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#reminded of the greatest song of all time
latinaherasyndulla · 14 days ago
shoutout to my sister for waking me up to the chain by fleetwood mac
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Album #353: The Cars “The Cars” (1978)
Tumblr media
This is the one of the few albums on the list to which I have listened many times. It is such a good album.
“Good Times Roll” is a fitting opening track for this album, with Rick Ocasek’s vocals inviting the listener in over steady guitar riffs and a pretty impressive backing chorus that sounds a lot like Queen. “My Best Friend’s Girl” is a really good synth-pop song that employs the use of the hand clap, a catchy guitar rhythm, and steady vocals. This track is heavily influenced by ‘60s power pop. “Just What I Needed” has more of a rock sound to it with Ocasek’s moodier vocals over an electric guitar but the synthesizer softens it up a bit. This track reminds me of the sound of E.L.O., but is better. 
“I’m in Touch with Your World” has an experimental sound to it with the use of different sound effects throughout, but it works. “Don’t Cha Stop” is definitely a new wave track with its synthesized sound that reminds me of a lot of music from the ‘80s. I love “Moving in Stereo.” It has a steady confidence one expects from a rap track, but not necessarily from a late ‘70s pop-rock track. “All Mixed Up” closes the album out with strong lead vocals, solid backing vocals, and cohesive instrumentation on a bit of a mellower track from the band.
Rating: 9/10
How I Listened: Spotify
Takeaway: It’s a bit mind-blowing that this is the debut album from The Cars. If I did not know any better, I’d believe it to be their greatest hits album. It just barely edges out Lynyrd Skynyrd but does not quite catch Run-D.M.C. with respect to greatest debut album on this list, at least from the ones I have listened to thus far.
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13uswntimagines · 2 days ago
Loose Lips Sink Ships (Soran X Swift!Reader)
Tumblr media
Request: The Next Instalment of the Swift!Reader Universe where everyone finds out that the reader is dating Emily and Lindsey. Basically, 5000 words of the reader getting caught in compromising positions, having deep conversations with her sister and teasing some too invasive fans. 
Other Parts of the Swift!Reader Universe
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Taylor considered herself a very perceptive person, especially when it came to you. From the time you were little, she could read you like a book. She knew to look for the tilt of your head when you were curious, or how you scratched the back of your neck when you were nervous.
But this, she had never seen before. Your thumbs twiddled on your thighs, patting out an erratic pattern that didn’t match any of your favorite songs, and your feet were tapping out a completely different beat. You also kept tucking your chin, completely refusing to make eye contact with her. 
It wasn’t just tonight either. It was for the entire week you had been staying with her in her Manhattan apartment. She didn’t know if she could take another three weeks of you sneaking off to the terrace to make phone calls at midnight. 
She sighed, turning away from the stove to lean over the island, taking a long drag from her wine glass and eyeing you carefully. 
“Alright, what’s going on with you?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at you. You blinked up at her with owlish eyes. 
“You’re acting weird,” she added with a shrug, turning to whatever she was making on the stove. 
You took a large gulp of your drink and swallowed hard. You didn’t think you had been that obvious, but then again Taylor knew you better than anyone (well, there were two people who probably knew you as well as she did). Soon enough they would be just as good at getting information out of you as Taylor was. 
“I’m just tired. Pre-season and national team duty are kinda kicking my ass,” You mumbled, rubbing the back of your neck, praying to god that she would take this excuse. 
She nodded, tapping the spatula on the side of the pot before turning back to you and picking up her glass again. “I’m sure the media pressure isn’t helping that,” 
You shrugged.“Everyone just expects me to be you, and it’s a lot sometimes,” You mumbled, absentmindedly circling your fingers over the rim of your glass. 
Taylor’s eyebrows furrowed. She could tell you weren’t telling her everything, but if this was the route you wanted to take, then she wouldn’t miss a chance to reaffirm you. 
“I know, and I’m sorry for that,” She said softly, reaching across the island to gently grab your hand. 
You finally looked up at your sister, echoing her sad smile, and noting the worried crinkle by her eyes. “It’s not really your fault,” 
She nodded. “I know, but all I can do is tell you how amazing you are as many times as I can,” 
You held her gaze for a few more seconds, her seriousness giving you no reason to doubt her sincerity. 
It didn’t matter what the media, or your family, said about your career. Taylor maintained that you were just as good, simply because you were you. She was your greatest champion and most trusted confidant. 
You nodded, and she squeezed your hand before turning back to the stove. She knew pushing you to talk about what was really bothering you wouldn’t help. You would come to her when you were ready. 
You watched her thoughtfully as she put the final touches on dinner, checking on a tray in the oven and stirring the things on the stove. 
You were comforted by the familiarity of it, but the little voice in the back of your head reminded you that you also enjoyed this position when it was a different blond cooking for you (and the way Lindsey teased her while she cooked). 
The three of you had been together for nearly eight months, and recently you had all decided that maybe it was time to stop hiding. The first step was telling Taylor, but you weren’t really sure how. 
Your heart thumped in your chest at the thought of your two favorite women. Your girlfriends, you reminded yourself. They made you feel so many amazing, and terrifying things you had never felt before. Taylor always sang about those emotions, and you wondered if this was what she was talking about. 
“Can I ask you a question?” You asked softly, and Taylor paused her stirring on the stove. That was always the cue you used when you wanted to have a serious conversation. When you were nervous about whatever the answer would be. The last time you had asked that you wanted to know if she would be upset if you skipped college in favor of going pro.
Her opinion mattered to you more than anyone else’s. 
“You know you always can,” She said, avoiding looking over her shoulder (towards where she knew you were worrying your lip between your teeth). 
“How did you know you were in love?”  
Taylor paused, a pan halfway out of the oven, at the completely unexpected question. She should have seen this coming, she had seen the way those two looked at you. 
She cleared her throat, straightening and setting the hot pan on some oven mitts on the counter, before turning her full attention to you. She took in how you seemed so hunched in on yourself, your eyes still glued to your glass. 
“Well, She made me feel warm and bubbly like there was a hot spring in my chest. When anything happened, she was the first person I wanted to tell,” 
You blinked up at her, your eyebrows furrowing. “Like you were addicted to her? Like when she smiled, it finally felt like you could breatheallow you to work through your emotions. 
You had a very bad habit of bottoming everything up and pretending that you were fine (something she was sure her career choice - and your mother- didn’t necessarily help). 
“Did you feel scared of how much she made you feel?” You leaned into her touch, sighing when she ran her fingers through your hair. 
“In the beginning it did, but then it was freeing when I realized that she would be there to catch me,” Taylor said, kissing the crown of your head. 
You closed your eyes. You didn’t doubt that they would catch you, but the feeling of falling was terrifying. You were in deep and keeping it from your sister was difficult. 
“Dinner looks amazing and I’m starving,” You mumbled, and you felt Taylor sigh. She had gotten a little out of you, but definitely not enough to curve her curiosity. All in good time. 
“Let’s eat,” she said, kissing your hair and standing to make you two plates. She still had 2 weeks to get the rest of the story out of you.
You were in absolute heaven. Trapped in between the two warm bodies of your girlfriends, one set of lips moving with your own and another trailing kisses lightly down your neck.
Emily and Lindsey had spent one of their free days (between Adidas and other sponsor commitments) hanging out with you, and you couldn’t be happier. You spent the day exploring the city and checking off a massive list of stereotypical couple things the city had to offer. It had ended in a very romantic dinner at a little pub on the lower east side, and now some amazing kisses in your room at your sister’s apartment. 
Lindsey’s hands slipped under the front of your shirt, her nail scratching lightly up your tummy and ribs as she pressed herself further into your back. You sighed into Emily’s mouth, tilting your head to both give her a better angle on your mouth and give Lindsey more room in your neck. 
“Hm, we’ve gotta stop. Tay will be back soon,” You mumbled when Emily pulled back and turned you so Lindsey got her turn too. 
You felt Emily sit up behind you to get a good look at the clock. “You said we had till 12, it’s only 11:15,” you could hear the smirk in her voice, even as she kissed your ear and made her way down to the patch of skin on your neck she knew drove you wild. 
You bit your lip. It was one thing to ask your sister for relationship advice, and a complete other for her to walk in on it. 
Lindsey gently brushed a strand of hair behind your ear. “Do you wanna stop?”
Emily paused as they both waited for your answer. It was sweet and comforting how they always made sure you felt safe and that you were enthusiastically consenting to whatever you were doing. 
You shook your head and pouted. “No,” 
Lindsey sent you a very indulgent smile, her thumb gently rubbing over your cheeks. “Then less talking, more kissing,” 
You giggled into the kiss, a shiver running down your spine when Emily continued her ministrations in your neck. 
You hummed into the kiss, very much enjoying how their bodies felt pressed into yours. God, it was like you just couldn’t get enough. It was so easy to lose track of time with them. It wasn’t until a loud slam of the door and your sister calling “Y/n, you here?” That you finally pulled away from the women. 
“Shit! You two have to hide,” You squeaked, practically leaping from the bed. You threw Emily’s pants and Lindsey’s shirt towards the women on the bed, who were moving way too slow for your liking. 
“Where?” Emily asked, tripping as she tried to hastily shove her legs inside her pants, while simultaneously glancing around your room in search of a suitable hiding space. 
“I don’t know! Figure it out,” You said over your shoulder, taking a deep breath to hide your panic before you exited the room. 
You carefully closed the door behind you, she would have zero chance of getting any information out of you). 
“The best. I went out exploring,” Your entire face brightened (Taylor wondered if it was because you got to experience the city, or from the person, she was sure you experienced it with - ie the person(s?) who had left the hickey’s all down your neck). 
“Where’d you get that shirt?” She asked after a few minutes, pinching the grey sweatshirt (which conveniently had a number 9 and the USWNT logo on it). 
You blinked down at your outfit, your eyes widening, at your outfit, a pair of Emily’s Thorns shorts and Lindsey’s sweater.
“Oh, Umm,” you stuttered, racing to come up with a response when a bang echoed from your room. 
Taylor’s head snapped in the direction of the sound “What was that?”
“Nothing Tay,” You winced at another loud thump followed by several giggles. 
She raised an eyebrow at you and stood to go investigate for herself. She didn’t mind you bringing a significant other home (especially if they made you this happy) but she didn’t want them hiding from her. 
“Are you going to tell me, or am I going to have to go find them for myself?” 
You crossed your arms like a petulant child and pouted. “I also spent the day with Emily and Lindsey,” 
“And?” Taylor asked, slightly confused. She liked the women and she thought you knew she would approve. Hell, she had practically given them the shovel talk already.
You sighed, hunching your shoulders. “They’re hiding in my closet because we were making out when you came home,” 
Taylor giggled at how absolutely pitiful you sounded. She patted your shoulder “Well, I think the closet is a terrible place to hide. How about you get them out here,” 
You nodded and stood to go retrieve the girls, slightly afraid of what Taylor was going to say to them. 
“And y/n,” she said just as you got to your door. 
You paused and turned towards her “Yeah?” You asked, tilting your head to the side. 
“I’m happy that you’re so happy to be dating them,” 
You smiled so wide that your cheeks started to hurt. It felt like a weight was lifted off your chest. No matter what happened going forward, Taylor supported you (even if you were sure she was about to give them one hell of a shovel talk and set up some serious boundaries). 
You nodded and entered your room. Perhaps it was about time that you all came out of the closet. 
