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#ran out of training ideas and have a hard time thinking up more
johtodaycare · 21 days ago
I've been out of the hospital for a while now. How are you?
juuuust fine!
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Moonlight Sonata (Pietro Maximoff x GN Reader)
title: moonlight sonata (i suck at titles sorry)
pairing: pietro maximoff x gender neutral reader
warnings: um my writing is weird and swearing 
requested by @iamninaanna: HEY TARA I need more of your beautiful writing so I'm here to request again hihi. Can I please get a fluffy blurb with prompts “I missed your arms around me so I came to cuddle.” and “Do you think the moon is jealous of how pretty you are?” with Pietro Maximoff (if you write for him and if you don't, you can choose another character)If you don't feel comfortable writing this or you don't have inspiration you can totally ignore and delete this :)I LOVE YOUUU MWAH 😊
a/n: HI TAJA!! I LOVE YOU TOO! im so excited to write this, i love when you (anyone) requests things, it makes me so happy, like makes my month or year. its crazy, the sheer amount of joy it brings me. i tried to make this gender neutral but i can rewrite it  as a female reader if that’s what you wanted. ok anyway, here you go. as always, feel free to give feedback, i always enjoy it and hope you enjoy!! (ok also i really struggled to write this one, i don’t know why but i did and i don’t love how it turned out, im so sorry taja)
The soft notes of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata floated out of Pietro Maximoff’s room in the Avengers Compound. If someone looked in at the moment, the sight in the room was not nearly as peaceful as the melody that filled the room. Pietro was leaning, in what should have been a relaxed manner, against the headboard of the large bed in the middle of the room. And if someone wanted to take the time to look closer, you could see his hands shaking, vibrating in a blur. He sighed and ran his shaking hands through his hair, thumping his head against the hard back of the bed. 
Y/N slid down the hallway, their socks running softly across the hard floor. They were smiling, twirling like a ballerina, arms above their head. They were nearly to their room when they stopped. The floating waves of sound coming out of the door they’d stopped in front of. It was Pietro’s room, they realized. Tilting their head, they listened to the notes of the song, cradling her delicately in the sound. It took them back into memories, running through fields, hand in hand with Pietro, stopping to double over in laughter. Late nights, all three of them, looking at the stars. As they fell farther into the past, the memories were tinted blue. They hadn’t seen Pietro in a while, it almost seemed they were drifting apart. They missed him, the late nights on the rooftop, him telling them all his dreams, worries and fears. They missed their board game marathons and movie watch parties. They missed the kisses and the hugs, the first dates and the mornings next to him...
A frustrated groan through the bittersweet memories, Y/N’s head snapping up toward the door they stood in front of. After all the years of knowing him, that groan meant only one thing. He was stressed. Y/N felt the small tug of pettiness, telling them to ignore him as he was doing to them. But, their soft nature wouldn’t allow it and before they had actually thought the idea through, they rapped their knuckles on the door. 
Pietro stopped dead in his tracks, “Hello?”, he asked, accent coming on thick as it always did when he was stressed. 
“It’s me, Y/N,” the delicate voice came back, the doorknob starting to turn. 
“Oh, come in,” he called, tidying up any evidence of his shaking hands and body. He took a deep breath, bringing his hand vibration back to normal. 
Y/N slid the door open, a soft smile just bringing their cheeks up a little. They peeked in, sliding in like an eel and softly closing the door behind them. There was an awkward silence, one of the first the pair had ever experienced. 
“Um... what's up?” Pietro wrung his hands nervously, a smile coming on his face as he noticed their shy eyes trained upon his face. 
“I missed your arms around me so I came to cuddle” they said shyly, blushing.
And just like that, the tension was broken, like a knife through the awkwardness and they were together again. Pietro ran to open the blinds and grabbed all the blankets and pillows from around the room and was back in a flash. He leapt on to the bed and opened his arms for them motioning them to come over. They slowly slid their socked feet across the floor, but Pietro was having none of it. He never wasted a moment and grabbed Y/N, wind rushing in their face, before she could blink she was in his arms on the soft pillows of his bed. 
“Hi” Y/N breathed out, the air escaping them, settling into his arms.
“Hey..” he replied, just as breathless.
They were silent again but this silence was light and airy, not weighted by tension and nervousness. Pietro buried his face in Y/N’s hair, taking in the sweet smell that he knew as them. Y/N sighed happily, worries about drifting apart evaporated in the warm embrace of their boyfriend. 
The soft song the was playing started over again, the notes repeating themselves, ringing throughout the room. “Do you think Beethoven wrote Moonlight Sonata because of the moon?” Pietro asked, his voice muffled by Y/N’s hair. Y/N didn’t respond, lost in thought, trailing their hands over Pietro’s long fingers. “Baby?” he sighed, “Baby, I’m sorry that we haven’t talked in a while. I just- I was worried about you. Your so brave and so selfless and I just- I don’t to lose you.” His voice cracked, finishing in a whisper. He looked down at them, brow furrowed in worry. They slowly pulled their head up, gazing into his eyes, hands moving to caress his cheeks.
“Oh, my speedster, you’ll always have me. I love you, fast boy...” They smiled softly, and whispered sweet nothings as they kissed his cheeks, his nose, his jaw, his eyes, everywhere. He laughed and they rolled into a smothering cuddle. They both sighed, smiles wide enough to bring out the dimples in Y/N’s cheeks.  
“Do you think the moon is jealous of how stunning you are?” This admission came out of nowhere, Pietro carding his fingers through Y/N’s hair. They laughed, and shook their head like he was joking. He frowned and kissed their nose, “You’re perfect,” their cheeks, “Stunning”, their forehead, “Breathtaking” their neck, “and I’m so lucky that your mine”. They smiled then, wrapping their arms around their beautiful boyfriends neck and kissing him, soft and sweet. It wasn’t passionate or hot and heavy, just full of love and all the they didn’t say. It was perfect. And the moon might not be jealous of Y/N’s beauty but the moon was sure to be jealous of the love they shared. 
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angy-foxy · 5 days ago
You woke up in a good mood today for another Quidditch practice after you survived the Divination Class for sure. Your parents had sent you a new comet broom three days ago after your old broom crashed into the Whomping Willow and you couldn't wait to show off to your boyfriend, Scott Reed. The heat between Gryffindor and Slytherin is unbearable because it's already the final game of the season, and the Gryffindor team hates you even more now because you steal pretty much of Scott's time in and out of the practice, also a midnight date too with your broom. After the bell, you dash out of the class to the field, changed your uniform, and off to practice. Everything is smooth for the first thirty minutes until your broom started moving uncontrollably in every direction, that moment, you know that someone jinxed it, almost hitting Monty and Justin. "Sorry!" You try to move again, it goes up and diving hard, you able to pull up but it goes straight to crash on Monty, Justin catches him but you free fall to the ground, your left leg is twisted to an unnatural angle, everyone stops training and rush you to the Hospital Wing and you have to get help immediately. The word of the jinxed broom spread like wildfire, but nobody knows who did it yet, Scott heard it while in the History Class and runs to the Hospital Wing to see you. In there, you just woke up and unstable, throwing any things you. "What do you mean that I can't play in the final?! I'm fine!" "Mr. Y/l/n you're in no good condition now." "Oh, zip it! I'm fine! I'm the best player around!" "Y/n, babe, calm down." He ducked a bottle you threw, you can't move much because of your leg and that's frustrating you, he almost holds your hand but you swat it. "What do you want now?! Happy to see me like this?!" "No! Please calm down. You're gonna be fine." "Merlin's beard! Shut up! I'm fine!" You push him away, hissing. He thinks of another way to reduce your anger, an idea comes to his mind, a smile comes across his face. "Wait here, y/n. I have an idea. I'll be back soon!" "Don't come back!" You growl at him as he walked out from the room, heading to the Charms Class, he walks in, looking at the blackboard, Flitwick walks towards him, guessing. "Do I have a schedule to teach sixth years, Mr. Reed?" "No, I just want to ask something." "Oh, I'd love to answer it." "Here's the problem, Professor..." He explains everything to him, what happened to you and how he wants to help you, whatever it takes. There's only one way he knows, albeit dangerous. "Obliviate y/n?" "This is ultimately dangerous so it needs to be done carefully. You need to fill him with recent memories before that. If it failed, it couldn't be helped, which equals extreme amnesia. Proceed with caution." "I get it, Professor. I'll help him, I can't see him like that. Thanks for the pointers." He goes to the kitchen before going back to the Hospital Wing with some snacks, you're much calmer now. "Hey again, babe." "Do I know you?" "Look what I brought." "Stink pellets?" You scoff, seeing him hands you a lunch box, full of pumpkin pasties. You eat the food because you're so damn hungry and the Skele-Gro vile taste still burning down your throat. As you eat the food, he starts rambling about things to distract your mind, he loves to talk about wild creatures, especially Abraxan, you compare it with dragons. Talking for almost ten minutes, he takes his wand, pointing it at you. "Obliviate." He mumbled and your expression goes blank, he tries to talk to you again. You feel your head is lighter now, probably the potion side effects. "Where are we? Why am I here?" "Hospital Wing. You ran into an accident while training and rushed here." "I do? What happened?" "Your broom was jinxed. No idea who did it." He fills in the memories but you don't understand what's he talking about, you run a finger across his cheek, smiling. "You're cute like that. Keep talking." "Y/n. I'm serious. You're severely injured and you can't play in the final." "Relax, I'll get better before that." "That's not what I meant. You can't play, okay?" "That accident story sounds like a made-up. Good story, but I don't remember such things ever happened, man. I'll be out in three days." You fist your arm, feeling sure, moving your leg isn't as hurt as before now. He hugs you out of nowhere, mumbling. "Do you remember me, y/n?" "Sure do. You're from Gryffindor, right?" "I mean, my name." "Uh..." Your mind goes blank, trying to remember something, slowly it comes one by one. "You're Scott... Reed?" "Yeah, anything else you remember?" "You're here the whole time, probably longer. Wait, have we ever hang out?" "Many times..." "Dude, are you getting any better?" Justin and Monty come, standing next to your bed, but you don't know them, Scott introduces them again. You don't understand why there are tears in his eyes. "Sorry, y/n. I used Obliviate on you because I can't stand seeing you hurt and angry. After all, you can't play. I'm sorry!" "Dude, you did what?!" They're taken aback by his words, another memory comes to your mind. "Wait, you were telling the truth?" You confusedly respond to him they nod. "I was just trying to help. But now you don't remember me." "Of course I do, you're my boyfriend, right? You just wanted to delete the bad memories, right?" "Both are true and sorry I did that without permission." "It's fine, Scott, although that's not what I expected. At least, I still have good memories with you. "Get well soon then and let's go for another date." Your teammates groan, Madam Pomfrey sends everyone out because she thinks you're all loud, telling you to rest. You wave goodbye at your boyfriend as you try to remember more things by yourself.
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mymagicsuitcase · 6 days ago
Sweet wonderful Andrea | Andrea Marowski
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2
It was a few days since he asked you that question. You had been mulling it over ever since. You knew going to London would change his life forever, but you really had no idea what you would do. You had never left Cornwall before.
Yet, the answer was obvious. You just needed the courage to admit it. You would be a fool to make stay and let the opportunity pass him.
You had never ran so much before. Your lungs were burning at the speed you were pushing yourself. You had made up your mind and you needed to tell him. Now.
You reached the house, gasping for breath, and knocked ever so urgently on the door.
Ursula answers.
"Is Andrea here? I need to speak to him."
She looks a little startled, watching the way you lean against the door frame trying to steady yourself.
"No. He went out."
You immediately try and think of where he could do. Turning on your heel, you peer down the cliff, but the beach is bare. There's not a soul in sight. With your new found energy, you take off.
Janet comes up behind Ursula in time to see you run off.
"What's that about?"
"I have absolutely no idea."
You're running as fast as your legs will let you go. The burning in your lungs feels so much worse this time around. You were definitely going to feel this tomorrow.
He wasn't in the pub, the park, the shop. He definitely wasn't waiting at your house.
Olga. He had been visiting her. You knew where she lived. You kept on running. You didn't stop, not even when friends in the village called your name.
You just wanted Andrea.
The house came into sight. The door opened and Andrea came out, a smile on his face. Olga was seeing him out.
"Andrea!" You called.
Andrea turned upon his name being called. His smile got bigger upon seeing you. You were coming at full speed, he opened his arms and caught you, almost falling over himself as you collided into his chest.
"What are you doing?" He asks, laughing at your frantic state.
"I made up my mind."
He holds onto your arms waiting for your answer. His heart was going wild in his chest, but it couldn't compare to yours.
"I'll come with you. I'll go to London with you. Don't ever give up on your dream for my sake, but I will come with you."
He hugs you to his chest tightly. You cling onto him crying happy tears. There was nothing in this world you wanted more than him, so you were more than willing to run away with him.
Andrea kissed your forehead as you pulled away. He turned to Olga who was smiling at you both.
"Then gather your things. We leave as soon as possible," she said.
You smile at Andrea. He takes your hand in his, waves at Olga, and walks back to your house.
"You should go pack," you tell him.
"I only need two things," he says.
"Only two things?"
"Yes. My violin and you."
You chuckle at his sweet remark. You push him lightly out your door and kiss his cheek.
"Then go get the violin. I'll be here."
He grins at you as he leaves your house.
You pack a small case and leave a note by the door. You were off. No intention of coming back. You would follow Andrea as he followed his dreams, and nothing made you happier.
Andrea was back before you knew it. Violin case in hand.
"What did they say?" You ask, looking up at him.
"I did not tell them."
"Andrea... you must."
Olga pulls up outside your house, bags packed and ready.
"I cannot. I fear they will not like it. I will write." He holds out his hand to you. "I only need you right now."
You take his hand and bring it your lips to kiss it.
"Alright, but you owe them an apology for leaving."
He nods.
You both get into the car and join Olga to London. There was no looking back now.
Ursula and Janet found out the hard way. They had called the police, worried about Andrea's whereabouts. He hadn't come back for dinner.
Janet puts the phone down and turns to her sister.
"He was seen with Y/N and that Olga woman. They were getting on a train."
Ursula didn't handle that too well.
The letter didn't arrive until a week later. A lot had happened since then. The apology they deserved was written first. Andrea then went on tell them about how his music career would take off. Andrea was musically gifted, they knew that.
It was the last page of the letter that got them the most.
We are both very happy here and have come a long way. My English is improving, yes? Y/N continues to teach me. We have great news to share too. We intend to marry in the spring. An invite will be delivered to you when things are more certain. Please do come. It would be wonderful to see you both again. I haven't forgotten all you have done for me.
Best wishes,
Ursula reads the letter over and over sometimes. The young man that washed up below their house had come a long way.
And now he had you with him.
Their sweet wonderful Andrea.
@ajeff855 @moonstuffsteve @sky-writes-stuff @lieutenantn @lostghostgirl94 @friday18eo @yaskna @my-blood-is-maple-syrup @gingerwriter97 @lunamooney2406
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underteez · 7 days ago
[ 8:33 pm ] smut. best friend!yeosang x best friend!f!reader.
a hint of self-doubt at the beginning + heavy make-out + dry humping + thigh riding + masterbating + cum eating
yeosang’s lips felt soft against yours and tasted like mango chapstick. he arms wrapped around you in order to keep you flushed against him as he dragged you to straddle his lap. 
how did this even happen? how did you go from confessing to your best friend that you’ve loved him for years to making out with him with him on your couch? 
“yeo,” you whisper softly as the two of you continued to kiss. yeosang let’s out a small hum as he kisses down your jaw and neck. “tell m-me, please...”
“tell you what?” he asks pulling away so he could look at you. 
“do you love me?” you can’t meet his eyes, a mix of emotions taking over and settling in your stomach and automatically thinking the worst even though yeosang was literally just kissing you. 
“i do love you,” he says, using his finger to tilt your chin up so he could look at you before kissing you again. “i’ve loved for a long time,” he whispers into your mouth as he pecks your lips before once again kissing your neck. 
he nips at your skin a little bit, surprising you making you buck your hips into his. yeosang lets out a moan as he bucks his hips back up into yours making you let out a small gasp. 
the two of you start grinding your hips against one another as yeosang took ahold of your hips to start guiding them against his own as you felt his clothed hard-on rub against your clothed core.
you rested your forehead against his as you both let out a string of moans before you kissed him again, swallowing his moans. 
suddenly, you got an idea and broke away from the kiss, letting out a small laugh as yeosang seemed to follow after your lips. 
“let me ride your thigh,” you said and yeosang looked at you curiously before smirking and nodding at you. 
climbing out of his lap, you watched as he purposely spread his legs out and you swear you saw him flex them a little bit all the while have a smirk on his face. rolling your eyes, you began unbuttoning your pants before slipping them off. 
“do you mind if i keep my underwear on?” you ask a little shyly and yeosang smiled before shaking his head and patted his thigh for you. 
“you have such cute panties by the way,” he teases as he lifts your shirt to take in the lilac cotton underwear. his compliment made you feel flustered as you felt your face burn and instead of coming up with a reply, you instead sat down on his thigh with your legs spreading out as far as they could go.
you felt your fold part just enough for your clit to make contact with your underwear as you began to rut against yeosang’s thigh. his eyes trained on you’re rutting against him while you slowly feel yourself getting wet and your underwear dampening in the process. 
you wondered that if you continue to rut against him will you soak through your underwear and to his jeans. will you leave stain on his pants that both excites and embarrasses him every time he looks at it? 
those thoughts riled you up more making you grind down harder on his thigh causing him to flex his thigh whenever you did that. your hand ran under his shirt feeling his abs you know he had been working hard on before your hand travels down to his erection where you palm him.
“fuck,” he breathes out before you watch him quickly undo his pants and works them open just enough to get his cock out. you watched with half lidded eyes as he began stroking himself and you couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to ride him.
your body seemingly having a mind of its own, it started to rock back and forth as you imagined yourself riding his dick and even did little bouncing motions when he clenched his thigh.
you watched as precum started to appear at his tip that he would then use to stroke himself faster with. 
“s-sangie,” you said out of breath as you look up at his face to see the faintest line of sweat start to form at his hairline. “are you– fuck, are you close?”
“y-yeah, you?” you could only bite your lip and nodded and yeosang encouraged you to go faster and you did. underwear now completely ruined thanks to your drenched pussy and you couldn’t help clench over nothing hoping that maybe later yeosang will fill you up with his thick––
“fuck!” you moan out when you suddenly come, out of breath and sweaty as you lean your head against yeosang’s shoulder. you watch as he strokes himself a few more times before coming, his cum shooting up and coating his shirt and hand as he stroke the last few remnants out of him.
you reached over and grabbed his hand, bringing it to your mouth before slowly licking his cum off his hand. the whole time yeosang stared at you in amazement, never thinking he would one day watch his best friend eat his cum. 
“f-fuck that’s hot,” he whispers making you smile.
“isn’t this what best friends are for?”
“don’t you mean girlfriend?” he asks with a smile as he used his free hand to caress your face. 
“hm, i guess... boyfriend, so why don’t you use this thick cock of yours to fuck your girlfriend?”
requested by !! @yeosangmystar taglist !! @yunhofingers !! @runaway-fics !! @serialee !!
