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#rey palpatine
ewa-jednak-chce-spac · 13 hours ago
Fandom game - star wars
the character i least understand: Pryde - the worst character introduced in TROS and that says something, considering that one of his rivals is Beaumont Kin
interactions i enjoyed the most: Rey and Ben’s interactions in TLJ till the end of the second act
the character who scares me the most: Bor Gullet
the character who is mostly like me: a mix of ANH versions of Luke and Leia
hottest looks character: Ben Solo
one thing i dislike about my fave character: that he died disappeared 
one thing i like about my hated character: Pryde doesn’t have many fans, so I don’t have to deal with seeing him a lot in the fandom tags
a quote or scene that haunts me: Ben’s sad face at the end of TLJ
a death that left me indifferent: almost every death and “death” in TROS except Ben’s and maybe Hux’s; also, Ackbar’s death
a character i wish died but didn’t: Palpatine... I mean, technically he died TWICE, but it would be much better if he stayed dead after the first time
my ship that never sailed: gingerpilot ;P
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flilisskywalker · 19 hours ago
It’s over for everyone when Rey decides her Jedi temple should be on Exegol. I can imagine Palpatine’s ashes screaming in agony knowing that the hidden world of the Sith became the visible world of the Jedi because of his grandaughter’s actions. 
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darkside-skyguy · 23 hours ago
tbh people referring to Rey as "Rey nobody" makes me cringe so hard. I know it's meant in the sense of not wanting her to be connected to other significant characters, but it literally just sounds like people are calling her a nobody (kinda like Kylo Ren calling her "nothing"). She's not "nobody". She's a person, regardless of who her family is. I don't understand why people who disagree with the surname she ended up with don't just call her "Rey" (like we all did back when TFA was released). I feel like calling her "nobody" doesn't actually make the point that she is a significant and important character capable of standing on her own without connection to previously established (male) characters. It's still referring to her in terms of her relationship with them (or lack thereof). Just a thought.
I do get where you’re coming from, but I also think it’s just not that deep. “Nobody” is only a placeholder surname. Not saying that she’s literally nobody, and of course she’s significant—this is literally her story. I also like the idea of just calling her “Rey,” but personally I use Rey Nobody to differentiate from Rey Skywalker or Rey Palpatine. 
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acr0mi0 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s not a particularly good movie, but I’d still take it over any of the prequels. It’s at the very least well acted and shot.
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darkside-skyguy · 2 days ago
The Mandalorian was about one lone fighter man becoming a dad and the Bad Batch is about five fighter men becoming dads. What’s next? Darth Vader becomes a dad?? Palpatine?! Can you even imagine
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kessel-fun · 3 days ago
Favorite Star Wars Character ??
you can probably tell who mine is from the pfp hdgvcjhadgc specifically A New Hope and Empire luke, i like how he's still a bit naive and impulsive, rather than the more stoic jedi he is in ROTJ. im curious to see what the consensus is on star wars tumblr, who's your favorite ??
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fluffycakesistainted · 3 days ago
We have covered the ways that the film undid 'The Last Jedi, but it bears repeating (in brief) again: they reversed course on Rey’s parentage; discarded Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico; made Snoke a weird clone; rebuilt Kylo Ren’s helmet for no discernable reason; and mocked Holdo’s suicide run, amongst other things. For some, Johnson’s film felt like a radical departure from 'The Force Awakens'. That simply isn’t the case. It took the characters, ideas and themes and did something staggeringly original with them. There wasn’t a deliberate move to undermine any of the work that Abrams had done with the first film, instead expanding on what the new trilogy (and Star Wars in general) could fundamentally be.
Drew Taylor, ‘One Year Later, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Still Sucks’ (Collider)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"This was the formal weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. More skill than simple sight was required for its use. An elegant weapon. It was a symbol as well. Anyone can use a blaster or a fusioncutter—but to use a lightsaber well was a mark of someone a cut above the ordinary." 
