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#robert pronge
slothspaghettiwrites · 3 days ago
Omg but freezy mocking Justin like that and having him crying and clinging to Robert begging him to never stop protecting him and telling him how well he’s treated. Freezy would be hard af
I imagine the scene has Justin coming back from doing his duties in the laundry room. Robert is sitting on the bottom bunk, rereading Justin's copy of the Hunger Games.
"C'mere princess."
It's a soft, rumbled command, not at all threatening or agressive like his normal tone. Wearily Justin moved the few steps closer to the bed and Robert pats his thigh. Justin's breath catches in his throat, trying to remember what he'd done to earn a punishment. He starts to apologize, but he's hushed. Hushed, not told to shut up or quit his crying, hushed. Panic settles in his gut when Robert gets fed up enough to manoeuvre him around the way he wants- Justin straddling his lap, eye level and locked in place.
"I heard today, from Grabowski," his hands sooth and squeeze up Justin's back and all the way down to his ass. "That you and that therapist we're gonna try and get you moved to a different prison."
Justin immediately tries to deny it. That new therapist is all talk. He doesn't-
"Has Daddy not been good enough for you princess? Huh?" Robert bounces his leg hard enough for Justin to whimper and shake his head no. He can already see the tears forming in his eyes. "Doesn't Daddy keep you safe from all them fuckin' pervs in here, keep ya from gettin' jumped?"
There's a shudder, a vision of what would happen to him without his daddy flashing before his eyes. Justin opens his trembling lips, tears just flowing now as the panic morphs into terror. He can't be without Daddy, only Daddy can keep him safe, only Daddy takes care of him.
"No, yes, Daddy, I don't- I can't-" he cries, unable to get the words right, and Robert leans forward to lick the tears off his ruddy cheeks. "Love you."
"Prove it to me then princess."
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slothspaghettiwrites · 3 days ago
thinking about maybe a therapist who decides to (despite seeing an entire group of inmates) makes justin her pet project. borderline obsessed, very intense about “fixing” him because of the specific instance of his crime, etc. very much a “if you’ll just get better and work through this trauma, who knows! you could get your case and sentencing reopened, or transfer, or parole consideration-“ and freezy hears about this either from justin or from the prisonmate grapevine and hes like :) everyone say bye bye new therapist
Yup. I'm here for it. Freezy is a hitman and he's good at it. He's gonna get away with it. I mean what are they gonna do? Arrest him? 😂
Therapist doesn't stand a chance. There is no fixing Justin. Daddy's princess is just fine how he is being his little cum dump cock sleeve. Robert would be so condensingly sweet about it Justin too.
"Does Daddy not treat your write, princess? Does Daddy not keep you safe from all fucking pervs? Why don't you spend the next few days in the yard alone then?"
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slothspaghettiwrites · 3 days ago
What would happen if Robert found out Justin is getting early release because of good behaviour?
I mean, in my head, neither of them are up for parole. They are both in for life for the shit they've done. So it wouldn't happen.
And we all know what would happen if they tried to transfer Justin to a lower security prison...
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slothspaghettiwrites · 3 days ago
I saw the post about if Justin got out on good behaviour but what if it was very sudden like at lunch or something? Not even Justin knowing about it
That's not normally how early release works I think. I don't really know. I've never been to prison... or a courtroom... or in a police station really. They scare me too much.
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slothspaghettiwrites · 3 days ago
Hear me out: Dark!prince Justin luring princess!reader straight to orc!Pronge. When she arrives to a mysterious room deep beneath the prince’s castle, he assures her that this was once a secret passageway used by servants.
But the tunnels lead towards the dungeon. Justin stops in front of a cage and ushers you to take a look, “You want to know what a real life orc looks like, right?”
Of course you nod. You’ve always had a childish excitement when it came to magical creatures. Justin tells you to step closer in order to take a good look at the beast. Before you know it he shoves you into the cage and locks the door. It was all a trap.
Justin has always had a sick fetish for orcs. He pulls up a chair to watch the show.
I can't accept my puppy being dark, nope I can't, no matter how hot the scenario. he is puppy, he is baby, an innocent bean.
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slothspaghettiwrites · 3 days ago
Orc!Robert would make little play toys/tools for prince!Justin. He’d fasten the prince on a makeshift leather carrier. 🥰😶
The leather straps that fasten around the orc’s massive shoulders lift Justin’s legs in the air. Exposing his twitching rim to the orc’s leaking member. He’d have the prince dangle just above his fat orc cock.
Robert would walk around his hut with the prince bouncing up and down with every heavy step taken.
With every whine that escapes the prince’s lips the orc simple tugs on the chains attached to his sensitive nipples.
like a sex swing, but a harness that Robert wears?
