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treygocray · 6 hours ago
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I'm assisting Radagast the Brown this evening into The Red Pass! Apparently Eglain youths known as Elsa and Eriac entered Agamaur earlier today to see what disrupts their land. Radagast sensed danger, so we'll be seeking Elsa and Eriac out in hopes of saving them.
I also learned that The Red Swamp is divided into two regions: The southern marshes known as Haragmar (where I've quested before) and Northern marshes (Agamaur).
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treygocray · 20 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Received a new cosmetic axe upgrade from Radagast the Brown!
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geetimesthree · 21 hours ago
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I blitzed my old blog and redirected. It also blitzed my old follower list. I’m tired of being scrutinized by people who see me as a threat. So expect more stuff here I suppose. Here’s my old Hobbit/LOTR stuff. I’m sorry if you lost anything in the move, but if you reblogged it you should still have it anyway.
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manaosdeuwu · 19 days ago
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iesuschristus · 19 days ago
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#Repost @fantasymagical with @make_repost ・・・ Rhosgobel was the home of the wizwrd Radagast the Brown. It was said to be located between the Carrock and Old forest road on Mirkwood's western borders, though Gandalf once mentioned Radagast as living near the southern borders of the forest. Art by Ilya Nazarov #lotr #lordoftherings #lotrart #lotrmemes #tolkien #jrrtolkien #silmarilion #silmarillionart #middleearth #rhosgobel#radagast#silmarillionart #mirkwood #shelob#elves#forest #fantasy #fantasyart #art #thehobbit #hobbit #hobbiton #lotrfanart #wizard #gandalf #wizards
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glorfindelridesagain · 22 days ago
Radagast: Do you think birds get sad for not having arms?
Gandalf: Well, do you get sad for not having wings?
Radagast, tearing up: Every day
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moonsugar-and-spice · 24 days ago
Shew, crazy long weekend out of town with loads of family in remembrance of my grandmother. I log back in and get whiplash, it feels like so much has happened while I was gone.
Me, returning to tumblr trying to act like I haven't lost touch with the internets:
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space-hobbits · 28 days ago
no thoughts only radagast (aiwendil) introducing yavanna to sebastian the hedgehog
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grunid · 28 days ago
You tell them about Greek Mythology, how do they react ? ( Elrond + Thranduil + Radagast + Gandalf + Gimli
( none of the gifs or pictures are mine )
asked by @iwenttomordor​ to celebrate my 100 followers \^o^/
WARNING : really slight mention of sexual assault in Radagast and Gimli part
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-when he invited you to Imladris he did not expect such a conversation when he asked you to speak from your world
-you have captured his attention from your first words
-because you are passionate about Greek mythology, it is the first subject you have chosen
-as you omitted to say that the stories were not true, he is shocked and horrified (the father of Zeus who eats his children, who cheats on his wife, all the curses that the gods cast)
-he clearly prefers that you are in Middle-Earth than in your world where obviously the gods are cruel and have no mercy
-he finally understands after several hours and then he becomes extremely  impressed with the ability of humans to invent such stories 
-Everything you say is written down, and since Greek mythology is full of stories and anecdotes, a new section of the library must be built to house the new manuscripts
-he is rather relieved that their gods are less...bizarre than yours
-he is not very surprised when you talk to him about creatures such as fauns, mermaids, gryffon, sphinx, since they have dragons and eagles that speak
-he insists on doing the illustrations for the books himself and it has become a game between you, to see him try to draw the strange creatures as you have described them
Tumblr media
-he prevents himself from laughing, really he prevents himself
-you are into what you are saying but you are going fast so he really has a hard time following and understanding what you are telling him (this man died because he got an arrow in his heel which is the only part of his body that his mother didn't put in the water ? what ? )
-nevertheless, the fact that you are so passionate about the subject makes the discussion interesting, even if he often cuts you off because of anything he finds too strange
-his favorite story is that of Hercules
-the birth of some gods surprises him, like the birth of Aphrodite or Athena ( ok who is the baby who was sewn in the thigh of his father already ? )
-if he has guests and he doesn't like them too much, he will ask you to tell the worst stories from Greek mythology
Tumblr media
-he doesn't dare to say anything but as soon as you start talking to him about it, he thinks that you are either in shock of your arrival here or you have sniffed or swallowed something that you definitely shouldn't have
