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#rip me i guess
florenceisfalling · 6 hours ago
i've had my new instagram account for like 2 days and i am already reminded why i left my original one in the first place
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liibrii · 23 hours ago
*me*: ok lemme scribble this fun little one-shot
*stupid goblins in my brain*: that’s cute but have you considered the backstories and motivations of all characters and also you need to make it at least 15k 
*me*: you got a point but what the fuck 
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inquistior · a day ago
what fresh hell is this where the posts you’ve unliked no longer disappear from your liked page on mobile
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planisphaere · a day ago
I passed out and woke up with a fever and today's one of the warmest days of the week.
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autisticdinosaur19 · a day ago
When are people going to realize that it's actually a horrible idea to put me in charge of stuff???
I've disappointed at least 20 people today yet they still think that I can function at a normal level???
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fearnyx · a day ago
fyi that your carrd link isn't working
just fixed it ! thank u anon (:
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autoplaysdigimon · 2 days ago
Hey y’all! Anyone want to watch me be really bad at Among Us? I played with a bunch of people last week and one of them streamed it so now you can go watch me be a dumbass in real time! You’ll probably figure out which one I am within the first few seconds tbh.
Featuring such antics as:  - Me forgetting what happened literally seconds before!  - Me being betrayed by my Sitcom Buddy!  - Me yelling at my cat! (you can kinda hear her voice too :3)  - Me being a poor winner, in retrospect  - Victory Skittles  - also I sing at one point so look out for that, rippp
Watch it here!
(also I was rambling about Digimon at the beginning because, right before we actually started, someone went “just let me finish up this game I’m playing here” and I heard some VERY FAMILIAR menu noises through his mic so I rambled about my coincidentally timed costume I’d prepared earlier lmao)
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nitr09-productions · 2 days ago
I discovered an archive of old GeoCities sites from the 90′s-00′s, and I was having a lot of fun just sorta laughing at them, but then I found a page in memorial of a cat that died in 1999 and I’m really sad over it??? Big 4am feelings. The web was so much more sincere back then. Where did the internet go wrong?
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cybergross · 2 days ago
Mayday mayday
Got too high
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theia-rhea · 3 days ago
ok storytime
so im sitting in bed in my pajamas scrolling through youtube, and i decide to watch strange eons new video on the tramp stamps.
as far as im aware, all the contact ive had with the tramp stamps is a couple of other videos i saw about them being obvious industry plants (im not even on tiktok anymore so i didn't know about their existence since then)
so im watching this video, and it gets to the bit where Teya is doing some dumb uquiz about which band member are you, and it gets to the obligatory lyrics question, and one of the them is "you'd have a little respect for the pussy you get"
and im like: hang on, i recognise that - did the tramp stamps steal that line?
so i google the line, and as im scrolling through the results, and the only ones that mention the whole line are from the actual tramp stamps song, it slowly dawns on me that maybe i just actually have listened to their song
Tumblr media
in conclusion fml
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niightear · 3 days ago
today i learned that i hate the fact that every pseudo-legendary pokemon is found like super late into the game.
like,,, i don’t even know where you find dratini in original red and blue (in the let’s go games you can find it by surfing on the route above cerulean city), in gold, silver and crystal larvitar’s post-game, i don’t know where you get bagon or beldum in the hoenn games, nor do i know where you get gible in the sinnoh games, or deino in the unova games, in x and y goomy’s on the route leading to the town with the sixth gym, in the alola games jangmoo-o’s found during the final trial, so the very end of the game, and idk where you get,,, whatever the first stage of dragapult is in sword and shield.
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smol-innocent-child · 3 days ago
soo...I can’t attend the live events if I’ve ordered dan’s book literally the minute he announced it way back in September? Seems right
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loki-the-trikster-god · 4 days ago
So kotlc abilities are called that but those without them are called talentless. Why the discrepancy? Because it would be too on the nose to call them disabled. I’m sure y’all have already had this thought, and I know we as a fandom have talked about ableism in keepers before, but having had this thought I’m now officially wired at how few shits anyone in the books gives about the talentless.
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kirishwima · 4 days ago
us @ our uni: hey we’ve been working in your hospitals for months now with 0 protection, could you maybe...possibly...consider vaccinating us same as all your other staff?
my uni: hoo? what? you want to be vaccinated?? to be SAFE??? ha!! well, if you insist, you must make a blood sacrifice at 3.33 am on a full moon, solve five demon’s riddles AND fight a cryptid behind a Dennis. THEN you MIGHT have a chance to behold the vaccine. MIGHT
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thehackneypony · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
shes loading up for some well deserved revenge
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tarrevizsla · 5 days ago
obi-wan kenobi stans are so funny they're like 'clearly because he picked up this beskar'gam off a death watch member he killed that makes him a mandalorian and allowed to wear beskar' like NO
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