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#queen's thief
eeddis · a day ago
I went a little off prompt, but if you don’t destroy the house of Erondites for me, is it really love?
[Video description: a tiktok stitch video, starting with someone lit in purple and blue saying, “Name a scene in a movie that made your standards for love absolutely too high.”  It cuts to a view of a page from The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner, and I read, “The king lifted a hand to her cheek and kissed her.  It was not a kiss between strangers, not even a kiss between a bride and a groom.  It was a kiss between a man and his wife, and when it was over, the king closed his eyes and rested his forehead against the hollow of the queen’s shoulder, like a man seeking respite, like a man reaching home at the end of the day.”  The camera cuts to me (orange hair, sunflower sweater) staring wild-eyed at the viewer.  I pick up a pillow and scream into it, which knocks my phone down and produces a whirl of colors before coming to rest on the carpet.]
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eeddis · a day ago
east of the sun west of the moon au? :0 i was OBSESSED with this story as a kid and i wanna know the twist you're giving it
So it’s a QT AU, and I’m placing characters in the fairy tale.  There’s a fun twist I’m doing where it did actually happen but it’s being told hundreds of years later by their descendants.  Maybe?  Still not sure on that.  I actually have a fair bit written but I’m not sure I like it because I keep debating which character should take which role.  Both would make sense!  Currently I have it with Irene as the princess and Gen as the bear.  That way you have the good old Irene Guilt for looking at him in the night rather than cutting off his hand.  (He’s still missing the hand tho.)  But the other way around, freeing Irene from the bear curse is kinda similar to freeing her from the ice queen persona?  I don’t know!  I can’t decide!  The formatting is driving me crazy because, since it’s all dialogue, there end up being SO many nested quotes.  I don’t feel like posting a sample because I’m still so iffy on where I’m going with it.
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Attolia: Can we talk about the message you sent the Greater Patronoi earlier?
Eugenides: It was a critical update.
Attolia: You just said, “I’m back on my bullshit.”
Eugenides: People needed to know.
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eeddis · a day ago
alright queen’s thief fandom what the HELL happened in that vip session
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King of Attolia (in)correct quote
Eugenides: You know, you're pretty when you're mad
Irene: Yeah?
Irene: Well I'm about to get drop dead gorgeous
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love-an-ood · 2 days ago
lyrics by @eeddis and @worldsentwined!
King of mine, I worry you will die 
but I'll be close behind, I'll follow you into the dark 
a flash of light, a man by the roadside 
stopping you as you ride, waiting for a hint of a spark 
Chorus: if your enemies decide that they all are satisfied 
happy with the papers that you have signed 
if there's no one beside you when your god's in charge 
I will follow you into the dark 
in the leaders' tent a traitor's last breath was spent 
I waited while you went and I spoke to the man 
who'd saved my life, an effort his wrongs to right 
but fallen beneath your knife you played out the gods' plan 
You and me have ridden on tirelessly 
from the river to the sea and the gentlest of rains 
is falling down, the time for sleep is now 
there's nothing to cry about for you'll be in no more pain 
in the space between reigns 
your god has been satisfied now your enemies have died 
pinned beneath the papers that you have signed 
now there's no need to guide you with the Thief in charge 
But I will follow you into the dark 
Brother all we need's a single spark
(my queen’s thief music tag)
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eeddis · 2 days ago
helphos braiding thing >:-)
Classic Mar lmao.  This is the thing I’ve been complaining about b/c I haaate it right now and even though I know where I want the ending to go I am having trouble getting it to go there.  This came from the server discussion ages ago about Sophos having long hair, Eddisians potentially doing a lot of hair braiding, etc.  Here, have some Smooth(ish) Sophos as a special Mar treat:
“I thought we were practicing real swordplay,” Sophos said.  He felt his poor hair tie finally lose its grip and fall to the ground; more hair fell in his face.  Helen’s lips twitched as he tried vainly to blow it out of the way again.  With the practice sword still at his neck, he didn’t want to try shaking his head to get it to move.
