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#renesmee and jacob
ericacarlass · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aesthetic | Renesmee Carlie Cullen
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relojdebolsillo · 5 days ago
Stephenie meyer was definitely into omegaverse. She put it right there in front of our eyes
so renesmee was an omega? somethings are better not to realize
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rlndt · 18 days ago
Hiii imma talk about twilight
So I’ve been reading the books for the past few months and having watched the movies so many times, I would’ve prefer if Jake left at some point in eclipse or breaking dawn pt 1 when he realized Bella wasn’t gonna be with him.
And then maybe he left to meet with other packs around the world in a way to forget about everything that happened in forks(?) then years later (once reméseme is older or whatever) he came back and THEN imprinted on her (it’s still weird but I would’ve preferred that over what rly happened).
Anyway bye 😝
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st0rmgranger · a month ago
If Twlight was written by those characters POV’s (besides Bella’s and Edward’s):
Alice: I aLreAdy cOnsIdEr yOu my SistEr. *shipping hard people*, *every chapter a new vision appears*
Emett: and then they banged. end of the story. oh wait, where’s my baseball club?
Jasper: [insert country song here] well, it’s actually a looong story....
Carlisle: *chuckles nervously* What are these kids up to now?    
Esme: *sewing*, *sewing*, *sewing* (no jokes, I could literally see her doing that all day)
Jacob: Now I love Bella. Now I love Renesme.
Charlie: Wh- where did she go now? *sighs deep*
Renesmee: sooo here’s my family full of weirdos and Jacob.
Aro: Why are they always the innocents?
Caius: I WILL FUCKING BURN THE CULLENS TO THE BONE! *writes about 200+ pages like this*
Marcus: I just want some peace. I am so done with this. 
Jane: “Pain”
Rene: *watching Phill 24/7 and calling Bella 24/7*
*additional* Garret: So have I told you that time when... 
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masonismental · a month ago
Watching breaking dawn 1 really is something else, a spiritual journey even cause jacob imprinting on nessie is a big ass mess but the fight makes it so funny and bella's corpse doll looks so awkward like it's doing it to em
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The only scene in breaking dawn that's canon is Bella beating up Jake for imprinting on Rotisserie.
Side note: Why did nobody do that before? There were three days where they just watched him groom a baby and did nothing? Esme and Rosalie would at least have kept him away from Resume and Emmett could have put his himbo strength to throw Jacob through a tree.
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truly-dia-deeply · 2 months ago
Jacob describes imprinting like this:
“It's not like love at first sight, really. It's more like… gravity moves… suddenly. It's not the earth holding you here anymore, she does… You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that's a protector, or a lover, or a friend.”
And we can now add: A BROTHER.
+nessie is gonna keep on growing very much too fast for 7 years when she will be like seventeen years old girl. And she'll stop aging.
We know for a fact that when she'll get at that age Jake's feelings will get romantic and also, probably mutual!
But UNTIL then he's gonna be "whatever nessie needs him to be". A friend, a big brother, a protector.
They're love story is incredible. They're arc would be amazing to read.
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truly-dia-deeply · 2 months ago
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milipedle · 3 months ago
twilight my cannon
much like all young women when the twilight series came out, i was obessed. I spent many years of my life devoting to the text, characters, art, and cannon.  only to determine that smeyer did not do what she thought she did. so here in the eyes of god and women everywhere, i will speak my truth
1) The entire imprinting relationship was a cheap plot device to clean up the edges of a failed love triangle. It feels super creepy and dare I say problematic.  This is my new lore:
Imprinting no longer implies a romantic relationship, instead it means the two soul’s fates are intertwined. while they could be lovers, they could also be hugely successful business partners, two friends that share a fulfilling hobby, or anything in-between. 
When a wolf imprints, they cannot tell their person until they earn the approval from the chief. The only requirement for chief’s approval is both parties enter the partnership as mutually consenting equals. Then, the wolf takes a solo journey to learn why fate chose them and how this relationship is meant to shape their life.  
Wolves are encouraged to spend years away from their imprint and develop a strong sense of identity. They devote all time to healing, growing, and building a foundation for a healthy partnership.  
2) how does this impact our favorite creepy child marriage?? allow me
jacob a)starting with when he imprinted. obviously he would stay with the cullens until after the battles were over and she was safe.  however, their relationship would not be at all similar to that in the books. he would distance himself from renesmee and not engage with her all.  this would be out of respect for her, the cullens, and in reverence to his traditions. 
they would be strangers to each other for years before jacob would even introduce himself to her formally. he would work in oregon as a mechanic and visit washington on the weekends for his father and pack.
renesmee b) by the time she was 3, it was apparent to the whole family her and edward were too similar and antagonized each other. 
renesmee, being a clever girl had jasper help her draft and contract and present it to edward and bella. the contract stated renesmee would comply with her parents wishes until she was 18. then she would be free to do whatever she wanted, no questions asked. 
yearly the contract would be reviewed and revised. 
3) heres a cute idea of how ness and jacob’s friendship would start
when she was around 15-16, ness got very interested in learning fighting styles, and strengthening her body.  her interests were outside just fighting vampires she would train with the wolves, too. that meant with jacob when he was back from oregon.  
one day during pack training, renesmee went up to jacob and declared that if he held a match in the teeth, she could kick it to make it light. she looked 100% confident in herself, so he agreed. jokingly adding, to not kick him in the face. 
as she handed him the matchstick, she asked, “do you trust me?” he responsed, “not at all.” then it all happen in slow motion, ness’s body coiled and spun into an aerial kick. their eyes met just her foot approached his face and it broke her focus. she made direct contact with his jaw. 
as he fell, she called  TiIiMMMBeEeRRR!!” 
he opened his eyes moments later to see renesmee crouched in front of him.  she looked him with sparkling eyes and with a shit-eatin grin. laughter erupted like explosion and as a the witnesses lost their collective shit. seth laughed until he dry heaved and almost got sick. embry started running before jacob hit the ground from laughter. 
jacob took renesmee’s exteneded hand and flipped her onto her back next to him. they both laughed for ages. 
from that moment they would train together and each pushed the other to reach higher, go further, and fight harder.  as sparring partners, they  were perfect foils for the other.
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