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meluisart · 3 minutes ago
Me? Getting a Lady D print signed by Maggie Robertson? Even though I should be saving bc I’m getting tattooed next month? Bah, nonsense. Where’d you get that idea from? 
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lampea-by-lamplight · 11 minutes ago
okay so this isn't really an oc intro bc i'm not cruel enough to put all of them on one post
so this is kind of for ask games? so i can actually reblog them? for my two followers who are the same person? anyway @myreidola witness just how many characters and plots tsenpha has and realise that there will be many more
junk shop gang
maeve shea: faerie, junk shop owner, knows more than she lets on
dio: tiripts (aka demon), stressed best friend, drinks too much milk
cande: spirit of deep water, likes freaking people out, maeve's kid
amanta segreti: half fae half elf, artist, lives in the woods (in a house)
noam de witte: half human half slegna (angel adjacent), runs a kid's home, co-parent with maeve (techically)
grant taggart: human(?), work with noam, highly uncomfortable with the idea of love
robbie lamar: human, ex-pirate (probably), obsessed with his hair
sarah desrosiers: human, ex-noble girl, an absolute dumbass
daichi mutō: half human half elf, tinkerer, has lightning magic
villain squad
briony april: ex-spirit of healing, not paid enough for this, likes cake
alastair lykaios: human, expressionless and done, bad with feelings
dracul: lizard folk, will bite a table, tends to go with violence
orion griffin 1: human, original orion, cowardly and not ashamed
orion griffn 2: human, copy orion, impulsive and not ashamed
kyria ash: human, archalogist, holds a brain cell (it isn't the only one)
darius heidrich: human, king of lobelia, not as much of an asshole as he seems
treason squad
malyn chaise: human but death touched, dark sense of humour, likes books but also bows and arrows.
hemlock: human, assassin, only son of the king of lobelia
flannery: fox kin (selkie, but a fox), works in an entertainment troupe, main source of treason
galena holzmann: human, healer, also a dancer in flannery's troupe
spirit squad
astra: spirit of the stars, daughter of the spirit of magic, lives in a cave
august: spirit of the sun, got an ego problem, likes honey
aliena chaise: spirit of stories (eventually), day drinker, gets into trouble a lot
mael: spirit of madness, has goat horns, solves problems by creating other problems
cedar: spirit of healing, briony's twin brother, bad choices were made
caelestis/celeste: spirit of air, trickster, will sleep for a few thousand years out of boredom
pyrrhos: spirit of fire, plays instruments, absolutely terrible with words
kelda: spirit of water, anger issues, has multiple arms made of water
meallán: spirit of lightning, unrepentant wanderer, likes artistic displays
jade: spirit of earth, lives underground, views a lot of people as his children
florence: spirit of nature, somewhat bloodthirsty, doesn't like having his time wasted
sorcha: spirit of light, spouse of nisha, operates a theatre house
nisha: spirit of shadows, spouse of sorcha, fond of songbirds
vega: spirit of birds, holds an oracle-esque position, likes drama
attor: spirit of decay, chills in clearings a lot, vaguely snake-like
merlora gang
luana: shark mermaid, princess, scholarly and diplomatic
joie richelieu: shapeshifter, water mage, down to fight whenever and wherever
rio: clown fish mermaid, no sense of style, defensive about it
zenith: shark merperson, very stylish, history buff
cenric: butterfly fish merman, king, luana's adopted dad
terran spencer: human, merlora village leader, cenric's lover
sin squad
pride: tiripts, put together at all times, the ringmaster of the sin squad show ig
lust: shapeshifter, the dancing queen of the sin squad show, has a thing with someone in a town they visit
wrath: half human half tiripts, smug little bastard, can't keep his mouth shut
sloth: possessed doll, throws knives when annoyed, is the cook and demands respect
gluttony: revenant, slow but in a "my processing speed is low" kinda way, mainly with sloth
greed: elf, chills in the background drinking something alcoholic, doesn't talk much
envy: bioluminescent merperson, mildly pissed at all times, does the special effects i guess
royalty gang
nicklaus aetos: human, high king of gladiola, seems stoic but is actually really soft
rhea dwerryhouse-aetos: human, high queen of gladiola, extremely chaotic
heist squad
lian anguis: snake folk, schemey schemer who schemes, just wants money
ignus anatidae: half human half slegna, significantly less schemey, on the hunt for his brother
rebellion gang
giselle delphine popławski/mint: human, displaced princess, lightning mage in a family of water mages
viper: elf, thief with eyes on a prize he won't reveal, probably has a joke for everything
nightshade: faerie, assassin who really wants to poison this one guy, can be sweet
gertrude fortier: human, leader of aforementioned rebellion, definitely aiming to get mint on the throne
silvester jeż: shifter, childhood friend, definitely going through some stuff at this point
clearbury gang
rojda kartal: elf, owns a bakery/cafe, definitely has secrets and definitely likes being mysterious
nihan kartal: elf, started the whole detective thing, mainly operates out of their sister's backroom
osiris lycan: vampire, subsists on a diet of coffee and sugar, not as aloof as he seems
róisín flores: human, wears pretty dresses, just wants to have a talk with whoever keeps cursing him
oscar bonheur: shapeshifter, has nature magic, no one can remember him arriving, just that he was always there (or was he...)