“You should always remember the advantages and disadvantages of any weapons you’re using,” Helen said.
“Oh my queen,” Sophos said, leaning in and waggling his eyebrows outrageously, a skill he had finally mastered only a few years ago. “I can think of another weapon I can show you the advantages of.” Helen looked up at him, her face seemingly neutral, until the tension at the corners of her mouth betrayed the fact that she was struggling to contain a smile.  Sophos looked down at her, experiencing the same problem.  He cracked before his wife did and let his smile spread across his face again, beginning to snicker. Helen stepped away lowering the practice blade, as she cracked her devastating grin, dimples deep in her cheeks.  She began to laugh as well, finally devolving into a full-blown cackle with the occasional honking snort as she ran out of air.  It sounded like someone torturing a very troubled goose; it was one of the most beautiful sounds Sophos had ever heard.  Its ridiculousness also set him off, until both monarchs were hunched over in the practice court, struggling with great whooping gales of laughter.  Every time one of them calmed down, the other would make a comedic noise, which would set them both off again.  After waiting for a few minutes to see if the two would free up the practice court anytime soon, most of the spectators wandered off in resignation to begin sparring at the smaller and muddier of the available training grounds instead.
Finally, Helen straightened up and picked up her original training blade.  She handed it, along with the one she’d taken off her husband, off to a cousin and began to stride away.
“Come on!” she said to Sophos, who was still snickering.  He trotted to catch up with her.  “Let us further your instruction in the arts of war,” she murmured to him, holding out her hand. Sophos hastened to put his arm under her hand so that she could rest it in the crook of his elbow.
“I am a very eager student,” he said, looking sidelong at her through his lashes.
That middle paragraph still needs some work tho
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eeddis · 2 days ago
Tell me more about the HMC AU >:)
There goes whatever sense of mystery I was hoping for lmao alright alright you’ve caught me I’ll spill.  The thing I’ve been trying to keep a little bit under wraps is which character is taking on which role.  Naturally, I started writing this because of the similarities between Gen and Howl, but I just could NOT picture Irene pulling off the cleaning lady gambit.
The beginning of the story needs a massive overhaul so I’m not going to post it.  But it starts with Helen waking Gen up in the early hours of the morning and telling him he needs to leave Eddis right the fuck now.  He heads out, not quite sure where he’s going to go... but hears in the first town that the Witch of Gentle Rain (a terrifying woman, for all that she has such a nice-sounding title) is in town, along with her magical moving castle, to buy supplies.  Gen succeeds in breaking into the castle but is immediately caught by the Witch’s apprentice, a young man with a rather intimidating appearance.  Scrambling for an excuse, Gen glimpses the mess inside the castle and claims to be the new cleaner.  Unfortunately for him, he’s a complete slob who doesn’t know how to clean anything.
Featuring: everyone is trans! lavish descriptions of food! forbidden sisters! the magus being named Jim! politics and plotting so complicated that the outline is over 5k words and had to be color-coded! a possible sequel! OCs that have taken over my life! SO much banter! and no fire demons, sorry
I have the doc open right now b/c I’m working on it for camp nano (I want to have the first draft written before I start posting, b/c I keep writing things that make earlier stuff I established not work after all).  So here is some Dite torment, for fun:
“I’ve been thinking about the nature of love,” Dite continued.
“Oh gods I can’t look,” Sophos said, burying his face in his hands.  “Tell me when it’s over.”  Gen continued to stare, fascinated by the oncoming disaster, but he did spare a moment to give Sophos a comforting pat on the arm.
“Isn’t it strange?” Dite said earnestly.  “How love can spring up between such different people?  It truly is a great, equalizing force, I think.  And it can come from the smallest of things, too—the way someone turns their hand when flipping through the pages of a book, or the way they tuck their hair out of the way when they lean forward over their work.  And of course the more obvious things, like a smile or a turn of phrase.  It’s just—you can fall in love with someone in so many ways.”  He cocked his head.  “Oh, phrase and ways… that’s good.  I need to remember that.”  He patted his pockets down and emerged with a small notebook and a stub of pencil so that he could scribble the lines down.