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nonbinarydin · 4 days ago
dark rey’s saber is a flip phone. there i said it
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frost-queen · 4 days ago
Flavoured with sass (Reader x Poe Dameron)
Requested by: Anon, Forever tag: @grey-girl​, @missmelodramatic​, @spxce-frxckles​, @theletterhart​, @elllie-does-the-posts​, @struggling-bee​
A/n: It is normally impossible for Anakin & Poe to live in the same ara BUT just this once’s, let’s just have a wide imagination that he does. I focused a bit more on the Poe x Reader dynamics then the crush aspect. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your X-wing shook as you looked out of the window downwards. The platform was filled with other X-wings. Gritting your teeth, you glared down at the small landing area you had to work with. Some idiot had parked their X-wing too close, giving you less space to maneuver through. – “I swear…” – you cursed out, holding your grip firm around the steering. The droid in the back bleeped loud, spinning it’s head around. – “I know, I know.” – you called back, peering outside of the window to your left. Flipping a few switches and turning some knobs you let the X-wings’ feet out. Steam came rising up from under your X-wing, leaving a cloud of smoke around the area. Some people were running out of the way, seeing you hover close to the ground. An elderly guy was waving with his arms at you, signaling to you, you were clear to land. Focusing hard, you bit your lip as you brought the X-wing closer to the ground. Once the feet hit the ground, you got shaken around in your seat. You felt the X-wing sink a bit, letting you know it had landed. The smoke came rising up from between it’s wings. You looked out of the window, smirking at your own landing skills. – “Not even a scratch.” – you laughed out to the droid. You flipped some more switches, opening the glass hood. You jumped out as the droid got lowered down.
“Nice landing cadet!” – the same guy that had given you directions said to you. – “It could have been easier if someone didn’t stand so close to mine!” – you bit back on a polite tone. The man chuckled loud, patting you on the shoulder. You removed the helmet from your head, your ponytail coming out messy. Blowing some loose hairs out of your face, you moved the helmet under your arm. The droid that was riding with you rolled around you, bleeping loud. You saluted him, seeing him roll further away. Shaking your head with a sigh, you turned back to your X-wing. You frowned soft; hearing people complain. Turning around, you saw them all jump out of the way for something passing through. You couldn’t see yet what it was as it was too crowded. Then when two people jumped aside, you saw BB-8 rolling through. He was bleeping loud, almost screaming. After him was Poe running. BB-8 rolled straight in your direction as you saw Poe pause brief. – “Y/n!” – he pointed at you, running faster over to you. BB-8 reached you first, rolling happily around you. You laughed it out, turning around with him. – “Y/n!” – Poe called out again once he was near you. The two of you broke into a tight hug, hugging each other to death.
“Is this your parking?” – you questioned, motioning to the X-wing beside yours. Poe scratched the top of his head, staring at the X-wing. It was clear the person had taken up a lot of space, leaving others to run with little space. – “What? No, I don’t land that terrible.” – he called out. – “You sure? It does look like your landing style.” – you laughed out with a tease. BB-8 bleeped loud, making Poe yell at him. – “Hey! Whose side are you on!” – you laughed again. – “Did we struck a nerve, Poe?” – you let your fingers slide teasingly over his cheek. That made him clench his jaw. He looked away from you, glancing over to your X-wing. – “Is… is... that…” – he pointed out, walking up to your X-wing. – “What?” – you called out, following him under your wing. – “Is that a scratch?” – he mentioned. – “Where!” – you shrieked out, pushing Poe aside. With confused eyes, you let your fingers go over the metal plate of your X-wing. – “There is no scratch!” – you argued, hearing him laugh loud. His laughter ended in a big exhale, recovering himself. Throwing an arm around you, he guided you away from the X-wing.
“I’m still a better pilot then you.” – you claimed, making Poe chuckle. – “If you say so Y/n…” – BB-8 came rolling past the two of you, bleeping loud. The two of you went encountered Finn in the hallway, following him to a grand room. Rey was already sitting there, chewing on a piece of chocolate. She moved her hand up to greet the three of you. BB-8 came rolling inside straight towards Rey. – “How was the flight?” – Rey asked you once you stepped inside with Poe still over your arm. The door swished shut behind Finn. – “You know the usual.” – you stated, twirling from underneath Poe’s arm. – “Not much action.” – you let yourself fall into a seat, smirking soft. – “Something like Poe’s love life!” – you laughed out. – “Let’s not forget dear Y/n.” – Poe began, coming to sit beside you. – “You once kissed an Ewok!” – Finn, Rey, and Poe busted out laughing as you mocked their laughter with your childish expression. – “I fell, the Ewok caught me, my lips brushed against it’s fur. Hardly a kiss.” – you hissed back, crossing your arms. – “Still counts for me.” – Poe teased, touching your knee.
