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#random story
littlecakeintheroof22 minutes ago
once a person read my title and description, then he told me that if i liked a girl, i should not put that i was gay, but bi. so, i wanted to say that Megara-chan, it's a nickname that i gave my little sister (@chilichoopchoop) for a while because she looked a lot like Meg from Hercules in personality. i remembered this and it seemed funny 馃榿
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Once the horse was out of the way, Random looked around for something to eat. Since he didn鈥檛 get to eat anything under the tree and all he could think about now was food, he went searching for something that would hit the spot.
Random looked all over the store but didn鈥檛 see anything that looked really good to him. He then thought way too much about all the options and felt like he was making a once in a lifetime decision when it was a millionth in a lifetime decision and he wouldn鈥檛 even remember what he decided a day from now.
Random finally gave up overthinking what he wanted to eat and picked the next thing he saw. He opened the package and started to eat. As he was eating, he didn鈥檛 feel like he made the right decision and instantly regretted what he had picked.
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lunarconstellation02 days ago
Okay, but eye contact is like, SUCH a weird concept to me. Like I used to never notice eye contact at all and then, when I was talking with one of my friends one day, she was talking about how it was kind of weird switching between talking to me and talking to another friend because apparently this other friend always made eye contact when talking to her whereas I don鈥檛 make eye contact at all and I was just like ??? I don鈥檛 make eye contact with people? How weird... I never really noticed before and since that moment, I have realized that I just actually DO NOT make eye contact with people no matter what because it just feels super intimate and one time in a psych class we were told to make eye contact with the person across from us (because we had to make different expressions or whatever to demonstrate them) and I just could not stop laughing awkwardly the entire time while trying to make eye contact (b/c I laugh when I鈥檓 uncomfy and it鈥檚 really not okay) and that was how I discovered that I hate eye contact :)
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Random yelped from the pain. He quickly rubbed his skin where the bubble had touched it. That felt a little better but before Random could do anything else another bubble popped on his other arm and then another bubble popped on top of his head. Random started to scream more from the frustration of getting hit by burning bubbles than the pain they inflicted. Random didn鈥檛 enjoy this activity at all so he ran under some trees for cover.
Once Random saw he was safe from the burning bubbles, he looked around at his new surroundings. He found there was a gorgeous spread of food elegantly displayed. Random wondered who the food was for. He looked around and didn鈥檛 see anyone, so he decided to make himself a plate and eat some food.
The second Random touched the first piece of food he was transported to the middle of a grocery store. There he saw a cartoon bear eating honey out of a large jar and some bats playing chess. Before Random could react, a horse nudged him in the back and told him to get out of the way. Random stepped aside to allow the horse to move past him.
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Once outside Random was pleased to find it had stopped raining. There also wasn鈥檛 any indication there would be lightning strikes anywhere nearby. Random breathed a sigh of relief but was startled to see bubbles floating down from the sky. It appeared the sky was raining bubbles now. They didn鈥檛 look scary or harmful in anyway, but the sight of seeing them was so different, they gave Random a start. After watching them for a few seconds Random felt calmer. Then one of the bubbles touched Random鈥檚 skin and slightly burned him when it popped on his exposed flesh.
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id-be-a-koala3 days ago
one time my mom and grandma were in north carolina (way before i was born), and they were walking along a beach, and my mom really had to pee, so my grandma told her to go behind this sand dune and she would stand in front and make sure nobody saw her. so my mom was peeing, and it was very windy, and all of a sudden my grandma says 鈥渙h, feel that nice ocean mist!鈥 and yeah that鈥檚 what happened
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Random was a little freaked out that he almost got electrocuted so he went inside to get away from all the lightning. Once inside Random cursed himself because he forgot his facemask in the car. He didn鈥檛 want to go back outside in the rain and lightning to get it, so he pulled his shirt up over his nose. This worked for a hot second until a salamander dropped on his head. Random let go of his shirt to swat the salamander away and when he did that a bucket of water was thrown in his face.
Random whisked the water from his eyes to see a group of treefrogs glaring at him. Random didn鈥檛 know what to make of the situation and he didn鈥檛 like how everyone was looking at him, so he went back outside to brave the elements.
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Random didn鈥檛 want to be bothered anymore by trying to figure out if he could influence events in his life by his thoughts. It seemed like a lot of experimenting was needed and the results could possibly never be truly verified, so Random decided to move on and do something else with his time.
Random saw the ant crawling on the sidewalk and he thought it would be a good idea to get some food, so Random walked over to the fountain and threw a few pennies in. He made a wish and knew it would never come true so wondered why he just threw money away like that. Since it was only a few cents he didn鈥檛 really care all that much. Random saw the leaves blowing in the wind. It was strange because the leaves were attached to the hat of the man writing the e-mail to his friends.
This was all fine and dandy but Random really wanted to do something exciting. He looked all around and didn鈥檛 see anything of interest, so he decided to fly a kite. That was okay and sort of fun until it got struck by lightning. Luckily Random let go of the string before he could get electrocuted.