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anonymousuno · 13 days ago
Best Friends
Nari see’s Harin
Tumblr media
“I am here!”  Nari sing-songed as she opened the door to the small practice room.  Harin looked up and immediately a large smile was on her face.  She bounced over to the girl, wrapping her in a hug.  “I missed you!”  She said dramatically and Nari chuckled, pushing her off.  “You’re gonna make me smell,” she teased.
 Harin rolled her eyes and Nari followed her into the room.  “I brought food because, well, because I was hungry to be honest.  I don’t care if you eat,” Nari said, setting the bag of snacks down.  Harin smacked her shoulder and Nari stuck her tongue out at her.  “You’ve been so busy lately I haven’t heard from you.  If it wasn’t for watching you on Kingdom, I’d think you were ghosting me.”  Harin teased and Nari groaned.
 She dramatically fell onto Harin’s lap, covering her forehead with her hand.  “It’s been so hard, Rin-ah.  I don’t think I’m going to make it.”  Harin scoffed, pushing her off.  “Yah!  Is that anyway to treat your elders!”  Harin rolled her eyes.  “You’re barely older than me.”  Nari flipped her off, digging into her snacks.
“You’ve been doing great on Kingdom though!  Your last performance had us in awe.”  Nari raised her brow, “us?”  Harin nodded, taking a bite of the chocolate bar.  “Soobin’s been watching with me.  He’s friends with everyone and I’m pretty sure he thinks Younghee is hot.”  Nari almost choked on her candy, looking at Harin with wide eyes.  “What?! Why haven’t you told me this?!  I could have been playing matchmaker this whole time!”
 Harin rolled her eyes at the girl.  “I don’t actually know if he does; but he’s been all giddy since a few days ago. Said he ran into somebody.  And he blushed a lot when you brought her over that one time.  I think that means he likes her or something.  I’m not really sure.”  Nari stared at the girl in disbelief.  How could she not know?
 “You live with him! You’ve known him your whole life! And you don’t know how he acts when he likes someone?”  Harin only shrugged.  “Not really. I don’t even remember him ever actually talking a girl like that to be honest.  Plus, it wasn’t as if my relationship started off normal, either.  There was thirteen of you playing matchmaker or whatever you want to call it.”  Nari huffed, pointing her finger at her, “and it damn well worked, didn’t it?!  If it wasn’t for us you and Yunho would not be. You two are too damn shy for your own good.”
 Harin rolled her eyes at Nari.  She could be so dramatic sometimes.  “Anyways, how’s the solo stuff coming?  Doesn’t your best friend get a sneak peek?”  Nari said, batting her eyelashes.  Harin pretended to gag.  “No one is getting a sneak peak of anything.  And who said you were my best friend?”
 “Well, we all know it’s not Seulki.”  Harin frowned at how bitter Nari sounded.  “Sorry, sorry,” Nari said, “it’s just, I’ve tried messaging her and calling her a few times and she just leaves me on read.  I get she’s busy, but even I reply to people after days have gone by!” Harin rolled her eyes, smiling at her. “You’re so needy.”  Nari only stuck her tongue out at her again.
 “Have you talked to Jane?”  Harin asked quietly and Nari sighed, nodding her head.  “Yeah, for a few minutes.  She’s really not doing well.  I sent her some small gifts like food and stuff, just to let her know I was here. But I think she needs time to heal on her own first.”  Harin hummed and the two were silent for a while.  The door swung open and Nari jumped.  She didn’t know someone else was supposed to be coming.  She was more surprised when she saw Yugyeom walking through the door.
 When she was training for flips with Mark and Jackson, Yugyeom was there a few times.  They weren’t exactly friends, but they were acquaintances.  Why he was here, Nari had no idea.  “Ah, hello!” Nari said with a bow, kicking Harin to make her stand up and properly greet their sunbae.  Harin only glared at her.  “Ah!  I didn’t know you had company, sorry.  Hello!” Yugyeom said, bowing back.
 “Yugyeom helped me choregraph the dance,” Harin said and Nari hummed.  “Can I at least see the dance?  Without the music since you’re so stubborn.”  Harin groaned but agreed.  “Fine!  If it’ll make you shut up.”  Nari jumped for joy, excitedly sitting down and ready to watch.  Even without the music, the dance was perfect.  Both of them displayed the emotions effortlessly that Nari knew once it was paired with the music, it was going to be epic.
 “That was so good!” Nari said, giving the two a solo standing ovation.  Harin was catching her breath and smiled, thanking her.  “You’re dancing with him?  Like, are you going to be in it?  As partners!  Because that was just great.”  Harin and Yugyeom laughed at her.  “He is.” Nari nodded her head in approval before narrowing her eyes on Yugyeom.
 “You may be older than me but any funny business and I’ll make sure you can’t dance ever again!”  Yugyeom looked shocked at her words and his cheeks heated up a little.  “I—there’s no—I like someone else,” he said with his hands raised.  Harin groaned.  “Oh! You do?!  Who?!  I’m really good at—” Harin slapped her hand over Naris’ mouth.  “Sorry about her, she doesn’t know when to shut up.  She was actually about to leave too.”
 Harin turned her towards the door, pushing her out.  “God, woman! You never let me have any fun. And what about my snacks?!”  Harin only smiled at her, blowing her a kiss.  “I’ll make sure I eat them diligently!”  She closed the door and Nari was truly feeling betrayed.  How could she just kidnap her snacks like that?
 She was going to be in need of a new best friend.
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barneswidow · 13 days ago
Injured Kisses - B.B
Word Count: 1199
Warnings: Swearing, Blood, Mentions of injury
Requested by anon.
Summary: When Bucky hits you too hard during training, he can't help but confess his feelings.
Tumblr media
It was like any normal day for you. You started your day in the gym with Sam and Bucky, working out and doing some light sparring with the two. You’d asked Bucky if you could do some more combat training with him later on in the day, hoping you’d be able to get some more practice in before a mission happened, Bucky had agreed, wanting to get some more training in himself. You both agreed to do so after lunch.
You’d liked Bucky ever since you first met him. He was one of the first you met after joining the Avengers and you were smitten ever since. However, Bucky was none the wisest, you made sure to keep it secret, the only person who was aware of it was Nat, you had to tell her after she noticed your longing stares towards him. Nat practically begged you to tell him, but you always refused, saying that someone like him wouldn’t like you like that.
But god were you wrong, Bucky was absolutely enamoured for you. He’d fallen for you from the moment you walked into the compound. He was absolutely captivated by you, he loved watching you fight, watching you take control of the situation. He absolutely adored you, but no matter how confident and cocky he could be, he never had the courage to tell you how he felt. His own insecurities always stopped him, he couldn’t fathom the idea of someone like you ever wanting someone who had done the things he had done.
So the two of you were stuck just being friends for now. As much as you would love to push your relationship to a new stage, you were fine with being just close friends, at least it meant you still had Bucky in your life.
After you’d both eaten lunch, you and Bucky went down to the gym together, hoping to get a few hours of training in together, you asked Bucky if the training could be a lot harder than it was this morning, hoping that you’d actually be able to have a proper fight with each other, preparing you for fights that would occur during any future missions.
“What if I actually hurt you y/n?” Bucky asked, slight worry in his eyes.
“Then it’ll just be like an actual mission. I’ll heal Buck.” You spoke, rolling your eyes playfully.
Bucky sighed lightly, his tongue poking out to lick his lips before biting his bottom lip slightly, a movement your eyes naturally followed. “Alright then love. Let’s go.” Buck spoke, moving over to the mat layed out in the middle of the gym. You followed him, cracking your knuckles as you went, stretching out your slightly aching muscles.
“Come on then old man.” You teased, staring him down, laughing lightly.
Bucky chuckled loudly, not giving you a moment to think before he pounced at you, swinging his fist at you, he caught you by surprise causing you to not dodge the punch, allowing his fist to collide with your jaw, causing you to stumble backwards slightly.
You didn’t have time to react before another punch came towards you, however, this time you were able to dodge the hit, instead managing to land a hit on Bucky, causing him to groan slightly.
This went on for some time, the both of you swinging punches and dodging them, sometimes managing to land those punches. You were both out of breath and sweaty at this point, exhausted from this but neither of you wanting to stop until you had the other down on the floor.
The fight only ended once Bucky had hit you pretty hard, knocking you down onto the floor. You could feel the blood gushing out of your nose, and you could taste blood in the back of your mouth, turning onto your side to spit out the blood now pooling in your mouth. At seeing the blood you spat out, Bucky ran up to you, kneeling next to your body, rubbing his hand on your back comfortingly.
“Shit y/n. I’m so sorry, are you okay?” Bucky asked, clearly worried.
You laughed lightly, pushing yourself up slightly, looking at Bucky. “I’m fine Buck. I swear.”
Bucky stood up, walking away to get you some water to try and help get rid of some of the blood, he also made sure to get you some tissues to help stop the nosebleed.
“Thank you.” You whispered as he handed you the bottle of water, allowing you to take a gulp of it, clearing away the blood from your mouth. Once you’d finished drinking Bucky placed the tissues on your nose, cleaning up the blood there, and keeping pressure to stop the bleeding.
“Shit, I really didn’t mean to hit you that hard. I thought it would just knock you down, not make you bleed.”
“Bucky, hey, it’s okay. I promise you I’m fine.” You reassured him, placing your hand over his, which was cupping your cheek, his other hand moving the tissue away, making sure the bleeding had stopped, which it had.
You noticed a look in Bucky’s eyes, he tended to have this look when he was deep in his thoughts. “Buck, what’s up?” You whispered.
Bucky sighed deeply, shaking his head slightly, you waited for him to say something, thinking he wasn’t going to tell you what was going on, before you heard him mumble a quiet fuck it. He looked into your eyes, smiling lightly, nervously even.
“I like you y/n. A lot. I have since the second you walked in this place.” He admitted, a small blush forming on his cheeks. Bucky’s nerves were clearly showing as he awaited your response.
“Kiss me.” You breathed out, your eyes moving rapidly between his lips and his eyes. You noticed Bucky’s surprise on his face as you spoke, his face instinctively moving a little closer to yours.
“What?” He questioned, even though he heard you perfectly.
“Kiss me.” You repeated, pushing your face closer to his, moving one of your hands to wrap around his neck, your fingers playing with the ends of his hair, as you tried pushing his face closer.
Bucky snapped, pushing his body to yours, placing his hands on your hips, squeezing them tightly as he kissed you. His lips moulding against yours perfectly, almost like you two were made for each other. Your lips moved in sync with each other. Bucky pushed his tongue through your lips, playing with yours slightly, deepening the kiss. You moved your other hand so it was wrapped around his neck along with the other, keeping him close to you.
You pulled away first as the need to breathe became too much. You kept your face close to his, your breathing mixing together. The room felt significantly hotter after the kiss, you and Bucky unable to move away from each other.
“I think we should take this upstairs.” Bucky whispered, his lips grazing yours, before leaving another, light kiss on your lips.
“Lead the way, old man.” You teased, smirking as you heard Bucky growl slightly, before he stood up, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder.
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littlestloaf · 14 days ago
ponti: a review
call me superstitious if you like. i think i am. i believe in small signs, in fate, in meant-to-bes. in death as destiny. in the inevitability of suicide.
so it makes sense that on the day i found the bookmark ms chia gave to us before graduation in sec 4, tucked neatly in the front pocket of my journal, i would flip to the back to read the poem i so loved, and returned to, time after time - sharlene teo's how to be happy. and it makes sense that on that day i revisited an instagram account selling books for mutual aid, books i'd already seen before and had no reason to be scrolling through, yet found my eye caught on the hibiscus red of a book called ponti. written by sharlene teo. i bought it, and here i am.
sharlene teo's debut novel, ponti, reads like a hot fevered dream from the emptiness of 4pm after math remedial afternoons. i picked up the book almost immediately after i received it, and was drawn deeply to szu - her sullenness, her teenage broodiness. there was much intermittent reading in between - sometimes while procrastinating, sometimes on the train on the way to work, sometimes at night before bed to lull myself to sleep. something in the chapters i read tonight made it hard to put down, and i found myself leafing, steadily, page after page. "that's the sign of a good book," my sister said, and i rushed defensively, "i have no idea what it's about though. there's no plot. but i can't stop reading." "that's also a sign of a good book," she said.
i am undecided, primarily because i feel long past a state of being able to clearly divide books into good or bad, like or dislike. most of the time bad books are simply books i dislike. i haven't seen one of those in a while.
ponti traces the life of three women - szu, circe and amisa, who is szu’s mysterious, compelling, fatally beautiful and (you have probably guessed this by now) emotionally unavailable mother, an actress of a flopped movie franchise, also called ponti. szu is, of course, nothing like her mother. she’s a known weirdo in school, and often punished both socially, by her classmates, and institutionally, by her teachers. she meets transfer student circe, who certainly lives up to her greek namesake - fiery, acidic and vicious. 
if you are looking for plot you may be disappointed. the book is rather bare-bones, and nothing spectacularly exciting happens. no bildungsroman, no dramatic reunions or familial resolutions. but there is an uncanny magnetism in all of teo's characters - they repel and scare me, but at the same time the thing that sits unnameable in their chests looks the same as mine. it is a bug-eyed, frightened sadness, a lost grief. it has made monsters of them all, perhaps most literal in amisa's case. it's been some time since i've read or seen a teenage fallout that moved me this much (the last one being a scene from house of hummingbird), but looking at the fraught threads, the fraying and fiery unraveling of szu and circe's relationship, and thinking about the way we lay ourselves open, flayed and raw and bled out in the ugliest means possible, desiring visibility yet fearing, knowing rejection. "i don't know what to say," circe says, offering tissue to a crying szu; sadness makes strangers of us to each other, and vulnerability only leaves us angry and scared.
these days i find myself trying to define girlhood. that golden gleam of early afternoons fresh out from lessons, running down to the canteen for snacks, eating without a care on the floor outside our classroom. the aimless after-class hours, whiling time away talking, work forgotten on our desks or hastily stuffed into schoolbags. teenage girlhood is no sofia coppola movie - no pretty pastels, no soft lighting to round out and blunt our barbed edges - (if you’ve been to any kpop boy group concert you’d understand) we ran up against each other with an unrelenting, unforgiving fierceness. emotional brawls were common, and more often than not, lethal. ponti brings to bear all of this without the sardonism of mean girls, neither demonising nor romanticising female teenagehood. teo probes, instead, at the landscape of femininity against the backdrops of the trials of growing up, and the disillusionments of growing old. unfortunately, books which explore female characters so wholly, placing them not as good or bad people but simply as humans who have experienced life and are therefore still reeling from its blows, have been few and far between for me. these women are not aids to any man’s emotional development - the men are, in fact, largely absent from any of their narratives - either divorced, separated, or simply non-existent. in a way, their absence functions as one of the many ghosts in the book, a haunting that never ceases to prowl through the women’s lives, but the story is never about them nor the holes they have left behind, but about the women living with, within, without those holes, their lives containing yet never defined by them. 
ponti is a compelling read about grief and loss, and the inevitable ugliness carved out from surviving them. it is a deeply, richly coloured and woven tapestry of female girlhood, youthhood and adulthood, a blanket of the past none of us can help returning to, time and time again, for answers, for recovery, for hope. i spoke about fate at the beginning of this review, and like time, it is circular and takes us back with love, kindness and perhaps even forgiveness for the people we used to be. szu, thirty-three and rewatching her mother’s movies, says to the onscreen pontianak, her mother in costume, the same thing she wishes for her own daughter every night - “So it’s a hot, horrible earth we are stuck on and it’s only getting worse. But still. I want to care for you always. May you be safe, may you feel ease. May you have a long, messy life full of love.”
if you could meet again that thirteen year old girl, frightened, tearful, yet defiant, what would you say to her?
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nights-legacy · 15 days ago
Homesick Remedies-Denki
Tumblr media
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+As an American student in a Japanese high school, there is bound to be culture shock and homesickness. After being in Japan for a long while, you start to feel really home sick but keep it to yourself. You don’t notice that Denki has picked up on it and he decides to do something about it.
It was just before dinner time in the Heights Alliance. Iida, Hagakure, and Sato were in the kitchen making dinner. Some of us were waiting in the common room while other were still in their rooms or just getting back from training. I was messing around with my quirk while sitting on the floor near the windows.
“Crystallo.” I whispered in Latin. A long, thin yellow crystal formed from my palm. I held onto it before flipping it in the air. I stopped it midair. My quirk was crystal creation and manipulation. I can create crystals from most anywhere and into most anything than I have a telepathic connection with the crystals. Much like Hawks and his feathers.
“I always love to watch your quirk in action.” I heard Denki’s voice behind me. I looked off to my right and saw him lying on his stomach on the couch and draped over the arm of the furniture.
“You love a lot of things Denki.” I said before bringing the crystal back to my palm. Held it in my palm and used my other hand to manipulate the crystal. The crystal crackled and shattered before healing. I traced the edge of the crystal and a black line appeared with my path. “Here.”
“Wha..ah!” I tossed the crystal at him. He popped up and jumped with his knees to catch it before falling onto his back with an umph on the couch. He looked at the crystal in his hands. “Oh cool! You made a crystal to match my bolt.”
“Yep. Do you like it?” I got up and sat next to, sitting indian style.
“Yeah I do. I love it!” He paused as I gave him a look. He smiled before looking away. I swore I could see a blush for a minuet moment. “I going to take this up to my room. Be right back.” I nodded as he ran off.
“Dinner’s ready!” Hagakure called out. The few that were in the room went and got there food. I waited for Denki. He came out of the elevator.
“Food’s done.” I said.
“Oh, yay!” He said, rubbing his hands together. I chuckled and we went to get our food. I only got a small portion and picked at more than I actually ate. Denki looked at me a few times in wonder but I just shrugged.
“I would kill for good cheeseburger right now.” I muttered under my breath.
“What was that?” Denki said with a mouth full. I grimaced.
“Denks. Close your mouth!” I chided. He covered his mouth while chuckling.
“Sorry.” He said before finishing what was in his mouth. “Now what did you say, I didn’t quite catch it.”
“Oh it was nothing.” Suddenly feeling embarrassed. I guess my culture shock wasn’t completely over even though I have been here for a long time. Well it might be more of homesickness. I looked and he was staring at me intently. I darted my eyes back and forth before finally eating my food.
“Oookaaay.” He drew out the word. I left the table to wash my dishes and came back to the table. “So, any plans to go back to the US for a visit anytime soon?”
“Nope. My mom is working on a big project and my dad is in, ummm…I think he’s in Greece for the movie he’s working on right now. It’s hard to keep track now that I’m not with them most of the time.” I said shrugging. My family was well known on the West Coast for entertainment and media based jobs. My mother is a screenwriter for Hollywood while my father is an A-list actor. There were a few heroes or hero supports in the family but I have been the first to have a big chance to be a hero.
“Oh too bad.” He said. “But it has to be exciting to be the child of such celebrities. I mean you know of a different famous life other than Heroism fame. How does it compare?”
“Two completely different situations.” I said laughing. He laughed with me. “You have NO idea.” Denki seemed to forget all about my unheard comment.
Eventually, later than I think Iida liked, we all finally went to bed. I laid down and watched the swirl of the lights. I had a few light mounted crystals that I made that were on all time. Some were colored clear crystals that refracted soft rainbow lights while others were more mineral rock crystals. I turned over and laid on my stomach.
“Wonder what’s going on at home?” I thought out loud while I caught sight one of the crystals on my head board. It was one of the first crystals I ever made. My mom and dad there cheering me on as I did it. I smiled at the memory before setting my head down and falling asleep.
