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#rewatching snow white
kyn-lyn-blog · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
·         This was the wrong baby. Pinocchio had grabbed the wrong baby, there wasn’t even supposed to be two babies! The wardrobe should have only worked with two people only enough magic for two, not three. Just how there should have been one baby girl. One baby girl with all the light magic to make her the savior. Pinocchio didn’t know how to describe it but he knew in his heart it was the wrong baby and now he didn’t know what to do or where to go. He failed his papa. He was so busy trying to run away he hadn’t paid attention, or listen to that feeling, he just was trying to get away. He had to get the right baby and he knew he wouldn’t be able to carry both. He had a decision to make, a decision between two infants. one who he had in hands which was the easy path, he didn’t want to turn back. The second choice was the right choice in his eyes, the reason he was sent to this land, it was obvious he had to go back. But what to do with the second baby, he was only a small boy he couldn’t think of many options so he carried her with him until he heard the cries of the baby in the blanket get closer and closer.
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kyn-lyn-blog · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
What if emma swan had an unplanned twin sister? One who was lost and abandoned and was never supposed to have a story. That can build a lot of tension between sisters, one destined to be the savior and the other with no destiny at all.
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lazy-cat-corner · 9 days ago
I can’t believe there was a time when we had to defend if the og Disney Princesses could apply to third wave feminist rhetoric. Must they be independent? Just let these girls sit around and sing to a bird.
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i-might-be-a-simp · 9 days ago
Do i just have a thing for red haired characters?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have a crush on her T^T
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polandspringz · 11 days ago
I am absolutely loving the sudden influx of snow white with the red hair on my dash today. Been in love with this show for YEARS
OMG I'm laughing so hard at this
I've been in love with the series for years TOO and I've just been cycling back through my favorite red haired anime girl shows when bored- I keep thinking about Shirayuki mainly because I'm so mad that Bones is the one who has the rights to it and I've wanted the manga arc that happens right after season 2 to be animated but Bones has so many popular shounen series it'll probably never be done ;-;
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intothewickedwood · 27 days ago
Once Upon A Time Rewatch: 6x01 The Savior
Tumblr media
Okay, season 6, here we go! It’s probably the season I’ve watched the least purely due to the fact that it came out later and I wasn’t as obsessed with it as season 7. I remember preferring it to season 5. I wonder how it will compare this time now that I don’t hate 5b as much as I used to.
They do like to start the season/arc with someone riding a horse! 
This Jafar just isn’t as threatening as the other one, even though they’re supposed to be the exact same character. The other one was one of the most frightening villains in the Ouat universe. He was very compelling. This one seems like a completely different character.
Thank God he’s had a haircut! It bothered me so much and as I’m sure I’ve said, I usually like a man with longer hair.
Stay off the dirigible plums.
I love that Hyde’s invulnerable to magic. It’s a unique and useful ability. 
I can think of at least 50 things more dangerous than an untold story.
Show me those hands! Show me those jazz hands! 
Mind that sand in her eye!
It’s Giddy Up Gideon!
Ngl I was hoping for Zelena x Hyde. I love the idea of them. What would their ship name be? Wicked Monster? 
Regina apologised for keeping Zelena in a prison? Woah!
I wonder if the feather from the arrow disappeared magically.
What is Hyde’s plan? Does he just want ownership of the town?
I kinda hate that electricity thing. So, magic won’t work against him but electricity does? 
Did Killian and David not hear Hyde talking about Emma’s troubles? I guess not.
Emma, you cricketist! 
Yes, Emma! Go to therapy, girl! The whole damn town needs it! I still want that Therapy Sessions with Archie spin off. I mean, like, imagine Snow and David talking about the loss of those years with their daughter, Zelena and Regina sharing their mummy issues and just people opening up about all they’ve been through. It would give us great insight into the characters’ minds.
Gideon really hates his dad. Interesting!
I had no idea the castle terrified Belle so much. It’s interesting that this is how she saw it.
