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#renesmee cullen
allmyfandoms93 · 10 hours ago
Edward smugly strutting past Carlisle post Breaking Dawn with Bella and Renesmee in tow and patting him on the chest.
“Looks like you’re not the only one around here who can make little vampires anymore, pops.”
Carlisle chuckling to himself happily as Esme walks up and wriggles his way under his arm so they can stare after them happily.
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ericacarlass · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aesthetic | Renesmee Carlie Cullen
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 14 hours ago
Who is Renesmee's favorite? Let's suppose that Jacob, Bella and Edward fight each other to the death, who will Renesmee help?
... Anon, I am sure you are the same person asking these fight to the death scenarios, and in return for answering these I believe it is your duty to send me the Street Fighter inspired fanart of whatever is going on in your head.
Regardless, I believe Bella is Renesmee’s favorite.
Jacob Black
I, first, believe the imprint Jake has on Renesmee is not authentic and was likely triggered by Renesmee’s gift. More, even if it was, that ties him to her versus the other way around.
To be honest, as Renesmee grows, I think she’s going to cool on Jake severely.
Sure, he’s a great babysitter for the first N years of her life, but then he’s... clingy. He needs to be a part of her life, instinct demands he be whatever she needs him to be, which is a huge responsibility on the part of another person and demands a lot of that person. Imprinting sucks for everyone.
More, despite what Jake assures Bella in the beginning, there is going to be a lot of pressure on Renesmee to date and marry Jake. Growing up, there’s going to be this unspoken expectation from the tribe and the Cullens that Renesmee will end up with him due to imprinting. While I’m sure Jake intends to be her friend and babysitter, in the back of his head, he’ll also have this expectation. Worse yet, Bella’s going to have this expectation.
By Renesmee being Jake’s imprint, once Bella gets past the gross, it neatly ties up things. Jake remains an extremely close part of her life in a way he never would have otherwise. By Jake staying with Renesmee, Bella keeps her best friend and none of the bitterness and rejection over their failed romance. They can pretend like Jake never liked her in the first place.
If Renesmee dumps Jake, then Jake will leave, and whether Bella says as much or not I think Renesmee will know that this is something Bella clearly doesn’t want.
All of this, combined with Renesmee inevitably finding out that Jake had a thing for her mother, that only ended because he imprinted on Renesmee, that he manipulated and sexually assaulted her mother, and that he in fact was going to murder Renesmee two seconds before imprinting (remember, Renesmee remembers this moment and can probably piece together what happened with relatively few hints)...
I imagine that, by the end of this, Renesmee will probably be very contemptuous of Jake if not outright loathes him. 
Edward Cullen
Edward, I think, will suffer a similar decline in esteem to Jacob if for different reasons.
First, Renesmee’s witness to her parent’s strange and lackluster marriage. Even before Edward cheats on Bella (yes, I know, no post yet but it’s coming eventually), Bella and Edward’s relationship is... weird. Renesmee has a front row seat.
More, as stories of the past come out Renesmee will get to learn all the... decisions made regarding Bella. But I think the real crux of it will be how Edward acted during the pregnancy. Per Edward, while Renesmee hadn’t seen any of the other Cullens yet, she was aware of their presence and that there was a world outside the womb that was very threatening. I imagine that, eventually, it will come out that Edward wanted her full stop aborted and got... pretty scary about it. 
I imagine that Renesmee will end up very contemptuous of Edward if not outright loathe him
Bella Swan
I’ve gone over Bella before but, from Renesmee’s perspective, she’s one of the few who unconditionally loved her and the one who suffered the most to bring Renesmee into this world. I imagine Renesmee remebers that.
The Fight
Renesmee will offer to murder Jake and Edward for Bella.
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 16 hours ago
In a battle to the death between Alec and Jane vs Bella and Renesmee who wins?
I feel like I’m getting a series of asks dedicated to setting up a Mortal Kombat game: Twilight Edition.