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totally-not-jaida7 days ago
Random writing//TW//
She sat in the car laughing with her friends. The radio blared as the two sounds swept over each other. As they got closer to her house the smell of smoke was thick in the air. 鈥淚 wonder what鈥檚 on fire.鈥 one friend said with a hint of curiosity. 鈥淢aybe it鈥檚 your house.鈥 Another friend joked. Flames start to rise over the houses, stretching for the sky. Her face drops as they get even closer. Her heart began to feel heavy and her eyes pooled. Before the car could stop, she jumped out and began to run
Her heart pounded and she ran as fast as her legs could handle. As soon as she made it to her house she knew she was too late. The whole house was swallowed by the phoenix鈥檚 heart. She dropped to her knees and began to scream, ignoring the people trying to pull her back. She stops as soon as she heard someone speak. 鈥淪omeone鈥檚 still in there!鈥 She got up and ran into the ragging fire hoping for the best. The flames licked at her body as she dodged between rubble. She began to call out to who was still in there and got no reply. After multiple rooms she finally found them. It was her baby sister, no older than a few months. She grabbed the baby and began to make her way out. Her lungs burned and ash blurred her vision. After a few minutes of trying to find the exit her eyes go dark.
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Random wanted to test out his theory so he thought about good positive things. He really concentrated on positive feelings and tried to feel as much of the positive energy flow through him as possible.
He then went about his day expecting miracles to manifest countless times in front of him. The first thing he saw was a giant hippo eating ice cream. Random didn鈥檛 know what to make of that so he didn鈥檛 count that as anything and moved on.
The next things Random saw was a college student writing a paper on a laptop. Random didn鈥檛 know what to make of that either so he moved on again.
Then Random saw a beautiful landscape in the best possible weather. He knew this was a good thing from his positive thoughts. Then it suddenly started to rain. Random got soaked within seconds. He didn鈥檛 think this was a result of his positive thoughts but since he was only thinking positive thoughts why would the weather change so drastically and quickly like that? Did having positive or negative thoughts have any influence over anything other than your own mood?
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Random felt pretty good with everything that was going on. He hoped things would continue to go well and he would feel happy. He knew that life wasn鈥檛 like that and it was inevitable that things would go downhill at some point. Random wondered how much he influenced things going bad from him having expectations that they would. If he didn鈥檛 ever expect anything to go wrong, when things did go wrong would they be less severe than if he was expecting something to go wrong? Did he have the power to make things worse by focusing on negative things? At the same time did he have the power to make things better by focusing on positive things?
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the-adventures-of-random10 days ago
As Random picked himself up off the ground and rubbed his face where it slammed into the ground, he wondered if karma was actually a thing and it just let him know of its existence. Random didn鈥檛 think so but at the same time he didn鈥檛 want to completely ignore it in case it was real. He decided he would try to give more of a fuck about other peoples鈥 feelings, but he would also be sure to make sure he didn鈥檛 get walked all over in the process.
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the-adventures-of-random11 days ago
Random didn鈥檛 know what to say. He slowly started to remember who he was talking to but wasn鈥檛 certain. He just wanted to hang up but couldn鈥檛 bring himself to it. He wondered why he couldn鈥檛 just hang up without saying a word. It wasn鈥檛 like he was going to see this person or talk to them ever again. For some reason he felt like he couldn鈥檛, and he didn鈥檛 like how powerless he felt. The person on the other end of the phone started to go off on Random and that snapped him out of his paralysis. He suddenly didn鈥檛 get a fuck about this person or what they were saying to him. He hung up the call and felt great to be done with it.
Random strode off feeling good for overcoming his fear of how someone he would never talk to again, felt about him. Then he tripped over a stone and fell face first into the hard ground.
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apocalypse-ghost11 days ago
Lately i created a pirate captain called Alucard Exley and the story about how he meets his聽prisoner Tatcher Hawking and they fight againist an army of monsters whose goal it is to destroy the human race and its very dramatic and dump. And i really want to make comic out of it.
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the-adventures-of-random15 days ago
With the lion knocked out and no other immediate dangers present Random slowed his sprint down to a light jog. It felt pretty good to jog off all the adrenaline that was surging through his body. Now Random didn鈥檛 know what to do with himself, so he picked up his phone and started to scroll through his contacts. He found someone he had no recollection as to who they are so he figured it would be fun to give them a call. He dialed the number and within a few seconds a disgruntled voice answered. Random said hi and the voice asked what he wanted. Random didn鈥檛 know what to say, so he said he was just calling to say hi. The voice didn鈥檛 understand since he ghosted her after their second date three months ago, so why was he calling her now? Was he drunk and alone scrolling through his phone looking to hookup with anyone who would respond?
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the-adventures-of-random16 days ago
Just as the lion was a few seconds away from coming in contact with Random, Random suddenly didn鈥檛 want to get eaten. He wanted very much to live a long and happy life. With this sudden desire not to be eaten, Random turned on his heels and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Of course, his speed was no match for that of a full-grown lion, but the lion wasn鈥檛 prepared for Random to suddenly move at the last second and it didn鈥檛 have enough time to adjust its speed, so it ran right past him. As it did the lion turned its head and twisted its body to turn around for another go. Unfortunately, for the lion when it turned its head, it didn鈥檛 see the tree it was headed straight for. Before the lion could initiate the full turn, it slammed into the tree knocking itself out cold.