Hang on, so the sands of Morpheus are giving her the dream? Because otherwise she should be in the fiery room.
I hate this scene. I hate it so much! The sisters were doing so well and then Regina goes and blames Zelena! Yes, her decisions may have contributed to it but so did everyone else's. You could go all the way back to Emma’s decision to go to the Underworld in the first place and everyone’s decision to follow as otherwise they would never have met Hades etc. Hades is the person to blame at the end of the day. He killed Robin.
You know, I read a meta a few weeks ago that explained how Robin had been marked for death since Emma saved him in Camelot. They did not pay the price fully in holding hands. They had to pay the price in death. And pay they did. 
I don’t get the Oracle girl. I just don’t get it.  She seems so random. What story is she even from? Okay so apparently, she’s an original character. Hmmm. 
It looked like they were setting her up to be Jafar in disguise, with the whole staff thing but I can’t remember if that was the case or not. I guess it can’t be, as he was trapped in a lamp at the end of Ouatiw.
Gideon really does look like he could be their son.
When you think about it, it’s pretty obvious Gideon is the hooded figure. I remember thinking it was going to be Rumple. I think it would have been more fun if it was Rumple. Like, while Regina has antagonised Emma in the past, she was Snow’s arch nemesis not Emma’s. If Rumple was Emma’s ultimate villain, it would have been fun to see a final showdown between the two. 
This whole Savior lore change is silly. Emma was the Savior because she was the product of True Love and probably other reasons I can’t remember. I like Emma being the only Savior. It made her unique. Apparently, the reason she can see into the future is thankfully nothing to do with her being a Dark One and is one of the traits Savior’s develop. 
My laptop is falling apart! Like bits are literally hanging off.  
Regina admitting she was an awful stepmother! And Snow’s reaction! It looked like it was too painful for Snow to even think about, let alone talk about. 
Snow talking about losing her parents is breaking me!
I have to admit, I do appreciate Snow Queen scenes. Shows how far they’ve come.
The feather is there!
Yessss! Wicked Queen wreaking havoc! 
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intothewickedwood · a month ago
Once Upon A Time Rewatch: 5x23 An Untold Story
Tumblr media
I cut my thumb on a tap somehow and it started bleeding a surprising amount and since we don’t have plasters my mum wrapped it in a sanitary towel, so now I’m just walking around with a pad finger lol. So, it’s hard to type this!
Omg has Hook had a haircut?! Thank the Lord! Though not sure when he got the chance.
Regina (about Zelena): “I don’t wanna lose one more person I love.” Awwwww!
Is Hyde just invulnerable to magic or does he absorb it, allowing it to boost his strength, a bit like Sebastian Shaw (though Shaw mainly converts kinetic energy. He can absorb magical energy as well though!).
Wow. destroying magic was that easy, huh? Tamara and Greg take notes!
omg they look so terrifying when they’re splitting! and it looks so painful!
Hyde my dude, if Jekyll dies, you die! It’s like Dragon Heart!
So, he’s invulnerable to magic but not Killian’s hook? I mean Sebastian Shaw could still be cut so I guess that checks out.
This episode is really freaking hard to hear. There’s so much background noise! It’s probs just my audio processing disorder but I don’t usually struggle so much with this show. Maybe something went dodgy with the sound editing?
Oh! Rumple lied about Storybrooke being destroyed if it was without magic!
Emma still has a hint of the Dark One voice, and it makes me want to pull my hair out!!
How does Rumple know about the Dragon and how did the dragon survive?
Is the dragon a telepath? I mean he says he sees a battle inside of Regina. I think he definitely has precognitive abilities because he knows it’s imperative Regina wins the battle. He must know her dark side is about to be released.
I know they’ve totally retconned the land without magic in this episode. Not sure about how I feel about the change overall but I do like the idea that there is magic in this world. You just have to know where to look for it or believe hard enough. I’m no longer a person of faith but if there’s anything I would want to have faith in it’d be magic. The idea gives me hope sometimes.