-he is really very uncomfortable
-but the moment you tell him about monsters like the Hydra of Erne, Charybdis, the Chimera, the Lion of Nemea, he thinks that you may have faced one of them and that these stories you tell are a way for you to overcome the trauma
-when you talk to him about all the horrible things that some gods have done (assaulting women for example), he is really not well because he thinks it might have happened to you, like for the monsters
-it was only after several hours, after having exclaimed how exciting Greek mythology was, that he understood everything and felt more than relieved
-he finds the story of Medusa too sad
Tumblr media
-a bit like Radagast he thinks at first that you have smoked and that you are not used to it
-being convinced that every legend has a basis of truth, he takes your stories with care
-he will search all the archives of Rivendell, Rohan, Gondor and Lothorian to learn more about all these creatures you tell him about
-he finds certain gods detestable and makes this known in a half-spoken way
-his favorite character is Ulysee, for his ingenuity and trickery (even if he does not approve of everything the warrior did)
-there are so many things, stories, anecdotes, details in Greek mythology that he loves it when you sit around the fire in the evening and suddenly remember something and start telling him
-he finds many lessons to learn in your stories that he enjoys giving in a mysterious way
Tumblr media
-you are both in the tavern when you start telling some stories from Greek mythology
-he is so confused that he confiscates your drink and sniffs it, wondering what's in your mug to make you say such weird things
-he has nightmares for several weeks after you tell him about Styx, Hades and the underworld
-no matter how much you tell him that these are just legends, stories, he is not comfortable
-not to mention some of the stories where women are subjected to things that he calls abominable ( sexual assault, transformed into horrible creatures, married by force, etc)
-but he likes very much the stories of warriors like Ulysses or Achilles (even if he does not approve of everything they did)
-he tries to carve on wood the monsters you describe to him
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Radagast got stickbugged before it was cool
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claraofthepen · a month ago
Here is a video of the glorious pinball machine. I didn’t have a good round while the camera was rolling though lol. But seriously, they had different hobbit soundtracks playing, character voices (my brother joked and said Fili had more screentime on the machine than he did in the whole trilogy...), and a little screen that played bits of the movie. So cool
Fun story: a guy came in with his gf and he had a jrrt shirt on, first off i complimented his fashion sense, secondly i told him about the machine and he brightened up like gollum hearing about a riddle contest
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grunid · a month ago
You are from our world and you have a prosthetic leg, how do they react ? ( Elrond + Thranduil + Legolas + Bard + Radagast + Gandalf + Lindir )
( none of the gifs or pictures are mine )
asked by @moony-artnstuff​ to celebrate my 100 followers \^o^/
Tumblr media
(Emeer Guesmi known by his b-boy (breakdancing) name Zulu Rema, lost his two legs and started breakdancing videos before receiving his prostheses )
Tumblr media
-he has already seen elves with prostheses but never such
-yours are in a material he does not know and whose technology captivates him 
-the aesthetic surprises him and he is curious
-he is however reserved and does not dare to ask you questions, perhaps you lost your leg during a battle
-he is really afraid of reviving bad memories
-the efficiency and the incredible mobility that it gives you amazes him so much that he ends up asking you questions
-he asks you if you agree to let the healers study your prosthesis
-he notes everything you say about your world and the benefits that the medicine of your world allows
-bionic arms, operations to heal the eyes, hearing, everything fascinates him
-all the medical knowledge you brought he now uses it to heal
-there were several failures before he managed to make a prosthesis that looks a bit like yours
Tumblr media
-imagine his face when he sees you remove your leg
-your fabric imitating the skin on your prosthesis makes him feel...weird
-he feels less lonely having some kind of camouflage on him
-and to see you gamboling, jumping, running with your strange leg, without shame, without worry, with lightness, helps him a lot to accept his disfigured face
-you show your leg to anyone who asks
-you help the healers to imitate the technology of your prosthesis with the available materials
-he finds the courage to open up to you about his own injury
-he laughs his head off when you talk to him about plastic surgery, especially about liposuction and botoxed buttocks
-he is a little skeptical at first when you want to be part of the guard but seeing you move so easily, so quickly in training, he ends up accepting
Tumblr media
-the first time he sees you you are running
-seeing his bewildered look you pull up your pants to your thigh to show him your prosthesis and with a smile you challenge him to a race
-he had never seen a prosthesis like yours made with unknown materials
