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#red and black
chillis-woof-stuff · 6 hours ago
Black and red leather collar, hand stitched.
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vampyregraves · 8 hours ago
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Looking for my next victim, is it you? 🩸🦇
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enbyjaywalker · 11 hours ago
You got any Jay whump/angsty headcanons?
Totally >:)
Abdhsjsb I love writing headcanons so much! Thank you!!!
Has mixed feelings about the bounty. It used to be a pirate ship. So it sometimes makes his nightmares worse :(
To many volts of electricity hurt him but he won’t tell anyone that!
Def had abandonment issues, that doubled after he learned about his birth family
Took down all his Frits poster after s6. He can’t look at the man who abandoned him the same
Jay grew up poor so he tries not to get sick, cus medical bills are expensive. When he gets sick he feels guilty :(
Afraid that people will lose interest in him so he’s constantly trying to make himself “interesting”
Really afraid he’ll lose Cole again. So he’s constantly doing things to prove he is still a good friend
Hates his birthday after s6. Reminds him of his birth parents
His official birth certificate has the father section blank
That’s all I have right now >:0
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vxmorpheus · 13 hours ago
Me: vibing to a remixed version of "Don't Forget" from deltrarune (Dont forget by Cami-cat and nahu pyrope) and thinking about V and Morpheus.
My brain: "dont forget, im with you in the dark" ........ hey remember scp-3001?
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sawhxre · 14 hours ago
Thanks Facebook for the old videos 🤭
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sawhxre · 14 hours ago
The fact my side profile looks like a whoville character 😭😭
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howtodothis · 18 hours ago
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