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remy-please-come-back · 3 hours ago
Live And Let Die, part 6
Part 1      Part 2      Part 3     Part 4     Part 5 
Description: Agent 008 and Agent 009, professional spies for the MI6 with liscense to kill. Partners in both work and love. After an agent goes missing the partners have to once more go out into the field. (It’s a James Bond AU)
You don’t need to know anything about James Bond to be able to read this fic, trust me
Tw: Accidental misgendering here and there, some light torture
Words: 3611
Remus woke up in a cold sweat. His body ached and his head seemed to be banging in rhytm with his heart. He was staring into a grey concrete wall but it was weird because the ceiling looked like the floor and the floor looked like the-
Oh. Oh he was hanging upside down. He strained himself to look upwards and there was indeed rope all around his limbs that tied him to the ceiling. He could barely even move his fingers, much less his head.
"009?" He called out. He tried not to sound too worried but failed miserably.
"008!" Remy exclaimed back. To both of their's relief it didn't sound like they were far apart.
"I'm right here. Are you okay?"
"It doesn't matter but yes I'm tots 100% good"
"It matters to me!"
Remus swung a bit back and forth in the air and to his surprise his head struck something else. "009 are you-"
"That's me alright" Remy leaned their head back so they felt each other's warmth.
For a few moments they stayed like that without saying anything. As long as they could touch each other, as long as they knew the other were there, everything felt safe.
"You're okay right? Nothing happened after I blacked out?" Remy asked.
"Nothing too bad...but...I....I think I might have been hit by Jaws. Didn't see his face though"
Remy let out a quiet gasp "Jesus fuck. The bitchy brat got Jaws and everything on his side huh"
"I'm not a brat!" Virgil's voice came from somewhere Remus couldn't see.
The agent felt hands grab his shoulders and force him around. He saw Virgil with his back turned to him, he was turning Remy around the same way so the agents were looking at each other. The enby was tied to a steel chair. There even was a rope around their neck so they could barely turn their head.
"You gonna torture us? Gonna torture us with your lil baby hands?" Remy asked with a shit eating grin. In response they got a back handed slap to the face.
Remus tried to glance around. They were in what looked like a garage that had been turned into an improptu torture chamber. Tools (knifes, hammers, guns) laid on a table and next to it stood Theo, the bodyguard.
His eyes stagnated on Virgil. His hands began to shake.
"Where you hiding your lil Jawsie now tho? Aint so scary without him" Remy continued to tease.
"Do you seriously think the two of you pose enough of a threat to need Jaws here" Virgil rolled his eyes "I'm sure he's in his box or something-"
"You- You're-"
Remus' voice was shaky as he stuttered it out. He was staring at Virgil as if he was looking at a ghost.
"I know you"
Virgil glanced at him before looking over to Theo. He let out a few dry chuckles and the bodyguard laughed along.
"You're- Virgil- You're the kid- you were there when Ro- my brother died"
A sick smile spread over his lips "Of course I was. And you're Remus. And Roman is dead"
He expected the agent to lash out. To scream and shout and try to claw his way out of the ropes just to hurt him. Virgil knew he was the reason the previous 009 got killed. It was the only logical reaction.
"I'm sorry" The genuine, nearly tearfilled, tone on Remus' voice caught him off guard "You were just a kid. I'm sorry we weren't able to help you. We- I saw how your dad treated you. Me and my brother wanted to get you out of there I promise"
The teenager took a step back. He closed his hands into fists. His nails pierced into his skin until blood dripped out.
Remus lowered his voice and tried to keep eyecontact with him "We can help you now though. If you unbound us we can knock out that big stupid bodyguard and take you somewhere safe. No one will hurt you again. I'll make sure of it"
Virgil stared at him with rage in his eyes. He grabbed onto the agent's jaw and forced his head closer. "Your brother dying was a good thing"
Remus tried to say something back but it was as if his mouth had stopped listening to his brain.
"Y'know when I was younger I would always cry like a baby whenever I saw my dad kill someone" Virgil continued in a low voice "But your brother looked so Pathetic when he died that I never cried over another death again. That was the only thing he was ever good for. Just a maggot to look disgustingly pathetic before being crushed to death"
"Shut up" Remus growled out.
"And wow! Running away like a coward was a truly amazing move! The moment you left your brother started to sob. That bastard begged my dad to let him live and everything! He just kept going until-"
"Shut up!"
"-Until his voice was so hoarse and he was so close to death all he could do was keep crying out for you. I don't even think he was aware of it! It was all just sobs about hugging you and your mom until he died! Just as he deserved!"
"Darling. Darling look at me" Remy said calmly.
