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#questions open for red
professor-blue-oak · 9 hours ago
Hi, Do you any suggestions for support Pokemon? I have Autism, Anxiety and Depression that sometimes causes insomnia . I'm nonverbal, have depth perception issues and gets too warm easily. I currently have a Pichu and a Marill.
Well it really depends on you but as of right now it looks like you’d need at least a medium sized Pokémon. My immediate first thought were these two
After some thinking with Red, we believe either the Munna line or Drowzee line. Both of them can learn hypnosis, which could possibly help you with your insomnia. We’re both kind of leaning towards the Drowzee line due to them having hands. Then again, they both learn psychic. Only issue, none of these options help with the last bit about warmth.
Perhaps then maybe a Haunter. The reason why I’m suggesting a haunter instead of a Gengar is because Gengars are actually warm to the touch. However a Haunter’s natural body temp and a bit of its surrounding will be just slightly chilly. Not to mention they also learn Hypnosis, Psychic, and they have hands.
The Munna and Drowzee line are capable of transmitting emotions over to another person while on occasion (depending on their level of training) a Haunter will be able to just share your thoughts
I hope this was what you were looking for
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professor-blue-oak · 14 hours ago
That Fearow Red found about two months ago I believe is doing just fine here on the sanctuary. She’s hatched a couple of eggs from different Pokémon. We’ve named her Mother Row and she’s seems far lively compared to her first few days
Ethan’s full name for her is:
Mother Row, Mother of/to All
Tumblr media
I need to stop letting Ethan name the Pokémon. He named a dunsparce Blue Cornelius and one our Trubbish “Just Bush”
Yeah that’s his name. His name is literally Just Bush
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professor-blue-oak · a day ago
Would you recommend flying on a charizards back at top speeds? Well I'm going to try it anyway
Average Height: 5’07 - 5’11
They continue to grow as they age past their prime
Ability: Blaze
Egg Groups: Monster and Dragon
Well it really depends on your bond with them. If you’ve got a good bond, then go right ahead. I’d recommend sitting forward in front of the wings so you don’t get smacked.
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professor-blue-oak · a day ago
Do you have any tattoos, either of you?
Nah, neither of any of us but Ethan has one of a Togepi on his forearm
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professor-blue-oak · 4 days ago
I don't know if the battle went well. Any tips? - @goldenmareep
Well acccorrding to your profile, your entire team is made up baby Pokémon. But I can offer you some advice. Nothings stopping you from watching broadcasted videos and studying them
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professor-blue-oak · 4 days ago
Video Story: Car Sale
Blue: [recording a door]
Ethan: [Dressed in an inflatable wacky sales car tube man] [Starts banging the door] “Sir! SIR! Excuse me! Excuse me sir!! Are you looking to buy a new car!”
Ethan: [Trying to open the door] “We’ve got an amazing deals on a Ram truck!”
Someone could be heard suddenly cracking up in the background. It started quiet but picked up just a little in volume
The camera turns to reveal Red in PJs and messy hair. The camera turns back to the door with a quiet “oh shit”
Ethan: [Opening the door] “There! You sir! Might aye inte-rest ya in a Dodge Ram Jeep 4-wheel drive truck!” [wiggling like a wacky inflatable tube man]
Red wheezes in a fit of laughter and starts coughing. Ethan seemed to be struggling to keep a straight face as he flailed his arms around like a wacky inflatable tube man. The champion starts laughing when a red-head with hair down to their back, entered the room
Blue zooms in on Silver’s tired face, the camera shaking as the professor tried to stop himself from laughing.
Silver: [sleepily staring] [He turns around with a lazy wave of his hand and could be heard going up some steps]
Guess who had a movie night sleepover since Ethan was feeling a bit stressed from all the interviews
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professor-blue-oak · 4 days ago
Red Sir, have you heard The Mute by Radical Face? It's really good. Me and my friend were making a playlist for him and it came up, and it reminded me of your story. It hit him hard cause he related. If you haven't heard it, give it a listen!
Just gave it a listen. It sounds nice. Maybe one day I’ll you alll the real reason why I left. There’s a lot of theories that are wrong.
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professor-blue-oak · 5 days ago
He said you two are super cool or something. Not sure he's fucked up on painkillers
He’s probably all doped up from painkillers. I barely remember the hospital and afterwards when I was doped up on pain killers after getting hit by Mewtwo
But aside from that, we are pretty cool. Tell him thanks for noticing 😎
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professor-blue-oak · 5 days ago
No worries we got the cost covered! Dumbass is just lucky that my gallade and I were nearby before things got way worse.
So did your brother try to wrestle a wild Pokémon? Should’ve battled a Pokémon you own that at least knows when to stop
I probably shouldn’t advocate for wrestling Pokémon unless you’re a train professional
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professor-blue-oak · 5 days ago
My little brother saw a video of Mr. Red wrestling some large pokemon and decided to try it out. Guess who's in a full body cast?
Holy shit I AM SO SORRY! I should’ve included a warning to not do that since Red and Snorlax have a bond! Sweet mew I feel so bad. Is there anyway I can help? Alleviate some medical stuff maybe?
