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#riddle x reader
Can I please get headcanons of how ruggie, lillia, riddle, idia, and rook would act/react to finding out that their s/o either shares a birthday with them or that their bdays are only a few days apart? Gender neutral mc, please! Also, I'm not sure if this is restricted to bday events since I'm not really asking for chara interactions or wishes, more like general headcanons, but if it is, please feel free to ignore!
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
You share the same birthday as Ruggie? Sweet, that’s like a 2-for-1 deal at the supermarket! He’d be delighted to share his birthday celebration with you, cuz that means double the gifts, double the fun, and double the smiles!
He’ll snatch up presents from your pile and hold them juuust out of your reach. While you’re struggling and pouting for him to return your gift, Ruggie tells you he’ll do just that--but you’ll have to bribe him with a quick kiss first!
He’s usually pretty selfish about sharing his things (and especially his food), but since today’s a special occasion, Ruggie’ll make an exception! He’ll even feed you some donuts himself, though he gets icing and sprinkles all over you. No problem--Ruggie can just lick them up~
Ruggie will sing the birthday song for you, though he’s loud and off-key at times. What matters is that he puts a lot of heart into his performance, wearing a big grin and tugging on your cheeks as he sings. You’re sure to do the same when you sing for him.
Tumblr media
Lilia insists on celebrating with two separate parties—he has plenty of energy to go to both, and he wants to spent double the time with you, not half!! Besides, as he puts it, “Each life is special, so it only stands to reason that we hold one party per person to bring that specialness to light.”
He’s practically attached to you at both parties! Lilia grabs you by the arm and drags you here and there, trying to get you to join him on all the fun and birthday games. He especially takes great delight in spinning you around for pin-the-tail-on-the-dragon and for batting at his bat-shaped piñata.
You play a game Lilia makes up where you try to guess what’s in each gift, and assign points based on how close you get to the actual gift. Whoever has the most points by midnight gets to pick where you go for your next date! (You’re frantic to win, because if you don’t, you might get stuck at home with Lilia’s cooking.)
He exchanges his cup of tomato juice with yours! Drinking from your partner’s cup is believed to be linked to longevity and lifelong love—so Lilia’s sure to get every last drop down, and encourages you to copy him.
Tumblr media
Riddle makes room in his very busy schedule so that he can spend all day at his party and yours. Normally, he’d be more stringent about taking time off, but he wants to spend this special time with you.
He indulges you by personally serving your food, including pouring your tea and picking out the most perfect sandwiches, scones, and cakes for you. Riddle also offers a strawberry or two (from his own tart) as a special treat. You do the same for him, even cheekily returning the strawberries you took, which brings a light blush to his face.
He brings out Heartslabyul’s hedgehogs and flamingos for you to cuddle and play with during the celebration! They’re soft (barring the spines) and feathery friends, perfect for keeping you two company on a sunny day in the tea garden.
Riddle proudly declares that he has gotten a little bit taller this year (which draws out an eye roll from Ace). He also tells you that he’s proud of how far you’ve come as well, and how he looks forward to continuing to grow with you.
Tumblr media
Idia likes the idea of celebrating with his S/O! He’s never really been one for large, extravagant gatherings, so he’s excited to arrange a small, private birthday party, just for the two of you (+ Ortho)!
There’s no fancy food or decorations, but you make do with bowlfuls of snacks and the dark, cramped coziness of Idia’s bedroom. It’s especially nice to lean back into him, or to cuddle under the blankets together. He just has a natural, welcoming warmth that pulls you in (... maybe it’s his hair).
You spend a few minutes exchanging your phones and letting the other person pull on the limited banners in your preferred gacha games... M*ckey M*use himself must be smiling down on you, because both you and Idia end up pulling the characters you wanted!!
Idia provides a wide assortment of other games to play, too—card games, board games, and video games. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose... but you always have fun with your boyfriend and his little brother!
Tumblr media
Your beloved huntsman will personally doll you up, so you’ll be the belle of the birthday bash! Leave your outfit, hair styling, and makeup to him—by the time Rook’s done with you, you’ll look like you just stepped out of a fairy tale. He’ll call you his monarch, and offer his arm to escort you to your joint party.
Rook totally forgets all about his birthday and throws his energy into celebrating the beauty that is you! He’s like a whirlwind of positive energy, shoveling cake at you one second, then presents the next... And you need to scold him a little to remind him it’s his time to celebrate, too!
Rook interrupts the birthday party halfway through to recite a long poem he wrote (dedicated to you, of course!). He looks waxes poetic about how well you’ve blossomed in the time he’s known you, and how he couldn’t be more proud to be yours. It’s a little embarrassing to listen to, but it still brings a tear to your eye.
You’ll cut into your birthday cake together, Rook’s hand over yours as you grip the handle of a knife and slice it through sponge and frosting. The first piece goes to the both of you, and you alternate feeding bites to each other until there’s not a single crumb left.
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majesties-palace · 7 hours ago
grim crawls on top if your chest, orb balancing in between the space of his ears, giving it a blue hue. "taking care of the sick dorm leaders," he announces. "this time it includes kalim, vil, idia, and malleus."
Tumblr media
with jamil taking care of the mess that had made kalim sick, that left you to take care of him. he's pouty and restless. if he begs you for something and you say no, expect puppy eyes. do not give in. "sick kalim causes even more problems than regular kalim." is one of the first things jamil tells you when you enter his room to play caretaker. "he'll get the impulse to buy something.. absurd.. like a country or some sort."
he didn't buy a country, thankfully. he did buy a an entire stadium and filled it up like noah's ark under the guise of wanting to show you a world that's less likely to make jamil have a breakdown [which happened regardless]. kalim's impulse control and common sense would lower whenever he's sick, so most of the things he buys during this period would be for you if not to try and show off. he'll get sad if you don't take them, try to return it, or tell him off.
find some way to keep him distracted if you don't want him to bother you in every way possible. i suggest putting on a single movie and staying in there so he won't feel lonely. he'll be out within the first fifteen minutes if you play your cards right. if you can't get him to focus on the movie, play some game that involves some brain power. "'m sorry—" he'll yawn, "— this game just seems to really make me tired.."
kalim wants attention, but he also doesn't want you to get sick. this creates a great dilemma in his mind. having you in the room close to his bed gives him some sort of relief, but he'll take what he can get. as mentioned, just put on some movie or play a game with him and you should be fine. on the off chance that he doesn't want you around him, just make sure to hang close enough to where he's staying in case he calls you back in.
his brain is running on a small amount of the sleep it needs while kalim is sick. he wants to stay awake and see what everyone is doing, not lay around in bed all day! be sure to give him updates on all of his friends, jamil will come in every five hours to tell him about the dorm if he feels it's necessary. if you ever have to leave for something like class, be sure to tell him all about it! he'll just live through you if you're comfortable with it.
if you can get over kalim's impulse buys, you should be fine! keeping him entertained is also important, so be sure to bring some type of game [or book. a riveting story will always keep kalim's interest on you]. to jamil, you'll be a godsend, so expect some of sort of feast sometime soon.
kalim looked like a kicked puppy. having been told he would have to stay in his room all day had put an extreme damper on his mood. the dorm leader's pout made you heavily sigh and toss your phone to the side. "cater and lilia said they would bring your instrument not to long ago, so they should be here soon." you relay to the bedbound boy, leaning your head over the head of your seat. "why don't you teach me how to play it when they drop it off?"
this seemed to lift kalim's mood. he sat up on his elbows, eyes lighting up as he thinks of different songs to teach you. "is there anything specific you want to learn?"
shaking your head, you let out a laugh. "no, nothing in particular. i'm fine with whatever you first think of." VIL SCHOENHEIT
vil takes his sudden illness seriously as to make sure that he doesn't trickle into something worse. he's an important figure, he can't risk anything when it comes to his health. while vil is concerned about your health, he comes first in this scenario. do him a huge favor and just stay out of breathing distance.
if you want keep rook away from you, just pull him off to the side and tell him that you want to be romantic. he'll understand in a less than a heartbeat and backs away to keep epel in line. in the case that you do need his assistance, he'll either give you advice or come in whenever you're struggling.
vil isn't a fan of being coddled. at all. let him do what he needs to do! step in when it's apparent he can't do something himself, he asks for help, or if neige shows up with a bouquet of flowers. you don't have to spoon feed him some soup or pour out his medicine for him, just hang around in case he does show signs of struggle.
as mentioned, neige will be showing up, no doubt about it. vil's a celebrity; if the public knows, neige was one of the first to know. do vil a huge favor and lie. tell the ravenette that whatever he has is contagious and doesn't want to risk anyone else catching it. he might leave a little saddened, but it's not enough to put a damper on your own mood.
assist him with his routine! face washing, hair masking, fingernail trimming, all of it! he isn't all to keen on getting out of bed, but doing it outside the bathroom can make a mess. you might as well join him while doing this. just sitting and watching him do this can't be good for your eyesight. as much as vil would love to take over because "you're supposed to go counter-clockwise, darling," vil is aware that touching your face while sick doesn't do anyone any good.
vil is probably the best one to take care of when sick seeing as he wants this to be over as soon as possible. he won't be a brat and will be much more comprehensive than his peers from before. depending on how doting you are, vil might become a little snappy but other than that? there's nothing for you to worry about.
vil allows his body to sink back into his pillow once you re-enter his room, eyes glaring harshly at the group of flowers in your hand. "burn them." he speaks abruptly. "give them to rook and have him turned to ash."
"i'm sure they'd go nicely with your.. other.. gifts.." you reluctantly reply, eyes shifting to look at the pile of stuffed animals, letters, and balloons from his fans.
the blond turns on his side with a scoff. "if it's from neige, i'm positive it'd make my condition worse."
you shake your head mutely, placing the flowers on his dresser before sitting on the edge of his bed. placing your hand on his calf, you lean over so you're able to see his face. "they'll be gone soon enough," vil's attention is now on you. "isn't it time for another dose anyways?"
no one can be surprised when idia catches something given his unhealthy habits. make sure he doesn't try and sneak his way to his computer, he'll be there until you or ortho pry him off. "what am i supposed to do when you take as long as a loading screen with bad wifi?" he'll try to make excuses as to why he should be able to game in between your little check ups. just tell him that staying hunched over like that will only make him feel worse.
ortho will be there to help [regardless if you want him to or not]! use this as an opportunity to give idia some sort of entertainment unless you want him to be depressed the entire week. watch some sort of gameplay, preferably something that he's already done a 100% playthrough of so that he can judge them harshly. listen to him tear into their attack strategies before rushing to give him a glass of water because his throat also got torn up.
seeing as idia won't be able to check in on his afk farm, guilds, and whatever else he said, you'll have to be the one to do it. he'll backseat game if you have no idea what to do so you don't have to worry about anything. if he starts getting to obnoxious just threaten to shut the game down without saving, he'll stop real quick.
an absolute menace when it comes to medicine. tell idia that resistance is futile and will result in his games being unattended for even longer. he'll down it reluctantly and request for something in return. be nice and give whatever you think is fitting, he'll appreciate it greatly and might even give you something in return!
idia's guaranteed to stay in bed and only his bed during this time which means you'll have to worry about him finding some way to use all of his pent up energy. seeing as he mostly gets fired up when playing some type of game: make him play some uno! make it fun and add some rules of your own to make him get real invested!
if we're ranking the dorm leaders on a scale of best to worst when sick, idia's certainly one of the lower ranked ones. he could care less that he's sick. he just wants to get back to binge watching the latest summer anime! who cares if his eyes begin to worsen and there's a pounding migraine in the back of his head! threats [subtle or not] seem to be the only thing that get to him while he's sick, so use them to your advantage and don't be afraid to carry through with them.
after looking at idia's self-pitying pout for the past eight minutes, to say you were beginning to feel aggravated was an understatement. after unplugging the cords that led to his pc in an attempt to get his focus off of his games, any attempts at conversation resulted in a cold shoulder.
it's not as though. he just needed you to understand that all actions had consequences and your result just so happened to be idia ignoring you.
finally giving in, you heave a sigh and extend one of the controllers you had confiscated in order to get him to sleep. "we can get in one round before ortho comes back in with something to eat," you state, watching as idia sits up and takes the controller from you with the excitement of a child.
