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staywinterfox · 3 minutes ago
{ Hatsuharu Sohma x Izusu Sohma }
!! Will contain mentions of w$$d !!
Rin was agitated as always with anything regarding the zodiac curse, in this case it was the banquet, as Hatsuharu listlessly laid on the couch, hoping for her to calm down.
“Haru, are you not stressed over the banquet?” She barked, making him shrug in response. “This stupid curse. I don’t want to go to that banquet on New Year’s to see Akito.” She bit her lip in anger, knowing well enough that for an unknown reason Akito despised all the female zodiacs.
Hatsuharu stood in front of her, intensely holding eye contact with his beloved. “Rin, it will be alright.” He took a strand of her long lusciously silky black hair and he kissed it tenderly making Rin soften up a tad bit.
“What’s your secret Haru? How are you so... calm about everything?” She tenderly held his face wondering what was going through his head. He soon walked over to the couch her was previously laying on top off.
“Come here, let me tell you how. Denial, lots and lots of weed and lastly acceptance.” He smiled lopsidedly as Rin’s eyes widen at his response. “B-but that’s illegal Haru...” she said in a hushed whisper. He simply shrugged and offered her some, to which she responded with a hesitant yes knowing well enough this could possibly calm her as well as she wanted to experience his world every now and then.
After smoking a generous amount, she managed to get high and fully calm herself as her beloved was holding her hand very tenderly as if he was comforting her. She busted out a lopsided smile of hers as she kissed him softly on his pink lips. “I love you Haru.” To which he responded with a hum. “I love you too Rin.”
{ Finished }
Prompt taken from @prompts-in-a-barrel !!
“What’s your secret? How are you always so... calm about everything?”
“Come here, Let me fill you in: denial, unhealthy levels of compartmentalizations, and lots and lots of weed.”
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velvetfireworks · 17 minutes ago
Hey pretty lady you'd be prettier if you drank water
don’t wanna be pretty just wanna be happy
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velvetfireworks · 17 minutes ago
pls same omg how are we alive- (fried food is so good though) and also your pinned is so pretty snfdsjkfd i wish i could say the same for mine lol i have no idea what to do with it tbh
right? i don’t need another operation scare for my throat but i can’t seem to stop 😭😭 and tysm djdjsk nayru thought of the entire layout i just went around finding resources for the navi 🥲 pls mine was always so basic too </3 i usually try to find pics and let that inspire me djdksk
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tobiohno · 52 minutes ago
you're dating the shark boy? / matsuoka rin
I haven't even finsihed the second season and the final film is already coming out.
Tumblr media
— A bit of a sourpuss when you don't pay attention to him, value your individual independence but when he's with you, he's with you. Always get in your space without being open about it, but it shows, he is grumpy and he is clingy. Those two are not mutually exclusive.
— Likes to be a cool, reliable boyfriend. Actually doesn't know how to boyfriend if you are his first. In his defense, he was studying at an all-boy highschool, which doesn't really inspire how to communicate with girls. Fumbles with the switch from friend to boyfriend but actually navigates it with expertise soon after. He's a fast-learner, especially when he has motivating factors.
— Overeager without meaning to be, because it's uncool to be too excited for something in his mind. However, whenever he kisses you, there's always touching, biting, groping, a lot is always going on. Not really one for subtlety, he carries with him a barrage of emotion and when given an outlet, it all but downpour.
— No one needs to remind him of how much he likes you. Even before he confesses, Sousuke only needs to mention your name to get Rin to perk up. He will immediately turn around to search for you, then become distinctively aware that he's sitting in his class... absolutely not somewhere you can be at. Sousuke has a little smile on his face the whole week after that, and Rin blows a fuse if the other boy ever tries to mention it to you.
— You learn eventually, if only because Rin makes the mistake of leaving the two of you alone together. Even if you find it cute, it doesn't change the fact he's embarrassed by the whole thing. Secretly pleased that you think of him as endearing, but also fumed because he's meant to look suave in your eyes. It's okay, Rin, everyone knows you're a dork deep down.