Remus stopped and glanced over at them. Tears were welling up in his eyes. "I deserve to die more than he did-"
"Babe that doesn't matter right now. Virgil is just trying to get you emotional so you'll be more likely to say what he wants you to say. Just follow my breathing okay? In for 4. Hold for 7-"
"Out for 8. I know. I know" Remus forced out between short breaths.
"It's okay babe just-"
"You shut the fuck up!" Virgil shouted "Theo make him shut up!"
The bodyguard promptly went up behind Remy and forced their mouth open. They tried to bit his hand but was stopped when a piece of barbed wire was pulled around their head so the largest part of it laid dangerously in their mouth.
"Thanks" Virgil took a deep breathe to try and not explode with annoyance "So Remus. 008. Whatever. You got the privilege of hanging upside down because you were such a heartless Bitch and killed 3 of my spiders! That's like killing 3 baby puppies you monster!!"
He went over to the table filled with tools and picked up a crowbar. It looked a bit too heavy in his hands. He rolled up the sleeves of his hoodie and took a firm grip on the weapon, clearly ready to swing it at the agent.
"Your brother's life was worth less than my spiders, you realize that right. So you'll pay for it" He lifted the crowbar above his head "This is for-"
"Sir!" Theo interrupted "You're holding it wrong. You'll easily hurt your wrists unless you shift your right wrist and move your left hand a bit up. It'll hurt the cretin more as well"
Virgil sent him a small smile and shifted how he held the crowbar "Thanks"
He slammed it into Remus' ribcage.  "This is for Max!" The next hit landed on the side of his hip "This is for Dante!" The last one landed on his arm "And this is for Charlotte!"
He lowered the crowbar while letting out heavy breathes. His black hair had fallen in front of his eyes and his mouth was twitching upwards into a smile. Remus didn't even seem bothered by the hits. It really had felt like being hit by a kid. If anything the reminder of his brother's death hurt more than Virgil beating him ever could.
"So now when we all agree that your brother deserved to die and all 00 agent's lives are worthless we can continue onto the interrogation! Theo please let the maggot speak again so I can beat the answers out of both of them"
Theo made sure the barbedwire dragged into Remy's skin as he dragged it out of their mouth. Their teeth were colored red from blood. They immediately tried to spit the blood into Theo's face and let out a fake moan when he slapped them in return.
Virgil dropped the weapon on the ground and instead pulled out two rings from his hoodie pocket "So I found these matching rings on your fingers and with my deducting skills I've come to the conclusion that they are rings made for 00 agenst and therefore super impor-"
"Ehm sir I believe those are wedding rings" Theo interrupted.
"But- but they're guys" He pointed at the agents as if Theo had missed it somehow. Virgil slumped his shoulders forward and grumbled something under his breathe "Anyhow! They're still important! So if you two don't tell me the info I want I will smash them with a hammer!!"
"You want info on how to deal with acne or something?? 'Cause girl it looks like you need it" Remy replied.
Virgil's cheeks went bright red "Shut up! What I want is M's real name! And Where MI6 keeps all their documents and files because I know you have info about me and my dad there and I want to destroy it!"
"M's real name is Gilbert Dickface!" Remus loudly announced. He forced a fake smile on.
"That's not a real name!"
He held out his hands while an angry grimace played on his face. Theo happily handed him a large hammer. The teenager laid out the rings on the table and made sure the agents were looking at them before smashing them to bits.
Neither of them even winced. Remus' mom was literally a jewel smuggler. This just meant they got to have yet another romantic ring choosing date.
"Want to try some malachite stones this time 009?"
"I would love to 008"
Virgil pouted and dropped the hammer on the floor. He picked up a knife instead. He grabbed onto Remy's jaw and pulled their head close.
"Alright you're going to tell me or I will cut up your stupid Remus"
Remy had a smug smile on their face "Sure Jan"
"Can I request a cooler torture scene?" Remus asked "Maybe a shark laser table.....giant hotel slowly being put on fire....Being strapped to a rocket and launched into space without a space suit if I don't say the info sounds cool! Just some suggestion! Totally brainstorming here!"
Virgil hit him over the face with the back of the knife. "Maggots like the people at MI6 don't deserve to have info about me or my dad. I want it gone as soon as possible so tell me!"
"Your bitch of a dad can go shove a cactus so far up his ass it comes out of his nose!" It'd hadn't been that hard for Remus to put together that if Virgil was the kid who'd been there when Roman died then his dad had to be the leader of Enfuel...Aka the man who'd murdered his brother.
"Shut up!!"
"Girl Isn't that like the opposite of what you want us to do. Real bad interrogation you got going on otherwise. Can't even call this torture"
"I'll hurt Remus if you don't stop saying such stupid things you maggot!"