It’s interesting that the darker versions of people who take the serum are, according to Jekyll, whatever the mind imagines them to be. So, in a way, Hyde and Split Queen are products of Jekyll’s and Regina’s imaginations. And that’s why Jekyll still has darkness in him even as Jekyll. The two sides are not split in half between good and evil. He simply got rid of his imagination’s idea of the evil in him. He never saw forcing Mary to love him as evil and so that part of him didn’t leave with Hyde. As a meta I recently read said, Regina imagines her evil half to dress like the Evil Queen, to be seductive and to constantly seek revenge on Snow White and to want Henry for herself and thus, that’s the part of her she splits off. Is it gone forever? Who can say! But it explains why Split Queen is so different to the Evil Queen we know from previous seasons. It’s a comical reflection of the character, suggesting that Regina sees, intriguingly, sees her evil half as almost comical. Perhaps because at the time the Evil Queen reigned it was almost as if she was playing a game and having fun all the while.
Yes! Finally, she’s saying “what I did.” We got there!
Regina taking the serum was such a bad idea. It’s as if the Charming’s have separated her into two people to reconcile the harm she’s caused them. That is surprisingly realistic. I grew up with someone with an extreme Jekyll and Hyde personality and the only way I could cope was to separate them into two because they were all I had. Their kind side could be my best friend, while the other side hurt me deeply, mentally, emotionally and physically more than anything else. I’ll never get those years of perpetual fear back, but the kind side has almost completely won out these days, much like Regina this season. The only way for me to let go of the anger and sadness from the past is to see the horrible side as someone that’s been split off and is gone forever. I would not even be able to talk to my mum again if I saw her as the same person. It’s probably a very unhealthy way of coping but I understand where Emma and especially Snow are coming from. They want that side that hurt them, almost ruining their lives and taking away previous years they’ll never get back to be gone forever and separated from a woman they love and care about.
No Snow, honey, don’t blame yourself! You didn’t help bring the Evil Queen into the world. At the end of the day, she was the result of ultimately Regina’s choices.
Split Queen seems to be trying to stay inside Regina.
The EQ looks so sad that Regina would actually take her heart.
Why did she turn to dust?
Oh crap! The sanitary towel on my thumb is unravelling! Noooooo!!
I don’t think towns work like that.
How did Hyde and the people from the LOUS get to Storybrooke? Oh! I guess with the wand!
Yeah, I think the Dragon is somehow immortal because he comes back even after Split Queen crushed his heart. Why was his immortality never explained?! Oh! Oh wait! She didn’t crush his heart! I was imagining things!
Season 5 is over! Thank the Lord!! I feel such a sense of relief!
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onceuponarewatch · a month ago
Tumblr media
Once upon a time a trio of bards, The Narrators Three, were called upon to unite the realms with episode by episode deep-dive commentary of the fairy-tale laden soap opera Once Upon a Time. Tune in for weekly retrospect sprinkled with judgmental fondness and hysterical disappointment as The Narrators Three laugh, throw shade, and have the occasional emotional breakdown. If you find tales of costuming, character takedowns, and plot devices that come with a price utterly charming, The Narrators Three invite you to join them for Once Upon a Rewatch!
Listen to Once Upon a Rewatch: Spotify | Apple Music | Anchor.Fm | Stitcher | Google Podcast | Pocket Casts | Radio Public | Breaker |
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bbcsassdeadass · a month ago
I have to say that I am rewatching Once upon a time after a very long time purely out of curiosity, because I wanted to see how different my perspective would be upon the events. While Regina remains my one true love and soul I have to say that Snow White and Prince Charming were pure hypocrites. Maleficent lost her child because of them, yet they'd shove Emma being away most of her childhood into Regina's throat for such a long time. And they made her go undercover without Emma knowing. At least Regina owned her shit.
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leeleelikestoart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Wanted to redraw this scene from Snow White with the Red Hair with Taren & Elliott, so I did 🤷🏽
Tumblr media
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intothewickedwood · 3 months ago
Once Upon A Time Rewatch: 5x13 Labor of Love
Tumblr media
Oh dear. Poor Killian. That looks painful!