You slapped his hand away, agitated that he just shared that piece of information out loud. – “Oh come on Y/n. You have to admit that was a good one?” – Poe kept tapping you against your leg, trying to get another emotion out of you. Sighing loud, you admitted it was kind of funny. Poe was the only one who was allowed to make such remarks about you. As you were about him. The two of you had a great friendship where teasing each other in a sarcastic way was just your way of showing your affections for one another. – “So what was up here?” – you called out, poking Finn in his leg. – “Not much action either.” – Finn sighed out. – “We’ve been working a bit on the Falcon.” – Rey nodded in acknowledgement. – “Speaking of the Falcon where is our fury friend.” – you said, moving your hand over to Poe’s arm. – “Honey, we are speaking about Chewie. We know how hairy you are, but this time it isn’t about you.” – “Oh, come on!” – Poe fired right back at you, slapping your hand away. Rey giggled soft, finding your comment hilarious. – “Chewie’s still at the Falcon with R2 and C3PO.” – Finn filled in. You got up from your seat, BB-8 rolling over to you. – “Are you coming too big bear?” – you smirked as Poe stuck his tongue out to you. – “Oh real mature.”
Poe wanted to stay a little longer as you went out on your own. In the hallway, you paused, hearing a droid come your way. BB-8 had followed you, making you smile soft. Motioning to him that he could follow you, he rolled excitedly over to you. You were still in your pilot gear, passing gentleman in suits. They all gave you a brief glance as if you were out of place. Puffing soft, you could care less. A pilot was necessary. Who else was going into battle. Not the men in suits, they wouldn’t. You arrived at the hangar where the Millennium Falcon stood. Han Solo’s once mighty ship. Since the death of Han Solo has the Falcon passed on to Chewie and not directly to you and your group of friends. BB-8 rolled past you over to R2 who was moving and bleeping to C3PO. Chewie was just coming out, carrying a box. – “Hello there, fury friend.” – you called out, tilting your head to the side. Chewie placed the box down roaring loud. He stomped bluntly over to you, opening his fury arms. You got smacked into his hug, feeling your bones crack from his tight hug. – “Alright big boy!” – you squealed out as he putted you down again.
“Miss Y/n!” – C3PO came stepping towards you, his arm in a 90° angle. Inhaling deep, you turned towards the golden droid. – “May I say it is a pleasure to see you today.” – you snickered soft, patting him against his shoulder. – “Need any help Chewie?” – You were not only a great pilot also a great mechanic. Poe had learnt you so much since the two of you met. An encounter that made the two of you stick together like glue. Between all the teasing and sarcastic comments he was the only family you had. A family you had chosen him to be. Now your family has grown bigger, droids and all. Chewie roared in different tone heights, speaking in Wookie to you. He threw you a wrench. You caught it, following Chewie inside of the Falcon. – “What needs to be done?” – Chewie started to point as some things as you nodded. You stuck your head back outside to where the droids still were. You whistled loud, making the droids turn all to you. – “Anyone want to help a pretty lady?” – you moved the wrench in your hand. BB-8 came rolling past C3PO who was making his way over to you. R2D2 was in pursuit, trying to outrun BB-8. It made you laugh loud, inviting the three droids in.
The three droids followed you inside the Falcon. You went towards one of the many rooms in the Falcon. There you popped a lit in the floor, jumping inside it. It was big enough for a person to fit in. – “R2, can you redirect the electricity.” – the droid obeyed, rolling over to a panel. You preferred not to get electrocuted when you were working below with all those wires there. You went under, making C3PO lean down the hole. – “Miss Y/n.” – he said, making you pop your head back up. – “Right here!” – you said, seeing the droid startle. You went down again, working. C3PO occasionally handed you a tool when you asked for it. BB-8 kept rolling around the gap, bleeping to you as you spoke back. He wanted to know if you were alright. After working yourself in sweat, you heard a familiar voice. – “Anyone in here?” – Poe came walking in the room you were working in, knocking his fist against the side. He frowned, seeing the three droids all turn in his direction, staring at him. – “Where is Y/n?” – he questioned, pulling his belt better around his waist. C3PO moved his robot arm, pointing at the hole in the floor.