I am intrigued, but am struggling to understand the mechanics lololol
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slothspaghettiwrites · 3 days ago
Um 🙈🙈🙈 Pronge fingering Justin in their shared cell with just spit to open that sweet hole up and then pulling his fingers out to make Justin suck them clean - poor Justin trying to squirm away and out of Robert’s hold before realising it’s futile to resist and letting the fingers into his mouth. And then...moaning a little and sucking when he realises he likes it 🙈🙈🙈
Tumblr media
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stargazingfangirl18 · 3 days ago
Mr. Freezy anon again! I’m drinking and had a Hoe Thot™ Freezy gets sent to prison where he cleans up his act. You are the one that help put him there and now you’re in the witness protection program. Freezy gets out on good behavior, shocking I know, and tracks you down. He poses as a charming, handsome stranger and you fall for it. Once he gains your trust, he comes clean. Your prison sentence becoming a doting wife to him for the rest of your days. He is not going to go easy on you. 🥶❄️🌨
Hey, Freezy Nonnie! I do so like the way your tipsy brain works 😘 @deceitfuldevout has a Freezy fic that reminds me of this scenario! You should check it out!
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slothspaghettiwrites · 4 days ago
There's a new therapist in the prison, idealistic and naive. Believes she can honestly help these hardened criminals, that there must be a reason for their crimes. She immediately loves Justin, his back story is heart breaking and explains so much. Robert starts to get suspicious when Justin keeps coming back from his mandated appointments smiling and happy. He even blushes at first when Robert interrogates him for info, which basically leads to him fucking everything out of him.
Robert being Robert decides to find a way to use this against him. He decides to check out this "quack" for himself, he doesn't want her putting ideas in his princess' head after all. Only once he meets her he realizes she's formed quite a little crush on his sweet little princess. At first he wants to destroy her opinion of Justin, show her that he belongs to him. Then he realizes he can use this to his advantage. Slowly his crassness builds on her and he's getting her to blush like she got his little princess blushing.
Why settle for one little princess when he can have two begging for him?
i want this
i want to be this naive, corruptable therapist to Justin and Robert.
could you imagine how this would go down? like Robert does a full joker on this therapist. He and Justin each get an hour, then they get a group hour that just the three of them. No one knows about this relationship because it would get her fired. Can't have that. Justin losing his virginity to the therapist, only for Robert to have to show him how it's done.
Justin starting a fight in the yard when another inmate makes deragotory comment about her, talking about how they want to fuck her brains out and make her cry. Justin gets thrown in solitary for 72 hours and Robert shanks the inmate the next day in the shower.
Reader helps Robert start smuggling in contraband and drugs into the prison. He practically builds a whole empire in the prison.
god could you imagine the reader tries and breaks them out? like how insane would that be? truly just oh my god. my brain is melting
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slothspaghettiwrites · 4 days ago
There's a DIFFERENT new therapist in the prison, only this is one who's recently transferred back. She's more cynical, but eventually gets Justin to open up. This time Justin starts telling her about his Daddy, romanticizing their beginnings and what not. Only she doesn't buy it, she knows Robert and knows he doesn't have gentle bone in his body.
Once again Freezy forces a confession out of Justin and this time he decides to use it a different way. See the old prison therapist? He used to fuck her, used those appointments to get his dick wet. He knows she's a freak. She left because she was falling too far under his spell and had to get out before it was too late. This time he uses Justin to seduce her into a new relationship, teaches Justin just what to do. Justin ~awakens~ her inner Mommy, she wants to protect him from Robert and take him away as a fuck you to him. Thus begins a tug of war that Robert is determined to win.
Just like the stress it would put Justin under. He is not a good liar. He just can't. And he like this new therapist. She's much better than that old guy. She actually listens to him and his delusions about Robert. She doesn't make him feel less for enjoying being with him and find pleasure in the hellscape of this prison.
Reader thinks she is getting the upper hand, helping Justin and making him realise that Robert is all bad. That he could do better *cough* her *cough* and little does she know that's Robert's plan this whole time. He's getting revenge on her for fucking off and leaving his dick dry for months.
What if... What if...
Robert makes Justin kill her and then fucks him right next to her dying body, but her last words are "I win" 👁️👄👁️
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stargazingfangirl18 · 4 days ago
Everyone is saying that the Newsweek photos give off professor vibes and August Walker vibes, and I totally agree! But I came across the pictures again last night while tipsy and I also got Mr. Freezy vibes. Like Mr. Freezy went to rehab and cleaned himself up. He’s trying to convince you that he’s a changed man and to give him another chance, but he’s still a psycho and just better at hiding it until it’s too late for you to get out.
Tumblr media
I SO SEE IT! Hahahaha I love your hoe brain! Flawless. 💋❤️🙏🏻
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slothspaghettiwrites · 4 days ago
The Train to Hell is being held at a red light.
okay, I'm not going to answer anymore Justin x Freezy asks today cause a hoe need to finish up some work and also all those fucking bad dragon drabbles.
I wanna drown in fantasy dildos for a bit.
