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#remember blue eyeshadow
hopefulillbe · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From 12 years old and falling hopelessly in love with the stories in Fearless, to 23 and loving my own ✨✨ so excited to relive this album as an adult
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swampdriinker · 2 months ago
Isn't it hilarious when you're a young girl doing normal stuff n an adult is suddenly like WOW WHORE what are you doing. Thats nasty. And you're like wait what?? And then they have to awkwardly explain that the society they bore you into has sexualized many little girl activities and it's your problem somehow. Like that's so funny 🔪
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ravenlixwitch · 3 days ago
Hoodie Season
E-girl!Reader x Softboy!Jisung
Y/n looked herself up and down in the mirror. Clashing with her black eyeliner, dark wash baggy jeans complete with belt chain and pins and Harry Potter beanie from her work, she had thrown on the most colorful, bright, and in-your-face article of clothing in her wardrobe.
It was an oversized color-block hoodie. Specifically baby blue with a pink sleeve and a green sleeve and a little yellow kitten in the center. To say the least, she had never worn anything like this. But she couldn't help but smile at herself.
The hoodie was her boyfriend's. He left it at her house and she was going to return it that day when she saw him at college but decided to try it on first.
During her first class, AP Chemistry, she got a couple looks from some acquaintances. The same thing in the next class and afterwards she went to the common's room to find her man and eat some food.
She didn't see him when she scanned the room so she shot him a text asking him to meet her by the cafe where a few of her friends were.
"Woah, y/n! What is the eyesore you're wearing?" One tall skinny boy remarked when she walked up with her hands shoved in the pockets.
"Shut up, Hyunjin, you wore a maid outfit last Halloween and a pink and orange spongebob shirt last week at the skatepark, you have no high ground here." Everyone laughed as Hyunjin tried to defend himself.
"Besides, it's my boyfriend's, he left it at my house last night and so I stole it." Y/n snickered.
Right on cue two hands circled around her waist from behind and slipped themselves into the hoodie pockets to hold her hands. "Thief." Jisung's voice was right in her ear before he kissed it gently.
Hyunjin fake gagged at the PDA. "Ew, that's as gross as your fashion taste, Sung." He jabbed.
"Nyeh, nyeh as bad as your fashion taste, blah blah." Jisung copied in a mocking tone.
He turned his attention back to y/n and Hyunjin went back to talking to his girlfriend. "Am I getting this back any time soon?"
Y/n shrugged. "Maybe... I'm starting to like it. Maybe I'll just keep it." She joked.
Jisung still held her in his arms and rocked side to side and hummed. "Or I can just buy you your own."
"Oh no, please don't waste more of your money on something like this." She laughed. The others were back to their own conversation.
"You remember where I bought this, right?"
Y/n was organizing the hoodies in the back of her work, an alternative clothing and apparel store when someone cleared their throat behind her.
She turned around to see quite possibly the cutest human being she'd ever seen. He was wearing baby blue tie-dye sweat pants and an oversized white tee shirt with pink flowers all over it and high top platform converse.
But it wasn't just his outfit, he had the cutest face ever. Brown puppy dog eyes with faint blue eyeshadow and the softest pink cheeks lifted up due to his friendly smile.
"Hi, could I look at that hoodie there?" He pointed to the color-block cat hoodie.
Y/n snapped herself out of the mini daze she found herself in. "Uh, yes. What size?"
"The biggest size you have, please?"
"No problem." She grabbed the hoodie off of the rack and handed it to him. He held it up to the chest to get and idea of what it would look like on him.
"It would definitely look good on you." Y/n complimented. She always did to customers as a way to get them to buy things or to just be polite but this time she really, truly meant it.
"Ya think?" He walked over to a mirror to look at it draped on his front. He nodded as if answering his own question.
"Do you want me to ring it up for you?"
"In a minute, I'm gonna look a round a little more first."
So Y/n took the hoodie to keep at the register for him while he finished shopping.
He came back a little later and dropped a few pins and miscellaneous items on the counter.
"This all for you today?" Y/n asked as she bagged everything up.
"Yes thank you."
Y/n told him his total and he fished around in his wallet before placing a wad of money in front of him.
He stepped away for a second, presumably to look at the jewelry, and as y/n counted the money, she found a slip of paper amongst it which read:
Will you go out with me
My number is *phone number*
Y/n was stunned for a second, thinking he must have accidentally grabbed the piece of paper while fishing for the money in his wallet. Someone else could have given him that, asking to go out with him. But she looked up at him and he was already staring at her from the jewelry rack and gave her a smile and a subtle wink.
Oh my gosh. He just winked at me? She thought. It was both cringey and cute. He came up to take the bag of stuff from her.
"Thank you!" He said.
"Y-yeah, you're welcome. Have a nice day." She stammered.
"You too. I'll talk to you later." And with that he turned to leave. From that comment she knew that he purposely gave her that sheet of paper.
"Yeah, of course I remember," Y/n said, rolling her eyes. "Don't get mushy on me now."
"Puh-lease." Begged Hyunjin, inserting himself back into their conversation for a second.
"No one asked, Hwang." Jisung snapped.
"Bleh..." Hyunjin stuck out his tongue and Jisung stuck his out back at him.
Hyunjin's girlfriend laughed. "What are you, four year olds?"
"Yeah, stop fighting girlies, you're both pretty." Y/n teased.
"I got to head to class now, I'll catch up with you later, y/n." Hyunjin's girl said and left with Hyunjin clinging to her hand.
Jisung came around to face y/n straight on. "Do you really think Hyunjin is pretty?" He pouted.
Y/n smiled. "Yes..." Jisung frowned. "But not as pretty as you, come on, let's get something to eat, I'm hungry."
Jisung smiled and slung his arm around her shoulder. "Okay, let's go."
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clotpolesonly · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
@teenwolflegacy​’s Bitten Betas Week
day 2: favorite ship dynamic
Scott climbed the stairs quietly, ears and nose on alert for anything that didn’t belong. After all the shit they’d been through, a small part of him was fully prepared for some crazy monster to come bursting out of his mother’s room to kill him on the spot. But, when he leaned through the half-open door, there was no monster. There was just Isaac, sitting at his mother’s desk, with what looked like half her makeup drawer laid out in front of him. Which, admittedly, wasn’t a whole lot. Her job was more about function than form and she didn’t bother to wear much makeup on a daily basis. But she had enough for special occasions.
The desk was against the opposite wall and Isaac’s head was down, but the mirror still gave Scott a decent view of the color on Isaac’s cheeks. There was color on his eyelids too, a foresty sort of green that he remembered his mom wearing for Christmas last year. From the way his eyelashes stood out against his cheeks, he had definitely applied some mascara.
Isaac lifted his head, intent on his own reflection. He had a tube of lipstick in hand. He only got one swipe of it onto his bottom lip before he caught sight of Scott behind him. He startled so badly that he dropped the lipstick and almost knocked over the stool he was sitting on. 
“Scott,” he breathed. “I wasn’t— I’m not—”
Scott’s nose was assaulted with the sharp, sour scent of fear.
Isaac’s heart was hammering, his eyes darting between Scott and the makeup. His hands were shaking as he started shoving things back into the drawer.
“This isn’t what it looks like. I was just—”
“You look nice.”
That wasn’t what Scott had intended to say. He’d meant to say that it was fine, no worries—anything to make him less anxious, honestly—but his mind was stuck on that dark sweep of eyelashes, on the way the green eyeshadow made the blue of Isaac’s eyes pop, on the long fingers wrapped carefully around the red lipstick tube. For a moment, that had been the only thought in his head: that Isaac looked…nice.
More than nice, honestly.
Isaac froze at the words, and Scott held his breath. Slowly, Isaac looked up, dark-lashed eyes wide and wary. The stripe of lipstick on his bottom lip was jarringly dark against his pale skin now that the natural color had drained from his face. He looked almost as scared as he smelled.
Scared of him, Scott realized, of his reaction.
(read the rest on AO3)
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walls10mcfarland · 4 days ago
Whether or not we like it or perhaps not, we are now living in a society that judges us centered our outward appearance. Fortunately, you will find steps all of us may take to appear far better.So whether your main goal is much better locks, better skin, far better makeup products, or perhaps a general much better visual appeal, this article is on this page to aid!
Splendor is normally within the vision from the beholder. There are various things in the world that are stunning. Probably the trees on your property are wonderful, or even your spouse or spouse. Your coronary heart is going to be pleased when you hunt for splendor. Individuals who locate splendor in lots of issues are generally best. Red eyeballs allow you to appearance fatigued and worn-out. Bioluma longer eyelashes serum review of eyes drops inside your purse and reapply as needed during the day. In the home, keep a bottle of eye declines within the family fridge to renew your eyesight when you get home from a day in the dry, air flow conditioned business office. In case you are a balding person it might be time for you to attempt new hair growth products. Lots of women find balding to be unattractive, and if you have the chance to grow back your own hair then it is really worth the energy. Several of these merchandise is not prohibitively pricey, hence they are well worth a go. When you have striking light brown eye, you can enjoy them up by adding eyeshadow, liner, and mascara in shades that happen to be especially perfect for the eyesight colour. Seek out rich, matte shadows in shades of environmentally friendly, copper, and blue. These colors add degree and power in your eyes color, particularly if topped with a few jackets of navy mascara. For gorgeous head of hair, include essential oil to your hair care regimen. You can make your own hair shinier, a lot less frizzy, and mask graying by adding a few declines of gas in your your hair every day. Excellent natural oils to utilize are castor, rosemary, or sesame skin oils. All are affordable and widely accessible. If you're in a position to afford to pay for it, take into consideration receiving doubles of beauty products that you're gonna commonly use. Lipstick, groundwork and hands products are some thing to think about acquiring lots of. Keep these convenient inside your washroom or at your workplace. This can provide you with a powerful back up program should you be to forget one step if in a hurry. If the notion of implementing pieces of false lashes provides you with frosty ft, take into account solitary lashes as an alternative. These are significantly simpler to use and require only a small amount of eye lash fasten, compared to the amount used for complete lashes. Personal lashes, when positioned in the outside spot of the eye, generate a a lot more organic effect. The simplest and absolute least expensive strategy to minimize morning hours eyesight puffiness is applying wet natural cotton balls thatbyou have put in the refrigerator! Basically relax the cotton balls under a jogging tap, or use bottled water if your faucet contains lots of chlorine, burst them in a plastic material bag and retailer them in the freezer. Can come early morning when your eye are half closed and puffy, those cold 100 % cotton balls work fast miracle! If you are looking for your organic shine from the eyebrows and lashes, petroleum jelly is a good tool to utilize. Apply some at bedtime, every night time. Once you get up, make sure to remember to clean it away. This may make your eyelashes and brows gleaming, all day long. Those who have honest hair and skin need some additional tinting to bring out meaning. The ideal is by using eyebrow tinting, this will likely reveal colour of your own eyebrows along with add more another burst to your eye. Occasionally the understated little things can obtain the most difference. If you find yourself relly below time pressure, here's a fantastic suggestion regarding how to do a fast makeup job. Set some waxy lip balm on your own fingertip. Then set a darker eyeliner added to that. Smear it on to your eyeballs. Then accomplish with mascara. Apply lipstick. You're all set! A lot of women like to use concealer beneath their groundwork. If you've use up all your concealer, or can't think it is, appearance inside the cover of your respective foundation. Water and cream foundations tend to acquire and thicken in the cover and definately will work nicely inside a crunch for an urgent concealer. In today's culture, a great deal of the way we are dealt with depends on everything we seem like. The fact is that whatever we seem like is important, whether we go along with it or otherwise not, and fortunately that you have issues we can easily do in order to boost our total looks. Just apply some of the ideas located here and it will help a lot!