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whaleharry · 23 minutes ago
li I found a very funny manip but idk if you'd want to see it 💀
send it to me!!!
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derelict-stranger · 32 minutes ago
POV: I said the “wrong” opinion on Tumblr or I yelled at a dipshit
Tumblr media
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stokes-theorem · 33 minutes ago
greek yogurt looks like it should taste way better than it actually does
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jennoasis · an hour ago
June Drabble Challenge Day 17: Rom-Com
“Wait, is this movie the reason you sometimes say “As You Wish” and bow?” Mista grinned. It wasn’t often they had the chance to binge movies and relax, so he was taking advantage of their time together. “It is. I can’t believe you’ve never watched The Princess Bride. It’s a great rom-com.” “I didn’t really watch movies growing up.” Giorno took another bite of his pizza, sighing contentedly. “Oh trust me. I have a long list of movies we’re going to watch when we can.” Giorno turned his head a little to smile at Mista. “Looking forward to it then.”
 Okay I really wasn’t planning to write another Giomis drabble but HC Mista is super romantic so of course he’d watch rom-coms (Rom-Com is the word of the day lol). It’s not my fault. XD This is for Day 17 from this lovely challenge list here! Thanks!
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herheroics · an hour ago
@amorerestu​ liked for a starter
Tumblr media
                  AS SHE sat on the hospital bed in the emergency room, Erin couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh. All it was, was a damn gun shot wound. Nothing serious in the slightest but yet, she still found herself in the hospital having to get it thoroughly checked. The wound was in her thigh, she knew it was a through and through, she’d been shot before, but never in the leg. That would be a first. She just wanted to go home. Relaxing against the bed, Erin let out a huff. Damn hospitals. Looking up as the curtain opened, Erin raised an eyebrow when she came face to face with her doctor. She was gorgeous. “If I have a doctor like you every time I come to the hospital then I might be inclined to actually stay rather than sign MYSELF OUT.”
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yy20 · an hour ago
J'ai survécu! Bon forcément, mais ça faisait bizarre un vrai examen, vu qu'on en a pas vraiment eu à part le brevet. J'ai pris le sujet 1, sur "discuter, est-ce renoncer à la violence", on avait vu un truc similaire en HLP cette année et je le sentais mieux que les autres (genre le 3? Qu'est-ce que c'était que ça?). J'espère que t'as eu un bon petit dej' du coup :') Prochaine étape, le grand oral! Ouaaiis...
- ☂️
Ah je vois qu’on a pris le même sujet hein ! J’ai même pas lu le reste j’avais pas que ça à foutre. C’est vraiment sympa que ça ait fait écho à quelque chose que t’as pu étudier en HLP du coup, je vais pas te mentir je me souviens même pas du nom des autres questions. T’as pu sortir en un temps correct ou toi aussi t’as fais comme moi et les 4/4 des lycéens, out de la salle à 9h et des poussières ?
(J’ai pas commencé mes sujets de grand oral et je passe mardi, on y croit.)
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mak0w0 · 2 hours ago
i'll see the word haunted in like any context and go nuts at this point. three people i follow have done this to me
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yourgothyteen · 2 hours ago
This is slowly gonna turn into a mc blog with lore from me n my friend's smp
So if i ever magically get big one day they're gonna find out how i simp for loki so hard.
@easyestherr write this down for future me to cringe upon, thank you.
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baptists · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
             there are two kinds of peace.  one for the world and one for yourself.  how caring and sweet the rock bottom dragon is, it should be known that his own belief in peace would be understanding others, showing what little kindness that people have to offer and never underestimating or judging someone based off one’s look or how they were raised in such situations. the ideal peace for ichiban is nothing but pure friendship ( as cheesy as it sounds ).  he never fully understands the sole reason why hate is spewed across the world but he wants to make it a better place and strives to do so.  people will mock and point fingers at him but so far it has earned him respect and friends that he came to truly admire and look up to... * SNF SNF *
as for peace with his own self.  ichiban hardly ever thinks about his own feelings and what would make him happy. video games are of peace and bring comfort but that comfort can leave in an instant.  but if making someone smile brings him some sort of comfort then that to him might just be his own peace. 
@lykaiia​  chose the word peace and so i will write my sophomore research paper on what peace means to me.    (   this meme right here  )
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1shigami · 2 hours ago
Omg pls do . Also I need some opinion .