— Actually a bit chill and easygoing boyfriend otherwise, don't tell him this but he's a pretty... standard boyfriend. He misstepped a bit in the beginning because he was new and awkward to the whole concept of a romantic relationship. However, once he settles into a rhythm with you, he works hard to maintain it. Before you know it, the two of you integrate into each other's lives and become awfully domestic.
— Always has a hand on you when you're out together, especially in crowds. It's not a possessive thing (it totally is), he doesn't like losing you while the two of you are out together, that is all. He totally doesn't want to broadcast to the world that you are with him, no, absolutely not.
— Has definitely overslept through an alarm on a date day before. It's an isolated incident because he is usually good about remembering his plans. However, he has been training a lot and got so exhausted that he instinctively shuts the alarm when it rings. Feels so guilty about it and spends the entire week to make it up to you.
— You didn't have the heart to be mad him when he tries so hard despite leaving practices half dead everyday. Okay, maybe he can have that one kiss. If he continues to behave then it can be two kisses.
— That week is basically hell for him because he recharges by spending time with you. Simply by staying in your presence, he can feel a modicum of calmness taking root in his mind. The longer he's with you, the more he becomes relaxed. It's easy to forget about his fatigue when you're so soothing for him.
— Not stingy with his kisses, if anything, as long as you are within the range, it means he can kiss you. Does a lot more casual kisses in public, forehead, cheek, nose. He's a bit shyer with anything hotter than that, believing that level of passion should only be reserved between the two of you.
— Absolutely tries to flex in order to impress you before you got together. You laugh at his silliness, but ultimately he succeeds either way since he gets you to smile. Continues to do it even after you get together. Before you reach third base, one of his favourites is stepping out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel on.
— At one point, the two of you don't really “date” anymore? Dinner dates become simply dinner, you don't really feel the need to go and do something exciting. Your plans to go out more often than not include the other. There is no exact timeframe to pinpoint down how you become like this, you wouldn't even notice until someone points out how domestic the two of you are.
— Rin denies it at first, then realizes he enjoys going grocery shopping together with you. That is when he knows he's in deep. Can't say that he dislikes it.
— He leads the relationship in the beginning, at least, he attempts. At one point, he no longer cares who's navigating the direction as long as the two of you are together and coughs he can lead in bed coughs.
— Jokingly complains “the things I do for you” whenever you ask him to do something he finds arduous. However, there is little he won't do for you. No matter what, he always goes through with it as long as he's not hurting someone. Unless it's hurting someone who hurts you, then all is fair game.
— He's not exactly adventurous in term of culinary experience. The two of you probably have a select few numbers of favourite restaurants you frequent depends on occasion. One of his favourites is a smaller yakiniku place with special seasoning.
— Secretly smuggles you one of his sports jackets while he was in high school to wear after you commented about liking it. He always flushes with pride whenever he sees it in your shared closet later on.
— Enjoys the idea of couple items in general? Like, something more subdued, not entirely in the face. A light jacket or two, a bracelet, toothbrushes, indoor slippers. Coughs maybe rings. If you have couple hair ties, he'll wear it all the time and get a little grumpy when it gets worn out. Afterwards, when you get new ones together, he never wears it after getting out of the pool since the chlorine can damage it.
— Talks about swimming, he doesn't mind if you don't want to swim. Everyone have something they dislike after all. However, understand that he absolutely won't allow you to step on a boat without knowing how to swim either. Unless you want to waddle around the deck in three layers of lifejackets, you better learn how to swim—or even better, let him teach you.
— That being said, he doesn't feel strongly about pool dates either way. But if he's going to relax or have fun with you, he'd like to be away from pools meant for competitive swimming. He gets into a mindset when he's there, one which he should avoid if he wants to spend time with you.
