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tsbandau · 12 hours ago
Patton would punch Logan's unnamed ex if given the chance
Yeah probably 😌 I’m thinking on whether or not to include a scene where he shows up, but idk how to make it plot relevant sjfnd
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vvasilisa · 23 hours ago
i do not acknowledge farmer-kun on this blog (unless it is plotted) & i do not acknowledge historia’s child as being her biological child unless it is plotted & paired into a ship, i.e. jeanhisu. this instant is still gonna be rare lol.
currently, i will be operating this blog as historia taking in an infant child from the underground that she feigned as her own.
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rakkiankh · a day ago
As much as I absolutely love that Mahad has that flashback to when he, Atem, and Mana were kids it doesn't make any sense.
Millenium World is suppose to be a recreation made between Atem and Zorc's memories yeah? So why would either of them be able to remember a memory from Mahad's point of view that Mahad thought privately in his own head when neither character was even close to him.
The only way thats makes sense would be if Mahad's memories was also part of what made up memory world, which didn't happen.
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twentyseveninc · 2 days ago
Moment Marketing: A Brief Overview and Relevance
Tumblr media
If you are a regular user of the internet, and especially a regular user of any of the social media applications available today, chances are that you have unknowingly or knowingly, interacting with the concept of moment marketing. Regardless of whether one understands it or not, moment marketing is very popular in today’s digital world and is a growing phenomenon. But what is it really, and why is it relevant?
What is Moment Marketing?
Moment marketing is all about time and delivering the right content to the consumers at the right time. Google defines moment marketing as “the ability to take advantage of an event to deliver relevant and related, seemingly spontaneous, and often fleeting interactions with customers in real-time.” The idea behind this concept is to draft the right message so that people who have been following the moment can be targeted by the brands existing in the same cyberspace. And because the internet changes every day, moment marketing does too. It is not about drafting content that will stay in the long term; instead, it is all about the ‘moment’. As soon as the relevance of the moment decreases so does the relevance of the content created around it. A recent example can be taken when the vaccine registration portal was opened for people above the age of 18, and a lot of people could not receive the OTP for it on their phones. Within hours, the internet was flooded with memes and content related to this incident. This was the ‘moment’ that brands tried to cash in on so that the people following this moment would notice the brand and might get interested.
Why is it relevant?
Grabbing Attention Gets Easier
We live in a world today where the marketplace is a crowded space and there are a bunch of competitors existing now within the same product category. Customers are bombarded with ads, which makes it tough for a brand to grab their attention, often. With moment marketing, it is easier to do so because the customer is already proactively engaging with the trending topic that is the moment. And if the customer happens to really like the content, he might actually turn to the brand.
A Cheaper Strategy
Marketing strategies take a lot of time and money to plan and create the necessary content. But with moment marketing, it is much cheaper and effective as it is all about a trending issue, which is bound to die out with the ever-evolving cyberspace. It also requires the brand to put out their content as early as possible, while the issue is trending and hence, also requires minimal time.
Better Image
If brands are active on their digital accounts, it tends to make the audience see them in a better light. They will see them as someone who is up-to-date and someone who is active. It also can lead to a higher engagement rate for brands and lead to a larger number of two-way conversations. Being the Best PR Agency in Delhi, we try to use moment marketing effectively in a way that benefits the brand, while also putting out engaging content for the netizens.
Attracting Potential Customers
Another reason why moment marketing is relevant today is because it helps to not just grab the attention of the netizens, but also can lead to attracting potential customers towards the brand. This is even more true if the moment that is trending has relevance to the brand or their product categories.
With time, and the increase in number of people using the internet, moment marketing has been widely used by many brands in India today. Although many might argue that it is more for brands which are not dealing with serious products, like say pharmaceuticals, but in recent times some serious brands too have tried out their hands at it. Since it is not about making a long term statement, and is all about cashing in on something that is trending, many brands are still unsure of trying this out, and whether is suits their image. Regardless of these concerns, moment marketing seems much more than a fad, and seems like it is here to stay for a while.
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qrowofmisfortune · 3 days ago
// New Blog, 15+ years of roleplaying experience, I’m sure most of you know the drill by now. I might do something formal or I might not, but for now...
Like for a starter.