"that's enough time to get back in and check on my warriors and do another set of tasks." he hums, booting his system back up and opening up his laptop back up.
he doesn't take this cold seriously because [one] he's been alive for more than a hundred years. if a cold as simple as this killed him, he was unfit to become the king of thorns; and [two] getting special attention from his very own beastie? a privilege indeed.
if anyone [sebek] insisted on helping you take care of malleus, there's no need to fear! lila will give him small tasks until the prince is feeling better. of course, you'll have to give him updates. "did anything interesting happen while we were gone?" the old fae will ask, voice lilting in hopes that you'll catch onto what he's saying.
malleus doesn't act any different when he's sick, not wanting to take advantage of this time or you. he'll only do those sick i'll only take the medicine if you give me a kiss scenarios if you're okay with it or in a relationship. on the off chance that he doesn't jump onto an opportunity like that, it's because he's to shy and finds things like that to lewd.
speaking of medicine, malleus doesn't really need it. he's lived for more than a hundred years and is a powerful dragon fae; his immune system has been through much worse. if you do request that he downs the horrid drink, he'll do so without question. "although it does taste horrid, it's much better than lilia's cooking." he'll note with furrowed brows.
as vulnerable as he may look while he's sick, malleus is still able to hold his own. though, he would get quite the laugh out of it if you were to tell him about your perilous mission of keeping rook away from diasomnia. bonus points if you make it even more dramatic than it actually was! being forced to stay inside his room all day without the chance of seeing you had made him quite depressed. seeing you so animated made him feel much better.
in the end, malleus is probably the third best dorm leader to take care of when sick because he doesn't put up any fights, isn't a brat, and loves your attention. spoil him like the prince he is and he'll be like that piece of putty that won't leave the inside of your nail no matter how how much you try to wash it. unfortunately, he does lose points for not eating the food lilia slaved over so you might as well just take another one for the team and start preparing meals for all of them
malleus looks up from his position in your lap, eyes gazing up at you with an emotion you couldn't yet place. "what's wrong?" you ask while using the back of your palm to feel the fae's forehead. it was lukewarm, which thankfully meant that his fever had gone down over the last few hours you'd been there.
"is this not dangerous for your own health, child of man?" he finally speaks up after a few moments of staying silent.
shaking your head, you his bangs so you can see the entirety of his face. "i could care less, sweetheart," you hum while leaning down in order to kiss the exposed skin. "your health matters the most to me."
a look of offense crosses malleus' face before he sits up and gently nudges you away. "and yours matters the most to me.." he gives you another nudge when you refuse to stand. "now leave before you catch this illness as well."
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fortisfilia · 14 hours ago
Tik Toks that give off Promised and Kept characters energy (will be updated over time)
Tumblr media
When Ben asks him if he hates muggleborns
Tom at anyone
No explanation needed
Sending a nice message to Ben
I mean…
Just Camille & Ben vibes
We all know she’s been there
She’s pure
Bentley vibes
Herbology test
Him and Camille on vacation but he’s the one in the water and she’s filming
Ben vs the whole squad vibes (you’ll know exactly who is who)
Himbo vibes only
Miss Toffana:
At court when the Wizengamot asks why she killed all these men
She’s had enough
Reader telling her all about the drama
Him and Nagini fucking shit up when no one’s home
Again, they’re home alone
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aeriine · a day ago
"i’ll be your home”
synopsis: night raven college’s dorm leaders and their vices discover why you seem to break the rules so often
tw: implied abandonment, reader is an orphan and was never taught rules by the parents they never had
Tumblr media
☼ riddle was so offended by your actions and behaviour the first time he met you
☾ i imagine the both of you often butted heads in the beginning before his overblot
☼ but it didn't really get better after the incident either
☾ riddle thinks you're tactless, completely irresponsible, have no conscience whatsoever–
☼ and i can confirm that trey is the  most common victim of the 3 hour long talk about how frustrating you are
☾ but besides that, riddle but despite that, riddle is actually the first one to find out about the way you were raised
☼ it happened while he was reprimanding you again for causing trouble
☾ and in a fit of fury he suddenly bursts out
☼ "is this how your parents raised you!? do you think that they would be proud of the person that you have become today!?"
☾  to which you respond, without a moment of hesitation:
☼ "i didn't have any parents to raise me in the first  place."
☾ riddle is silent for a whole minute, before he manages to stammer out a shocked, "w-what?" in shock
☼ "w-what?"
☾ when he learns about your background, he's initially awkward. despite the things that happened between him and his mother, he does love her. and he couldn't be half the person he is today with her help, so he can't imagine living your entire life without a parental figure
☼ but after seeking advice from trey, he eventually settles with trying to teach you the  things parents would teach their children
☾ etiquette, rules, how to speak respectfully, et cetera. his lessons are by no means fun, but they do help!
☼ you were hesitant about it at first, and the first few lessons went by less than smoothly, but eventually you guys begin to get along!
☾  riddle still can't stand how often you get into trouble, but it's doesn't come off as much of a surprise
☼ even if you suddenly become a prim and proper student overnight, it's nearly impossible to stay out of trouble with your friend group
☾ trey, on the other hand, is much more understanding
☼ you  would be surprised by the variety of individuals he's met while helping out at the counter in his family's bakery, so he easily recognises the signs of someone who hasn't had a proper parental figure in years in you
☾ but knowing trey's character, he wouldn't actually say anything. at least, out loud. his actions speak louder than his words though
☼ he takes it upon himself to act as an older brother figure, gently reminding you to say please when you ask for one of the pastries and bailing you out of trouble when you need it (though he only ever bails you out of serious trouble,,, if you've got detention with crewel or trein, he'll just send you off with a smile and a promise for snacks later)
☾ when riddle confides in him about your background and asks for advice on how to help you, trey just offers him a smile and tells him to be like a 'big brother'
☼ which is completely useless advice to give an only child
☾ but!! riddle is a smart boy, and trey knows that. with the vice's help, riddle learns to be a reliable brother figure!!!!
☼ basically riddle is the older brother who's a little bit too  strict but he really means well and his lessons are helpful
☾ and trey is the older brother who's really chill and would bake you something if you can't go to sleep in the middle of the night, but he's also kind of annoying when you ask him for help with your homework like fifteen minutes before classes start and he's just like "no :) i want you to learn" like sir i will not be learning ANYTHING if im always being yelled at all the time
☼ GOD heres another dorm leader that youre always butting heads with
☾ leona couldnt care less about your behaviour, but the moment it involves him? CATFIGHT
☼ hates it when you disrespect his name and talk back to him. he honestly doesnt care if you get into trouble all the time, but the way you act towards him is something he just cannot stand
☾ makes it a point to stay away from any place he thinks you might be at. and if you're coming his way? well, herbivore, you better turn around and leave because he got there first (you do not, in fact, turn and leave when you  see leona in the way of your destination. another argument breaks out as you two begin snapping at each other again, but what's new?)
☼ anyway, because of the dynamics of yours and leona's relationship, ruggie is most likely the first of the two of them to find out about your background
☾ neither of you are in bad terms, and the topic is probably brought up randomly in a conversation
☼ perhaps ruggie is telling you about his grandmother and the three younger hyenas they take care of back at home when he asks you about your family, to which you respond with the same thing you told riddle
☾ he's shocked at first, but realises that it explains a lot of your... trouble-making. hey, grim, ace and deuce might be a troublesome bunch, but the amount of times you've been sent to detention or threatened with suspension is just odd
☼ in a way, he kind of relates to you never knowing your parents in the first place. but in his case, he's had his grandmother to take care of him, and she's had plenty of stories about his mother and some about his father, so at least  he knows the type of people they were. because of that, he really can't imagine not living without a parental figure
☾ but don't think he's going to let you off easy for all the trouble you get up to (even if he partakes in them too sometimes)!!! ruggie knows better than anyone that in this world, it's survival of the fittest, so he'll teach you his ways of getting by in the world!!
☼ you can't get by without any manners though, so ruggie makes sure to teach them to you first!! can't have people looking down on you, right?
☾ his lessons are admittedly easier than riddle's, but that's because ruggie's more laid-back in a sense,,, that means that if you have the right bribe (donuts) you could convince him to let you off early. at least he's a good teacher... right?
☼ i feel like judging how casual you were when you told ruggie about your background, he might tell leona so that the second prince can take it easy on you (spoiler: he does not)
☾ ruggie and leona both share that mindset that it is survival of the fittest, until it comes to status, wealth and power. they know it best after all,  but while ruggie tries to teach you how to survive in a world that can shun those with no family, leona just doesn't change the way he acts around you altogether
☼ don't be mistaken though, he's quite impressed with how you've managed to take care of yourself all on your own until now, but he knows that's not enough. so he tries to toughen you up. i guess some would call it tough love?
☾ leona doesn't really teach you manners. instead, he reminds you. most likely uses that excuse that 'that riddle kid teaches you enough manners. it's  not like you're going to become royalty or anything, so why ask me?' and then the conversation is over
☼ to him, all that matters is that you treat him with respect. in his opinion, you can speak informally to anyone you can take down in a fight, but you most certainly cannot take him down in a fight, so better respect him, got it?
☾ though after he finds out about how you were raised,, you notice he doesnt avoid you as much as before. whenever you step into his 'territory' (read: step on his tail while he's taking a nap around school) he always makes sure to send you a glare and tell you to apologise, or at  least say please before entering
☼ the first few times he did that, you two ended up fighting again (unsurprisingly) but after ruggie set you both down for a talk, the both of you (begrudgingly) started to try and lighten up to each other
☾ it doesn't really work the way they wanted it to, considering that you and leona still argue daily, but hey!! it's actually working!! with leona's constant reminders and ruggie's helpful, easy-to-follow tips, you begin to stay out of trouble more and more!! not completely, of course, but hey!!! small  steps, right?
☼ this is the first time you've actually seen these guys speechless
☾ like,, even considering their personalities,,, they  still had their families, you know? azul with his mom and step-dad, and jade and floyd with their parents. so when the fact that you've never had any parental figure in your life to teach you basic things to  keep yourself out of trouble baffles them
☼  yeah, none of them might be able to talk about getting into trouble considering what they do, but they actually know how to get out of it. not to mention that they (read: floyd) usually do it for fun
☾ they're.... concerned for you. it becomes an unspoken law for them to act as your older brother figures!!!  after all, they have had the blessing of family with them for as long as they could remember,,, so of course they would be generous enough to extend that blessing towards you!
☼ at a price, of course
☾ it comes off as a bit of a surprise when azul suddenly hires you to work in mostro lounge
☼ esp since you,, get into trouble a lot while working
☾ theyre small things, like 'accidentally' talking back to a customer (it was, in fact, ace in disguise. because ace is an ass and he is also your best  friend, which makes him double the ass to you) or violating dress code (suspenders,, that thing around ur waist,,,, how do people wear this fancy clothing all the time you wonder,,)
☼ and azul actually uses these mistakes to correct you on things you didn't learn before bc nobody taught you
☾ for example,, teaches you the right way to wear the mostro lounge uniform because you have no idea how it works  (why is it so fancy?? this is a school lounge)
☼ he's very helpful,,, very benevolent,,,
☾ ok yeah he may have tried striking a deal with you but could you blame him for trying?? he is a businessman after all!! and it was with good intentions!!
☾ you..... appreciate his help.... a little.... maybe.....
