolest idea for an Al-An fanfic! remember how he said his body could "withstand the stress of interplanetary travel"? Imagine if Robin got arrested by Alterra or something and brought back to earth, and he follows. Then he launches himslef out of his spaceship and into the atmosphere and makes reentry like a spacecraft. On the surface. people notice a bright shooting star streaking across the sky but it's just badass Al-An come to rescue his best friend
Tumblr media
ok i DIDNT know al-an could do that but OH MY GOD IM SO PLEASED THEY CAN
[image description: a picture of john mulaney running across a brightly colored lit up stage. he is captioned as: "al-an enduring the stress of interplanetary space travel to break their gf out of jail". /end id.]
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callmefairyofthesea · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Okay, but the episode “Stranded” is like
(please accept this 15 minute doodle offering)
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