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aroseybearinlove · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Showing off my Forest Speyer Redesign cause I’m STUPID proud of him!!!! I do have a few lil notes as to why I designed him like this, but they’ll all be posted once I finish everyone! Next up, Chris Redfield!
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turnforce · 18 days ago
I’d love to see Billy or Rebecca in your style!
Tumblr media
She’s such a soff babey 🥺💞💞
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fan-fangirl-world · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm going to improve my lab coat with a RE reference. It's going to be S.T.A.R.S because I think some people would freak out if they see me with an Umbrella logo, you know "Bioterrorism is not cool"
Also I like the idea of S.T.A.R.S because of Rebecca ❤️
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snoozingkoya · 19 hours ago
Jaeyun, Sunwoo, and Hwan are probably my top three OCs I made in 2020. 💕
I love writing them, I love how they’ve each developed since starting, and I love how each of them are muses that i’m so in tune with that I can see, hear, and tap into them without much hassle or how much time goes by. 
Recently, Sunwoo’s growth has started to grow a little more through friends who still are willing to write with them despite them no longer being apart of the group they originated from. Sunwoo’s relationship with their best friends Kian & Jaesang is really the driving dynamic I love even more because besides them being fun and funny as heck, i’ve gotten to reconnect and write with one of my best friends after a few years. I’m so happy to create with her again. ♥ 
Jaeyun’s growth has started up again funnily enough because i’ve been able to write his sister more. So while writing him hasn’t been steady, the exchanges they have in Mimi’s story has their relationship forming itself and it’s so fun to see. I’ve never really played siblings before that I write exclusively so I like that new challenge!
Hwan is probably the most powerful, the too powerful muse i’ve got. Hwan’s just stuffed with love and growth, yet sadness and it takes nothing for him to roll forward. He’s had tremendous character growth. I’m really proud of looking at where he is now to where he was back when I started writing him. 
Anyways its 2 AM... 😅
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More redesign rough doodles.
On Betazed it’s all about HAIR. They’re built like skin and bone underneath, but they’ve got thick coats that come in many types, from wavy to wooly to curly to coiled, straight to shorthair and more!
So fashion consists mainly of accessories rather than full garments, and most attention is spent on maintaining those coats. It’s common to keep them trimmed and there’s lots of fashionable cuts and styles to pick from.
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not-poignant · 2 days ago
Loved the new chapter! the bit where dr Gary turned into dr Henton for a second literally gave me chills (it looks like it’s been changed now but it was a pretty awesome reading experience when I read it!). I was wondering if Ef might ever get nonverbal around Arden, and how they might deal with that? Esp if Ef is tied and can’t hand signal at the time. love your work!
(Yeah no that was just a name substitution, I do them more since head/neck radiotherapy and I missed that one).
I was wondering if Ef might ever get nonverbal around Arden, and how they might deal with that? Esp if Ef is tied and can’t hand signal at the time. love your work! 
If Efnisien was ever in a situation where he literally couldn’t safeword because of being nonverbal and tied at the same time, Arden would end the scene, revise the contract, and probably put them on a BDSM break for a while.
Arden is just not the kind of person to ignore really serious things like that. If it happened in a scene, Efnisien would hate the outcome, and tbh so would most of the readers. It’d be game over on all scenes until Arden was fairly certain Efnisien can communicate with him again. And honestly, that’d put things in a really shaky position for Arden. He already fears that he’s pushing Efnisien too hard, so if Efnisien has like, catastrophic noncommunicative reactions in a scene it means Arden’s fucked up (in his mind). Part of his being a professional is recognising when he shouldn’t be doing BDSM with someone, he would absolutely lock that down.
If it happened in general, it really depends. Efnisien could still communicate with Dr Gary during the session, and if he was not that deep in it, he could communicate with Arden too and it wouldn’t be a problem. However, if Efnisien was as deep in it as he sometimes got in Hillview, where he also wouldn’t nod or shake his head, Arden would call Dr Gary.
He is just not going to fuck around with Efnisien’s mental health, tbh.
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dead-silxnce · 3 days ago
⭐️ - re-education
There’s more than one type of re-education! There is re-calibration, individual re-integration and group re-integration, and the actual re-education.
Re-calibration is the mildest form of re-education. It’s a slap on the wrist in the form of a really long and boring screening of propaganda for several hours, sometimes followed by being handed out a modified prescription for mandatory pills depending on age and social class.