"Maybe your daddio should have sent out someone better to interrogate us. I mean like no offense girl but you aint exactly threatening. You're as short as like a 12 year old and your voice is cracking like supa intensly"
Virgil didn't even bother to reply. He sent them an angry look while cutting the knife deep into Remus' shoulder. The agent tried to focus on the sight of Remy to ignore the pain.
"Sorry babe" 009 said.
"It's okay dear. I've had worse. I'll just get another sick scar!"
Remy looked over to the teen "What I'm wondering more is how the hell you know 008's name but you don't know mine"
Virgil stagnated and glanced over to Theo. His smile grew a bit, showing off his sharp yellow teeth. Theo broke out into a laugh. A cold and controlled one. The kind you could imagine hearing before being shot to death.
"Oh you can't be serious" Theo exclaimed between chuckles "How can you expect your husband to be a 00 agent and not be known among the underworld when he's the son of James Bond!"
Remus froze "Exscuse you I don't acknowledge that cunt as my parent! I've never even met the guy! I was raised by 1 mother and her many many girlfriends and wifes! If anything you should know my name 'cause of my link to the Octopussy conglomerate!"
"You mister should be happy I don't know you because you're an octopus pussy or whatever" Theo replied "Literally every professional henchman I've met at least knows someone who's been fucked over by the Bond bitch before he disppeared. I know at leats 2 guys! One of which is dead because of him!"
"Exactly!" Virgil added "Honeslty when Theo told me about this Bond guy I thought you would be harder to catch. But nope! Easy as murdering a baby!"
"I'm glad I'm nothing like my 'dad'!" Remus spat back "For one I'm gay so I won't go around and imprenate women I don't give a shit about! And secondly I'm ace so I won't be impregnating anyone!"
"I literally do not give a flying fuck!" Virgil replied "All I care about is getting you two to talk"
Virgil's eyes darted around the room before stopping on Remy. He stared at them as if his eyes would pierce through their skull.
"You know what-"
His stare was cold as he stabbed the knife deep down into Remus' thigh.
It was enough to make Remus let out a whine. He bit his tounge and gritted his teeth to keep himself silent. Blood was already running down from the wound. He could hear it dripping down onto the floor.
"Since you clearly don't care if I hurt him-"
Virgil left the knife in the agent's thigh. He moved his hand into his hoodie's inner pocket and took out a pistol. He held it up against Remus' forhead. The metal was cold against his skin.
"I'll just kill him if you don't tell me the adress of where all of MI6's info is"
Remy glanced at Remus. He was starting to look lightheaded from hanging upside down and the slow blood loss. They bit back bile that had formed in their throat from seeing their love in pain.
"You'll just kill him anyway" They replied coldly "And I doubt your bitchass could even-"
Theo hit them at the back of their head so hard it left them dizzy. He pushed past them and grabbed onto the barrel of the gun. With a twist of his wrist he'd forced it out of Virgil's hand.
"I do the killing"
"I can do it!! I'm not some wimp! They're just things in our way anyway! Their deaths mean nothing!"
Theo hunched down slightly so they were eye to eye "Kid. Go. To. Jaws. I'll come get you in 20 minutes. You can choose what's for dinner afterwards okay?"
"Even waffles?"
"Even waffles yes"
Virgil rolled his eyes "Fine. But if you don't come back with their maggot blood on your hands I'll let Jawsie chew them up!"
"Sure kid" Theo moved to ruffle his hair but Virgil had already turned to storm out of the room.
Theo waited until the sound of footsteps were further away while slowly rolling up his sleeves. Normally Remy would have made some crude joke but the numb look in the man's eyes as he checked the gun made them bite their tounge. It wasn't that he'd killed before, they all had, it was that he saw it as just another day of work.
"The address please" He said coldly. The gun was pressed to Remus' temple.
"It's up your ass!" Remus chuckled out. His eyes were blood shot from hanging upside down.
Without hesitating Theo picked up the crowbar and slammed it into Remus' ribs. He hit hard enough so even Remy could hear a bone break in two. The agent bit into his cheek to keep himself quiet but pained whimpers still slipped out.
"For every thing either of you say that isn't the answer I want I will break another one of his ribs. And once I'm done with the ribs I'll move onto the fingers. You get the deal" Theo warned.
Remy gripped onto the wooden arm of the chair so hard their knuckles turned pure white. Their legs were desperatly straining against the ropes.
"You're favoriting him! You're getting your rocks off to hurting the 'son of Bond' or whatevs. Just- just don't just- You can hurt me instead!"