*Time Skip brought to you by Iida’s enthusiasm*
I groan, rolling my shoulder as I walked back to the dorms. Uraraka walked next to me, profusely apologizing. We had been training together alongside Tsuyu and Todoroki. Uraraka had used her quirk to make you float but had end up dropping you from a good height.
“It is okay, Uraraka. I’m okay. I am only a little bruised, nothing major okay?” I set my hand on her shoulder. “A good hot shower and I will be right as rain. I promise.”
“I just feel so bad.” She set her hands on her face. I smiled and hugged her.
“I am okay and we always know there is a chance of our quirks going haywire.” I pulled back. “Come on. Let’s get back to the dorms so we can get cleaned up and relax.”
“Okay.” She smiled and we walked the rest of the way. I was walking towards the showers when I heard someone calling my name. I turned to see Denki running up. He was really excited about something.
“Hey Denki. What’s up?” I said turning towards him.
“I got something planned! After your shower and you get finished. Meet me in the common room. I have somewhere I want to take you.”
“I don’t know Denks. I am really sore from training and kinda want to just relax. How about another…”
“Please!!! Pretty please! I promise this will be worth-while.” He begged. I just gave him an unconvinced stare. He slumped before folding his hands together and giving me puppy eyes. I groaned, knowing I couldn’t say no.
“Fine! Give me 20 minutes. Is that okay?”
“Perfect! I am so excited.” He cheered and fist bumped in triumphant.
“Don’t short circuit from excitement now.” I said walking away.
“Hey! See if I ever help you charge anything again!” He called after me. I laughed and threw my hand up in acknowledgement. I heard him make a gruff noise. I finally got done and got dressed before I ran down to meet Denki. I was giddy inside. I had always like Denki and I was extremely happy when he asked me to go somewhere. It may not have been a date but I was going to spend time with him.
“There you are!” Denki yelled as I came out of the elevator. I smiled at him. “I think you about 5 minutes late.”
“Okay Iida. I deeply apologize.” I said. He laughed before looking at me strange.
“Your hair is still wet.” He said. I reached up and felt my damp hair.
“Oh, yeah. I forget that Japanese do things different. At home, it doesn’t really hit us to dry our hair as much. Just let it do it naturally.” I scratched the back of my head. He smiled.
“Well I just don’t want you to get a cold. But it should be alright.” He said. I nodded before we walked out of the Heights Alliance.
“Wait, you got permission for us to go out right?” I asked.
“Yes, yes. I really don’t want to get in trouble with Aizawa sensei right now.” He said hurriedly. I sighed in relief. We walked off campus and Denki guided us. We walked for a bit before we got on a train.
“Where are we going?” I asked when we had been on the train for a few minutes. He looked at me with excitement but didn’t say anything. I humphed causing him to chuckle. Someone ran into him and he stumbled forward into me. “Ahh!”
“Shit.” We stumbled and he wrapped his arm around me while I gripped his shirt tight. He caught both of us before we fell. He quickly jerked back to straighten us. I fell into his chest, hand slipping up and over his shoulder. We were face to face when we regained our balance. My one arm was draped around his neck and the other was gripping his shirt while his were gripping tight to my hips.
“Um, uh.” I stuttered. He gulped before chuckling nervously and pulled away.
“Are you alright?” He asked. I nodded and looked away blushing. “Good, um. Oh this is our stop.” I followed him out the doors and he led us a little ways before he stopped. “Okay close your eyes. I want it to be a surprise.”
“Denki.” I said in warning.
“It’s nothing bad, I promise. Would I do that to one of my best friends. Now come on. Close ‘em.” I relented and closed my eyes. He grabbed my hand and began to lead me. I bit my lip, trying not to blush at the feeling of his hand in mine.
“Where are we going, Denki?” I asked again.
“Just a little further and you will find out.” He said giddy. It was only about a minute later that he stopped. “Okay, open them.” I did as I was told and saw a restaurant. But it wasn’t a normal restaurant. It was an American restaurant. I could smell the fryers from outside. I looked at Denki.
“What?” I asked with a smile.
“I heard you last night. ‘I would kill for a good cheeseburger right now’. So I spent the morning trying to find a good place in the city that was authentic American food. And this was the best place. I think it’s even owned by an American.” He said with a thinking face before facing me. I just stared at him. He looked worried. “Do you like it?”
“Denki.” I looked at the restaurant than back at him. “I love it. Thank you.” I said before I wrapped my arms around his neck hugging him. He froze for a second before hugging me back. “Thank you so much.”
“It’s my pleasure.” He said. I pulled back to look at him. “Let’s go inside.”
“Okay.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. I reveled in the smell. Cheeseburgers, steak, and so many other familiar foods. We sat down on a booth. I saw Denki looking around nervously. “What’s wrong?”
“I honestly know nothing about American food. I don’t know what I will like or what.”
“I can help you with that. Don’t worry, Denks.” He relaxed. We ordered and while were waiting he brought up a certain topic.
“It couldn’t have been easy to move from the US to Japan just like that. Major culture shock.” I nodded, stirring my straw through my glass of pop.
“It was. I adjust really well though, after a few months. It helped that I had you guys to help me. Even Bakugo helped in his own way. Just somethings are still hard or…foreign.”
“Like the food.” He concluded. I nodded and shrugged. “You’re homesick too, aren’t you?”
“Yeah.” I sighed. “It’s hard not being able to go home like everyone else on breaks. I just get to go to the condo and spend it with the house keeper. My parents have visited but I still miss them.” I leant back as the waitress set down our food. I saw Denki look at his burger nervously. “You’ve really never hand any American food?”
“Nope.” He chuckled.
“Well this will be a learning experience than.” I said picking up my burger and taking a bite. I moaned at the taste. I savored the first bite before swallowing. Denki followed me and took a bite. His eyes widened. “Good?”
“Yes.” He said after swallowing. I laughed as he took another bite quickly. I covered my mouth as he ate more and tried the French fries as well. We ate and made conversation. We left just as the sun was starting to set. “Come on we need to get back to UA.’
“Alright.” I said we walked back to the train station. On the way back, he asked about other American things that he wanted to try and what I would suggest. As we walked away from the station, I stopped him by grabbing his hand. “Thank you Denki. Tonight was really fun. It meant a lot.”
“I’m glad you liked it.” He said before he went to walk on. I gripped his hand tighter. He looked at me in question. I smiled before reaching up and setting my hand on his cheek before pecking his cheek.
“I really did.” I said. I went to back away but he grabby my wrist for the hand that was on his cheek. I stopped and stared into his eyes. Time froze for a second before we both moved forward and our lips connected. I shut my eyes and slipped my hand behind his neck. The kiss was short but not any less sweet.
“Woah.” He mumbled when we pulled away. I giggled but nodded in agreement. I blushed and looked away. I felt him grab my chin and turn me back. He smiled before pulling me into another sweet kiss. “Come on, we need to get back before it gets too late.”
“Yeah. Let’s go.” We walked with our hands intertwined. It wasn’t until we were just a few minutes from the dorms that he spoke up.
“So does this qualify as our first date or…”
“Yes Denki. This can qualify as our first date.” I chuckled.
“Yes!” He fist bumped the air and danced a little in place. I laughed, shaking my head. I moved in front of him before walking backwards, pulling him along. He smiled following me.
“’Bout time you two got back. Kiri was on the verge of going out to look for you two.” We looked up as we made our way up the stairs. Bakugo was leaning against the door jam of the dorms. He had his arm crossed with a smirk on his face. “They’re back, Shitty hair.”
“Thank god.” Kiri popped into view. “I was getting worried. I know that restaurant was across the city a ways but damn. You two were gone a couple of hours.
“What can we say? We had a good time. Plus if anything happened you guys knew where were going as well as Aizawa knew. We would have been fine.” We walked up and I saw Kiri’s and Bakugo’s eyes darted to our connected hands.
“Well spark plug did it. Congrats, Pikachu.” Bakugo said before walking away.
“Dude, so manly. Finally!” Kiri high fived Denki. I raised an eyebrow at the boys. They clammed and I chuckled.
“How long have you been planning this exactly, Denks?” I asked.
“Well, I have been wanting to ask you out for a while but never had the guts.” He admitted as he pulled me inside and Kiri slinked away. “This just gave me an excuse too. Even if I really didn’t technically ask you.”
“Well, I think it’s sweet.” I said before pulling him down to peck the corner of his mouth. “Goodnight, babe.”
“Goodnight, angel.” I walked away smiling. “Oh and angel?” I looked at him. “If you ever feel homesick, don’t hesitate to come to me. I’ll try to help the best I can.”
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crazy4dragons · 17 days ago
Fifteen (Part 1)
Hiccup struggles to come up with the perfect gift for Astrid’s fifteenth birthday. Hiccup-centric for now, with a bit of subtle Hiccstrid coming in Part 2. Rating: G. Prompt sent by @drakaina-amore64 (thank you!).
Hiccup sighed as he glanced at the collection of half-finished projects around him. Astrid’s fifteenth birthday was in a week, and he still had nothing good enough to give her. Or so it seemed that he didn’t.
A Viking’s fifteenth birthday was a big deal. Fifteen was the year children were finally allowed to take the lead on patrols, participate in battle, and most importantly, learn to fight dragons. For those reasons, fifteenth birthdays weren’t just a family affair—the whole island celebrated them.
And Astrid’s fifteenth birthday was an especially big deal, at least to Hiccup. She’d been his best friend growing up. With his mother gone, he often ended up staying with either the Jorgensons or the Hoffersons when Stoick was away and Gobber was busy running the island. On the weekends Hiccup spent with the Hoffersons, he and Astrid would play all day, then innocently cuddle up together for bed to help calm her fear of the dark, and his fear that a dragon would crash through the walls and eat them both alive.
They hadn’t been close like that in years; not since Astrid started basic battle training at eight years old and slowly latched onto a new group of friends. The last time they’d hung out was at Hiccup’s tenth birthday party, and he suspected that was only because Astrid’s parents made her go, just to be polite.
Gods, he missed the days when they were friends, always laughing and making up stories about defeating dragons together. Maybe if they were still close, he wouldn’t be having such a hard time thinking of a gift for her.
“Axe? She has one already,” he mumbled. “Mace? Has it. Sword? Has that, too.” He gathered the partially-finished weapons and put them in a box.
“What are ye working on, lad?”
Hiccup turned to see Gobber entering the forge. “Oh, nothing. Just uh…brainstorming some gifts for Astrid’s birthday.”
“Oh, I see. What ideas do ye have?” Gobber hobbled over to his desk and grabbed a piece of metal.
“I thought about an axe, or a mace, or a sword, some kind of weapon,” Hiccup began. “But I can’t seem to come up with anything she doesn’t already own.”
“Ye know, Hiccup, a Viking can niver have too many weapons.”
Sighing, the boy ran his fingers through his shaggy hair. “Yeah, yeah, but I just thought I could do something different. Maybe even something special.”
“Aye, I see.” Gobber raised an eyebrow. “Ye like her.”
A light blush covered Hiccup’s cheeks. “Well, uh…I…” he stammered. He’d always liked Astrid, but now that she was slowly transforming into a fiercely beautiful young woman, he couldn’t help but like her, like her.
“Ye don’t need to hide it, lad. I ain’t gonna tell anyone, ‘cept maybe yer father,” laughed Gobber. “Ye know, in a few years, yer gonna have to start settling down, anyway. And Astrid is just the kind o’ strong lass who could give ye a nice, strong heir.”
Hiccup rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, an heir,” he mumbled. He wasn’t sure he wanted to be the heir, let alone father the next one. He also wasn’t sure he could even find anyone desperate enough to birth his heir. Yes, he was the next in line for Chief, but there were other more attractive, more successful men from neighboring islands who would offer the same social status—plus the added advantage of a tribal alliance.
“It’s gotta happen someday, Hiccup,” Gobber said cheerfully. “Yer father’s not goin’ to be around forever, and—”
Before he could finish, Hiccup was gone. He needed to focus on Astrid’s gift, not becoming Chief, and if he was being quite honest, he was rather tired of everyone talking about it. And by everyone, he meant Stoick and Gobber.
As he trudged home, Hiccup made a mental list in his head of everything he thought Astrid might need, only to cross off all of it by the time he walked through the door. Not only did she already have every weapon he could imagine, she also owned more than enough armor and other battle accessories. Clothes were always practical, and he could easily sew some leggings or knit a pair of cozy socks, but giving Astrid clothing seemed a little too intimate, even if it was just leggings and socks.
Not feeling up to waiting for Stoick to arrive, Hiccup cooked and ate dinner alone, then took his evening bath and headed to his room. Finding a piece of charcoal, he grabbed his sketchbook and opened it to a blank page. He always drew before bed, but this time, he was on a mission to draw until struck by inspiration for Astrid’s gift.
He began by sketching a portrait of her, paying special attention to her big blue eyes and toned muscles. As she grew up, her eyes were gradually losing their glow from childhood, instead becoming fierce and icy. However, Hiccup still thought they were gorgeous. And her muscles he both admired and envied. Gods, she would never feel attracted to him the same way he felt attracted to her, not with his delicate body.
A talking fishbone, that’s what Stoick called him.
Sighing, he put down his charcoal and flipped through his finished drawings, hoping that ideas for his next sketch of the night would come to him.
“I’m home, son!”
Stoick’s booming voice shook Hiccup out of his thoughts. “I’m busy, Dad!” he called, turning another page of his sketchbook. It landed on an image of a Deadly Nadder, Astrid’s favorite dragon. When they were little, she’d always talked about them. She even had a plush one that she took to bed each night, thinking it would protect her from fiercer, scarier dragons, like Night Furies and Monstrous Nightmares.
It was then that it hit him. He would make Astrid her own book, filled with drawings of all the things she’d loved growing up, from the stream they used to swim in together, to the axe her parents gave her for Snoggletog a few years ago, to the little plush Nadder he was almost certain she still kept in her room.
“Are ye so busy ye can’t clean up after yerself?” Stoick bellowed from downstairs.
Hiccup groaned as he remembered that, in his preoccupation with Astrid’s gift, he’d left his dishes on the kitchen table. He knew that if he left his room, he’d end up getting caught in an unwanted conversation with his father, and that definitely wasn’t what he wanted, not with all the drawing he needed to do in order to finish his project on time.
“Hiccup? Do ye hear me?” Stoick prompted.
“Coming, Dad,” the boy said, half-mumbling.
“I don’t know why yer always hiding out in yer room,” the chief remarked as Hiccup descended the stairs. “Can’t a son spend time with his father?”
Hiccup sighed. “Well, Dad, if you must know, I’m uh…I’m working on a birthday gift for Astrid.” He blushed while saying her name.
“Trying to impress her, eh?” Stoick raised an eyebrow.
“No! Of course not. I just…we used to be friends, and I want to do something nice for her.”
“Mmm-hmm. I see how ye look at ‘er.”
Hiccup covered his face in embarrassment. “Dad!”
“Remember, Hiccup, nothing happens on this island without me hearing about it.”
“Sure,” the boy sighed, shuffling to the table and grabbing his dishes. After washing them, he quietly slipped back upstairs before Stoick, who was preoccupied with warming his dinner, noticed he was gone.
“Alright,” he said aloud to himself. “Let’s get these drawings started.”
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coolman229 · 22 days ago
she just went through a traumatic experience in b3 finale and needed time to get better she didnt just abandon everyone ( and you can disagree with the decision to leave the spirit world open but it wasnt her abandoning her duties ( while aang ran away from him being the avatar korra embraced it to the point her issue was seeing herself as the avatar first
No Korra literally said that she didn’t have the right to be the Avatar at the end of Book 2 and opened the Spirit Portals for some reason thinking Wan was mistaken despite getting to see exactly why he closed it. She gave up being the Avatar for flimsy reasons only to suddenly turn around a couple weeks later flaunting her title as the Avatar to tell people what to do. All that happened was humans and spirits fought and killed each other so Wan stopped it as well as stopping Vaatu’s villainous plans. Ignoring how lore breaking the Wan episodes are this is what LoK established and Korra thinks that the first Avatar and the one who basically solved a whole lot of problems while taking responsibility for his mistakes was wrong. And her insane choice led to the Red Lotus and Kuvira becoming problems.
Again trying to frame Aang as “The one who ran away from being the Avatar” is only focusing on one part of his whole arc. He was told 4 years earlier than any other Avatar were told, he was ostracized by his friends, and found out he was going to be taken from his father figure to be trained elsewhere and it caused him to freak out. He was 12 and scared of it at first, but even in Book 1 he took his responsibilities seriously when it came up, even though he was 12. While he ran away at first it wasn’t simply running away from being the Avatar, it was mostly spurred from being separated from Gyatso. And he has to find out afterwards that his entire people were genocided while he was frozen.
Korra didn’t have a problem with “seeing herself as the Avatar first” she just had a totally warped idea of what the Avatar was supposed to be and cared more about fighting than anything. Korra’s traumatic experience also doesn’t excuse running off for 3 years and leaving the world to fall into chaos, especially when she’s directly responsible for everything going wrong because she opened the Spirit Portals. Korra had plenty of people around her that could have helped but she abandoned everyone for years. Aang literally died and he barely took any time off before preparing to fight Ozai. 
Korra’s writing is just terrible and no matter how hard they try to make her sound like she’s great she remains a selfish person the entire show. That’s the real issue with Korra. Her obvious arc of “selfish, arrogant brat” to “respectful and dutiful” was totally botched due to the bad writing of the show.
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undersero · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
pairing: kuroo tetsuro x fem reader x bokuto koutarou (threesome)
warnings: unprotected vaginal sex, oral sex (female and male receiving), swearing
word count: 3.1k
author's note: this is reposted from my old blog!
*this work is intended for 18+ audiences only. minors do not interact. do not repost this work*
Tumblr media
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
This lie fell so easily from your tongue, and though it didn’t sound convincing at all, you didn’t care. You couldn’t see it in the dark room, but you could hear it… you could hear the wild smile unfurl on Kuroo’s lips.
“No idea at all, huh?” his voice sounded like gravel. It was deeper than normal, and so very dangerously close to your ear. Outside, the gym was silent. Everyone had gone to bed for the evening, meaning you had all the privacy you needed… for your punishment.
“What do you think of that, Bokuto?” Kuroo asked, and as if on cue, you felt strong arms wrap around your waist and pull you back against a broad, toned chest.
“Nah, I think she knew exactly what she was doing,” he contradicted, leaning forward so his mouth was directly against your ear. “And she did it on purpose because she wanted something… isn’t that what happened, little babe?”
This wasn’t the first time you had done this, but it was, sadly, likely one of the last, because the three of you were third years. Life as you knew it was going to change. As team manager for Nekoma, you’d been present at what felt like hundreds of these practice matches and training camps, always secretly nursing dual crushes on Kuroo and Bokuto. Then once, last year, all that changed, somehow, and ever since, you’d always ended up with the both of them, somewhere private like this.
Now it was a special occasion. A silently agreed-upon but never-spoken of deal between the three of you- no strings attached, though it didn’t seem like there needed to be any, because they would always look out for you, always protect you, and probably always have feelings for you, even if they didn’t try to give whatever this was more of a label than “friends with benefits”.
