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#queen susan the gentle
liminal-zone · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
‘You left us, Susan. I had to do what was best for Narnia.’
‘This hellscape you’ve made isn’t Narnia anymore, and you are no longer its king. Get off my throne, Telmarine.’
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celeste2033 · a day ago
The Ice Princess Masterlist
Tumblr media
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
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imjustdreamingig · a day ago
the founders
the fact that people still associate peter with gryffindor or him to be the founder of the gryffindor house baffles me.
don't get me wrong, i absolutely love the theory or idea that the pevensie's were the original founders of hogwarts, they simply got the houses they founded wrong.
and it's not that they even based it on the colors during their coronation scene, peter literally had a yellow cape, which are hufflepuff colors, whilst lucy had a red one, gryffindor colors.
(also susan's clothes were more leaning towards green which are slytherin colors and edmund's are blue, ravenclaw colors, but my reasonings for them is a topic for another day.)
most people must've thought that because peter is the oldest of the four and he was seen fighting the most out of all of them during the battle of beruna that this totally makes him a gryffindor, and they did the exact same with lucy when associating her with hufflepuff (she's the youngest, wasn't present when the main fighting was happening etc.)
the name that is given to lucy during their coronation is literally Queen Lucy the Valiant as in brave, as in a characteristic that is associated with the gryffindor house.
lucy was the one that went in headfirst into an unknown land without thinking about the consequences, let her curiosity pull her in to explore this new terrain that promised the possibility of an adventure.
lucy was the one that faced an entire army with nothing but a small dagger and a wild lion beside her, ready to take them all down if she had to.
not to mention out of all the four siblings, i think she was the one that wholeheartedly trusted aslan the most. he's a gentle lion yes, but nevertheless he was still untamed.
lucy said she thought she could be brave enough if she had to fight in the battle of beruna with nothing but that dagger of hers and her cordial. 8 year old lucy was ready to do everything in her power to help defend the land she barely knew but already had formed such a deep connection with.
peter never really wanted to fight in the battle of beruna, in fact he said he didn't feel brave at all in that moment. the only reason he was there fighting in the first place was because of his family.
he fought for his family, the loyalty towards them was so strong he made himself go through with the fight if it ensured their safety.
peter is brave yes, but his bravery is derived from a different source, loyalty, and loyalty is a characteristic that defines the hufflepuff house.
peter forced himself to face the fighting and the wars and his behavior and initial responses to it were completely different compared to those of lucy.
not to mention the only reason he attacked the white witch head on was because he had just seen her stab edmund. after witnessing that of course he went in to try and defeat her, doesn't matter if he was scared or not. he fought the witch to try and protect edmund.
peter made a promise to their mother, to take care of of all of them whilst they were away. during that battle, the memories of england were probably still very much clear so he was obviously thinking of that promise as he fought the witches army.
peter and lucy both care for their family fiercely and are passionate and extremely brave but in their own ways. the source from which their bravery stems from are different from one another and it's influenced by distinct factors.
this is why i firmly believe that the pevensies are the founders of the houses as follows;
edmund pevensie - ravenclaw
peter pevensie - hufflepuff
susan pevensie - slytherin
lucy pevensie - gryffindor
Tumblr media
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pterpvensie · 4 days ago
you can find me in narnia, dancing with fauns and singing with centaurs and waxing poetic on battles long won. find me haunting stone ruins and playing with the dryads that live amongst the trees and roam on the breeze, conversing with horse and and wild cat in my tongue or theirs. find me in glittering gown and sparkling crown, armed to the teeth with blades of narnian steel. find me there, where the water speaks and the wind listens, where my laughter tastes like magic dripping from my tongue.
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imjustdreamingig · 4 days ago
Medieval Times With The Pevensie's
Heres a strange little headcanon/au/meta I'm not sure what they're called :
I had a thought, imagine if the Pevensie's story took place present day (as in the 2000's)
When the Pevensie's returned from their first trip to Narnia, they were miserable, confused and in bodies two sizes too small.
Their mother noticed something off about them when she went to pick them up at the train station when they returned from the country. Her children might look the same yes, but there was something different in the way they held themselves. The glint in their eyes were not ones of childish innocence but of ones that had seen horrors many have not even seen in their nightmares.
