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reportinghour · 5 hours ago
Rep. Bobby Rush Proposes Renaming Interstate 57 After Barack Obama
Rep. Bobby Rush Proposes Renaming Interstate 57 After Barack Obama
An Illinois congressman has passed a law renaming 57 states in honor of former President Barack Obama, saying it would be a tribute to his political career and legacy. Rep. Bobby Rush has applied the Barack Obama Highway Act, which will change the name of the 44th president of the Illinois highway this week. “The designation of the Illinois section of the I-57 as ‘Barack Obama Highway’ is a…
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georgedanielfromthe1975 · 10 hours ago
look i know this is a george daniel blog but while we're on the topic of drummers can i just say ethan torchio. that's it. okay bye again see you whenever george emerges from hibernation or whatever.
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windclanenjoyer · 20 hours ago
actually I think I'm gonna switch my focus to just Power of Three and Omen of the stars. Currently working out the POV characters for them
There will have been changes to the first two arcs as well, but I won't write in detail since they took place earlier
I'm also gonna rename PoT/OotS but i'm not sure what I'm gonna change the names to
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melovez · 20 hours ago
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homer i am a soft yellow cream and you can eat me if youd like. i am a soft yellow cream that tastes like lemon, or pineapple. homer
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dailyfresh-za · a day ago
Michael B. Jordan to rename rum brand after cultural appropriation claims | Entertainment News
Michael B. Jordan to rename rum brand after cultural appropriation claims | Entertainment News
Michael B. Jordan has apologized and promised to rebrand his recently launched rum brand following online backlash. Michael B. Jordan has issued an apology regarding his new liquor brand and promised a renaming following some high-profile complaints. The “Creed” actor recently launched a line of rum called called J’Ouvert, joining the many celebs who have gotten into the spirits industry. But…
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muneebposts · a day ago
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your-local-birb · a day ago
absolutely HATE that ubisoup went and gave the name prometheus to consus. dude didn't even create humanity all he did was upload himself into a glorified blanket, psychically couch surf with random humans for 75,000 years, and then get himself blown up in 2014.
then they went and.... basically created a whole ass dude who was like. prometheus in all but name. AND Eve's father??? but we can't call him Prometheus because... Living Blanket Grandpa "I Had To Be Told (by Juno) Humanity Was Created And Was Quoted as Responding 'NO FUCKING WAY'" Consus already had that name. lameass.
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It has been so long since I last looked at the raw Android Peter files on my computer that I had no idea what half of these were before I opened them.  Held Accountable is called “Vindictive little shit”???
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ngdailynews · a day ago
Nicki Minaj Asks Michael B. Jordan to Rename His Rum
Nicki Minaj Asks Michael B. Jordan to Rename His Rum
After recently celebrating the launch of his new liquor brand, Michael B. Jordan was accused of appropriating Caribbean culture by naming the product J’Ouvert. Over the weekend, the Black Panther star’s girlfriend, Lori Harvey, shared photos from an apparent launch party for a rum called J’Ouvert. “Congratulations on the launch of your rum baby!!! I’m so proud of you!!!” Lori captioned an…
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queenmolina · a day ago
babe i literally cannot express how much i love them and how much they love each other oh my god
prompts: touching foreheads and putting a hand over the others mouth to shut them up
word count: 669
“What the fuck is going on in here?” Bobby says, bursting unceremoniously into the studio, smile audible in their words despite their unvarying tone. “Alex is hiding out in my kitchen to avoid whatever the hell you two are doing.”
Reggie splutters a laugh and Luke grimaces, wiping his cheek in disgust.
They must look a sight, the two of them just sat on the floor with their foreheads pressed together, staring unwaveringly into each other’s eyes. (Luke had very pretty eyes. Reggie can’t even begin to explain the exact browns and blues that decorate his boyfriends’ irises. All he can say for sure is that they’re very pretty. Too pretty. It’s not fair.)
“We’re practicing our mind reading skills.” Luke didn’t even hesitate before lying. It was so typical of them that Bobby seemed to find it plausible. Reggie had to give them credit for knowing their boyfriends so well.
Bobby takes a seat on the couch and Reggie knocks his head against their knees. “I’m not surprised.” They start, carding their fingers through Luke’s mess of hair. “Did you manage any telepathy yet or are you just glaring?”
“No, it works!” Reggie beams childishly and tugs on Luke’s hand to pull him close again. “Look, I’ll read Luke’s mind right now, this is what he’s thinking…”
In true showmanship style, Reggie makes a fuss of prepping himself, pushing back the loose hairs that fall in his face so that they’re not in the way and shaking out the muscles in his hands before bracing them on Luke’s knees.
“Hmm... Interesting.” He commentates, lowering his voice for comedic effect. Bobby hums in mock-amusement. “Yes, it seems Luke here is thinking about how much he loves you.”
In an instant, Luke has his hand pressed tightly over Reggie’s lips, muffling anything else he tries to say. Reggie’s eyes widen and try to express whatever it is he’s trying to say beneath Luke’s palm, but no one is really trying to understand.
Bobby would be entertained by Reggie’s struggle. Really, they would, except Luke has turned a vibrant shade of pink and it’s such a rare occurrence for Luke to be embarrassed like this that Bobby would hate for there to be a missed opportunity.