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The Tragedy of Dark Hearts and Young Ones, Chapter 11
Eleven Alina Starkov Alina had never been particularly fashionable. Having spent most of her school career wearing uniforms, she hadn’t exactly had the chance to embrace it. Nikolai was more of a fashion snob than she was, and after spending the day with Baghra, she was glad that it had never been anything she was obsessed with. Fashion hurt. After spending the whole of morning and afternoon being poked and prodded, Alina finally managed to convince Baghra she had enough dresses.
Alina managed to sneak away while the stylist was packing up her things. But the minute she was up in her room, there was a knocking on the door. “Alina?” Stella called.
Alina sighed as she leaned against the door. All she wanted to do was to hide away from everyone. If it was Baghra, she might try climbing out of the window. For someone who had seemed sweet the night before, she had as much a devious nature as her son did.
“Yes?” Alina called.
“I’ve been told to come help dress you for dinner.” x
“No. No. No more dressing. Besides, I’m not going to dinner remember. I’m on a hunger strike.”
“I’m afraid that won’t work,” said Stella, “can I come in?”
Alina reluctantly moved away from the door.
In her hands, Stella held a slinky, black dress. “I’ve been informed that you are supposed to wear this to dinner.”
Alina scowled. “Informed by who?”
“Lord Morozova texted Baghra,” she said, “and Baghra texted him pictures of all of the designs that the stylists had.”
Alina sighed. “Of course, he did. Of course, he picked out the dress. He has decided that I belong with him so I am incapable of wearing anything that he hasn’t chosen. Well, I’m not wearing that dress.”
Stella raised an eyebrow. “You’re not?”
“No,” she said.
Alina went to the side of her bed and rummaged through her backpack. “This.”
She pulled out a dress that was sapphire blue and decorated with golden swirls on it. “I’m wearing this.”
“What happened to the hunger strike?” Stella said.
“If I’m forced into going, I’m not going in his colors. I’m completely capable of making my own choices, and the sooner he realizes that I’m not going to let him be bullied the better I am.”
Stella looked at her warily. “Are you certain that’s a good idea? Lord Morozova…”
“Is an arse?” Alina said.
Stella hid a smile. “No. Lord Morozova is incredibly particular. He won’t like it if you don’t do what he wants.”
“Well, he’s going to have to learn that I’m not someone that’s going to cower just because Lord Morozova commands it. I am not one of his soldiers. He might as well get used to me being in defiance.”
“He might put you in the brig. Or the dungeon.”
“Let him,” Alina said, “if it means that I don’t have to be anywhere near him, I’m happy about it.”
“It just might be easier to simply do as he wants.”
“I don’t want things easy for him. I want him to be miserable until he decides to give up this stupid wedding.”
“Yes, that sounds like a good plan. Until you do, I think that you should wear your hair up and maybe some silver eyeshadow.”
“Help me sneak out the window,” Alina begged.
“You have a wonderful sense of humor, Miss Starkov. You will need it if you are going to survive being here.”
Alina sighed. “Fine. Silver eyeshadow would be nice.”
Stella smiled. “Take a seat, and I’ll help you with your hair and makeup.”
“Let me get changed first.” Alina changed in the bathroom, then she came out and sat down at the vanity, and Stella helped her get ready for the evening. She didn’t like the idea of spending a whole evening alone with Lord Morozova, but it was nothing compared to spending the whole rest of her life with the man.
After Stella was done, Alina looked at the mirror.
She stared in awe. “I look….”
“Is it too much?” Stella said.
“No,” Alina said, “you did amazing. I’ve never seen myself look like this before. I look….is it egotistical if I say beautiful?”
Stella smiled. “No. It’s just right.”
There was a knock on the door. “Miss Starkov, are you presentable?” He was back, and she was going to have to spend the evening with him. Alina’s stomach clenched.
“Don’t leave me,” she said.
Stella smiled. “You’ll be fine, Miss Starkov.”
Stella opened the door, and she slipped out.
The door was caught by a hand and Lord Morozova stood in the doorway. “Are you ready for dinner?”
“Yes,” she said.
He stepped back and took her in. “Didn’t Stella show you the dress that I picked out?”
“The one that looked like it was a for a funeral? Yes, I refused to wear it.”
“What on earth for?” he said. “It was designer. The finest Ravkaan---”
“Black isn’t my color,” said Alina, “and you aren’t my type.”
He smirked. “I am everyone’s type, and you’ll find that out soon enough. Come on Miss Starkov, you’ll find that I don’t like lateness.”
He offered her his arm.
She swept from the room without taking it.
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Ethereal Aesthetic
Ethereal is a delicate aesthetic which revolves around nature and specifically bloomed-gardens with hidden castles or cottages, fountains and marble garden statues. Its deep admiration for nature is connected with its key values such as tranquillity and kindness. It is known that in gardens and generally in nature you find peace and calmness. Due to the strong admiration for nature and the connection to the sentiment of love, people who embrace this aesthetic always try to embody the heavenly feeling of nature. Thus, their clothes have pale colors such as pink, white, blue, yellow and green sometimes combined with lace. The most common pattern for clothes is floral with the tiny flowers of different colors that are as delicate and light as this whole aesthetic. Floral corset, midi skirts, satin dresses and lacy lingerie are some of the key elements to one’s look. Straw bags are something that an ethereal would wear because it is simple and natural and matches with the vibe that they want to pass. Hair accessories like foulards preferably in a matching color as the outfit will beautify their long wavy hair. As far as the makeup goes it is rather simple with a light eyeshadow and a glossy lipgloss just for emphasizing one’s facial features. 
Tumblr media
An ethereal instagram account to get inspiration from is zeewipark which will give you an idea of beautiful landscapes that a modern day ethereal would take pictures to. Also, waterfalls, lagoons, lily ponds, small farms, castles and flower fields are some lovely places too.
Tumblr media
Some of the songs that will make you feel like you are a princess running in a valley covered with purple flowers are the following:
Debussy- Deux Arabesques (Harpe) - Héloïse de Jenlis
The Girl With the Flaxen Hair- Claude Debussy
So this is love- Ilene Woods
No.2 remembering her- Esther Abrami
Scarborough Fair- Simon & Garfunkel
Nocturnal Waltz
When you wish upon a star
Moonlight Sonata- Beethoven
Ballade No.4 in F minor- Chopin
The French Library- Franz Gordon
Joe Hisaishi- Merry-Go-Round 
Debussy- Reverie
Movies that come out as a comfort for every beautiful princess in this world are:
(First we have the animated movies and then the non-animated movies)
Cinderella (1950)
Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Beauty and the Beast (1992)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1938)
The sleeping beauty (1959)
Tangled (2010)
The princess and the frog (2009)
Cinderella (2015)
Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Pride & Prejudice (2005)
The Secret Garden (1993)
The Secret of the moonacre (2008)
FairyTale: A True Story (1997)
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mechbeaut · 7 days ago
| @narcotlcs​ gets a special thing.
Birthdays were always meant to be special. It didn't matter the person who who was celebrating it. Rylan's mother had always made sure each of them had something for their special day and as time went on, Rylan had made sure Max had that continued for him, even if she had stopped celebrating her own, to focus on him and taking care of his. How many years had it been? She was unsure but all she knew was that she had been happy providing such a special occasion for her baby brother and the smile he would have and the hug she would receive always made the day that much better, especially for her. It's partly why she was so good at remembering dates for days like this. Birthdays, histories, it didn't matter. Dates were her thing because of that reason, so when she woke up today, there was a sly smile upon light lips and for once, in any time that wasn't a special occasion, Rylan was going to do a full face of light make up after a nice, long, hot shower. She was going to clad herself in a v-neck shirt that clung to her curves in the right places, paired with skinny jeans and a stark white belt. On her feet were the typical high top converse she wore with an outfit like that and she had wondered if she'd have time to stop to get a small gift. Even if it was just food. Something so that she wouldn't show up empty handed, but was she going too? Even after her light blue eyes glanced over to the bag sitting upon her bed that held a trench coat, stockings and a very large, vary difficult to come by, ribbon?
Rylan slips a black thin hair tie over her wrist as she grabs her wallet and keys, pocketing them before heading out the door, bag slung over her shoulder as she goes. She's got ideas for today. Ones to make it pass quickly but also wanting it to last as she found herself enjoying the company spent with him. The time they would laugh together or just have playful, flirty banter towards each other. Then again, the thought brings a smile to her lips until she walks to the garage her father owns. There's a roll of her eyes as one of the men, Mike, standing outside calls for her. Ignoring his beckonings, she grabs the keys from her father, instantly getting in the car to drive away. His baby. Something that he's threatened her life over if she ever hurt or destroyed it. A 2019 Chevy Truck. She wasn't much of a fan of the vehicle. She much preferred something that was faster. Not nearly as bulky. That had a sexy sense of style to it but this would do for today and perhaps for the night, depending if he wanted to spend that long with her.
Tumblr media
It doesn't take her long to arrive at the trailer. A neighborhood she doesn't feel go through often but also, doesn't feel quite out of place being in. Once parked, she moves the bag behind the drivers seat, hiding it because she's still not sure if she wants to do that part of the present for Felix tonight, but she grabs the pizza from the passenger seat as she climbs out, heading for the door. A lady never shows up empty handed to someone's house. Fuck that, a *person* doesn't show up empty handed. That was just manners, after all. There's a smile that lights up her features, eyes shining in the sun, surrounded by black eyeliner, mascara, and a hint of eyeshadow to make them pop and she feels the sense of her stomach flying away. Even if they had been spending a lot of time together, this had been one of the few times she hadn't used an excuse to spend time here, as her free hand raises, knuckles rapping across the door, her smile growing with her nerves as he answers. "Happy Birthday, blondie. You want some free pizza?" Rylan sticks her tongue out with her greeting. Giggling a little as she offers him the box. "I didn't get any beer, since I didn't really have time but as they say, it's you're day." Her smile grows, something mischievous shifts into her gaze. "I was thinking we could do a bunch of fun shit today? Maybe see a festival or hit up a movie at the theater?"