Regardless, canon actually tells us the answer to this. Bella and Renesmee win. Bella is able to use her power in the books to nullify both Jane and Alec’s abilities on dozens of people at the same time.
Bella and Renesmee and Others vs. Alec and Jane is actually the plot of Breaking Dawn.
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xconfident17 · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I love you,” I told her. “More than anything.”
“I love you, too, Momma,” she answered. “We’ll always be together.”
“In our hearts we’ll always be together,”
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twilight au where instead of having cool powers and shit renesmee is just born holding a gun
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one last thing before i go away to be productive
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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If anyone in this fandom dies and finds themselves born in the same life again - refrain from going on tumblr. You think 2012 teenagers are ready to hear you rant about how you really hate the carlisle x bilward (Resume and Jacobs firstborn daughter - short for Billy and Edward) book from 2087 was too focussed on how Esme was dealing with the fact that Carlisle was hitting his technically unrelated great granddaughter?? Instead, just kill Steph and save us all this regret
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bellasredchevy · a day ago
Im just going to say it, bella and edward would be terrible parents to a normal kid. Im still not convinced theyre decent to ravioli. They wouldn't be abusive or anything but sort of flighty and unintentionally neglectful like renee except worse bc they make it no secret they love the other more than anything else in the world and would follow the other into death. Like, you are basically the only mated vampire couple in the world who has a child, you cant bend the i-cant-live-without-you rule just a little? ALSO convinced thats part of the reason smeyer had jake imprint on resume bc she needed someone to treasure her above everything else and her parents certainly werent going to do it
fun fact, the most common form of abuse is neglect! agreed. renesmee is ultimately just a prop in the mormon fantasy porn
have your “i’m just gonna say it” moment and drop your unpopular opinions about twilight anonymously in my inbox
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What if vampire Bella took Renesmee and ran away with her? What do you think would happen?
Well that would be an entirely different story on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin.
First, when is Bella running away and why?
Per your ask, you specify that Bella is a vampire. This means that this is not beginning of Breaking Dawn AU where Bella, terrified Edward and the Cullens will force her to abort, flees from them in order to save Renesmee’s life (sacrificing her own in the process). 
For the record, though you didn’t ask, I imagine Bella would have a terrible time, starving in the jungle in Brazil, probably drinking the blood of dead road kill until Renesmee pulls an alien and bursts out of her womb and stomach. Renesmee then eats her mother’s corpse.
Edward would never find her because he’s an awful tracker, he’d probably do what he does best, goes to Rio. Eventually, he shows back up on Aro’s doorstep telling him it’s time for assisted suicide again, because Bella is definitely dead this time. Just to make sure they actually do it this time, he walked into Volterra shirtless.
Aro just stares, gets up, and walks out of the room. He has a very terrible phone call to make to Carlisle and then a hybrid vampire (and probably an immortal child) to track down somewhere in South America.
Caius looks at Marcus, Marcus looks at nothing, Caius tries to decide if he’s more insulted by being Edward Cullen’s assisted suicide express or by Edward Cullen’s existence. It’s a very tough call. I imagine that, rather than let Edward slip away again after breaking the law several times over now, Caius goes, “Okay” and lights him on fire.
But you specified that Bella’s a vampire, meaning this is happening post birth and possibly post Breaking Dawn.
To be honest, I think towards the end of Breaking Dawn, Bella’s left the planet. Her world is a surreal haze that has nothing to do with reality. She had this horrific pregnancy, she actually died, went through three days of agony, and is now this alien being.
She prances through fields of flowers in beautiful clothes, she has a lovely five-year-old precocious daughter, he has Edward and a small little cabin where they have the world’s tamest sex, she’s able to keep Charlie in her life, the realities of vampirism are miles away from her.
