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#richie tozier
kotozakii · 10 hours ago
richie: "oh shit-"
stanley: "don't say shit!"
richie: "oh fuck!"
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breadiboyo · 11 hours ago
Uh, might as well start doing something here, I suppose? Haha, apologies, I'm not well-acquainted with Tubmlr
What exactly will you be requesting? Some very mediocre writing, that's what, haha! (You can find examples of my writing on my AO3 page found in my bio.)
The Magnus Archives
Currently involved in a lot of OMORI brainrot, though you can request a small fic from any of these fandoms:
Be More Chill
And that's it. EHJHDHDHUHWHS
I'll try to fulfill requests at a reasonable rate (no promises, though! currently on a project with a friend of mine @ginumo, go check em out! they do cool art!)
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sunshinereddie · 15 hours ago
aahhh reddie vacationing together!!
i think that richie would be very well traveled because he’s been all over the place for his shows, but eddie hasn’t even been out of the country because of the tight leash both sonia and myra kept him on. so after richie and eddie get together, i think they would travel a lot!!
they go on road trips to different states and eddie likes to buy a little souvenir from each state and city they go to and he keeps them in his office at work. richie also buys souvenirs, but solely in the form of tacky tourist t-shirts and hats and sweaters.
they also travel to different countries and eddie loves learning all about the different histories and cultures of the places they visit and he tells richie all about it as they’re sight seeing and richie loves listening to eddie tell him about the history behind the monuments and buildings they visit.
as much as he loves traveling, i think that eddie would be a nervous flier because he hadn’t been on an airplane until he was an adult and flying just overall makes him nervous. so whenever they have to fly somewhere richie always makes sure to provide plenty of distractions for eddie, whether it’s having long conversations with him about literally anything, holding eddie’s hand and running his thumb along eddie’s knuckles in the way that richie knows always calms him down, letting eddie sleep on his shoulder with his giant noise cancelling headphones on, or saying calming words as they go through turbulence while eddie grips richie’s hand so hard that he cuts off circulation but richie stays calm for him and tells him it’s going to be okay. eddie still doesn’t like flying, but richie makes it a whole lot better.
and !!!!! richie definitely proposes on one of their vacations. i know it’s cheesy, but i can imagine them going to paris and going up to the top of the eiffel tower and as they’re staring at the night sky of paris richie getting down on one knee and pulling out a ring, but eddie is saying yes before richie can even finish his proposal.
and of course they take a million pictures wherever they go somewhere, but i like to imagine that they’d bring a disposable camera on each vacation and take a bunch of pictures with it and then get them developed and put them all into a big photo album of all of their vacations together :)
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lostboyatlantis · 15 hours ago
hey losers
i made an it discord server so anyone who wants can come be a loser me.
edit: i realized i can add a link that doesnt expire so here it is
MUST BE 18+ im a whole ass adult
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stonedstozier · 17 hours ago
AAAAHHH i’m so excited for what you’re writing with that concept!!! I’m so glad you liked it! I’ll definitely be coming back to drop off random concepts from time to time! - stoned stozier anon
jsdnwkqkqk oh my gosh!! i love it so much! i’m already like halfway done with it. oops 😅 and the fact that you said i’m your favorite stozier blog just makes me wanna cry and kiss all over your cute face 🥺 and yes! please! i love love love random concepts and requests!
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kyxgrey · 19 hours ago
drawing timelapse about 2 hours condensed in to a little over a minute
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sssaccharine · 20 hours ago
where in the fuck is the benverly pretty in pink au. Hello?? it’s literally perfect. I know that Duckie acts more like Richie, but Bill Duckie could work too? or just a duckie who isn’t attracted to Andie. But like come on right
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gay-is-fine · 20 hours ago
Bill: Stressed
Mike: Impressed
Stan: Depressed
Bev: Possessed
Ben: Obsessed
Eddie: Repressed
Richie: Chicken breast
Everyone: ...What?
Richie: I just wanted to join in
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nattywithapatty1216 · 20 hours ago
The Lucky 8 as Vines
Henry: *Sturing the Mac & Cheese*
Richie: "That's what good p***y sounds like!:)"
Henry: "Uh! Richie!"
Richie: *Sinckering*
Richie: "Oh, sorry, I was waitin' on you to make me a sandwich!"