Theo shook his head "Didn't I just tell you what would happen-" He hit the crowbar into the agent's side once more. Remus couldn't stop a hoarse yell from leaving his mouth. "If I didn't get my answer!"
The bodyguard playfully poked at the agent's broken ribs. Remus did a feeble attempt at biting his hand which only resulted in Theo punching him so hard he got a nosebleed.
Remy glanced between Theo's stone cold expression and Remus' bloddy face and vacant eyes. They gritted their teeth together in thought.
Remus let out shallow breaths as his bones ached. With each gust of wind that rocked him back and forth in the air his ribs cracked and hurt. When he closed his eyes all he could see was Roman.
"Okay okay gal I-I-" Remy began.
Theo gripped onto the crowbar.
"WAIT NO STOP!" Remy's voice was shrill and desperate "I'll say just- just- I know once either of us says somethang you're probs gonna kill one of us and keep the other to try and I dunno torture more info out of? keep as inscurance-"
"Get to the point. I don't have all day. I have a traumatized teenager to look after"
"008 has been an agent longer than I have. He knows more. So- please- just- if you're gonna shoot someone just shoot me instead. Please" Remy begged.
Remus' eyes widened. He tried to fight himself free from the restraints "No! No! Don't hurt them!"
Theo looked between and seemed to think for a moment before turning towards Remy. He grabbed a handful of their hair and forced their head back. The barrel of the gun got pressed against their neck, his hand laid dangerously on the trigger.
Remus kept screaming for him to stop. To not hurt his lover. To please just kill him instead. Tears were rolling down his cheeks.
"Say the address" Theo said with a cold tone "Don't worry. I won't hurt your husband more than I have to. Even if he's the son of Bond, I can't imagine how I would feel if someone hurt my wife"
Remy shone up into a sly smile "Oh trust me, you won't have to apologize"
They thrust their entire body back making the chair jolt back too. Theo let go of them out of surprise. Remy took the chance and used the momentum to move themself forward. They put all their power on their toes and lunged forward.
Their forehead crashed into Theo's head. The bodyguard stumbled back as Remy, along with the chair, fell down on the ground.
Remus took his chance. Adrenaline was spearing him on as he swung forward in the air and bit onto Theo's right ear.
He didn't let go even as Theo fumbled his handss around. Remus forced his teeth down and ripped his ear straight off.
Theo let out a pained scream. Remy pushed their hands against the ground to make themself and the chair move to slam right into the back of Theo's knees. He fell down on the ground.
Remy didn't even give him a chance to get up. They landed the chair over his head. A whimper was all that got out before Theo passed out. Blood was running from where his ear used to be.
The agents looked at each other and smiled. Remus spit out the ear and it morbidly landed on the ground.
Remy managed to crawl over to the nearest knife. Their wrist nearly popped out of it's socket with the way they had to bend it to cut the ropes but it was worth it. They quickly cut the rest of the ropes and got up.
"I'm so glad you're okay honey. I love you" Remus beamed.
"Love you too. With all my heart"
They held onto his shoulders as they cut the ropes so when he fell down they lightened his fall. He tried to stand up but his knees buckled umder him. The knife was still stuck in his thigh and it felt like needles were being pressed into his ribs. Choked back whimpers left his throat.
the couple held onto each other in silence for a few seconds. Remus cupped their cheeks and kissed thier forehead while crying. Remy tried to send him a warm smile but couldn't help but worry about his injuries
"Should we kill him?" Remy whispered while glancing over at Theo.
"He has a family. We can't. We should-"
Remus never got time to finish the sentence. Loud footsteps came from the other side of the door.
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heyupyoursjr · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
YCH Dragon treatment
I finished my first multi YCH picture & I had a lot of fun working on it.
List of participants are DraconicDusk, DEP, BraixDragon & from Discord Heart of Fantasy, kingL.
Character list is Dusk, Raali, Rem, Awo, Chara & Kapli.
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friendshapedcastiel · 5 hours ago
dean thinking he can apply his own experiences to cas. believing that a little bit of destruction WORKS, in the long term, that he can sell parts of himself down to his soul and tear his body apart. if he’s still alive it doesn’t matter. and he doesn’t realize that he’s hurting cas all the same. ripping himself apart has always been a means to an end. 
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Misa: You call it “really bad at darts”, I call it freestyle acupuncture.
Rem: Please stop.
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huyandere · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
it’s their sleepover and they get to choose who to write in the note
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takomayuyi · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
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Can't I just get romantic affection without the romantic in it??? Is that too much to ask????
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villanellogy · 14 hours ago
had a dream the first four episodes of killing eve season 4 leaked and they were gay and wild as hell
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mousouchuu-v2 · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
あやみ on pixiv
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