-you send each other lots of challenges: who will climb the tree the fastest, who will jump the farthest, who will reach the top of the hill the fastest
-he is amazed by everything you tell him about your world
-he thinks that you might be able to help his father with his injury, to see you so happy with your prosthesis
-him and you come up with the worst jokes to scare other elves and humans, when you remove what they think is your real leg
-what he loves the most is when there are balls and you dance with the dances from your world
-for your birthday he offers you some pieces of carved wood if you need to replace some parts of your prosthesis
Tumblr media
-he has already seen some prostheses more advanced than those of humans, made by dwarfs, but never one as advanced as yours
-and to hear you talk about your world he is a little afraid for your mental health at first but your prosthesis quickly convinces him
-he doesn't understand everything when you explain him how it works
-he knows that the dwarves would be crazy to see such a technology
-the children of Laketown are amazed at what you can do with your leg, because their prostheses don't allow them to do so much
-he doesn't want you to fight at all in the first place, believing that your leg handicaps you too much
-but when you challenge him to a fight he eventually realizes that you are capable of defending yourself
-you even become the person who trains amputees to defend themselves
Tumblr media
-the birds warn him that an individual with a strange leg is walking in the forest
-”Oh but it is surely only a prosthesis, nothing very strange?" he does not understand why his friends are so agitated
-they insist so much that he follows them and comes across you and he understands what the birds are talking about: your prosthesis is nothing like what he has seen before
-he understands absolutely nothing of what you tell him at first, about your world
-he decides to take you to Gandalf on his sled
-during the trip you explain to him how the technology of your prosthesis works
-he always asks you "can you...? Are you able to...?“
-at the end you get a little irritated, even if his questions are not mean but guided by curiosity and wonder
-using the model of your prosthesis he tries to make some for his animal friends
Tumblr media
-if you think that he will not drag you absolutely everywhere in all Middle-Earth to show the technology of your prosthesis, you are mistaken
-your prosthesis and what it allows you to do can do a lot of good everywhere
-he finds absolutely brilliant and incredible
-he has a smile up to his lips when you reach the first dwarf city because he knows in advance the reaction of the dwarves
-word spreads like wildfire and you can be sure that the dwarves will welcome you with all honors 
-you and other amputees become the experts in trying out the prostheses that dwarfs make by trying to copy yours
-Gandalf suggests that you don't reveal anything about your prosthesis for at least two weeks, just for fun and to see the dwarves struggling to guess the materials used
-you also try to make the same joke to Lord Elrond but it does not work (Elrond makes you the angry eyes to you two)
-he is really impressed by what you can do with it
-does he provide plenty of jokes to do with your prosthesis? Yes 
-he keeps a notebook of all your best jokes
Tumblr media
-he wants you to tell him everything about your world and their knowledge
-like Elrond he fills pages and pages but worse
-to the point that a new shelf in the library of Imladris must be built
-he is one of the most motivated to learn as much as possible about your world and how your prosthesis was built
-he makes hundreds of drawings of your prosthesis to copy it as well as possible
-and seeing you move so easily he admits he would love to try one
-and you make him one, hanging by his knee
-the first attempts are a bit messy but with your help he ends up doing quite well
-and his respect is even greater knowing how hard it must have been for you to get used to your prosthesis
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fandomchaosposts · a month ago
@justnerdystuffs so apparently there are 25 fics in English about that?
Tumblr media
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fandomchaosposts · a month ago
did I tell you about the time I dreamt that Saruman had stolen Gandalf's voice and in order to get it back Gandalf had to kiss radagast (like full on tongue kiss)
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hobbitkin-journey · a month ago
Hello, Radagast kin here! I'm just here to let you all know that Aidan is just a soft little hobbit- an itty bitty boi- and hes too shy to go out looking for/messaging other lotr kin. If you could share his account with any that you might know or have seen that's active, I know he'd appreciate it! Oh and Aidan, dear, before you spend the next 3 hours trying to remember me, you don't know that I'm a Radagast kin. :) I hope you're doing well, and get to see more of you're lovely little Shire very soon! <3
In regards to those who will see this, for favor of whatever scraps of pride I may have left, please ignore... most of this ask.
In regards to the Radagast Anon: I'm extremely curious about how I know you! I do respect your want for privacy, however, and won't go searching. Thank you for your well-wishes, and I hope the best for you!
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