Bella’s not living on Earth anymore, she’s in the headspace only Esme of the books lives in. And, to be honest, I think Bella’s doomed to become Esme 2.0. Bella will go full incest at high school (as you know she, Renesmee, and Edward will be posing as triplets), probably bake cookies for Renesmee (who probably can’t even eat them), thinks vampire hunts are the equivalent to camping and a wonderful bonding experience, has 0 awareness that every relationship in her life is falling apart, and is just this deeply weird and frankly creepy person.
Renesmee is more... a concept to Bella than a person. I mean, I don’t blame Bella in this, Bella goes from never thinking about having kids to suddenly having an alien five-year-old in a month. How do you process that?
The damning part is Bella thinks she knows her daughter very well. She looks at Renesmee and sees this alien thing that she can’t gauge at all (she keeps trying to guess Renemsee’s physical and mental age in human terms when Renesmee isn’t remotely human, her DNA is completely different, she just has this human shell). Bella concludes she’s very mature and adult in mentality. Renesmee seems to read Bella’s favorite books, (which by the way are really weird reading material for children), and Bella bonds with her daughter by reading Wuthering Heights to her alien child. 
Bella sees a miniature Edward in her child (in terms of sophistication and intelligence) and thinks everything’s wonderful.
Bella’s life is perfect. Everyone else’s lives, including Renesmee’s, are perfect. Why would she ever leave?
So, for Bella to take Renesmee and run, we need a catalyst.
I believe Edward will inevitably cheat on her (yes, I know, I haven’t posted a meta yet but you can’t simply open the dark box labeled Edward Cullen and emerge unscathed, these things take time). But I think that would prompt Bella herself to leave or, more likely, be the Yoko Ono effect that breaks up the Cullen coven.
It’d be devastating, but has nothing to do with Renesmee. I imagine Renesmee would just sit there, eating rats like she’s eating popcorn, looking rather bored as she saw this coming ages ago and she has no idea why everyone’s losing their collective minds.
I also imagine she takes this as permission as that she can eat Edward (I imagine Renesmee and Edward’s relationship is... not good, but that’s for another meta).
The Romanians may come calling and try to sweet talk Bella into the necessity of destroying the Volturi. That, or Edward himself will decide it’s his god given mission to destroy the Volturi and free mankind and vampirekind from their tyranny.
However, while that will result in a horrific dystopia, it doesn’t necessitate Bella and Renesmee breaking off from the coven. That, and Bella’s so far from reality, that I imagine it doesn’t sink in for a long time and perhaps ever that she now lives in a hellscape.
I think it’d have to be a direct threat to Renesmee from Edward. And a clear, non-negotiable, horrifying threat at that (which Edward is fully capable of).
I say Edward, because that would be the biggest betrayal to Bella. After New Moon, I believe that Bella thinks her fate with the family rests on Edward’s opinion alone. Edward can make them flip on her in an instant. If it was someone else threatening Renesmee, then Edward could come with her or they could do something about whoever’s gone crazy.
If Edward decides that, no, it is time to kill the demon child then Bella will lose faith in the entire coven. She’ll panic, and she will run with Renesmee as far and as fast as she can.
Volterra’s off the table thanks to the Breaking Dawn fiasco, I imagine Bella would be too paranoid to seek out any of Carlisle’s friends as she’d lump Carlisle in with the threat that is Edward. So, likely, she and Renesmee would go to Antarctica or somewhere else completely uninhabited.
Edward would go to Rio.
Bella and Renesmee would probably finally talk to one another. Though it’s probably mostly Renesmee trying to deal with the emotional, depressed, mess that is her mother whose entire fantasy has now completely fallen apart.
Renesmee gets to be the new Jake!
Carlisle, meanwhile, is wherever the Cullen family has moved to, trying to process what even happened and what he’s going to do. He’s probably lost all faith in Edward and finally acknowledged that something’s not right and is desperately trying to get a hold of Bella and Renesmee, who aren’t answering his phone calls.