“Dite—” Irene began.  Sophos made a choking noise and Gen patted him on the arm some more.
“No!” Dite said. “No, listen, Irene.  Let me finish, please.  What I’m trying to say is that—”
“Dite,” Irene said, more firmly.  “I am supposed to open any minute now for other customers.  And anyway, I am hardly an expert on poetry, so if you need help with your latest poem, you would be better off with my apprentice, Sophie.”  Gen kicked Sophos’s ankle just in time for Sophos to look up and wave to Dite.
“Help with…?” Dite said.  “Of course.  I see.  Yes, I should be going now.” Irene frowned and tilted her head.
“Yes?” she said. “Yes, sorry.  I really do have to get to work.”
“I understand completely,” Dite said.  “I’ll speak no more of it.”  He bowed his way out, making sure to bow to Sophos and say something vague about discussing poetry someday.  As soon as he was out the door, Irene slumped into her chair and sighed.
“I do not understand that man,” she said.  “He’s nice!  He is very nice. I don’t dislike him!  But he is quite possibly the chattiest person I have ever met.”  Sophos and Gen eyed each other over her head. Gen grimaced at Sophos, who shrugged back.  “What?” Irene said.
“Oh nothing,” Gen said.  “I just didn’t think his poetry sounded very good.”
“I’ve read some,” Sophos said.  “It’s not really my favorite but it’s not bad.”
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eeddis · 3 days ago
DAEMON AU yessssss
Hello yes!  The daemon AU one is, as most of my WIPs/ideas are, a QT fic.  It is a combination of short (by my standards) daemon AUs of the Queen’s Thief books; each snippet is a different universe/different way they could combine.  It’s still pretty rough but I have a little over 3k words done.  Here’s the part that I started with, although it’s no longer the beginning of the fic.
He is a child thief, roaming young and free in the streets of Cittagazze with a pack of other children, taking whatever they can find in the looted stores and homes.  He does not know his father; a traveler from some other place, his mother told him before she died. She had lived a harsh life, dead before she even reached adulthood in this city of spectres.  They had come for her and the boy—whom she had named Eugenides—had looked away for only a moment.  Enveloped by them, lost, she stepped off of the roof they had been living on. [tense?]
Sometimes he thought he could still hear her hit the ground.
I probably need to reread HDM to really polish this up.
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FOCUS UP YOU LITTLE MONSTERS!!! Not you Pheris, you’re an angel and we’re thrilled you’re here.
Gen addressing his attendants
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know I’m several months late to the party but @meganwhalenturner‘s Return of the Thief is absolutely brilliant! After so many years of adoring these books, it was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. So of course I’ll use it as an excuse to make some fun easter eggs.
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agardenandlibrary · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Reading about the fearsome Bunny of Sounis.
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Gen: Isn’t laughter the best medicine?
Petrus: No!
Galen: Medicine is the best medicine!
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costis · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
a relius i never posted
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minutia-r · 8 days ago
written for the Multifandom Poetry Fest, for @worldsentwined‘s prompt: The Queen's Thief, Costis/Kamet, 11 days in the Taymets
Open my lips; my mouth will speak:
Gods dwell on peaks, for men to climb Is reckless pride and courting death. Step over step, your hand in mine, A fight for every stolen breath-- Night falls too fast. The setting sun Takes with it any warming spark. We share our cloaks, and one by one, I name the stars that light the dark. Mercy’s goddess, smile on two Fugitive souls in lands unknown. My humble self, and my friend who Within his arms, I find my home.
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eeddis · 9 days ago
ask meme: Eugenides
absolute angel but also I would not kiss him. lovable sweet man. not at all hot. great metrosexual representation for all those metrosexual straight guys out there.
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Eddis: Sorry it took me so long to bail you out of jail 
Gen: No it’s my fault I shouldn’t have used my one phone call to prank call the Magus. 
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