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mylestoyne · 33 minutes ago
How many times have you read the asoiaf books?
I thiiink I’ve read agot acok & asos three times and affc & adwd 4/5 times? But there are some chapters I’ve read more times than that ok idk why I said “some chapters” it’s joncon chapters we all know that’s what I meant
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wasscared · an hour ago
ways to show/tell connor that you love him, platonically or romantically or Any Form of love: 
choose him. there is always something else to do, there is always more work to be done, there are always reasons that someone can walk away because they have to and they don’t have a choice and this work needs to be done. Connor accepts and understands all of these things. But sit down with him after he is scared by something and say of course I’m staying, when they do not have to choose that. when the only reason for choosing it is that ‘someone else can do that’, when the only reason for choosing it is ‘you are one of my priorities, Connor’.
literally the words “I love you”. he knows these are true without being told, but he is Very pleased every time anyone says it out loud, he was.... shocked? the first time someone said it and he realised how much it Meant 
think of him when he’s not there. this always surprises him and he is always flattered. send him a message about something you saw that made you think of him; tell him you referred someone to speak to him when he wasn’t in the room (just thought he was capable); say, I saw this and thought of you. it does not need to be a gift though. the point is that he crossed people’s minds when he wasn’t there to demand it, because they chose to think about him. 
offer him your jacket when he doesn’t have one. knowing to do this and doing it is a way of taking care of him that... he .... is touched by. it’s just touching. 
notice when he is unsteady and check in. if people do notice that he is unsteady at all, he anticipates them ignoring it. it’s his problem, and it is something he can swallow and move past quite quickly. so if you catch sight of it, and you say, “Connor,” and he looks up and finds that he has been Seen, and that it matters enough to ask? To say ‘i have Seen. i can Listen’? even if he does not take you up on the offer, he cares a lot that the offer was made. 
touch him. Hug him. Brush his shoulder. Shove at his shoulder, and knock elbows. take his hand. touch the scar either side of his palm, or the one in his shoulder. He isn’t a time-bomb. He won’t explode. sometimes he comes home from business trips where nobody touched him or met his eye or thought that he was real and he just ... wants .... something solid. especially true if he is dissociating, touch him, but the point of this one was ‘touch him casually and without the fear that he will explode’. there will always be people who look at connor and see a weapon. 
Look at Connor and see Connor. 
Take photos. This one he only found out about recently. Not the sort of media-attention photos that are spread everywhere and swallow him in favour of a cover story. Take photos of Connor lying in the grass with a Sumo-blanket. Take photos of the two of you together, laughing. Ask him to take photos. The idea he - and your time together - is worth remembering. 
Teach him the ways that you love, and then love him like that. There is not a wrong way to want Connor - he will listen for ways that someone wants him, and he will start looking for those ways, and being pleased whenever he finds them. He will notice if they decide not to offer it to him. 
Notice things about him!!! Notice that he likes xyz, or abc is his favourite, or that he doesn’t like cherry blossoms. Just notice him. That’s it. That’s the whole point, just notice things about him and share that you have been paying attention, Connor often (!!!) forgets that he can be real for other people. He is always always pleased when anyone comments something they have learnt about him without his having to tell them. 
Ask questions. Sometimes .... Connor can assume people don’t care what the answers are if they don’t .... ask him questions. There is almost nothing Connor doesn’t actually want to share with the people closest to him, but he can and will survive the rest of his life without saying anything if they aren’t interested. (He can sometimes surprise!answer questions, and it will seem like ‘it came out of the blue’, but in fact he is answering a question he was asked days or weeks or months ago which he only became comfortable answering then.) “But what if he is offended they asked?” Connor will never fault someone for wanting to know more about him. 
Argue with him. He isn’t right all of the time always. Connor is not a weapon, do not tiptoe. These do not have to be bad or loud or explosive arguments, they could be I was worried about you or I am trying my best! or don’t say that. But he is wrong sometimes, or he is being unfair, or tactless, or selfish (or your muse is!). Call him on it. He enjoys ... some .... friction. Being close enough to be told (they think) he is wrong. 
Seek his point of view. It doesn’t matter to a lot of people. Ask what he thinks about something - even when it doesn’t directly relate to him. Especially if you notice him looking. 
Trust him. this is in a very similar vein to ‘choose Connor’. trust connor, and operate as though he has done the things that he gave you his word he would do. There are people Connor would leap blind for, on their word there is somewhere to land. There are people Connor would let do dangerous things because he trusts their ability, their commitment and their choice. Trust him in a similar way, and he will notice it. 
Believe him. Connor recently was thinking about ... oh, he won’t let me finish that sentence, okay. But if he tells you something, believe him. If it’s about something he saw (even if it throws somebody into disrepute), or about the zen garden, or about how he feels or what he is prepared to do. if connor tells you something that hurts, or he says it and holds a level gaze that dares you (that expects you) to not believe him. Believe him. 