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aro-is-gay-af · a day ago
Why do I think Resume will end up with Volturi - an attempt to explain Bella/Renesmee relationship
As within the fandom nobody likes Renee (no wonder why) I'd like to make an attempt at explaining to y'all what's like to have a parent like her (because I've got the same problem) and why this is going to cause problem over the years between Bella and Renesmee. This post will include such things as explaining:
why being in a relationship like this is so tiresome
what kind of effect has it on Bella
why Bella is just the same towards Renesmee as her mother was to her
why Bella and Renessme dynamics as mother/daughter aren't as fantastic
why is it so probable that Renesmee will eventually join the Volturi and what may be her reasons to do so.
1. Someone, who's never been in the kind of relationship that Bella and Renee have, is not going to catch up quickly with the point that I'm making in this post. Why? Because it's hard to imagine yourself being in an abusive or neglectful relationship with a person, who is a close relative of yours. You never want to acknowledge that something is wrong and instead, you're trying to find excuses for the person's abusive behavior. Fandom agrees on the fact, that Renee is, at best, neglectful of Bella, while at worst, she's downright abusive. I agree with both statements and in a moment you'll know why. You also need to know that everything I'll write here is from my experience from being in such a relationship hence it doesn't mean everyone will have the same experiences as myself. Now, why is such a relationship so tiresome and you struggle to find your true self in it? In my case, very similarly to Bella, I became responsible for things I shouldn't be responsible for at a very young age. I didn't have the time to actually be a kid because I needed to handle "adult responsibilities". When you have adults' responsibilities you lose something beyond reclaim. You'll never go back to your childhood and be a child once again. I was forced, not only to handle myself, but also my brother and mother, and our household. I didn't have time to do most things that kids do cause I was taking care of my brother, or my mother, or doing chores, or anything that was supposed to be done by adults, except it wasn't. While all of this made me extremely responsible, it also made me anxious, bitter towards my parents and I suffered from depression for a long time. I read somewhere that Bella is exaggerating and it's normal to help your parents within the house, to have responsibilities. The problem here is that Renee is Bella's responsibility in the same way my mother and brother were mine. You cannot give this up because you're too responsible but it also eats you from the insides. Also, if I remember correctly, Bella says somewhere in the book that she doesn't mind this because that's how things are for a long time. That's exactly what I'm talking about! When such responsibilities are forced on you at a very young age, you accept it and think it is natural. It isn't. Adult are adults, and kids should be kids, not kids forced into adulthood.
2. + 3. When you don't have time to be a child and you're forced into the adult world, there's always going to be some consequences that you cannot foresee prior. To Bella it ended actually sadly - we can see in the book, as well as in the movie, that Renesmee is almost as an accessory to Bella. Sure, Bella dies for her, but what else? Renesmee is described as mature and serious, she doesn't want to do things that kids usually do. Why? Smeyer made her this way, yeah, but apart from that, it's because Bella cannot handle a kid. The idea of full family appeared to her because she never had it herself. And while she admits that she doesn't even want children in Eclipse, suddenly in Breaking Dawn we see her change her mind completely. All she ever wanted was a) Edward and b) to be a vampire. So when she has these two goals achieved, why would she even bother with Renesmee? So Resume is mature enough and growing up quickly to relieve Bella from the burden of maternity.
4. Also, I'm not saying that Bella doesn't love Renesmee. Of course she does. Renesmee, also, loves her dearly. It's the same dynamics as between my and my mother, and between Bella and Renee. Bella loves Renne but needs to take care of her and be the responsible adult™. It also tires her, as she needs to think about how to handle the business in the most effective (and cheapest) way.
I think we can establish by now that love has nothing to do with this. So, because of her childhood and the poor illustrations of how relationships should work, Bella is exactly the same towards Renesmee as Renee (and partially Charlie) was to her. She thinks Renesmee is able to handle herself fine - she's constantly throwing at us proves that Renesmee is mature enough to do almost everything adults do. It's bullshit, of course, but Bella isn't aware of that. It's how she was brought up (or it's rather the lack of bringing her up by responsible adult) and she thinks it's the best way to fulfill parental duties.