Eddie: "Go back to sleep and starve!"
Richie: "Man, I love those chicken stripes!"
Bev: "F*** your chicken stripes!"
Bev: *Saying out outside the car* "F*** your chicken stripes!"
Bev: "He doesn't deserve you. If he doesn't treat you right by now, you're gone!"
Henry: "I'm gone"
Bev: "Now, go chop his d*** off!".
Richie: "Hey, guys. Click that like button if you think being hunted is kinda hot?"
Bill: *Vapizing*
Henry: "Wow..."
Richie: "Sleep? I don't know about sleep! It's summer time!
Ms. Tozier: *In the back* "You better go to bed!"
Richie: "Oh, she called me..."
The Luckies: "Oh my God! The cabel turned off! You've should've sucked the d*** fu-furry! Should've sucked the d*** fu-furry! My God! The lights off!"
Newsreporter: "So, who's the hottest uber Driver?
Mike: "I'm... I never went to Oover Javer"
Henry: "Hey, hey, hey! Kids, Kids! RICHIE! Honey, can you be quiet? I'm just trying to do something"
Richie: "Hey, how much money do you have?"
Stan: "Uh, like 69c?"
Richie: "Uh! You know what that means!"
Stan: "*Gasp* I don't have enough money for chicken nugget!"
Ben: "Henry, what's wrong with Tucker?"
Henry: "I don't know, he's been really blowed today"
*Lifts Tuckers tail and poop squirts out of him and on to Henry*
Stan: "Stop saying I look like Chicken Little! He's dumb! He's a coward! And I'm not a Coward!"
Henry: "Hello, Greta"
Greta: "Hi, Henry"
Henry: "Those shoes look familiar"
The Luckies: *Dancing to Kirby's Dreamland music*
Bev: "B*** you gon step on my f***ing toe, f***ing cowgirl f***ing boots, b*** disgusting!"
Henry: "Did you hang with Greta last night?"
Bill: "You know, yeah, we did"
Henry: "Oh, I love, Greta!"
Ben: "You hate, Greta"
Henry: "Yeah, No S**t Guys!"
Ben: "Hi, welcome to Chillie's!"
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stonedstozier · 21 hours ago
to the anon who requested stoned stozier but with bad boy stan and good boy richie.. i’m on that. i’m on that shit right now. literally dropped everything i’m doing and i’m writing it
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reddieao3feed · 21 hours ago
4311 S La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016
read it on the AO3 at
by avocadomoon
Unlike any other apartment in Los Angeles, the Penthouse at 4311 S La Cienega Apartments is a spectacular combination of luxury and history. Sun-flooded in every direction, a barrel-vaulted ceiling in the living room opens into a fully updated kitchen with beautiful marble fixtures, and state of the art appliances. Two full bedrooms, one and a half baths, and a magnificent balcony terrace with open city views lined with the building’s signature landmarked parapets and turrets, designed to impressively and beautifully connect the terrace spaces. With its combination of outdoor space, private entries and elegant design that balances the bones of pre-war spaces with the finishes of new construction, this penthouse encapsulates exactly what the buyer in search of a one-of-a-kind home is seeking.
No detail has been overlooked in the restoration of this intimate West Hollywood landmark condominium. Locally famous, the building is a special part of Los Angeles history - secluded, with a doorman and security, you'll feel like you're part of the beating heart of the city without sacrificing your privacy! The complete offering terms are in an offering plan available from the sponsor, file #CD17-0364. Co-exclusive.
Words: 45972, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: IT (Movies - Muschietti), IT - Stephen King
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Categories: M/M, Multi
Characters: Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Beverly Marsh, Patricia Blum Uris, Mike Hanlon, Bill Denbrough, Ben Hanscom
Relationships: Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier, Beverly Marsh & Richie Tozier, Richie Tozier & Patricia Blum Uris, Eddie Kaspbrak & Richie Tozier, Bill Denbrough/Mike Hanlon, Ben Hanscom/Beverly Marsh
Additional Tags: Horror, Psychological Horror, Internalized Homophobia, Haunted Houses, Alternate Universe - 1980s, Time Loop
read it on the AO3 at
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l8rhader · 22 hours ago
From Chapter 3 of Will My Love Grow?