Call his bluffs. When he doesn’t mean it - when he has a gun in a ship’s cabin with a police raid coming and Amanda whispering in his ear and orders to take you alive, but I won’t hesitate to shoot if you give me no choice: call his bluff. When he says, “I’m not upset,” or, “I’m okay,” because he isn’t prepared to ask please stay, call his bluff. When he is bluffing to erase himself, call his bluffs. 
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petals42 · an hour ago
TFATWS Outsider POV Prompts
Look, I don’t have time to write all of these but boy howdy do I love an outsider POV so PLEASE WRITE THESE:
[Outsider POV] The man with the arm -- Bucky, as Uncle Sam calls him; James as his mother says firmly, laughter in her eyes when he smiles at her -- sleeps on the couch for approximately seven weeks after he and Uncle Sam get back from New York. Then, quietly, he moves into Uncle Sam’s room. Cass thinks it took them long enough. 
[Outsider POV] “Stop that,” Sam says, glaring at Bucky and Sarah watches as Bucky’s grin flashes in victory before he turns from her to her brother, his face a picture of innocence. “What? I was just telling Sarah that she makes the most delicious waffles I have ever--” “Man, get out. You said you would carry that--” “I know, I know,” Bucky grumbles, laughter still in his eyes. “Have a wonderful day, Sarah,” he says on his way out and she rolls her eyes because he says her name all slow and earnest and his eyes go down to linger in a way that would be rude except they land somewhere near her left elbow before coming back up and it’s painfully ridiculous. Sam throws a dishrag at him as he leaves. It misses. “Sam,” she starts. “You know he’s just doing it to get a rise outta you. It’s a joke.” “It’s disrespectful is what it is,” Sam says, still glaring after him. “Maybe in the 40s you could talk to people like that but this is the 21st century.” “Mhmm,” she hums, she knows he’s not listening. “My sister!” Sam says. “My own sister! Who is letting us both stay with her. Also, I know for a fact my waffles are better than yours.” Sarah almost facepalms. If her little brother doesn’t figure this out soon, she’s going to kill both of them.
[Outsider POV] Ayo has watched the White Wolf for a long time now. She’s seen him grow from machine to person. From terrified of himself to merely cautious to almost, if not-quite confident. She’s seen him at his lowest. She’s seen him content. Or what she thought was content. It’s interesting, now, to watch him become something new. 
[Outsider POV] Donny has been gettin’ up early to do some fishing for near 50 years now and he doesn’t remember anybody bein’ as downright stupid as those two boys. They’re on that damn boat every morning, half-yelling, half-laughin’ at each other, making a racket as they attempt to pull that hunk of metal together and he always thought the Wilsons were pretty smart, but the daughter must’ve inherited all the brains because if this Sam-fellow doesn’t do something about this little white boy he’s got following him around like a puppy, Donny won’t be held responsible for his actions.
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moremerie · an hour ago
how can you call nesta a cold bitch, dismiss any trauma that she went through, say that the only thing she feels is hate for everyone, claim she won't have a story about healing because she's made too many mistakes, that she doesn’t have a story outside of making trouble and being a bitch, while in the same post say that you want tamlin to have a healing story? and then when you're asked to tag it under the anti tags you say that it's just your opinion and wasn't meant to be that bad.
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uhthor · an hour ago
my fic just hit 4k reads on ao3 nobody move!!!!!!!! i am crying
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thatweirdnoiseat2am · an hour ago
On another note, I’m done with the Midgar portion of FFVII
Tumblr media
Weird to think that I’m currently at... 7 hours of playtime, while I clocked 44h in the Remake, lol.
It was a lil bit weird playing this, since it mostly made me miss the Remake, which as of right now is sitting somewhere in my personal top 3 when it comes to jRPGs. That’s not to say it’s not fun, because I’m having a good time, despite some clunkiness that’s expected of an early 3D game.
But if there’s one thing that I think the OG does better than Remake is the first reveal of Jenova. It’s damn creepy, like something straight outta horror movie. I’m not sure if I agree with making it a boss this early in the Remake. Sephiroth? Fine, everyone knows this dude already, but Jenova still has this air of mystery to it.
Speaking of Sephiroth, I find it hilarious how you keep hearing about this guy, but you don’t even know what he looks like at this point, lol.
Anyway, now I’m in uncharted territory, so the comparisons to Remake will end. I have basically no idea what to expect from this point onward.
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daisy-bakugo · an hour ago
-I nod, laying you on your side so I am lay next to you and bring your leg over my hips before pushing back inside of you- Tell me if it’s too much, okay? -I whisper kissing your forehead and start moving my hips again, going slow so you’re not uncomfortable-
I bite my lip, whimpering softly as my hands holds onto his arms. As time goes on, my moans progressively get louder.
Fa-Faster, daddy..
I whimper when his hips start moving a little quicker, my toes curling at every nudge against my g-spot
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