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glitchpaladinan hour ago
legacies episode finally had me excited tHE WHOLE WAY THROUGH god i can鈥檛 wait for next week聽
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jungcircleo4 hours ago
the Han(nah) Sanghyuk Montana case has come to a close 馃様
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calsangel7 hours ago
so ben really did wake up alone and for a split second forgot about what happened, thinking that callum was going to be laying beside him or the sheets would still be warm at least. but callum鈥檚 not there and he hasn鈥檛 been there all night as ben told him to leave and his smile falters as he feels the sheets are cold and callum鈥檚 side of the bed is empty, not been slept in. everything comes back to him and his heart breaks even more than it already was. thinking this is his life now, alone again. from having a husband and being together forever to being alone. ben will never admit that he cried himself to sleep, the sore redness and tiredness around his eyes suddenly hitting him from the night before. but across the square so was callum, crying himself to sleep, sleeping in a bed or a sofa that鈥檚 so unfamiliar, so tired, so alone. both believing that their together forever is now no longer forever.
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eustasskidd9 hours ago
I used to get like super worked up over wondering what happened to sabo, like I'd just be running scenarios through my head but now I'm just. Imagine how funny it would be if he was dead
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satan-incarnate-66610 hours ago
You remind me of Toko and Rantaro from danganronpa
inchresting . . .
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globalgistng12 hours ago
RCCG: Life, work of Pastor Adeboye鈥檚 late son, Dare revealed
RCCG: Life, work of Pastor Adeboye鈥檚 late son, Dare聽revealed
Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, on Wednesday, lost his first son, Dare to death. Dare Adeboye was said to have gone to sleep but never woke up. He was in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, where he was overseeing a church at the time of his death. Dare who is also a Senior Pastor like his father was 42 years old when he died. Dare Adeboye who was fondly referred to as Pastor鈥
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chameleonsallinvermillion13 hours ago
Think I might have figured out what this聽鈥渆mpathy鈥 thing is
AND how to manufacture it in a semi-fraudulent but not criminal manner
I鈥檓 getting so good at this interpersonal thing!聽
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googlepixel-x14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Google Pixel Buds A was accidentally revealed on Twitter by Google鈥檚 official Android account.
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twistedmatcha15 hours ago
Tumblr media
I'm joining on the eye trend too!!!
These are all of my first years! These were also nice studies to do for colouring and practice
In order:
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angel-dandelion21 hours ago
Idk if my roommate is genuinely just smarter and better at analysis than me, or if my help explaining the Untamed story and genre conventions is helping him come to correct conclusions waaaaay more than i did
we watched the episode where WWX decides to give up his golden core tonight, and immediately after the scene roommate was like聽鈥渉e鈥檚 gonna take out his core and put it in his brother huh鈥 and i was like shut the fuck up聽
i mean it鈥檚 not like it鈥檚 not obvious in the subtext, but I somehow didn鈥檛 fully grasp that during my first watch until Wen Ning revealed it to Jiang Cheng
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okamichanechonight22 hours ago
Tumblr media
A rare soft moment from Blackberry, which can only be seen if you accidently stumble into their warehouse at 4 am in the morning
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yoohdy23 hours ago
tfw the SIGNED fromis 9 album is gonna cost me less than buying a regular version from the stores here 馃槓馃え馃馃
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shenwua day ago
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Sumi had her hands shoved into her pockets as she waited in the alleyway that afternoon.聽 This... would be it.聽 She would end this, here and now.聽 She just... hoped he would actually show up.
鈥淕reetings Yukikara.鈥澛
She turned her head towards the direction of the voice, perking up a bit when she saw it was coming from Nathan, note in hand.聽聽鈥淗ey.鈥 She pulled her right hand from her pocket, giving a wave.聽聽鈥淕lad to see you鈥檙e doing well.鈥
鈥....I鈥檒l cut to the chase.聽 What do you know about, well.... Everything that has been going on with me?鈥澛 He had more of a clue now than previously, considering that his memories had slowly been returning to him since the... incident a few days ago. But even still... It felt like some crucial clues were missing.聽 Not to mention that whatever had done this to him was being completely silent, despite his best efforts to get anything out of it.聽聽
Sumi sighed, averting her gaze a bit.聽聽鈥淚 gotta admit, not much.聽 I鈥檓... Not the smartest.聽 But even so... I think I know a way to stop it.聽 One that doesn鈥檛 involve violence, or anyone else鈥檚 help.聽 On that鈥檒l make things right.鈥澛 She turned to fully face him.聽 This was it.聽 The one thing she could do to help.聽 A determined look in her eyes, she straightened her posture, and throwing forward her arm to point at Nathan.聽聽鈥淎lright, listen up! I have a proposal for you!聽 If you give Nathan back all of his memories, even the ones that were from when you were in control of him, and leave his body so he can have his life normally again, then...