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mostly-mundane-atla · 7 days ago
Modern au where Ursa was a dramatic soprano before Ozai and his family uprooted her life. She didn't really get a chance to start a carreer as it all happened when she was still in college, but she was told she had so much potential. It was noted how she truly seemed to just "step into" the rolls, shifting her expressions and behaviors in such a way that she was unrecognizable as herself rather than her character. She was quoted saying, "if it were just about sounding good, then we would only do concerts. Opera tells a story and I want to do what I can to help tell it."
And one night Zuko messes with a vcr and Azula wakes up to him hissing "come on, work!" at it and blue light from the tv screen.
Still half asleep she goes and asks him ehat he's doing.
Having finally got the old home video to play he points to the screen asking "Did you know Mom was an opera singer?"
It's hard to tell at first because the footage is grainy and the woman on screen is much younger than either of them ever remembering their mother to be, but that's her nose, her lips and jawline, her hands. It's undeniably her, but at the same time, how could it be? How could their quiet, reserved, measured-out mother have a voice so big, so flowing, so silvery, dipping and soaring through the notes like it's all she knew? There's a handful of musicians behind her, not a full orchestra but enough for accompanyment, and she's wearing a very basic version of a costume that would probably be added onto over her own clothes with nothing done with hair or makeup. Azula thought she recognized the music as Verdi though Zuko said the tape was unmarked so they wouldn't know for sure.
There's something genuine behind the emotion and theatrics. Everything that made it feel so fake seemed to melt away. The musicians seemed a wall and the prop bottle seemed to be real glass to them. The shimmery eyeshadow and red lipstick she wore to rehearsal didn't matter, nor did the beginnings of a historical gown over her off-the-rack blouse and slacks. It was so jarring to hear applause from what seemed to be a mix of friends and fellow cast members. Seeing her snap out of the role, cracking a smile at the praise and giving a frivolous curtsy was like seeing a ghost leave her body.
And they both had to wonder if being a wife and mother was another role for her.
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firefly-doll · 9 days ago
i tried to make a friend at goodwill last night but she was kinda shy. we didnt talk much ... ill remember u as the girl with glitter green & blue eyeshadow who handed me the denim skirt with embroidered butterflies . thank u 🤎
Tumblr media
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carelessannie · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WinterSpider x Playing with Makeup
Inspo from when I was looking through makeup at the store today: What if Peter and Bucky are dating and both curious about makeup? Of course they would experiment on each other. --- “Hold still! This was your idea, remember?" “M'kay, yeah— but only after findin' your pinterest board." Peter huffs, reaching across to steal a few swipes of blue from Bucky’s eyeshadow palette, earning him a squawk in annoyance.
Their bodies are pressed almost flush together, chest to chest. They lost their shirts earlier during the first blush palette explosion, and now they trade quick smudges of eyeshadow and dabs of highlighter along with longer, sticky kisses and soft confessions.
After another sweet kiss, tasting of artificial cherries, Peter puts down his brush and picks up his new pink and sparkly nail polish, giving Bucky his best puppy dog eyes.
Bucky just rolls his eyes, mouth stretching into an indulgent smile, as he puts down his own brush and extends a hand to rest in Peter’s.
“Might as well,” he grumbles, but his eyes sparkle, dark and inviting thanks to the color Peter has already applied. He looks gorgeous. Stunning.
Peter places a quick kiss on Bucky’s hand, and whispers, “You’re my Prince Charming, James."
Bucky just leans closer, nosing around his ear and whispering back, “And you’re my happy ending, Pete.”
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Tumblr media
A Thoroughly Modern Mystery, by @harrypotterhogwartsshitpost
Overview: A modern day twist on a hogwarts mystery story.
Episode seventeen: Celestial Ball
(18+ sexual activity)
Victoria wakes up in someone else’s bed, she’s not sure what time it is, but it’s most likely late morning or early afternoon judging by the amount of light coming in the open window. She tries to roll over but she can’t, there’s an arm around her, someone’s spooning her.
Bill realizes Victoria has woken up. His voice still sounds sleepy.
Bill: Good morning.
Upon hearing Bill’s voice, Victoria is immediately comforted.
Victoria: Good morning.
Bill kisses Victoria on the top of the head. They both smile.
Victoria: What time is it?
Bill looks at the clock on the other side of the room.
Bill: Eleven forty three.
Victoria: How did I get here?
Bill: You fell asleep while I was carrying you back to the castle.
Victoria: Oh.
Victoria: Yeah, that sounds like me…
Bill: You know this is kinda nice?
Victoria: What?
Bill: Holding you in my arms, waking up with you, sleeping in with you.
Victoria giggles as Bill pulls her a bit close, kissing her on top of her head again.
Victoria: Did I skip class again?
Bill: Not really. About fifteen minutes into first block there was a horrible explosion during NEWT level potions, and all morning classes were canceled so they can clear the smoke from the dungeons and the first couple of floors.
Victoria: Oh.
Bill: How do you feel?
Victoria: fine, I don’t have a hangover if that’s what you were wondering. Ivvy’s don’t get those.
Bill: I see.
Bill: Do you remember anything from last night?
Victoria: yeah, I wasn’t that drunk.
Bill: So you remember…?
Victoria rolls over to face Bill.
Victoria: Do you remember the Celestial Ball?
Bill: Yeah. and how you still wear your dress sometimes.
Bill laughs a little, and so does Victoria.
Victoria: Let me tell you how I remember the night of the ball...
Victoria: It was announced that the ball for all of Hogwarts, and I looked at the available guys in my year… not that great… I guess going with someone not in my year never crossed my mind… I figured I would ask your brother and we could go as friends, but he was long gone by then.
Victoria walks into the Transfiguration room, The ball starts in approximately an hour and a half, and Andre offered to do her hair and makeup along with making her dress.
Andre: There ya are Victoria! Right on time!
Victoria: Hey Andre! Thanks so much for doing all this!
Andre: It’s not a problem. What’s the point of being the most fashionable wizard at Hogwarts if I never get to put my talents to use? You ready for the big reveal?
Victoria: Of course!
Andre rolls away a divider, revealing Victoria’s new dress behind it. It’s a deep yet eye-catching blue covered in sparkling stars and constellations. It’s floor length with a straight skirt. The top is tight, with cap sleeves and a collar.
Victoria gasps
Victoria: Andre it’s beautiful!!
Andre smiles proudly.
Andre: Thank you. Now step behind the curtain and try it on.
Victoria goes to try on her dress. She steps out from behind the curtain, and it’s a perfect fit.
Victoria: Andre, it’s perfect! Ya know normally I prefer princess or ball gown silhouettes, but this, everything about this is just perfect!
Victoria hugs Andre.
Andre: I’m glad it meets your high standards. Now, come sit over here so I can do your hair and makeup.
Victoria sits and Andre works on her hair and makeup. Her hair gets put in a low bun with a constellation headband that matches her dress. Her makeup features a bright red lip with bold winged eyeliner and sparkly eyeshadow to match the stars on her dress.
Andre hands Victoria a hand mirror.
Andre: What do you think?
Victoria: Andre it’s beautiful! I look beautiful! I almost shed a tear but I stopped myself, I don’t wanna ruin this look.
Andre: And I thank you for that.
Andre steps behind the curtain to change.
Victoria: So what are you wearing?
Andre: Oh nothing much, I decided to go with something simple to allow my other designs to shine.
Andre steps out from behind the curtain, he’s in a deep purple turtleneck, a blazer, and some matching slacks, completed with a gold chain.
Victoria: Wow. That looks really good Andre!
Andre: You really think so?
Victoria: So is your date also doing for a simple look?
Andre: Oh, well, see, the thing is… I don’t exactly have a date…
Victoria: Well… I don’t have a date either…
Andre: Oh…
Andre: Well then, would you like to maybe, I don’t know-
Victoria: I’d love to be your date Andre.
Andre: Really!? I would have asked sooner, but I guess I was just scared you’d say no…
Victoria: You never know until you ask. Now let’s get going before we’re more than just fashionably late.
Bill: That’s a really cute story Victoria... but I already knew you went to the ball with Andre.
Victoria: I know... I’m not done yet.
Victoria is sitting at a table during the ball. Bill sits down next to her.
Bill: Hey.
Victoria: Hey.
Bill: I brought you a drink, you looked like you could use one.
Victoria smiles.
Victoria: Oh, thanks.
Victoria: Nice job telling off Emily back there.
Bill: Oh that- that was nothing, she deserved that a long time ago. I don’t even know why I liked her.
Victoria: You know I never knew what you saw in her either, but I wasn’t going to say anything.
Bill: Well next time, speak up.
They both laugh.
Bill: You look absolutely stunning by the way, like, wow.
Victoria blushes.
Victoria: Well, you have Andre to thank for this, he did the dress, the hair and the makeup.
Bill: Honestly, I might just have to thank him.
He laughs.
Bill: So where is Andre anyways? I thought he was your date?
Victoria: He’s over there dancing. I started to feel a little light headed so I came over here to sit down and get a drink.
Bill: Oh.
Victoria: So, how long are you staying?
Bill: I don’t know. Probably not too much longer. I didn’t want to leave right after Emily left and risk running into her in the halls.
Victoria: That was probably a safe call.
They both laugh a little.
“Hey Victoria… Hey Bill.”
Victoria jumps a little, and turns around to see Andre behind her.
Victoria: Hey Andre.
Andre: You feeling any better?
Victoria glances at Bill and smiles.
Victoria: Yeah, a little.
Andre: I’m sorry, were you two in the middle of something?
Victoria: Oh, no, we were just discussing how cool it was when he told Emily off.
Andre: Okay. Do you want another drink?
Victoria: Oh! Thanks, but Bill just brought me one.
Andre: Oh, well Bill seems to have you taken care of soo, I’ll go back to dancing with the other Ravenclaws.
Victoria: You don’t have to, you can sit and chat with us.
Andre: Thanks, but you two seem to have a thing going.
Andre turns around and walks back to the dance floor.
Victoria calls after him
Victoria: Well- Have fun!
She turns back around and sighs.
Victoria: Well, I guess I just lost my date...
Bill: I can stay with you if you’d like. I never bothered to ask anyone so I’m free.
Victoria: So what about all the people that asked you? Did you turn them all down?
Bill nods.
Bill: Yeah. I guess they weren’t what I was looking for.
Victoria: Classic you, never satisfied.
They both laugh.
Bill: Shut up!
Victoria: Seriously though, it would mean a lot if you stayed here with me. It’d suck to be stuck dateless and alone at my first ball.
Bill: Of course, I wouldn’t want to see you like that.
Victoria: Thanks Bill, you’re the best, I mean it.
