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#raihan pokemon
xmoonlitxdreamx · an hour ago
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I have a bunch of old tradish doodles... I'll post them over the next few days.
Idk what these are tbh, kab comforting rai abt smth he's worried about...??
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heichou-espurr · 10 hours ago
New chapter update for Benefits Plan <3
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dionyesuss · 11 hours ago
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follow me on IG and Twitter for every day doodles; i’ll follow back!
IG: at.dionyesuss
Twitter: dionyesuss
AND THEY WERE RIVALS!!! oh my god they were rivals… ( ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ)
I personally hc them as gay and bi respectively, but I love seeing other art and interpretations! Happy pride everyone!
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askgalartop3 · 21 hours ago
Did Piers just say you have a nice ass?
I think so???
for a nerd
See I'm still confused but I think that's supposed to be a compliment!
and Im never gonna clarify
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askgalartop3 · 22 hours ago
What kind of training did you put your gym trainers through? (this is for Piers and Raihan).
basic stuff
What he means is that most gym trainers are there to learn either A) how to battle better, B) how to handle one type of pokemon better, C) how to handle more than one pokemon, or D) all of the above. But sometimes they might just like hanging around 😜 Which I bet was often the case for Piers's gym
For my gym its a lot of B with a bit of A. Many trainers have a hard time with dragons so naturally they come to me for tips 😘 The ones that stick around are also interested in learning to build a team around weather effects
that or theyre all nerds who stick around cause theyre interested in checking out the alpha nerds ass
... 😳 I... I don't know how to take that...
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Does Piers just get flustered when given compliments? Is it time to compliment-bomb Piers?
Only about things that aren't his music 😂 But telling him things like he's got a knack for battle strategy and that his position as seventh gym leader was well deserved gets to him
Or saying that he's quite beautiful and a delightful friend to have around.
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
How would you three do if you had to use each other's ace in a battle? 🤔
I think Raihan and I would do fine with each other's. We've certainly battled enough for it.
Yea so its Piers who's the problem child 😘 Tho I'd like to think I'd be ok with Obstagoon
I could probably figure something out, too.
you two might do alright. but Charizard and Duraludon? Id be fine
😏 Oh? Care to tell us why?
I can cook and your pokemon like food. theyd do anything I wanted
I can't really argue that... Not to mention you usually have a pretty good strategy going into battle. You're a lot more clever than most people give you credit for.
shut it
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askgalartop3 · a day ago
Do you you ever find some Pokedex entries...DISTURBING? I mean, take Sliggoo's for instance: "It drives away opponents by excreting a sticky liquid that can dissolve anything. Its eyes devolved, so it can't see anything." and "It has trouble drawing a line between friends and food. It will calmly try to melt and eat even those it gets along well with." That's horrifying.
You say that as if those entries aren't accurate 😅 Sliggoo are blind, tiny brained, and only want to eat. If you aren't food then you're an enemy and should stay away! Or at least that's what they think. They also can't really control the toxicity of their slime in that stage again due to their tiny brains. It makes them a real challenge to train... But goodra are so sweet and loving that I found it worth the while! 🥰
There's another pokemon that comes to mind that people like to talk about because it's pokedex entries can be so horrible. Drifloon are known to abduct children because they simply think they're cute balloons and grab onto them. Some pokedexes have gone so far as to say that a drifloon will take them to "the land of the dead". But honestly? Drifloon are the innocent victims here. They approach children wanting to play, but children as we all should know can get very rough without meaning to. A drifloon's strings are sensitive! Mistreatment will make them fly away. And if a kid doesn't let go when it takes off? Well... Now you can see why some people think they deliberately kidnap children. And as for the "land of the dead"? I'm sure you can imagine what might happen when the child eventually loses their grip if they aren't rescued swiftly... It's grim to think about, but these are things that can be a real danger and to ignore the warnings we're given is foolish. That doesn't mean the pokemon can't be a good companion, it just means that certain precautions should be taken around them.