You weren’t quite sure how you always got yourself into these situations. Maybe it was that you, Em, and Linds barely got to see each other outside of camp during the season, or maybe it was because the three of you were so sickeningly in love that you couldn’t keep your hands to yourself. 
Whatever it was, you, Emily, and Lindsey couldn’t seem to keep your hands to yourself (especially after you came out to your sister). 
Even now, with the no girlfriends rule at camp, you found yourself pinned to the elevator wall by Lindsey’s hips, thoroughly enjoying the way Emily’s tongue was exploring your mouth (shivering slightly when Lindsey hit the sensitive spots on her neck) (with no idea how they thought this position was comfortable for them). 
You were so engrossed in your kissing that you didn’t hear the ding of the elevator, or the doors beginning to slide open. 
“Holy shit guys, at least let the girl breathe,” Kelley’s cackling caused all three of you to jump, and Lindsey to inadvertently knock heads with you. 
“Fuck,” Emily hissed, working her way out from between Lindsey’s arms and your chest. 
“Ow,” You mumbled, rubbing your forehead l, as Lindsey used a thumb to lift your chin so she could look at it. “You alright babe,” She asked softly. 
Kelley laughed louder at the mess that was the three of you trying to untangle yourselves from each other, ignoring Alex’s glare (teasing someone while their cheeks were as red as yours were wasn’t something she felt comfortable with). 
“Shut up Kelley,” Emily grumbled, pulling you off the wall so she could hug you from behind. You leaned back into the woman, taking whatever comfort you could. The three of you knew it was time to tell the team, but you hadn’t expected it to happen like this. 
“How long has this been going on?” Alex asked softly after a few minutes. There was no way the three of you could be so comfortable around each other if this was a new thing. 
“Almost a year,” You said, shyly looking up at Lindsey, who placed a very sweet kiss on your cheek while Emily placed the same on your other. 
“Does Taylor know?” Alex asked at the same time Kelley said “I’m gonna need an exact date,”. 
Alex slapped the back of Kelley’s head. “Not the time Kel,”
“Yeah, Taylor knows and is super cool with it,” Lindsey said softly, squeezing your hand. 
Alex tilted her head, looking to you for confirmation. You nodded. 
“Good, because I didn’t want to have to try and keep it from her,” The forward smirked, and you felt more heat in your cheeks. You all promised you would never mention that incident again. 
“She was terrifying last time we saw her mad,” Kelley grumble, rubbing the back of her head. 
“That was because you let Y/n surf in giant waves on her first time out,” Emily snorted, nuzzling her nose into the space behind your ear. Alex smiled softly at the sight of you so relaxed. 
“Are you three going to tell the team?” She asked. 
“You might have to if you are going to continue playing tonsil tennis in the hallways,” Kelley added, only for Alex to slap the back of her head again. 
“We hadn’t really talked about it yet…” You mumbled. Both of your girlfriends squeezed you (Lindsey getting your gains, while Emily tightened the arms she had wrapped around your middle). 
“Well, could you wait like 3 days? I have 20 bucks on you three taking until the middle of camp to come out,” Kelley asked, scratching the back of her neck. You rolled your eyes. Of course, they would have bets on you, but you weren’t about to bend over backward for it. 
“You knew?” Emily screeched. Kelley cackled nodding wildly. 
“You’re not exactly subtle,” Alex laughed. Anyone with eyes could see that you were head over heels for the women and that they were falling just as hard as you were. 
The internet fucking sucked. You knew that and found it relatively easy to ignore the mass chatter of the online world, but then again you had never been a part of such a disgusting report by some shady internet reporter. 
All you had done was gone to lunch with Shawn Mendes, and someone had snapped a picture. The two of you had become good friends after spending so much time together on the 1989 tour. Now some random reporter was commenting on how you had confirmed your new relationship. It wouldn’t have mattered if you were anyone else, but Taylor’s fandom had blown up the small town reporter’s article. 
Now they wouldn’t leave you the fuck alone. 
“We’re not going to respond to it,” You huffed, crossing your arms adamantly in front of your chest, effectively pushing your plate of pancakes away. You squinted at the vets sitting across from you, completely baffled why they thought you would take any other route. 
Lindsey’s arm around your shoulder righted, while Emily leaned in, almost conspiratorially. “Of course not, but wouldn’t it be fun to send the fans on a little goose chase anyway?” 
Your ears perked at that. Taylor’s fans were always so fun to mess with. They made it so easy, particularly because your sister had trained them to always look for clues (that most of the time exist). 
“And we have been talking about wanting to come out,” Lindsey added softly. 
Your expression soured. You didn’t want to do this as a reaction. You wanted it to happen naturally. 
“I don’t wanna do that in response to some asshole who doesn’t understand boundaries,” You pouted. 
“But what if we did it our way?” Lindsey and Emily both asked at the same time. It was scary how in sync they were most of the time. 
“Like get the team involved, tease the fans. At least show them that you don’t play for Mr. Mendes’ team,” Emily shrugged, trying to act like she didn’t care, but you knew she did. 
You couldn’t help but smirk. You did love to mess with the fans. 
“If you do wanna mess with the fans, I have the perfect picture” Tobin chimed in, giving you that little push you needed. 
Emily raised her eyebrows at the woman, ignoring the glares the rest of the vets were sending her way. “Didn’t see you as a prankster Toby,” 
“It’s artsier than anything else…” Tobin grumbled, flipping her phone to show you the photo she was talking about. 
It was of you, Emily and Lindsey during a morning hike the team had taken. You were laughing, while both of their heads were tucked into your neck. You were the only one clearly identifiable, but it was clear you were smitten with whoever you were with. 
“Ooo, I like that one,” You said, suddenly feeling excited. It was bound to send the fans into a frenzy because you couldn’t see who was making you smile so wide. 
Tobin nodded and began typing out the post, before flipping it for you to read and ok. You giggled at the tag line “only those two knuckleheads could get you to smile this wide before your morning coffee”. 
“Good?” Tobin asked, and you nodded enthusiastically. It was perfect, and coming out this way- with the help of your team- felt amazing. 
“I have one too. You guys are too photogenic,” Christen said, pulling up her phone and begging to scroll through her photos (much like the rest of the team began to do). Were you guys really that obvious? No wonder they had bets going. 
Your teammates were having way too much fun. You shouldn’t have been surprised considering how private the women normally were, it must have been nice to get some time sending the fans on a wild goose chase. You were also surprised at how many photos your teammates had taken of you and your girlfriends. And just how many of those photos were perfect for the little game you were playing with the fans. 
You could identify yourself on all of them, but Emily and Lindsey weren’t clear at all. But it was plain to see that you were very in love with whoever was sitting next to you. 
“Did you see Alex’s picture? It's amazing!” You said, wiggling excitedly between your girlfriends. The three of you had taken a break from the team and decided to cuddle while you watched the fans go insane. (It was honestly one of your favorite places to be). 
“Pshhh, no Pinos is totally the best,” Emily snorted. 
You pouted. She nudged your side and placed a very sweet kiss on your pouty lips. 
Alex’s photo of Emily and Lindsey throwing you into the ocean was totally better than the one of you shoving you chasing your girlfriends with birthday cake-coveredcake covered hands. 
“No, Kelley’s is totally the top picture in the bunch,” Lindsey smirked, nudging your chin with her nose from your other side. 
You blinked up at her and looked at the photo of one of your favorite goal celebrations. You had literally leaped into Emily and Lindsey’s arms, but you were at least 3 feet higher than Lindsey’s head in that picture. 
You bit your lip. It was a very good picture, one of your favorites actually, but there was one that topped them all for you. “They’re all pretty good, but I think I’ve got the best one,” You said softly, pulling out your phone. 
It didn’t take you long to find the picture in question (it also happened to be your lock screen). You were smiling brightly at the camera, the reputation tour stage (lit for the song Dress) clearly behind you, trapped between Emily and Lindsey kissing each of your cheeks. Your girlfriends looked over your shoulders to catch a glimpse of your phone. 
“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Lindsey asked softly. There was no hiding or pretending in that photo. It was open and honest (and a great picture of a fantastic night). 
“Yeah, it’s like speak now or forever hold your peace,” Emily added, and you could practically hear her eyebrow raising. 
“No, but I don’t wanna hide you two,” You shrugged. It was the balance you sister had worked her entire career to achieve. Hiding away meant that there was no commentary about your relationship from people you had never met (loose lips sank ships after all), but it also meant avoiding the little things that you longed to do in public. 
You weren’t sure if you would ever be ready to face the media, but your desire to be with your girlfriends the way you wanted was just so powerful. 
“You know we’ll wait as long as you need us to,” Lindsey said, using her thumb to tilt your chin and look you in the eyes. 
you nodded, your eyes never leaving her concerned blue ones. “I know but, like-. I wanna be able to hold your hand or kiss you and not have to worry who's watching. I want to be able to take you on dates, and not care about if a camera can see us cuddling. I want to be able to post about how great you looked in a game, or for your birthday. I don’t want to hide,” 
During your rant, Emily had wrapped herself around you from behind, resting her chin on your shoulder and rubbing her hands flat on your belly (which never failed to calm you down). 
“We know darling, but once this is done, it can’t be undone,” She said softly. 
You threaded your fingers through hers, glancing down to avoid Lindsey’s appraising stare (you never could get anything past them). “I didn’t think you were a Shakespeare fan,” You mumbled. 
“I’m full of surprises,” Emily said, kissing her favorite spot just behind your ear. Lindsey cracked a smile too “we both are”. 
“I know,” You nodded suddenly serious, as you carefully extracted yourself from your girlfriends and began to type up the Instagram post. 
You passed them the phone when you were done, idly twiddling your fingers now that you didn’t have anything in your hands. “I’m gonna do it if you two are alright with it,” 
“We’re fine with whatever you choose, we love you and just want you to be comfortable,” Lindsey and Emily both said, rubbing your back and arm respectively in a comforting motion. 
“I know, and I love you too. Let’s do it,” you said clicking the button and closing your phone. You didn’t need to watch the comments roll in.
It wouldn’t be until the next morning that you would see your sister had also decided to chime in. And you couldn’t keep the smile off your face at her simple caption- love my sister and her girlies. For sure the best squad ever. 
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mrcifci · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Add Alexa to your car for $25 thanks to this Amazon deal originally appeared on on Tue, 20 Apr 2021 at 13:30:50 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.
from BGR via IFTTT
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darkbutfree · 3 days ago
"And if one day you heard my favorite song on the radio, don't tell me. I stopped listening to it because as calming as it sounds, it reminds me of you.
If one day you realize that I'm the love of your life and I'm the one you wanted to spend the rest of your days with, don't tell me. Don't ruin the life I'm making just because you're miserable. Remember that I left you because I had no choice, but you left me because you had other choices apart from me.
If one day you wake up sad, just reminisce about all our memories because maybe by that time I have already forgotten about those.
If one day you wanted to call me and tell me that you regret everything that you did—don't.
I might not be the one you end up with, but I'll be your greatest regret.
and it's enough."