Individual re-integration is...well, psychological torture pretty much. It’s usually used on rebels who are no longer of use to BL/i. Individual re-integration is based on completely isolating someone with no way of telling where they are or what time it is, and making them doubt everything they know until they believe whatever they are told.
Group re-integration is used on kids brought into the City from the Zones and often done in parallel with regular education. Basically, they’re manipulating kids into believing that BL/i is nice and great, and the they have no other option than slowly begin believing that because the City does provide them a home and food and education, so they can’t be that bad as everyone made them out to be, right? They’re just trying to help and rebels are being all bitchy and violent for no reason! (/l)
Actual re-education is only for adult Battery City citizens or cases that are an active threat to the operation of Better Living Industries, and i’ve explained how it works in the previous ask! It can be requested or performed via official intervention from scarecrow officers.
Also, diverse fact, but Poison’s been through re-calibration once due to pois anxiety disorder, Ghoul 5 times (which is a lot for a pristine, and on the 6th he would’ve been sent to actual re-education) due to being inattentive or unable to control his emotions, the Girl 8 times in the 6 years she was in Battery City due to various causes, and Kobra has undergone group re-integration between ages 9 and 11. Jet has (thankfully) never had any run-ins of the sort with BL/i, but he's heard more than enough stories
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jspooky · 3 days ago
BOYS   IN   THE   TREES     starter sentences.
“   ‘tis the night of the grave’s delight.   ”
“   you think i give a shit, [name]?   ”
“   the fuck?  are you blind?   ”
“   how many times have i got to tell you you are not welcome here?   ”
“   get the fuck up.   ”
“   what a dickhead.   ”
“   have you tried…plugging it in?   ”
“   what did you do?  show me what you did.   ”
“   what’d you want to talk about?   ”
“   i thought you hated halloween.   ”
“   can we talk about this another time?   ”
“   kill me if i ever end up like him.   ”
“   is that a whole bottle of vodka?   ”
“   get off the bed, dickhead.   ”
“   don’t you ever want to get out of here?   ”
“   you want to run with the wolves, you got to kill a few lambs.   ”
“   will you stop being a buzzkill?   ”
“   who said there was a problem?   ”
“   you know, you’re a much nicer person when you’re not around them.   ”
“   we all do shit to fit in.   ”
“   is it worth it?   ”
“   we’re teenagers.  nobody gets us.   ”
“   [name]! where are you going?   ”
“   are you trying to kill me?   ”
“   why can’t you assholes leave me alone?   ”
“   i’m sure they’re awesome when you get to know them.   ”
“   why are you here?   ”
“   you’re bleeding.   ”
“   and then you wonder why nobody likes you.   ”
“   hey, i’m sorry.  wasn’t cool.  you can hit me if you want.   ”
“   walk me home.   ”
“   i’m not gonna hit you.   ”
“   if i knew they were coming, i’d have baked a cake.   ”
“   aren’t we gonna say hello first?   ”
“   hurry it up, dickhead.   ”
“   everything was simpler then.   ”
“   we’re not kids anymore.   ”
“   don’t think ‘cause we’re talking, we’re friends.   ”
“   it rained last week.  i’m not going in some deathtrap drain.   ” 
“   where’s your sense of adventure?   ”
“   where’s your common sense?   ”
“   it’s not death i’m scared of.   ”
“   there are things in this world we don’t read about in story books.   ”
“   not everyone can survive the dark.   ”
“   can’t have a good story without a dead body.   ”
“   i wish you’d go away.   ”
“   i’m not falling for your shit again.   ”
“   when exactly did someone shove a straw up your ass and suck out all the fun?   ”
“   i’m gonna kick you really hard in the face.   ”
“   do you really expect me to believe that?   ”
“   sometimes you have to pull back a piece of reality when it gets in the way.   ”
“   i think you’re full of shit.   ”
“   why the fuck did you do that?   ”
“   come on.  it was funny.   ”
“   you know i hate being scared!   ”
“   what happened to you?   ”
“   it’s called survival.  law of the jungle.   ”
“   you clearly don’t have a concussion.   ”
“   stop running away for once.   ”
“   you have a funny way of making it up to people.   ”
“   is there anything you’re not scared of?   ”
“   i never said i was scared.  i just have a cautionary nature.   ”