The scene changes to the dance floor, crowded with people. Upbeat music is playing, lights are flashing. People are dancing, singing, yelling over each other.
Victoria is dancing up against Bill. Their friends keep pointing at them and whispering over the music, but they’re not paying attention.
Bill yells over the music.
Bill: I’m having a great time!
Victoria: What!?
Bill: I’m having a great time!!
Victoria smiles.
Victoria: Me too!
They keep dancing.
Bill kisses Victoria deeply while the music continues to roar. After a few more kisses he leads her over to one of the tables and picks her up, sitting her on it. They continue to make out until someone interrupts them.
“Excuse me.”
They don’t hear.
“Excuse me!!”
They still aren’t phased.
“Weasley!! Ivvy!!”
Bill and Victoria pull away from each other and are faced with Professor McGonagall.
Mcgonagall: This is a ball, not a nightclub! If you can’t keep your hands off of each other you need to leave!
Victoria: But-
McGonagall: No buts! Both of you out!! Now!!
Victoria: Yes ma’am...
Bill: Yes professor...
Bill rolls his eyes and laughs.
Bill: Yeah yeah yeah… we got kicked out of the ball.
Victoria: And remember what we did after that?
Victoria and Bill are in his dorm. They’ve removed most of their clothes and have been making out for the past hour, while everyone else has been enjoying the ball.
Bill: Are you sure you want to do this?
Victoria smiles
Victoria: Yes, I’m sure.
Bill: Okay, but if get uncomfortable just let me know.
Bill: Yeah ya know, that does sound kinda familiar.
Victoria: You mean how we had sex after the ball?
Bill laughs.
Bill: Yeah I think I might remember something like that happening.
Victoria: And we woke up the next morning, and promised not to say anything, and act like it never happened. Because our friends would never shut-up about it... and we just weren’t ready to deal with it.
Bill: Even though you constantly tease me about having never been with a girl before.
Victoria: I just gotta make sure you haven’t slept with any other girls, and that you remember our deal.
Bill: And why’s that?
Victoria: Uhh... no reason! I just like to check in... You’re my friend… And I’m really nosey...
Bill: So it’s not because you have feelings for me?
Victoria: I- uhh... No! That’s crazy!
Bill: Well then now that I think about it, not long after that I ran into Emily and uhh-
Victoria: Oh shut-up!
They both laugh.
Bill: Whatever you say.
Bill: You... Do you ever think back to that night?
Victoria chuckles a little.
Victoria: Yeah... I do. I had a really great time with you that night.
Bill: Yeah, I did too.
Bill: I guess I kinda want to do it again sometimes.
Victoria: Wow, a teenage boy wants to have sex with a teenage girl... what a shock.
They both laugh.
Bill: Shut-up. It’s not like that.
Victoria: Well you need to learn how to pull out before we do that again anyways.
Bill’s face gets red.
Bill: Come on! That was my first time like that, and I wasn’t expecting it to happen so fast-
Victoria laughs.
Victoria: Whatever you say.
Victoria: So when you’re thinking about it are you like jerking off, or is it more of a in bed trying to fall asleep situation-
Bill: You are impossible.
Victoria laughs.
Victoria: I’m just teasing you.
Bill smiles.
Bill: I know.
Victoria: In all seriousness, I did have a really great time with you that night. I always have a really great time when I’m with you.
Bill: Yeah, I have a great time when I’m with you as well.
Victoria: And that night, when we were talking and dancing. I don’t know. I guess something clicked.
Bill: What do you mean?
Victoria: That was when I knew I had feelings for you.
Bill smiles before kissing Victoria.
Bill: The feelings are mutual.
Bill kisses Victoria again, getting on top of her and pinning her down by her wrists.
Victoria smiles
Victoria: What are you doing?
He doesn’t answer, he simply smiles and goes back to kissing Victoria, not excluding her neck and her chest. He puts his hand on her thigh, guiding her legs around his waist. Victoria moans softly as his lips leave a tingling sensation on her neck. She whimpers as he grinds against her, feeling a heat across her whole body.
Bill speaks softly.
Bill: Oh you like that?
Victoria whimpers.
Bill: Say it, say you like it.
Victoria’s voice breaks as she speaks.
Victoria: I-I- fuuuuuuuck
She loses her concentration as Bill’s hand slips under her shirt.
Bill: Good girl, good girl. There we go.
Victoria’s moans get a little louder.
Bill: Good-
He cuts himself off, kissing her some more.
Suddenly the door opens.
“Hey- What the hell are you guys doing!?”
They pull back from each other and look at Charlie, who’s standing in the doorway.
Bill: ...Uhh...
Bill sits up
Victoria: ...Chilling...vibing...the usual...
Charlie: Riiight...Well... Madam Rakepick requests that the two of you meet her in her classroom.
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jr1ng · 14 days ago
A beginner's (it's me, I'm the beginner) guide to correcting deep set eyes
My eyes are pretty average otherwise in terms of shape. Maybe slightly tilted downwards. I've gathered tips from here and there on how to deal with my deep set eyes. I am South Asian, light-medium skin tone.
Definitely moisturize and prime the under-eyes since the skin there tends to be dry. If you're like me you have two main problems: 1. Your eyes are sunken into the orbital socket (especially when you're tired) 2. You have a lot of purplish brown pigmentation all around your eyes.
To deal with the pigmentation, I personally use a sheer orangey lipstick or lip tint as colour corrector (since orange cancels blue/purple). It doesn't cover up the area, but it turns more brown than purple. Does anybody else do this? It seems to eliminate greyness for me! Anyway, remember to apply whichever colour corrector you use only on the darkest parts of the pigmentation and blend it out, otherwise you'll end up with too much and there are better ways to achieve the igari blush look.
You probably have a ridge under your eyes if they're deep set. Apply the concealer directly onto that ridge in a line. Preferably a medium to full coverage concealer, don't pick one that's too much lighter than your skin tone. Then apply a little dot on the outer corner of your eye. Blend the dot and the ridge line till they join. Then blend upwards until you reach the lower lashline. Lower lashline should have minimum product to prevent creasing, while the "ridge area" should have maximum. If pigmentation is still showing through, apply another coat. If you want, you can go over the ridge with a lighter concealer. Set it with powder, don't use excessive powder though because it definitely shows.
When going for a "no makeup" look, I don't conceal or prime my eyelids. The hyperpigmentation is my natural eyeshadow, lol. Instead I use certain tricks to change their shape. One of the best tips I've gotten was to blend your crease colour above your natural crease. Go for a matte contour colour and blend it onto the overhanging area just above your (deep set) crease. It makes the orbital bone look receded. Don't use a lighter crease colour, because that just makes it look more prominent and deepens your natural crease.
To make your eyes look more almond shaped and farther apart, you can blend the contour colour outwards. Use a shimmer highlight shade (if you wanna go extra subtle use a shimmery brown) and put it on the inner side of your eyelid. Apply mascara in a sideways motion to the outer lashes mostly, sweeping them outwards.
To make them more round and prominent, apply your contour colour in an arch above the natural crease. Put the shimmer shade on the center of your eyelid (wherever your pupil is when looking straight). Apply mascara to all the lashes, moving upwards instead of out.
If you want to do an inner corner highlight, use a really small brush to highlight only the tear duct area. Don't spread it around too much because that might make the inner corner look more hollow and sunken.
Before vs after (wish it would show up better on camera)
Almond vs Round (not a drastic difference unless you go harder with the eyeshadow. But it's there, I promise)
That's all the stuff I know. Do remember this is only for a subtle "natural" look, but for a more glam look you can use the same principles. I hope it might help some of you. If you're more experienced or you disagree with any points here, please do comment, I'd love to improve. Please be nice, I tried my best.
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forevealuna · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
So, I’ve been posting about her on DeviantART— but if there are some Creepypasta kids still out there— check this shit out. She is the first Creepypasta OC I’ve made in a couple years. Her original concept was just a slasher/horror sona— but I’ve fallen into hold habits and fell back in love with the Creepypasta fandom. Lemme know what y’all think!
--The Final Girl Becomes The Slasher--
Name: Juniper Adora Villanueva
Nickname (optional): Juni-- (a nickname her family and friends name her growing up, she stuck with it since she only wants to remember that as her name).
Kill count (How many characters has your character killed? optional): about 20 people, including the slasher that failed countless times to take her life, resulting in emotional, mental and physical scarring and losing vision in her right eye. (your left-- just for verification).
Proxy for (optional, you don't need to pick a side if you wish to be neutral): she’s pretty neutral, but likes hanging out with “s-man,” as she likes to call him.
Weapon(s): a barb-wire, nail-coated, and wooden baseball bat.
Gender + Pronouns: cis-female (she/her)
Sexuality: Demisexual
Age: 19
Date of birth/death: July 8
Height + Weight: 5’2 and 154LBs
Species: human
Scent: floral, like a mix of roses and baby powder
Appearance (picture is acceptable at bottom of ref): Juni is at a whopping 5’2, making her more on the short side. She’s also a little pudgy, which isn’t a bad thing. Her natural hair is curly and black, but she dyes it and straightens it-- then throwing it into a shorter version of Sailor moon’s iconic half-bun, half-pigtails. Her hair currently is dyed a bright red, mostly to match her long cyberpunk coat. She is blind in her right eye, and there is a nasty scar around the area, making it impossible to grow back her, so she shaves her eyebrows into sideways tear drops. Her make-up is a bit clownish, having dark purple eyeshadow around her eyes, then winged, spiked eye liner in a navy blue color. Her under eye is two thin, red triangles with dots at the bottom. In the middle of her forehead, a loose “v” shape, a few small markings above that, and a dot in the center of that. She also sports wearing very messy, dark purple lipstick. Her skin color has become more dull, and pale over time-- since she rarely goes out in the sun anymore and prefers covering up her scarring by wearing a coat all the time. Under the coat is a crop top with two buckles-- one on the neck, the other one the chest. It also twists downward, being sure to show the dark mesh top underneath. Juni also has a long pencil skirt being held up by a dark, corset-like belt. Under the skirt is a pair of dark panty hose, since she wants to cover up as much as possible, and she wears platform boots to appear taller. The amount of piercings Juni has is two facial piercings, an eyebrow piercing on her left side, and a lip piercing on her left side. She has no tattoos.
Hobbies (welding, reading, gaming, etc.): reading comics, playing video games, cooking, having a collection of creepy toys
Personality (including flaws in personality): Juni can often be a very bold person depending on who she is with, which can be a bad thing-- meaning she can get herself and others into trouble very quickly. She’s very care-free, and will sometimes just speak her mind without thinking-- another trait that can be bad. Like a lot of people who are trouble-makers and very bold, Juni is quite the softie. Kids, troubled teens, and people similar to her in ways are what makes her heart change tone, and she’s willing to protect them like a sister/mother figure. When Juni is overwhelmed, her personality flips a switch and she becomes very reclusive and would rather be left alone or talk to people she is closer to or can relate to.