—Crisza Lyn Cabrera, the letters in my pocket
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erisatotheright · 6 days ago
one of my greatest realizations about my previous failed relationships has been that it is such a shame to lose someone like me because i love so hard. i might not be good at a lot, but i’m good at loving people. i would die for the people i love. i have and will always sacrifice my own comfort for theirs. i spend my time learning their love languages, taking note of all the things they love and hate just to make sure i’m always able to be their light on a dark day. as an empath, i can read subtle switches in energy and i can tell if someone is feeling off even if they won’t tell me outright and that allows me to love people in an entirely different way. i’ll make your favorite meals, i’ll write you little notes to make you smile, i’ll send you songs that remind me of you, i’ll wear your favorite color, i’ll listen to you talk about your long day while i make you your favorite drink and then run you a warm bubble bath so you can relax from it, i’ll wrap you up in a kind of love you’ve never felt before. i’m good at that. i love deeply and dearly and that’s why it hurts so bad when that is not enough.
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suckitsurveys · 8 days ago
What color is your couch? Grey.
How do you normally wear your hair? Down or in a bun.
Alcohol = the ultimate truth serum. Yes or no? I mean I guess it can be?
Are you a righty or a lefty? I’m a righty.
Do you own a pair of handcuffs? We did but they broke oops.
Do flying bugs creep you out? Not all of them.
Can a girl love sex without being a whore? Hey, fuck this question.
Would you ever be in a long-distance relationship? I have been.
Do lemons sound appealing to you at the moment? Not particularly. 
What size bed do you have? A queen.
When was the last time you brushed your teeth? This morning.
Can you sleep in total darkness? Yeah, but I prefer a little light.
What piercings do you have? My ear lobes, my cartilage twice on my left ear, and my right nostril.
Any tattoos? Yes, 9 of them.
Is your glass half empty or half full? Depends on if you poured it or drank. 
Are frogs cute or gross? Cuuuuuute.
Do you ever wish you were born in a different century? No.
Which country’s culture interests you most? I like learning about lots of different cultures, but Native American culture interests me the most.
What kind of guys/girls do you go for? Mark.
Do you regret something you have no real control over? No point in that.
Do you enjoy writing? No.
What do you have as your screen saver? My screen just goes black after like 15 minutes.
Do you have a webcam? It’s built into my laptop.
Do you still have your tonsils? Yes.
Aren’t beetles fucking grody? They’re just tryin to live their life bud.
How do you feel about Oprah? She’s okay.
^ What the fuck kind of name is Oprah anyway? It reminds me of okra. Wow, how about we don’t mock Black people’s names? 
Would you ever pierce your tongue twice? Like, one right next to the other? I wouldn’t pierce it at all.
Do you like bonfires? Yes, very much so.
What makes your skin crawl? My brother in law.
What’s your favorite flower? Gardenias, sunflowers, carnations, lilacs.
Look up Community Property by Steel Panther. Listen to the whole song. No.
Share your thoughts here. –
Have you ever dyed your hair an unnatural color? Yes. I get to finally get it dyed blue again in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!
What’s for dinner? We had sushi.
Have you ever had someone draw a picture of you before? Yes.
What confuses you most? This fucking country.
Do you like monkeys? Sure.
Does anything on your body hurt at the moment? My arrrmmmmmm.
Have you ever been called a bad influence? Not that I know of.
What book are you reading right now? Nothing.
Any bands you would like to recommend to me? Eh.
What makes you laugh? Lots of thing?
What time is it? 1:15am.
Doesn’t intentionally bad grammar annoy you? Yes and no.
What type of person can you not stand? My brother in law. AKA pretentious assholes.
Care to share what song is stuck in your head? I’m listening to Juice by Lizzo right now.
What languages can you speak? Just English fluently, but I know some Spanish.
Pirates are better than ninjas. Fact or fiction? Fiction. 
There is always a bit of truth behind every ‘j/k’, yes? What.
What do you get complimented on most often? My hair when it looks nice.
What’s the weirdest compliment you’ve ever received? I don’t know.
Who/what was the last person/thing to make you blush? My husband.
What kind of muffins do you like? Blueberry or corn muffins.
Do you like warm or cold weather more? WARRRRRRRRRRRM.
Don’t you hate it when sites go under maintenance and you cant get access? Sure.
What form(s) of art do you enjoy most? Media.
Piercings are sexy. Truth or lie? Eh.
Have you ever worn a French maid costume? No.
Have you ever had couscous? Yes.
Do you like listening to yourself talk? Not really.
When was the last time you were congested? Almost always thanks allergies.
Do you wear eyeliner? Rarely.
Do you show everyone your tongue when something turns it another color? Sure.
Who is the greatest writer alive, in your opinion? There’s countless great writers. How about the greatest painter? There’s countless great painters, too.
The greatest musician? And  countless great musicians.
The greatest poet? What are you not getting?
Have any good scar stories you want to share? Eh.
Are you pierced anywhere below the waist? No, I’m not.
Facebook games: Fun or brain-frying? I don’t play any.
Do you dance well? Not at all.
Are you into anyone at the moment? My husband.
Do you touch yourself at night? Uh huh.
What body parts can you 'crack’? Just call me a fucking glowstick.
What color do you wear most often? Black or blue.
What about the opposite sex drives you crazy? (The good kinda crazy.) Good people. 
What candle/incense flavors do you enjoy most? (Yes I said flavors. :P) Rain and autumn scents.
Do you complain a lot? Sure.
What do you do when you’re mad? Shutdown and cry.
Have you ever thought you could 'save’ someone? No.
Do you have any 'special’ talents? *Wiggles eyebrows* Nope.
Yankee makes the best candles. Yes or no? Kinda overpriced.
What do you do when you can’t sleep? Just browse shit or play games.
Have you ever liked someone you barely knew? Little crushes, yeah.
When was the last time you felt like a creeper? When I was trying to find out how someone my friend knew passed away.
Who seems to have taken up permanent residence in your thoughts? Not a who, but certain things.
Black & Milds: yay or nay? I don’t smoke.
Is smoking a turn-on for you? No.
Do you get excited or scared when you see a thunderstorm brewing? A little of both.
Speaking of brew, when’s the last time you had a beer? Not too long ago.
What sub-genre of metal do you enjoy most? I don’t really listen to metal.
Do you need to shave? Yeah.
How do you feel about Obama? I miss him.
Do you own any bandanas? Yes.
What’s your favorite gangster movie? I don’t watch any.
Who/what makes your heart race? Anxiety.
How do you think I should end this survey? You just did.
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miraculously-gee · 8 days ago
Symbolism of the Moon in Miraculous Ladybug 🌚:
Tumblr media
There are a few scenes in Miraculous that are pivotal to the story’s progression as well as Adrienette and Ladynoir’s relationship that just so happen to have the moon present.
The moon is often connected to water and tides and is said to represent one’s hidden emotions and the subconscious mind. The moon offers us the ability to feel and express our feelings. It is a romantic symbol of love between a man and woman-in this case, Adrien and Marinette.
• Lucky charm scene in Befana
• Marichat and Ladynoir Balcony scene (Glaciator)
•Adrienette Moonlight dance
• Adrien leaving New York on the plane
Towards the end of the episode Befana, Marinette states what’s important isn’t the gift itself but the person giving the gift. And in that same scene, Adrien is alone looking at his lucky charm that Marinette gave him. What does this mean??
Tumblr media
Remember at this point in the series, Adrien hasn’t actually told Marinette how much she means to him. Let’s jump back to where I said the moon represents our hidden emotions. In this scene, Adrien is reflecting on the lucky charm and is smiling. This shows how much he values Marinette’s friendship and possibly thinks of her as more than a friend.
Tumblr media
How bout Glaciator? When chat noir gets stood up by Ladybug, he sees Marinette and decides to go talk to her. He confides in her and opens up about his feelings for Ladybug, to Marinette’s surprise. Here Chat Noir is his most vulnerable. This is when Marinette realised how sensitive Chat Noir is. This is a critical scene for Marichat and Ladynoir development. The moon offered Chat Noir the ability to express his feelings. Although he doesn’t know it *remember subconscious mind* he is comfortable around Marinette. He is able to be himself around her- his TRUE self- knowing that she will never judge him in a negative light.
Tumblr media
Now the Ladynoir balcony scene *chefs kiss*. In addition, a full moon is round and completely illuminated. It represents completion, the height of power but also the ability to reflect GRATITUDE. Ladybug expresses how much Chat Noir means to her stating that he is more than just a partner- he has grown to be her friend whom she trusts with all her heart. Yes she rejected him but that’s the beauty of this scene. Why? Because Chat Noir also states that her friendship means everything to him. They are grateful for one another- their greatest power, their greatest strength is their trust and their love. The moon has heightened that power hence why it’s one of my fav scenes.
Tumblr media
The moonlight dance was a beautiful scene indeed and I’m going to link this to another scene :)
Tumblr media
Adrien says “this was the song we danced to at Chloe’s party.” and then asks Marinette to dance with him. This shows that their dance wasn’t just special to Marinette, it was special to him too- it’s clearly been on his mind hence why he asked her to dance again. Now they could’ve just danced on the ground like everybody else- it didn’t have to be in the moonlight but it was: that’s the significant part. As I mentioned before, the moon represents an emotional and physical union between Adrien and Marinette. It also represents completion. Again, Adrien isn’t aware of his feelings but one’s thing for sure is that, with her he feels complete, he feels whole.
When Adrien is on the plane home from New York, he is staring at the moon. This is also significant because this scene is after (not directly after but you get my point) the thunder scene, where Adrien unconsciously falls in love with Marinette. The moon reminded him of her; all the good times they spent together in New York and before. Adrien is the sun and Marinette is his moon- yin and yang if you please.
Tumblr media
There might be a lot of moonlight scenes in season 4Melanie Duval, a writer on the show, said that season 4 is “the season where the characters really take control of the series.”I know for a fact that this is the season where we, the viewers, connect to the characters on a deeper level.
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed reading this blog 🥰
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~ Miraculously-gee
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jonismitchell · 9 days ago
hey arden. i was listening to maathp and i was looking for a post i liked a while back analyzing the song that i always meant to read but never did and couldn’t find it, so i was hoping you’d give your analysis of it when you can bc you’re one of the only people who will analyze one of her songs in a way that’s more in your own way and not the “this is what the song probably means to taylor” kind of way which i kinda hate that most swifties do 💖
Hello! I read this lying in bed and thought ‘hey, this is an awesome ask, but it’s 11pm so maybe I’ll answer in the morning,’ and then I got too swept up in thinking about Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince. Now I’m up cranking out Taylor Swift analysis in the middle of the night, which is my preferred habit. (Thank you for your compliments on my specific style of analysis! I love looking critically at media and will aggressively take any opportunity to do so.)
The analysis is under the cut, because it is 1000+ words and I do not hate my mutuals. Hope you enjoy!
So, what is MAATHP about? In my opinion (a general disclaimer for this entire answer), this song is about political turmoil and an obsessive romance that anchors you through it. As a greater metaphor for the juvenile state of politics today, it’s set in a high school, which also links back to the idea of public perception being the most important thing and romantic love being all consuming. (Think Lorde’s ‘blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you, but we’re the greatest.’ That’s the vibe I get from this song.)
The first verse is as follows: You know I adore you / I’m crazier for you / Than I was at sixteen / Lost in a film scene / Waving homecoming queens / Marching band playing / I’m lost in the lights. She sets the stage for the song here: an obsessive love, a comparison to being a teenager, and specific allusions to typical American high schools. There’s a reminder of her early, Fearless-era work in the homecoming queens and marching bands, but the idea of being lost in public perception implies a darker edge than we’ve heard before.
* The ‘lights’ were formerly referenced as a context for public perception as ‘another name goes up in lights’ in The Lucky One. 