As I said earlier, Bella is all smiles because she's got what she wanted - Edward and immortality. Yeah, it's great she has a daughter too, but like... hello, it's Edward and her and they have forever so why to bother with a child. It'll somehow work itself out. I will not ponder here on Edward being a father and how I see his relationship with Renesmee, however, I don't think it's pretty healthy either. Also, I need to add here, that Renesmee at least, has others (I mean other Cullens) who have probably more patience and time to actually raise a child. I think, and it's only a headcanon so take it easy, that Renesmee has excellent relationship with Rosalie. Rose will not treat her as adult - she'll prolong Renesmee's childhood as much as she's able to. She has time, patience, will and all love for her, so I think they're pretty close, and it would be a good, as well as a healthy relationship.
5. The older Renesmee will get, the more she'll be able to understand. Maybe the Cullens (and I hope it would turn out this way) would spare her this "being a premature adult" thing but her relationship with Bella will never be as close as she'd probably wish to. Sometimes, love isn't enough to keep up with the relationship and the shit that's going on around you constantly. One day, Renesmee will go to high school, then to university and then? Who the hell knows. She won't necessarily be with Bella. Sure, she'll be always her daughter, but she's not her property. At some point, Renesmee'll be mature enough to decide whether she wants to stay with her family, or travel, or join another coven. What I think, is that Bella won't be happy about it at all. Right now she has her fairy tale. She sacrificed nothing. She's living the life of her dreams with a man of her utmost desire. She has a child, even though vampires aren't suppose to have ones. What will happen if there will be a crack in her tale? Long, nasty cracks, throughout the wall. This is when I get to the point that Bella has no fucking clue what mess she got herself into (but that's for another post).
6. Holy Grail now. Lord, I'm always making this so long, this was supposed to be brief. Okay. So why do I think Renesmee will end up with the Volturi? A few reasons off the top of my head:
※ at some point Jacob will die and Charlie will die, and she'll now what's grief and how hard it is to go on. Yeah, yeah, I know that Jacob is also immortal right now, but he'll probably be killed while protecting Renesmee or Bella. I always think of their relationship as brother/sister because I cannot stand the imprinting shit Smeyer gave us. Also, I think I don't need to explain Charlie here. Renesmee will be devastated by both of these deaths and she'll have to come to terms with herself eventually. I guarantee you that she'll not be the same after that.
※ relationship with her parents. I briefly explained what I had on my mind when it comes to Bella. Renesmee loves her mother but that doesn't mean they'll have healthy and exemplary relationship. Sure, they can work on that, they have eternity but I think that at one point Renesmee will be fed up with the way how her mother is in love with eternity itself. Her relationship with Edward, as I said, is for another post, however I think with time it can get pretty hard. Could you live with the thought that your own father didn't want you? That he regretted that you exist at all? I don't think so. (Yeah, I'm simplifying, but I need to, so don't hate me for this).
※ Cullen coven can break or partially break. @therealvinelle talked about it here a little bit but that's also what I have in mind. Cullens are fairly young coven, with pretty unknown dynamics as we don't get to know them that much through saga (thanks Smeyer for not dwelling on it further). It isn't said anywhere that they'll last next century, not to think about more time passing.
※ she'll be fed up with constantly living with the humans. Imagine you need to constantly move, go to school/college and abide the rules that you didn't agree on in the first place. At first its great, Renesmee has time and reasources to flourish but she can also do that without anoyone else.
※ she has rampant hunger for knowledge. Where to find more books and more knowledge than in Volterra? Simple as it is.
※ she may not find vegetarian diet... sustainable for her. Remember how she was delighted when she drank first Bella's blood and than human blood in general? I think she can go on for some time on vegetarian diet plus/or human diet (if she was to attend i.e. med school which of course I think she would) but after some time, maybe a century, maybe less and maybe more, she'll eventually come to terms that she enjoyed drinking human blood. That's it. She's half vampire by descent. I don't think she'll be able to resist that much , also because everyone taught her from day one she could have what she asked for in a blink of an eye (remember Esme's spoons?).