Occupation (before becoming a pasta): she was a waitress at a family-run diner
Mental disabilities (do NOT add disabilities to your characters that you know little to nothing about, it avoids stereotyping and misrepresentation): Juni suffers from C-PTSD and survivor’s guilt-- both stemmed from surviving years worth of torment from the Slasher out for her life and losing those she cared about around her. Because of her C-PTSD, Juni will often forget how to regulate her emotions or recall good things from her past--sometimes even in that moment she’s interacting with someone and/or doing something. When she does, it is immediately plagued by the guilt she has of being the only one left alive out of her highschool friend group. This will lead her to push others away, even if she’s pretty close to them, since she’s afraid she’ll get that person hurt or even killed.
Strengths (name at least 3): With her weakened vision, Juni’s sense of hearing has heightened. Juni also is pretty strong, since learning how to wield her bat (and without accidentally injuring herself). Another thing, Juni is pretty swift and can usually take down her targets with ease.
Weaknesses (name at least 3, if your character has a strong ability like super strength, its 2 flaws to the one strength.): Juni’s vision is weakened and her blind spots are bigger because of her eye. Guns, and anything that requires two eyes she can’t do. Juni has to rely on audio cues at night.
How did your character become a proxy? (third party doesn’t need to answer, proxies do): Juni spent her days hiding out in the abandoned campsite outside of town after ultimately defeating her attack, bludgeoning him with his own weapon-- being the bat. One day, while on a limited amount of food, not having showered for a long period of time, and still caked in old blood, she saw someone in a mask looking through the campsite. Still very on edge from what happened, it being dark, and suffering from poor night vision, she grabbed her bat-- prepared to bludgeon the mysterious figure lurking in her territory-- only to find out it was someone who wanted to help her. This was after she was about to swing at the figure, a little confused by the pleas and begging for mercy. She was taken in, cleaned, fed, and sadly couldn’t get her vision correct.
Backstory: Juni had a pretty normal life growing up. She had a loving supportive family, a great friend group, and an amazing boyfriend. Also, she worked a pretty decent job, being a waitress at her family’s diner, and was top of her class. Life was pretty good.. Or so she thought. Sophomore year was here soon enough, and it would be reminding some people of how much homework, essays, or studying for final exams you’d have to do-- with the addition of planning for college-- but for Juni’s situation, that wasn’t the case. On the morning of April 20th, Juni-- and everyone in the school-- got an invitation to a party. Juni happily accepted, since she already knew her friends and boyfriend were going to be there. The party led to her seeing a mysterious figure with all black clothing--except for the coat, a red eye on the mask and a jagged smile. Juni thought her drink might have been spiked, not knowing this would be the person targeting her and all her friends. The day after the party, and Juni returned to school, everything wasn't like a typical school day. People were whispering about her, looking in her direction, and everything felt to quiet. Juni still pressed on to her locker, not minding the quiet discussions going on around her. Her locker had a putrid smell, and when she opened it-- a pool of blood and an almost unidentifiable body fell out of the locker. The body barely missed Juni, but smeared her in blood. The only way Juni recognized who it was, was because of the Letterman Jacket with her High School Boyfriend's last name on it. She screamed, sobbed, and was eventually interrogated by police about it.
Months had passed, and Christmas break was around the corner. Juni, who still mourned the loss of her boyfriend’s death, didn’t want to do anything except stay home with her family for Christmas. Sadly, her friends had booked them a trip to a ski resort in the area. It was the only thing the friends could think of to cheer Juni up. She reluctantly obliged, not wanting to upset her friends. This could definitely be a turn around in her mood, since she still had her friends, right? The ski resort was packed. It began to remind Juni of the party from April… the masked figure… then her boyfriend’s body. Her heart began racing, and she began to look for an exit, a way out. It took a lot of friends to convince her no masked man was after her, her friends, or even at the resort at all. This was reassuring to Juni, at least at the moment.
After settling in the cabin they were assigned, their hostess reassured everyone that what happened at the High School wasn’t going to happen at the campsite, for the ski resort has police strolling and people checking up on the guests. Juni felt a lot better about this. She regained confidence after being told this, and planned to really enjoy Christmas break now. That night, while everyone was settling into the cabin, one of Juni’s male friends discovered the bathroom wasn’t working too well. Instead of wanting to call someone to come take a look, he decided to go out in the dead of night. The next morning, he didn’t return. This worried Juni a lot and her friends tried to reassure her that it wasn’t anything bad. They knew the guy closely, and he probably got lost or ended up sleeping in the wrong cabin. Juni still insisted they looked, becoming a little on edge about it. Everyone finally came to a decision, and began searching for their missing friend. Not too far from where they were, they found the body. The head trauma was very similar to Juni’s boyfriend. She retched and began crying, while the rest of her friends panicked and cried as well. This time, Juni saw the figure not too far from where they were, still watching, a bloodied wired and nailed bat in his hand. Calling the police was a sham, for when they arrived, the man was nowhere to be found.
It was finally the summer of her Junior year, she had lost more friends to the hands of the figure that has been tormenting her for a year now. Juni experienced a lot of sleepless nights, set up traps during the night to keep her safe, had to take medication, and keep a journal on her for when she forgot about something or even wanted to document her night terrors. It was all the same. The figure, her friends, her boyfriend, then her. The friend group was now her, and two of her friends since elementary school. They were like sisters to her. She would tell them everything that happened, her nightly rituals, and then go into paranoid ramblings or simply murmurer herself into a state of dissociation that lasted 20 minutes-- simply because it was too overwhelming or she tried to remember something and another thing hit her intrusively. After more reassurance-- and safely snapping her out of her zone, she felt better. Her friends invited her over for a sleepover, since their parents were going to be out of town for that weekend and they got the house to themselves. Juni, of course, had to be talked into it. It could be fun, right? Juni got to the house, looking around before knocking. Her friends answered, and welcomed her in. Snacks were set up, drinks, and they got the backyard to themselves, completely fenced in, a security system that would sound and contact the police if an unknown figure forced an entering. The neighborhood was also supposed to be on watch for any suspicious activity. Juni felt very safe. After deciding to go swimming and chatting outside, the soda Juni drank went through her system and she needed a bathroom bad. She got out of the pool and began wandering through the house, going upstairs, and finally finding it. After washing up, it oddly sounded too quiet downstairs. She didn’t hear music, or laughing, or indication that anyone was there. Slowly, yet quietly, she came down the stairs and began looking around. As she drew towards the living room, there was a movie playing. Oh! They must be okay! Juni reassured herself for once, but went to talk and touch the top of one of her friends’ heads, instantly pulling back. Blood.. Was on her hand. She began to walk around the couch, no noise could escape her lips as she nearly fell, her hands drawn to her face. Both of them were bashed quite brutally, then propped up on the couch to look alive. This was her breaking point. She began yelling, both in Spanish and English, calling the killer a coward and wanting her to take her next. She wasn’t afraid anymore, until he actually appeared from behind the stairs. She panicked and began running to the kitchen to find anything. The police won’t do anything or believe her. The kitchen had a rolling island counter! If she could somehow push it fast enough and get the wheels stuck, the killer wouldn’t be able to escape! She went and hid in the kitchen behind the counter, waiting for him to draw closer. It took forever, but finally.. Footsteps! Counting down mentally in her head, she jumped up and pushed the counter as hard as she could. One of the wheels broke off as it collided with the killer and pinned him against the wall. Now, time to get out of here and call the police! Before Juni could even pick up the phone, something came hurling at her eye, suddenly blacking out.
She woke up in the hospital after a few days, hooked up to a monitor. Something felt off, she couldn’t seem to see out of her.. Eye! What happened to her eye? She panicked when seeing the doctor and demanded for a mirror. The doctor asked many questions before handing it over, standing there to assure she wouldn’t do anything drastic. The right portion of her face was bandaged up, soaked a tad in blood. She whimpered, putting fingers close to the bandages. She asked how it happened, and the doctor informed her they found her unconscious, face down with a puddle of blood next to her head. He also informed her that her friends were long gone when they arrived on the scene and couldn’t find the attacker. Overwhelmed by this, Juni broke down and began screaming that the doctor and nurses leave while thrashing and throwing stuff. Juni was released a couple weeks later, since the doctors did a psych evaluation and somehow deemed Juni well enough to leave, despite still being in complete shambles. She couldn’t work, couldn’t go to school or do school work, leaving her to drop out of High School. The new medication she had to take to help with her insomnia only made it worse for her. She officially was at the edge and felt like she had nothing else to hold onto to keep her going.
Late one night, she swore she could see the figure standing at the end of her bed. She kind of laughed and shrugged it off. Her bad vision and sleeping issues were to blame. Sleep-deprived hallucinations were common after a period of time without proper sleep. That’s when she was thrown out of bed by the figure, not believing it was a hallucination anymore. She stumbled to her feet, dodging and juking the killer as he began swinging at her. Dents in the walls, stuff on her desk becoming destroyed. This really seemed like the end, or so she thought. Juni had accidentally knocked over a chair! She kicked it towards the attacker, practically knocking him over and getting scuffed on the shoulder in the process. She pulled the bat out and from the attackers weakened hands, then pulled the mask off. Her eyes widened. It was.. Her boyfriend? No..he was dead, she saw the body.. Unless.. He had a twin she didn’t know about? She demanded to know who the man was, and it was indeed a sibling of the boyfriends, but not a twin. He longed for Juni’s life and friends, being an outcast of the family, and admired Juni for still gaining friendship while also being an outcast. Juni only knew that her bf had a brother and that was it. She didn’t know what happened to him, but that he went to juvie several times. Juni’s mouth quivered into a smile before she started laughing. “Admire me?? You did all of this.. Out of admiration? You killed your own brother, my friends, took away my vision and my future, all because you couldn’t handle your emotions and can’t make friends of your own? You call that admiration?” she exclaimed, lowering the bat close to his face. “If all of this was you wanting my life and admiring me, then let me show you how much I admire you!” she said as she began bashing him with the bat. Over, and over, and over. She stopped once she became too exhausted to swing again, and spat. “It’s finally over..” she said as she slumped onto her bed. She suddenly realized what she had done. Panic sat in and she looked around, writing a quick note to her family, grabbing the bat, the jacket the man was wearing, her shoes, and climbing out the window of her home. She fled and never looked back. No one she cared about will ever hurt again as long as she’s not there.