Swift continues with: American glory faded before me / Now I'm feeling hopeless, ripped up my prom dress / Running through rose thorns, I saw the scoreboard / And ran for my life  Quite a bit more to unpack here! The first obvious political association here is the idea of American glory fading (a reaction to the 2016 election, presumably). Our narrator destroys a standard symbol of ‘successful’ teenage years, the prom dress, in an extension on this theme. A conflict is introduced in these lines: a visual of escape, a view of the scoreboard (nice wordplay—could be a football game or a national election). 
Pre-chorus: No cameras catch my pageant smile / I counted days, I counted miles / To see you there, to see you there / It's been a long time coming, but We’re again looking at the idea of public perception with the pageant smile, which is associated with beauty pageants for young women but is in the song’s context an allusion to the very social nature of political campaigning. It’s reinforced with counting days and miles, as if on the campaign trail around the country, and sets up the complete clash of personal and political for the chorus.
It's you and me, that's my whole world / They whisper in the hallway, "She's a bad, bad girl" / The whole school is rolling fake dice The primary romance of the song—the idea that the world is such a disaster that this one person is your lifeline and your world throughout it. Despite the gossip typical to high school halls, the narrator holds onto the person they love and condemns the rest of the school as liars. (Fake dice to me means a presupposed set of outcomes that don’t actually exist, i.e. there are more choices than others appear to see. Could also be a reference to ‘fake news.’)
You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes / It's you and me, there's nothing like this / Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince / We're so sad, we paint the town blue / Voted most likely to run away with you If you do something stupid, you have to accept the consequences for your actions = if you assume there are only a set number of outcomes, you force yourself into accepting the unpleasant result. (Maybe a bit too leftist for Swift’s intention, but this isn’t about her. Could also be ‘voting for Trump / not voting means you have to accept the consequences of his presidency.’) It’s in essence a condemnation of a narrow outlook. 
We’re drawn back to the romance that forms the backbone of this song; between someone so perfectly American (at least on the surface, conforming to the politically and socially acceptable views of the nations) that they are ‘Miss Americana’ and their lover, the ‘Heartbreak Prince’ here to ruin it all. Both of the lovers are disappointed with their society—unclear whether it’s the school or the country, probably deliberately—so they strike back for change (vote blue), but ultimately want to escape the world that has ostracized them and is actively burning down. 
My team is losing, battered and bruising / I see the high fives between the bad guys / Leave with my head hung, you are the only one / Who seems to care The second verse is pretty impressive to me from a lyrical standpoint. We can see the team as a high school’s home team or a political party, but either way they’re being fought against and beaten down. The opposition is fierce and cruel, the ‘bad guys’ who revel in their victory of cruelty. The narrator abandons this with a miserable look and her lover is the only one there to comfort her.
American stories burning before me / I'm feeling helpless, the damsels are depressed / Boys will be boys then, where are the wise men? / Darling, I'm scared  The typical idea of America—good guys always win, a bootstraps / American dream narrative—is crashing before a narrator who’s held such a strong belief in it. Without the system, she doesn’t know what to do with herself, and sees this reflected in the people around her. The ‘damsels are depressed’ is a typical idea of the role women are meant to play changed by the mental health crisis. (I am extrapolating heavily, folks.) 
‘Boys will be boys’ is a play on locker room talk, the culture of misogyny and assault that plagues America beneath the veneer of glory, and Swift follows by writing ‘where are the wise men;’ a biblical allusion to the idea of singular people that can remedy the faults in the system. She finally reverts back to the lover to share her fear. 
No cameras catch my muffled cries / I counted days, I counted miles / To see you there, to see you there / And now the storm is coming, but We look again at the idea of public perception, a private love that outlasts the outcry in a similar way to Swift’s own ‘reputation.’ She discusses hiding from the ever-present storm (whether it be a debilitating political condition or a flurry of gossip within a high school) and holding onto that lover as a remedy for outward pain.
[Repeat of the chorus as above.]
And I don't want you to (Go) / I don't really wanna (Fight) / 'Cause nobody's gonna (Win), I think you should come home [repeated] And I'll never let you (Go) 'cause I know this is a (Fight) / That someday we're gonna (Win) This repetitive bridge, a play on a traditional cheerleader chant, highlights and contrasts the two settings in this song for a final time. The narrator displays brief hatred, reconciled to the idea of no change, and unwilling to lose her lover.  Soon after (in the typical fashion of young, passionate people), there is a minute belief in the idea that the battle (against another school or political party) can be won, that it is worth sticking your neck out for, and that the narrator becomes willing to sacrifice their lover for. 
It’s in this vein that the song ends with the ‘she’s a bad, bad girl’ line repeated; now symbolizing the willingness of the narrator to sacrifice themselves and their lover for a victory they fervently believe in. This 180, incidentally, is what makes the song less convincing for me—the desperation for escape turning to a preparation to be villainized—but I hope this analysis was interesting and helped you form some of your own conclusions.
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shimmering-shield · 9 days ago
I was tagged by @lucky-107 , @radlurk , and @elaineettariel to fill out some oc memes and just mashed them together. ♡ Thank you for tagging me for these and sorry it took so long! Not going to tag anyone directly this time in case it’s too overwhelming, but if you want to fill any of these out go for it and have fun!
Tumblr media
Name: Astrid Ebner Alias/nicknames: Adventurer, Warrior of Light, Champion of Eorzea Gender: female (she/her) Age: 29 Zodiac: Libra (technically) Abilities/talents: By far her greatest talent is her spearmanship, but she is also skilled with a longbow, great swords, red magic, and astromancy. She’s able to survive off the land, build makeshift shelter, carve weapons, knows how to mend clothes, and can work leather. Alignment: lawful / neutral / chaotic / good / neutral / evil / true Religion: Doesn’t follow a particular religion closely, but does invoke Rhalgr for aid when she is in need of strength. Sins: envy / greed / gluttony / lust / pride / sloth / wrath Virtues: charity / chastity / diligence / humility / justice / kindness / patience Languages: Only speaks common, but can comprehend all language because of the echo. Family: Audo Ebner (father; deceased), Sigrun Ebner (mother; deceased), Haraldr Ritter (guardian; deceased), Widargelt Beake (distant cousin),  King Theodoric I (distant cousin; deceased) Friends: While she’s good friends with almost all of the main cast, she is particularly close with Tataru, Alphinaud and Alisaie (whom she cares for as if they were her younger siblings), Y’shtola, and Thancred. Sexuality: heterosexual / bisexual / pansexual / homosexual / demisexual / asexual / unsure / other Relationship status: single / dating / married / widowed / open relationship / divorced / not ready for dating / it’s complicated (aka I haven’t decided yet) Libido: sex god / very high / high / average / low / very low / non-existent Build: slender / average / athletic / muscular / curvy Hair: white / blonde / brunette / red / black / other Eyes: brown / blue-gray / green / black / other Skin: pale / fair / olive / light brown / brown / dark / other Height: 6′0″ Scars: Has scars of varying sizes scattered across her body. Facial features: Beauty mark just below the left-hand corner of her mouth, full dark eyebrows.
Always / Sometimes / Never
swim || scuba dive || drive || read and write || ride a bike || do math || sew || draw || tattoo || do piercings || make a shelter || first aid || cpr || throw a punch || swing a weapon || shoot a gun || reload a gun || Heimlich maneuver || use a lmg || put someone in a choke hold || use a lighter || use matches || make weapons || make dynamite || make c4 || break limbs || bake || cook || make a store bought pizza || make a craft mac and cheese || be annoying || use a zipline || fly a plane || drive a boat || control temper || drop kick their enemies into the sun
dogs or cats birds or bugs snakes or spiders coffee or tea ice cream or cake fruits or vegetables sandwich or soup magic or melee sword or bow summer or winter spring or autumn past or future
Five songs that remind you of them: (Please don’t judge me. TY) *  The Sore Feet Song - Ally Kerr *  Answers - Reprise / Answers - Nobou Uematsu *  Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind - opening theme - Joe Hisaishi *  Arrietty’s Song - Instrumental Version - Cécile Corbel *  Prologue (ft. Julie Elven) - Part 1 - Motherland - Joris de Man
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jeogiyall · 9 days ago
Betty; H.HJ
Tumblr media
Word Count; 1.9k
Genre; Hyunjin x Reader, Highschool AU, Song Fic
Warnings; Angst, Cheating
Find the rest of my Stray Kids Folklore series here!
A/N: sooo i obviously never think that hyunjin would cheat on his partner, i only used this song and circumstance for him bc he’s mentioned that he likes it and ever since i can only think of him as i listen to it lol. i do not think that he’s a bad person by any means so pleasee don’t take it that way!! i felt the need to clarify that,, i sincerely hope that you enjoy!! 
I won’t make assumptions about why you switched your homeroom
There were many things that caused your eagerness to start senior year, but the greatest of those was wanting to see Hyunjin again. It wasn’t exactly ideal to spend a summer apart after a mere three months of dating, but through the hundreds of phone calls and thousands of half finished letters you managed to enjoy yourself. Even still, you missed him like a bad habit that couldn’t be shaken. The last week of your separation you swear you dreamt of him. 
When you first reunited keeping you apart was like trying to untie a double knot. That first night he held you so desperately in his sun kissed arms, as if you’d slip away. You had pressed your lips to his temple and whispered ‘I’m with you now. I’m always with you.’
And for the following weeks you were, the two of you attached as though it was necessary. If you were making breakfast sandwiches, Hyunjin was there. If he was taking his dog for a walk, you were there. Even when you walked into homeroom on the first day and slipped into your desk, Hyunjin was there right beside you.
But I think it’s cause of me.
People do say all good things must come to an end, so you suppose that means that all wonderful things must crash and burn. At least that’s what it meant in terms of your story. Suddenly you weren’t in homeroom next to Hyunjin, and you weren’t at his house helping take care of his sweet dog. Instead you were alone in your room with your tail tucked between your legs and looking obsessively at the same picture. 
It’s a heartwarming image, two lovers in front of a neon lit diner exchanging a farewell kiss. Except one of the lovers has black hair falling to his chin and skin that's been embraced by the sun. One of the lovers has a face that you’ve kissed a hundred times. One of the lovers is Hyunjin. 
And you so badly wanted to blame anyone but him when your desk partner in English showed you the picture. You wanted to blame the other girl, you wanted to blame Hyunjins friends that appeared frequently on the opposite ends of your phone calls, you wanted to blame yourself. But there was no doubt when you asked him. He did this. And he couldn’t give you an explanation past, ‘I don’t know why.’ 
You wanted to know why. You wanted to know how he could say that he loved you on your fifth date and still do this, you wanted to know what she had that you didn’t. You wanted to know if the tears that he had shed after your confrontation were for yourself or for him. 
The worst thing that I ever did, was what I did to you.
Hyunjin didn't have a single answer to offer. He thought about it for months, he thought about it with that other girls skin beneath his hands. He thought about it while he was greedy for your company in the closing weeks of summer, because a small part of him knew that you’d find out. He knew that you’d find out, and then that you’d leave him. He deserved it. He wishes that he didn’t. 
As the months without you marched onward Hyunjin found his evenings to be sleepless. He would toss and turn for hours, but it was all useless. It’s impossible to sleep in a room where every piece of furniture and every shirt that’s hanging in the closet reminds him of you. He almost wishes that he’d never dated you, because something was always going to end up hurting you. If not in this way he would’ve found something else. Hyunjin’s still not even sure he’s worthy of hurting you. 