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slothspaghettiwrites · 5 days ago
we know suga'bear sucks on his mommy's tiddies to sleep but does puppy sucks on freezy's lolly to sleep too? 👀👀
Nope. That's too much affection for Robert. It's too soft. If there gonna be a mouth on his dick it better be sucking the last remaining crumble of his soul out of his cock. They are a very little aftercare/lots of toxicity relationship. It takes a long time for them to even sleep in the same bunk.
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slothspaghettiwrites · 5 days ago
Would freezy ever spank Justin? 👀
Oh of course! Robert loves seeing his princess's ass be red and hot, definitely at least one welted handprint on his peach. He always smacking that ass. In the yard when he makes Justin bring him a new set of dumbbells, in the shower to enjoy that wet smack, in front of the guards who stare a bit too long. He'll pull Justin over his knee in an afternoon if he even thinks anyone is talking about him being soft on his prison bitch. Justin won't be able to sit right for a few days with bruised his ass is. 🤠🤠🤠
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slothspaghettiwrites · 5 days ago
Forreal I feel like Justin can’t get his ass eaten without crying
Justin cries almost every time they do anything. Sometimes it's embarrassment, sometimes it's pain, sometimes it's just raw emotion and pleasure. 😌
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slothspaghettiwrites · 5 days ago
It’s impossible not to be a little soft for Justin we don’t blame freezy. We all know he’s still a bastard 😉
😌 he might suck a dick or eat ass to make his baby cry, but he will still shank a bitch for looking at him wrong.
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slothspaghettiwrites · 5 days ago
I hope Robert loved up on his boy when he got out of the infirmary. Baby did NOT want to leave his daddy and honestly I feel like Robert would be impressed at the lengths he went to to stay? I’ve never been so soft over murderers 🙏🏻
Oh Robert is very pleased with his little prison bitch. When Justin gets back from his time in solitary it's a goddamn fuck fest. Robert is absolutely feral, has been jerking off to the image of Justin covered in blood and has even, as a treat, smuggled in bottle of lube. Justin is gonna learn just how good his daddy can treat him. 😌
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slothspaghettiwrites · 5 days ago
Justin getting tiny rewards for being a good little princess is my kink.
Right? I'm such a slut it. The more I write for these two the softer I keep making Robert. I need to shut that shit down. 😂
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slothspaghettiwrites · 5 days ago
What would happen if the prison found out about Robert and Justin’s relationship and the warden tried to separate them? New cell mates, different rec and lunch times? Robert would be pissed
I think for the most part, the warden doesn't give a shit. He doesn't fuck around with inmates usually because why would he? The guards haven't really had an issues with Robert starting fights since Justin arrived so they are mostly left alone.
It's only when the warden is sure that Robert is smuggling in contraband(which he is let's be honest) that he steps in and decides to fuck with Robert. Justin gets moved to a whole different block just out of the blue. He tries to put up a fight, but they handcuff him and drag him into a cell on the other side of the prison. The whole damn prison knows who Justin is, they don't fuck with this kid, they pretend they don't even see him. He is a ghost in his new cell block.
The first time they see each other is a week later, Justin's doing calisthenics; push-up, sit-ups, lunges. He's working up a sweat in hopes it helps calms his anxiety down release some of the fear he is constantly leaving in.
"Fuck me, princess, should had you puttin' on a show months ago."
Robert is ten feet away with two fences between them. Justin's quick to jump up and rush to his side of the fence. He hates that his breath hitches at the sight of Robert, hates that his heart aches, but he's so relieved to even get a glimpse of his daddy. He can see the anger simmering under the relaxed way he leans against the chain link.
"Daddy, I didn't do anything, I swear."
"Yeah, yeah, I know. Warden tries to squeeze ya know what to do right baby?" Justin nods, of course he knows what to do. "This will get all sorted out soon."
"Do you need anything?" Justin blushes as he asks, he know what anything could mean.
"Nah, not right now. You keep working out. Wanna see how strong you can get, princess. Can't wait to fuck your tight little cunt again. Bet'll be just like that first time all over again."
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slothspaghettiwrites · 5 days ago
Would Robert give Justin anything for his birthday? Random thought I’m having at 4:30 am. I feel like Justin would be SO surprised at any little acknowledgment of it
first thought was that he gives Justin a break 😂😂😂
So I don't think the first year he'd get him anything. Robert hasn't softened up at all at that point. And to be fair Justin doesn't really want anything from Robert at that point because it would probably just involve Robert fucking him into the lump mattress like always.
However, the second birthday, they are both a bit more settled into their dynamic. Justin knows his place, kinda even likes it. Time is so very strange in prison, that he almost forgets it even is his birthday. Except when he gets back from his shift in the laundry room, his back aching and his fingers bright red and tingling from all the chemicals, he's confused about the little debbie cake on his pillow.
Robert looks up from his book only when Justin offer him the first bite.
"Eat your damn cake, princess, so we can get on to birthday fuckin'. I ain't waitin' all day."
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