☼ plus, azul has the bonus of his businessman knowledge!! knowing how he is with his contracts, you can bet that he teaches you about the loopholes in the school rules
☾ he understands how hard it may be to suddenly switch things up so quickly.... from resident troublemaker (it was an accident?? you can't help it, really,,) a little bit so he lets u take it easy!!!
☼  jade helps too, but floyd is literally useless (i'm sorry floyd lovers but its true)
☾ he is a chaos enabler. please dont take his advice. whatever he says, purposely giving a customer the wrong drink is not polite even if you say that it's a 'surprise' gift
☼ between the two of the other octavinelle heads, he's the most unhelpful, but he teaches you some things in his  own way
☾ like how to get out of trouble. literally
☼ no loopholes in school rules just. the best ways to get out of detention
☾honestly it only works if you're floyd. like,, what sane person would jump out of a window and survive,,, just to get out of detention,,,, isnt that a bit much, floyd-senpai! (no!!! no it isnt!!! you have a lot to learn!!!)
☼ that's it. that's all he teaches you. and if you can't get out of trouble? not to worry!! he'll swoop you off of your feet  and run away with you in his arms like a damsel in distress!!! fun, isn't it?
☾ please don't ask him for help. i'm begging you. it's for your own good.
☼ so with azul  and jade actually helping you (in their own way) and floyd just being, well, floyd, i'd say it's a pretty good balance of chaotic fun and learning from your mistakes to stay out of trouble!!! (even though you do still get into a whole lot more trouble with floyd than usual)
☾ you literally need to stop kalim from calling up his parents and convincing them to adopt you into his family
☼ jamil will help you of course, but he completely understands why kalim had such a reaction (as exaggerated as it was)
☾ neither of them can really imagine living without their family, even though they may have their troubles..... (assassination attempts... poisoning.....), so when they hear that you grew up without a family, their heart just kind of,,, drops
☼ kalim is DEVASTATED im telling u this rn this boy is CRYING his eyes out
☾ jamil has to pry him off you while his dorm leader continues sobbing about how he'll 'be your big brother now, so don't you worry anymore okay!?!?'
☼ and you might think that jamil could care less abt ur issues (esp with how casual u were when u told them abt ur background,, he might have just assumed that you were already used to it, as horribly sad as that sounded) but he is. another example of actions speaks louder than words
☾ whenever he has time, he makes sure to take care of you alongside kalim
☼ like making sure that you eat your meals and drink water every day (he may nag you if he finds out you haven't yet, but you really can't take him seriously when he nags you while simultaneously cooking for you
☾  doesn't approve of you getting into trouble so much so he constantly  reminds you that SCHOOL RULES EXIST FOR A REASON!! and yeah some of them may seem a bit unreasonable but he really prefers that you dont break half of them every day
☼ jamil strikes me as the type of person who, upon finding out that you got into detention AGAIN, just deadpans at you like. you deserve it ://
☾ but then he shows up outside the classroom when your detention ends and says to you with a straight face:
☼ "c'mon, let's go back to the scarabia dorm. i can cook some dinner for you and help you with your homework"
☾ bc he knows that you would have trouble finishing all ur homework yourself esp since you lost a lot of  time bc of detention
☼ he cares for you ok :')
☾ but ANYWAY
☼ it's surprisingly easier taking care of both you and his dorm leader bc kalim is less likely to be jumping off the walls like a hyperactive child when you're around. scarabia's dorm leader focuses all his attention on you when you're together
☾ so now you have both scarabia's leaders looking after you!! good for you
☼ please be fully prepared for the parties and celebrations kalim throws in your name
☼ that reasoning made it hard for jamil to refuse him sjsjjsjs
☾ it's fun!!! it's grand!!! honestly there's no dull moment with these two around
☼ know what, there's never a dull moment even when these two aren't around
☾ grim: yo y/n??? there's a bunch of huge boxes at the front door– is that real gold!?!?!?
☼ you, horrified: oh my god thats the fifth batch this month
☾ neither you nor your monster cat companion ever get used to it..... but you're both still impressed that kalim somehow manages to send all these gifts to you without jamil knowing
☼ meanwhile in the al-asim residence,,,
☼ kalim, confused: LIKE A PEACOCK???
☾ jamil: NO!!!!
☼ tldr: they may be a tad bit too chaotic, but they really do mean well!!! like your typical, bickering older brothers,, i love them sm
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twistedly-sour · a day ago
Hi there, if your inbox is open! Can I request hcs for jade,riddle,azul,malleus and any other character of your choice (if you want), With an S/O who rlly likes learning in general and is alot more of a deep thinker? Like their s/o tends to ramble about random heavy topics and would end up fluster n stuff
sorry that this took so long! but i finally finished it -flops- but i don't know if i balanced this properly asdfghjkl
Tumblr media
You are a fine specimen to study for him. Most of the time, Jade will ask you different questions and you’ll always respond in ways he won’t expect.
He’ll love how your expression contorts in sync with your words. It was a sight to see how you’ll change from your seriousness filled with passion to your beliefs to a flustered and embarrassed state.
Jade paid no mind to your continuous talking. Frankly, it entertains him. He’d be able to explore how your mind fluctuates each crucial thought and take in the different reactions you’ll bestow him with. It’s two birds and one stone.
The aura the vice dorm leader emitted makes you sigh and pout in discontent. The action doesn’t go unnoticed as Jade tilts his head rather innocently. His facade successfully gets under your skin. “You seem troubled.” His damned smile receives him a pair of (E/C) hues filled with uncertainty. You’re always so cautious around him, not that he minds since he knows what kind of reputation he holds. “I think I accidentally poisoned grim.” Jade blinks to process what you said. “Excuse me?” He exclaims. “HE’S FINE! Just-- In a temporary coma.” Jade has to grit his teeth to prevent himself from bursting out laughing. “M-May I ask why you put him in a coma?” You sigh in defeat, slumping your shoulders. “There was a patch of mushrooms I found which I immediately assumed as Morels from my world. It turns out that those weren’t Morels. They’re gymitras. And they’re named the same way in this world.”
You’re knowledgeable about mushrooms? He’s more surprised about that instead of the fact that you poisoned your companion. Something about it makes him suspicious of you, quite the irony since it’s coming from him. “Say (Y/N)...” You tilt your head at his call, confusion, and curiosity visible in your hues, eagerly waiting for him to continue. It’s quite annoying how your doe-like eyes feel like boring into his soul yet it enthralls him at the same time. “Did you start spending time with me to learn about mushrooms?” Seeing you tense in your seat is all the answer he needed. You bested him and yet here you were blushing and fidgeting like prey caught by its predator. Little do you know, you have him at your feet. A unique specimen, you are. “I’m kidding, love.” He must admit messing with you does make him feel like bubbles are rising in his chest, his smile-- loving and soft.
Tumblr media
Riddle will adore studying with you for hours. Your eagerness to learn new things works in both of your favors since both of you will have study dates very frequently. It makes things more enjoyable for him to do since he’s spending time with you whilst studying.
Riddle takes admiration of your thoughts. He never expected you to be this knowledge as you find pointers for the both of you to tackle each analysis to find a conclusion.
As much as Riddle finds the redness of your cheeks adorable and charming, he’ll want you to be more confident in your skills as he tells you that your ramblings are one of your strengths and that you should use them to make an impact on other people.
You observe Riddle biting the tip of his pen as you both access the rebus given to you by the headmaster. It regards the “He said that if you solved this, he’d let you off for the overblot incident” Riddle nods at your question, still perplexed by the puzzle lock engraved on the box. “Wasn’t that like months ago?” The redhead sighs exasperatedly at that. It’s indeed been months and he hasn’t expected the headmaster to threaten him if he were to fail to open whatever the box is. “The content inside must be precious if he’s that desperate.” An amused chuckle erupts from Riddle as he finds himself in a more relaxed mental state. “Thank you… For everything and the help as well.” His hand intertwines with yours; you smile sheepishly at the gesture. “Anyways-- did he even give you a clue?” He disapprovingly shakes his head as his shoulders slumps. “No clue. But the other locks were done. Only the last one left.”
The frown on his handsome features deepens as Riddle's hands the box to you to let you analyze it. “1210 and 3211000…” Upon inspecting it, a smile comes to your features and Riddle can’t help but raise an eyebrow at you. You already found a way to solve it? “Autobiographical numbers. I think I read them somewhere when I was looking for a chess book. It was a book about codes.” There’s something that places Riddle into a trance as he watches you giggling whilst solving it. Perhaps, it’s the way you excitedly rummage through the contents of your bag or the way your hues dilated whilst thinking of the solution. “6210001000!” The bright smile and the subtle declaration of victory make them raise both of their hands up in satisfaction and joy before they sputter. “Um-- uh- I’m sorry I solved it on my own without your help! I didn’t mean to I’m- I just got excited. I don’t want you to think I’m a show-off. I’m so sorry-” The chuckle he sends your way automatically makes you halt from speaking as tears prick at the corner of your eyes. A soft pat from Riddle sends your heart fluttering as you meet his red hues with your (E/C) ones as if inviting a moth to a flame. “It’s okay (Y/N). I’m just proud of you.” The redness of your cheeks whilst the instant avoidance of his gaze makes him smirk. Knowing that he sees you in this state after every talk stirs something inside him.
Tumblr media
Your curiosity never once phased him and merely thought of it as a silly quirk that he adores in you. What he didn’t expect was when he was stumped in making a contract, you were the one that helped him, giving him fine points and intangible rules so his client wouldn’t have any way to refute the statements.
Your intellectual capacity would always stun him in silence and result in staring at you in awe. His analytical self will usually fluster you as his cerulean eyes glow in excitement, grinning brightly as you give him another counterpoint to his argument.
Usually, Azul won’t listen to business talks besides his vice dorm leader but you’re an exception, your exponential yet innocent interest in reading his contracts merely enables him to have more of an advantage and strengthen the building foundation of his career in commerce.
The dampened mood in Azul’s cerulean hues isn’t concealed one bit as you wear a worried expression for your boyfriend. It isn’t like him to be this discouraged. “Don’t tell me that you turned into Floyd.” Your joke is unsuccessful as Azul’s eyebrows are still furrowed down. This makes you purse your lips at the awkward tension in the room. “Is there something you’d want to tell me?” A sigh escapes from him and it’s the first reaction you receive for the whole while. It surprises you knowing that even the savvy sophisticated businessman you held dear even has these times. A gentle smile spreads upon your features as you realize that Azul trusts you enough to let you see him in such a state. “Having problems?” You can merely guess as you observe him thoroughly when he sets down the paper on the table. Azul gives a curt nod. “A business from RSA has been getting more attention. Budget is getting quite out of hand.” You scrutinize his words as you instinctively place your index finger. Azul studies your face, his eyes narrowing.
“Have you fixed the marketing yet? The last time I checked, Neige LeBLanche is the one doing the advertising for RSA. You can go ask Schoenheit-san in the department! I’m sure that without a contract, he’ll agree without a doubt if Neige’s name is mentioned. Pettiness and whatnot.” A grin makes its way to your face as your hues shine brightly. During your little declaration, Azul blinks as he lets out a shaky breath as if astonished by your simple rambling. A laugh escapes him as he holds his cheek; his hand under the glasses making it fall. “Azul?” The collision of his glasses on the floor worries you as you reach your hand out in concern for your boyfriend to which he responds by holding your hand. “Where did you even learn these kinds of things? I never expected you to pull a wild card, let alone ask me to use Vil Schoenheit. ” The offended gasp from you makes him chuckle once more. “I had an entrepreneur class in my last year of middle school a-and I’m not saying you should use Schoenheit-san! Just ask him a small favor…” You mutter the last part and fiddle with your fingers. “My dear angelfish, it seems that we’re fated, no?” How could you disagree when he placed a loving gentle kiss on your hand as his charming ocean eyes tantalize you with who knows what.