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the-adventures-of-random17 days ago
Random was paralyzed. He just stood there watching this enormous cat charge at him. He very much wanted to get out of the way, but he just couldn鈥檛 move a muscle. He then felt a kind of peace. He knew he was going to die, and he was okay with that since he also knew he was going to evolve to the next realm, and he was getting more and more excited about that as the lion got closer and closer.
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rinniesworks17 days ago
岽徤词熓 蕪岽忈礈
岽呩磭s岽勈瑟岽樶礇瑟岽徤: 蕪岽忈礈'蕗岽 散岽岽⑨磭 岽♂磤s 岽徤 岽纱岽忈礇蕼岽囀, 岽呩磭s岽樕礇岽 岽嵣瘁磭 蕶岽嚿瓷 覔瑟x岽岽涐磭岽 岽徤 蕪岽忈礈 岽纱岽 岽徤词熓 蕪岽忈礈.
s岽涐磸蕗蕪 薀岽嚿瓷⑨礇蕼: s蕼岽徥岽
岽♂磸蕗岽 岽勧磸岽溕瘁礇: 饾煿饾熆饾熆
谦岽溼磸岽涐磭 岽渟岽囜磪 瑟纱 岽浭溼磭 s岽涐磸蕗蕪 瑟s 覔蕗岽忈磵 岽浭溼磭 蕶岽忈磸岽 "岽∈溼磭纱 蕼岽 薀岽囜磤岽犪磭s 蕪岽忈礈"
if only you saw the way
my eyes sparkled
for you took in
light that danced
across my pupils
reflected back into yours
The way you smiled always brightened up my day. I couldn鈥檛 see you smile, but I could hear it. Just from the way you seemed to brighten up at the mention of something you loved. Or how you bubbled with laughter whenever you were giddy or happy.
It brought me joy.
if only you felt the
way my heart beats for
you hard and fast the
way it moved heat
across my skin
Every little thing you did would fluster me. Every little interaction, every time you noticed me or said hi, it would fluster me, bring about a fiery red across my cheeks.
You couldn鈥檛 see it, but it was there, marring my face with a bright red hue only you could subject me to. Like flowers blooming inside of me, only growing fiercer because of you.
if only you looked
closely enough to
realize my smile for
you were so wide
it could have
swallowed the skyline
On days where I felt nothing but dread, anguish, or despair, you would suddenly come barging in, inserting yourself with a simple hello. It brought a smile to my face, you dispersed the dark gloomy clouds that loomed above me, spreading within me warmth and a smile, that only you could cause. That was only reserved for you.
if only you stopped
or a second to
really see me
you could have had
all of me
It was like walking down a path, pebbles always tripping me. And as time passed, as our interactions grew frequent, as my heart beat and my face flushed, the pebbles turned into stones that were thrown at me till I fell. Fell into a sea so big, so filled with love that I almost drowned. A love that was only reserved for you. A love that I would so willingly give to you.聽
聽Alas, I have to keep the love to myself. For you are gazing at others, people who shine as bright as you. Never sparing me a glance. For our fate was destined to end like this. You a star, that shone so bright it almost blinded me, a mere mortal who fell in love with you. A mortal destined only to gaze at you and nothing more.
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sonisis17 days ago
Tumblr media
On my way to the post office I found this potato on the floor. Don鈥檛 know why it鈥檚 there in front of the post office, there鈥檚 no grocery stores near by.
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jakkisukaru19 days ago
Have you ever dreamed a world that felt so vivid you became lost within the tide? Despite how it shifted at every turn, rolling like unbridled storm clouds, you venture deeper 鈥 feverishly so. You swear you could smell, touch, and hear everything crystal clear. The taste of your favorite drink, the sound of your favorite song, and the smell you associate with home. Yet, lingering in the creases of your unconscious mind, you are too aware that this is not real.
Every caressing texture upon skin is like a ghost 鈥 no weight, no heat. It's apparent that you do not belong in this world even though it is created for you. It is merely faded memories and longing desires. And the more you roam among these smeared paintings the more you see how much is missing. For those that walk past do not always have a face. Just as reflective surfaces do not always return a familiar gaze.
Who are you in these dreams? Are you the same person or a fragmented version? Are you a monster, an image you are afraid to be? Or are you what you've always wanted but could never achieve? They say you can be anyone, and be anywhere, but what does that truly mean to you? So many questions 鈥 so many uncertainties.
A world such as this can leave you with a sinking feeling, does it not? As if the ground has opened up to swallow you whole, washing away all the fond emotions and safe embraces. It allows the rain to fall and feed into the cracks you try so desperately to hide. It is overwhelming and you try to escape it, but the shadows 鈥 these unseen forces, grab and pull to keep you here.
It is always shifting, these dreams. Never stagnate, never the same. The sun and moon can share a sky just as easily as a lost loved one can tell you goodbye. And, for one moment, you are smiling before the next you are frightened, falling. Funny how such things can be, and yet I still wish to dream.
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