How does he know Emma’s come down to save him? Did he hear the message she sent somehow? Also, imagine if she hadn't come? He might have been tortured forever. Still shouldn't have brought Henry though.
Oh! He did get the message!
What happens if you’re mauled in the underworld? I mean, it's not like you can die again. What if it rips your arm off or something? Is that possible in the Underworld?
I wonder if Cerberus is where the idea of the gnashing of teeth in hell came from. 
Umm. Why didn't he just run too? There was no reason to just stand there.
Shouldn’t Regina be the one to help the Kingdom rather than her teenage stepdaughter? I mean, she has magic. But I'm not sure how many people know that at this point in time.
Wtf have they done to Megara?! How dare they! She is one of my all-time favourite Disney characters and the ouat version isnt anything like her movie counterpart! It's so disappointing! They could have done so much with Megara! I'm not gonna get angry that she was scared, because who wouldn't be in her position. Her behaviour however is inconsistent with the movie version. Where’s her quick wit and snark! Completely different character. I get its their own take, but they had a great opportunity to include a popular Disney heroin!
If Hercules is planning to live on Olympus once he becomes immortal, then what's the point in becoming immortal when he just ends up there after dying anyway?
Yes, Robin, we know it’s a protection spell.
Cruella! I missed her! 
‘Wonderboy.’ Regina stole that thing that Megara says! 
She learnt archery quickly! I once did archery at a Kingswood school trip. I was so scared one of the unruly boys in my class was gonna shoot me. Honestly wouldn’t put it past them. People literally throw all sorts at each other in my town. I once had stones thrown at my head walking home from school because they didn't like the way I walked and thought I was weird. I mean, I am pretty weird but what was that? Biblical times?! God, I'm so glad i was home-schooled after that.
Anyway, I digress! The moral of the story is getting shot in the ass with an arrow at my town is more likely than you think! 
Why are all the disabled characters villains? Like this guy with a patch on one eye, the Blind Witches, initially Killian, Rumple, Cruella, I would argue Ingrid and Zelena and even Jefferson is morally grey. I can't think of a disabled character that has never been a villain. Come to think of it, how did Weaver not have a limp, when there was no magic in Hyperion Heights?? Why did they just forget his limp when they felt it was convenient? Okay, I’ll give them Alice Jones and the Wish!Apprentice but they only seemed to consider such things in season 7. I like to think if the show had continued, they’d be more conscious of thesethings.
I still don't get how everyone seems to know about what happens in the living world. 
Looool. The pen died! Oh my God! All those pens and pencils I chewed up and bit in half!! 
Oh my God, yes! Let Snow express her pain about what Regina did to her! I completely forgot about this! Why is this the only time in so long! Let Snow react as any person would! She has feelings too! You can see how painful it all is to her. And then Regina just says, “and then you found her!” Seriously Regina?? You spent all those years set on vengeance for something a ten-year-old was manipulated into saying with your best interest at heart and you’re just dismissing Snow like this? Grrrr. I can't with her this season. The hypocrisy is too strong. We’ll probably be mostly cool again next season.
He’s like, don’t you break my f**k**g bow!
Is it his? I can't remember.
Young Snow is such freaking amazing casting. Seriously, how many virgin chickens did they sacrifice?!
David may not have been Snow’s first love or at least first kiss, but I headcanon that Snow was David’s. Unless he and Anna had a thing, but I think they were just friendy wends.
Loool! Why did they give a terrified Megara the dagger and not the pole! That means she has to get the closest to Cerberus!
Oh my God! Don’t hurt Fluffy!!
I really like the name Mary Margaret though! I'm one of those people who didn't mind the characters keeping both their cursed and original names.
Will Robin ever say anything of substance again? Tune in next week to find out!
Well, we all know Killian’s gonna write ‘Crocodile’ on all three of those headstones.
