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inter-news-spacean hour ago
Prince Harry branded 鈥榬oyal pain鈥 by Sean Hannity who says First Amendment 鈥榓llowed him to call his family racist鈥
Prince Harry branded 鈥榬oyal pain鈥 by Sean Hannity who says First Amendment 鈥榓llowed him to call his family聽racist鈥
SEAN Hannity has called Prince Harry a 鈥榬oyal pain鈥 and claimed it was the First Amendment that allowed him to accuse the Royal Family of racism. The comments come just days after the Duke of Sussex branded the clause in the US constitution 鈥榖onkers鈥 during a podcast appearance. 馃憫 Read our Meghan and Harry live [鈥 Full Post Here: Prince Harry branded 鈥榬oyal pain鈥 by Sean Hannity who says First鈥
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orionalian hour ago
Love your fic! It's such an interesting concept (and I'm a sucker for the parallel; the dream on the first day was one of my favorite early moments). Ive read it over twice now, and wow I'm amazed by all the little character moments you've managed to put in it, all the moving parts, and how you've managed to keep it from being repetitive despite going over similar events as canon. It really feels like a path you could've taken in-game, with the way you emulate the script style.
Looking forward to the second chapter, whenever it comes out. Wonder how he's gonna pull this off--its an everyone lives au after all...except for the mercenaries
(With the "Lely?" at the end, I almost feel bad for them.)
馃槏 馃槶 馃槼 馃槼 馃槄 馃憖 馃槼 SJDBSKZHAL ! !!!!! !!! !!
This was honestly one of the better things I could have ever woken up to, omggggg. Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you're enjoying this little AU.
And don't worry, the second chapter is coming and it'll be angsty and action-y and hopefully very fun to read.
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beenheresinceforever2 hours ago
So the Wakandans are racist to Bucky now?!
Bucky was a guest of the Wakandans, how could they build a failsafe into the vibranium prosthetic of a super soldeier?! They de brainwashed him! Honestly, does Ayo not trust her own techniques that Wakanda, by extension Shuri has to build a failsafe that can easily disarm a trained super serum ex-brainwashed assassin that the Wakandans hosted in their super secret absolutely uncolonized country in Africa. The country that no white supremacist had guessed to exist until just a few years ago.
Oh look, Ayo was able to use her non-super powered palm into taking off Bucky's prosthetic - fie on you, Ayo! Because ya know you wouldn't just need a failsafe in case Bucky needs emergency medical care and absolutely NO ONE outside of Ayo, Bucky and Sam Wilson knows. Who wants to bet that neither was able to replicate what Ayo did? If it was so easy our deranged fake Captain America would have tried some of that shit.
And it's super funny when Wakanda is being accused of being racist to Bucky because ya know Sam Wilson- the Black Capain America - is flying around in a Wakanda made (we don't even know the entire suit is from there, do we?) suit and woe is me, there may or may not be a fail safe in case Sam decides to run amok.
Totally forgetting that Sam is NOT a super soldier and all his hi jinks is reinforced only by the suit, wings and the shield.
Are you that dumb to think that an ex-hydra assassin would not be a good mark for more villain type groups aka SWORD?
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castlemyvania5 hours ago
"The only reason fans want to add Greta to the Trephacard polycule is because they want to still ship Alucard with Trevor and Sypha without making it awkward for Greta while removing her agency as a character of colour"
Uh, I dunno what the fuck is up with that reasoning, but I genuinely want to see Greta developing feelings for Trevor and Sypha while deepening her relationship with Alucard. And, shockingly, Greta has already mentioned being poly, and Alucard (despite the horrifying ending of it) did show that he was likely poly as well with Sumi and Taka. So some people wanna explore that dynamic with Greta and the fan fave poly ship. This isn't, at least for myself, some excuse to... "erase" Greta or undermine her connection to Alucard (which is so genuine, healthy, and beautiful). And imho it's a chance to expand her interactions with the main protags in fanon, which would be inevitable anyway given her bond with Alucard, her role in saving the people and refugees of Danesti, her prowess as a warrior, and her leadership in building a new settlement between Dracula's castle and the Belmont Hold. She's not being sidelined if she's directly in the spotlight.
One thing I want to see more of is Greta being focused on and expanded upon as a character in her own right, outside of romantic/sexual relationships and shipping. Both her past and her future are ripe for interpretation. But I fail to see the logic in condemning those who want to do so via the OT4, as if a big poly ship is some sort of inherently erasive tactic by the fans and not an actual genuine interest in/love for Greta as a character.
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augustheart6 hours ago
nobody will ever understand me the way he does (the claw, a bird-themed supervillain from the silver age who tried to kill niles caulder with his genetically enhanced falconry birds)
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andjusticeforall19798 hours ago
Obsessed with the way the Alexander the Great movie makes Indians look....babey idk how to tell you we KICKED ALEXANDER THE GREAT鈥橝 ASS. He wasn鈥檛 that great when he got to India!!!
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jellejareau10 hours ago
so my highschool doesn鈥檛 have buses, which is so fucking stupid. you either have to walk, drive or get on the city bus. i feel like that鈥檚 classist but idk
mine also doesn't have busses because in order to attend the school you have to live within a certain mile radius, (which is for sure classist and racist but I'm not gonna get into that rn) so they don't bother with busses which means we don't get any snow days :))))聽
and yeah that shit is classist if you ever suspect something is classist it probably is since classism is so deeply engrained into literally every part of society <3聽
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dasanouk11 hours ago
These people are blatantly lying on twitter to make foreigners look bad during the pandemic
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~ In the train ~
[Excuse me, I'd like to go to Shibuya]
[You'll arrive there if you stay on this train.Are you here for sightseeing?]
[I came to travel with my family]
[Oh, the isolation must have been hard...]
[Oh, the 14-day one? Yeah we did that but everyone can move around freely. Japan is famous for being lax with checking if people actually isolate]
Foreigners (except for a few countries) have NOT been allowed to enter Japan as a tourist for almost a year now. At the same time, work or spouse-visas from people outside the country are currently not being processed.
Americans CAN'T travel to Japan, unless they have valid work-visas which they currently cannot get.
THIS is why I get harassed in trains.
THIS is why I get death-stares from Japanese people on the streets.
THIS is why old men shout "Go home, trash" to foreigners.
Yes, obvious racism in Japan is not as frequent or violent as in other countries, it is a lot more passive-aggressive.
The general dislike for foreigners in this country is deeply rooted, and I'm so fucking over people making up shit like this, posting it on twitter and having thousands of people believe it.
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fersafareig11 hours ago
jschlatt kin reminds me of the pewdiepie kin
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deus-ex-moshina11 hours ago
Thinking about that 60k+ notes post where someone screenshotted an article calling out the ccp written by a hong-kongese and saying it was US government propaganda..... thinking about how y鈥檃ll would reblog something like that without putting an ounce of critical thinking skills into the situation for internet points while people in Hong Kong Taiwan and fucking CHINA. are suffering from and having their lives threatened by the ccp. Are we not real human beings to you. Does our pain mean nothing to the world
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incorrectdragalialost12 hours ago
Ilia: You are a crazy, bitter old man with a hole where your heart should be.
Elysium: Is that supposed to hurt me? I have a mug that says that.
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