Today was a day like any other, though admittedly, you were more bold and made eyes at the two of them more than you normally would have dared. It started with soft fluttering lashes at Bokuto before breakfast… blatantly looking Kuroo up and down all throughout the morning, and appreciatively watching Bokuto with blushing cheeks and your bottom lip caught between your teeth during each one of his matches.
Soft, lingering touches at lunch. Squeezing his arm when Kuroo said something slightly amusing. Shyly grinning up at him when you gave him his water; and finally, winking at Bokuto all throughout his last match of the day. You could clearly see how much it inflated his ego, even from the entire way across the gymnasium.
Bokuto nipped your ear and tugged harshly on the lobe with his teeth. The action made you whimper, your ass nudging his crotch as you wiggled; you could clearly feel the imprint of his erection through his shorts and your khakis.
With greed, Bokuto ran his hands up and down your front, groping soft flesh and kneading your breasts, and Kuroo gripped your chin firmly in his hands, leaning down to kiss you with possession, no haste, and abundant lust.
Your soft moan was lost in Kuroo’s mouth as you kissed him back, sighing with content at finally having the attention you so desperately desired. From behind you, Bokuto chuckled, kissing down the back of your neck and sliding his hand up and underneath the waistband of your shorts.
His calloused, long fingers met your pussy with practiced expertise, and you whined in relief- he hadn’t given you anything to be so relieved about, and he didn’t plan to, not for a while after you’d teased him all day- but it was nice, still, to have his fingers so close to your core, where you needed them most.
At that moment, Kuroo bit down on your lip, causing a whine to fall from your lips- he bit you nearly hard enough to draw blood. Kuroo raked a hand through your hair and tugged, tilting your head back in the process. Though the equipment room was dark, your eyes were adjusting and you could just barely see the details of Kuroo’s face… and how dark his eyes were. He smirked down at you, thumb swiping at your bottom lip. He looked very much like a cat who’d caught a mouse.
“Do his fingers feel nice, little girl?” Kuroo’s voice was low, and it spurred Bokuto on as well, because when he heard it, he smirked against the skin on the back of your neck, and his breathing grew a bit faster, and definitely harder. The hand in your shorts began to move with more purpose, as he parted your lips and started dragging the delightfully calloused tips across your folds. The movement made you whimper, squeezing your eyes shut.
And Kuroo chuckled, amused.
“Aww, baby,” he cooed, almost condescending, “does it feel so good that you can’t even talk? Can’t even answer me?” His fingertips met your cheek with a sharp, but light smack, the noise echoing throughout the dark closet. The sound of his smack on your skin encouraged Bokuto even more as he began sucking what you knew would be a very dark, very noticeable hickey on the back of your neck. He more urgently pressed his erection into your ass, and abandoned your weeping cunt for a moment in favor of pulling off your shorts.
Kuroo’s thumb and pointer finger gently squeezed your cheeks, between your teeth, making it nearly impossible for you to answer him. That’s what he wanted, though, to have you helpless. He knew that was how you liked it. Smirking, he spoke again.
“Well, I guess if you’re not gonna talk with that mouth, you should put it to good use, then.”
Kuroo’s cock always astounded you. It was long, thick, with two pretty veins; one running along the bottom of his cock, the other on the side. They were exceptionally sensitive, too, and every time you ran your tongue along either one of them, Kuroo would whine and press his hips forward just a little more, desperate to get more of your mouth.
As Kuroo pulled himself out of his shorts, Bokuto had helped you out of your shorts, and he was on his back, on the floor, eagerly pulling you down to sit on his face. As always, your wet cunt was met with needy, lapping strokes of his tongue. He growled in appreciation of the taste, loving more than anything that he was able to get to have you on his mouth, that he could taste your sweet juices and make you cry from pleasure just from his mouth alone.
Already, your head was buzzing with pleasure. You’d become accustomed to the darkness of the room now, and you could see better than you could before, but you wondered if that was any good or not- because now you could see their sweaty faces. Now you could see how blown their pupils were and how feral they looked. You could see the muscles in Bokuto’s arms tighten and loosen as he ate you out like it was his last meal. You could see the frosted tips of his hair between your legs, you could see his golden, lust filled stare on your face as he ate you so voraciously. Kuroo’s sculpted stomach caught your eye as he pulled his shirt up and away from his aching cock, and seeing it made you even wetter than you already were.
One of Kuroo’s big hands came to cup the back of your head, the other hand on the shaft of his cock. Messily, he smacked the drooling tip onto your face, groaning at the noise it made and biting his lip at the wonderful feeling.
“Open wide, little girl,” he said, grinning down at you. When you complied, like such a good girl, he slid his cock in your mouth, immediately letting out a hiss of satisfaction.
Instantly, your mouth was full. Kuroo was hard and hot and throbbing. You swirled your tongue around it as much as you could, one hand grasping his cock, the other steadying yourself on his thigh. Being mindful of Bokuto between your legs, you lean forward a bit, sliding your tongue up Kuroo’s entire length, mouthing at those veins and getting the expected, yet still so satisfying, moans from the dark-haired man.
Bokuto continued his brutal pace while he ate you out. He was slurping wetly- if you weren’t so turned on you would have been embarrassed at the very thought of your cunt producing that much slick, but you still felt a great deal of pride that Bokuto was so excited to taste you.
His tongue grazed over one particular spot, and you cried out, jerking your hips forward. Bokuto chuckled darkly, arms locking around your legs like a vice as he held you in place and began lapping at that spot like a madman. Kuroo stepped closer, one hand sliding to the back of your head once more.
“Watch it, Bokuto,” he said, “don’t make her fall.”
Whether or not Bokuto heard Kuroo’s admonishment was unclear, because he didn’t even spare Kuroo a look or a noise. He just kept licking at that one spot.
You were nearly gushing at this point, having his tongue work at you so ferociously made you see stars. Your thighs were shaking and your folds were so wet that you knew you were soaking Bokuto’s face and the floor underneath him. Almost involuntarily, your hips were jerking along with Bokuto’s ministrations, grinding on him desperately to try and get more friction that you so desperately needed.
Kuroo tugged on your hair gently, bringing your head back to his cock. Obediently, you opened your mouth, taking the sopping tip back onto your tongue. Then, slowly, like he was preparing you for it, Kuroo began thrusting into your mouth.
Like usual, it was a little difficult at first. You gagged, the action causing your stomach to clench, and your muscles to contract, which only heightened the pleasure you were getting from Bokuto’s tongue. Tears pricked the corners of your eyes but you took several deep breaths in through your nose, and soon, Kuroo was able to fuck into your mouth as if it was just another one of your holes. Strings of saliva fell from your face, staining your shirt, some landing on Bokuto’s face (but he couldn’t be bothered by it), and some smearing on Kuroo’s thighs.
“Okay, “ Kuroo said, pulling you off his cock after holding you there for a particularly long moment, “ Okay, get up, come on,” he said, tugging on your hand. “Bokuto, let her up now, come on.”
Begrudgingly, Bokuto pulled away, spanking your bare ass before using his strength to easily lift you off his face- and this was so dizzying to you, the act of simple, brute strength was so arousing that you almost saw stars from it alone.
Your legs were too shaky to trust on their own, so you stayed kneeling, after Bokuto picked you up and placed you down on the floor. Kuroo quickly sat down in front of you, pulling you into his lap so easily, like you weighed nothing at all.
Kuroo’s cock breached you with no ceremony or preamble. Suddenly, even with Bokuto’s extensive and excellent preparation, you were stretched to your very limit. Crying out, your hands flew to Kuroo’s neck, lacing behind his head and holding tightly, almost desperately to him.
Bokuto shucked his pants down to his ankles, stroking his hard, leaking, red cock as he watched the two of you. He stepped forward, placing his hand on your hair and guiding your head to look in his direction. Again, so obediently, you opened your mouth for his cock, and he slid it into the wet, sloppy, already-abused cavern.
Bokuto’s cock was so different from Kuroo’s- it was thick. Girthy. An actual mouthful that, when pressed into your mouth or into your cunt, made you believe you’d be bursting from the seams in seconds. He never broke you, though. Not yet, anyway.
And he was so sensitive, too. Unlike Kuroo, Bokuto’s cock was sensitive all over. When you’d give the tip of his cock innocent kitten licks, he got goosebumps. When you pumped it in your hand, his toes curled. And when it was stuffed in something hot and sopping wet, Bokuto could see stars along the outside of his vision.
Kuroo’s hands on your waist were bruising as he bounced you on his cock with ease, like you were nothing more than a fleshlight with feelings. HIs hands were always so strong, so capable of holding you and guiding your hips over just the right spots. He filled you perfectly, too. You were full to the brim, the goodness of it all almost bringing tears to your eyes. This was where you belonged, fully seated on Kuroo’s cock.
But you also belonged on your knees for Bokuto. His normally golden eyes were stained nearly black with lust at this point, as he looked down at you with loving eagerness as he thrusted his cock into and out of your mouth. With his pleasure, his movements became harried and frenzied, hips jerking unpredictably, almost like he was a madman, though you were sure he was only crazy with lust for you.
Kuroo swiped his thumb up and down your clit as you rolled your hips on his cock.
“Heh… so wet for us, huh, little girl?” he asked you, squeezing your thighs in his hands before moving his hands back up to your hips. “Is this from you teasing us all day? Huh? Is this what happens when you act like a little whore for some cock?”
His words went right through you, slicing through you like a hot knife through butter. You cried out against Bokuto’s cock, effectively creaming on Kuroo’s dick with a soft, almost exhausted cry as your orgasm washed over you. You felt the pleasure in each and every nerve of your body; they hummed in warmth and with pleasure, and you felt the warmth that was in your stomach loosen and spread throughout your entire body.
Kuroo felt this too, and he laughed.
“Did she cum for you, Kuroo?” Bokuto growled, hand fisting in your hair as he drove his cock into your mouth harder and deeper. One of the biggest changes during these times was how animalistic and rough and feral Bokuto’s voice became. It made your head spin, it turned you on more than anything else. You were nodding in response to Bokuto’s question before Kuroo could even respond.
“Yeah, she did. Fuckin’ loves being talked to like that, y’know?” Kuroo said, smacking your ass with an open palm, the sting echoing throughout the room.
Soon, Kuroo was rocking his hips up into you erratically, like he’d lost his mind in the haze of all the pleasure. A guttural moan ripped through his chest, his hair falling forward in his eyes as he filled you up with his hot seed. You moaned around Bokuto, who waited until the very moment Kuroo’s hips stopped moving to pluck you off of the other one.
Your arousal, your cum, Kuroo’s cum, and Bokuto’s spit all leaked down from between your legs, and had your head not been fuzzy and unable to focus, you may have been embarrassed, but you knew it just made Bokuto more eager to fuck you. Sloppy seconds were his favorite.
While Kuroo watched, chest heaving, Bokuto laid you out on the floor. He folded you in half with ease, tossing your legs over his shoulders and pushing into you with one fluid thrust. He stretched you out completely differently than Kuroo had, dragging along different spots at his brutal pace.
Helpless, you clutched at his arms, nails digging into the yielding flesh, but you didn’t care, and neither did he. Kuroo’s hands were soon on you again, groping your tits from over your shirt, hand slid between your chest and your legs, and getting a prime view of where you were coupled with the ace.
Bokuto grunted, feral, each time he bottomed out inside you and his cock pressed into its maximum depth. Everything was soft, wet, spongey, and hot. So, so, so hot. He’d lost himself in the pleasure now, his muscles taut in the haste and the exertion of it all. With more mindful fingers, Kuroo slid his hand between your legs and began rubbing at your clit, which made you cum again, a second time.
This time, it wasn’t warm, and it wasn’t clean. Instead, it was hot, like fire, and it was wet. The second time you came, you squirted, crying out in a wrecked, broken voice, with no one outside the three of you in the tiny equipment room able to hear. Bokuto’s stomach and thighs, which were already wet from the blowjob you gave him, were soon coated with this slick, and he laughed.
“Good girl, good fuckin girl,” he said, hips driving into you harder.
It only took about three more bold, deep strokes for him to still and cum into you, spilling every ounce of his release into your hot, abused pussy. He squeezed his eyes shut as he came down, every nerve in his body feeling hot. His shoulders relaxed and he slouched a little bit, having enough mind to slowly, a little unsteadily, pull your legs off his shoulders, rubbing them gently with big, strong hands.
Kuroo, who was the least fucked of the three of you, touched your sweaty face gently. The soft gesture made you turn into his hand, and Bokuto, as the fog cleared, rubbed your sides gently.
“Give me my shirt,” Bokuto murmured, voice soft, but well-used and a bit worse for wear.
Kuroo handed him the shirt, the three of you unanimously and idly realizing you never really remembered when he’d taken it off. Though his previous movements were harsh, bokuto very gently wiped the shirt along between your legs, and after a few moments, pulled his cock from you, being sure to wipe away any more mess that escaped- you knew you’d have to take a proper shower very soon, but the thought was nice.
“I...I don’t like to think that this is the last time,” you murmured quietly. Bokuto was pulling your shorts back up your legs, and Kuroo was petting your hair sweetly, and at this mention, they both dawned dark expressions. Sad faces.
But then, Bokuto said with the utmost confidence, “Just because this is the last time at training camp doesn’t mean it's the last time. Wait ‘til I get you in a bedroom. I bet I can make you squirt three times in one session.”
*this work is intended for 18+ audiences only. minors do not interact. do not repost this work*
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ayellowcurtain · a month ago
Make me know you really care
could you write something about Robbe and Sander breaking up during college or something and running into each other on a train four years later and they’re both in relationships and decide to go on a double date (because they’re all mature and adult now). And both of their significant others are oblivious to how awkward it all is and Robbe gets overwhelmed and goes to the bathroom and Sander follows him and Robbe is clearly upset. Insert all the angst with a happy ending
Robbe looks up again in a reflex, certain he wouldn’t get mistaken, not with this but he’s caught staring instantly. It is Sander sitting on the other end of the empty subway train.
It’s late, and Robbe wasn’t even thinking about him, it hasn’t happened in a while. He was just trying to get home after another fight with his boyfriend, funny enough. He was glad he had to wait for the next train for ten minutes, he walked from one end to the other of his platform and nobody was there, he got inside an empty subway and his plan was to sit down and not think during his ride home, looking out the window, seeing most of the lights in every building already off.
His music is still playing on his headphones, wrapped around his neck but he pauses, watching the same old docs walk up to him, sitting on the seat right in front of his.
“This is awkward.” Sander smiles awkwardly, pulling his bag out of his shoulder to put it on the empty seat next to him.
“Yeah, it is.” Robbe sighs, trying not to overthink his heart beating faster all of a sudden.
“Hi, Robbe. How are you?”
He watches as Sander smiles properly, putting his hands inside his pockets. He’s not wearing his usual jacket. This one Robbe doesn’t recognize, a dark grey one, one of those bomber jackets, too big for him, the stitching that should be on his shoulders falling around his biceps. He looks ridiculously cute in it.
“I’m good, tired. You?”
Sander nods his head, looking around them like there’s anything else happening inside an empty, last-one-of-the-night subway, cutting the city from south to north.
“I’m good too. Happy to see you. It's been what? Three years?” Robbe looks at him and Sander snorts. They both know it hasn’t been that long and Robbe is sure that, just like himself, Sander knows the exact date.
Two years and a month. It was Robbe’s birthday and he was at a bar with everyone and Jens ran into Sander when he was coming back from the bathroom. Sander told Jens he was busy so he left without saying hi to Robbe or anyone.
“You were avoiding me.”
Sander shakes his head like it’s that but not exactly.
“I didn’t know what I could tell you. Happy birthday? And leave like a stranger? That would feel awkward. And everyone would stare and comment all night long. Didn’t want to ruin your birthday, cutie.”
Robbe knows that there’s more to it but it would be weird, yes, and probably a bad idea anyway. Robbe remembers that night like one of many where he was supposed to just go out with his friends, get drunk and have a good time. And how it always turned into him crying on someone’s shoulder, asking why he and Sander didn’t make it work through college.
“You are a stranger, we haven’t seen or talked to each other in over two years. And don’t call me that…”
Sander looks deep inside his eyes and Robbe struggles to keep his gaze and to keep himself still even. It’s stupid how much power Sander still has over him.
“Old habits die hard.”
Robbe nods his head, looking behind him at the city still rushing behind the extremely dirty glass. He should have stayed at his boyfriend’s place. Or somewhere closer to the city. This ride is way too long to share with Sander and nobody else there to keep them from talking to each other.
“Do you call your girlfriend cutie?” He teases, and Sander huffs a laugh, lifting his eyebrows.
“No way. Just you.” It makes sense, Robbe thinks, recycling nicknames sounds wrong in every way, “How do you know I have a girlfriend?”
“Didn’t know you still followed me.” Robbe swallows hard, his turn to just stare and not say a word because there’s no excuse. He doesn’t follow Sander because it would be too hard not to watch his stories, not to engage in any way, not to drunk text him...
“It’s okay. I stalk you too. Max, huh? Sounds like a cliche name.”
“You stalk me better than I stalk you. I don’t know your girlfriend’s name…”
“Do you want to know?”
“No way.” Robbe whispers, not as cool or confident as Sander was with it.
“Okay.” He nods his head and Robbe lets himself stare too since Sander won’t even blink, always looking at him. His hair looks so soft, as long as Robbe remembers Sander letting it grow. He’ll have a haircut soon, if he’s still the same. It annoys me when it starts to itch my eyebrows, he used to tell Robbe as an explanation as to why he was getting his haircut when Robbe loved it when it got a little longer like it is now.
His pants are still black, still short for his long legs, ending in the middle of his shins, exposing his white socks and his old docs. The different style of jacket is realling throwing Robbe off.
“Was she the one to give you the jacket?”
Sander nods his head. Of course it was. Now he looks like a cute boy, not the cool David Bowie magical creature Robbe used to date.
“You look younger with it. And like, harmless.”
“Am I not harmless, Robin?”
You’re so far from harmless. You and I know that. That’s why we keep our distance. You’re temptation in the form of a beautiful man.
“You are.”
A long moment passes by, and Robbe looks away again, his eyes unable to not stare so he looks up again, and Sander says out of nowhere.
“Let’s go on a date.”
Robbe frowns, “What?!”
“Let’s go on a date. You, me, Max and the girlfriend.”
Robbe bites his cheek not to ask if Sander is jealous, based on the way he says Max’s name like it annoys acknowledging he exists.
Going on a double date is always a struggle for Robbe. He feels out of place even when he’s hanging out with Senne and Zoe. After every double date, even the ones with Milan’s one night stands, Robbe is left wondering if he should really be dating anyone right now. Because looking at other couples or hookups, Robbe doesn’t see the same level of affection or attention or just arousal that everyone else has when it’s between him and Max. He can’t say that to anyone, he doesn’t allow himself to say it even when he’s alone but he knows he doesn’t feel enough, not as much as he should when he’s dating someone.
Zoe and Senne, Amber and Aaron, they are all over each other still, after years and years of dating. And Robbe never felt this way with Max. And he knows he’s able to feel that way because he used to feel it back in the day.
“Okay?” Sander asks surprised and Robbe sighs.
“Yes. But just for dinner. We’ll leave before dessert and you won’t be all ‘No! Stay for dessert, it’s so early!’” Sander lifts his eyebrows, snorting with Robbe’s poor attempt to mimic his voice.
“Is that how you think I sound?”
“That is how you sound.”
“Fuck you.”
