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buysellwitherika1 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Humble ! Thanks to all my clients for trusting and allowing me to work for them on becoming Homeowners and Land. others for selling their homes. And this was under a Pandemic... Coming in for more.. For all your Real Estate needs I’m your agent #orra #millions #realtor #youagent #relentless #veteran #military #nurse #police #Share #bienesraices #comprarcasa #casasnuevas (at Orlando, Florida)
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blackberrygardens · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
While we’re here dissecting new photos, I noticed that Nandor’s rings are right on display here! Unfortunately you can’t really see the other one, but this one here definitely looks like amber. Some interesting things I picked up doing a very general search on the significance of it in jewellery:
“Amber is a very spiritual gem. It seems to capture the light and warmth of the sun within its structure, and also the vibrant, life-giving qualities of sunlight, without which, of course, none of us would even be alive. Amber is closely connected to preservation on a spiritual level. That means that it is often worn as an ornament or talisman to promote eternal youth. “
Which is just about the most perfect thing ever to wear as a vampire, no? And of course amber often has fossilised remains inside, and well....
Has anybody else been able to get any good screenshots of his other rings?
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talk2wendyw · 18 hours ago
Repost from @be.relentless_ • Let’s get hyped up!!!! Yesterday was for announcing this awful news about our dear friend Sally. I’m sure it brought everyone to reflect on life & most of us were bumming about it all day, I know I was. But TODAY we get hyped and get behind Sally!!!! Let’s get ready for FIGHT NIGHT!!!! Sally begins her treatment next week. Please please please, listen! Sally is a TOUGH & very STUBBORN woman. She loves a good challenge & people to rise with her. She ain’t no sissy!!! Please post your fav hype song along with a photo of Sally and tag me @be.relentless_ she will love seeing all the posts as she heads into the weekend to get her mind right before her fight officially begins! #LFG #letsfuckingo #relentless #sallyisrelentless #fightlikeagirl #fukcancer #berelentless #berelentlessapparel #relentlessaf #allgrit #grace #grateful #ironsharpensiron #blessedarethepeacemakers (at Your Organic Girl Skin Care, Inc.)
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zippocreed501 · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Duel (1971)
Written by Richard Matheson from his own short story. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Starring Dennis Weaver.
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ahatfullofvampires · a day ago
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lesbianfreyja · a day ago
literally how do you stop cats from eating other cats’ food
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twobrokenwyngs · 2 days ago
it never fails to amuse me, the way Wholesome ships attract the absolute worst sort of person fandom has to offer. across the board, I've found that the kindest, most accepting and friendly people can be found engaging with ships that are difficult - where the characters have glaring personality defects, where their road to harmony is tremendously fraught. where there's a baseline of understanding, right from the start, that life is often ugly and messy and hard, that people make mistakes and behave poorly and unfairly toward each other. fandoms for the ~cinnamon rolls~ in the sweet, easy relationships inevitably lead to the most vicious internal treatment and unforgiving "discourse." it's in the problematic, the painful, the complex, that we offer compassion, empathy, and redemption to these characters - and therefore each other.
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geekcavepodcast · 2 days ago
Aconyte Books and Marvel Comics Announce “Outlaw: Relentless”
Tumblr media
The fourth Marvel Heroines prose novel from Aconyte Books and Marvel has been announced. Outlaw: Relentless hails from author Tristan Palmgren and continues Palmgren’s arc which started with Domino: Strays.
Outlaw: Relentless follows Inez Temple, aka Outlaw, who is a key member of Domino’s the Posse. A job goes sideways and Outlaw finds her mind slipping away. Johnny Dee, a mutant hating telepath, is stealing away her wits, courage, and very identity. “Inez’s bloody revenge will take her on a chase through the Texas desert and a labyrinth of her own worst memories.” (Marvel Comics)
Outlaw: Relentless goes on sale on September 7, 2021.
