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kropotkindersurprise · 7 minutes ago
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2020 - Anticapitalist protesters fight an armored police vehicle using molotov cocktails in Peñalolén, Chile. [video]
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iknowthesugarplumfairy · 46 minutes ago
Omfg Honeychild covering Bad Brains “Sacred Love”
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juicyparsons · an hour ago
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Watch City Steampunk Festival 2021- the home edition cuz it’s virtual this year!
I had to travel from the future and show y’all how it’s done! 🤎⚙️🕰
Image description: [ a light skinned Black person with short black hair poses at an empty park. They have on brown steampunk goggles with magnifying glasses attached, a dark brown corset with chains, and a dark brown Victorian high low skirt with black combat boots.] end image description.
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defyances · 2 hours ago
first off, i’d like to say thank you to everyone who read my post. i actually didn’t expect it since it was so much but i appreciate it a lot ;;
secondly, another thank you to those who cleared up some misconceptions i had! i don’t know much outside of ionia, so please share as much info with me about other regions <3 it’s really nice to hear about them and how their society works.
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yi-dashi · 2 hours ago
tacetferrum said:
//yi, being the only ionian who seems to see that those soldiers most likely don't want to be there as much as Ionians don't want them there
"I did not wish to be there. Nobody wished to be there. How many times do I say sorry to the dark of the night, knowing how much blood I have seen on my blade? I cannot feel any hatred. I think instead on what all families back in their homes must feel. Noxians. Ionians...”
 “... Eye for eye. The Noxian in the street has done no crimes to me. Neither has the Noxian who survived to return to their streets. Not even the commanders of war have done ill, against all things I had done. What else should they have done..?”
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theshortlist-blog · 3 hours ago
Will Riot Blockchain Stock Extend Its Downtrend After Earnings?
Will Riot Blockchain Stock Extend Its Downtrend After Earnings?
RIOT has been stuck in a downtrend since mid-February Riot Blockchain, Inc. (NASDAQ: RIOT) is a cryptocurrency mining company. RIOT primarily focuses on the mining of bitcoin. Riot Blockchain also holds investments in blockchain technology companies. RIOT is headquartered in Colorado, and the company’s mining facility operates out of New York. At last check, RIOT was trading up 1.3% at…
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Diana, when she hasn't had coffee: I want to murder everyone.
Diana, when she has had coffee: I want to seriously injure everyone.
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collabwithmyself · 8 hours ago
You cant convince me seth knows what memes are, he probably wheezes at facebook mom shit
He grew up looking after thirteen siblings. He knows.
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jacquelineposter · 9 hours ago
Paramore - Awesome Singer Poster
Blank walls suck, so bring some life to your dorm, bedroom, office, studio, wherever
Printed on 185gsm semi gloss poster paper
Custom cut - refer to size chart for finished measurements
Includes a 3/16 inch (5mm) white border to assist in framing
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