Can’t do.
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heythatsfarout · a month ago
Damon albarn X one night stand oneshot cus I’m horrnnyyyy
A collective groan from the class snapped me out of my daydream.
Maybe ‘daydream’ wasn’t the right word for the thoughts crammed in my head, threatening to choke me... more like waking nightmare.
A nightmare that came in the form of a stick and a plus sign.
I didn’t dare think the word, for fear I’d gag out loud.
The balding teacher tapped his ruler indignantly against the whiteboard.
‘I don’t like this topic any more than you do, but it has to be done. Page one hundred and two, now, come on. Human reproduction.’
What a week to be studying this in biology.
In a move to deliberate to be absentminded, Damon turned around to stare at me.
Oh god. It didn’t help that he looked like that.
The sensation that washed over me every time my eyes met his didn’t disappoint this time. I felt myself melting, trapped in his hypnotic gaze.
The eyes that were so blue bored into mine now, worry swirling in them. Worry for me, or worry for what would happen if this secret got out?
Two seventeen year olds, soon to be parents. That would certainly squash all dreams of pop stardom.
I had no choice. I’d told him I’d get rid of it. He’d seemed relieved at the prospect.
This would all be over, and things would go on as normal. He’d move on and so would I. A distant memory. A minor blip.
My chest squeezed painfully at the idea of me never being with him again. Never hearing him say my name, feel his lips on mine...
The thought hit me like a steam train.
What if there was a choice?
What if I kept it?
It was too late. Already my brain was flooded with images of Damon cooing at a baby, pushing a stroller, arm in arm with me, a smile lighting up my face....
Stop it.
I didn’t want a baby. I knew that. What I wanted was for him to stay. Which wouldn’t happen. A baby was not going to solve that. Stupid.
It was a one night thing. We’d both agreed. Like adults. We’d felt so grown up.
Ha. How was this for grown up? I was barely just 17. Born just one day after Damon. We’d thought that was funny, at the time. Almost exactly the same age.
I’d thought it was a sign.
Oh my god, shut up. When had I become so mushy?
The bell sounded piercingly, cutting through my reverie. Somewhere in the back of my mind worried that I hadn’t heard a single word of the class, but it was overruled by something else.
I didn’t move in response to the bell, glued to the seat. I was too tired. It was too much.
In my peripheral vision I noticed Damon lingering by his desk, looking worriedly at me again.
He cleared his throat, gesturing at Graham to go on ahead without him, and suddenly he was standing over me.
I looked wearily up at him. His eyes darted away as he read the expression in mine, and he bit his lip anxiously.
‘So, you’ve made.... arrangements?’
A lump was forming in my throat, threatening to choke me. I knew opening my mouth would be a mistake. Oh please, don’t let me cry...
I bobbed my head in what I hoped passed for a nod.
I hadn’t made arrangements. Yet. I didn’t want to make it real, to face the fact that I’d have to go in there on my own and end it.
He ran his fingers along the length of the desk, lightly tracing the graffiti left by generations of science students gone before me.
I remembered what those fingers could do, and shivered.
They stopped beside my hand, and hesitantly reached out to hold it.
‘Y/N....Are you ok?’
Oh god. As if there was anything worse to say to someone who was clearly on the verge of a breakdown.
I bit down on the inside of my cheek hard, and resisted the urge to gag when blood flooded my mouth.
Be strong.
‘Yeah. It’s just hard. You know.’
His brow furrowed in concern. ‘This is what you want, right? Because if it’s not, we can figure something out... I don’t want to....’
He trailed off, removing his hand to tug at his hair. A nervous habit.
He was just saying that. He knew as well as I did what this would do to us. Ruin all hope of the lives we had planned.
And I had big plans. None of which involved a teenage pregnancy.
‘Yes. This is what I want.’
It was the quiver that gave me away.
‘I don’t want it to end like this’ he mumbled.
I closed my eyes. ‘Look, it’s fine. Mistakes happen all the time. I’ll fix it.’
He shook his head. ‘That’s not what I mean.’
He folded his arms and unfolded them again, fidgeting.
Fidgeting. I’d never seen Damon look this anxious.
He bit his lip.
‘I- I’d like to see you. Again. Properly, this time. Like... a date. Only if you want, obviously.’
I balked. What?
‘It’s fine.’ He blurted. ‘I didn’t really think you would. After everything. I know you said it was a one time thing. It’s fine.’
He shoved his hands in his pockets and stared at the ground, flushing.
For me?
I smiled tentatively. ‘This is weird.’
He nodded quickly, then shook his head. ‘Yeah. Weird. Sorry. Listen, Graham is waiting for me-‘
‘I’d like to. Go out sometime, I mean. I’d really like that.’
He looked up quickly, his eyes searching mine for sign of a joke. I watched the corner of his mouth turn upwards in a crooked smile as he found none.
Hi smile said what his words did not. I swear I felt my heart flutter.
He turned to leave, squeezing my hand once before before doing so, but then apparently thought of something else to say.
He spun on his heel, facing me again. His expression was sober, replacing the happiness of seconds before.
My stomach squeezed uncomfortably. He’s changed his mind.
He coughed and scratched the back of his neck, struggling to find the words to say something.
‘Hey... I’d like to come with you. To that clinic. If that’s ok? I don’t want you to go there alone.’
I resisted the urge to burst into tears again, and nodded. I smiled what I hoped looked like a grateful smile, and waited for him to leave before I finally started to sob.
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loveactionsspeaklouder · a month ago
we belong together - kylian mbappé and julian draxler fanfic
2| Paris
july 2023| london
"Are you sure this is what you really want?" Molly's sister asked, for what felt like the hundredth time today. Lorena was three years younger; she was wise, stubborn and always right, she got that from their mother.
"I know you enjoy me being home, but yes I am," she laughed and continued packing her suitcase. Molly didn't feel nervous; the past year had been life changing for her. She was relishing the opportunity to be reunited with her Paris colleagues. Instead of living on her own, Adam would eventually be moving in with her with as well. "Everything is going to be fine sis, I have a few weeks to sort myself out, then Adam will join me."
"Are you nervous to see Kylian?" Lorena questioned, an anxious look on her face. Molly blinked her eyes a couple of times, something she had been training herself to do when she was eventually asked about Kylian. Her family were oblivious to her sudden personality change; everything she did was faked, her body had adapted to feeling nothing. She knew when to smile, laugh, cry and act as if she was bothered, when deep inside, she didn't feel a thing. She sat down on the bed and ran a clever hand through her hair.
"I'm only nervous because I don't know what I will say to him," she sighed. That wasn't a lie, Molly truly didn't know what she would say when faced with the Frenchman. "We ended on incredibly bad terms. I've never felt rage like it before Lora, I couldn't even look him in the eyes. But I work with him, so I'm going to have to be civil."
july 2023| paris
"I can't believe it! Have you told him?" Mauro gasped as he spoke to Julian. They both glanced in Kylian's direction, then back to each other, the German shook his head. He continued to eat his dinner, ignoring their weird behaviour. He went to take a bite of his sandwich before he heard more whispers from the pair, he turned to face them.
"Are you going to tell me what you are talking about or just keep whispering like two school children?" the Frenchman hissed. They flinched at his words, a few more heads turned around to face their table. "Well? As you can see, everybody is waiting."
"You sure bro?" Julian probed. He rolled his eyes and nodded his head. The German took a deep breath and exhaled. "Molly's moving back to Paris."
Kylian froze in his seat, dropping the phone he didn't realise he was holding. He gulped and took a quick drink of his water. He could feel everybody's eyes on him and it made him nervous. He had checked her Instagram a couple of times, but hadn't spoken to her, he didn't know what to say to her.
"Kylian, you good?" he blinked his eyes a couple of times and casually shrugged. He wiped his sweaty palms on his tracksuit bottoms underneath the table. Why was everybody still staring?
"How is she?" Kylian whispered. He moved closer to Julian, wanting to keep their conversation as quiet as possible.
"A mess," the German sighed. He felt his heart break; he only had himself to blame for the situation with Molly, he should have handled it better. "Some days are good, really good. But most of the days are bad. I haven't spoken to her about you by the way, she already had a lot on her mind so I didn't think she needed it bringing up. What are you going to say to her when you see her?"
"I have no idea. I fucked up really bad and I don't think she'll forgive me. I also have to somehow tell her about Rosalie."
"Promise me one thing?"
Kylian nodded. "Tell her straight away. It's going to break her, but she needs to know."
july 2023| paris
It had been three days since Molly had arrived back in Paris. Kylian still hadn't had the chance to speak to her; he knew she was avoiding him, she hadn't looked at him once. He observed her as she walked into the canteen, everybody was. It was hard not to; she had always been beautiful, but two years later, she looked even more stunning. She was dressed in a sharp fitted suit, her small heels only emphasizing her long legs.
"Are you going to say actual words to her or just stare?" Julian sniggered. Kylian nudged his arm and shot him a glare. He shook his head and continued laughing, the Frenchman rolled his eyes and focused back on Molly, who was making her way to her office. "Go get her now!"
He nodded, saying his goodbyes and wandered to her office. He hesitantly knocked on the door, scratching the back of his neck. He heard her speak, allowing him to walk in. She didn't look up at him. "What are you doing here Kylian?"
Molly spoke with sass, leaving him to nervously twist his lips. He motioned to the chair on the other side of her desk, she ignored him and continued typing on her computer. "I came to speak to you," he sighed.
She paused, removing her eyes from the screen to meet his. Her gaze was even more intimidating than he remembered; he gulped looking at his hands, trying to find the right words. "How've you been?"
"You must be joking," Molly sarcastically laughed. Fucked it Kylian. She moved her position on her chair, facing her body towards him, her eyes never left his. She didn't need to fake her emotion; her body was filled with rage. "Absolutely great. I don't know what my highlight was, either; my dad dying, my mum crying every single night because of it or you, breaking my fucking heart when I needed you."
Kylian exhaled, rubbing his hands over his face. "Moll, I'm so sorry. I fucked up. I-I need to tell you something," he squeezed his fingers, nerves filling his body. He took a deep breath and looked up at Molly, she was staring at the ceiling. Spit it out, you're only hurting her more, he thought. "I'm engaged to Rosalie."
She laughed, that mocking kind of laugh telling him she couldn't quite believe what he was saying. "I already know," Molly sniggered. Kylian froze in his seat, he couldn't read her face. "Let me ask you one question: Did you even love me? Or was it just to make her jealous?"
"Don't be so ridiculous," he spat. "Of course, I loved you. Correction, I still love you, I never stopped. I was an idiot back then an-"
"And you're still an idiot now," Molly scoffed. He drew a breath and looked down, she wasn't the same Molly he remembered. She used to look at him with love; and now, if looks could kill, he would be dead. The past events had changed her, his heart ached knowing that he was unfortunately a part of it. He didn't mean for it to happen like this, he was young and stupid, he should have fought for what he had. But instead, he let her walk out of his life when she needed him the most, he failed her and she was going to make sure he remembered.
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Dreams that come true - (Maria Hill x Fem!Reader)
A/N: I don’t own any of the characters on this fic, they belong to Marvel.
Warnings: none.
Request: Hello!! Could u pls write a Maria Hill x fem!reader where Maria and R are engaged and are both agents, R is kidnapped by Hydra and brainwashed to kill Nick Fury so when they find her she’s acting all kinds of weird and Maria knows something is up so she follows R when she’s on her way to kill Nick bc she’s suspicious and R sees her and they start fighting but Maria doesn’t want to hurt her so she uses cognitive recalibration (like what Natasha used on Clint to get his memories back) and R comes back to being normal and starts freaking out bc of what she was abt to do and Maria comforts her. Lmao I’m sorry for making it so long I suck at summarizing things but u can change it however you’d like tho!! Thanks!!✨
Tumblr media
Maria shifted on the bed, awakened by the light that crept through the blinds. Turning over, she slowly opened her eyes, only to discover a pair of (e/c) ones already looking at her in pure adoration.
“Good morning, beautiful.” You whispered lovingly, reaching out to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "Did you sleep well?"
"Yes, I did." Maria answered, moving to catch your hand and relishing in the soft clink of the rings. It brought a smile to her face. "I can't wait to marry you, it feels like a dream…"
"Just a few months more and that dream will become real, sweetheart."
Leaning over, the brunette pressed her soft lips on yours for a tender kiss. You placed your hands on her hips, tugging so she could straddle you, but before things could get heated you got cut off by Maria's phone.
You groaned and let your head fall back against the pillow, missing the amused smirk growing on the commander’s face as she picked up said device.
“Duty calls.” Maria sighed after checking the text. She moved to get up, but stopped when she felt your hands on her thighs.
“Sure we can’t just skip today? Come on, you know we deserve a little break.” You pleaded, fingers drawing circles on the displayed skin.
Deciding to indulge in your game for a bit, Maria leaned down. She started kissing your neck, slowly creeping up, making your breath hitch.
“Tell that to Fury.” She finally said, pulling away completely and giggling at your disappointed pout.
“You’re mean…” You grumbled before standing up with her, and getting ready for the day ahead.
“Alright, got everything ready?” Maria asked as she came closer to you. 
“Yeah, just finished checking our weapons.” You replied, placing her guns on her belt when the brunette wrapped her arms around your waist.
“Be careful, okay?”
“Same goes for you.” You smiled before placing your lips on hers.
It almost hurt physically to separate from her. And the uneasy feeling swirling in your mind, almost making you sick, didn’t help either. With another quick kiss, both of you decided to revise the plan one last time.
This mission was important. Not only did you have to obtain some crucial information, but the base was also swarmed by Hydra agents to the point where it was impossible to go in unnoticed. You would have to fight.
“We should separate. We can get this done faster that way.” You suggested, eyeing the next two corridors that divided the enemy base.
“I’m not sure if it’s a good idea…”
“You know we can do it, love. And this place is already creeping me out.” You insisted.
“Alright, but remember, comms always active.”
“Of course, stay safe.” Smiling, you leaned over and pressed a short kiss to the brunette’s lips, before turning to the nearest hallway.
She couldn’t help but flinch every time she heard fighting on your end, but your constant reassurances made it easier for her to focus on the task at hand.
After what felt like hours (and probably were) of roaming the place, Maria finally reached the control room. It didn’t take long for her to find the information needed, and soon she was disappearing along the next corridor. 
“I’ve retrieved the stolen data, the mission is over. Let’s go.” Maria informed, though static was her only answer. 
“(Y/N)?” She tried again, but it seemed like your comms were disabled.
She kept wandering, thinking she would be able to find you somewhere in this hell-hole, but ultimately decided to go back and check the quinjet. Her worry only raised when she saw that you weren’t there.
“The mission is over, (Y/N). Return to the quinjet.” She tried again. 
“(Y/N), can you hear me?” Maria insisted, but the comms were still out. 
The brunette thought about going back, but the base was too big. She couldn’t go searching for you alone. 
Just as she was about to leave the quinjet, your voice finally came through the static.
“I’m fine. I’ll reach the quinjet in two minutes.” Relief coursed through Maria’s veins, causing her to miss the dull tone of your voice.
The flight back was silent. Maria didn’t let go of you, wrapping you in her arms tightly. The thought of almost losing you was engraved deep in her mind. 
She also didn’t notice how you wandered aimlessly through SHIELD’s headquarters, nor the haunting look in your eyes. Maria was completely blinded by her relief of not losing you to even notice that you weren’t even there…
It was late at night, but you two still had to finish the paperwork. As draining as it was, there was no way you could leave without getting it done...
“I think this was the last one. Let’s go home, love.” Maria mumbled after placing down the finished report some minutes later, pressing a kiss on your temple as she passed by your desk. You didn’t move, though, so she stopped. “(Y/N)?”
Turning over, she saw how stiff your form was. Maria softly ran her hands over your shoulders, hoping to ease the tension there, but frowned when you remained frozen in place.
“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” The brunette whispered lovingly, but you kept unmoving, almost as if in a daze.
“I’m fine…” You finally answered after some minutes, standing up. “I just remembered I have to do something. Don’t wait for me.”
This confused her even more. It finally dawned on Maria that you were acting weirdly since you arrived at the quinjet. Staying silent, keeping to yourself, a dazed look in your eyes… She’s never seen you acting like this before.
The brunette decided to follow you, hoping to discover what was wrong, but as you turned in Director Fury’s office’s direction she realized she couldn’t let you go further.
As soon as she made her presence known you stopped, turning to face her.
“(Y/N)? What are you doing here?”
“I have a mission to fulfill.” You answered stiffly. Maria frowned at the lost look on your face, and slowly moved to grab her gun. She didn’t want to hurt you, but she wouldn’t let you take another step.
“What mission?” 
“Director Nicholas Joseph Fury’s extermination.”
The sudden kick to her side shocked her for a moment, but she composed herself and changed into a defensive stance.
Both of you were great fighters, but you always got the upper hand during training. And this time it wasn’t any different.
“(Y/N), this isn’t you.” Maria grunted as you slammed her to the wall, drained from this constant assault you gave her. “Snap out of it! You can’t let them control you.”
It was useless. She wouldn’t be able to break you out of whatever mindset Hydra implanted on you, so she went for the second best option available.
“I’m sorry.” The brunette said, before slamming your head against the wall, hard enough to make you fall unconscious. Panting, she watched as you slumped to the ground. “I hope you can forgive me later.” She whispered as she picked you up, taking you to the med-bay.
You didn’t wake up until the next day, and the first thing you noticed as you did was the cold metal of the cuffs on your wrists.
“What the hell is going on?” You whispered to yourself when you realized you were on the medical wing. You tugged on your restraints, hoping to get someone’s attention.
“You’re awake.”Came Maria’s voice as she entered the room, but she froze all of a sudden. “Wait, how do I know it’s really you?”
“Huh? What do you mean?” You looked around the place one last time before focusing on her again. “What’s going on, love? And why am I cuffed to a bed in the med-bay?”
“You’re back…” You didn’t miss her relieved sigh, but you were too confused to point it out. “What do you remember about yesterday’s mission?”
“We separated to see if one of us could find the control room faster and…” You frowned before something clicked inside of you. “They ambushed me, Maria. They- They did something to me, messed with my head.” You panicked. “Please, tell me I didn’t…”
“No, I managed to stop you. But I didn’t realize it until you were almost there.” She lamented, regretting not having paid enough attention.
“I was going to kill him. I was going to enter Fury’s office and shoot him. I- I can’t- I-”
“Shh, it’s okay. You’re okay.” The brunette whispered, removing the cuffs on your wrists and bringing you into a hug. You clung tightly to her shirt, sobbing as she softly tangled her fingers into your hair. “It wasn’t your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong.” She soothed, kissing your forehead when you pulled back.
“How did you get me back?” You mumbled, leaning your her on Maria’s shoulders.
“Cognitive recalibration.”
“Nat’s rubbing off on you…” You groaned, “no wonder my head is pounding so much, then.”
“Sorry about that.” Maria apologized, smiling sheepishly.
“It’s fine, you got me back to being myself… Thank you for stopping me.”
“Always there to bring you back, sweetheart. You know I can’t stand it when you’re not here.” She teased half-heartedly, brushing her lips against yours, but she pulled away before you could deepen it. “Come on. We still have a wedding to plan, right?”
“Leave the planning to me. It will be the best day of your life, trust me.”
“I’m sure it will.” The brunette smirked, rolling her eyes amusedly.