It’s not that he often hurts people, either. Most of his friends would say he’s a relatively kind person, he has his moments but it’s mostly just a joke taken too far that's followed quickly by apology. His eldest friend, Chan, was beyond shocked to hear about his summer mishap.
You’re just so good, and you loved him so dearly. He remembers the way that your eyes would hang onto his every word as if they’re worth something, or how you would stick your head out of the car window every time he rolled them down, or the time that you cried over a Pixar movie and then apologized profusely for ruining the date. You’re the girl they talk about in love songs, who smells of candy and whimsy. He’s nothing but a boy who would give you his entire heart. 
He wanted to call it quits before this Summer, but you swore that this could work. He was going to object before you said that you loved him and looked into his eyes with sparkly hopeful ones of your own. He could never say no to you. That was always an issue. 
It’s been months since he’s had that problem, or talked to you at all. Late Summer became early Fall, followed by Halloween and then Thanksgiving break. He spent every day missing you. He spent every day regretting his mistakes. 
The only thing I want to do
You deserve an apology. He was so dumbstruck when you confronted him that no words would come out except for ‘I don’t know.’ He couldn’t even say sorry, despite the fact that he desperately was. He’s been thinking in the past two months that you deserve an apology, he’s been thinking in the past month that he doesn’t want to be with anyone ever again. 
He knows that he should’ve considered that before ruining this. He knows that it’s a shot in the dark, but he also knows that he’ll never be able to forgive himself if he doesn’t at least try. 
Is make it up to you.
So he’s on the way to your house. It’s eleven thirty at night and the early winter breeze is nipping at his nose, and he’s rounding your street corner with a million apologies bouncing around his head. He thinks that he could tell you that she meant nothing. He thinks he could say that he never once deserved you or your love for him. He thinks that he could say that he loves you more deeply than he ever thought was possible. He thinks he could say a million things, but then you open your front door and suddenly there’s not a single word to say. 
You look the same as you did the last time that the two of you talked. Pieces of your hair are falling into your eyes, which glass over as they take in the sight before them. He thinks that he hears your breath hitch, but he also thinks that could be the sound of his own breath doing the same. You look so enchanting.
“Hyunjin?” You ask quietly. He looks so pretty beneath the light of your front porch, his summer tan gone and replaced with the natural honey tone of his skin. He looks similar to the last time that you saw him too, except for the fact that his hair is a bit shorter. It looks nice on him. Everything looks nice on him. 
“(Y/n.)” You step out of your doorway to join him on the porch while he clears his throat, “I-I-“ 
Would you have me, would you love me
It’s probably the way that you’re looking to him with the same loving eyes as always, or maybe the way that he can see your fingers fiddling with one another in an attempt to keep your mind busy, or maybe there’s no cause at all, but his words are finally found. He knows that he has to let them all out now or else they’ll be lost for good.
“I am unbelievably sorry for what happened last summer. It was a mistake on countless parts that are all mine, but you have to know that it meant nothing to me. The only place it holds in my heart is a place of regret. I regret every second of it. She means nothing to me, and you… You mean everything. To this day and for every day to come, you will mean everything to me.” His hand has somehow slipped into your own, and you can’t help but squeeze it. You think that if you don’t you'll probably cry, “A-and I’m not going to beg for you to take me back, because I know that I don’t deserve it, but I will tell you this. If you take another chance on me I will make it my promise to never let you feel hurt again. Not by me or anyone else, because I love you and never, ever, want you feel as though I don’t.”
“Then why did you do it?” Your question comes out small, spoken with a voice that's choking back tears. Silence covers the porch steps for a moment, because Hyunjin honestly doesn’t know how to answer. There’s no way to answer that’s right, or excusable, or any of the things that a satisfying answer should be. There’s only an answer that is honest.
I don’t know anything,
“I don’t know, a-and I know that’s not what you want to hear.” He swallows thickly, thumb smoothing over the top of your hand for what could be the last time. He knows that if you tell him to leave he’ll have to respect your wish, but he also knows that it will hurt him for forever. He knows that he’ll have earned it, “I-I think I knew that one day you’d find out I wasn’t good enough for you, or that I’d end up disappointing you somehow, but I can’t honestly give you a definitive answer. I don’t know. I don’t know anything, but I know I miss you.” 
You look into his deep brown eyes that are brimming with tears, and you want to tell him so many things. You want to tell him that you were never disappointed in him. Or that he was beyond good enough for you, or that he didn’t need to be for you to love him. You wanted to tell him that if he had only talked to you about his doubts then this entire situation could’ve been avoided. Instead you take his face into your hands, squeezing his cheeks ever so slightly. 
but I know I miss you.
“I miss you too.” There's silence, nothing except for two beating hearts, “Let’s try this again.” He puts his hands on your waist and you think to yourself that you’ve missed the feeling. You think to yourself that you’ve missed Hyunjin. 
“Can I kiss you?” His eyes are eager the way that you were to return home to him after Summer. They look innocent, sweet. Like he’s cherishing this as if it were his first kiss. 
“Yes.” His body is gentle when it touches yours, as though you’re likely to break. You think that it’s wise, because in a way you are likely to break. You’re patched together with band aids and medical tape like a bird that’s been rescued off the street. Hyunjin knows this, just like he’s known many things before, but he’s promised to protect you. This is a promise that he intends to keep.
Taglist; @straytannies​, @charm-art 
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multiglory18 · 12 days ago
MacFarlane X Glory (6): The Final Journey - Chapter 36 (2)
Oliver's POV
About two weeks later, it was time for Mami and Papi's trip to France. Mason, Lucían, Daniel and I bid farewell to them as they hopped on the plane. We watched them take off and left the airport. Daniel called his mom to pick him and Mason up, and Lucían and I drove to this hotel we are staying at. "Lucí boo, you know what I've been thinking about?" I said to him.
"What's that?" He smiled, holding my hand.
"Remember how you asked if we can have sex together and I said no? Well, I changed my mind." I told him.
"That's very nice and all, but I don't want to. I'm currently with someone else. He's my new boyfriend." He explained to me. I couldn't believe what I'm hearing. Lucían actually cheated on me and I didn't know what to believe.  "It's not your fault. There was this party and we just clicked, you know?" He continued.
"I can't believe you cheated on me." I said as I began sobbing. I wanted to go home right now and cry myself to sleep and stay there instead. "Take me home. I never want to see you again!" I screamed at Lucían and he pushed on the break hard.
"You listen to me, Olivarez. Don't you ever act like a pussy! You hear me?" He said in an angry tone and hit me hard.
"No. And if you ever hit me again, I'm telling your boyfriend who you really are!" I shouted, feeling my cheek.
"Riiight." He smirked. We made it back to my house and I took my luggage and opened the front door and made it inside, going to my room immediately. I just wanted to cry some more and that's it. Later that night, around 6 pm, I got a phone call from Papi.
"Hey, son! Your mom and I are in France right now, having the greatest time of our lives!" He said from the speakers.
"That's nice. Have you told Mason?" I asked sadly.
"Yeah, why not?" He laughed. Good old Papi, laughing something off as if it wasn't a big deal. I didn't know what to believe right now, feeling like I'm going to die alone. "Son, if you need anything, just let us know. Okay?" He said.
"Yeah. I love you." I nodded, ending the call shortly afterwards. I looked at my phone some more and went through old photos of Lucían and I, deleting them all. I got a few text messages from him, saying he needs me, he wants to talk, etc.
I blocked him in my contacts and then social media. By 8 pm, I made myself some spaghetti and ate it alone, rewatching the American version of Queer As Folk for the thousand time. I started watching it back in August last year and finished in December that year and couldn't stop crying.
Since then, it's been my favorite show and I couldn't find it more interesting than any other show I'm into. Except for Star Trek, but that's a different story. 10 pm rolled around and I was reading my book some more. I began falling asleep and woke up at 6 am, drool in my book. Thank god it didn't get in the page I was in or I would've freaked out a lot. I woke up, still feeling heartbroken and a shitty feeling.
I played some sad music and cried some more, feeling like all of this will never end. Sienna called me and I declined her call. She called again a few minutes later and I did it again. Same goes for Jules. I didn't feel like talking to anyone or do anything right now.
I just felt like I had nobody there for me. It was just ridiculous, me and Lucían had three years together and it's all been a lie. I took the things he gave me and threw them to the trash can I currently have. I refused to see them as they reminded me of him. I got a few text messages from Mami and Papi on their trip and responded back with thumbs up and other happy emojis.
For breakfast, I made myself gluten free pancakes with some flax seeds, chia seeds and other healthy stuff in it. I also added some dark chocolate onto the recipe. Once I finished eating my pancakes, I went to swim for a bit and pictured my life when I was a kid, thinking back to how happy I was.
11 years ago, 2023
I was playing and singing to this song, while Papi played the piano. Once it was over, Mami began clapping and I bowed down with a smile. "Thank you, everyone!" I exclaimed.
"Oliver, there's something we need to tell you." Mami said as I sat down in the couch.
"Son, your mom and I decided it was best for you to become a big brother and given that your mom and I can't have another child naturally, we are adopting one instead from Europe." Papi told me and explained how adoption works.
"Oh, so like getting a pet!" I grinned.
"Yes, just like getting a pet." He laughed.
"I want a brother! No wait, I want a sister! Can I have them both? Pleaseeee!" I jumped around.
"We'll see." Mami chuckled.
"Yay!" I danced around and sang a little song I made up called the mouse song.
"So, what do you say, Oliver? Do you think you can handle being a big brother?" Papi asked.
"Yeah!" I hugged him and Mami.
"Good." They said and I ran to my room with excitement some more. A few weeks later, I was getting out of school and I got a surprise when I made it home.
"Oliver, meet your little brother Mason. Mason, this is your big brother Oliver." Papi said.
"Hi." Mason said with a squeak, shyly. He hid behind Mami.
"Is he broken?" I asked.
"No, he's just shy. But he'll you get used to you." She told me.
"Mason, I'll be good to you and play with you lots. I promise." I said to him.
"Okay." He said, taking my hand and we went to the backyard.
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mallr4ts · 13 days ago
Q. 20 name a song that reminds you heavily of a specific fandom or character.
but could you pls do it for the greatest ship of all time, Chuncle
Chuncle song uhhhhhhhhhhh criminal by britney spears because uhhhhhh charles is in love with a criminal idk
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zheraa · 14 days ago
What color is your couch? Gray.
How do you normally wear your hair? Down.
Alcohol = the ultimate truth serum. Yes or no? Not for me.
Are you a righty or a lefty? Righty.
Do you own a pair of handcuffs? No.
Do flying bugs creep you out? Some of them do.
Can a girl love sex without being a whore? Of course.
Would you ever be in a long-distance relationship? No.
Do lemons sound appealing to you at the moment? No, I don’t really like them.
What size bed do you have? It’s 80 or 90cm wide.
When was the last time you brushed your teeth? Last night.
Can you sleep in total darkness? Yes, it would be the best.
What piercings do you have? None.
Any tattoos? No.
Is your glass half empty or half full? It’s the same to me.
Are frogs cute or gross? Cute.
Do you ever wish you were born in a different century? No.
Which country's culture interests you most? None really.
What kind of guys/girls do you go for? Hot.
Do you regret something you have no real control over? No.
Do you enjoy writing? Yes.
What do you have as your screen saver? Nothing.
