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capuchinfranciscans · 2 hours ago
If you want to learn more about us go to ➤
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fierceinsanity · 2 hours ago
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“Masjid Al-Haram, Makkah / Saudi Arabia .”
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jitenders-blog · 3 hours ago
प्रभु साधना सद्ग्रंथो में वर्णित विधि अनुसार करने से प्रभु प्राप्ति होगी अन्यथा मानव शरीर व्यर्थ हो जाएगा
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ruined-razor · 3 hours ago
“like a frightened child who won’t pray anymore because god doesn’t love them”
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scotianostra · 4 hours ago
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On May 18th  1843 the Free Church of Scotland was founded by dissenting members of the Church of Scotland in what became known as The Disruption.
Many of us call them "the wee free" in Scotland, I shall come back to that later but in 1843 when they broke away from The Church of Scotland they were certainly not "wee", approximately one third of the congregations broke away.
The disagreement that resulted in this breakaway centred round the appointment of ministers. Many felt that because the Church of Scotland was an 'established' church, political and legislative interference could take place. This showed itself for example in the appointment of ministers where the rights of a congregation to choose a minister could be over-ridden by the patron of the parish. The church is found mainly in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.
In 1900 the Free church and the United Presbyterian Church decided to amalgamate, this was objected to by a minority some of whom formed the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, which continues to this day, the rhyming Scottish diminutive became used as an epithet of the post 1900 Free Kirk.
The Free Kirkers who had sometimes given up homes as well as church buildings and started financially from scratch were taunted with the rhyme: 
“The Free Kirk, the wee kirk the kirk without the steeple.” 
This rhyme linking the Free Kirk with the derogatory diminutive "wee" was offensive and a reply was devised in: 
“The Auld Kirk, the cauld kirk, the kirk without the people.”
The first Moderator after the disruption was Thomas Chalmers, as seen in the first pic, professor of theology, political economist, and he has been called "Scotland's greatest nineteenth-century churchman"
Several of the men involved in the Disruption feature regularly in my posts, yesterday we had D O Hill, the photographer, Thomas Chalmers crops up, as does Doctor Guthrie, seen in pic two, who founded the ”Ragged Schools” and has a statue on Princes Street.  And the third pic,  Signing The Deed Of Demission “ the poet and geologist Hugh Miller  is at the end of the table taking notes leaning on his top hat, the original painting is by Hill. 
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radioactivewormteeth · 5 hours ago
i've realised that the reason i love good omens so much is that both aziraphale and crowley represent different parts of religious trauma to me. i feel very seen by these characters. religious trauma from christianity, specifically evangelical christianity that fixates on the end times and instills this constant panic that you're running out of time and you're not good enough you're going to die as soon as the deity that supposedly loves you decides to wake up, it fucks with you. especially if you're a child.
do any other exchristian fans feel the same? :)
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pandashepherdwitch · 5 hours ago
idk what this means but I get visibly uncomfortable if I don't have a piece of labradorite near me at all times
I have a piece carved into a frog that I take everywhere and I'm 10000% going to miss holding him in my hoodie pocket
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ladypseudonym · 6 hours ago
Neutral Ground
And yet, his own words rattled around in his brain. God. George knew him. There was a potion inside. If George saw this- fuck, George would know. He’d hear a shatter. George would heal. He’d grab his sword, he’d come out here-
"When you kill somebody, George," he had said, earlier that day, his breath hot and cautious. "I’ll know I’ve ruined you."
Hi okay <3 I started this to humour myself but now like. It's a thing. And it has so much religious imagery and it's ongoing because I need y'all to peer pressure me into finishing it and yes yes yes. I don't know why I put this up during Karlnap week.