“Hey, you don’t believe in my otherworldly planning skills?” You pouted, just for your fiancee to kiss it away.
“Okay, your planning skills are good.”
“Just good?? You hate me.”
“Alright, they are amazing.” She couldn’t help but laugh a bit at the proud smile that stretched across your face, prompting her to kiss you again. “I can’t wait to call you my wife.”
“You won’t have to wait for too long, sweetheart.” You smiled.
“Because soon that dream will come true.”
Taglist (let me know if you want to be added!):
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The Hitman (Ringo Starr x Reader) - Chapter Nine
I did a thing
Enjoy :)
Word Count: 3K
Pairing: Ringo Starr x Reader
Summary: You’ve been kidnapped and are now being held for ransom
Warnings: mentions of gun use
You woke up with sunlight in your eyes. As you blinked slowly you realized you were on a small cot in a concrete room. A window across from you showed blue sky. You must have slept through the morning.
“Ah, there you are. David gave you a bit more juice than he should have. Sorry about that.”
You looked across the room to see Billy seated behind a small desk.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing Billy?!”
Billy cocked his head at you, his mouth in a confused smile, “You should be thanking me, I rescued you.”
You ignored him, instead surveying your surroundings.
The window was too high up for you to reach, even if you stood on the desk Billy was at. The only other exit was a door close to where you were seated, but a man was standing in front of it, blocking your way out.
“You’re not going to tie me up?” You asked, raising your hands towards Billy.
“Don’t be ridiculous Y/N. I didn’t bring you here to interrogate you. That would be useless anyway because I know you’d never give up information. Besides, we knew each other as kids, I wouldn’t treat you that way,” Billy said, beckoning you over.
You stretched a bit, and made your way over to his desk, your muscles a bit stiff.
“Right, you won’t tie me up, but you will drug and kidnap me,” you said, massaging your neck.
Billy scoffed, “Don’t be so dramatic. Once again, I’m very sorry about knocking you out. Here, why don’t you have some water? You’re probably dehydrated.”
He was right, you were parched, but you eyed the water he had set on the corner of his desk.
“Oh relax there’s nothing in it. I need you in tip top shape if I’m going to uphold my end of the bargain, which I plan to,” Billy said.
You took the water, draining it quickly. “So I’m a hostage?”
“No, don’t say that. You’re my guest here. That is, until your boss gives me what I want. Then you’re free to go,” Billy replied with a saccharine smile.
“Let me go home Billy,” you said, shaking your head at him.
“Do you really want to go back?”
You frowned at his question, “What do you mean?”
“You know exactly what I mean.”
You looked down at your hand and grazed your fingers lightly over your engagement ring, then your wedding band.
“Do you really want to go back to him?” Billy asked, searching your face for an answer.
He was offering an end to the arrangement, and yet...
Once again you were upset at the idea of being without Ritchie. And the current situation presented a very real obstacle between the two of you. If things went wrong with whatever bargain Billy had struck or was going to make, there was a chance you’d never see Ritchie again.
The thought broke your heart.
In the time you’d been together he’d slowly become your most trusted confidante, the person you looked to for support and advice. He was now somehow a crucial bit of your heart, and you didn’t want to live without him.
You couldn’t live without him.
If Billy had asked you six months ago, your answer might’ve been different, but now you were certain.
“Yes, I do.”
This time it was Billy’s turn to frown.
“Why is this so hard for you to understand?” you asked.
“I don’t know,” Billy said, getting up from his chair, “I guess I just can’t believe you went through with that wedding.”
You took a step back from him as he came to lean on the desk beside you.
“I didn’t exactly get a say in it.”
“But you could have fought against it. Instead you just laid down and agreed to marry that sulking bastard and-“
A resounding slap echoed through the room as you backhanded Billy across the face. He stared at you in shock, holding his cheek. You could see that a red mark was blooming rapidly under his fingers.
“My marriage may have been arranged, but Ritchie is still my husband. Mind your tongue.” You said, your voice cool with anger.
Billy’s eyes hardened and he motioned for the man at the door to come over.
“Blindfold her, bind her hands and feet, then grab that chair, tie her to it and weigh it down. Place an armed guard outside the room.”
The guard looked at him in confusion.
“That seems a bit overkill.”
“She’s not some helpless bird we’ve plucked off the streets you moron. She’s a trained killer. Born and raised. Don’t mistake her complacency for incompetence. Now do what I told you. I have a call to make.”
You’d never felt as useless in your life as you did sitting blindfolded and bound while Billy called George to make his demands.
They had 24 hours to meet up with his associate and hand over £100,000 or Will would take you away. You weren’t sure if you should feel offended or flattered by the ransom amount.
Billy was much less of a gracious host after his phone call. You remained in your chair for who knows how long until your blindfold was tugged off and you were allowed to go to the bathroom. It was an awkward ordeal, what with your hands and feet being bound and all, but you were glad of the little stretch.
You knew better than to try and make your escape at this time. The building was blank and featureless and more than likely to get you lost, and you saw lots of armed personnel on your way to and from the bathroom, even though the routes differed. Not to mention that you were still tied up.
Then you were brought back to your room, and you were forced to resume your position.
You weren’t sure how much time was passing by, only that it was getting slowly darker outside of the blindfold.
Your mind wandered to the others. It was a dangerous thing to let yourself do, but you couldn’t help it. Were they thinking about you? Were they worried? Was Billy actually going to let you go? He’d seemed mostly genuine when explaining that he was going to let you go if he got the reward money...that was before you’d slapped him though. If he didn’t let you go...if he took you away...would they be able to find you?
You set your jaw and tried not to think about it.
Your father would be left alone.
You’d never see your friends...your family...again.
And Ritchie...he’d never know that-
There was a thump outside the door, and the muffled sound of someone being berated.
You heard the door open, and two familiar voices met your ears.
“Yeh wanna alert the whole complex Paul?”
“He fell harder than I thought he would.”
Footsteps crossed their way over to you, and then your blindfold was being lifted off.
“Hey Y/N,” Paul said, a reassuring tone to his voice.
You felt a relieved breath slip out from deep in your chest.
Paul cut the rope around your wrists, then handed you a small knife to get to work on the tie holding you to the chair. George was at the door, keeping a lookout for any trouble.
You knew they wouldn’t come alone, so who else was there? More importantly...
“Where’s Ritchie?”
Paul gave you a smirk as he worked on your ankle bonds.
“Where do you think? He’s up in a nest. George had to convince him not to run in here all by himself to take everyone down.”
You bit the inside of your cheek as you felt a warmth in your chest.
“Wait, how did you guys even find me?”
“Well..uh..we never really lost you,” Paul said, as he cut through the last of the rope.
You stood and stretched, feeling a bit stiff, “What do you mean?”
Paul gestured to your ring, looking suddenly a bit shy.
“That piece of jewelry Ritchie got you has a tracker and a bug inside it.”
His words made you pause, but you were surprised to find it didn’t really upset you. If you’d been in Ritchie’s position, living in the world you did, you would’ve done the same.
“I see, well I suppose that’s a good thing, given the situation. Now let’s get out of here. You have a gun for me or something?”
Paul seemed a bit confused at your reaction but shook his head and pulled out your pistol.
“Nice outfit by the way.” He snickered as he began to lead you over to George.
You rolled your eyes but followed regardless, “I know it is you dunce it’s one of my best nightgowns. And that bastard ruined it.”
The three of you cautiously made your way through the building, meeting up with Linda and your father as you were leaving. They’d been sent to find Billy, who had managed to evade a massive sweep of the complex that had rounded up almost everyone present.
Eddy was waiting in a running car outside, and you were tucked into it with Linda and your mother, leaving George and Paul to start sorting through everyone that had been captured.
Though normally you could do just fine by yourself, having Linda at your side and your father and Eddy in the front of the car relieved some lasting anxiety from the kidnapping.
As soon as you returned to the estate, John was at your side so you could debrief your experience. You’d have to give another report to George when he got back, but John needed some information for his reports and intelligence as well.
“Somehow that slippery little weasel managed to get out without us catching him,” John muttered as he took down notes on what you’d told him.
You pursed your lips at the thought, “He’ll have gone to ground then. There’s a slim chance we find him.”
“Wouldn’t be too sure about that Y/N,” John slipped his pencil behind his ear and pushed his glasses up his nose a bit, “Ritchie put the bounty out on him out as soon as he tapped into the bug on your finger and figured out who took you. He was furious.”
John briefly glanced over your shoulder and gave a knowing smile, “I’m sure he’ll want to tell you the story himself though.”
You turned at the sound of your name to see Ritchie striding through the door.
Your husband practically threw his rifle to the ground and ran over to you, and you flung yourself into his embrace.
Suddenly, safe in his sturdy arms, you felt the weight of the past 12 hours come crashing down upon you and you began to cry.
“I’m sorry Ritchie, I’m sorry,” you said through tears.
As if he could somehow feel the pull of your exhaustion as well, Ritchie followed you as you sank to your knees, holding you close the entire time.
“It’s alright sweetheart I’ve got you. It’s okay.”
You clutched his jacket like it was a lifeline.
“I’m so sorry.”
Ritchie shook his head, “It’s not your fault, you don’t have to apologize.”
“No, I mean I’m sorry” you pulled away slightly, “I’m sorry for...”
You stared into Ritchie’s eyes as you tried to find a way to express your thoughts.
I’m sorry for being cold. I’m sorry for not trusting you. I’m sorry for not giving you the support you’ve given me.
There was so much you felt you needed to apologize for, yet your tongue sat like lead in your mouth, unable to form words.
But Ritchie gently took your face in his hands and pressed his forehead to yours. As was often the case, he already seemed to know what you were thinking.
“Me too.”
You woke up to the smell of French toast wafting into the bedroom and Ritchie’s side of the bed – which you seemed to have reached for in your sleep – cold under your fingers.
The last thing you remembered from the previous night was being at the estate taking breaks between interrogations, and then you’d woken this morning in your bed with no memory of getting there.
Ritchie’s doing, if you had to guess. He’d been rubbing your back as you’d leaned against him before you must’ve fallen asleep.
All your adrenaline had drained away after Ritchie had returned to the estate the other day, so much so that you’d barely made it through George’s debriefing and had little memory of most of the interrogations.
Now you pulled your robe and slippers on and followed the scent of breakfast downstairs.
Ritchie was at the stove, humming something as he cooked.
You could see the oven was on, and a golden-brown stack of French toast was sitting in it, keeping warm and toasty.
“Ah, morning sweetheart,” Ritchie said, a cheery smile on his face as he came over to give you a side hug and a kiss to the back of your palm.
“Morning Ritchie.”
As he turned back to the stove, you caught a whiff of his citrusy shampoo, and noticed his hair was still slightly damp.
“Did you go on our morning run without me?”
He made an apologetic expression and rubbed the back of his neck, “Yeah, looked like you needed the sleep.”
You pressed your lips in amusement at his bashfulness, sidling up beside him at the stove to try and help him prepare breakfast.
“Hmmm...I’ll forgive you, but we’re going on a run before dinner then,” you said.
Ritchie batted your hands away and shooed you over to the counter so he could finish by himself.
“You drive a hard bargain, but I’ll agree to the terms,” he chuckled.
After breakfast – which was delicious thanks to Ritchie’s growing talent in the kitchen – you showered and stretched. You were still stiff from being tied up, but after a bit of yoga you felt better.
There were a couple interrogations left to be done, and a few meetings with informants who had come forward during the night. Other than that, you took some time to relax a bit.
Ritchie hovered close by the whole day, seemingly reluctant to let you out of his sight, even when you went to the bathroom. On your evening run he positioned himself a little bit closer than usual, turning to look over his shoulder every so often.
At dinner, Ritchie told you what had been going on at the estate during your kidnapping.
He’d become concerned when you didn’t come in after 15 minutes, and when he’d gone to check on you, he’d only found the dart that had been left behind.
From there it was a scramble to wake everyone up, get an analysis on the dart, and tap into the bug and tracker on your ring to locate you.
Ritchie had wanted to leave right away to find you, but George had insisted they wait to figure out who’d taken you, so they knew what they were up against. He’d spent hours agonizing over it until he’d heard you wake up.
The inner circle had been listening when you’d confronted Billy, and then George had gotten the call about the ransom soon after.
As Ritchie told his story, you couldn’t help but watch the way his fingers clenched and unclenched in frustration, as if thinking about it made him itch for a trigger to pull on Billy. Behind his eyes there was a myriad of expression. All things that seemed unusual for your husband.
Fear. Disappointment. Regret.
You made sure to reassure him several times that your kidnapping wasn’t his fault. And remind him that he was responsible for your recovery. It seemed to put him more at ease, but there was a lingering doubt in the tension of his shoulders, so you recommended that the two of you sit and read in the study for a bit after dinner.
You settled into chairs next to each other, and quietly read for a while.
“Did George and Paul not tell you?”
You looked up from your book.
“Tell me what?”
“About the ring.”
Ritchie’s eyes were fixed on the particular piece of jewelry, is if he was surprised to still see it there.
“Yeah, they did,” you replied nonchalantly.
You watched the crease of confusion in Ritchie’s brow, the way his lips pressed together.
“Aren’t you mad?”
“Ahh, am I mad that my ring is a tracker and a bug?” you lifted your hand to admire it, turning it this way and that to let the light catch the beautiful jewels.
Ritchie gave you a small and terse nod.
“I’m not mad. I suppose I was a little surprised, though I’m not completely sure why. We were practically strangers when we got engaged, I think if I’d been in your position, I would’ve been nervous about it too,” you replied.
“I didn’t ever use it till now...if you were wondering,” Ritchie shifted shamefully in his seat.
You hummed a response and went back to your book, letting one of your hands slide into Ritchie’s and giving it a gentle squeeze.
“I was listening...y’know, when yeh defended me.”
“Oh?” you raised an eyebrow.
“Yeah, you didn’t have to do what you did-“
“I couldn’t just let him say that stuff about you Ritchie,” you cut in.
You couldn’t help but stare at his big blue eyes.
“You deserve better than that, and you are better than that.”
Time seemed to collapse after your words. The two of you engaging In some sort of soul-baring staring contest. Almost as if you looked hard, you’d be able to crawl into the other person’s mind and know what they were thinking and feeling.
An understanding passed through the connection. You could nearly hear Ritchie’s voice in your head.
I would’ve done the same for you.
You finally looked away, needing to cooldown after the intensity of his gaze. So, you set your teacup on the coffee table and stood
“C’mon,” you reached a hand out, “let’s go to bed.”
Ritchie took your hand, trailing behind you as you went upstairs to the bedroom.
The two of you washed up together, elbows and hips bumping frequently, and then got into bed. Without hesitation, you slid over to Ritchie’s half of the bed and began tucking yourself into his side.
You felt Ritchie tense up a bit and prepared to move away at his request. Instead, his arm went around you, thumb soothing over your skin. He pulled you closer as the two of you settled in, and ultimately curled around you.
Like a breeze through a forest, his breath seemed to shift and stir through your hair, gentle and relaxing.
“I missed this,” he mumbled, rubbing up and down your back like he did every night.
“I did too.”
You let the darkness and the steady rise and fall of Ritchie’s chest begin to lull you into sleep.
Then, barely above a whisper you heard,
“Will you stay?”
Without hesitation, you gave your reply.
“Of course Ritchie.”
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anarchyduck · a month ago
Axe, Sweat, and Cigarettes pt. 2
Part 1
Also read on ao3.
ALERT:  There are some behaviors that can be seen as forms of self harm. There is also some chatter alluding to child abuse/molestation but nothing graphic.
Ned has been around Peter Parker long enough to pick up on the tell tell signs of when something is bothering him. He fidgets more than usual and spaces out a lot. He jumps every time Ned touches his shoulder, which Ned wouldn’t have to do but Peter stops responding to his questions and is staring off into space.
Peter also bites his nails when something is eating at him. And after he has bitten his nails down to the quick, he picks at the skin around his cuticles. He does it absentmindedly; Peter himself doesn’t seem to notice until he’s bleeding.
At first, Ned thinks it’s Spider-Man related. The superhero gig - no matter how awesome and cool it is - takes a toll on Peter. When asked, Peter denies anything is wrong.
“Just stressing about midterms.”
Ned finds that hard to believe. Peter is one of the smartest (if not the smartest, in Ned’s humble opinion) guy at Midtown. He lets it go with the lingering reminder that Peter can always talk to him. Peter just smiles and they move on to talk about something else.
Michelle notices too.
“What’s up with Peter?” she asks Ned one day during lunch. Peter is conveniently absent with the unofficial ‘I’m sick’ story. The real one, or so he texted to Ned that morning, is him being stuck at home dealing with a sensory overload migraine.
“What do you mean?” Ned asks. “He’s sick.”
“I mean what’s up with him lately.” Michelle clarifies. “He’s been acting weirder than usual.”
Ned bites the inside of his cheek. Sure, Michelle is cool in her own blunt kind of way, but she doesn’t know anything about Spider-Man or the real reason Peter isn’t at school. While it is awesome no one else knows except for him, Ned sometimes wishes someone like Michelle did know.
“I… don’t know.” Ned says truthfully.
MJ raises a brow. “Aren’t you two like, best friends or whatever?” she asks.
Ned frowns a little because, yeah, he knows she isn’t being malicious, but it does hurt a little. Peter is his best friend and if anyone should know what’s wrong with him, it should be Ned. And Ned doesn’t know.
“I heard he ran out of the boy’s locker room yesterday.” Michelle continues as she peels off the sticker on her apple. “Knocked Flash down on his way out.”
Ned remembers that. It was so weird. One second, Peter is fine, just finishing dressing out, and the next he is bolting out of the locker room like it was on fire. Flash was the unfortunate victim (Ned uses that term lightly) when Peter shoulder checked him on his dash out. Flash bitched and complained the entire time until someone told him to shut up. Ned didn’t see Peter again until lunch. By that point, he seemed fine again.
“He also spent third period in the nurse's office.” Michelle takes a bite of her apple.
Now that is something Ned didn’t know about. “It’s just stress,” he says. “You know, about midterms.”
“Midterms. Sure.” she scoffs and takes another bite, chews on it, and says, “You better talk to him. You losers shouldn’t have secrets between you.”
It sticks with Ned for the rest of the day.
On the way home from school, he sends Peter a text message.
Ned: How are you feeling? Any better?
Peter doesn’t respond immediately, and Ned tries to not worry about it and rationalizes that Peter has his phone muted. Maybe his migraine isn’t totally gone.
Ned’s phone chirps with a reply.
Peter: Little. Out rn
K. Want to hang out later? Ned sends the message off as he steps off the train to head home. His stomach twists, knowing the answer but hopes for a different outcome.
Peter: Sorry dude have to study
Yeah. He should have known better. Ned sighs and types out k see you later! He is about to put his phone away when he decides to send one more text.
Ned: If you need me let me know
The only response Ned gets from Peter is a thumbs up emoji and smiley face.
It doesn’t make him feel any better and he makes a mental note to check Twitter for Spider-Man news later. If Peter won’t fill him in on anything, he has other ways of keeping tabs on him.
Which brings him back to his conversation with MJ earlier. Peter has been acting weird and Ned feels like he should know why. The more he thinks about it, the more his mind keeps going back to that day at the bodega. Peter had been off for the rest of the day. Nothing alarming, just distracted.
Now that Ned thinks about it, Peter has been distracted nearly every day since then. It could all just be coincidence, but Ned doubts that very much. Something happened and he missed it.