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xmoonlitxdreamx · 2 days ago
(kibkab) a lil suggestive so these are going under a cut
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ig this is a continuation of that comic from a couple days ago.... they got distracted bvhhgvhv
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ihopethisendswell · 2 days ago
Recent OC ask meme, please! Numbers 58, 71, and 72 for Alexis or Elliot, whoever you prefer.
Hello @youareshauni !
58. Which friend do they immediately become a zero-braincelled idiot around?
Honestly, when they're around each other. they would have zero-braincells. Alexis would try to stop his sister from doing something stupid, while unknowingly fueling the fire and doing his own stupid stuff.
But besides each other, Alexis often doesn't allow himself to go zero braincell mode, mainly cause he's the one with the braincells. Though he does let luce with Cheren, Bianca, and N, and recently with the Galar Gang ( Sonia, Leon, Raihan).
When Elliot wants to have a good time, she's gonna have a good time. She's the goofier of the two, so yeah she's gonna go zero brain mode when she's with people she's cool with lol.
71. What do they want to do in the future?
This is a pretty loaded question. At the moment, both are content with what they're doing. And later down the line,both end up journeying across the world( or try to).
But in the future future? It's hard to say. There's the possibility that they become musicians like they're parents once where. Another is where they become something akin to pokemon and battling. Maybe they join something similar to the Battle Subway? Or maybe they just settle down, and start a family.
Though I feel like at the end of the day, as long as they're happy with their pokemon and those they love, then that's all they need.
72. How do they feel about love?
Both of them loves love( both romantic and platonic). It's something they both desire.
Elliot is always going to say how much she appreciates her friends and family. She's the more physical of the two, giving lots of ( surprise) hugs. Her favorite victim is her brother, but she'll do it to anyone really ( if they're comfortable with it that is)
Alexis, despite being a lover of love, often feels like he isn't good enough for it. This comes from guilt of actions that he had done before. Basically, he fears that he'll one day just leave everyone he loves again and don't come back, hurting them again. More than before. Though things are different now, so he's slowly warming up to the idea that he's good enough to love and be loved( his family is the reason for that)
Romantically, this man is dense. Unless your directly and verbally flirting/ stating your attraction to him( like that one cashier), he will not notice a thing. His poor sister has to watch him be oblivious to Leon's advances( as futile as they are). Pray for her y'all.
But yeah. A and E both love love and hope to have it flourish one day :)
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askgalartop3 · 2 days ago
Do you guys have any merch of your favourite pokemon?
I have a huge charizard plush. Raihan likes to lay on it when he visits.
Its comfy! 😁
I also have a few figures on a shelf. I think all I have are charizard, dragapult, haxorus, aegislash, cinderace, inteleon, and rillaboom. I want the rest of my team eventually but those are harder to find.
I have a little goomy and a little trapinch plush on a shelf! Plus a number of goofy/cute printed socks and boxers!
youve heard about my plush collection. thats it for me
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bastartjack · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
More details:
Tumblr media
Purple Crown: Given to him by Leon Brown/Black: Little Morpeko inspired pin given to him by Marnie Also Anarchist pin and Anarcho-Communist pins :)
Tumblr media
(From top to bottom) Mistfits Patch Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge MCR Patch The Dead Kennedys Patch
Tumblr media
Dragon Uniform Pin: Of course given to him by Raihan Pokemon(?) Teeth Spike: Given to him by Raihan
Tumblr media
MLM (Men Loving Men) Flag The Maximizers Patch (But I’m not creative so that’s all you’ll get lol)
I know the Ball Pit Ball chain is more of scene but I hc him as being scenemo in his teen-ish years lol, he’s just reusing old things like what a good punk person would do
Also the jacket (not including patches and pins) were made by Raihan as a gift :)
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askgalartop3 · 2 days ago
Do Gym Leaders design the uniforms they give to Challengers?
We don't. We do get to have some say in our own uniforms tho and the ones that are given to challengers are based on those. But they're more...universally friendly?
what he means is that while Nessa can get away with wearing a swimsuit the uniforms given out at her gym are a lot more modest to make them appropriate for all ages
Basically yea 😂
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