Poe sighed soft, walking over to them. He came kneeling down beside the gap, glancing up to BB-8. – “You down there, pretty girl?” – you tilted your head up, hearing his voice come through the area you were in. You crawled back towards the gap as you had gained some distance. – “You called.” – you said, popping your head out of the gap. Poe chuckled, moving his hands under your arms as you held your arms out to him. He lifted you up, pulling you out of the tight space. He placed you down beside the hole as you thanked him with a pat on his head. – “Good boy.” – you teased out. You closed the lit again. – “Did you miss me already.” – you fluttered your eyelashes at him. – “Don’t flatter yourself, Y/n.” – he replied as you came leaning in closer. – “You smell!” – he called out, moving your head back. – “What’s the matter?” – you squeaked, smelling your own arm. – “You do not like my natural smell?” – Poe rolled with his eyes. – “I might, but a certain young man wouldn’t.” – he chuckled out. – “What are you talking about?” – you breathed out, stripping some gear off you. You were now in a light shirt, some visible sweat stains on them. – “Very sexy Y/n.” – Poe stated, pointing at your sweat stains. – “Oh, shut up!”
Poe turned himself around from you, throwing you a towel. You dried yourself, wiping the sweat of your body. – “What where you talking about.” – you asked, drying the tips of your hair with the towel. – “Sorry?” – Poe hummed, glancing over his shoulder to you. You sighed as he acted like he hadn’t heard your question. – “I said what were you talking about… what gentleman?” – you threw the towel at Poe, making him turn fully at you. – “Oh.” – he chuckled out, finding it rather amusing. – “What?” – you called out, quirking your eyebrow at him. – “You have an admirer Y/n.” – Poe kept chuckling. – “What are you talking about?” – you shot right back. Poe bit his lip trying to keep his smile down. – “Oh…” – you stated, moving your finger at him. – “You are messing with me.” – you moved closer to him. – “I’m not!” – he enthusiastically replied, smiling. – “Of course you are!” – you said on a louder tone, knowing surely Poe was messing with you. – “Y/n, darling I’m not.” – he snickered out, making hard for you to believe a word he was saying. – “You are making it not really convincing.”
Poe composed himself, keeping his laughter down. – “Do you want to know who your secret admirer is?” – “If he is even real!” – you sassed back, giving him a witty glance. – “Oh, he is as real as he can be.” – Poe moved his hands to your shoulder, rethought his action once he felt your softly sweaty shoulders under his grip. He wiped the palms of his hand clean on your shirt, smirking. That made you roll with your eyes at him. – “Well go ahead say it!” – crossing your arms, you gave him a typical glare. Poe cleared his throat, leading you away from the droids. – “A certain Skywalker has a crush on you… or so I’ve heard.” – he whispered. – “What?” – you replied, moving away from under his arm. – “Who? How did you get this information.” – you wanted facts. – “Can you believe it, it’s Anakin. Rey told me.” – you laughed loud, not believing a thing. When you noticed Poe wasn’t laughing anymore, you knew he was being serious. – “Are you for real?” – he nodded. 
Then his smile crooked up again, making you slap him against his chest. – “What are you going to do about our poor lover boy?” – Poe asked, curious to what you would do with it. – “I don’t know.” – you shrieked back at him. – “I’ll have to see it first for myself!” – Poe pulled you close, leaving a kiss against your cheek.
Check out my Masterlist for more Star Wars fic’s and many more
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or-pheus · 4 days ago
I know this is a day late for Star Wars day but I want to say it anyways.  Rey shouldn’t have been a Palpatine, or a Kenobi, or a whatever.  Rey should have been nobody. Her parents should have actually been drunks that sold her for booze money. It works SO much better with what I believe was the original plot w/ Finn as well until Disney scrapped all that. 
The whole story line of “Random person from no where finds out they’re incredibly power and can save the universe if they just train and focus” 
is infinitely better than, “Random person from no where finds out they’re increidbly powerful because they’re the long lost kid of an equally powerful leader and is just as powerful as they are expected to be from the beginning and ultimately harvest nothing from themselves.”
and yeah, she is good and not evil like Palpatine and the whole “Not defined by my lineage” is cool,,, EXCEPT WE HAD THAT WITH LUKE. 
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darlingpleasehelpme · 4 days ago
Rey Nobody
Honestly I never really liked how they changed that concept.
Anyway, last minute fanart:
Tumblr media
May the 4th be with you!!!
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akwardtractor · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy May 4th!
Today is my first real celebration of may 4th and I couldn’t be luckier to have found the little corner of the Star Wars community that I did. I’ve never felt like I’ve truly contributed to fandom until now, and I can’t begin to explain how happy and thankful I am for this one of a kind experience 💕
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