Once again, I am sorry! Holy fuck
Red: Please don’t ever replicate what you see me do for fun. I’m a trained professional with a full team of Pokémon who understand boundaries.
Also don’t copy Ethan. He’s a professionally trained idiot with a fiancé who stops him doing most dumb things
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professor-blue-oak · 5 days ago
Video Story: Feeding Time
“Good lord, look at that sun rise” Blue could be heard saying softly as he zoomed out of a bedroom window. Another man could be heard groaning sleepily and Blue squeaks.
The scene changes to Blue in a full body mirror to show off his outfit for the day. He had a red cast on his left hand/wrist. He switches the camera to Red who smiles and waves hello. He seemed to be dressed in his ranger outfit. Red picks up his hat and puts it on, winking at the camera
The scene switches again and red’s seen carrying two bags of feed. The scene switches to a POV of someone walking. The sound of something being dragged could be heard. The camera turns around to reveal a casted hand holding and dragging a bag of feed that had been cut. “This kinda hurts to be honest but I don’t want Red doing all the work” Blue says softly, lifting the camera, zooming in on Red who was spreading some feed also
The scene switches once more to Blue blowing a whistle twice. Red could be heard chortling, zooming in on some Pokémon quickly waking up and making their way over. “Pi-pi-Pika!” Pika could be heard calling as some baby bulbasaurs jumped towards the piles of feed
Blue is once again holding the camera, recording the animals that had come to eat. “Hm? Oh, bye Red!~ Stay safe!~”
—Video End—
We do have workers (some living on the Sanctuary) and volunteers but sometimes we just wake up a bit earlier to do some work ahead of time and for personal time
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professor-blue-oak · 8 days ago
Prof. Oak! Do you have any tips for learning to battle? - Crouton the Porygon
It really depends on what style of battle you. Do you want an offensive style or a defensive style.
There’s also the ability to read and predict your opponents move. I’ve met a few Porygon who were capable of predicting their opponents just by a twitch of a muscle
A double battle is always a good way to learn because then at least you’d have someone else to watch battle
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professor-blue-oak · 8 days ago
There’s always so many people who seem surprised when they find out my real name isn’t Blue. It’s a worrying amount
It’s not like I don’t have a fan-made wiki that has my name, age, birthday, and other info. It’s kinda weird to think about honestly....
Would it be considered slander if I hijack my own fan-wiki page and write in random information like me being 7’8 or having 8 fingers on one hand?
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professor-blue-oak · 8 days ago
Lance gives off the same vibe as the bi wife energy song. Cant explain it
He’s straight but he supports the LGBT. I think Noami is actually bi too so it all lines up
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professor-blue-oak · 9 days ago
Any food you recommend while I visit kanto???
In Cerulean City, they’ve got several gardens that sell floral teas with small snacks like biscuits and cucumber sandwiches that are just as delicious. My personal favourite is from The Psyan. They got a good Roselia blend tea.
If you want some good fresh sushi, try out Vermillion City. Veridian City is filled to the brim with cafes while Fuscshia City is good place to get historical food.
Then of course you got Saffron City which has every popular site you can imagine
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professor-blue-oak · 9 days ago
Hi! I hope it's not much of a bother, but I was wondering if I could register my Vulpix (non regional variant) as a support Pokemon, or at least one in training. He's always been kind of protective over me, and he realizes when I'm getting overwhelmed. Thanks. PS my Phantump Oak is named after you :3
First off, aw. My real name is actually Gyarao. I just go Blue because of an old nickname from my childhood. A lot of English speakers call me Green for some reason. I like to secretly think it’s because of my green shorts I like to wear.
Also yeah, almost all Pokémon are allowed to become support Pokémon. The only ones that aren’t allowed are any mon bigger than 5’6-5’7 (like from toes to head minus any head decor like spines or fluff). So don’t expect see an Onix support pokemon out there
Vulpix (both Ice and Fire) are pretty docile Pokémon to begin with but they are stubborn. But, since this vulpix is a friend of yours, they may easily listen to the instructor. They’re one of the smarter vulpine.
Tumblr media
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professor-blue-oak · 9 days ago
-A short video clip of a Jangmo-o running around the house, ocaisonally crashing into things with a loud thud and clang. It stops at the video-taker's feet, wagging its tail- Please help. She's been like this for an hour. I think she's teething?
There is a high chance she’s just has there zoomies which is normal for everything living thing that isn’t flora
But if she is teething, there are really durable toys sold in pet stores. I wouldn’t suggest getting those ring bones since there’s always a high chance that the bones will get stuck behind a Pokémon’s sharp teeth and vets would probably have to saw the bone.
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professor-blue-oak · 10 days ago
HUH?! Well first off, I know this is a text suggestion, but please don’t take pills with alcohol
—My turn—
The only way I could get a tan is to get to it all over the place
First off I don’t need a tan Text Suggestions. I already have a weird one both my legs from wearing shorts due to the hot weather
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professor-blue-oak · 10 days ago
What the fuck is my husband up to? Now I’m really curious 😤
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