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#random shit
boxfox · 7 minutes ago
That was stupid
I love it
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nayrs-thoughts-13 · 24 minutes ago
I’m so tired and bored I’m gonna sacrifice myself again /j
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official-simp · 42 minutes ago
Meiling [Oc Information]
[because why not. do note that the clothes in her picrew isn't really what she wears and i have no better choice than to choose that clothing option. this is just the rough outline of her character details]
Character Profile [Current Appearance]:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Old Appearance [Before she was "Meiling"]:
Tumblr media
Name: Meiling
Vision: Cryo
Weapon: Sword
Rarity: ★★★★★
Birthday: December 14
Constellation: Flos Ciceros
Region: Liyue [Current]
Khaenri'ah [Formerly]
Affiliation: Liyue Quixing
Special Dish: Special Sweet and Sour Chopsuey
How to obtain: Wishes
Titels: Eternity's Bloom
Night Flower
“An employee that works for the Liyue Qixing. An exceptional emissary and secretary that serves for the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing, Keqing. Directly taking orders from her and following every command given to her.”
Character Details
Meiling is a secretary directly working under the Yuheng of the Liyue Quixing, known amongst the workers of the Liyue Quixing because of her dedication and hard working personality. The position in her job plays a big role for the Liyue Quixing. Working alongside Ganyu, a secretary and emissary like her, a huge amount of workload is given to her but she never complains as this was only simply part of her job.
Meiling usually deals with night time business and takes care of things during the night, she mostly works during the night time and acts more like a guard rather than a secretary as she eliminates the danger that lurks in the dark. And with this, she is able to protect the people and peace of the nation.
[more information under the cut]
“A mysterious lady that is quite known amongst the people of Liyue. A diligent worker and kind citizen.”
Meiling is described as a popular figure in Liyue, she gets along with children easily and is close with a few. She is often seen helping people during the morning and working during the night, in the dark.
Meiling, compared to Lilith, is a quiet and conservative person. She takes interest in traveling and would often take a walk around Liyue, mostly during the night. Lilith sometimes accompanies her during her walks when she has free time so she wouldn’t feel alone. Sometimes, she would have tea with the consultant of the Wangshu Inn, Zhongli.
Meiling doesn’t have that many hobbies, she likes to paint and write during her free time. She once joined a competition and published a book in which she ends up winning and becoming quite known for it. Although she eventually forgot that she did that and when people would confront her about it, she would simply say that the book’s creation happened out of boredom.
Meiling is also known for her forgetful memory and would say questionable and random things while talking to someone which could either bother them or intrigue them about herself. Do note that nobody knows anything about her past, no records about her identity, and is seen as a possible threat to the nation so this only feeds their suspicion and doubts.
Meiling takes the appearance of a slender young lady with pale skin and gentle expression adorning her face. She has eyes that resemble the color of gold and sun, platinum-coloured hair that she often styles into a braided bun or a ponytail, depending on her mood. She has notably diamond-shaped pupils.
She wears a sleeveless top with a high collar and a ruffled skirt that reaches a few inches above her knees, layered under a corset skirt. She also wears a pair of gloves and her vision is seen around her waist.
[Other information for her will be separated or put into another post]
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whale-shark-queen · 43 minutes ago
Someone should make an r/thinlogic subreddit and post the extremes of people posting pro-a** shit and assume all thin people are like that and other related shit as well as just being disgusting people in general and see how the gross fatlogic people like it when the turns are tabled on them
(Dont look at r/fatlogic its a horrid horrid disgusting sub)
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aliensrvisiting · 44 minutes ago
Came back from dentist and half of my face is numb
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ivylakes · 56 minutes ago
Its SHADOW AND BONE SNEAK PEEK DAY!!!!! I will be watching the cast chat/ten minute episode one preview, then bingeing the show as soon as it hits netflix. I will be tagging posts with the below tag for the next two weeks. 
blacklist tag: SAB SPOILERS
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thebisexualphilosopher · an hour ago
when you face death life becomes real uncomplicated real quick
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justsaltandsour · 2 hours ago
Raises hand
Here, bestie
adding a little content warning for extra limbs/eyes and bug/insect related topics.
this is also mainly for casual humanoid designs (like what i draw)
ALSO you will get things like. The same things twice in a row. You just will
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nayrs-thoughts-13 · 3 hours ago
And now Jon’s co-fronting with me-
-Jonathan Sims
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nayrs-thoughts-13 · 3 hours ago
Well, I feel like shit lmao-
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ns-personalblog · 5 hours ago
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wigglebox · 5 hours ago
nah, not gonna call spn a bad show
#original#text#i don't like declaritive statements like that#because it's such a massive show with so many authors and not just writers but you tell a story through costuming and lighting and props as#well that just because statistically some things just weren't going to land or go right doesn't mean#it's a terrible show#like you can keep thikning it's a terrible show but i greatly disagree with saying it in such a way that you assume everyone is going to#agree with you because at least i for certain ddo not#it's like with history in general you can't just point to a random part of it and make a general declaritive observation#i'm spelling things wrong i know i am i'm writing fast lmao#i mean in some parts of history you can like idk in the context of the show let's look at...Bugs#bad. bad episode. not the best. tired white guilt trope of native american burial grounds#in horror movies combined with other weirdness#like yes when you point it down to it the barebones of that episode#the story itself within the story wasn't the best#but season 1 in general? good shit#SPN is very layered and intricate so that's why i always keep seeing#'spn is such a bad show but such a good show but it's a bad show'#like see how you can't make up your mind? you're even tricking yourself into thinking#writers writing things INTENTIONALLY is by ACCIDENT because you are just *hand wavess*#idk. i for a little side tracked#point being is that spn is neither bad or good but one that should be acknowledged for its different layers of storytelling#and not just dismissed as a bad show#and if you think it's a bad show still then that's fine but stop assuming people agree with you#slight negativity bl
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rumenta · 6 hours ago
toudou ai "i like tall women with big ass" versus nanami ryusui "i love all women!! (men too)"
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araglia · 6 hours ago
i just finished writing childe angst and listening to as the world caves in while writing IS NOT A GOOD FUCKING IDEA
im crying so loud wtf am i hurting myself like this
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msdarkside55 · 6 hours ago
Asexual advice for non Asexual people
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For example: this is what I am.
Asexual: The main definition is of a person who doesn’t not find someone sexually attractive at all. But there is more. My definition, the one that has to do with me, is a person who does not wish to partake in the sexual or physical nature of a relationship if I so choose to be in said relationship.
I am an Asexual Virgin who yes does want a relationship but one without the sexual aspect at all. I can love you all the same, completely and whole heartedly, but we do not need to fuck for me to feel that way. Because honestly it’s a waste of time and to me it’s useless to do. I’d rather stay a virgin and that is my choice. Respect it and I’ll respect you.
I do not want to hear another damned fuck tard say i will duck somebody one day, or call me a child because I don’t do the “adult” thing and fuck somebody, or tell me I’m broken, stupid, I haven’t found someone yet, I need to fuck somebody to be happy or try and force me into it when I’ve told you flat out multiple times no, and I’m very uncomfortable.
I’m sorry that I am very comfortable with what I’ve chosen. And I am actually happy I’m a Virgin and Asexual. I always have been and no I do not need to find the “right person” or “have to have it first to say I don’t want it or not.”
Sex does not make me happy or an Adult. I am already one without that. Thanks
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