Do you have a webcam? There’s one built into my laptop.
Do you still have your tonsils? Yes.
Aren't beetles fucking grody? Idk.
How do you feel about Oprah? I’ve never watched her show so I don’t have an opinion.
^ What the fuck kind of name is Oprah anyway? It reminds me of okra. Idk, you Americans have a lot of weird names anyway but whatever.
Would you ever pierce your tongue twice? Like, one right next to the other? I would never get my tongue pierced at all.
Do you like bonfires? Yes.
What makes your skin crawl? Idk.
What's your favorite flower? Roses.
Look up Community Property by Steel Panther. Listen to the whole song. No, sorry.
Share your thoughts here. -
Have you ever dyed your hair an unnatural color? No.
What's for dinner? Chicken and couscous.
Have you ever had someone draw a picture of you before? No.
What confuses you most? No idea.
Do you like monkeys? Sure.
Does anything on your body hurt at the moment? My shoulder.
Have you ever been called a bad influence? Yes.
What book are you reading right now? Dragons of Spring Dawning by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.
Any bands you would like to recommend to me? No.
What makes you laugh? A lot of things.
What time is it? 17:43.
Doesn't intentionally bad grammar annoy you? Yes, it does.
What type of person can you not stand? Stupid, annoying, rude, violent, intolerant idk.
Care to share what song is stuck in your head? None.
What languages can you speak? Finnish, English, Swedish and a little German, maybe.
Pirates are better than ninjas. Fact or fiction? Idk.
There is always a bit of truth behind every 'j/k', yes? What does that even mean?
What do you get complimented on most often? Nothing.
What's the weirdest compliment you've ever received? I don’t remember ever getting a weird compliment.
Who/what was the last person/thing to make you blush? I don’t remember.
What kind of muffins do you like? Chocolate.
Do you like warm or cold weather more? Cold!! Hot weather is the worst.
Don't you hate it when sites go under maintenance and you cant get access? Yes.
What form(s) of art do you enjoy most? Drawings, paintings and music.
Piercings are sexy. Truth or lie? I don’t think they’re sexy.
Have you ever worn a French maid costume? No.
Have you ever had couscous? Yes, I actually had it yesterday and will have today again for dinner.
Do you like listening to yourself talk? I don’t like or dislike it.
When was the last time you were congested? No idea.
Do you wear eyeliner? Yes.
Do you show everyone your tongue when something turns it another color? No.
Who is the greatest writer alive, in your opinion? I don’t know, there are a lot of great writers.
How about the greatest painter? Same.
The greatest musician? Same.
The greatest poet? I don’t read poetry but I guess there are a lot of great poets too.
Have any good scar stories you want to share? No.
Are you pierced anywhere below the waist? No.
Facebook games: Fun or brain-frying? I don’t play any.
Do you dance well? No.
Are you into anyone at the moment? No.
Do you touch yourself at night? Sometimes.
What body parts can you 'crack'? Nothing.
What color do you wear most often? Blue or gray I think.
What about the opposite sex drives you crazy? (The good kinda crazy.) Nothing in particular?
What candle/incense flavors do you enjoy most? (Yes I said flavors. :P) I like a lot of those.
Do you complain a lot? Yes, probably too much.
What do you do when you're mad? Depends.
Have you ever thought you could 'save' someone? No.
Do you have any 'special' talents? *Wiggles eyebrows* No.
Yankee makes the best candles. Yes or no? I have never had those candles.
What do you do when you can't sleep? Just lie in bed and try to sleep? I don’t know what would help.
Have you ever liked someone you barely knew? Yes.
When was the last time you felt like a creeper? Never.
Who seems to have taken up permanent residence in your thoughts? No one.
Black & Milds: yay or nay? Don’t know what that is.
Is smoking a turn-on for you? Yeah kinda.
Do you get excited or scared when you see a thunderstorm brewing? Kind of uneasy but not really scared. I just don’t like them.
Speaking of brew, when's the last time you had a beer? Years ago, I hate beer.
What sub-genre of metal do you enjoy most? I don’t know anything about music genres.
Do you need to shave? No.
How do you feel about Obama? Idk, I’m not an American so I don’t have a strong opinion anyway.
Do you own any bandanas? No.
What's your favorite gangster movie? Idk.
Who/what makes your heart race? Idk.
How do you think I should end this survey? Whatever.
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jadeballwrites · 15 days ago
Pulp Fiction Review
Pulp Fiction is a comedy crime movie written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Released in 1994, the film follows two gangsters, a boxer, a mob leader and some thieves. The film itself reminds me of a parody, a post-modernism joke that pokes fun at crime films.
Pulp Fiction contains what we would now consider classic songs like ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ by Dusty Springfield. Watching the film and listening to the songs now, it is like a throwback to some of the greatest music ever released. At the time of the film being produced, this would have been a fresh, new soundtrack symbolising a new wave of music and music styles. In the 90s, these songs would have made the film appear edgy and cool. Now, I feel as though they take us back to a carefree way of life and living.
The film also has a large focus on drugs. With the 70s focus on marijuana and the 80s with cocaine, I believe that this level of drug taking would have been normal at the time, expected even. However, in the film, we see Mia (Uma Thurman) mistake heroin for cocaine and snorting it results in her almost overdose. This should be a really serious and scary situation for the characters and the audience. And yet, we see Vincent (John Travolta) making poorly executed jokes and dawdling while trying to get help. This is a great example of how as times have changed, comedic value and perception has changed. Whilst I wholeheartedly believe that in the 90s this scene along with the film as a whole would have been funny, I actually find it a little sad knowing that the drug use and overdose rates are now exponentially high. I can’t help but think this platform could have been used to educate viewers about the effect of drugs rather than romanticising it. However, I can see how this was written to achieve comedy and with an audience of the time, I think it would have.
Another key theme demonstrated in the film was violence. At every turn, we were seeing people held at gunpoint, injured or shot at. In Western Culture, especially now, that level of danger has been romanticised. We find ourselves fantasying over new exciting lives with no boundaries or limits and films portray these images for us. In Pulp Fiction, the prospect of violence is mundane, and all the characters have a casual or indifferent approach to criminal and violent activities like Honey Bunny and Pumpkin’s first argument or Jules’ decision to recite Ezekiel 25:17. I actually found this view of violence quite comical. It was as if the film was simultaneously portraying a nonchalant approach to crime that seems utterly impossible while also showing a view of violence that could eventually come to pass.
I was also not a fan of having multiple stories at once, whilst I think this perspective format can work wonders on the page in fiction, I found it very difficult to keep up. It was hard to follow along with the characters and I kept forgetting who people were. Perhaps this is just because films tend to confuse me anyway but having each story link with another in that way only made it more difficult to concentrate on the events.
Despite all the strange stories and events, I found some aspects of the film to be funny. For example, when Vincent ‘accidentally’ shoots someone in the face and Wolf has to come and clean up their mess. Despite being graphic and vulgar, this did not feel as though it was criminal or wrong, it seemed normal like everyone in world had experiences similar. Like killing was the most mundane thing.
That being said, although this film wasn’t right for me, I can see why fans of cult and comedic horror would really enjoy this film.
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kazoosandfannypacks · 15 days ago
157: What makes me nostalgic?
160: What colour mostly dominates my wardrobe?
163: What do I love most about myself?
166: Favourite animal?
170: One of my favourite quotes?
174: Best gift I’ve ever received?
179: If I were immortal, what would I do?
181: If I could get away with a crime, what would I choose to do?
187: What is my greatest achievement?
193: What motivates me?
200: Dragons or wizards?
208: Do I collect anything?
209: Item of clothing or jewellery you’ll never see me without?
210: What is on my bucket list?
214: What TV character am I most like?
Sorry I know that’s a lot of questions but I hope you have fun answers them!
157: What makes me nostalgic?
Christmas. I know a lot of people don't fancy it, but the pretty colors, the warm lights and sweaters, that constant smell of evergreen and cinnamon, a crisp bit of gingerbread, and all the songs I've always sung warming my heart to the bone. I'm like a child at Christmas at Christmas.
160: What colour mostly dominates my wardrobe?
Oddly enough blue. I own so many blue shirts, and all my jeans are blue. Odd.
163: What do I love most about myself?
How deeply I love and how much I invest in things
166: Favourite animal?
It's been monkeys since I was a kid, but I also really like hedgehogs!
170: One of my favourite quotes?
Oooh oooh ooh!!! Just one? Okay :/
"But she could not, however, spend much time looking behind; what was coming into view in the forward direction was much too exciting!"
-C.S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
174: Best gift I’ve ever received?
My ukulele.
179: If I were immortal, what would I do?
Not die. And also I think it'd be cool to write a book series or two or three hundred
181: If I could get away with a crime, what would I choose to do?
Ahh this hurts the first thing my brain said was geology, and I know that's not a crime, but that's what haves been brained
187: What is my greatest achievement?
I completed all of the AWANA books (Bible memorization stuff) from k-12th grade and that's got a snazzy award that's on display now in my room.
193: What motivates me?
Too often it's myself, but also my love for and related fear of others. Quite a bit though it is to glorify God.
200: Dragons or wizards?
Dragons. Unless alchemy counts as wizardry...
208: Do I collect anything?
Better question- Is there something I don't collect? As a kid it was Littlest Pet Shops, Lego Friends, stuffed monkeys, Zoobles, and more, but it's expanded to also trading cards, more Legos, Baby Yoda and BB8 stuff just as a whole, dreams, polaroids if I can, and sketchbooks/notebooks, along with writing stuff
209: Item of clothing or jewellery you’ll never see me without?
My rock necklace, which is a reminder to me of how God is faithful, my glasses, and my watch
210: What is on my bucket list?
A lot of things but the biggest one is that when my little brother is older we're gonna go to NYC together and do theatre kid stuff in NYC.
214: What TV character am I most like?
I'm gonna go with Riley from Girl Meets World.
This was really fun!!! I hope you like some of the answers I gave! If not, ah well, I had fun!
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defdaily · 16 days ago
KNIGHT Magazine March 2021 Issue featuring JAY B
Translated by defdaily
Tumblr media
JAY B: Back to the starting point, to set off again
At first sight, Jay B does not seem to have the looks of a popular “Flower Boy”; he has single eyelids typical in Korean boys, and the corners of his eyes crescent up with warmth and pureness as he smiles, drawing people close to him. “Sexy”, “Steady”, “Introverted”,“Warm”,“Sharp” and “Domineering” are all words fans use to describe him. These seemingly unrelated characteristics come together in Jay B and sparks a charisma that is unique to him.
9 years on since debut, he is an all-rounder who sings, dances and composes and his vibrant abilities are obvious to all. However, the entertainment industry is a place that is never short of talent and worthy competitors. Being GOT7’s leader and facing the responsibilities and stress, he did not go down an easy path. Through the endurance, he figured out his own direction of growth and pace - one that is neither nervous or rushed but instead calm and steady. The start of 2021 ushered in the end of his artistic contract and signing new companies, but that did not affect his pace; he made a comeback with his members, writing songs and preparing for his solo album, continuing to do what he is good at, facing the odds calmly and confidently, “2021 to me is a brand new start; I will return to the starting point and start anew.”