The scene at the bodega replays over and over in his mind even after Ned walks through his front door. The apartment is empty, except for his sister’s tabby cat Speckles. The feline trills at him from her lounging spot on the back of the couch, tilts her head up as Ned pets her as he passes by to drop his school bag in his room.
He turns on his computer and, while waiting for it to boot up, wanders into the kitchen for a snack. Afterwards, he unloads the dishwasher (more of an oversized drying rack since it broke) and washes up the remaining dishes left in the sink. Both his parents won’t be home until after dark and his sister is staying over at her girlfriend’s apartment closer to Queensborough Community College. It leaves Ned to his own devices for at least a few more hours.
He checks Twitter for any Spider-Man sightings. He still thinks it would be cool to set up an official Spider-Man account to have a place where people could post messages or whatever. Peter was on board with the idea until Tony Stark caught wind of it and quickly shut it down, citing how much of a bad idea it would be. Ned thinks it is because Stark doesn’t understand how social media works.
Nothing new shows up in the tags except for a new Daily Bugle article ranting about the dangers of neighborhood vigilantes. Ned frowns and decides to close out the tab before he ends up reading it. He decides to open a program to practice coding with hopes it will be enough to distract him.
And it works.
Then his phone rings.
Ned knows it’s Peter just from the ringtone (the ever-iconic Wilhelm scream) and pauses his music as he answers, “Hey Peter, what’s up?”
“Hey.” Peter replies. Ned thinks he hears the wind blowing in the background and wonders if Peter is swinging while on the phone again. “Nothing much, uh… What are you up to?”
“Nothing much, just working on coding.” Ned puts the phone between his shoulder and ear as he puts both hands on the keyboard again. “There’s that coding competition coming up, you know, and I thought about entering. There’s a sweet prize of like a thousand dollars. Think of the Lego sets we could buy with that.”
Peter gives a noncommittal response. “That would be cool.”
Ned waits a beat for Peter to say something else. In the background, he thinks he hears traffic moving. Or maybe it’s the wind again. The silence stretches out a little longer than Ned’s comfortable with and he starts, “Are you feeling any better? Because MJ was asking about you and-”
“Do you think I’m a bad person?”
Ned’s fingers freeze on the keyboard. Where the hell did that come from? “No, of course I don’t think that.” he assures.
“But what if…” Peter breathes heavily against the phone. “But what if I did something bad?”
“Like what?” Ned asks carefully, treading light even as his heart rate picks up. “Peter, what happened?”
“N-Nothing, just uhm…” his friend trails off and Ned’s concern only grows as the silence once again lengthens. He can hear Peter breathing, can hear the wind, and the distant sound of cars honking.
“Peter?” his chair squeaks as Ned turns, taking both hands off the keyboard completely. “You’re starting to freak me out, dude. Say something.”
Through the phone, he can hear Peter’s breath hitch and catch. “Uhm…” he clears his throat and there is an odd strain in his voice as he says, “I’m thinking of doing something really stupid and I…” - he takes a shuddered breath - “I’m scared.”
Ned straightens in his chair. A million thoughts fly through his head, one right after another and none of them are good. He thinks about calling May or reaching out to Happy or, hell, even Mr. Stark. But Peter didn’t call them; he called Ned.
“Come over.” he says.
“Dude, I can’t. I-”
Ned cuts him off. “Peter. Come over right now. Just stop whatever you’re doing or about to do. Come over and hang out with me.” He tries to keep the worry out of his words. The underlying plea of please come over so I don’t have to worry about what you’re about to do. If you’re here, you can’t do anything stupid. Please please please
“... Okay.” Peter sniffles on his end of the line. “Okay, I-I’ll come over.”
Ned sags into his chair with relief.
 It’s half an hour later when he hears a familiar rhythmic knock at his window. Ned crosses the room from his desk to unlock his window and let his friend inside. The most out of place thing is realizing Peter isn’t in his Spider-Man suit. His clothes are dark though and he’s even wearing a black mask with goggles that look an awful lot like the ones from his old costume.
“Why do you look like a bank robber, dude?” Ned asks before he can stop himself.
Peter takes off the mask and runs his hand through his hair. “Oh, it’s like a stealth suit.” he says, as if that answers everything.
“Why do you need a stealth suit?” Ned asks as he closes his window. “And how come you’re not wearing your regular one?”
“Because Mr. Stark has a bunch of stupid surveillance equipment in that one.” Peter replies. “He doesn’t have to see everything I do.”
Ned returns to his chair as Peter flops down onto his bed, arms outstretched beside him. A hundred questions come up all at once (what don’t you want Tony Stark to see? Why do you need a stealth suit? Why have you been asking so weird the past couple of weeks? What were you doing?).
Instead, he asks, “What’s up?” Ned immediately cringes at how painfully casual it sounds. Good job, Leeds.
Peter exhales a sigh as he stares up at the ceiling. He picks at his fingers and shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know, man.” he huffs a bitter laugh and brings his hands up to cover his face.
Ned bites the inside of his cheek. He wants to say something to break the silence, to push whatever is eating Peter inside out. “Where were you?” he asks finally.
“Out.” Peter replies, voice muffled by his hands that remain on his face.
“Yeah, but where?” Ned presses and, when Peter doesn’t answer, adds, “You’ve been acting weird, and I’m just worried about you. MJ is too. She asked about you today.”
“She did?” Peter asks in surprise. He uncovers his face as he sits up, a move Ned considers progress.
“Yeah.” Ned nods. “She wanted to know where you were today and why you’ve been acting… weird lately.”
Peter breaks eye contact as he fidgets with the black fingerless gloves. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you guys.” he quietens for a moment. He picks at the skin around his fingers and Ned wants nothing more than to reach over and grab them, to stop him. “I uh… I’ve just had a lot going on. W-With the internship and…” Peter trails off, not willing to finish what Ned knows is a lie. “Do you remember that guy who used to babysit me when I was little?”
Ned grimaces but nods. “Yeah.”
“I saw him.”
Ned’s eyes widen. “What? Where?”
“At the bodega, a couple weeks ago.”
In an instant, everything clicked into place and Ned could see that moment when he caught Peter just standing in the middle of the shop’s aisle, staring off. How pale and out of it he looked, as if he was going to pass out any second. But he doesn’t remember that guy being there.
“And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him and the more I think about it, the more it freaks me out.” Peter rubs the corner of his right eye and sniffs. His leg keeps bouncing. “Now it’s like, every little thing just sets me off.”
“So,” Ned draws out, pieces falling into place. “That day, when you ran out of the gym locker rooms, something set you off?”
Peter nods. “I can’t really stand the smell of Axe body spray.” he says. “And someone was spraying it and it just… I just freaked out.”
“Is that why you skipped class and stayed in the nurse's office?” Ned asks. If Peter is surprised by him knowing this, he doesn’t show it. He just nods and continues fidgeting. “Peter, you could have told me.”
“Told you what? That I was being stupid? That I can’t handle smelling that stuff without thinking about him?”
“I don’t think you’re stupid. What he did was awful. It’s not-” Ned says but Peter cuts him off.
“Not my fault. Yeah, I got it.” Peter laughs bitterly as he gets to his feet to pace. “Logically, I know it’s not my fault. I know. But that doesn’t stop the dreams or, or the memories from coming back up. I should be over this by now. I mean it’s not like Skip” - Peter’s voice catches on the name - “did anything serious. It was just touching.”
“That still doesn’t make it okay!” Ned raises his voice a little higher, hoping it drives the point across through Peter's thick skull. “He still hurt you!"
“I found out where he lives.”
The sudden statement is enough to nearly give Ned a whiplash.
“He’s here. In Queens.” Peter continues in a rush without giving Ned a chance to recover. “I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I looked him up and found his address.”
An uncomfortable chill rolls over Ned. What does that even mean? “Dude don’t tell me you went to his house.” he says gravely. Peter’s refusal to make eye contact and nervous nail biting is enough to confirm it. “Oh my God, dude.”
“I’ve been watching him, and I thought, you know, I wasn’t strong enough back to stop him but now I’ve got all these powers. And what if he was hurting some other little kid? I couldn’t let that happen, Ned!”
“Yeah, but you can’t just…” Ned trails off because yeah, if he could stop a bus with his bare hands, he would probably think about doing the same thing. He tries imagining his friend staking out Westcott’s house and then the phone calls springs back into mind. “Is that where you were tonight?” A grim thought comes to mind and he looks at Peter with alarm. “Peter, don’t tell me you-”
But Peter shakes his head. “No. But I was going to do it. I was going to sneak into his house and confront him. I was just so… angry.” he runs his hand through his hair and finally, finally, looks at Ned. Eyes shining with unshed tears and his hands are still shaking, breath coming out a little quicker. “I wanted to hurt him so bad, it’s all I could think about. What if I did do it? What if I killed him? A-and then May would find out and Mr. Stark would find out and and they would lock me up and May would be all alone and-”
Ned is on his feet before he realizes it, crossing the space between them and catches Peter’s trembling hands. There are specks of dried blood beside his bitten down nails, the spots where Peter was picking already healed. Ned holds his friend’s hands firmly and looks at him to catch eye contact. “Dude breath.”
Peter blinks, eyes red-rimmed, and he does exactly that. Breathes in through his nose and exhales through his mouth. Ned nods encouragingly, remaining quiet as he gives Peter’s hand a light squeeze. It takes a moment for Peter to squeeze him back.
There are several things on Ned’s mind. The biggest being how Peter tracked down that asshole Westcott and planned a confrontation with him. If he had, well, Ned doesn’t want to think what could have happened. Going off just the videos on YouTube alone, he knows Peter could have seriously hurt Westcott, even killed him if he didn’t hold back. Ned thinks the guy would deserve it (he does, 100%) but it wouldn’t do Peter any good.
“So…” Ned begins, trying to find the right words. “You found the jerk, but you didn’t confront him. Which is good! The guy totally deserves to have his ass kicked, but I don’t want to lose my best friend to prison. Plus, I don’t think you’d survive prison.”
Peter chuckles lightly and sniffles. “Prison would suck.” he lets go of one of Ned’s hands to wipe the tears from his cheek.
“Plus, I want to call first dibs on kicking his ass.” Ned adds and gives Peter an earnest look. “For hurting my best friend.”
Peter ducks his head, bottom lip trembling until he bites it. He sniffles and takes another calming breath. “Thanks, man. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
Ned shrugs, “Probably fail history class and become less cool.” he says easily and smiles when Peter laughs again.
They stay like that for a while longer until Peter’s stomach growls obnoxiously loud. They laugh and decide frozen pizza rolls and ice cream are excellent ways to recover from draining emotional situations. Peter sends May a message to let her know where he is, and Ned talks him into spending the night.
Ned may not have super strength or be able to climb walls, but if he can help make his friend feel better, then it is enough. 
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sadiegrace · a month ago
Hey, this is just an idea and I actually want to write a fanfic about this one day, but for now it's just an imagine. I’m not sure if it’s any good but here you go anyways.
y/n your name, y/h/c your hair colour
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Ravenclaw!reader
summary: Ever since you got to Hogwarts you’ve been having strange dreams. You made a habit of sneaking around the castle and writing them down somewhere private and in the middle of the night. When Fred starts to notice he and George decide to go and find out how exactly you manage to never get caught. Basically the twins taking care of y/n after an especially scary dream.
genre: this might be fluff but I'm not sure
warnings: mentions of night terrors, insomnia maybe?
~ the night we met ~
It was a pretty cold September night when Fred was sitting on his bed scanning the marauder's map. He wasn’t looking for anything in particular especially since everyone but the teachers and prefects was sleeping. He watched the little dot that was his brother Percy walk along the charms corridor as something else caught his attention.
Another dot named y/n y/l/n was scurrying away from where his brother was walking to. He knew your name. You had walked into the compartment the third year Gryffindors had sat in on the Hogwarts Express and you had asked if they had seen a toad. It was quite funny how embarrassed his housemate had been at seeing his little sister, but if Fred remembered correctly you had been sorted into Ravenclaw.
All that didn’t explain why you were in the Charms corridor past midnight and how the heck you had just found this secret passageway. George was already sleeping so Fred spent another twenty minutes or so watching you walk around the castle and when you went back to your dorm, he finally went to bed himself.
This happened a few more times. The first night he’d noticed was on a weekend but now he spent most of his nights looking at the map wondering if you’d be exploring the castle again. There was no system, none he could figure out at least, you seemed to go to bed early most nights and at least three times a week you would leave Ravenclaw tower and you always managed to evade teachers and prefects. You found secret passageways and hiding spots almost as well as he and George did.
Fred was intrigued to say the least.
It was october 24th when George finally got annoyed by his brother. “Care to explain why you’re always tired. We haven’t pulled a decent prank in a while and if you remember we still have to send Ginny a toilet seat.” He said at lunch. Fred leaned over to him and whispered.
“Do you remember y/l/n’s sister?”
“From the train? The y/h/c that was looking for Neville’s toad?”
“Yes, she’s been sneaking around the castle at night. She seems to know all of the secret passages and never gets caught. I don’t know what she’s doing but I seriously want to know.” George looked at his brother with a grin.
“Well then let's find out!”
That night they sat on Fred’s bed together and looked at the map, but you didn’t leave your dorm that night. Fred could feel his brother getting frustrated (he always became grumpy when he was tired) and told him he could go to bed.
“She only leaves some nights. It doesn’t have a system.” He stated before clearing the map for the day.
The next night was a success, as soon as you left Ravenclaw tower, Fred shook his brother out of his sleepy state.
“She’s out, it’s now or never, let’s go find her.” They put on some socks and then hurried out of their tower. They looked at the portrait of the fat lady who was out for the night and hoped she’d be back when they needed to get into their common room.
They followed you towards a nook hidden behind a tapestry. The two boys smirked at each other and whispered “nox”. Slowly and quietly they moved the tapestry and then they imitated Snape’s voice.
“Get out there immediately! 50 points from Ravenclaw and a week's detention.” You jumped up closing a notebook and spilling ink all over yourself.
“I’m sorry professor I didn’t mean to…” you trailed off as the two boys in front of you started laughing like crazy and you picked up your belongings before you tried to push past them. “That is not funny!” You said and only now the boys noticed your ink splattered pyjamas and the puffy eyes.
“It kind of is.” smiled George as Fred took out his wand and cast a spell to get rid of the ink. “What are you doing out here anyways”
“I could ask you the same. You’re the Weasley twins aren’t you?” You said as you discreetly wiped your eyes. The twins nodded.
“We wanted to know why you’re always sneaking around the castle, actually.” Said Fred observing you closely. “Have you been crying? Please tell me you’re not bloody homesick.”
You threw them an annoyed glare and stalked past them but they followed you with ease. You’ve had a pretty bad dream tonight and the last thing you needed was those two jerks making fun of you, but you still snorted lightly as you heard George smack his brother on the head for his bluntness.
“So y/n, what were you writing then?” asked George and you wondered if you should tell them. You knew about them, of course your brother was in the same year and house as them and you’d seen them in the great hall (it was hard to miss this red hair) but telling them this?
“It’s a dream diary, it’s supposed to help with night terrors.” You hugged the notebook, quill and ink to your chest as you hurried to get away from the conversation. Fred exchanged a look with his brother and they silently agreed that it would be their job to cheer you up a bit.
“Well then y/n why don’t you tell us about it. We could be your personal dream therapists.” Said Fred. There was nothing you’d like more than someone to talk to about these weird dreams, but after you had told your parents about them they’d told you to go to Madame Pomfrey and ignored all claims of the dreams actually telling the future.
You sighed, if you hadn’t been so exhausted you’d probably just said no but they were the first ones who’d asked about it, maybe they’d understand… out of pure intuition you stepped through a door concealed as a wall and pulled the twins with you. Right after you closed the door you could hear steps on the other side but you just walked on inside the dark passageway.
“That was Filch! How’d you know he was coming?” Said Fred and George added “And how do you know this secret tunnel?”
“It might sound crazy but I didn’t know that was Filch and I didn’t know this tunnel, it's just intuition. I was always good like that and ever since I started learning magic it just got worse.” You sighed.
“Worse?! You mean better, do you know what you could do with that ability?” Fred whisper yelled.
“Well it’s not the only thing that got worse. I’ve been having weird dreams and some of them came true. I think I’m seeing the future and honestly… it’s pretty awful.”
The set of footsteps behind you stopped and you turned around looking at the two gingers. Of course they didn’t believe you, not really. All their lives they had been told divination was balderdash and they chose that class only to annoy their mother and now you told them you actually believed in it.
“Oh forget it, that's why I didn’t tell anyone. Just hurry up, make fun of me already, I want to get back to bed.” You sighed in defeat and left the passageway intuitively going left. You had no clue where in the castle you were but you trusted yourself.
“What makes you think we’ll make fun of you, dear?” Joked Fred and laid his arm around your shoulder that was just under his ribcage.
“I don’t know, you’re the Weasley twins. I've heard enough stories from my brother.” You wanted to wriggle out of his grasp but he held your shoulder and soon enough you gave up and when George asked you to tell them about your dreams and they both just looked at you expectantly, you told them.
“Ok it started off with a dream of Harry Potter, your brother Ron and Hermione Granger on the Hogwarts Express. I had never seen Ron or Harry and when I saw them at the sorting I swear I was almost scared. Well the first dream that came true was just about a surprise test in our third week and it happened a lot more after that. I actually saw myself writing some of the tests and I managed to study accordingly.. is that cheating?” You looked at the twins and they were obviously baffled.
“Nah, I don’t think so, I mean you’re still studying.” Said Fred and George added. “That’s more than we ever do.” You laughed.
“Well I’ve started to have some nightmares. It’s mostly dark, sometimes there are bright green flashes, fire, laughing and screaming. They are blurry and not detailed. I can’t see faces, I guess they are just too far in the future, for me to see them clearly.” You stopped and hid behind a pillar and soon after a prefect from Hufflepuff walked by. “But tonight I saw faces. It was Potter and there was fire behind him. He was talking to someone. Their head was weird, their face at the back.” You almost gagged at the memory and closed your eyes to remember more clearly.
Fred’s arm around your shoulder was comforting now that you had gotten used to it and you didn’t protest as he pulled you into his side a little.
“What happened?” He asked.
“He talked to him about the Potters, how he’d killed them. It was you-know-who and if I really see the future then he’s close and he’s definitely not dead.” You shuddered and a quiet tear ran down the side of your face. The boys had frozen and now looked at each other over your head. “Sorry.” You whispered and then suddenly Fred hugged you and George joined in.
“Maybe you should talk to Professor Dumbledore about it or … Flitwick he’s head of Ravenclaw isn’t he?” Said George hoping to be of any help not knowing what else they could do.
“I’ve tried to tell my parents they think I’m crazy.” You imptaded your mother’s voice. “how could a troll get into the school y/n? Dreaming of tests is normal y/n, just go to Madame Pomfrey she’ll give you a potion against nightmares, y/n.”
“A troll in the school?” Asked George.
“Awesome, now I really hope you actually see the future!” Said Fred and you three burst out laughing.
The boys escorted you back to Ravenclaw tower and you thanked them and when there actually was a troll in the school on Halloween they started helping you trying to figure out the meaning of new dreams.
