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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
alaskaisnothere · an hour ago
we're just skin and bones and endless mistakes just trying not to feel miserable every second of every day & it's okay to take a break from holding the whole world on your shoulders. it's okay to close your eyes and imagine a world where your heart can bloom and flourish.
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yellow-misfit · 2 days ago
"Tomorrow is always a new day; for new beginnings, second chances, and to taking risks without hesitation. And if you failed, there's always another day to try once again."
- words i whisper before dozing off and travelling to dreamland
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nuancedcroissant · 5 days ago
This sadness feels too heavy. The more I try to come up for some air, the more I feel like I'm drowning.
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yellow-misfit · 7 days ago
april third
if you ever stop loving me,
at least let me know if it was all real
were those kisses really intimate?
i love you's sincere?
poems dedicated to me genuine?
those plans we shared,
movies we watched and books we read,
from dusk 'till dawn
with our hands intertwined
were you really holding me?
have you really thought about me?
have i truly been part of your better days as much as i was on your downfalls?
'cause maybe it will hurt just a little less
knowing that our love was indeed real
but unfortunately wasn't meant to last,
than knowing it was all just a facade
that maybe we were just trying to fill the abyss in our souls,
but there was no love afterall
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