Embracing the essence, upholding greatness
Looking through Jay B’s portfolio, he went through many profile changes in the early years. From being an aspiring B-boy, to debuting as an actor, as a boy group duo JJ Project, and 2 years later debuting as GOT7 leader. At every stage, he did his best in whatever he wanted to do. Grabbing every opportunity and going forward earnestly. For dance, he once gave up on his studies and joined a professional dance group very early on. After debuting as a leader, in order to shoulder the responsibilities, he reigned in on his youthful flippance and impetuousness and learned to be tolerant. Through several details, he is managing well. When appearing on variety shows as a group, he made efforts to ensure that every member had the chance to showcase their talents. Before showcases, he is obviously nervous himself but would never forget to remind the others to drink up. He even prioritized group activities over his own, concertedly rejecting solo activities arranged by the company. Till date, he is still the one with the least solo activities. “Instead of myself, it would be better for the other members to begin their solo activities first.”
He is clear-cut and is never trapped between choosing one thing over the other. As a trainee, he also experienced a rebellious phase where he wanted to give up. When he did not know what he wanted, he would follow his heart. He once wrote on SNS “Do whatever you want. If you really love something, then follow your heart and do it.” His motivation sets him on a simple path; start off with love, and put in all his effort into it, working hard to hand in his best submission. He assigned the name Def. to his solo writing, which holds the meaning of “the best, the greatest of all”. Years ago, he had said in a variety show, “When I grow a little older, I must become a truly cool celebrity, and a multi-talented artist.” At that time, when faced with many fresh opportunities, he eagerly leapt forward to try them out, to bloom from all corners. Later, interviewers asked him what his future plans are for the next 5 years, and he said, “Definitely to continue my music-related work, and if my body allows me to, I will continue dancing.” And now, his dreams have more definitively settled on the area of creative music composing, hence, when asked whether he would consider moving into acting again, he said, “Now I can’t fully embody and express a character, but I think I should learn and understand deeply before going into acting. Learning to have restraint and storing one’s potential will help with a better start.
I will open up my heart
Some say the creative must embrace change at all times and maintain a keenness for observation; similarly, Jay B’s awareness of the world is astute and meticulous. He observes life through film lenses, and reflects upon his own feelings in the process. “Through the photos I take, I discovered that my photos are people-centric, and I often am curious about what they are thinking, how they are feeling at that very moment.” The happiness and sorrows of people often differ from one another, but they always leave marks. He likes to record down his surroundings, the people around him and the banalities of everyday life, and incorporate them into his creative works. For example, when writing the song “Rainy”, he laid out photos that he took on a rainy day on the floor of his studio, began arranging and rearranging them, and pondering over the sequences. Thus led to the birth of a rainy love story.
Whether it is on stage or composing music, the ever-changing styles he expresses are undoubtedly based on thoughts and experiences in life. In addition to photography, reading books, watching movies and having conversations with people who have experienced life are all some ways in which he draws inspiration from. “In the future I would like to ponder over everything that I experience genuinely in my life, and describe my true thoughts and feelings. It may not necessarily have to be positive; sometimes it can also be a form of relief by expressing the negativity in a straightforward manner.”
Having been in the spotlight of the entertainment industry for many years, he is no stranger to receiving criticisms, yet he always digests it quietly. His warm, honest aura, along with his sensitivity and sympathetic nature, creates a juxtaposition in his personality. On the performing stage, he is cool and powerful, as if he has an unlimited source energy waiting to be released. In everyday life, the same Jay B he stores that energy and softens up, creating an entirely different image. He is used to treating others with kindness, and knows how to live as himself: “Instead of paying attention to the criticism and living like someone else, I would rather be myself and accept the criticism.” He loves life, and likes to play with his three cats. He remembers a funny incident, “One of my cats likes to lick the carpet, so there was one time I accidentally stepped on the carpet and almost fell.” Like many young folks, during his leisure time, he reads and sleeps to relieve stress. When his schedule is packed, he would take a stroll at the working site, sometimes taking photos and videos and sharing them along the way. He has his own world, but it is not locked up at all; it is wide open and welcome for everyone to visit. There was once where he read a word in a book that reminded him of b-boying, so he simply left the house and b-boyed along the streets, posting a clip of it on SNS. He thinks that the name that Chinese fans call themselves sounds nice, but he also likes calling everyone “best friend”. Realizing he might sound impolite, he carefully added that it does not mean he does not like the former, just like an old friend with no filter who says what they want but never fails to consider your feelings.
Tackling the unknown is full of delight
“Unknown challenges, to me, are very interesting. I find tackling new things to be a really great thing.” In this new year, with a new company and new plans, Lim Jaebeom has started on his journey of transformation. Taking on a path that he has to take alone, even though he may still be adapting to this new identity and role, “I am really alone now, it feels fascinating yet a little awkward.” He understands to cherish, and wishes to continue making even greater music for the group. He also looks forward dearly for his music to find a place of its own in the music sphere. Being faced with the challenges that await him, he is eager to create a world of his own. At a certain program where he was asked by his members, “Are you happy?”, he hesitated and replied: “I don’t know.” In fact, he is just like the music that he writes - it does not shock or excite but you will never get bored of it after repeated listens; the kind of music he pursues is not one with intricate formal design or various showy techniques, but one that expresses of real and honest emotions triggered by real and honest events.
As he faces the ebb and flow of the tide calmly and inches closer to his dreams with each step, he is still the young boy he was before, fiery passion in his gaze, sincerely embracing change, maturing and growing through it. Perhaps he might not know when his personal happiness will arrive, but he has never stopped looking for it. For his era is imminent.
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morethanwords0475 · 22 days ago
March TC Challenge
Day 1: What are your TC's hobbies?
Sports and working out definitely, and reading?
Day 2: What are 1-3 songs that remind you of your TC?
Crazy In Love by Sofia Karlberg, Wish I Was Better by Kina, and Love Me Right by EXO
Day 3: What are your TC's favorite bands?  
I have no idea but he doesn’t really seem to like pop music?
Day 4: What was the funniest thing your TC did?
There was once he walked out of the teacher’s room holding a banana in his hand, looked down at the banana, became confused, did a 180 and walked back, and when he came out again, he was still holding a banana and I have no idea why but it was the funniest thing in the world.
Day 5: How are their lessons? Give a grade and tell us why you chose it.
8/10? Like his teaching is flawless (at least to me lmao) but the subject is so hard sometimes and I’d have no idea what’s happening but it’s not his fault. I love how he likes to tell us his personal experiences and opinions and often makes things quite humorous which really helps me.
Day 6: What is your TC's greatest talent?
Like, teaching, probably?? It sounds weird but other than sports I can’t really think of anything (he is a great writer though). He teaches so well and manages to make a slightly boring subject so vibrant and a bit easier to understand and manage.
Day 7: What cheesy scenario do you most imagine them in?
Ugh I often just imagine us talking about anything and everything and it’d be so great, or walking home when it starts to rain and him appearing on his motorcycle... I’m hopeless yeah.
Day 8: Do you want to tell them your feelings? If yes, when and how?
I do, but I’m terrified of what happens next. If I still feel this way when I graduate, and if we can’t keep in contact anymore, then maybe I will tell him. I won’t have anything to lose. Bring him a goodbye and thank you gift on our last day, and then just tell him, because by then it would have been almost four years. I want these four years to end properly.
Day 9: What did you do after you realized that you’re in love with your TC?
I don’t think there was a specific moment when it hit me, I was actually quite calm about it. I have had many TCs before, so it didn’t really scare me.
Day 10: What was the first reaction of your friends/parents/persons when you told them about your feelings?
The first time I told one of my friends she was like “I kind of guessed” as she knew I had TCs before and she was very supportive, my closer friends now just kind of guessed when I started to talk about T with them and saying how handsome he is.
Day 11: Have you ever seen them during vacation (holiday break, summer break, etc.)?
Day 12: What type of person are they?
He looks serious and slightly intimidating but he’s so good to us all, he teaches well and in a not boring way, he doesn’t seem to have very close friends here in the school but gets along well with most people.
Day 13: Is your TC married? Do they have children or pets?
He is married, no kids but they have a really cute dog.
Day 14: What is the cutest thing they told you?
T has a lot of super cute moments, there was that time when we were preparing for the dance, another teacher asked if someone can do a short solo and my friends all pointed to me, and he said something along the lines of “I like how you just all threw her under the bus, like ‘yeah, yeah, J can do it’.” The way he said it was so cute, that was also the first time he (mistakenly) called me by my nickname.
Day 15: What would you do if your TC was drunk and said they loved you?
I probably wouldn’t believe it because it would be so improbable, and I wouldn’t bring it up to him when he’s sober, but I might keep it in mind if we still get to further interact as normal.
Day 16: If you could write a song about your TC, what would be the title? 
‘Alive’. Because being in love with him always reminds me that I’m alive.
Day 17: How are your grades in their class?
Top of the class grades probably, it has fallen slightly recently but I’m determined to change that.
Day 18: How did you come up with their codename on your blog? Is it an initial, a nickname, etc.?
Initial, and because I like this letter lol.
Day 19: What would you wear on a first date with them?
I guess it would depend on when and where the date was, but what first came to mind was either a stylish T-shirt and jeans/shorts or a white blouse with a checkered skirt.
Day 20: What are 3 things you want to tell them about yourself?
I wish he knew how much I fought to be better in his subject, that I do more consistently achieve well in other subjects, and I guess just some of my hobbies that I think he’ll be impressed with.
Day 21: Is there a celebrity that looks like your TC?
Thomas Gibson?? But not really...
Day 22: Are there any other students who make you jealous when they talk to your TC?
The front row girls I guess, they’re closer to him in proximity so he interacts with them more. And the way he smiles at some of the older students... *sad TCC noises*
Day 23: If you were to marry your TC, could you ever imagine having children with them?
Even if assuming we’re of similar age, probably not? I don’t think I would really want to have children, but he would make a great dad.
Day 24: When did you start your blog and what inspired you to do so?
I started the blog last October after hearing of its existence from YouTube, and I just feel so much more accepted and understood here and it’s been great.
Day 25: What’s your favorite TCC song of all time?
I don’t really listen to TCC specific songs, but one which gives me TCC vibes would probably be Crave or Demons?
Day 26: How long have you known your TC? Was it love at first sight?
He had been in the school for a few years before teaching me and I really got to know him, then it took a few months after that for it to hit me and I fall in love lol.
Day 27: If there was anything you could do or say to make them yours, what would it be?
I am so not good at announcing my love or trying to make someone mine lmao, I would probably just genuinely tell him how deep my feelings for him are and how he has utterly influenced my life.
Day 28: Imagine you're graduated and you’re in a relationship with your TC. You told your parents about your relationship but they don’t support you. what would you do?
Unless this is in an ideal world then they are most likely right, I know we would never last together even if we had a relationship, so I probably just wouldn’t care. I would savour all the time we had together and treasure all the good things and good memories, and have to accept that we would part one day, perhaps sooner than ‘normal’ people.
Day 29: What is the most embarrassing thing your TC has done?
None that I know of really, that dance we all had to do before Christmas was pretty cringe but he seemed to have fun and it was so cute.
Day 30: Has your TC ever written you a note on an assignment or sent an unprecedented email? if so, what did it say?
No, but his comments on my book or essays are usually quite nice, making me want to achieve even better every time.
Day 31: If you could do absolutely anything with your TC, what are 10 things you'd do?
Play sports, watch sports, play guitar and sing together, cook, watch a sunrise/sunset while in each other’s arms, quietly do separate work in the same space, walk together in matching suits, share life stories, do a debate as teammates, and just gently kiss in the darkness and be in love.