I鈥檒l let you inhabit MY body instead.聽 Cause you want to be perfect, right?聽 So if you agree to this, you鈥檒l have brains AND brawn.鈥澛犅
What? ....No, she wasn鈥檛 talking to him.聽 She was talking to...聽
鈥淵ukikara, what are you doing?聽 Do you even know if this thing is capable of leaving my body?聽 And even then, do you not have a sense of self preservation at all!?鈥澛 This was insane... To do this for someone that had been so cruel to her previously... Did she actually sustain some sort of damage to her brain when she got attacked a few days ago?
Sumi鈥檚 face held the same determined look as she gave Nathan as a smile.聽鈥淣ah, this is just the best thing for everyone.聽 Best thing I can do alone, anyways.聽 And I can鈥檛 trust anyone else to handle this, at least in a way that鈥檒l lead to a happy ending.鈥澛犅
Before he could even open his mouth to respond, however, Nathan once again felt himself being thrust out of control of his body.聽聽
It would be a strain, but the creature wanted a chance to negotiate before they made a decision.聽 鈥淚 have to admit, that offer IS quite enticing... Not to mention that I do find you to be interesting...鈥澛 He brought his hand up to his chin, contemplating.聽聽鈥淏ut I must ask... What do you get out of this?聽 I would think you would not do this without good reason, no? Besides, as far as you know I will simply do the same to you that I did to him.鈥
鈥淵eah, I know.聽 I can鈥檛 exactly force you to leave my memories be and stuff, but... I feel that this is the best thing I CAN do in the situation.聽 Plus.... Lets just say I have a gut feeling that something else is going on.聽 Cause... You had no reason to get me to the hospital that other day.鈥
He seemed taken aback.聽鈥淗ow exactly... were you aware that that was me?鈥
Sumi grinned.聽鈥淓asy, there鈥檚 no way that Nathan would be able to carry me.聽 And I know that you鈥檙e stronger, so... I鈥檓 not THAT dumb, heh.鈥
He contemplated for a few more seconds.聽 The deal seemed good, and in all honesty.... He was curious about that odd person who had attacked Yukikara.聽聽鈥...Fine then, I believe we have ourselves a deal.鈥澛 Without hesitation, he grabbed onto Sumi鈥檚 arm, and....聽
Within a matter of seconds, Nathan once again found himself in control of his own body.聽 And....
O h .
He..... He needed to process this.聽 All of this.聽 Oh dear lord.
Sumi, meanwhile was.... huh, actually, she felt about the same.
鈥....Once I gain enough of my power back, I am going to need to speak through you in order to apologize to Kanpeki.鈥
She jumped a bit, not expecting to just have... A voice in her head now.聽聽鈥淥h, uh, sure I guess? But.... Why?鈥
鈥.....It seems he was not the only one being manipulated in all of this.鈥
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gwynsa day ago
sarah really got on the live and dropped all this info about gwyn being in future books, az singing eventually, crescent city 2 title reveal AND the return of sassy lucien? she has given me enough life force to sustain me through the year
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lystringa day ago
people on tumblr joking about or discussing the obvious scamminess of miss officer and mr truffles or arkh or whatever really has nothing on the Dreamworld gaming scam rabbithole which you can start learning about here
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swhaywarda day ago
For Mine House Shall Be Called An House Of Prayer For All People Isaiah 56
-- Let no one say, that loved and obeyed the LORD say they are unwanted or of no value to Jehovah. Future millennium kingdom of God. The modes of the men in the ministry for self-will and self. --
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