— Has a lot of fun trying out big slides with you. Everytime the two of you head to the waterpark, he has to go on one of those for at least three times before he's convinced to stop by you. Then rinse and repeat when he sees another. And another. And another. This is probably the closest to acting like a child he's willing to show in front of you. It takes a lot for him to feel tired, but he eventually paces himself for you.
— Will spend his time lazily on floaters with you if that's what you want, but it takes him approximately five minutes before he sinks into the water and pulls something undignified... for you at least. Just don't equip him with any form of waterguns or balloons.
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radfemrin · an hour ago
got roped into watching "the kissing booth" and i don't think i have ever hated a movie so much in my life like i actually want to hunt the people who made this for sport
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velvetfireworks · an hour ago
i like both sweet and unsweetened tea. i think i just like tea lmao fdsnjfds but pls stay hydrated bestie <33 and im so unhealthy too pls ive had so much junk food lately its so bad bye
please tea is the best!!! 🤩 omg i can relate pls the amount of fried food and no veges i eat 🥲 i need h e l p </3 no actually we both need help bestie
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penceysprep · an hour ago
what tv shows have u been into lately?
also what’s ur favorite number?
i have been consuming exactly 0 tv shows recently lol but one of my fave tv shows is misfits. also 9 is my fave number!!
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penceysprep · an hour ago
hi hi hi hi what’s ur favorite word
ooo i have a few!! acension, star-crossed, collusion, disillusioned, dalliance & surreptitious
this is such a great ask ty rin <3
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athys-obelia · an hour ago
fruits basket: breaking the soma curse
well... essentially what i think the curse is all about, why momoji's has broken, and how to break it
the curse itself is based off of a twisted definition of "love", so i thought, wouldn't the zodiac members feeling the exact opposite of love break the curse? what is the opposite of love??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
well i mean this one's pretty simple — yuki is too traumatized and afraid to actually hate akito, but kyo totally could. hell, hatsuharu probably does, after the lil debacle w/ rin. we know haru is a calm and collected person, even when he's angry (he was calm asf when hiro told him rin was pushed by akito, and really only showed how angry he was when he reached her room. and again, it wasn't a strategy to intimidate her into telling him where rin was being held either — even after kureno informed them that rin was in the hospital, haru nearly beat akito to a pulp lmaoo)
but again, neither kyo's, nor haru's bonds have been broken. so technically, even hating akito can't free them.
Tumblr media
can't be, nope, nada, sorry. yuki literally froze the first time akito showed up to school, rin was also scared of what she could do to haru, and so is kisa (+ hiro, for kisa's sake).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i initially scraped this off because haru seems to give literally no shits about akito? same went for kyo to an extent, etc. but!!!
the akito vs haru scene puts a lot of things into perspective. we also saw his string snap somewhat, but how? why? if it had anything to do with anger, haru was livid — in that case, the entire string should've broken. but perhaps that was the problem itself?
love is a strong emotion, and the opposite of a strong emotion is none at all. if haru had been passive in fear for what consequences rin may face for their relationship, then for him to stand up to akito the way he did meant that he literally threw away the bond. for a moment, haru let go of any respect / courtesy the bond required, and he held 'god' accountable.
we can't really fight haru's case bc he was still mad, and anger is still a pretty strong emotion so i guess that cancels out?
moving on — we don't actually know much about kureno when his curse broke, but momoji was indifferent. why? well, his story has been building ever since akito visited their vacation in season two. the most important scene, the turning point, it was the moment akito and kureno visited the vacation house in the dead of night. momoji saw the akito vs tohru showdown, he stood up for tohru.
momoji has had to suffer so much because of the curse, he's lost his family and his home, constantly is carrying around that pain, but still, despite knowing akito's power, despite everything he's had to sacrifice, he stands up. it's when he understands tohru's importance in his life, and that for her he's willing to go head to head against akito if need be. and the thing is, he's currently at level zero. this is when he understands that the only way to go is up. that even the curse breaking can't solve his problems, but that doesn't mean he can't have a future with his friends. his sister saying she wants to be a part of his life only strengthens this, that his life can get better.