Tumblr media
Malleus is intrigued by your perspective on a lot of things. Whether it’d be just day-to-day observations or life in general, he’s eager to listen to every detail of every statement you make. Your following cute reactions never deterred him from his desire to know more.
His smile is genuine despite you perceiving them as teasing and vexing. He never dowed upon that he’ll be captivated by your strange way of thinking yet here he is yearning to hear more of your ramblings as he learns more about you and the world you see.
It’s quite refreshing-- your sense of wisdom. It will elevate his mood if he’s down. It’s complex yet comforting as it pulls him in a sense of calmness and serenity, observing you with a content smile present on his handsome features.
You sit by the window of the classroom and take in the sight of the world outside. You aren’t trapped yet you feel lonely. Malleus is aware of this more than anyone else. He’s your lover, after all. Once more, you seem dazed as if your mind is someplace else. There’s a small desire in his heart that he wants to know more about the labyrinthic puzzle your mind works in. “(Y/N).” You let out a small ‘huh?’ as you turn towards him. A smile makes his way up to his lips as he realizes how innocent you always seem by how you react so jubilantly to the simplest things. It baffles him that you’re unphased that he’s a dragon fae, let alone a powerful noble. “You’re thinking again, love. Is there anything that bothers you?” The nervous chuckle from you causes him to worry, sitting at the opposite side of the table. “The sun is up. The moon is down. It’s like they’re always chasing each other, desperate for each other like trying to outrun fate even though it’s hopeless they try to be together. When an eclipse happens, for a brief moment, they’re with each other and darkness erupts. It makes me wonder. Malleus-- Will there come a day? Where we’ll have to be against fate to be with each other? What if we’re together we’ll be together but makes the people around us suffer? I hope not. I hope I’m just overthinking. I-” You immediately stop as Malleus holds your cheek gently, his gloved thumb wiping the tear that unknowingly escaped your eyes.
“Love, there is nothing to worry about. Everything will be okay. At least-- I’ll make it okay. I don’t suppose you’ve lost faith in me, haven’t you?” A snort rewards his small joke as red decorates your cheeks. “You suck, Malleus.” Malleus pouts at your retort. “You’re right. I’m just overthinking. During the daytime, the sky is blue and during the nighttime, the sky is dark yet is decorated with shining stars. It’s kind of poetic, don’t you think? That if all hope seems lost, there’ll be comfort in any shape or form but it only depends on how you’ll see it.” Malleus takes your words into the heart as the both of you admire the picture of a hopeful yet melancholic world. “Thank you... For chasing me out of my mind.” You roll your eyes playfully as the smirk on your lover’s face turns into a grin. “If you thought I’d be letting go of you, you thought wrong. I’ll do every means necessary to be with you.” The smile on his face is ominous yet you naively giggle, brushing it off and your attention someplace else once more.
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Twst s/o who’s an expert pianist
Azul Ashengrotto
A pianist?
And a prodigy at that?
Well, Monstro Lounge would need some relaxing music to create a calm atmosphere..
maybe come work as a pianist at Monstro Lounge?
He’ll pay you don’t worry!
So, you worked as a pianist in the Monstro Lounge, and being paid a reasonable amount of madols.
Azul loves it when you’re playing.
You can play all the hard song pieces so well and effectively-
it’s beautiful
Azul loves music
and he has a soft spot for classical
He requested a lot of Mozart pieces, Beethoven-
just so many-
but he doesn’t wanna tire you-
so like if you want, just play at least one music piece-
I think Azul can kinda play the piano-
not as skilled as you,
but he can still play fairly well.
And, maybe teach him a few pieces as a date
Lemme tell you-
his face is red as a tomato-
He’s a little embarrassed when he presses the wrong key in front of you,
but he’s more red when you give him time, patience and a smile
and he really appreciates that.
And he loves you for that.
Also he’s super sappy,
one day when you two were on your piano date again he bought you a necklace
and while you were playing, he gently puts it around your neck for you to wear it.
He is sappy my lord it’s beautiful
I’m gonna cry oh my sevens I can die OH NO-
*ded but in love and he’s in love with you-*
Riddle Rosehearts
Another one
just that he pays you in strawberry tarts
I mean-
free food made by Trey with a free invitation?
Count me in-
I think like Azul,
he also has a thing for classical music
what’s more is that classical music goes well in tea parties
Just soothing piano yeah?
And he loves it.
He feels at ease during any unbirthday party when he hears you play
it’s so elegant and smooth
it’s indescribably beautiful to him
Also, I think his mother made him take piano lessons when he was younger
so he also might play fairly good,
not as good as you as he’s not so committed
but he’s somewhere
and like Azul, you play the piano with him when you two are alone
You thought Azul has a red face? Wait till you see this kid-
Oh my sevens-
He’s redder than his hair when he presses the wrong key in front of you he’s so embarrassed-
but he loves it when you always give him patience and a smile
it really helps him to be at ease
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drac0nia · a day ago
So happy your requests are open again!! Can I request a scenario where the s/o tries on their lovers dorm clothes when they are not their and they get caught. Super fluffy and can the pairing be Riddle X Reader please. Thank You :)
Tumblr media
— 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐛𝐞
Tumblr media
Pairing(s) ; Riddle Rosehearts x Reader
Tw ;
srry if it isn't fluffy enough-
Tumblr media
It was boring waiting for your boyfriend to come back to his room and finally cuddle each other but of course he is busy. You looked around his room; inspecting objects that catches your interest and throwing mocking expressions to the photos of Riddle's mother. Eventually you found his dorm uniform, the texture and design was so eye-catching, the way how his cape flows, the tiny yet beautiful crown are just there waiting for you to try it on.
You were having second thoughts on wearing his uniform simply because he might get mad about the crinkles or the overstretched fabric due to your body's height. It tooked you awhile to finally wear it and strut around his room thinking you're the dormleadear now while waving his staff around.
You kneeled as you placed the crown on your head, thinking it's Crowley giving it to you, you stood up and gave the dorm members a proud smile.
On the bed, you sat there, imagining it as the throne while the Aduece duo stands behind you; Riddle stepped forward as you extend your hand for him to kiss. Flattered by the gesture, you played some classical music and invited him to waltz with you.
"My rose, you look lovely wearing this", Riddle complemented you as he looks at you adoringly, "Why thank you, my beloved." You twirled, happy about how gracious you look with the cape flowing with your movements, it felt like you were some chivalrous monarch waltzing with joy for they have been crowned royalty.
As you sink deeper and deeper within your daydream, you hadn't realise the sound of the knocks on the door as it creaked open to reveal Riddle covered with rose red on his face. He was surprised about this.. thing you are doing. "Ahem!", you snapped out of your daydream finally and flailed your hands around to explain. "Okay, look, I know I shouldn't be wearing this but I swear I didn't do anything to it! I was just-", you stopped when Riddle gave you the motion to close your mouth.
It took him awhile to talk but he sat next to you and layed his head on your shoulder/arm, "It's fine but please don't wear this to surprise me, you made me unnecessarily flustered", you giggled at that, he pouted. "I'm sorry but that face of yours is too cute not to tease", you chuckled while you slightly flinched when he lightly pinched your arm.
"Don't worry, I won't do it again unless I want to see that reaction of yours~" you teased while he lets out an annoyed hum, "You're lucky I can't behead you as of this moment."
Tumblr media
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twstpasta · a day ago
" riddle + 🎠 + romantic "
Tumblr media
Dates with Riddle were always somewhat formal between the two of you, but you knew that despite the formalities, Riddle still held you close enough to let you wiggle around in his heart freely. Maybe this was why you were so excited to take him out to an amusement park for the first time; a more casual date like this was something normal couples did, and soon, you found yourself on the merry-go-round with your dear redhead dorm leader. 
“Hmph,” Riddle pouted, looking at the horse ride he was on. “This is nothing like real horseback riding.”
You made no attempt to stifle your laugh, the chimes of the merry-go-round’s music only adding to your evident amusement. “Of course it isn’t like real horseback riding, silly! This is just a fun little ride to enjoy. These horses aren’t even life-sized.”
Riddle clicked his tongue, keeping his head high as he rode the fake horse next to you. Despite his cold words, you could tell from the way his eyes drank up all the sparkling lights around him and the way his gloved hands clutched the pole tightly that he was actually enjoying himself quite a bit.
“Are you having fun?” You probed, your own horse bobbing up and down slowly, the rhythm reminding you of a waltz. You smiled sweetly at him, tilting your head innocently. “We can ride again, if you like.”
“I… suppose it isn’t too bad,” he remarked, keeping up his haughty facade. You bit back your laugh this time, not wanting to embarrass your boyfriend. He turned to you, pressing his lips together in a thin line. “My dorm always tells me that I should branch out and do new things… Very well, if it interests you, I wouldn’t be entirely opposed to riding this again.”
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twistedwishingwell · a day ago
Hi!! love your writing! Can I ask how the dorm leaders would react to finding out (male)MC had/has (depending on their relationship) friends with benefits around campus? Feel free to make whoever the FWB! thank you
Awe thank you. Also, I like this, also I think I'm going to have it that Dorm Leader isn't dating the reader since it wasn't specified but likely a crush just because that makes certain characters all the funnier to me
The friends with benefits are the ADeuce combo because the idea amuses me
Male pronouns used on request ~
Riddle Roseheart
He's trying to not judge him
He promises he is trying to not judge him, because everyone is different and comes from different back grounds and he still likes him a lot
But... Ace Trappola and Deuce Spade.... Really?
He had hoped his crush would have more refined tastes then those two
At the very least Cater if he wanted someone a little more on the wild side
He's more then a little jealous and pouts for a bit
He's more then a little jealous and pouts for a bit
Still, he is determined to win his heart, this is just a minor set back
Leona Kingscholar
... Good for him?
Like was Leona supposed to care where the herbivore had been and who they were fucking around with
Not him
Ok yes, him. But it was just a crush it would go away
Or he would sweep the herbivore off his feet and show him that he is a much better time then the two half's of a whole idiot
Yeah that seemed like a fun idea
Best be prepared then~
Azul Ashengrotto
"What do you mean he's friends with benefits with those idiots?"
More then a little hurt that his angelfish would chose Ace and Deuce over him for those kinds of things
Though the more rational part of Azul understand WHY he wouldn't be approached
It was nothing to do with his physical appearance and everything to do with the fact that it could be considered a favor and Azul doesn't give those out for free
Still, he would likely begging to coerce his angelfish into the idea of him being a perfect candidate for such a relationship
He could play the long game after all if a physical touch could lead to his Angelfish's heart then he would do it
Kalim Al-Asim
"What are friends with benefits?"
Kalim had never seen his crushes and Jamil's eyes go so wide at the same time. He had heard his treasure say that was his relationship with Ace and Deuce
He wanted to be close to him like that
Jamil would be quick to shut down the conversation though before Kalim could press further so he would have to do his own research
He gets so flustered when he finds out and a little jealous
He wants to be close to his treasure like that too
Needless to say he is going to proposition him into being included in that sort of arrangement even as Jamil says that it's a horrible idea
Anything to get closer to his treasure is worth it
Vil Schoenheit
If Riddle is trying to not judge him when Vil is openly judging him
Seriously why would he go for those couple of potatoes when Vil was right there?
Not to mention the hygiene on those two was probably terrible. Who know what they would give his crush
All snide comments about how his crush could do so much better then them
He's trying to say he is on the table without saying he is on the table
His pride just won't let him
Idia Shroud
Plays so many sad anime songs when he finds out
Of course his crush would go for extroverted normies like Ace and Deuce not himself
Ortho doesn't fully understand what is happening but he does his best to encourage his brother that not all hope is lost
Probably super bitter and pissy about the whole situation worse then others
He will get over it...
Malleus Draconia
Doesn't fully understand what the relationship means until Lilia explains it
Once he does he immediately also wants in on that arrangement
Like he's friends with him right? He can have that kind of relationship with him... right?