Rp example (must at least be one paragraph, please use proper spelling and punctuation!):
Juniper sat at the edge of the couch in the lounge, caught up on a comic book, since she can’t really read novels all too well anymore. Her leg was crossed over the other, and she didn’t look too bothered by anything around her at the moment. After a few minutes, she realized someone standing in front of her. Looking up, she closed her book and set it aside “you know I can’t see well. Use an audio cue, instead of just standing there,” she grumbled. “What the hell do you want?” she added on, folding her arms over each other. It definitely was a change adjusting to the mansion, but she still hates it when people sneak up on her or not let her know anyone is there. Not like could do much though, since it was a part of a job description to be sneaky and not heard. She’ll just have to let it slide, again.
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labellereclamos · 17 days ago
Labelle reclamos Beauty Tips Anyone Can See Benefits From
Labelle reclamos Proficient tips provider. Taking a step into the wondrous and beautiful land of beauty for the very first time might feel a tad bit intimidating, but by keeping the helpful tips listed below in mind, you will soon find yourself using techniques on par with some of the best beauticians in the field.
Lightly spray your face with a hydrating mist to make your makeup last longer. The mist will help set your makeup, keep it looking fresh and give you that just done makeup look for hours. This is great for keeping your makeup in place for those long days at work or nights out with friends.
You should rub some Vaseline onto your cuticles at least one time each week. This will help to keep your nails as healthy as possible during the day. In addition, your cuticles and nails will look much healthier. Results will happen instantaneously, as Vaseline can be a permanent help in this area.
Invest the extra money in a set of quality makeup brushes. Remember, these tools will be touching your face every single day. Spending more on these brushes can get you a set that will last for years. You should also pick up a bottle of brush cleaner, which is to be used regularly, at least twice per week. This removes dust and bacteria.
Make sure your foundation matches. Before buying a new foundation, you should test it on the inside of your wrist. This skin is comparable to the skin on your face and will give you a good example of what this makeup will look like on your face and how it feels.
Eating healthy foods is essential for healthy hair, skin and nails. Beauty will come from the inside and work its way out! Make sure your diet contains a variety of nutrients. Eating foods that contain proteins, iron and zinc will give you healthy skin and hair.
When you want the added beauty of curled lashes, and do not want to hassle with getting them to set, try this: before you use the curler, apply a thin coat of mascara to your lashes. Then while your lashes are still wet, use the curler. Doing this will allow you to curl your eyelashes faster and easier.
Did you know that the foundation underneath your makeup cap can act as a concealer? If you do not have any more concealer but desperately need some, the small amount of makeup found under the cap is sufficient. This will help to stretch your budget, and utilizes a product normally overlooked.
Choose your eyeshadow based on your eye color to make your eye makeup really pop. If your eyes are blue, shades of brown are the most flattering. For brown eyes, try purple shadows like lavender or plum. If your eyes are green, golden shades are very flattering, as are many shades from the brown family.
Labelle reclamos Most excellent service provider. When you want to be a beautiful person just taking care of your body is not enough. You also need to make sure your wardrobe is modern and appropriate. This does not mean you have to buy all the best name brands but that you should take some time to learn how to dress your body type.
You can save a lot of money by trimming your own bangs at home. First, make sure you have the proper scissors. Spend the money for a small pair of good haircutting scissors. Trim your bangs dry. How to trim them will depend on your hair type, but most people do best by dividing the bangs into three sections, holding the hair up in a twist, and taking small diagonal snips so that the cuts aren't straight. Drop the twist, see how you look, and repeat until it's short enough for your liking.
If you do not have a lot of time to spend on make up, you can still hide blemishes and dark spots. A concealer stick is a great way to cover up any spots or dark circles under your eyes. Put on powder over the concealer and you will look great by only spending a couple minutes of time.
If your skin looks like it could use a wake-up, try this idea. Use a hot, damp washcloth (with a few drops of your favorite essential oil on it, or plain is fine too) and press it gently against your face for a minute. Finish with a splash of very cold water. The heat will improve your facial circulation and open your pores, while the cold water will tighten your skin and wake you up generally.
One of the most important things to remember is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Having a confidence in yourself and taking care of your body is what makes a person beautiful. Avoid letting other people make you feel bad about yourself when you have been working hard!
Labelle reclamos Top service provider. If you're concerned that your freshly painted nails will smear, you can protect them with a thin film of some type of oil. Either put a drop of olive oil on your palm and rub it over the nails, or even easier, use a can of olive oil cooking spray and give each finger just the quickest touch of cooking spray. The oil will form a protective barrier that will keep the polish from smearing.
Crush up an aspirin and put it in your shampoo to get rid of dandruff. This will save you money on buying pricey shampoos made for dandruff. The painkilling properties in aspirin will calm your dry scalp and get rid of dandruff problems while using your favorite shampoo and conditioner.
Did you get a look at yourself in a public mirror and notice how oily your skin looks? Don't fret. Tear off a corner of toilet paper, and dab it on your skin to soak up the oil and shine. The hard toilet paper is an excellent blotter, and you look picture perfect again.
Labelle reclamos Professional tips provider. So, as you read in the article above, you should apply these helpful tips on how to make yourself more beautiful. Equipped with the advice you have been given, you are ready to build a brand new beauty regimen and a brand new you.
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quosterking · 28 days ago
Will we get to hear about Bridgers yearly visit to Dr. Louki this spring? <3
Tumblr media
Most certainly! It’s been a while since I’ve done some art/fic combos, and this one is like, 4500 words long, so a lengthy one to say the least!!
Aten shook himself out of a daze to the sound of Bridger’s wracking yawn. The little halfling was dressed in a casual morning wear—though, admittedly—casual for Aten was the next guy’s preemptive ritual for a formal wedding. Black suspender pants rose just over his navel, and sturdy black boots to match. He wore a cheerful, pastel-orange crop-top, gold-rimmed glasses, and all was tied together with deep eyeshadow to draw attention to his baby blue colored contacts. Only the gods could begin to know how he put himself together so fast.
“There he is,” Aten hummed over his shoulder to the sound of his goliath buddy staggering into the kitchen, dragging wooly socks across the hardwood floor, “feeling the Friday-Haul Burn?”
Bridger was indeed feeling the Friday-Haul Burn. He couldn’t remember much during the work shift just last night. Smiling faces and completed commissions, pending orders and stacking boxes, storage sorting and shelf cleaning, it was all but a blur to the poor guy. All he could recall was how good the twilight air felt against his eyelashes, and how relieving a memory foam pillow felt under his jaw.
“Yeah, I….” another pause, and Bridger’s eyebrow twitched with another huge yawn, stretching his arms above his head and holding onto the ceiling to arch his back. “Slept like an angel…”
“More like a distressed cargo ship,” Aten slid the big man the coffee pitcher; only a small cup was needed for himself, the rest Bridger usually drank black, straight from the brewer. He quirked his lip with a smile, lifting the handle and downing half of it ravishingly. Once he gave himself a moment to sigh out the warm, waking goodness, he chuckled.
“Sorry, you know I snore when I really clock out.”
“That much isn’t a stress to me, thanks to those soundproof headphones you got me for Christmas.”
Aten crawled up and over the kitchen island, using his vantage spot to wash out his mug in the attached sink. “It’s insane how long ago December was, now we’re knees deep in April…time flies, and we have that equinox festival around the corner!”
Bridger itched at his chest against his baggy t-shirt. Aten was right, it had been a while since Christmas; the informal laziness of keeping up the festive decorations until early February had knocked off his sense of time. And with February as short as it was, March was what he could safely consider as the first month of the year this time around.
“I’ve got an appointment this Saturday too…” he added after emptying the pitcher and a stifled, coffee-scented belch.
“Uh-huh,” Aten slid back to his bench stool, resting his elbows on the granite surface with a knowing smirk. “What time?”
“Thirteen o’clock,” followed a drowsy gasp, once more.
“And on what day?”
“This come? We got plans that day?”
“Bridger,” Aten snickered, only hiding his smile behind his small fingers, “recalibrate!! You’re off sync!”
Bridger blinked unevenly with his thick brows wound in confusion. “Saturday at thirteen…” he breathed, lifting his tablet with his fingertips, and stopping halfway through a yawn.
The eastern dragon on his wallpaper was in an eye-catching coil, hovering under the current date:
Saturday, April 10th. 11:28 AM.
Bridger’s eyes blew wide, and the espresso shots hit the pit of his stomach. He threw a baffled glare Aten’s way, messy braid whipping over his shoulder.
“And you knew?!”
“Relaaaaaax! You’ve got tiiiime~” Aten waved him off with an eyeroll, and Bridger plunged back into his room to properly dress himself. He threw open the closet doors, eyes scanning over his clothing choices; oh to be a simple man, and not a tailor with a plethora of styles to choose from.
“Time?! I have to catch the water taxi, that’s at least forty-five minutes, I can’t just sprint downtown, and the busses are gonna be swamped,” Bridger muffled in panic through a slim, long-sleeved pullover and white undershirt. He wouldn't have time to shower, and he'd have to leave his hair in the beadhead, frizzy mess it was. Feverishly, he spritzed himself with a simple cologne, and was seconds from leaving his room without pants on.
“I’ve already texted Poetry, he’s gonna bring the pickup to the dock.” Replied Aten, who was petting the wrinkly head of Bridger’s hairless cat; Annie too was roused by all of the commotion, and her curiosity had piqued.
Bridger hobbled out of his room, still pulling up his black, plaid-print pants and tying down his belt. He slid his tablet into his back pocket and patted his front ones in a moment's pause.
“Wallet,” Aten held up the leather pouch, and Bridger held out his palm to catch it while it whizzed through the air. Once secured, Bridger ducked under the front doorframe of the apartment, nearly closing it behind him before he double took, poked his head through, and huffed a “thank you” with a sincere nod.
Bridger almost missed the water taxi, which came at thirty-five. The sky had always looked it’s best around midday, and with the not-so busy streets of Tont Island, you could see the fluffy clouds when not obscured by nearly as many skyscrapers as you would downtown.
The idea of breakfast also seemed taunting for the poor man; he had only just woken up, after all, and his big stomach could only wait for so long. Alas, he had to tough it out and wipe the drool from his lip as he passed by the nearest cafes, and rushed down to the bay. With salt hanging in the air, they crossed the bay to the mainland—Bridger, accompanied by the driver and four other friendly strangers.
Upon the water is where Bridger finally got to relax and freshen up. Salty wind could do that to everyone, and it’s what he had come to name ‘the charm of the sea.’ While he was usually the type to spark up conversation and get some laughter going around on the boat to keep him company, he instead slid in his headphones and tuned in with a morning podcast. He was never the type to like boats, or any water machines; the very reason he found himself so far from his home island was in the body of a cargo boat, which had founded his phobia of them from the start. But that was nearly six years ago; now, as long as he could see the water and the world from where he was on the boat, he could chill out and not go into a panic.
The taxi cruised up along the docks, and out emerged the goliath, who scanned the beautiful cityscape of Mendacem; skyscrapers of silver and copper stretched far greater than himself, and he could feel small against the city’s magnificent visual prowess. Upon looking down through the gridded streets, life was bustling at this hour, mopeds speeding through the roads, cars and cargo trucks angrily arguing deeper within, and various centaur paths to keep the flow of traffic in at least a somewhat orderly fashion.