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pepepetos · 3 days ago
So why exactly is it acceptable for anno to shill the same three shows since he came outta the womb and randomly reenact sentai choreography and hold all of this close to his person but we can’t come to like his anime or the characters’ relations to one another unless we’re otaku freaks that don’t have a life outside of consumable media
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eventhewhoknows · 4 days ago
i just feel like will toledo has altogether too much power over me
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dongiovannaswife · 4 days ago
Ur writing is perfect as always!!) Maki nods, “You’re the Missus, I assume.” Henna smiles sheepishly. “And Satoru,” says Henna with a smile. “Sukuna’s beloved here wants to tell you that he’s not a threat. Just a big talker,” Maki says, folding her arms. “Yes... I apologize for his actions,” says Henna, getting interrupted by a ping on her phone. Relief floods her face. “Nanami is on the way,” she whispers. Maki seems relieved too. “Finally, someone with a brain cell,” comments Maki. 🧠
((tysm!! <3))
“I understand your worry, miss—” Giorno bows his head, distracted for a moment by the baby in his arms; the boy reaches out to Maki, but his father is quick to distract him with his hand. “From what concerns my intentions, I can assure you I am not interested on fighting him: unless, of course, he hurts someone I care about: out of that, I hold no intention to fight him.” Then, as a comment, he adds. “In fact, I’m not a cursed energy user, so I doubt something like that would even happen.”
“Excuse me,” interrupts Lena. “We should go inside so we can talk privately. The man you mentioned, Nanami, will be escorted here.”
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ginkovskij · 5 days ago
obsessed with the line "this byron is poetic, but not a poet" and the implication he should have picked some other occupation in life
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Hi what is it when your heart is racing and you feel a weight on your chest, thats pulling to the center? Ik that im not gonna die but it happens a bunch.
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spark-circuit · 5 days ago
coming back tired after from dental surgery + seeing you can buy genshin impact stuff on amazon uk like everyone's outfits and paimon pushies and baron bunny plushies and slime plushies = me,,,,,,,,,,, having my fiscal limits tested,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i want to steal childe's jacket sjfjgkh
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aenor-llelo · 6 days ago
I am exceedingly curious on what you think of Michael my beloved. (Fun fact I spelled that zmicheal when I first tried to write this whoops)
zmicheal my beloved. 
Unironically I think he grows into an emo rich kid.
i know tubbo and ranboo are trying very hard, but all canon evidence points to them being accidental helicopter parents. simultaneously giving him everything they can think of while also over sheltering him out of fear of his safety.
and it’s understandable, given their background, that they do! they grow up with war and danger and so much loss, and that’s going to affect their priorities in raising a child! but just because they’re understandable... doesn’t mean they’ll be the best.
micheal is going to grow up in a mansion. a mansion that was specifically built on his behalf. because his fathers’ response to concerns about him not having “enough space” (meaning “time outside”) was responded with giving him a bigger space to not need to leave.
do they expand it, as he grows? do the rooms and trading halls grow so expansive they become a gated community in their own right? 
a walled city micheal will know by heart, and the question of whether or not his parents- tubbo “self defense nukes” underscore and ranboo “preparing to give a one year old child netherite armor” beloved will ever let him leave it without an escort.
foolish stops by often with his children. his parents would have told him about the god that built the house they stand in. micheal doesn't know if he loves foolish for giving him the room his parents wouldn't have been able to give him on their own, or hates him for making the rooms that are his entire life.
who are micheal’s friends? who would his fathers allow to be his friends?
his friends are the servants of the mansion, the runners of the trade hall, michelle in her rare visits, jr and finley when foolish comes over to maintain the mansion for the fuckmillionth time.
his parents tell him not to hang out with cousin fundy- he's a wild man, he's a criminal, he's a drunk, he's not invited, you know he almost threatened you when you were a baby. and that's precisely why he does hang out with him
fundy's not allowed, but he knows which one of micheal's windows to sneak into, and micheal gives fundy his allowance to go out and buy things micheal wants- the toys and knicknacks that are too dangerous, the food that isn't good enough to dare be sent to his table, the subpar clothes his parents wouldn't want him to be seen in because they want nothing but the very best for him.
i think ranboo and tubbo would try. i think they would try very hard. and that’s precisely where it could all go wrong.
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