Doesn't even care he's a prince or that Sebek is telling him it is a terrible idea
He wants to go for it
He just hopes it won't ruin your friendship if he says no
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ravenriddlewrites · a day ago
Pairing : Tom Riddle x reader
Genre : Steamy! But there’s no actual smut in this one lmao, just Tom being a little shit.
Prompt : No prompt this time, though it was kind of inspired by this post by @acosmis-t :)
Note : I posted this on mobile so I’m really sorry if the formatting is fucked up!
“Tommy—” He clears his throat, and she can hear the bed shift as he stands once more, clearly displeased. Huffily, she corrects herself, “Professor, I’m not doing my bloody arithmancy homework right now. You said we’d be—”
Tumblr media
Tom is leaning against the desk in his dormitory looking like every dirty thought she’s ever had.
His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, exposing thickly veined forearms and a smattering of rings looped around his slender fingers. He’s even got glasses on, a pair which she’s never seen before and can’t help but wonder which of their friends he’d bullied them off of. It does add to the whole “Professor vibe” he has going on, and the slant of them across the narrow bridge of his nose is more than a little endearing, so she is willing to excuse whatever methods he took to procure them.
She’s dressed up for the occasion too, not that she’d had to put much effort into her role as a school girl considering — well, she is one. But she’s charmed her plaid skirt shorter, so that it barely brushes the tops of her thighs, and has undone several of her blouse’s buttons to expose the white lace cups of her bralette. By the clenching of his jaw and the quick inhale he takes upon her arrival, she thinks he appreciates these little changes, and she flushes pink under his heavy gaze.
“You’ve been so patient for me today, good girl.”
His voice has dropped several octaves from its usual charming cadence and she preens under the praise, thighs rubbing together to relieve the pulsing ache between them.
“Thank you sir.”
He makes a low noise in the back of his throat, pale cheeks flushing briefly before he collects himself one more. “Now darling, do you know why I’ve called you here today?”
She chews on her lip, stifling a smile before chirping out a cheery, “No Professor Riddle.”
He clucks, onyx eyes narrowing at her bratty response, but she can see the way he stiffens at the title.
“You’ve been terribly naughty darling, slipping behind in your work, not paying attention in my lessons.” Something thrills in her blood, electric and alive and desperate. “A detention is in order, I believe. Come here.”
He motions her over to the desk which overlooks the murky depths of the Black Lake.
Her thighs tremble as she walks, plump lip caught between her teeth.
Her mind races with filthy possibilities, and the thoughts must be visible in her eyes because Tom’s smirk widens into something wolfish.
“Sit.” His voice is gravelly, and leaves no room for questions.
He pulls the chair out for her as she approaches, ever the gentleman even in such a situation, and the thought makes her stomach flutter. She sinks into the seat, shifting uncomfortably as the cool wood comes into contact with the heated skin of her bare thighs. She turns to face him once more, but finds her chin caught in a vicelike grip. He jerks it forwards, forcing her half-lidded gaze onto the desk.
The fingers leave her chin, tracing lines of fire across her cheek and throat and down to her collarbone, searing the skin in their wake, before wrapping loosely around her throat. It is a comforting pressure, not restricting, merely holding. A gentle reminder of the force he could exhibit should he feel so inclined. The heat of his palm vanishes suddenly and Tom slams a stack of parchment onto the desk, the resounding slapping sound the action causes has her yelping, pulse racing a staccato in her throat.
She promptly stops reading as he leans in closer, her eyes fluttering shut in anticipation. She can feel his breath wash across her face, then the butterfly kiss of his lips at her ear, which sends splintering shivers throughout her body, “You, little minx, aren’t leaving this room until you finish your homework.”
And then the heat of his body and the drag of his lips on her skin disappears.
He pulls out a novel — Tolstoy, from the looks of it — and strides away from her to plop himself down on the bed, long legs crossing over each other.
That wasn’t what she’d been expecting. He couldn’t possibly be serious. She blinks back at him, but he merely raises a perfectly arched brow, and diverts his attention back to his book.
She traces the veins from his hands up to his exposed forearms with hungry eyes, and admires the dark curls that spill across his brow, curls that she desperately wants to dig her fingers into. Despite his previous request, she goes to stand, and it’s his fault, really, for being so unnaturally gorgeous, she simply can’t help but want to touch. She wants desperately to press her lips to the hollows of his cheeks and the exposed skin of his clavicle where his shirt has fallen open.
“Where do you think you’re going? I gave you an order.”
Right. Tom Riddle does not ‘request’, he orders. She sits back into her chair with a heavy thud and a pout.
She doesn’t need to face him to know he has that stupid grin plastered across his perfect face.
Her fingers curl in the fabric of her skirt and her voice takes on a distinct whining quality that she’d be embarrassed of if she wasn’t already so worked up.
He clears his throat, and she can hear the bed shift as he stands once more, clearly displeased.
Huffily, she corrects herself, “Professor, I’m not doing my bloody arithmancy homework right now. You said we’d be—”
Heat floods her cheeks and the ache between her thighs returns as she cuts herself off. Despite how long they’ve been together, how many trysts they’ve had, she can’t seem to bring herself to say it.
“Yes darling? We’d be what?”
And the smug bastard knows it.
“Tommy,” she ignores his noise of protest this time, spinning to face him in exasperation, “What the fuck.”
He’s in front of her in an instant, arms caging her into the desk and she has to physically remind herself to breathe. He smells of parchment and smoke and rich cologne and she’s leaning into it unconsciously, lashes fluttering. But he isn’t about to give her what she wants because honestly, this is Tom Riddle, what was she expecting?
“It’s not a punishment if you enjoy it dearest. Now...hop to it and your lenient Professor might give you a reward.”
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fairestwriting · a day ago
Hello ^^ can I request a seperate fluffy headcanons for Riddle, Azul, Rook & Lilia where the f-reader stares at them lovingly while the boys are tutoring her and when they noticed that she wasn’t even listening, they questioned her but she just responded with a kiss and says I love you. Than
Riddle Rosehearts
Prime target for something like this.
Riddle is here with genuine expectations of helping you with that subject you have a hard time with, and he's doing his very best to explain all those questions to you! Except, he's really cute when he's focused, so his plans are totally backfiring.
He finishes a rather fervorous explanation, then he looks at you to ask if you understood it -- Only to see you staring with this sort of dopey smile. Riddle huffs, were you really just not paying attention? He has a scolding at the tip of his tongue, but you suddenly kiss him and it's gone.
And of course he turns red, taken completely off guard. You smile at him as you say you love him, and he hides your face. "So you really weren't paying attention!" He complains, but there's no bite to it at all.
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul was damn proud of himself when you asked him to tutor you. Why, of course he’ll give his dear girlfriend a hand! And since he loves you so much, he won’t even charge for it, either! He’s a show off at heart, of course, so he’s making it into sort of a big deal, taking you to Mostro Lounge while it’s closed so you can study in a pretty looking place.
He sounds proud, too, while he’s reading you paragraphs off your textbook, that smile on his face everpresent, and suddenly the paragraphs just don’t matter as much as your adorable show-off boyfriend. He looks up to check if you were paying attention, and frowns when he notices you aren’t, but before he can open his mouth to say anything, you kiss him.
Azul makes a surprised noise against your lips and pulls away fast, blushing. You laugh and tell him you love him, making him avert his eyes. “I l-love you too, of course, but we’re here to study now, aren’t we?” He stammers at you, pushing up his glasses.
Rook Hunt
Let’s be honest here, none of you were really thinking about studying when you went all the way to the Pomefiore gardens and sat under a tree, sharing the book on your laps. It’s not that Rook is a bad tutor or anything, just, “study” dates are a classic, so it’s a sort of unspoken agreement that this would end up on just cheesy romance antics.
He’s (pretending) to explain something to you, you’ve probably already started planning when you’d kiss him suddenly, trying to gauge when would be the best time to do it and really catch him off guard. That comes when he seems to get actually genuinely invested in what he’s teaching you, not even looking up from the book as he asks if you’ve gotten what he said when you grab him and kiss him out of the blue.
Rook’s eyes go wide, but he reciprocates almost instantly, you two have a small break to laugh at each other before you kiss again, and you do for a while -- When you pull away breathless, you give him your confession. “Yes, you’ve just shown me that, mon amour. And of course I love you too.” He says between chuckles, and now he’s the one to kiss you... really, you both never came here to study at all.
Lilia Vanrouge
Lilia has likely already appointed himself to be your tutor, especially if you’ve been consistently having a hard time with a subject. He’s seen so much already, it’s very unlikely he doesn’t know it like the palm of his hand -- But he’s also a bit of a bastard tease, so your study sessions end up being just another flavor of flirting pretty often.
Today seemed to be an outlier, though, because Lilia was rather focused, finger pointing at an image on your textbook. He has that sort of storyteller cadence while he tutors you, and something about your boyfriend’s caretaker side coming out just gets to you a lot. He turns to ask, calmly, if you got what he said, but you just cup his face and kiss him.
It’s rare to surprise Lilia like this, but you manage to do it now, with him making a small surprised noise before he begins to kiss you back, which may or may not escalate, knowing him... but when you pull away, he blinks at you, asking you, slyly, what that was about, now, and you tell him you love him. Lilia chuckles “Sure you do, and I love you too. You’re not trying to get out of studying, though, are you?” Raising an eyebrow at you playfully.
Tumblr media
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curioslittlebeastie · a day ago
Hello! I really love your work! I was wondering if possibly you could do write some headcanons for Octavinelle, and the guys from the horseback riding club with a S/O who uses a wheelchair and is very independent? Bonus points if they do reckless things
『ᴀ ʀᴇᴄᴋʟᴇss ᴡʜᴇᴇʟᴄʜᴀɪʀ ʙᴏᴜɴᴅ s/ᴏ』
A/N: I- i genuinely thought you meant octavinelle boys with a reckless s/o who is in the horseback riding club and uses a wheelchair and I was so confused. And thank you! Im really glad that your enjoying my work :> The independet part kind of went over my head and didnt get included—but i still hope this is what you wanted nonetheless!
Pairing: Azul/GN!Reader, Jade/GN!Reader, Floyd/GN!Reader, Silver/GN!Reader, Riddle/GN!Reader
➸ʀɪᴅᴅʟᴇ ʀᴏsᴇʜᴇᴀʀᴛ
The stressed and worried one pt.1
He gets overly stressed and is constantly worried for both you and your well being.
He always keeps a close eye on you incase something bad happens, especially if your the reckless type.
He does a lot of reading on how to take care of you—like a lot.
Riddle often takes strolls with you. Y'know just the two of you—with him carefully pushing your wheelchair forward around the heartslabyul gardens as you and him admire the view of the roses.
He also likes to keep you by his side when he's working on his homework or dorm leader related paper works and duties.
He knows its favortism but he just cant help but soften up and exempt you from some his rules (even if you arent from heartslabyul). A lot of students complain about it *ahem* ace *ahem*, but will be immediately shut up by their dorm leader's glares.
Also Riddle does not like to see you look upset so if he hears someone making fun of you then he will not hesitate to off them their heads—because Riddle will not by any means tolerate any mockery directed towards you.
He's a mix between calm and constant panicc.
He is constantly sleepy which means he cannot always be there to stop you when you do reckless shit— and because of that he requests that you tone down your shenanigans when he's sleeping since he doesnt want you to get hurt, to which you reluctantly obliged.
He's a little protective but—that's just how boyfriends are. He just doesnt like to see you being picked on. Although he is well aware that you can stand fight for yourself-but a little help here and now wont hurt now wouldnt it?
And like Riddle he adores walking in the gardens with you—well him pushing your wheelchair forward while he walks behind you.
He likes to take you on forest walks! And sometimes animals would just gather around and follow the both of you too.