“   they say animals know when they’re gonna die.  so, they come here for their final moments.  i like to keep them company.   ”
“   nobody should die alone.   ”
“   you remember that?   ”
“   it’s bullshit anyway.  “you’ll never walk alone”.  i’d rather be alone.  no one to rely on but yourself.  no one to drag you down.   ”
“   this isn’t a story.   ”
“   no matter where you hide, they sniff you out.   ”
“   why’d you disappear?   ”
“   you really are no help at all.   ”
“   they’re your friends.  what’s the worst they could do?   ”
“   how’s this for a chaos theory, asshole?   ”
“   he decked you sober.  you don’t want to see him pissed.   ”
“   nobody means anything to you, do they?   ”
“   did you ever say that you’d be there for someone no matter what…and then you weren’t?   ”
“   i guess sometimes you don’t realize who you’ve left behind.   ”
“   so?  where have you been?  looking everywhere for you.   ”
“   you’re not…pissed about before, are you?   ”
“   maybe you shouldn’t talk about her like that.   ”
“   what are you saying, man?   ”
“   turn off the light.   ”
“   why’d you leave?   ”
“   you’re the one who left.   ”
“   you can be such a dick sometimes.   ”
“   are you trying to kill yourself?   ”
“   i owe you an apology.   ”
“   i’ve been a real dick tonight.  maybe for awhile.   ”
“   so, what happens now?   ”
“   i will punch you in the face.   ”
“   sometimes it’s just…easier to live your dream, if there’s someone there to live it with you.   ”
“   i’m through with breaking promises.   ”
“   why did we leave all this behind?   ”
“   it was a bad idea.   ”
“   nobody wants to be the one left behind.   ”
“   we have to go home eventually.   ”
“   what if i…what if he stayed?   ”
“   this is where we say goodbye.   ”
“   is this where you live now?   ”
“   real mature, smart ass.   ”
“   i’m sorry.  for leaving.   ”
“   oh, fuck.  fuck!  [name]!   ”
“   i need you.   ”
“   that was a long time ago.   ”
“   i just want to stay here a little longer.   ”
“   forget something?   ”
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duskwilt · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
♔ 「 @queensconquest​​ asked : " Making sand castles is far more difficult than making an actual castle or temple. " Sure, Solomon could have used magic but that would be defeating the point. Instead he flopped back into the sand with a dramatic sigh. " Woe be to me! " But a smile is quick to appear to his face as he turns towards Pyrrha. " Not long till nightfall. And trust me, this is a beautiful spot to see the night sky from. " 。 」
Tumblr media
♡ ❞ Bricks used to build castles were more structurally sound, of course, and far less delicate to the touch than sand tended to be; one meant to stand the test of time while the other soon lost to waves and wind. As for herself, Pyrrha only started visiting the beach with any sort of regularity in the past few years, so she couldn’t exactly call herself skilled in the art of sandcastles. But apparently, she possessed far more patience than Solomon did—-despite his age.
Even as he spoke, she didn’t lift her gaze from her work, and she likely wouldn’t until after the sunset. She intended to make the most exquisite of all sandcastles, naturally, and that meant putting in a whole lot of effort!
She did, however, hum to acknowledge that she heard him.
Tumblr media
“You weak-minded fool,” she chided halfheartedly before standing to go refill her water bucket. A bit of wet sand proved invaluable when it came to ensuring that everything stayed together. Once she settled back down in her spot, she spared her companion a single glance. “I’m taking your word for this, so I’m gonna be disappointed if it’s not!”
But she knew he wouldn’t bring her all the way here for anything less than superb, so despite the words, her tone held no trace of doubt.
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justanalto · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
“She’ll come back.” 
Keyla barely finds it in her to turn her head sideways, the promise puffing weakly through Rhys’ lips. She’s not sure whether he’s saying it for their sake or for hers personally, but regardless of its intention, it does nothing to quell the pressure in her chest that mounts with each passing second. 
Ironic, really -- the more she bursts with to say, the less oxygen she has with which to say it. Save your oxygen, Tilly’d said early on, words strained in the thinning atmosphere of the hallway, but to Keyla, it hadn’t mattered much whether she’d had oxygen to save. Not when her last breath had disappeared up with the ladder with her unsaid goodbyes. 
