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nyctarian · 3 days ago
#personal#lizbrarian#just saw a post about how p*r*ting books is bad#and it included the normal spiel about how all libraries have endless resources and have the same availability of media regardless of size#( rural librarian interpretation of the content lol)#but the thing that made me insane is it cited a bunch of authors talking about how p*r*cy hurts them#which like. yes. But the fault is in how the publishers operate not in poor people reading#BUT ANYWAYS the thing made me insane is they cited an author jon scalzi#who literally on his website self described as#‘im a liberal in anerica but any other country i would be a conservative thats how wacky far right the usa is’#and like specifically cited british torues n shit and like#sorry i dont take my moral cues from dudes like that#and another person cited was seanan mcguire who was one of the authors who accused of p*r*cy#which. is the issue with arguments like this bc if you say "dont steal go to libraries'#you have to understand these same people are a step away from accusing libraries of theft#there was a lady on twitter w an advice column book who literally was like 'dont tell authors ur gonna check their book#out from the library thats literally taking money away from them its so insulting'#like. i also wish authors were paid a fair wage! but its not an issue of buying stealing its buying or never reading#dont lecture people to go to the library just. support your library yourself and do local outreach#bc everytime someone on here is like#LOOK AT THE RESOURCES UR LIBRARY HAS it is like 90% things my local and my job dont have!#also this is all funny bc i know soooo many libs who p*r*te resources and not just scuzzy 25yos like me#one of the sweetest libs i know managed to snag the dsm5 in full by accident and was just emailing all her student to#let her know what sources they needed from it for their papers lol
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tectonicduck · 16 days ago
lmaoooo a few years ago I did a boudoir (sp?!?!) photoshoot and I’m in a private Facebook group for the photographer and her discussion of the week is opening up your marriage 😅😅😅
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capsizedskeleton · 18 days ago
mangago my beloved... mangadex my dear... you two have been taken from me... 
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cowboybarbie · 27 days ago
Does anyone know any websites that buy used books?
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heavymetalchemist · a month ago
Lay your hands on me (mingcheng modern bdsm au) is almost at 100k words and I look at it and I think about all the times I totally failed NaNoWriMo and I just don’t know how to feel about myself.
Anyway today’s chapter is full of angst and terrible parents if, y’know, you’re into that.
_ _ _
Jiang Cheng rubbed his temples as he stared at his computer screen. He felt weirdly hungover from the entire weekend. Wei Ying was still blocked, although he had finally steeled himself to read the few text messages that got through before the block. They didn’t bode well.
‘You don’t need to let someone hurt you to have a relationship!’
‘You said he beat the shit out of you, how is that respect?’
‘Someone who cares about you shouldn’t be leaving lasting bruises like that. Please answer the phone, you don’t have to be alone in this’
Wei Ying did not understand.
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briightskies · a month ago
   hmmmmm stares at my school email,,,,,,, there’s a zine-making workshop coming up;;;  i Am making a zine so i kinda wanna attend to see what they say about it 
   bc i literally don’t know what a zine’s actually supposed to look like lmao i was just planning to put it together like that one pdf booklet assignment i had last semester tbh
   at the same time im not sure if i wanna join the meeting bc for some reason they want the people participating to like??  actually contribute to their zine and bring 5 images to work on in the workshop and i get that’s probs bc they’re demonstrating how to Do Stuff by getting people to follow along with their own things and then feature stuff they worked on, and that’s cool and all but i just want the info hgfdfgsdfg
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