He also likes to take small naps with you! He just gently lifts you off your wheelchair and sits you on the grassy floor, with your back leaing on the tree trunk while he sits down besides you, letting you lean on him. Both of you drifting off to dreamland.
➸ᴀᴢᴜʟ ᴀsʜᴇɴɢʀᴏᴛᴛᴏ
The stressed and worried one pt.2
He is in constant fear of you accidentaly hurting yourself.
He will not let Floyd get anywhere near you especially if you have a reckless streak, the last thing he wants is to have you all bruised up with a broken wheelchair and while floyd laughs standing next to you.
Like Riddle he does his research on how to take care of you as well.
Azul is a tad bit protective—he has enemies and he's scared that they might use you to get to him.
He knows you can (hopefully) handle yourself but that doesnt stop him from worrying over you though.
That's exactly why Azul prefers to have you by his side so he can keep an eye on you—like just you and him in his office while he does his paper works while you do your thing.
He had also developed the habit to hold your hand when the two of you are sitting together—since you two cant really hold hands when he's standing cause your constantly sitting and if he did he would be in a very awkward position lmao.
➸ᴊᴀᴅᴇ ʟᴇᴇᴄʜ
Jade is well and aware on how to take care of you! So your always in good hands with him as your boyfriend.
And out of everyone on this list he is the calmest—but that doesnt mean he wont get worried when you come to home to him with a huge wound or two due to your reckless behaviour—
And he pretty much like everyone in this list, he also does not like it when others mock you—but as if anyone would dare do that when the way he smiles is already that intimidating.
Jade also likes to take you on walks—he prefers to take you to the beaches— the sea shores, just you and him, (and maybe a couple of onlookers) picking up and collecting sea shells with you breathing in the ocean smell—but that only happens when he gets a break from his works.
He will also purposely walk close to the waters and push your wheelchair close to them so the waters can touch your feet.
If he's not busy, Jade would also love to cook for you too—he might also let you taste some of the foods he plans on adding to the Lounges menu!
➸ғʟᴏʏᴅ ʟᴇᴇᴄʜ
He's the one who gets into reckless situations with you—but not to an extent where the both of you are hurt ofcourse! The last thing Floyd wants is to have his little shrimpy hurt because of him.
Floyd is the least worried and is more—uh...laid back.
Floyd doesnt like it when someone makes fun of you. And he wont take it well if he hears someone making fun of you— he dislikes seeing you upset and he would be more than happy go get rid of what or who is making you feel that way!
He enjoys pushing you around in your wheelchair. Although he might have used a little too much strength that may or may not have sent you flying before.
Floyd likes to take you to beaches too! He likes to submerge both you and your wheelchair in the sea,but not to the point you'll get drowned though—its just where the water can touch your ankles.
He also likes to lift you up off of your wheelchair (if its allowed and your comfortable with it) and basically princess carry you around. Its sort of cute to onlookers—
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minor-solemnity · 2 days ago
I heard u take requests :D can u write a fic where Tom riddle is caring for sick!reader?
You heard correctly — I hope you enjoy this! (Also this is going to be three parts because again, I have no self-control and I love hurt/comfort)
Tag List: @jinxqsu @naps-and-lemons @riddles-wifey @mainlynonsense @cakesarecute @crumpets-are-better-with-jam
Dandelion and Burdock pt.1
Tom must see the mix of adoration and curiosity on your face because he reaches out to place a hand on your shoulder and you pretend that the blush that creeps up your cheeks is from the heat and not the proximity between the two of you. His expression is one of patient amusement. Thankfully, he doesn’t comment on the way that you tense slightly under his touch. “Careful now, don’t be fooled just because it’s small. Its venom is actually more potent at such a young age.” You manage to stop yourself from rolling your eyes at the slightly pedantic tone he adopts. He means well, but Tom has never gotten out of the habit of sounding like he’s lecturing you when it comes to your safety.
Tumblr media
The usually lush green grass of the grounds is mottled and bruised and yellowing with patches of pale brown first from where the grass has withered and died under the rays of the sun. You sit, uncomfortably hot, on the ground as you wait for Professor Deandra to introduce you to the creatures that you will be studying for the next few weeks. Several of the boy’s in your class have forsaken their school robes and jumpers in favour of untucking their white Oxfords and you wish that you could join them. However, you’ve already gotten enough disapproving looks from members of staff and the more uptight student body when you decided that it was too hot to wear your tie and had left the top two buttons of your shirt unbuttoned. The double standards are irritating, but you’re well aware of just how quickly a girl’s reputation can slip if one isn’t careful.
So you settle for rolling your sleeves up and using your textbook to fan yourself, tilting your head up to the sky in the hopes that a breeze might help alleviate your discomfort. Next to you, Tom watches with no small amount of amusement and you narrow your eyes at his wry smirk. Unlike everyone else, Tom seems impervious to the heat. He’s dressed immaculately, not a stitch out of place, and looks perfectly contented and ready to start the day’s lesson. “Oh, don’t look at me like that - I feel like I’m on fire,” You grumble. “It’s as hot as the Sahara, I swear.”
“Oh, of course, the last I checked, the Sahara’s average temperature is about seventy-one degrees.” He deadpans completely straight-faced and you swat at him lazily for his impertinence. “I don’t remember you being this childish last summer.”
“We weren’t friends last summer,” You retort with a small frown. In the past year, your friendship with Tom has blossomed thanks to a shared interest in Occlumency and Legilimency. It’s an odd friendship, that’s for sure, and not one you could ever have anticipated. Since starting Hogwarts, you’ve been content enough to pass through the years as a relative unknown, happy with your average grades and average friends and average life. You don’t think average has ever been used to describe Tom, is the only student in Hogwarts’ history to have been allowed to study and take three of his NEWT classes and exams at the age of fifteen when the rest of you were still struggling with choosing your OWL courses. He holds himself (and the people he surrounds himself with) to standards that are dauntingly high.
You like to think that you’ve helped calm him down a little, maybe softened some of his hardness in the same way he’s encouraged you to aim for more than just plain old average. You won’t pretend that it’s not a little overwhelming though. Being friends with Tom has meant that you’re no longer allowed to skive of classes or settle for less than your best. It means that for once in your life, someone expects more from you than you expect for yourself. There’s also the fact that Tom is the most intense person you’ve ever met - he hides it well enough around most people, but underneath the polite charm and impeccable manners, is a ferocity that is Galadrielic.
“I suppose that’s true,” He says and despite the levity in his voice, you can’t help but notice that his eyes have narrowed slightly. You’re unsure whether it’s to shield his vision against the bright sun or because he doesn’t like to be reminded of the fact that he spent the first six years of school overlooking your ‘potential’. “Regardless, you’re inability to cope with the heat does not bode well for this class.”
You shoot him a questioning look but your question is answered when Professor Deandra levitates the crates that she’s been gathering over to the small clusters of students that have formed in the past fifteen minutes. She instructs you to remove the heavy fabric shielding the creatures from view and when you do, you are greeted with a surprise. Nestled in your crate is a small manticore pup. You know it will grow into a fearsome beast, but right now you can’t help but laugh softly at the creature’s small pudgy baby face, furry paws, and tiny quilled tail that quivers slightly as it blinks up at you.
Tom must see the mix of adoration and curiosity on your face because he reaches out to place a hand on your shoulder and you pretend that the blush that creeps up your cheeks is from the heat and not the proximity between the two of you. His expression is one of patient amusement. Thankfully, he doesn’t comment on the way that you tense slightly under his touch. “Careful now, don’t be fooled just because it’s small. Its venom is actually more potent at such a young age.” You manage to stop yourself from rolling your eyes at the slightly pedantic tone he adopts. He means well, but Tom has never gotten out of the habit of sounding like he’s lecturing you when it comes to your safety.
“I’m wearing gloves, Tom, I’m sure I’ll be okay.” You say with a small laughing sigh. Honestly, whilst it can be tiresome, you secretly quite enjoy the way he takes your wellbeing so seriously. Together, you manage to get the manticore pup out of the cage and spend the next ten minutes or so attempting to calm it down enough so that you can complete the lesson’s objective and groom its quills.
“If I keep it entertained, do you think you can manage to groom it?” You ask and are greeted with a raised eyebrow and a vaguely unimpressed look that goes far to convey his displeasure at being underestimated. You have to bit your lip to stop yourself from chuckling. “Alright, I’ll take that as a yes,” You say unable to keep your amusement out of your voice entirely.
You pluck a dandelion from the ground beside you and wave it gently in front of the pup, grinning in triumph when the creature’s eyes track the movement with unhidden interest. Dandelion seeds twirl through the air around you both like confetti in the summer air. As you keep the manticore entertained, Tom begins to groom its quills. Even with dragon-hide gloves on, his hands move with precise dexterity. You imagine the way his hands look under the leather, the flex and shift of pale skin over the surprisingly delicate joints of his wrists and knuckles.
You shake your head to rid your mind of those thoughts. It’s hardly your fault that Tom is as beautiful as he is - it’s hardly your thought that you find the careful way he carries himself, the skill and confidence that is evident in his every movement attractive. It’s just that… Well, it doesn’t do you any good to fantasise about something that will never come to pass. Tom is… Not interested in you. Of course, he isn’t interested in you beyond the odd friendship that you’ve struck up. Honestly, you’re not sure that he’s interested in anyone even though there are plenty of girls who would gladly accompany him to Hogsmeade. He seems to view relationships as a distraction rather than something to be desired.
Oh well. Some things aren’t meant to be, no matter how much you’d like to see them come to pass.
“It’s less disruptive than I thought it would be,” Tom says after a moment. He’s watching you blow dandelion seeds with something like guarded curiosity tightening the skin around his eyes and mouth. Not just curiosity - no, you think you can read the smallest hint of confusion in his expression too. As though, he doesn’t quite understand why the manticore pup is so willing to be taken care of. Sadness pools in your stomach when you consider the possible reasons for his lack of understanding.
“It’s just a baby, Tom,” you say. “It’s wild and dangerous, sure, but all young creatures respond to kindness. We all need to be cared for, don’t we?” He makes a noise at the back of his throat that at first, you think is contemptuous, but the way his eyes widen and his lips thin suggests something far more forlorn.
He hums doubtfully in response and fixes his gaze firmly on the manticore’s quills. You’re half tempted to try and push the issue of his evident bemusement but at that moment, there is a yell of surprise from the group sitting next to you and you whip your head around in time to see three girls jumping to their feet. You frown slightly because you can’t see the red face of their pup in the grass which is not a good omen in the slightest. The girls’ squeals and general fluster is enough to stir up the rest of the class and, more worryingly, the rest of the pups.
Your own pup rears its head and its face which had been a picture of contentment just seconds ago is now painted with hostility and anger. It moves too quickly for you to react and before either you or Tom can so much as say anything, it curls its tail and quills shoot towards you. You gasp as on embeds itself in your thigh, razor-sharp and blisteringly hot. Your blood feels like it's burning and the skin around the quill turns burnished and bruised. You don’t have time to scream before the poison overtakes your nervous system.
The last thing you see before you pass out is Tom’s eyes, dark and wild and afraid.
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dracomalfoys-wh0re · 2 days ago
training wheels ; t.r
tom riddle x reader
summary: no matter how tom treats you, you can’t leave him
song: training wheels - melanie martinez
a/n: tom is giving very gaslight, girlboss, male manipulator. not proofread or edited, @alishahpotter helped ig.
masterlist | taglist
Tumblr media
Riding down, riding down
My hand on your seat
The whole way round
a good way to explain your relationship with tom was one sided, it was visible to everyone but you.
you adored tom with your whole heart, you loved the way he’d furrow his brows as he focused on his potions book, the way he was always first to answer professor slughorn’s questions— what you loved the most was the way he paid attention to you.