Whenever they saw you walking around at night, they pulled a prank on one of your Ravenclaw friends to cheer you up, but you never actually talked when the sun was up. You became good friends, Fred more than George because he would often prefer to sleep than go and find you in the middle of the night.
At some point Fred started to look at you differently. He noticed that when you hadn’t just cried and been scared by some random Gryffindors you were actually a lot of fun. You had humour and you were intelligent, brave and adventurous. He often thought you should have been in Gryffindor for how daring you could be but then again he noticed you did most of it all just because of that famous Ravenclaw curiosity.
He loved the way your eyes changed colour depending on your mood and he loved it even more because he seemed to be the only one who had figured it out. Fred made a habit of joking about how he was able to read your mind when you felt a bit out of it but he always loved the bright green the most, because that was the colour your eyes had when you felt safe and happy.
By the time he was in his fifth year Fred was 100 percent sure he had a major crush on you. In the nights the two of you were analyzing another one of your dreams he couldn’t help but wonder if you felt the same. He often looked into your eyes in hopes of finding an answer but it still took him another year to confess to you.
~ * ~
Thanks for reading if you liked my style of writing I'd be thrilled to get some requests. Just "ask" something.
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emerald-amidst-gold · a month ago
Ready for the sun to Fane’s moon, and two fools being awkward, but adorable upon a first meeting? I know I am! 
Chapter summary: Fane's sister, Mhairi, personally comes to the Inquisition after she receives a letter that Fane had become ill - unbeknownst to everyone. She finds herself in a different world with different people, who all have different perspectives, but she soon finds that not everything concerning Fane's status is as clear as the letter in her hands..
Haven was not what Mhairi was expecting when she made the decision to come to the small village. That wasn’t to say the village was bad, by any stretch of the imagination! It was simply..different to her. The frigid air that made her toes curl in uncommon boots, the chaotic hustle and bustle of various different people, the massive hole in the Veil that made her eyes water from just looking at it - all different than a tiny Dalish camp. Then again, Mhairi had a feeling many things were going to be different to her now that she was here. 
Icy blue, but curious eyes took in the seemingly ‘every day’ routines of the people who inhabited Haven. She saw that most were either soldiers or those belonging to the Chantry - easily pinpointed due to their crimson clothing and the symbol of the Andrastian religion emblazoned upon their robes. As Mhairi walked along the path that led up to the village’s gates, she could hear some of the faithful reciting parts of their ‘Chant’, and the feeling of loneliness immediately washed over her. This.. this was not a place the People walked often, if at all.
“Mythal’enaste.. Why am I so surprised? The Keeper had warned me about this..”, Mhairi murmured to herself - nervous energy causing her to crinkle the letter from the Inquisition that was in her hands when she could feel a few Chantry sisters giving her a sidelong glance - most likely because of her vallaslin. She sighed in an attempt to steady herself, “..But I need to be brave. Fane is here. Fane is here, and I have to see him..”
Despite the unease and discomfort Mhairi was feeling from being scrutinized, she knew none of that mattered right now. She hadn’t come to be preached at or to preach at another; she had come for her brother - she had come for Fane .
Mhairi turned her head down to the letter in her hands, carefully smoothing the delicate paper out on the palm of her hand from where she had crinkled it, to give it another quick read, “I need to find someone named..’Seeker Pentaghast’..”, she mumbled softly as she read the lines detailing who she needed to contact, “I’ve read about the Seekers, but I wouldn’t know what one looked like. Maybe I should have sent a letter saying I was coming..”
Mhairi had been puzzled by the nature of the letter; it was rather ambiguous, to be frank. It seemed to carry a heavier air despite it being short and straightforward. And truthfully, the letter that Mhairi had received didn’t ask for her in person. It merely stated that her brother was sick, and if she had any information about him that could help towards his recovery. She remembered thinking, ‘Why can’t they just ask Fane themselves?’. However, the moment she read the word ‘illness’, she had bolted out of the Keeper’s aravel - much to her mentor’s dismay - and had begun preparing for a long, but well meaning journey. This type of thing wasn’t something she could just leave, even if she knew Fane would be livid with her for coming to Haven. No, this was something she had to do in person - not with a silly letter.
Mhairi took another slow look around, pocketing the letter in the pouch attached to her hip before letting out a thoughtful hum.
“Maybe I should..ask someone? If Seeker Pentaghast is important, then I’m sure anyone would know them, right?”, she said to herself, tucking an errant lock from her braid behind a pointed ear as she continued to look around. “And if no one knows, I guess I could just find Fane myself..?”
Mhairi heaved a defeated sigh - frigid mountain air condensing into a tiny puff cloud as she did so. She was..lost - incredibly lost. Back when she and her brother were with the clan, Fane would be the one to handle situations involving people - which was ironic due to the fact that Fane vehemently stated that he was by no means a people person. If anything, Mhairi believed her brother was very much a people person, if only because he could read people - unlike her, who more or less took every word a person said at face value. No, Fane was as cunning as a wolf leading its pack, and as dangerous as a dragon protecting its hoard. Mhairi couldn’t count on both hands how many times Fane had successfully bartered with a merchant, or caught them attempting to swindle him - the merchant assuming her brother was just a ‘savage Dalish’ before her brother would glare down his nose at them, and as cold as ice, laid out an ultimatum that left him the profited party. It was one of the only instances where Fane was calm when someone was ‘messing’ with him.
And if anyone - be it from the clan or a human villager - had done something to slight her, Fane would materialize as if from thin air with the look of death about him - his two toned eyes like emerald trees alight with golden fire before a hard boot would meet a poor jaw or chest. Her brother was fiercely protective; a fact Mhairi had found herself constantly scolding Fane about.
More like ‘over’ protective. It’s a tad ridiculous, honestly. Mhairi thought with a tiny roll of her eyes before shaking her head with another sigh.
While Fane was more clever than most gave him credit for, he was also..difficult; Mhairi wasn’t afraid to admit that, and it wasn’t just because Fane could be overbearing. Her brother never meant to cause harm with his words or actions, but she could see that among strangers, Fane’s volatile demeanor would be problematic. The main problem was Fane’s unwillingness to socialize or explain why he had said or done something when a fit of rage took him. Usually, when they were with the clan, Fane would opt to stay away and watch any gatherings from a tree or any high vantage point - like he was simply observing the clan’s rituals, or he would deign to disappear altogether - choosing that the forest was a better companion than the other clan members. Her brother would begrudgingly join if Mhairi pressed hard enough, but she didn’t like to do that to Fane. There was a reason Fane wanted solitude. Mhairi just..hadn’t figured it out yet - yet.
And as to her brother’s fiery temper? That was far more complex. It was something even she didn’t fully understand, but she knew - just knew - it wasn’t everything Fane was. Her brother was more than his rage and indifference; he cared - perhaps too much, now that Mhairi thought about it. Every snide remark when hunting with the other hunters of the clan, every seemingly irritated sigh, every roll of his eyes towards the Keeper, every lonely look in jewel like eyes was a silent plea for understanding - a want that was always met with misunderstanding. No one - not even Fane - wanted to look past the anger he harbored towards the world around him.
There was fault on both sides, obviously. The clan had always believed Fane was an outcast - a monster , due to his white hair, large body, destructive temper, nonexistent faith towards the Creators, and two toned eyes. In turn, Fane believed the clan to be arrogant, pathetic, ignorant, cowardly, hypocritical, and a waste of his time. Both were stubborn, and such stubbornness eventually made her brother completely unwilling to engage with the clan and vice versa. Especially after Fane had gotten his vallaslin; her brother’s unresponsiveness towards the pain of the act solidifying the idea that Fane was a ‘monster’ - a vindictive husk. Mhairi did what she could to bridge the gap, but..again, stubborn . It didn’t help when Fane sealed himself up like a chest encased in hot lava, and it would seem her brother was acting very much the same with the Inquisition as he had acted with the clan. Which, to Mhairi’s dismay, was not a good sign, especially if Fane was sick. She supposed she understood now why the Inquisition kept asking her or the Keeper about her brother’s personality; Fane wasn’t sharing that information himself.
Why won’t you let people in, brother? What made you close up so tightly? Mhairi thought painfully, starting to crinkle the letter in her hands again before easing up with a tiny sigh.
Enough. Now wasn’t the time for reminiscing or feeling saddened by her brother’s one track mind. Now was the time to find Fane or this Seeker, and help him! That’s why she was here!
“Let’s start with the first idea - ask someone. But who..?”, she mused quietly, stopping along the dirt road that ran through - what she believed to be -the Inquisition’s training grounds.
Mhairi supposed she could ask anyone, but it would be more beneficial to pick out someone that seemed equally as notable. From what she knew of human hierarchy, if there was one important person, there were usually three more surrounding them - all equally as important, even if titles separated them.
I spy.. Her mind thought with a hint of playfulness as icy blue eyes scanned the training grounds around her - occasionally freezing subconsciously when a glint of metal would catch it. Relax. It’s just the sun.. Just the sun.. She mentally reiterated each time metal shone.
Mhairi continued to scan the large opening, hopping up on the balls of her feet to see over taller soldiers for anyone that would catch her attention.
“Hm..”, she hummed with a small pout when no one caught her eye before another glint of metal had her actively flinching, “Mmgh..”
Delicate arms wrapped around her torso as Mhairi hugged herself loosely, letting her eyes slip shut for a moment to calm down her now racing heart. It was okay. She was okay. This wasn’t the time to panic because of her own memories, but the sound of metal hitting metal and the glinting of steel nearly made her want to collapse into a ball.
“They’re just training. Just training.. Like Fane does.. The sword isn’t coming at you..”, she tried to comfort herself before the distinct sound of metal bouncing off of another sword wrong made her eyes snap open in panic.
Before Mhairi could even register what was going on, she panickedly threw up a magical barrier as the whirling of steel zoomed past where she was standing to wedge itself in the ground behind her. Eyes blown wide, she stared down at the errant sword as her hands shook violently with the restraint of keeping her barrier up and at the fear coursing through her. The..the!
“O..Oh, Creators..”, she stammered out quietly before her arms fell to her sides limply - her knees buckling to send her to the ground backside first as her magic flooded back into the Veil.
Mhairi tangled her hands in her platinum hair - dislodging more from her long braid - as her whole body shook, pulling her knees up to her chest to make herself smaller as she cowered. A tiny whimper escaped her lips before she bit down on her bottom lip to stifle it. No, no! She had to get a hold of herself, but she couldn’t stop shaking! That sword had reminded her of..of..!
“Maker’s breath! Are you trying to kill someone, recruit?!”, a booming, angry voice had Mhairi’s trembling body freezing for a moment.
“Hm..?”, she hummed in question, not raising her head from her small balled body just yet.
“N..No, Commander! T..The sword slipped all..!”
“Slipped?! You practically threw that sword!!”
“S..Ser! S..Sorry, ser!”
With a slow movement, Mhairi carefully lifted her head from where she had buried them in her knees - icy eyes looking around frantically for the source of the yelling, but unable to see anything from the slew of soldiers that were grouped around training. What was going on?
“Fane..? No, that’s not his voice..”, she whispered somewhat shakily - her chest still seized with panic. The rushed sound of boots crunching against ice had Mhairi snapping her head fully upwards as they approached. “Huh..?”, she uttered quietly.
Mhairi’s panicked gaze met an equally panicked, but shocked pair of amber colored eyes as the human man bearing them noticed where the sword had ended up. She could see the blonde human linking up what had happened before an enraged growl tore from his lips before he pinched the bridge of his nose in an attempt to reign in his anger.
“I will kill that man..”, the angry human spat out before sighing, “Maker, give me strength..”
Heh..he’s like Fane when he gets angry. Her frazzled mind thought fondly before the clearing of a deep voice had her refocusing on the human standing over her.
“Are you okay?”, the human asked her softly, large body coming down to her level - the sound of armor making Mhairi’s ears twitch slightly.
Mhairi’s eyes continued to stay wide, but not from panic anymore. No, it was because of the man in front of her - or more specifically, the human in front of her. A human..was talking to her! A human! She had never spoken to a human before! Well, not prolonged conversations, anyways! Still! A human! The concerned human furrowed his brows at her silence.
“Miss?”, he addressed her with mounting concern.
Mhairi visibly startled at that before she could feel her cheeks begin to flush - prior panic washing away with each moment she stared into honey brown. She opened her mouth a few times to attempt to say something, but clamped it down each time before breathing out a long sigh. She had to get a hold of herself!
“I..I’m okay.. Just..just startled is all..”, she said shakily, attempting a tiny smile when she saw the man’s worried frown deepen, “D..Do swords normally fly around here?”, she asked, trying to lighten the mood with humor.
The armored man blinked his amber eyes at her question before a small smirk cracked his worried mask. Mhairi felt her own smile grow at the sight. She liked that look on the stranger, and she wasn’t sure why. Strange.
“Not typically, no.”, he stated with a light chuckle before his face fell once more, “Are you certain you aren’t hurt?”, he asked after her again.
Mhairi continued to smile as she shook her head gently - her platinum hair whipping around softly from both the wind and the movement.
“I’m fine. Promise!”, she reaffirmed cheerily, starting to push herself up to stand, albeit somewhat shakily.
“Here! Let me..”, the man started hurriedly, rising quickly to hold a gloved hand out to her.
Mhairi blinked in surprise at the proffered hand. She hadn’t expected such..chivalry. Were all humans like this? If so, she would have to say ‘I told you so!’ to her brother. With a wider smile, Mhairi delicately took the human man’s hand - idly thinking about how warm it was before he pulled her up easily.
“Ma serannas.”, she thanked the man with a grateful smile before blanching in embarrassment, “Oh, I mean, ‘thank you’! Ir abelas! I..I mean, I’m sorry!”, she amended panickedly.
The blonde man stared at her in shock as she rambled - an odd twinkle in his amber eyes before it disappeared. Mhairi covered her face with her hands, groaning in embarrassment as she did so. Oh, now she’s made a fool of herself! She hadn’t meant to speak in elven! It was just second nature, so she hadn’t thought anything of it! Of course the human would be confused - maybe even annoyed - by her! A quiet chuckle had Mhairi snapping her head up at the sound - meeting amused amber eyes as they watched her. He was..laughing?
“You don’t have to apologize. I understand a few phrases of elven. Though, your voice makes the words sound a bit different.”, the man told her before his eyes went wide, “I..I mean..! That’s not to insinuate..!”, he stuttered out, a hand coming up to rub at the back of his neck in nervousness.
Mhairi couldn’t help the already large smile on her face from growing larger as she watched this large, seemingly intimidating human fumble over his words - much like how she had just moments before. She knew her voice was a bit different than most of the Dalish. The accent could be thicker on certain words, and if she was really excited, her voice liked to peak. Fane was constantly snapping at her every time she ‘whinnied’ - as he liked to say -, saying the pitch made his ears ring. However, the tone of this human’s voice had suggested that he had liked the way it sounded. That made Mhairi..happy. Maybe because not many people complimented the way she spoke? She gave herself a tiny shrug, her smile nearly making her cheeks hurt with how large it was as she continued to watch the flustered human.
He’s..endearing - cute, even! Her mind thought boldly before she shook her head to dislodge the statement it had made. Look at her! Fawning over someone just because they said her voice was different! She was so typical, wasn’t she?
Despite berating herself for her odd thoughts, Mhairi continued to smile as she looked up at the blonde man - noticing he was much taller than her before mentally slapping herself again - and opened her mouth to ease his nervousness.
“I understand what you meant.”, she said softly, feeling a soft blush not borne from the cold dusting her cheeks as she added, “I appreciate the open mindedness, and”
The human’s eyes went wide once more - presumably from Mhairi calling him out - before he brought a hand up to his mouth to clear his throat, but Mhairi could see a smirk threatening to break through before the man next spoke.
“Yes, well..”, he fumbled before clearing his throat harshly, “If you’re sure you’re okay now, I have back to my duties.”
Mhairi blinked at the word ‘duties’ before her mind caught up to speed.
The armor, the yelling, the dominating presence, the formality.. He’s important! He might know where the Seeker is! Or even where Brother is! Her mind exclaimed excitedly.
“Wait!”, she cried since the human had begun to walk away from her - his head turning to look back at her in question.
Mhairi smiled brightly before bounding over to the confused man - reaching into the pouch at her hip to fish the letter from the Inquisition out of it. She thrust the letter towards the bewildered man - waiting as he warily took it from her small hand to give it a read. As amber eyes roamed the words, she saw his face form into a hard, but perplexed expression. Mhairi tilted her head at the sight. He looked..troubled. Why?
“Is something wrong?”, she asked, her smiling face falling at the continued look of confusion.
The human let out a heavy sigh, carefully giving her the letter back before shaking his head slowly.
“No. It’s just..”, he started before continuing with an even more serious tone, “I’m surprised that Seeker Pentaghast and Sister Leliana actually contacted you. Especially given the circumstances..”
Mhairi blinked several times before a feeling of dread and panic washed over her. What did that mean?! Was Fane more than just sick?! Why wasn’t this man being plain with her?! She slowly began to crumple the letter she had taken back before looking up at the human man pleadingly.
“Where is my brother?”, she asked urgently.
The large man hesitated for several moments before he shut his eyes with a deep sigh through his nose. Mhairi felt her fingers tear into the paper before she stepped forward, icy eyes glaring with intense heat as she did.
“Where is my brother?!”, she asked once more - more panicked and loud this time.
Amber eyes reopened to look down at her with apprehension - the man’s mouth opening to say something before a mind numbing scream rang throughout the valley. It was piercing, roaring, and agonizing all at the same time! It made her body begin to tremble once more before Mhairi’s eyes went wide as saucers with realization, as did the man’s in front of her. That voice..!
“..Fane..”, she whispered with horror shaking her voice before she propelled herself forward - easily setting herself into a sprint as she cried once more, “FANE!”
“What the..?”, the human started as he looked around for the source of the scream, but snapped his gaze back to her as Mhairi bolted in the direction of the scream, “Wait!”
Mhairi ignored the human’s cries as she barreled down the snow covered path - nearly slipping a few times as she ran up the stone steps that led into the main village from how frantic her footsteps were. She didn’t have time for formality or procedure! She shouldn’t have even entertained that human when she already knew something was wrong with Fane! Evidently, it appeared to be worse than she thought!
All Mhairi could hear as she pushed the large wooden doors open - having to use a bit of her magic to actually get it to budge - was the deafening screams of her brother somewhere deeper in. She had never heard Fane scream like this - never! There would be angered yelling between Keeper or clan, but never screaming as if he was in some kind of horrific torment! Something was wrong - horribly, horribly wrong, and it wasn’t an illness!
Why is he screaming like that?! Is he being hurt?! Has he actually been injured this whole time?! Did these people do something to him?! Oh, Creators! Please, no! NO! I should have been here sooner! Stupid! Stupid! Her mind thought frantically as she finally managed to shove the gates open - immediately sprinting up another set of stairs as soon as she stumbled through them.  
Mhairi stumbled into several different people as she followed the sound of her brother’s screams - ignoring every bewildered look as she slammed into them, even when they seemed to be just as startled by the earth shattering screams that infested the whole village. However, her only concern was the source of those screams as her platinum hair tumbled from its braid from each person she connected with - flowing freely as she ran even faster before one begging statement resounded in her mind as hot tears began to escape her icicle colored eyes; the trails formed from them feeling frozen as the mountain air lashed at her cheeks.
Please, Creators, don’t take him from me, too..! Please..! Please..I’m begging you!
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