and when momoji finally realises that he doesn't have to let the curse control his life, that he can move on without it, is when it breaks.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
then what about everyone else?
haru's bond almost breaking is a reflection of this — he disregarded everything the curse stood for when he threatened akito, and that moment of indifference may have damaged the 'string'. he's still feeling very strongly about akito though — negatively, but still — so it can't break off entirely. shigure feels responsible for akito ending up as she did and is actively involved in trying to heal her so he can't possibly be indifferent. hatori is similar in that regard. i wouldn't doubt that rin, hiro and kisa are still traumatized by the incidents that happened to them, and akito definitely inspires some anxiety and fear in ayame (the conversation with mine in the beginning of ep. 5 is sorta proof of this) and kagura (wouldn't be a stretch to assume kagura has been somewhat bullied just like the other girls of the zodiac) as well.
if this theory holds true in any way, then that means that kyo (who is emotionally and mentally broken down everytime he meets akito, is also fated to be locked up until his death by her) and yuki (was traumatized since very early on) would have the hardest time trying to break away and move on, due to such intensity in their emotions :(
you guys...i sense some serious angst incoming </3
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spiritarchives · an hour ago
hi :) would you mind writing about the itoshi brothers accidentally hitting u? thanks a ton! <3 have a great day 
dude the way i laughed in my head with this req, thank u for requesting and here u go! genre: crack, fluff, dumb itoshi bros. tw/ mentions of blood i feel like rin is slightly OOC but still. plus in the last one i projected pain a lot bc thats whats happening in school tears
Tumblr media
he didnt mean it. he swears on his signed messi fifa 19 football
but boy did it hurt when his elbow made a sickeningly crunching contact with your nose 
who knew him leaning up for some cereal and you flying in for a backhug would be you sitting grumpily on the couch with a bloody nose, him screaming murder and asking siri what to do with a napkin clutched around your face slowly cutting off your air supply til you yelled at him to calm down 
he’s hyperventilating more than you are because the couch is red the couch has stains i need clorox right now how is this going to come out
and you’re just there like -_- i got hit by a pro soccer player and this mf is worried about the couch stains??
both of you need deep breaths til he finally calms down and gets you ice and profusely apologises, and you ofc wave it off like the champion you are but he still can’t help feel slightly guilty
so you go in for a big hug and he rests his head on you awww hes adorable 
til he realises there are stains on his shirt 
again, this is all unintentional but at least he’s calmer about it
too calm 
calm to a fault, even
hits you in the gut accidentally while reaching over for money in monopoly. raises an eyebrow. “bro r u okay?” and goes back to slipping himself some extra 500s from the bank
you: gasping for air 
him: “hey can you pass the card to park lane to me”
it isn’t til he sees small tears in the corner of your eyes as you clutch your stomach
drops the money
“babe, are you okay?” he’s putting his  hand on your forehead mf r u clueless 
you punch him back while he’s wide open
“of course i’m not,” you yell as he falls backwards, and now he’s in pain too
since when did his s/o hit that hard
pain all over
Tumblr media
© spiritarchives mmxxi do not modify or repost blue lock requests are closed
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ced-mosby · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ipickedoutyourstar · 2 hours ago
Nasa harapan mo na pero ayaw mo pansinin - Mcdonalds
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urdyingwish · 2 hours ago
just gotta keep reminding myself that i’ve been through worse and come out fine
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velvetfireworks · 2 hours ago
omg i want tea but im too lazy dsfnkfds i just drink water cause its easy but go drink some water pls bestie !!
omg i’m too used to drinking tea since i was young and it’s sweeeeeet too </3 rip i’m so unhealthy. but ok i’ll get some :(
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kerokenma · 3 hours ago
BOSS ALYA kumusta how is ur day anong ulam nyo pwede manghingi titirhan nalang kita tnx bye ily 😗
may bago akong laro simula paggising ko linalaro ko na sha hiekswowjeiekejen gamer girl alya be grinding 😫✋
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