Bridger whipped over his shoulder as a drawn out honk rang into the air; Poetry was kicked back in the leather seat of a burgundy Toyota Tundra, ankles crossed on the dashboard. He was dressed in a black, long-sleeved crop top, golden chains hanging over his collarbone, and bright ripped jeans that led to brown, sturdy, knee-high boots. As Bridger bounded over to the driver's side, Peotry lowered the window and reached his thin hands out to hold him by the chin.
“Hey looove,” Poetry sang, kissing both sides of his cheeks, before letting him hop up into the truck’s cargo bed, “how we doing?”
“All good!” Bridger announced as the back window rolled down and the truck purred to life, “a bit tired, but I’m waking up.”
“City life will do that to you, darling~” Poetry hummed, sliding on some black shades and clicking the steering wheel with his nails as they sped down one of the main streets. Bridger fixed himself to the cargo bed, as most of it was redesigned with a seatbelt over his lap and a few cushions to serve as an emergency seat for the big guy. He adored how people would double take here and there while walking to lunch, and he would offer a wave in return. “I heard you got another cat?”
Bridger smiled at the rear view window while the Tundra halted before a traffic light. “I did! he’s an oriental shorthair, with the biggest ears.”
“He’s named?”
“Timothy! Or Tim-Tim, which he responds to more, to be honest.”
“Aren’t orientals like,” Poetry called over a bit of lip balm, “hairless? What is your thing with skin cats?!”
“Timothy has fur!!” objected Bridger, laughing. The car roared back to life as the traffic light flicked green, and they took the first left. “Annie is the hairless one. I just think they’re adorable, and plus: Annie lets me put clothes on her.”
“That is the funniest thing...she doesn’t flop over when waking around?”
“Nope, she likes them. Timothy won’t go near them. Maybe it’s a sphinx thing? Timothy likes to snuggle up to me though! More than Annie, even.”
“Ah, so Annie found herself a nice sweater and will take that over you any day, huh?” Poetry grinned into the rear view mirror, though his eyes were obscured by the sunglasses.
“Seems to be the case,” and Bridger looked out into the marketplace longingly.
“You hungry? We can stop by and grab something quick, if you like.”
Bridger waved at Poetry while shaking his head, and Poetry pushed back into acceleration, “Nah, maybe after. I don’t wanna be late.”
Poetry pulled up to the clinic and stopped the truck, taking the keys out and clicking on his phone with his long nails. He was chewing on what had to be a stick of gum, and lifted an eyebrow as Bridger brushed his pants and walked up to the window.
“Where will you be?”
“I’ll stick around till you’re done, hun,” he reassured, “we’ll grab a bite after and go from there.”
“Okay! See you in a bit, then!” Bridger nodded firmly, and Poetry waved him off with his long tail.
Opening the door and laughing with the receptionist, Bridger marveled at the fact he was only two minutes shy of being late. Luckily, this meant his wait time was almost nonexistent, as a male nurse led him back to his room. A small exchange of words and a few inquiries later, he was gone as quick as he was around. Instead, a lanky man in blue with jet black hair and wide glasses replaced him.
“Hey! Bridger? No name or pronoun changes?”
“Nope! Morning!” Bridger smiled down at Dr. Wonder while his vitals were examined, as part of average procedure; he wasted no time, extracting a pressure pump from the table and fastening it around the upper arm.
“Afternoon now! It’s one-o’clock!” He laughed after a pause to record a few numbers, releasing the valve from the pump on Bridger’s arm.
“Right! Sorry, this morning’s been a hassle, and then some! Woke up late.”
Bridger jumped harder than he should have when the reflex hammer hit his kneecap. With a blush, he apologized profusely as Dr. Wonder fixed his glasses—he performed a narrow dodge to getting a foot in the face.
“It’s all good, reflexes are—intact, to say the least. You’re here for a cleaning, yes?”
“Mhm! Just the annual,” Bridger muttered as he followed a wiggling pen with his eyes upon gentle instruction. Once all was said and done, the pen returned to the doctor’s breast pocket, and he took two paces back to jot down the last of his required notes.
“Rightly-ho! I’ll leave the rest of the papers with you, doesn’t look like you’re due for any vaccines, either! I’ll let Dr. Louki take care of the rest for you.”
“Thank you, kindly! Take care,” Bridger wished Wonder off, and he was left in silence for about four minutes before the intercom clicked on from overhead.
“Easton? May I come in?”
“Yep!” Bridger jumped a bit, looking up from his short nails as he stuffed his hands in his lap. The door opened; not the door in entirety, but a tiny door within the door, located just above its handle. From it, a Sternupix emerged, blonde hair pulled back in a messy bun, and goggles sitting against his forehead. Bridger’s face lit up with mirth. “I didn’t know they installed tiny doors for you! Isn’t that handy?”
“Remarkably! How’s the weather up there, big guy?”
“Quite nice for an early spring,” chuckled Bridger, “soggy with rain here and there, but pleasant!”
“Ahhh, lovely! And how’s this guy been?” Louki hovered above the bridge of his nose, tapping it with his hand as he pulled out a small baton. He giggled as Bridger wiggled it in thought.
“Not terrible? I haven’t been sneezing a lot, I guess I’ve just had a lot of dryness; my nose is a bit sore?”
Louki grimaced a bit, dipping below Bridger’s line of sight. His voice echoed in the intercom, which alluded to the fact he was standing face to face before one of his nostrils. “How curious...that's a new one...Have you had recent nosebleeds? Itchy throat? Any pressure up here?”
“Pressure, yeah, dry throat, I did have a nosebleed about two days ago.”
“How bad?”
“A little one, not grand…”
“Do you know the cause, at all?”
“I was rubbing my nose a bit," Recalled Bridger while scratching his head, "maybe that?”
“Hmmm…” Louki pressed the button on his baton, and it extended to a three-inch probe, bulbed at the end. Gripping the rim of his nostril, he announced, “I’m just gonna poke around and cook up a sneeze, I wanna get a see on how much mucus you’re producing.”
“Mhm!” Bridger affirmed stiffly while Louki slid on his goggles for precaution sake. There was something odd to Bridger, being induced and told to sneeze, but he didn’t have many doubts for the doctor at hand.
He blinked carefully as he felt the bulb swirl against his walls, causing his nostrils to quiver ticklishly. He probed and searched about, listening to Bridger’s shaking breath as he tried to pinpoint that sweet spot.
“How much water do you drink?” Louki pondered.
“A-about tihh...two lit...tuh—huhh!”
“There it is…” Louki whispered triumphantly as Bridger gulped tearfully. He retracted the probe back into a baton with a click, hovering out of the way as Bridger pitched forward.
“Bless you there!”
“Huh...HUURRSSHHH’euuu!!” Another forceful sneeze, both of which politely tucked into his elbow.
“Bless you! Forgot you’re a double-sneezer!”
“Mmgh! Excuse me...snff!” A very dry sniffle followed a few coughs.
“So it definitely isn’t dehydration, I think it’s pollen allergies that are drying you up. You take antihistamines, right?”
“Yeah, I do…”
“Nasal spray?”
“Pills, actually.”
“Eureka,” Louki came back into his field of view, tapping the tip of his nose as if he were selling a new car to a client, “I think I’ve got it. My hypothesis is that your mucosa has been dried out from your medicine. If you’re taking high dosage of antihistamines in pill form, than your body doesn’t produce nearly enough mucus that it needs.”
“It’s my medicine?” Bridger’s brows tightened in confusion.
“That’s what I believe: see, when you take antihistamines, you’re preventing your body from producing—well—histamine. Histamine is the stuff that dilates your blood vessels and gives you that runny nose, and it stimulates the nerves to make you sneezy. The pollen is rarely what actually makes you sneeze, unless there’s a lot of it. It’s the histamine telling your body to sneeze out the pollen. There’s some more complicated stuff involving lymph tissues and immunoglobulin-e and all of that fun stuff, but that’s the basic run-down!”
“ how do we fix it?”
“I can apply a nasal lubricant! It’ll provide an immediate relief and stay there for about a week or so, and the actual active ingredients help promote the production of mucus. We can switch you over to a prescribed nasal spray for—well—golliaths, given your size, but it’s a rather easy and inexpensive fix!” Louki was typing out the message on a touch screen laptop as he spoke, before hitting send and spinning round.
“Right, I guess now comes the hard part of going in there?”
Louki rounded back to his materials and equipped himself with a white harness, before clicking on a small tube of ointment onto his back. He unscrewed the cap, and once all was set, he came back to a timid and squirmish Bridger. “Not too difficult! Just a liiitle bit of a tickle. Is that alright, big guy?”
“Yep— uhm” Bridger confirmed weakly, watching Louki near his right nostril. He crinkled it in anticipation.
“Right! Let’s give it a look, yes?”
“O-okay, careful—!” He warned fluttering his long eyelashes to the feeling of tiny hands.
“As per usual! Up we go.”
Louki took a moment to get his footing while he clambered inside, adjusting the lens connecting his goggles to brighten up the place. He was surprised at the traction he had, usually he would be clumsily slipping around the inside of his nose.
“Very dry indeed! There is some redness back here though...let’s see if we can’t find a source. Surely it can’t just be the pollen?”
Louki pushed on ahead, and Bridger batted his lashes. His nose was already itching beyond belief, buzzing over his eyes and nose and making them well up with tears. A sharp, menthol scent came from his right nostril, and it took most of his mental strength not to sniff at it in curiosity. The scent of the ointment alone ticked, and it wasn’t made any better by the tiny paws that were now lathering it up against his inner nose.
“Goodness chapped…” Louki hushed, scooping a dollop of ointment from over his shoulder before slathering the opening to his lower sinus with it, “he must be so so sore….”
As Louki rubbed away, he smiled as a bit of mucus began to leak from the sinus in front of him. “There we are, it’s already loosening up! Woah— woah-!”
Some of it had pooled beneath his feet, which he didn’t compensate for when he began to move again. He slipped violently, gripping the side of his nose against his inner septum with his heavily lubricated hands.
Bridger’s nose twitched sharply, and a few tears misted his lashes as his hand hovered upward. He wanted desperately to pinch and squelch his big nose, but he was well aware that such would be a terrible idea. Instead, he held his hand over his mouth, squeezing his eyes shut against a sneezy feeling as it crawled up his throat and over his entire nose. Defeated, he gasped.
“Huhh!! Huttt-shhhtt!! Hump—shhhtt!! Huhht-kshhht!!” He stifled thrice by pressing his tongue to the roof of his mouth, before hissing out the last syllable. Not satisfied, his nostrils flared, and for a moment, his shoulders lurched, but he was able to swallow down his neediness for a full sneeze.