I'm nervous abt this one in case you can't tell. But yes. Take it <3
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dailypakpapers · 7 hours ago
Maulana Tariq Jameel praises Salman Khan for his charity work
Maulana Tariq Jameel praises Salman Khan for his charity work
Leading Pakistani religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel’s short video for Bollywood actor Salman Khan and his family is going viral on social media, in which he is seen praising the good deeds of the Indian actor. The video, which went viral on social media, is less than four minutes long, in which he can be heard congratulating Salman Khan and his family on Eid. Apparently, the video looks new;…
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frischkasekuchen · 7 hours ago
Dreamtalia Carrie AU - Me
Isn’t it amazing
that two parts of yourself
can be in each others’ time of need
but you can’t help yourself
Reve’s covered in scars
scars from every tear I wept
when I tried to protect someone else
Hate and disdain meets him in the hallways
Nicholas is under the thumb of holy justice
being torn apart by the religious leaders in his life
One moment, “God loves us all.”
Another, “Betray him- and you will meet a fiery pit”
He is afraid of the adults meant to keep him safe
Just as I still am
As not long after
I tried to meet my Savior and Father
My only escape from all that haunts me
is writing stupid, meaningless stories
Once my parents find out what I’m writing
They’ll surely crucify me
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blackfem · 8 hours ago
I know I'm late but acting for The VVitch was so fucking good
Just Anya Taylor Joy really capturing the bretrayal of your mother praying against you
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youthtrendpost · 8 hours ago
आखिर क्यों मरने के बाद हंसने लगा मेघनाद का कटा हुआ सिर | YouthTrend
आखिर क्यों मरने के बाद हंसने लगा मेघनाद का कटा हुआ सिर | YouthTrend
Religion Desk | रामायण की रचना महर्षि वाल्मीकि ने की थी और जैसा की आपको मालूम हैं कि रावण का बेटा मेघनाद था| मेघनाद बहुत ही बलशाली था और उसने इन्द्र देव को युद्ध में पराजित किया था, जिसके कारण उसका नाम इंद्रजीत पड़ा था| ऐसे में आज हम आपको मेघनाद की कथा सुनाने वाले हैं| दरअसल मेघनाद, श्री राम और लक्ष्मण को मारना चाहता था लेकिन एक युद्ध में मेघनाद लक्ष्मण के घातक बाणों से मारा गया था| लक्ष्मण के बाण…
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newskarnataka · 9 hours ago
UP religious leaders to spread awareness against dumping bodies
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boardwalkwizard · 10 hours ago
Check this fucking thing out
>Captured within this photo is a treasure room, dome-ceiling and steel-plated walls breached only by a vent and a lot of magic trickery. Sitting on a fine oaken desk in the middle of the little room is a pair of bags, one labeled "Loot" and the other labeled "Returns." The loot bag is full of nondescript gemstones and accessories, many of which light the bag up with the thrumming concentration of magic enchantment.
Sitting in front of the "Returns" bag, however, is a mini statue of a turtle, carved in brilliant jade, with a shell studded with emeralds and gold-speckled lapis stones. In the turtle statue's claws is an ebony-wood staff, capped with a little onyx gemstone, the kind with the most perfectly -almost unnaturally so- symmetrical white bands. The whole thing can't be more than two feet tall, standing on its little base and looking content with the world.<
I came here to steal this thing, see. I heard it was beautiful to look at, and also that it was in the hands of a private collector in Between, of all fucking places. The people who worship the god this idol represents live in Upside and I'm sure they'd be happy to have it back. On the collector's dime, of course. My finder's fee comes outta his big, treasure-room havin' wallet.
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newsteds · 10 hours ago
19 + 20!
19. what do you think our purpose is in the universe? honestly i don't think there is one ?? i think it's sorta just like ... we're here for a limited time and we might as well try to have fun with it :'-) ethical hedonism, if u will .....
20. do you believe in god(s)? uhhh no, not at all tbh. some of the aesthetics bang tho, & i like the mythology/folklore parts !
Qs / ask
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jalapenor · 10 hours ago
I literally cannot take a bus or go out on the streets out of fear that i'll be lynched and people are STILL not talking about what's happening INSIDE Israel
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