As the weeks passed, Helen began to notice that her children's odd behavior was probably not going away anytime soon. There was always a sad tilt to their smiles even when they assured her that everything was alright. Helen couldn't bring herself to mention that she did indeed notice the amount of worried and hurried whispers going around between the four, as she didn't want another lie told to her face. She would rather them come to her in their own time and not pressure them into telling her anything.
Helen noticed how her children never hung out with any of their friends anymore and that they rarely watched T.V. or used their phones. She constantly had to remind them that at least one of them, namely Peter, had to take a cellphone whenever the four of them went on walks which was quite odd because who ever heard of a teen not obsessed with their phones?
Another thing that struck Helen as odd was that it was always just the four of them on their walks. They invited no one else with them, that she knew of anyways, but they never mentioned anyone else once they returned.
After noticing her children's odd behavior, she decided to do something to treat them, to lift their spirits and maybe see a genuine smile on their faces for once. She saw on T.V. a commercial for this place called Medieval Times and thought that this would be a perfect place to take her children to. It seemed entertaining, exciting and an event that she thought would contain elements that would interest all four of her children.
The siblings, mainly Peter and Edmund, had suddenly taken an unusual interest in using fake swords they ordered off of Amazon and having sparring matches in the backyard whenever they thought Helen wasn't home. She would briefly catch a glimpse of them whenever she arrived early from work and was surprised to notice how good they were. Susan and Lucy would cheer them on from the sides and occasionally Lucy would join in the sparring, the fluidity of her movements causing another shock of surprise from her mother.
She then called the number displayed on the screen and since she called because of that specific ad, she got a decent discount on their tickets.
On Saturday morning, Helen awoke long before her alarm was set to ring. She went about her morning routine before waking up the children. Lucy was naturally an early riser so she got up with no problem which always baffled Edmund because who would willingly wake up early with no complaints? Which is why it was no surprise that Helen had to practically drag Edmund out of bed who kept groaning until Peter, who had woken up because of the amount of noise they were making told him to stop and to get ready.
Helen found it very strange that all of her children would listen attentively to whatever Peter said and would do whatever he asked them to with practically no hesitance, even Edmund who fought the most with Peter before leaving for the country. That had taken a lot to get used to, although she was glad that the level of fighting and shouting had diminished. She oddly kind of missed the noise.
Meanwhile, Susan was standing by the doorway having gotten up right after Peter and was watching the scene before her unfold. She was reminiscing the now bittersweet memories from back in Narnia when she herself had to drag Edmund out of bed whenever they had to have a particular earlier start to the day. She sighed and left the rest of her family to head back into her room to get ready, pushing back the memories of Narnia and focusing on choosing what outfit she was going to wear for the day.
About an hour had passed and everyone was set to go. The Pevensies piled into the minivan, because of course the Pevensie's had a mini van, with Peter in the passenger seat, Susan and Edmund in the next row and Lucy in the backseat. Although they had asked politely, she would not give the children any clues as to where they were going.
Helen slowly found herself getting used to the level of formality it seemed her children now acquired. It seemed she found herself getting used to a lot of changes in their behavior ever since the children returned from the country. She didn't notice the discreet nervous glances the siblings shared as they really didn't like not knowing where they were being taken, each of them recalling a specific occurrence back in Narnia with much disdain.
When they arrived and approached the main entrance of the building where the name Medieval Times was proudly displayed, the four siblings exchanged glances that to outsiders would've revealed nothing but gave the impression as though they were having entire conversations with just a few short looks. Helen noticed the sudden silence from her children and although she did not know why, she began to feel a little worried.
Once they had taken their seats in the front row so they were directly in front of the stadium and been told which team they were going to cheer for, Helens anxiousness grew when the children, even Lucy, declined the option to wear any of the plastic crowns they offered the crowd to show support for their given teams. She was sure she saw a look of mild disgust when Edmund took notice of what was clearly two fake swords crossed over each other and mounted on the wall on the way to their seats.
She didn't notice however, the slight tremble in Susan's hand when her gaze fell upon a bow with a quiver of arrows clearly made of plastic in the display case of the gift shop, or how Lucy went slightly pale when her eyes came across a small dagger made out of cheap metal with silver stones embedded into its hilt, or how Peter's eyes turned cold when he spotted an inaccurate imitation of what was supposed to be a medieval sword and shield displayed in a glass case right in the center of the room.