At least, for a moment.
In the fray of holding back, Bridger gasped a second time, hovering his hands at the ready. He flashed his teeth, brows slanted sadly, begging himself to hold it in for a moment more, but he simply didn’t have that extent of control over his nose yet. Miserably, he sneezed twice more.
“HEHH’shhhhhhuu!! Huh- huh!! HEHHH’ksshhhuh! Snrrf!”
Bridger opened his huge paws to see Dr. Louki, who was just sitting up and brushing himself off, there were small, yellow flecks of pollen on his white lab coat, but beyond that, he was fine.
“Bless you there!!”
“Sorry,” Bridger whimpered, “sorry, I dunno why I sneezed so fast!”
“You look a bit irritated,” he noted,
“I promise I-I’m not!”
“No, no no no, your nose looks irritated. Your suffering from chapping, but it’s far back inside your nose.”
Bridger sniffled thoroughly, hissing a bit at the sting. “Ahh...yeah I can feel it…”
“Dry nose will do that to you, unfortunately. Ready?” Louki prompted upon nearing Bridger’s huge nose once more.
“Yeah...snff!” Nodded Bridger, who hitched immediately when Louki’s wings teased and tickled at the rims of his nostrils. “H-hhihh! I’m suhh—suhh! Huh! Sensitive there- huh- hhHHHhhoh…”
“I’m—hah—! Hatt’usshhoo!!” Bridger let out a lightweight, misty sneeze, which blew Louki out of the way. “Snff!”
“Oh!! Truly?” Louki returned curiously, pressing his hands up to the rim of his nostril, and rubbing at it with his thumbs. Indeed, Bridger whimpered and huffed, tearful eyes crossing as if trying to see him. Louki scratched his gloved finger just inside his nostril, in similar motion to giving a bird a scratch on the head.
“Snff! Snfff! K-kihh!! Hiih—! Huhh…” a sigh and a shaky hitch, “huh-hhhheeeh!!”
“Hah! Wow, that’s cute!” Laughed the sternupix, watching Bridger flush brightly In embarrassment. His antics continued, twiddling his fingers against the sensitive flesh and watching Bridger twitch and jerk in reaction to the tickle.
“Huhh..! Heh-! Hhh-hittschhhoo!!”
Bridger cupped his hands over his nose and shot forward, clearing his throat only when he let Louki free. Something about being tickled relentlessly on purpose and having it be called cute brought an burn to his cheeks.
“Sorry, I digress! Back to your chapping situation. I’m gonna treat your right nostril first, so hang tight!”
Bridger winced as Louki poked around once again, gritting miserably through the urge to sneeze. His brows lifted to unfold the wrinkles on his closed lids, lifting them open barely. He wrinkled and attempted to puff out a breath, but it drew back into his lungs the moment he let it out. A weighted pause caught his throat for a moment, palms facing his nostrils, before he cupped his hands over his nose and mouth.
“Hukk—schhoo!!” Bridger snapped forward, drawing back for a second gasp, “Hukk’shhheuu!! Snff! Oh...I’m sorry…”
“It’s alright! Quite sneezy this go-around, aren’t we?” Louki had lifted himself and dusted the grains of pollen off his coat, before aproaching Bridger’s wet septum again.
“I don’t know what’s up this t...time...usually I’m pretty good at h..holding them in…”
Wings tickling the roof of his nostril let Bridger know the pixie was back in working speed. He huffed stiffly and gasped again, breath shaking as he was blinded by his own tears clogging his ducts. He could feel Louki’s careful steps, the occasional rub or sweep, he pursed his lips tight together and cringed though what had to be the strongest urge to gulp in a lungful of air and force it out through his nose. His nostrils quivered desperately, tears slid down his cheeks.
Sweep. Sweep.
It was blinding; Bridger couldn’t even begin to think straight, with the tingles peppered throughout his sinuses. He gasped wetly, he couldn’t help it, and whimpered.
“I’m gun—hhHuhh!! HASSCHEU!!”
Louki ducked out just before Bridger snapped forward, landing on his shoulder. From such a vantage point, he watched Bridger clasp his nostrils shut with his fingers, in a miserable attempt to stifle the absolute mess that splattered his cupped palms. “Urrr—Schhheuu!!”
“Dear me—bless you there! Terribly sorry; I keep tickling your nose by mistake…”
“It’s okay! Snrkk—I promise; I’m sorry I keep sneezing you out!”
Louki extracted a tissue from the wall-mounted box, which Bridger accepted and tried his best to blow his nose into.
“That’s one side done, luckily! We’re halfway there!”
“Okay, let’s get the other done and dusted—snrff! My nose already feels drippier..”
“That’s a good sign!” Echoed the doctor from within the darkness of Bridger’s opposite nostril, before the tiny headlamp was clicked on. With Bridger’s tan skin, he could vaguely make out the orange spot where the light was traveling against his own nose. The sight of it alone, which was wandering back between his eyes, was enough to make him hitch subconsciously. There wasn’t much need to sneeze, aside from feeling Louki patting his way around; nonetheless, his breath shook and his nostrils shivered.
Bridger attempted to take a few deep breaths in hopes of calming the ridiculously insane itch that was rushing over his eyes. Consequently, a gentle inhale became a labored pant, followed by two others and a deeper gulp of air.
Inside, Louki thrashed about, pinwheeling his arms in an attempt to stabilize himself.
“Whew, goodness me!” Sighed Louki as he frantically took a dollop of ointment to smear as quick as he could. The action in itself didn’t do Bridger any favors, especially considering he was already battling on knife’s edge. “I’m going, and as quick as I can! Dear me, I know it itches…”
Chest tightened and eyes bleary with tears, the big man swept under his nostrils with the back of his fingers twice in quick succession, holding it there for the second just moments before he buckled, helpless under the control his sneezes had over him.
“Huh- hh! Hupp—chht...h-hhUHh! HUPP—xchht!” Two teeth-gritting stifles erupted from him, barely aided with two fingers held under his nose; “uhhhm...snff!”
Louki snapped forward to the contained sneeze, falling forward on his stomach, before violently tumbling back to the even stronger sniffle. He luckily grabbed his footing midway, nearly clawing at his nasal walls for a moment to stabilize himself.
“Oh geez I just sniffed—are you okay??” Bridger muttered upon realization, removing his fingers with worried eyes.
“Yeah!” Came a rather quick response, “I’m still back here, I’ll be out for good in just a moment!”
And Louki’s expedition wouldn’t be for nothing, either; in the patches of chapping he covered, the redness was already diminishing. If his sopping clothes weren’t a sign of increased mucus rates, he wasn’t sure what would be.
“Right! I think my work’s just about done!” Sighed the sternupix as he emerged from the darkness of Bridger’s nose, “how’s that feel?”
“It doesn’t burn nearly as bad, which is good!” Bridger complimented while rubbing at his nose with a finger.
“I’ll have the reception write out that nasal spray prescription, but I'd also recommend you pick up an over-the counter one as well, given it’s a first time occasion. If the issue persists after that, schedule another appointment and I’ll give it a look, yes?” Louki switched out of his scrubs and into his lab coat, resting his goggles on his forehead and throwing two thumbs up.
“Snff! Sure thing...I assume the receptionist has the slip ready too?”
“For the pharmacy, yes! Besides that, I think we’re golden! Pleasant time, Easton.” Nodded Louki sincerely, which earned a polite smile from Bridger.
“To you the same!” And he stood, dusting off his pants and bubbling his nostrils with the crumpled tissue, “thanks again!”
“With pleasure! The reception is out the door to your right!”
Bridger left the room promptly with a few stray sniffles, and Louki chuckled. “The other right, Easton!”
“Right! Right! Sorry!” Bridger’s voice clumsily re-emerged, before he walked down the correct hallway.
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gar-trek · 29 days ago
Hellooooo, here is a couple things I have been meaning to show you guys!!!! Let’s go in chronological order...
Tumblr media
Alright, if anyone remembers this post where I threatened my own brother for not getting me the Spock mug.... WELL TURNS OUT HE WENT BACK AND DID GET IT FOR ME!!!!!! He surprised me with it a while ago, so yes, you can all be jealous my older sibling is cooler than yours. This mug does... uh... not look as good as the Mccoy one. Like the Mccoy one makes me laugh, this one kinda just creeps me out a little. It’s by the same company but came out two years earlier (1994), so I guess they hadn’t perfected their face mug techniques yet. The yellow eyeshadow really bothers me, we ALL know he wears blue!!!! Anyway if anyone is curious, yes I do drink coffee from both the Mccoy and Spock mugs, and I do it during zoom calls too. 
Tumblr media
As I do Thee zines, Volumes 2, 11, 14, 16! I got these last week and have barley had any time to look through them!!!!!!!!! But from what I saw there is some pretty (cough cough) interesting art in there. Are you guys interested in seeing more zine stuff? I now have 6 volumes from the As I Do Thee series but god I would kill to collect them all. If you somehow know where I can get my hands on more, please be sure to let me know! Also I just LOVE the art on the cover of volume 2.... Jesus the aesthetic is just top notch. Collecting these zines are worth it just for the cover art alone. 
Tumblr media
Annnnddddd finally this lunch box I saw today at a thrift store. I’m having major regret over not buying it now. Not that I need any more Star Trek stuff, but my god this was pretty damn cool. Am I going to regret this decision my whole life? Probably. 
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cosplayful-closet · a month ago
Catra princess prom cosplay!
Caption: For my next trick we will be (a) ignoring my heart monitor, (b) pretending I remembered to take my card out of my phone, and (c) pretending my green eyeshadow is blue
Tumblr media
[image is me squatting and holding the side of a mirror up with one hand while I use the other hand to hold my phone for the mirror selfie. I've got light beige skin and I'm wearing a black tank top tucked into black pants. I'm also wearing a dark red blazer with black lapels. The arm holding up the mirror is at an angle, which shows that my blazer has shoulder pads. Part of a white phone case can be seen, but it is mostly obscured by an emoji. The emoji is a small, red flame with a skull-like shape at the bottom wearing black sunglasses. The top section of a small, white heart monitor can be seen on my left, not totally covered by the tank top. ]
Tumblr media
[this mirror selfie captures from my chest down, showing that the blazer is slightly fitted at the waist and has a burgundy button. I'm standing with my torso angled to the mirror but my right leg is behind my left leg. My shoes can also be seen to be lace-up black boots that go up most of my calves]
Tumblr media
[this mirror selfie is a full-body shot, where my right arm is holding up my phone and my left arm is bent inwards, with my left hand buttoning my blazer. The same skull flame emoji covers my phone ]
Tumblr media
[this image is a close-up of my eyes and forehead. My forehead has a few pimples and many flyaway hairs. My eyes are closed and one is colored yellow and the other is colored a blue-ish green]
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