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kalum-medium · 26 days ago
I never got the chance to send you some questions when you originally asked... I hope it's okay if I leave a few here? 1. Do you listen to music when you write, Do you think it helps? 2. Who is your favourite character to write for? 3. Who is your least favourite character to write for? 4. I read your fics for Zoophobia, would you return to that? 5. What's your favourite genre to read or write for? 6. Outside of Warriors, what's your favourite book? Not a question - you are cute as hell!!!
Not a problem! I’ll happily answer them now!
1 - I do indeed! I always like listening to music when I’m writing; I listen to a new album everyday, but I do have my favourite bands and artists I stick on - Foxing, The Hotelier, Xiu Xiu, and most recently I’ve been playing Lana Del Ray’s new record on repeat! I personally think listening to a song that matches a mood you want to set in writing really can help!
2 - Honestly, for ILYL, I really love writing scenes with Brambleclaw in them. It’s odd, because canon-wise, I hate him. But in the fic, so many of my favourite scenes include him. I think it’s probably because it shows either his change in character over the fic, or how he helps create a lot of the conflict in the earlier chapters! He’s just really fun to write about these days!
3 - Two answers here. Everytime I include Ashfur in a scene I want to just kill him there and then. I can’t stand his character and his blood is something I truly crave to see, so I get frustrated knowing I can’t kill him off just yet when he still has a part to play. When it comes to writing personalities, I really struggle with Tawnypelt. I just find her so boring, and though I’ve tried to change her, the reminder that she just seems to exist in the group instead of playing an actual part makes it sad for me. I really wish I’d given her character a more drastic change earlier in the fic, it might have helped make her a little more interesting.
4 - No I will not. For one, I really hate looking back on those stories. They are truly trash and I can’t stand looking at all the mistakes I made in them. Secondly, I left the fandom in bad terms after I had some awful experiences with members of the fandom. To put it bluntly, I was bullied, used, and emotionally manipulated by people I really thought I could trust. I would never return to that fandom even if you paid me. Besides, Zoophobia honestly isn’t that interesting to write for.
5 - It’s no surprise that I’m a romance writer more than anything. I just love alot of the tropes, drama and fun that comes from the genre. I guess you could say rom-com is a personal fave of mine. However, I really do love horror. I hope I can write a good horror fic/short story one day! It would be a real difference from what I’m typically associated with.
6 - Ohhh so many choices... hmmmm. I’ll pick three to focus on. Felidae - one of the most bizarre detective novels I’ve ever read, but that’s what makes it fun! I mean... homicidal cats! Enough said! Misery - Stephen King’s best novel in my opinion. Annie Wilkes continues to be one of then most terrifying characters in literature! Goodnight PunPun - One of the greatest manga’s of all time in my opinion. The mixture of comedy, psychological horror, and meticulous symbolism makes one of the most disturbing coming of age stories of all time. Do not be fooled by the bizarre character design; this story is beyond words!
Awwww, thank you very much! Your questions were awesome!
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ssurveys · 27 days ago
Have you ever overflown a bathtub? Hmm, I can’t remember ever doing that.
Why did you ignore the last person you ignored? My new manager, Kata, messaged me a bunch of links to EXO’s videos to get me into them – I looooove that she’s friendly and we vibe super well so I have a feeling will be close soon enough, but I’m still a bit shy so I ignored her for a bit while I was thinking of a reply haha. I’ve since gotten back to her, though.
What's your favorite pizza place? Yellow Cab’s pizzas have never failed me. Mama Lou’s is good too, but they don’t deliver to my area so I haven’t had their pizzas and any of their food in over a year now.
What was the last stupid thing someone talked you into believing? That we can stay friends. I believed it for a while and it was so mentally and emotionally deteriorating for me, so I did the right thing and let go instead.
What's at the top of your to do list in life? Save. I’m superrrrr frugal with my money and hate spoiling myself. I’d rather enjoy everything in the future once I feel like it’s right to settle down.
What's a song that would describe your life at the moment? What Type of X by Jessi. Maybe not my life, but the song certainly matches my mood these days.
Do you ever scream at inanimate objects? Occasionally, if they’re not working or if I accidentally hurt myself with them.
What was the last thing that you shared? I just had lunch delivered to Angela’s place as a surprise, if that counts. I got her chicken wings and these chocolate chip cookies she’s always wanted to try. It feels really nice surprising people with gifts; I might start making it a habit :) I have to credit my director Bea for it - she’s been having food delivered to mine and Kata’s places recently and I just want to pay it forward.
What smell/s can you absolutely not stand? Fruits. We constantly have a stock of oranges because my parents and sister like having them after dinner, and the smell is nauseating. Spoiled food is also high up on my list, and the general smell in Manila is also very foul. Go to other places in the Philippines if you’ll ever visit!!!
Do you ever eat leftover pizza cold? Yessssssssssssssss. Idk why but I find it really good? like even if I eat it straight out of the fridge.
Where are you the most ticklish? The sides of my stomach and around my neck.
Would you put your life in danger to rescue someone? Someone absolutely important to me, yes.
When you're wanting a midnight snack, what do you normally get? I usually don’t really like the snacks we have in our pantry so unless I already had food delivered earlier in the evening I just let the hunger fade because I don’t like having food delivered that late anyway.
Which cartoon character would you want to keep as a pet? Buster from Toy Story. Or Maximus from Tangled but in dog form, because I don’t know how to care for a horse.
What color best represents you? Something peaceful like off-white, or a pastel shade.
Do you like marshmallows? I hate them.
What is your favorite flavor of candy cane? I also don’t like candy canes, or candy in general. Too sweet and I can always feel how unhealthy they are whenever I have to have them.
Do you have any shoeboxes full of old photos/letters/other memorable stuff? My mom has several plastic bags filled with photographs over the last few decades. As for me, I don’t own any memory boxes; but recently, I’ve been sticking up notes from my friends and co-workers up on my corkboard.
Are you in any way double jointed? Nope.
Have you ever considered a career in music/acting? Never. I never liked singing in public and I’ve never considered acting.
When was the last time you felt seriously embarrassed? A few days ago when I accidentally turned my camera on during a work Zoom meeting while I looked completely unpresentable. Luckily I knew I clicked the button and immediately un-clicked it, but my video still showed up for like 0.001 seconds lol.
Have you ever liked a song, looked up the lyrics to it, then hated it? I don’t think I’ve gone so far as to hate it. I have felt slightly disturbed upon hearing the lyrics of some songs I’ve taken a liking to though; and Cherry Wine by Hozier certainly ticks off this box.
Which is worse for you: being hot, or being cold? Hot, which is why living where I do doesn’t work with me well for the most part.
What would be the icing on the cake for you this Christmas? Get nicer gifts for my loved ones. I was able to get everyone presents last Christmas, but given that I had just received my first-ever salary then, I wasn’t able to go all out as much as I would’ve liked. I’d love to spoil my loved ones even more for next Christmas.
If you had the opportunity to live forever, would you take it? Probably, as long as I was guaranteed to live comfortably. I’d love to see how else technology can continue to improve.
Have you made someone happy today? I hope so, when I got Angela food earlier.
Do you generally watch a lot of television? I do watch my favorite shows a lot, but not on television. Most of my content I already consume online.
If your bedroom walls could talk, what would they most likely say? They’d probably go over all the shit I had to go through and the ensuing breakdowns they’ve had to watch from me over the years.
What's your favorite Christmas song? It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas, because it makes me feel festive.
Did you ever really believe in Santa Claus? Only for a brief moment when I was introduced to the concept, but kid-me never bought it because he never showed up.
Do you like the band Relient K? I’ve heard of the band name but I’m largely unfamiliar with them.
Have you ever seen a movie that was better than the book it was based on? Maybe, but for the most part I usually find the books to be better.
Do you like quesadillas? Yes, omg and with jalapeños and cheese *chef’s kiss*
Did you like the show Invader Zim? Nope.
Do you think tomorrow will be a good day? I feel like I’ll be sullen because it will be Sunday again, but I still plan on making the most out of it.
Do you ever talk to yourself? A lot.
Whose butt did you last slap? Idk, probably my ex.
Do you think that chivalry is dead? I don’t think so, but I also think it’s a bit outdated.
What's the greatest/most influential song you've ever heard? That’s a lot of pressure on a song... as much as I don’t really like The Beatles, I’d say Hey Jude has been pretty influential.
What's the weirdest thing you've seen in a grocery store? Not sure. If I had thought something I’ve seen was the weirdest thing ever, I would’ve taken a photo.
What is true love to you? Sacrifices.
Do you like chocolate milk? YES, lactose intolerance be damned.
Have you ever bought yourself a present on Christmas? Not yet. I hope to be able to this year!
Have you ever been on a mechanical bull? Nope, but I’d definitely get on one if I find one here.
Do you prefer to pull off band-aids slowly or quickly? Slowly. Actually, I prefer running water over it until it just slides off.
Have you made a mistake in the past week? I am constantly making tiny mistakes at work.
What was the last weird thing you said to someone? Idk, I feel like all the conversations I’ve had recently didn’t involve any inside jokes or general weirdness.
Have you ever met any bands/band members before? I got to work with one - Redd is the drummer for a local band but he’s since resigned to work with another company.
Have you ever sat on a copy machine and made copies of your butt? No. I’ve never even used a copy machine.
Are you a camera whore? Not at all, I hate posing for the camera.
Have you ever purposely dropped someone's toothbrush in a toilet? Never even considered it.
What kind of mood are you in right now? A little sad because it’s the weekend and I can’t even do my weekend coffee shop trips anymore because Covid cases are experiencing another surge (9000 cases a day!!!), protocols are everywhere again, and my parents already told me I can’t go out...those moments were my rare time alone where I can take walks and reflect and whatnot (and not to mention experieince air conditioning for a few hours), so it sucks to have to be stuck at home again. There’s not much to do at home to begin with, so now I’m just stuck in a cycle of taking surveys and finding videos to watch on YouTube.
What was the last thing someone told you that had you at a loss for words? I was ranting to Andi about how I started despising Diane from BoJack Horseman the moment she flipped out over Mr. Peanutbutter gifting her an entire library. I get where she’s coming from, of course, “understand people’s love language” and all that; but I felt like the very hostile reaction was super uncalled for and it reminded me a lot of my relationship with Gabie – I liked giving and giving, but it was either 1) never enough or 2) apparently the wrong way to show her love, and I was always the one punished for it in the end. I told Andi that because of my experience with her, I don’t even feel like giving a library (metaphorically speaking) to any future significant others anymore because of how hard I had it with her. 
Anyway, they gave me some advice about it and in the end they told me, “One day, someone will tell you, “Thank you for your library.’” It was very beautifully put and I struggled to find the words to reply.
What's something that always makes you smile, regardless of what’s going on? I’m not sure there is such a no-fail thing.
What was that last thing that you bought online? Food for Angela.
Do you enjoy riding around town looking at Christmas lights? Yeah, but the general mood for last year obviously wasn’t super festive and there weren’t as much lights, so it’s been a while since I’ve seen my village all decked out.
Is there someone that you're mean to for no good reason? No, that’s terrible.
What was the last thing you got out of the freezer? The coffee ice cream that I bought from Leigh yesterday! It’s crazy fucking good and I already feel a repeat order coming through.
Are you currently reading anything? No.
What's a good book you'd recommend? I don’t read anymore. I know child/teen-me would be very disappointed.
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