AND most important (at least for me)
※ her worldview will completely change after a few/a lot of tragical experiences. Sorry, that's just common knowledge. Life is brutal, people are vicious and ruthless. She'll probably work or go somewhere, where she can see what humans are capable of (both in good and bad ways) and what one can do to achieve their goal. I think she'll go to Volturi to simply find comfort there. They've been alive for three thousand years. They can teach her things Cullen's aren't even aware of. Besides, I think it would be a great political move. We all know Aro wanted to know her so bad. If he would, she'll probably be able to influence him to some extent and spare her loved ones if it'd go that far. That's it! Of course, it's fucking long as hell. Sorry for that. Comment if you wish. I cannot wait if you think the same, similar or if you disagree completely! But no hate, please. Professionals have standards™.
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why doesn't Bella turn Charlie into a vampire? Wouldn't it be easier to just turn him into a vampire so she never had to lose him? Maybe by asking some hypothetical questions, like would you like to be immortal or something.
I mean, she still has time.
Per the end of Breaking Dawn, Charlie is still very much alive and Bella is very much a vampire. I could certainly see Bella making the decision to turn her father or force Carlisle to do so.
That said, I think Charlie would be an utterly miserable vampire.
Wait, let me rewind, vampires in general are miserable people. Pretty much every vampire we meet in canon is either miserable right now, will become miserable shortly, or is deluding themselves out of misery. 
Oddly enough, it’s not always because of the vampirism. A part of me thinks that the gods have cursed the vampire race to endless misfortune.
But that’s for another post.
Back to Charlie.
Unlike Bella, he has no overwhelming desire to become immortal and does not suffer from crippling depression. Charlie loves his human life, his new wife Sue and her family, his friends in town, his daughter and then... strange shit keeps happening to him.
He’s pulled into this world that he’s not supposed to fully acknowledge but quietly accept. Where his daughter is now an alien crystal person who never changes, he has an alien granddaughter who he has to call his niece who grows at an alarming rate only to suddenly stop, Jake is a wolf and seems a little too close to his granddaughter niece and no one seems to mind.
Charlie has been sucked into a world that is not his own and he never gives any indication that this is a world he ever wanted to live in.
I see Charlie saying a hard no to the prospect of living forever with the Cullens (including his favorite Cullen in the whole world, Edward, who he knows without any proof is to blame for all of this), craving the blood of humans, and becoming something he doesn’t understand in the slightest.
Were Bella to ever tell him the full truth and ask him to become a vampire, I imagine they’d have a very hard conversation, where he tells her no.
Now, Bella might accept that, or she might push the envelope and note that as Charlie’s officially in the know he must be made a vampire or else be murdered by the Volturi. 
Charlie honestly might take being murdered by the Volturi. We all die sometime, right?
He loves his daughter very much, and I’m sure he tries to bond with his granddaughter niece, but he’s seen Renesmee eat live rats. You don’t come back from that shit.
I imagine Carlisle would refuse to turn Charlie without his explicit consent, though would admittedly be very conscientious and nervous of the fact that, thanks to Jake, there’s yet another human hanging around the Cullens who is aware of the secret.
Bella might attempt to turn him herself, relying on her insanely good control, but would likely end up eating him because she also has no practice exercising any control.
Though I think Bella’s mature enough to let Charlie take the path he chooses. She’d respect his decision, though she’d likely argue constantly against it were it ever brought up.
She’d just think he chose death because he didn’t love her and be an emotional wreck because of it. It might, in fact, be the catalyst to send her tumbling back into depression as a vampire.
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wandamaximoffkinnie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
jacob after imprinting on Retention:
like, wtf Stephaine? do you have a thing for new born baby’s, and you projected onto Jacob?
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relojdebolsillo · 2 days ago
Stephenie meyer was definitely into omegaverse. She put it right there in front of our eyes
so renesmee was an omega? somethings are better not to realize
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