I am deciding to pierce my nose and my mother said that she would allow me to , but I don’t know if I will look good 👉🏻👈🏻. Like you know there are some days that I will pull it off and some days that I maybe like “ugh why did I do it!” 😅😓🥲.
stop bc i was literally thinking of getting a septum ,,, i might actually get it and i think ??? i Will ?? look okay with it IDK but definitely just go for the piercing !!!
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getreadytosmash · 2 hours ago
Cell phone headcanons for: David
- what your muse’s name is in mine’s phone
Big Green (and later on - Other Daddy)
- what your muse’s picture is in mine’s phone
David glancing down at Skaat starting to doze on his shoulder. They're sitting on the jet and covered in bruises and David seems utterly thrilled to have Skaar calling asleep on him.
- what your muse’s ringtone is in mine’s phone
Dogs barking. Slightly different but the same as Bruce in themes!
- my muse’s last text to your muse
[Get millshache wif skaar? Plese]
- what your muse’s name is in mine’s phone
And in the corner its DAVID WITH A CHAAAIR!
- what your muse’s picture is in mine’s phone
David staring down at a human with a really serious look on his face, although he doesn’t look angry. Baby Skaar is sat around his shoulders and is grinning down while Older Skaar and Jen are currently being held under David’s arms and not as amused. 
- what your muse’s ringtone is in mine’s phone
Monster mash...since David often uses monster positively ksskks
- my muse’s last text to your muse
[I dunno, I think we’re gonna need to take it to the space or water base??? God we need names for those]
- what your muse’s name is in mine’s phone
Green Giant (Now with EXTRA protectiveness!)
- what your muse’s picture is in mine’s phone
It’s Jen, Samuel and David at a pride event. They’ve all got the trans flag painted on, as well as Samuel having the NB flag and bi flag as well as Jen while David has his flag too. Jen and David are grinning happily while Samuel looks resigned at being lifted for a photo but,,,you can see he’s trying to not smile that much.
- what your muse’s ringtone is in mine’s phone
Circus by Britany Spears
- my muse’s last text to your muse
[I’m going to be late. Lyra fell down the cave mouth, don’t wait up for us]
- what your muse’s name is in mine’s phone 
D. Banner (Ass) 
- what your muse’s picture is in mine’s phone
David winking and blepping while holding out his middle finger at the camera, a large drink in his free hand as he stands against the kitchen fridge. 
- what your muse’s ringtone is in mine’s phone
Once again, clinical beeping because NO JOKE for silly ringtones!!
- my muse’s last text to your muse
[Sorry, I must have been absent the day me and Greenie held hands and skipped down the yellow brick road to friendship and hopes and dreams.]
- what your muse’s name is in mine’s phone
The weaker Hulk >:)
- what your muse’s picture is in mine’s phone
David and Hulk at the diner, both have milkshakes but David is clearly doing a speech, judging by the way he’s pulled Hulk into a hug and has a odd look while Hulk seems resigned at being hugged for the third time that day.
- what your muse’s ringtone is in mine’s phone
If I could have a dream - Pat Reyford
- my muse’s last text to your muse
[You don’t need to bring anything, I’ve told you we’ve got stuff already, you big papa bear]
- what your muse’s name is in mine’s phone
Megalodon Man (David Banner)
- what your muse’s picture is in mine’s phone
David holding Sushi in his arms while Devil Dogosaur is sitting with Devil Dinosaur behind them. He’s saying something and Samuel is rolling his eyes but starting to laugh.
- what your muse’s ringtone is in mine’s phone
50 ways to say goodbye - Train 
- my muse’s last text to your muse
[Ohhh I’m SO scared! Well you know what? I’m going to put that alien caffeine in my drink and then enjoy the affects for MONTHS to come, u flat fuck] 
- what your muse’s name is in mine’s phone
David Darling (My other Hulk)
- what your muse’s picture is in mine’s phone
Rebecca, David and Bruce all taking a picture. There are tear marks on their faces while Rebecca smiles. It was their first photo together ever since she died. 
- what your muse’s ringtone is in mine’s phone
Sunshine and lollipops - Lesley Gore 
- my muse’s last text to your muse
[Are you sure it’s alright? I wouldn’t want to impose on you or Brucie. I love you - Mom]
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oats-n-goats · 3 hours ago
undertale fans be like "what gender is frisk lol 🤪" but i literally saw everyone portray frisk as a girl smh
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normwerner · 3 hours ago
Live up to your potential…
Live up to your potential…
In today’s post to his blog, Jack’s Winning Words, Pastor Freed used this quote – “Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself to become what he potentially is.”  (Erich Fromm) Ironically, in today’s paper the cartoon Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis the cartoon character Pig is shone having a discussion with the character Goat. In the cartoon, Pig tells Goat, “I’ve decided to no…
Tumblr media
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