I carry band-aids on me now
For when your soft hands hit the jagged ground
Wheels aren't even touching the ground
“tom, what does this one mean again?” you asked him pointing towards the Bombarda charm in your charms book.
“it means to create an explosion” he said flatly. “how much more dense can you be?”
“it was just a simple question tom, you don’t have to get so agressive” you said, tired of being degraded by him for the nth time.
“you know, you’re lucky you have a pretty face” he smiled.
“shut up, riddle” you said turning away to hide the smile that crept onto your face.
you were sitting in the common room with your roommates and best friends Annabelle and Fiona discussing each others lives and overall just having a good time.
“i heard from one of the guys on the quidditch team that alec plans on asking you out to hogsmeade!” annabelle said to fiona.
“are you serious?!, i’m so excited” fiona cheered jumping up and down as you and annabelle held a big smile on your faces, happy for your friend.
“did tom ask you to hogsmeade??” fiona asked turning the attention to you.
in honesty, he hasn’t asked you anything or hung out with you much besides earlier in the library. he had said he was busy with something and didn’t need your “small mind” rubbing off on him.
to say you were offended was an understatement. but you shouldn’t be shocked, the constant degrading wasn’t something you were unfamiliar with. your friends have asked you to leave him several times because they were tired of picking up the pieces, after you finished crying in your shared dorm.
but you couldn’t, he was perfect for you. no one understood you like him and vice versa.
“no he hasn’t, he told me to shove off when i asked him about it. but he’s been busy so it’s okay!” you said trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible. you really did want to go to hogsmeade with him, but he didn’t have time for you and you had to accept that.
“honestly y/n, i’m not sure why you’re still with him. he treats you like crap and there’s so much more boys who want you that can treat you way better” annabelle explained with a sincere look on her face.
“he loves me annabelle” you said a bit defensively. “he told me he loves me, and i love him. nothing can change that.”
“you said the only time he says he loves you is when you’re intimate, weren’t you just crying over that like last week—”
“well yes, but i was overreacting. he does love me” you tried to explain to your friends, trying to sound sure of yourself.
“okay but what about August, that cute ravenclaw that fancies you. how about you go to hogsmeade with him instead, as friends of course, since tom is busy?” fiona said trying to diffuse the tension and change the subject slightly.
“you’re right, i could ask him so i won’t be alo—”
“what were you saying darling?” you heard toms voice interrupt from behind you and you quickly turned around hoping he wasn’t listening to the whole conversation.
“nothing tom, we were just talking about the charms homework” you said with a nervous smile on your face.
“you know you’re not a good liar y/n” he said leaning down towards your ear so only you could hear him. “now be a good girl and wait for me in my dorm”
so you did.
Scared to take them off but they're so worn down
Promise I won't push you straight to the dirt
If you promise me you'll take them off first
when tom entered his dorm the apologies started coming out on their own.
“tom, i’m sorry i didn’t mean it, it was a joke. i wouldn’t actually go to hogsmeade with August we were just joking” you tried to explain.
“what the hell is your problem? do you like seeing me angry?” he yelled looking angry at you.
“no of course not, we were just making a joke. if anything it would have been nice to have a date for hogsmeade anyways since you have no time for me these days” you said gaining more confidence and testing his temper.
“who told you you could talk to me like that? do you need me to teach you how to be quiet?” he said moving closer to you until you were backed against the wall and he was towering over you.
“no, i can explain” your mouth suddenly going dry, trying to figure out a way you can get him to not be angry at you today.
“it’s like you’re asking for me to leave you. you’re on such thin ice, y/n.” he scoffed turning away from you, disgusted to even have you in his sight at the moment.
“tom i didn’t mean it please” you were pleading at this point. grabbing on to the sleeve of his robes hoping he’d face you.
“you got a lot of nerve using this pretty mouth of yours to talk to me like that.” he said as he turned to face u slowly. you let out a sigh of relief.
“if you don’t want me to leave you, you have to do one thing for me princess” he continued.
he knew when he called you that you’d do anything he said. especially when he threatened to leave you, he knows you won’t and you’re nice to have around for the most part. he wasn’t planning on leaving you either way, but he did need you help with something. so this was the only way he could get what he wants.
“anything, i’ll do anything for you tom!” you said, and it was true.
you’d do anything for tom riddle.
“i need you to leave those friends of yours” he said quietly, pulling you into a hug.
Love everything you do
When you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do
I wanna ride my bike with you
Fully undressed, no training wheels left for you
I'll pull them off for you
“what do you mean” you pulled away from the hug in shock.
“you heard me love, i need you to leave those friends of yours. they’re a distraction.”
“but they haven’t done anything” you tried to explain. he can’t possibly make you drop your friends just for him.
“don’t you love me, y/n?” he said sympathetically.
“of course i do, don’t ever doubt that. my heart belongs to you, tom. only you” you said with a sad smile on your face as your hand reached up and caressed his cheek.
“then you need to get rid of them, they’re taking you away from me can’t you see. they’re the reason we haven’t hung out as much recently, i’ve just been keeping myself busy because i wanted you to be happy. i miss you darling” tom explained looking at you with soft eyes
“i guess you’re right” you admitted. “and they’re also trying to get me to leave you, true friends wouldn’t do that right?” you said out loud, thinking to yourself.
“you’re right love, friends wouldn’t do that. it’s like that brain in your pretty little head does work after all” he smirked looking down at you, knowing he got what he wanted.
he wanted to isolate you from everyone, so he can have you to himself. you’d never leave him and he likes that, he likes having someone he can control and do his dirty work for him. someone he can have by his side once he starts cleaning the wizarding world of every ounce of filthy blood.
someone who can be the queen to his new world.
“i’ll stop talking to them if that makes you happy” you smiled up at him hopefully.
“i love it when you listen."
🏷 sum mutuals nd others: @gwlvr @harmqnia @henqtic @prettygirlkay @helleli @alishahpotter @i-love-scott-mccall @justreadingficsdontmindme @slut4drvc0
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twstpasta · 2 days ago
😂 with riddle please? romantic?
Tumblr media
Riddle’s laughter reminded you of a kid in a bakery. He didn’t laugh that often; at least, not as casually as his peers did, but when he did, his laughter brought up all sorts of sweet imagery into your brain. His laughter was nice, light like the dainty petals of the flowers he prided but still commanding and powerful. 
Riddle’s laughter reminded you of sugary treats that he loved to indulge in. When he laughed, your mind conjured up images of tart but delectable tarts: sweet syrup like kisses on your mouth, crumbling crust that warmed your heart, and baked fruit that left you wishing for more. When he laughed, he laughed delicately. His shoulders shook slightly, his eyes crinkling and his cheeks blushing.
Riddle’s laughter reminded you of the long way he came. Laughter was a luxury, and when you first saw him laugh genuinely, surrounded by love not only from you but from his friends who cared for him, laughter became another milestone that he unlocked. Whenever you held him in your arms and stole kisses under the moonlight, his laughter was a reminder of the anguish and limitations he decided to accept and move on from.
Riddle’s laughter reminded you of the fact that there was still a lot more to do. His laughter sometimes faded away when talk of family and impending breaks came up, and his laughter would only return when you squeezed his hand and smiled fondly at him. His laughter wasn’t something his family home would be familiar with, but you hoped that with time, Riddle would be able to laugh in the presence of his mother and his painful past. 
Riddle’s laughter reminded you of the truth that you loved him, more than words could describe, more than thoughts could ever process.
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who-tf-knows-25 · 2 days ago
Tom riddle x Reader Part 3
 Summary: When you deny that the hole train thing ever happened tom takes you somewhere private...
Warning: Mmm not rly sure....
Terms: Dont think there are any tbh.
 Dear reader, I apologize for automatically picking slytherin as your house. It simply fits better with the story. I also apologize for any things I did not warn you about. And if there are any grammer, spelling, or punctuation errors I am deeply sorry. It is long and difficult. Plus I am already beating myself up over it so please don’t point it out to me-
Tumblr media
September 5th 1944
“That never happened...” You bite your lip and look away from the both of them. You feel Tom glaring at you. You can almost picture his expression. “Oh really?” He sounds mad. His familiar voice shaky and low. Butterflies fill your stomach and his voice makes muscles below your belly clench. You squeeze your legs together hoping he won’t notice. “Oh puppy~” He whispers in that same voice. A strong warm hand touches your chin and tilts your head up. “Why don’t we go somewhere?~” His blue eyes dark with lust look you up and down while you slowly nod. He smirks. “Brilliant.” He lets go of your chin and stands up walking out of the great hall. You follow clumsily trying not to fall or trip over someone. At the door Tom is standing there holding it open for you you duck under his arm and walk into the hallway. He grabs your wrist and walks fast trying to find an empty room. He passes potions and then there’s an empty room.  He slams the door open and pushes you inside before closing it. “Colloportus~” He mumbles while looking at you. “Quietus~“ He licks his lips and pushes you against the wall. He kisses you roughly forcing his warm tongue into your mouth. He grabs your hands and pins them above your head.
To be continued...
I’m eViL and I kNoW iT (I am accepting requests. Also, HeLpPpP I need a better title)
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Drowning in Heat
Pairing : Tom Riddle x reader
Word Count : 1101
Genre : Fluff [THEY KISS FINALLY!!! — I’m building up to smut, and I will write some angst eventually, promise!]
Prompt : “A couple is studying together in the library but one of the characters wants to take a break and starts distracting the other.” From this prompt list.
It’s raw and electric and ravenous, and every thought promptly slips from her mind. His fingertips press to her jaw hard enough to hurt, one arm wraps firmly around her waist, and she’s glad for it, because she feels as if she’s about to float away. His tongue slips between her parted lips and she notes that he tastes of honey and bergamot, and then suddenly she’s drowning in him.
Tumblr media
The Hogsmeade trip this weekend, the one the two of them were meant to exchange notes on, whatever that meant, has been cancelled. She isn’t surprised. 
There is a notable chill creeping through Hogwarts despite of the fact that it is early spring. The corridors seem a little darker, the professors a little more on edge. At night, the creatures of the forest wail and whine in ways they never had before. It’s more than a little disconcerting.
And she doesn’t want to point fingers or cast blame where it isn’t deserved, but she has noticed a certain group of Slytherin boys smirking through the headmasters worrisome speeches and slinking about the halls after curfew. Then again, she too has a habit of wondering about the castle after dark. Hogwarts enjoys revealing its secrets out of the cautious glare of the sun. So perhaps she’s being paranoid, but she prides herself on her ability to read people and there’s certainly something going on with the boys. Something she plans on finding out.
But not yet. For now she’s happy to bask in the company of none other than the group’s leader, Tom Riddle. She’d be lying to herself if she claimed it was for anything other than her own delight, she has no plans to pull answers from his pretty lips this evening. Which isn’t to say she’s particularly enjoying their time together, because he’s been studiously ignoring her for the past two hours in favour of actually studying.
Which is ridiculous because she’d spent an hour — an hour for Merlin’s sake — putting her hair into curls and had applied her brand new glamoured mascara that had set her back five galleons. She’d even gone through the trouble of ensuring the blasted common room would be empty, but Tom hasn’t so much as glanced at her in the hour they’ve been there and that was simply unacceptable.
She’s never been one to pine or fawn or obsess over boys, much as her fellow classmates might disagree, but Salazar’s beard Tom was pretty. And since he isn’t paying her any attention she has plenty of time to watch him. 
He is twirling his emerald green quill between his slender fingers, as he often does, but for once she is not tracking the movements of his digits but instead is focused in on the press of his muscles against the white of his shirt. She’s never seen him without some kind of secondary layer before, a robe or blazer or jumper of some kind, and she notices that whilst the shirt is pressed and pristine, it appears to be a size or so too small. She certainly isn’t complaining however, as it merely provides her with a stellar view of his biceps and chest. He isn’t built like Orion or Cygnus are, but he isn’t as slender as Abraxas either. There is power written into the lean lines of his torso, power she wants to touch. Power she wants to own.