There was a quiet knock at the door before it swung open. “Hello, Toziers,” the woman said, moving into the room. She offered her hand to them each, a slight smile twisting at the corners of her mouth as she realized that they had to untangle their own hands to take hers. “I'm Dr. Carwyn.”
“Hi. Richie,” he said, leaning up from the chair by Eddie and shaking her hand.
Eddie didn’t bother to introduce himself. She had all of the information she could possibly need about him right in her folded arm. If she didn’t know his name already, he reasoned grumpily, he didn’t want her as a doctor.
“So, Dr. Boniface told me a bit about you guys, but why don't you tell me why we're here, Eddie?” she asked. She pulled up the rolling stool and sat at the end of the table, looking up at him as he sat up.
Taking a deep breath to settle himself, he gripped back at Richie’s hand. “Well, my husband here seems to think he has a magic penis and managed to knock me up. I think I’m a guy and that can’t happen, so I think I have testicular cancer.” Her clear blue eyes went wide, glancing between the two men stunned. Richie simply pursed his lips and nodded. He’d expected that would be the reaction. Eddie pulled Richie’s hand closer to the center of his own body, toying with his fingers. “We figured we'd start with the happier option, then go from there.”
Other Suggested Reading:
X's and Oh!
You Can Change Right Next To Me
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sunshinereddie · 23 hours ago
wait in addition to my eddie doctor hc from yesterday,,
au (where richie and eddie don’t know each other) where eddie becomes a doctor and one day a patient get rushed in after an accident. the man is okay, but he broke his leg and hit his head pretty hard so he’ll need to stay in the hospital for a few days so that eddie can monitor him and make sure he’s okay.
however, after only a few hours of taking care of richie tozier, eddie has already had enough.
getting called into the room every 10 minutes. richie calling him “eds” and when eddie tells him that’s not his name, richie only replies with “okay, dr. eds then”. and eddie tries convincing himself that richie is not flirting with him, but he can’t deny it after richie mentions how lucky he is to have gotten “the cutest doctor in the entire hospital” to take care of him. eddie also can’t deny the butterflies in his stomach and the way he blushes after richie says that (and pretty much every other time he talks to richie).
richie also keeps asking eddie to get him a drink to “help with the pain” and eddie has to keep reminding him no, he can’t have alcohol, we’re in a hospital, and it’s dangerous because of all the other medications he’s on. but of course that doesn’t stop richie from trying, every day asking eddie for a drink and eddie always saying no.
then, the day comes where richie gets discharged. eddie tries to ignore the feeling of disappointment and sadness he feels in his heart as richie gathers his things and leaves. eddie walks him outside, reminding him all the things he needs to do in order or fully recover properly, and richie’s just nodding long not saying anything.
eventually eddie turns to him and asks, “are you even listening to me?”
richie looks back at him and replies, “of course i am, dr eds. but since i’m out of the hospital and i can finally get that drink i’ve been wanting, i was trying to think of the best way to ask you out for a drink with me.”
eddie just stands there, frozen for a moment, unsure if he actually heard richie properly. did he just... ask me out? the butterflies are back in a hurricane in his stomach and his palms are sweaty and he’s sure his entire face is red as he lets out something between a laugh and a sigh as he says, “you still shouldn’t have any alcohol just yet. how about coffee instead?”
richie nods in agreement with a big smile. “coffee works. as long as you’re coming with me, dr eds.”
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basicallyreddie · a day ago
Richie: I hate-!
Eddie: *Exists*
Richie: Wait. I'm done hating. Today is love. I love today.
The Losers, looking at whatever it is Richie and Eddie have going on:
Tumblr media
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madmathis18 · a day ago
You didn’t know I got married? Me and your mom are very happy right now
*yells fuck you in a way only a deeply flustered gay can*
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losersclubisms · a day ago
Edith as a baby: *start screaming at 3 AM*
Eddie: *half-asleep* Your turn...
Richie: Ugh, fine...
Richie: *starts screaming*
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nattywithapatty1216 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MHA as The Losers Club
Deku as Beverly
Todoroki as Bill
Bakugou as Ben
Kirishima as Richie
Kaminari as Eddie
Sero as Stan
Iida as Mike
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