The whole situation makes her want to laugh, if such an action was in her lung capacity; she’d been planning to ask Joann out later that night once they were off shift, worries for the day discarded on their floor with their uniforms. Jo, she would’ve said, easy head tilt and all, if the universe set you up to deal with me, do you think it could be because it wanted me to take you out? 
What? Joann would’ve asked in that comfortingly teasing way Keyla’d come to memorize. What do you mean? 
And Keyla, fearless pilot of the first ship at the Battle of the Binary Stars, would’ve squared her shoulders, told herself to be kind, and tried not to smile too hard. To take you out, she would’ve said simply, and waited with bated breath for what she hoped would be the favorable outcome. How’s a dinner date at the holodeck Friday sound? 
Instead, the words she’s worked so hard to perfect were snatched from her with nothing more than a whoopsie-daisies and a phaser to her head, stolen from her in a future breath she’ll never get to take. “She’ll come back,” Rhys promises again, and this time, the look in his eyes suggests he knows exactly what’s churning through her thoughts. 
“She will,” Bryce chimes in, and around her, Keyla can hear the sounds of her friends’ weak chiming in. She’s not sure when her feelings about Joann became bridge crew knowledge (Georgiou had even threatened her, once or twice before she’d left, homicidal pain in the ass), but in her possible last moments, if she couldn’t have had her beloved ops partner by her side, it was some small comfort to at least have those that knew Keyla treasured her. 
A soft thump. “She’ll come back,” Tilly rasps, and the blackness is beginning to creep into the edges of Keyla’s vision. This is it, then -- this is how she goes, 930 years into the future surrounded by the only family she’s got left and in the name of a shell of the organization she’d originally signed on to serve. Another exhale, and the blackness increases another inch. “She’ll come back ‘cause she loves you.” 
She does? Keyla wants to ask, but her brain is already starving for oxygen, every remaining molecule dedicated to clouding the rest of her vision and making sure that her eyes are at least shut for the grand finale called death. She does. At least if she’s going out, she’s answered all of the immediate questions in life.
She does, and that’s all I needed to know. 
The next time her eyes shoot open, it’s to the soft fluorescent lighting assigned to all science vessels, the floor hard and unforgiving against her back. If this is heaven, it’s not a very nice introduction. (Also, Keyla thinks, heaven would ideally have Joann curled into her, so the fact that neither of those factors are present is a pretty good indicator that she hasn’t died.) 
But, that’s her brain, always a traitor to optimism, just because you’re alive doesn’t necessarily mean everyone else is, too. She’s not sure whether to look around -- despite its violent reintroduction into society, Keyla’s brain has already done the math, and the probability that everyone’s survived is lower than their beginning assumptions that they’d be able to take back Discovery. 
Still, it’s something she has to face. If she faced something, she’d beat it. Besides, it wasn’t like she could lie like this forever. Slowly, Keyla turns her head in the last known direction of Rhys and Bryce, breath whooshing out of her lungs when she sees the both of them, a little groggy but no worse for wear. Down the corridor, Ina is the same, shakily getting to her feet to join the rest of them; Tilly, bless her heart, is scrubbing the curls out of her face with no visible distress --
“You pulled me out of there.” Keyla’s heart does an almost painful lurch in her chest, it can’t be, she needs to be able to sit up right the fuck now -- “Thank you.” 
Brain and body, both of them traitors: the cough that expels itself from Keyla’s chest is not how she’d wanted to announce herself, but it seems to do the trick, and as she finally manages to roll over to her side, her eyes meet Joann’s, flecked with gold and wider than the hole that should currently be in their nacelle. “You’re alive,” she whispers, because it’s just about all she can process right now. 
Joann Owosekun is alive. Joann Owosekun is alive, and unharmed, and maybe looking at Keyla like she’d believed she’d never lay eyes on her again, but above all, Joann is alive. 
Joann is alive, and Joann is here, and god, if Keyla’s heart doesn’t stop doing donuts anytime soon she’s pretty sure she’s going to go into cardiac arrest. (Joann. Is. Alive.) 
“So are you,” the other woman finally whispers back, her awed expression shifting to one more suited for general company as she looks around at the rest of the crew. “All of you.” 