She heaves a sigh, and lets her quill fall to the ground with a clatter.
“You don’t appear to be doing much studying,” he muses suddenly, voice rough from lack of use. 
She does not respond, merely traces her eyes up the smooth column of his neck and towards the sharp line of his jaw, wondering what it would be like to press the cushions of her lips to its edge. 
There is the sound of shuffling parchment, followed by the capping of an ink vial, before he speaks again. “What is it? You’re never this unfocused.”
She most certainly is, but he seems to be indulging her distraction so she doesn’t refute the statement. 
“If you must know,” she says through a sigh, as if he’d been the one bothering her and not the other way around, “You’re proving to be terribly diverting. You’re far more interesting than my charms notes and—” 
A grin splits across her face, and he rolls his eyes towards the ceiling as if praying for strength.
“Well I suppose you’re far more charming than them too. It simply can’t be helped.”
“You’re ridiculous,” he scoffs, but she doesn’t mind the teasing because his eyes are finally trained on her. 
He toys with his ring for a moment, thumbing over the black stone and chewing on his lip as if deep in thought. 
After several moments filled over with the crackling sounds of the fireplace and the dull roar of the lake pressed against the common room windows, he speaks once more, voice deeper than it had been not seconds ago, “Come here.”
He does not repeat himself, merely levels her with a stare that is equal parts ice and flame and she finds herself scrambling to pull herself onto the plush velvet couch alongside him. Their thighs press together and she can feel the warmth of his skin through the fabric of her skirt, which sends a flush throughout her entire being. Her cheeks must be scarlet by now, but he doesn’t seem to mind. 
She turns to face him at the same time he does her, eyes locking, holding, the air between them sparking with something terrifying and thrilling, and then in one synchronous movement they are leaning in closer and finally — finally, their lips meet. 
It’s raw and electric and ravenous, and every thought promptly slips from her mind. His fingertips press to her jaw hard enough to hurt, one arm wraps firmly around her waist, and she’s glad for it, because she feels as if she’s about to float away. His tongue slips between her parted lips and she notes that he tastes of honey and bergamot, and then suddenly she’s drowning in him.
What could have been seconds or hours later, he pulls back, the inch of space between them feels like a mile.
“You’re mine,” he breathes against her lips.
There’s a hungry, violent glint in his eyes that is equal parts frightening and erotic.
“I am not an object to be owned.” The words do not come out as strong as she’d intended them to be, and she’s already leaning towards him once more, fingers catching along the collar of his shirt and tangling in the chestnut curls at the nape of his neck.
“Perhaps not,” he mumbles into their kiss, “But you are mine all the same.”
Something white hot sparks in her gut, and she shuffles in place, allowing herself to fall into his heat. The consequences of his proclamation could be dealt with at a later date, for now she is content to drown.
Note: It’s a little bit rushed because I was working all day today, let me know if there’s any errors please! And I hope you liked it!! It’s all been quite fluffy so far but I’m definitely keen to try out some new things soon, hope you’re not bored yet.
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Tumblr media
desert island, part one. slytherin boys x reader
summary: the gang gets trapped on an island after traveling through the floo network.
warning/s: swearing, a little mattheo x reader, NOT EDITED
slater’s note: i’ve never been a huge harry potter fan until i discovered all the fanfic and fan cast characters lmao (but i do my research)
Tumblr media
you weren’t supposed to be there, the ministry of magic. you could feel your skin itching from how nervous you felt walking about the crowded departments. everyone rushing, everyone in a hurry, moving too fast to see another’s face.
that fact didn’t stop you from worrying about someone seeing through your facade, all of your facades. you all had on faces of another, people none of you knew and hoped to never know after this very day.
“around the corner and we’re out,” draco mumbled quietly as the six of you were packed rather tightly together while marching down the wide hallway.
“what do we do from there”
“the floo networks,” mattheo mumbled back, his hand tightening around your wrist as if guiding you the right way despite all five boys basically built a wall around you as you walked.
“we get there fast, we don’t look back, and we don’t speak from here on,” draco could feel polyjuice potion wearing off with every step tool causing his uneasiness to increase and his feet to walk faster.
just as you had rounded the corner, your heart sunk upon realizing you still had along ways to go before you’d get to the floo networks. you bit your lip, swearing lowing, but continued to march in rhythm with the rest of your friends.
“y/n,” you felt enzo’s hand go to your lower back immediately after whispering your name. he leaned close to you as the two of you continued to walk side by side. “y/n, you’re you.”
you finally looked to him, inhaling sharply as you saw a face of a stranger slowly fade back into lorenzo’s own.
“you’re you again.”
“so are you.”
you guessed every one of your faces had finally faded normal due to the sudden loud calls reaching your way.
“y/n y/l/n!”
you felt a hand shove you forward, sending you into a run as the rest of you began to rush for the fireplaces, destined to send you off for safety.
it became overwhelming being who you were. a cursed child that everyone knew about and wished to get their hands on before the dark forces could themselves. it was like a dark cloud hovered over you everywhere you went and you couldn’t do anything about it.
you ran and ran and ran while spells shot your way, each one aiming for you and your friends. you could feel your lungs closing up as mattheo continued to push you on further and further, making sure you weren’t left behind.
he understood the looming feeling of looks received from strangers, creating a bond between the two of you, you didn’t have with anyone. mattheo felt the obligation to protect you, just like all the boys.
the sights of black slick tiled fireplaces came closer and closer the more you pushed and the more mattheo pushed. draco soon disappeared, and then theo, and then blaise before it was you yourself that got swooped up into the green flames.
everything felt wrong as you seemed to have been fading from one end of your body to the other. you felt like you were going to throw up as if you were on a rollercoaster; a very loopy and wild rollercoaster.
but before you knew it, you were yourself again.
you felt you were about to hurl.
you realized your face was pressed into sand as you finally felt conscious and apart of reality, like you had finally woken from a dream and became aware of all surroundings.
you heard birds.. or maybe not birds but rather frogs and other strange noises that was out of norm from the nature of hogwarts.
you groaned, rolling your head as the palms of your hands rubbed deeply into the rough feeling of sand, pushing yourself up to access your lane of sight. it was hard to see at first—almost as if you were avoiding the conclusion of where you were.
you blinked, squeezing your eyes tightly one last time before they cleared into the vision of a beach. you could finally fully feel, the water kissed your toes, the light wind gently caressed your back and reddened cheeks as the sour sound of it begun to hurt your ears.
trees and your own friends laid scattered across the soft looking sand, coming to their own conclusions and realizations that they weren’t in the slytherin common room, like originally set. they all looked baffled, coming quickly to their feet, in search of answers.
you slowly sat on your butt, brining your knees to your chest as your loosely wrapped your arms around them. you felt strangely calm as chaos between your friends slowly begun to unfold.
“where the fuck are we?” draco looked impatient with his features in distress. it made you suppress a smile when realizing his clothes looked fairly too big for him, his figure way different from the one he took on moments ago.
“seems we’re on an island,” theodore mumbled, emptying his shoe of sand, just as concern as you.. which wasn’t by much as you stared up at the boys in amusement.
“why the fuck are we on an island.”
“something must have went wrong.”
“well no shit.”
you begun to loosen your tie, your eyes flickering between draco and the rest of the other boys as they all begun to fall under heat. you made a sound of amusement, your chest rumbling up and down as draco’s face twisted up.
“what’s so funny?” he turned his attention to you, dipping his head slightly closer to your own. “you find this amusing?”
you looked up him, not moving as he continued to distress in your ear.
“it’s your fault we’re in this mess.”
“alright, leave her alone,” mattheo took ahold of draco’s shoulder, pulling him back before he could draw any closer to your inconvenience. “it’s not her fault, we all signed up for this.”
“not a goddamn bloody island,” blaise shook his head, sinking into the sand.
“do you at least have prophecy?”
you glanced up, meeting lorenzo’s shy and tired eyes, not wanting to fall into any arguments at the moment. you pressed your lips together before looking back down, tucking your hand within the inside of another woman’s fancy coat pocket.
you slowly pulled out a glass orb swirling with teal madness, waiting for ears that would listen. your eyes stayed train d on it with such admiration; you were put into a trance.
“great,” draco snatched the orb from you quickly, causing you to get to your feet just as fast. “a stupid prophecy meant for what?”
“draco,” you glared at him, “give it to me.”
he extended his arm away from you, falling from his anger back now into his usual teasing, a quirk brow playing out on his face, “no.”
“give it back, asshole.”
“or what?”
“just give it back to her, malfoy,” blaise glanced up to the two of you from his spot in the sand, he himself finished with any arguments for the day.
“yeah, give it back to her.”
“why should i? this bloody prophecy is the reason we’re in the first place.”
mattheo rolled his eyes before yanking the orb from draco’s hands. he handed it back to you before the boy could snatch it back. mattheo was set very annoyed as he took a step in front of you, giving draco a look as if daring him to do anything.
“you’re acting like a child,” theo glanced over to draco and the rest of you from where he sat. you could tell he was also exhausted, already done. “we all agreed to help her. you did most of work anyways, malfoy.”
time settled down after that to the point where the only thing that filled the air with sound was the light crashing of the waves. your body was pressed into the sand while your cheek snuggled into the soft pile of your overcoat. you stared at the prophecy that you examined in the palm of your hand, squinting.
you were putting off from listening it. everything was telling you not to, at least not until you were with potter, but you had to know. it was supposed to be the answer to everything, the key to the end.
it was supposed to tell you who would be the one to kill the dark lord.
you or him. nobody else.
“who do you think it’ll be?” mattheo sat next to you, a cigarette in his mouth while he stared down at you. his eyes soon locked down at the ball, circulating with the mist that seemed to trapped inside. he desperately wanted to know, just as you.
“i don’t know,” you mumbled, rolling to your back, handing it to the boy. he took it slowly, testing it out in the palm of his hand. he seemed hesitant with the way he held it, with the way he stared at it. he almost seemed terrified. “i don’t even know if i want to know.”
his eyes met yours. they were full like moons, content but questioning as he looked between you and the glass ball you held close to your chest now. he looked finished with speaking but his lips parted slightly, looking into your eyes fully once again.
“throw it into the water.”
“throw it into the waves.”
you were taken aback, unintentionally tightening your grip upon the orb as best you could with the sudden feeling of swelling in your chest. you hadn’t expected those words, especially after all you had done together to obtain the prophecy. you felt a certain attachment to the glass circle despite you also wanting nothing to do with it.
“no,” you shook your head, your frown lines deepening in your cheeks as you looked up to the boy. “i made a promise to potter-“
“who cares for promises to the chosen one,” mattheo shook his head, glancing down to the prophecy. “throw it.”
mattheo caught on to the sudden confusion in your face as well as cautiousness. you were slowly backing away from him, “we didn’t just end up on this island for no reason, y/n.”
you got up, taking the prophecy with you. you had made a promise to harry potter you’d get the prophecy and bring it back to hogwarts so the both of you could listen to it, not just throw it in the ocean for no reason. even if the two of you weren’t friends, you kept your promises.
you walked away from mattheo without another word. you felt a sudden pang of betrayal and anger as you let his words sink in and you thought about it more. why did he have a sudden change of idea for the prophecy?
you slumped down next to enzo. he, like the other boys all circulated around a fire theo had made. his arms were wrapped around his knees as he only stared in a dazed manner, dozing off to somewhere that wasn’t the stupid island you were all trapped on.
he stayed silent as you still held the orb close to your chest, also becoming dazed but with unsettling feelings. you weren’t sure what to do no longer, the settled and content feeling you had when you all had first landed on the island no longer existed and was replaced by anxiety and the feeling of being trapped.
you no longer wanted to be there.
“we need to get off this goddamn island.”
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