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onceuponarewatch · 3 months ago
'Oh, no! She's hot!' And she's just like, 'Fuck you!' And hits him in the head with a rock. She is such a legend. I just - I could scream for a millions years about how much I love Snow White.
Lin, Once Upon a Rewatch season 1, ep. 03: SNOW FALLS
SNEAK PREVIEW for episode 3 of Once Upon a Rewatch:
Tumblr media
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killianslefthook · 4 months ago
Whenever I watch the scene in Echo Cave and they reveal a secret about themselves, I'm surprised Mary Margaret's is not about what she and David did to Maleficent's baby. That's definitely her darkest secret.
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swan2swan · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Lol, remember when they didn’t have enough Villain Models to show proper menace so they included Junior?
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gch1995 · 4 months ago
A part of me feels like doing a rewatch of OUAT S1-3A on Disney+ and/or Hulu, but the other part of me is shying away from that idea because I feel like I'm probably going to end up crying my eyes out of heartbreak over the sheer feelings of bitterness and betrayal towards A&E and the writers of this show for making the dumb choice to kill off Neal in 3B, and then systematically destroying and retconning Rumple, Belle, Rumbelle, Snow, David, Snowing, Emma, and even Henry from the end of 3B-S7 because Kitsowitz and these writers clearly ran out of story to tell after the Neverland arc, and because these writers got a boner for Captain Hook/CS.
It's just that I really loved the Rumple, Belle, Rumbelle, Snow, David, Snowing, Emma, and Henry of S1-3A. Yes, they were flawed, but not in ways that ever felt cheaply shocking, cartoonish, ooc, one-dimensional, and/or stupid.
I related to their insecurities of not feeling worthy of love. I related to their tendencies to push people away because they didn't want to get hurt, and/or they didn't want their loved ones to get hurt because of them. I related to their introversion. I related to their desires to be better people. I related to their internal moral struggles with fighting the temptation to take the easy way out by being selfish to protect themselves, protect their loved ones, and/or find their loved ones, even if it meant that others might/would get hurt in the process, which we got to see play out on screen. I related to their awkward and witty senses of humor. I admired their bravery, their curiosity, their intelligence, their great capacities for love and selflessness, and while I didn't approve of their bad choices and/or crimes, it usually made consistent, relatable, and sympathetic sense as to why they were driven to make them out of desperation, fear, a desire to protect their loved ones, and/or a desire to be close to family again.
I quit watching after S5 because I couldn't stand the most of the writing choices for anyone in the main cast anymore, and, while I know that Emma, Rumple, Belle, Snow, David, and Henry all got "redemption" arcs and "happy endings" tacked on at the end, I still didn't feel emotionally invested anymore in their canon because everything that once made them relatively compelling, consistent, dynamic, and relatable characters and/or relationships had been completely destroyed by increasingly cheaply shocking, contrived, inconsistent, flanderdized, wildly ooc, melodramatically toxic, and stupid character assassinating bad writing choices one times too many throughout the end of 3B-S7.
Plus, no one in the remaining main cast really ever experienced any sort of growth after the Neverland arc, anyway. They just got character assassinated and/or retconned multiple times in increasingly contrived, ooc, and stupid ways , so that they could force them all to have Aesop's Amnesia (learn the same lessons over and over again) , which ultimately led them back to the exact same places they had already ended up at in "Going Home" (3x11) at the end of S6-S7, anyway.
Unfortunately, like I said before, I didn't care anymore about canon because they had all been destroyed by inexplicable character assassinating bad writing one too many times, both individually and as couples.
I'm tempted to do a rewatch of S1-3A because I don't want to acknowledge the bullshit on screen that came after in the next four-and-a-half seasons to be canon, but I'm worried that I'll just start sobbing my heart out when I remember how much Kitsowitz and these writers destroyed really beautiful, relatable, and complex characters and relationships, so that they could essentially reboot the show centered around Hook/CS, cheap shock value, recycled plots, and nonsensical and painfully character assassinating magical soap opera melodrama garbage instead.
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