(Image via Marvel Comics)
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issa-wasteland · 2 days ago
Sooooo I went on a binge watching what we do in the shadows (2019) version and I got mixed feelings about it
Here's my lil thoughts:
Nadja and Laszlo are a cute couple and very open about who they slept with which is funny in a way.
Guillermo deserves nothing but love, respect, and appreciation.
Nandor is a huge idiot vampire but we love him for it
Colin robinson can be funny at times
It was nice how the show showed most of the supernatural beings like witches, werewolves, necromancer, etc.
Guillermo sells semen jars to witches but that little idea he had from the tide pens was smart and not too late to start a business.
It had some good laughs I'll give it that
Idk if I want Guillermo to become a vampire or not. It's like 50/50 because he's doing an amazing job being a vampire slayer but how cool would it be if he was a vampire.
The vampires are kind of useless without their familiars and it's pretty evident.
I like the way Nandor says Guillermo
Nandor's hair
Even though they hated vampires, those "mosquito" club members were entertaining to watch and one of them died which was sad.
Some things that throws me off:
If Nadja was with Laszlo but still have feelings for gregor and his reincarnations, it is safe to say she cheated on him as Laszlo cheated on her with other people.
Why make familiars? It's degrading as hell and I feel bad when they aren't promised on being a vampire.
this whole time they were alive, they never wanted to go do wild shit, keep up with the new generation, or do simple shit like laundry or driving a car??
In that big house, you mean to tell me that Guillermo become harry potter and sleep in a crappy "room" with used pillows and sheets??
The part where Nandor and his old familiar talk about the past and it shows pictures of them dressed up but wouldn't Nandor not show in the picture if he's a vampire?? Just like vampires can't see themselves in the mirror but doesn't it apply when pictures are taken??
Who made that damn witch hat?? Like who had the time??
Did the writers of the show queerbaited the audience? (I'm making a separate post on this)
And lastly
Where exactly does Nandor and Guillermo's relationship stand???
Nandor had his nice moments but he also treated Guillermo like crap. It would be nice to see how Nandor's character slowly changes because I wanted my boy Guillermo to do better and get the respect and appreciation that he deserves. They had their moments where it felt like it's more than just a boss and a familiar as Nandor doesn't want Guillermo to leave him. Like he could get anyone else to be his new familiar but he doesn't and agrees to the changes that Guillermo wants.
Idk but I'm ready for season 3
Tumblr media
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clare-with-no-i · 2 days ago
Hey, just wanted to wish you good luck with the next BaF chapter. You can do it! Remember to take breaks if you need to, and not to put too much pressure on yourself, though! :)
hi lol this is so sweet thank u so much!!! I haven’t been on since last night because uMMMMMMM something has gone wonky with my internet and AO3 is just full stop not letting me post the chapter LMAO??? 
like can u imagine my face rn. I have been alternating between swearing at and maniacally laughing at my laptop for 12 hours because I finally got this chapter done that’s been plaguing me for 2 whOLE MONTHS....and AO3 just fucking NBA blocks my shit in the eleventh hour. 
so. that’s where I’m at. like I’m currently in a bit of a woodsier area and the internet has been slow for as long as I can remember but this has never happened before??? I’m truly speechless.
anyway. I’m trying every possible thing I know to get the chapter up, even though it’s a full day late which is making me >:( but thank you for this sweet sweet message!! I’ll be back on and shitposting per normal once it’s posted <3 xx
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hashiramashonkers · 2 days ago
Mortal Kombat AU
I really want a series of dumbfuck interactions between Madara and Tobirama before they fight.
Madara appears in a flurry of flames and waves around his gunbai dramatically (like Kitana and her fans lmao). Tobirama appears using his hiraishin with water lapping at his feet, arms crossed.
Madara: I hope you washed your ass because I'm about to chew the fuck out of it.
Tobirama: Why,,,, are you like this.
And then they beat the shit out of each other 💃
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