“That’s new.” They deadpan, a sinister smirk tugging at one side of their mouth. “Who woulda thought that Lark loved me, of all people.”
Trying to act impassive, Luke shrugs. “Yeah, who would’ve thought. Even after all the times you’ve called me annoying. Seems a little unfair that this affection is one-sided.”
Luke does a good job at playing it cool but the flush at the tops of his ears is enough of a giveaway that he’s still embarrassed. For someone who breathes poeticism into his lyrics on the daily, Luke isn’t the most outwardly romantic. Affectionate, sure, almost overbearingly so sometimes. But not necessarily romantic.
Reggie is still scrambling between the two of them and Luke repositions his hand, pulling a face of disgust when Reggie licks it.
“Not sure we’re the right people to be talking about ‘one-sided affection’.” Bobby scoffs and raises an eyebrow at Reggie’s pleading eyes. “Not gonna work, Wren, I live with this lump, I’m immune to puppy eyes.”
They stare at one another for a while longer before Bobby lets up. “Fine, Luke, let him go.”
Although reluctant, Luke sighs and moves to wipe his palm on Bobby’s jacket, muttering something about a gift. Reggie jumps up onto the couch and presses a kiss to Bobby’s shoulder in thanks.
“Now, what were you actually doing on the floor? Because that telepathy story is bull.”
“Ha!” Reggie laughed. “I knew they’d see through it. We were just looking at each other’s eyes but Luke didn’t say that because he doesn’t want you to think he’s sentimental!”
Bobby tugs gently on Luke’s beanie to get him to tip his head back and in return, they press a kiss to his hairline. “Luke? Sentimental? Now, where would anyone get that idea…”
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crazyboytech · a day ago
Michael B. Jordan Renames J'Ouvert Rum
Michael B. Jordan Renames J’Ouvert Rum
In a statement to Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, Minister of Trade and Industry Paula Gopee-Scoon said the issue was “of extreme concern.” “The first thing is to gather the information to see if it is in fact so,” she said. “Then working together with the intellectual property office of the Ministry of the Attorney General, we’ll do the necessary investigation and, as always, seek to support…
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reportinghour · a day ago
Nicki Minaj Calls On Michael B. Jordan to Rename His Rum Brand With Ties to Caribbean Culture
Nicki Minaj Calls On Michael B. Jordan to Rename #CaribbeanCulture #MichaelJordanRumBrand #MichaelJordan #NickiMinaj
After celebrating the recent launch of a new beverage brand, Michael B. Jordan was accused of embezzling Caribbean culture by naming the product J’Ouvert. Not everyone is drunk on behalf of Michael B. Jordan’s new beverage company. Over the weekend, Black Panther star girlfriend Lori Harvey shared photos from the opening of the novel J’Ouvert. “Congratulations on the launch of your baby ROM!!!…
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anabiyamuskan436 · a day ago
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instanthelpzilla · 2 days ago
How do I rename a Printer in Windows 10?
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While installing a new printer in Windows 10, the installation process gives it a default name based on the manufacturer, series, and model number. Despite the fact that this information should be sufficient to identify the printer, there are still several reasons to change the device's name. If you are wondering how do I rename a Printer in Windows 10, then continue reading to know.
If you print to numerous (of the same) printers in different locations, for example, you may wish to change the name to make it easier to identify the device. You're a network administrator, and your company's device naming convention policy requires you to follow it. You recently installed a new printer with a different driver to make it operate on Windows 10, but the printer now displays the incorrect name, or you don't like the default name and are looking for the answer of how do I rename a Printer in Windows 10.
Follow the steps to resolve your issue of How do I rename a Printer in Windows 10:
Open the Settings menu.
Select Devices.
Select Printers & Scanners from the drop-down menu.
Select the printer from the "Printers & scanners" section.
Select Manage from the menu.
Settings for printers and scanners.
Select Printer Properties from the drop-down menu.
Toggle to the General tab.
Option for printer properties in Windows 10.
Provide the printer with a new name.
Change the printer name in Windows 10.
Then press the Apply button and OK.
The printer's name will change to the name you provided once you've completed the steps. So, here you are, done with the solution of your query: how do I rename a Printer in Windows 10.
Summing up:
So, this was all about the solution of How do I rename a printer in Windows 10. Keep in touch with Instant Help Zilla to learn quick tutorials.
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harborchild · 2 days ago
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Kai, my beloved Polymorph goblin child!
i love how it looks in my new artstyle (i havent drawn Kai since my artstyle changed and i love!)
lanky shape-changeing baby!
Kai was made in a lab along with all of Its siblings (only two of which have sort of designs) and is the Moonborne, which is someone that was chosen by The Moon (who i also need to redesign) in response to The Sun being a full of themself Creating a Sunborne to "share the Sunlight with the world" but an EMBODIEMENT OF THE SUN being planetside kinda isnt good so The Moonborne's job is to basically slap up the Sunborne to remind The Sun that interfeiring with the little mortals has CONSEQUENSES (or: Sit Down Shut Up Sun you arnt That Great)
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fakecrfan · 2 days ago
The problem with writing a superhero story is that so many good superhero names are already taken :/
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