“You did it?” Tilly asks, finally managing to make it to her feet; in no time, the rest of the crew is in somewhat similar positions, if not a little unsteady. Keyla still can’t stop staring at Joann -- it’s like she’s seen the rebirth of the sun, every fiber of her being yearning to reach out and simply hold her, ensure that what she’s seeing is real and not some horrific figment of her imagination. 
“We did it,” Joann answers, and it’s so her, so Joann to share the victory with those around her that it makes Keyla want to weep in relief. There’s no way she can be dreaming this up, no way this can be faked, not even the best of holoprograms could make up Joann’s nature. 
Next to them, Tilly laughs. “Let’s go to the bridge, then,” she says, the rest of the crew moving to follow. It’s then that Joann’s eyes turn back to Keyla’s, still wide, still drinking the pilot in with a stifled sort of disbelief. Her arms seem to unfold with an almost unconscious movement, and the same autopilot in Keyla’s brain shuffles her two steps forward and into Joann’s arms, the solidity of her touch activating an octopus embrace of her own. 
You almost died, she wants to whisper, eyes shutting tightly at Joann’s arms wrapped around hers. You almost died, and I never got to tell you I love you. You almost died, and you almost took me with you. “I knew you could do it,” she whispers instead, because it’s better than chastising Joann for things she couldn’t control. “I always knew you could do it.” 
She’ll ask Joann out later -- and even later down the line, Keyla will tell her she loves her -- but right now, in the sweet, sweet relief of a defeated Emerald Chain, there is nothing better than the simple knowledge that they are both alive. 
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duskwilt · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
♔ 「 @reflectionbound​ asked : “Alright, fine. I can admit that’s a good idea.” (Lawless to Pyrrha!) 。 」
Tumblr media
♡ ❞ Of course it was a good idea! It was a fantastic idea, as all of Pyrrha’s were! Evidently, Lawless was so blind beyond what glasses could fix, but this time, at least, he could see something: the brilliant workings of her mind. Truly exquisite and always a joy to witness, in her humble opinion, and something she proved quite happy to show off whenever she had the chance.
Too bad that he ignored such genius most of the time.
Tumblr media
“Likewise, I can admit that you’re not the most disagreeable person I’ve ever met. You don’t even hold a candle to the king of all heathens!” And to be fair, Lawless never threatened to stab her ( or to drink her blood, as a more vampire-esque example ), which earned him a few brownie points. “Actually, that’s pretty sad... but also an entirely different story. Regardless! I’m glad that you’ve seen the light for once in your life.”
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duskwilt · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
♔ 「 @veritcs​ asked : One (1) nose boop from Mattias to Jonah! 。 」
Tumblr media
🐾 ❞ While Jonah’d gotten used to having a human form over the past few centuries, it felt odd to be around his master as anything but a cat—-perhaps because the last time they met, he was incapable of shifting, only figuring out how to use the charm after the man’s death. Idly, he wondered if Mattias felt the same, somehow, but he doubted it; after all, the magician didn’t seem to have any memories from before.
Perhaps the familiar appeared too contemplative for too long, as the boop to his nose quickly brought him back to the present. Blinking once, twice, Jonah looked up from where he sat on the floor next to the desk.
Tumblr media
“...done already?” Wishful thinking given how much Mattias threw himself into his studies, but it didn’t stop him from asking. If nothing else, he should be encouraging healthy habits, right?
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darcywho · 6 days ago
🥃 When did you know you loved me?
“Well it wasn’t the flerken, I can tell you that much. It also wasn’t you taking up residence on my fire escape after a night out drinking.” She paused, head leaning back as if the answer was written on the ceiling. “It probably started right after the flerken, though, in a slow, meandering kind of way.” 
“I might have even started to figure out what it was when you gave me that Heart record as a birthday gift.” It was the first LP she saw anytime she wanted to play something on their turntable. “It took a little bit of growth on both our parts before I was willing to call it that, though. But I saw that you were willing to try, and that might’ve been the thing that did me in.”
They both knew she’d been...hesitant. Darcy had a terrible habit of jumping in with both feet without looking up until Genis, so perhaps the flerken had opened the door to that area of growth for her. 
“But if you mean the first time I knew for sure? Would you believe me if I said it was when I was having a really crummy day at the firm I worked at after I left SI, and you offered to take me anywhere in the Universe I wanted to go? And instead of taking me to Titan to see the gardens, or something else astronomically impressive, you agreed to just take a walk with me for a few blocks in Manhattan.” 
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