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#relatable memes
ribbonsandvines · 49 minutes ago
Me: smiles at a meme on my phone
My mom: talking to a boy?
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“I have a crush on you” that’s a you problem, dude. 
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fimbry · 6 hours ago
Just looking at your first page of art alone: You enjoyed Jungle Book or Aladdin as a kid and Vivize Pop is there! But for more advance stuff I can tell you enjoyed a few of the animal based Disney movies where they looked like real-ish animals!
Hmmm I didn't like those movies specifically, but I did love the cats in both (Tigers are so good. So is bagheera.) Oh I think those Jungle Book vultures influenced how I draw birds somewhat too! And Vivize Pop is there lol. I like her designs for sure.
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squawking-pinata · 7 hours ago
characters who could get absolute shit kicked out of them and still be fine but the moment someone touches or handles them gently, boom. They be like like "i'm gonna get shattered into pieces now, thanks:)"
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distracted-dino · 7 hours ago
One time my friend who tends to sleep talk was sleeping at my house, and while I was calmly writing next to them late at night, they said "No social skills... Help again, you motherfucker."
Honestly, same.
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