When the show finally began and the horses galloped out into the stadium with the 'knights' mounted on top of them, their team colors proudly displayed on the flags each of them held, she saw out of the corner of her eyes how Edmund who was sitting beside her, slowly placed his hand on top of Peter's who was gripping the arm of the chair so tightly his knuckles were going white. Susan, who was in between Peter and Lucy, wrapped her arms around Lucy's shoulders, but this action went unbeknownst to Helen as her line of sight was partially blocked.
The whole crowd was cheering and applauding their respective teams, laughter and screams filling the stadium, but there was no noise coming from any of the Pevensie siblings. They weren't even trying to pretend they were enjoying themselves, too caught up in certain memories during their times in a certain land. The wounds were still too fresh, it had only been a little less than a month since they'd returned. The pit of anxiousness in Helens stomach only grew with each passing moment.
Half an hour went by and still none of the siblings said a word, their steely eyes were firmly fixed on the events happening below them, a mostly stoic expression donning each of their faces. Helen's worry only grew and she was beginning to silently panic. She didn't understand what invisible force was holding her back, why she couldn't bring herself to ask her children what was wrong.
Maybe it was because when she glanced over at them she didn't see children, but for a brief moment a vision of grown men and women sitting straight backed, their heads held high with their chins raised ever so slightly. She had to blink several times because she was quite sure she saw a gleam of silver and gold coming from the top of Edmund and Peter's head, as if there were crowns perched on their heads a mere few seconds ago. She shook her head of the absurd thoughts filling it, blaming the illusions she'd just been presented on the lack of water she'd drank that day and turned her attention to the front once more.
When the actually fighting between the knights began, that's when things took a turn for the worse. As the knights were sparring and performed what looked like some rather complicated moves with their swords to the rest of the audience, Edmund beside her finally showed signs of life and leaned back into his seat. As he crossed his arms, he scoffed and rolled his eyes, mumbling something about how uncoordinated the wrist movement was and that their stance was atrocious. Helen was shocked. Since when did Edmund use words such as atrocious?
She then saw similar behavior from Peter although it was slightly more reserved, but one could still notice the hint of disapproval when he sighed and shook his head. Helen was even more shocked when Lucy actually booed at one point. She wasn't that loud but before she could say anything else, Susan leaned down and murmured something into Lucy's ear. At first Lucy looked offended but then a resigned look fell upon her face as she nodded. Even so, Helen was still surprised to see the hint of sadness that was present in Susan's eyes as she turned to face the front, this time able to see her arm once again wrapping around Lucy's shoulders and the placement of her other arm in the crook of Peter's elbow.
When the fourth pair of knights began to fight, Helen felt a charge in the air before anything happened. The temperature in the room had risen and those around the Pevensie's began to feel warm and sweaty. Suddenly, Peter leapt up from his chair and onto his feet. He had grown restless and had enough of watching inexperienced amateurs who had no idea how to handle a sword, pass off as though they were naturals in that specific art of combat with a certain air of superiority around them. Peter couldn't establish if it was actually there surrounding them or if his rage was causing him to see things.
Peter's patience snapped as he directed his harsh glare at the closest knights in front of him, all whilst maintaining a relatively calm look on his face which made him look that much more terrifying. With his arms clenched at his side, Peter spoke in a voice Helen had never heard coming out of the mouth of her son, laced with disgust and a mocking undertone. As Peter spoke she felt many things at once; curiosity, fear, and surprisingly shame as if though she was getting scolded by someone who caught her doing something against the rules.
The strangest thing however, was that she felt as if she was standing in the presence of someone with high authority, someone in a position of power that knew what they were doing, that addressed their company in a tone that made it clear that they were in charge. How she felt this way when staring up at her son with eyes wide, she does not know.
"By the mane," Peter said under his breath before a slight scowl graced his lips and a booming voice filled the air, "are you seriously acting as though you know what you're doing? With that footwork and those feebly attempted strikes you'll end up killing yourself before you even lay a blow on your oppone- Susan get off of m- Lucy do not encourage her, Ed what n-"
The knights turned to look at the source of whoever was shouting with a slightly affronted look on their faces as did a lot of people in the audience. They were shocked to see that it was merely a young boy who looked as though he had a lot more to say before being grabbed by what the knight assumed were his siblings or friends.
Peter had always been a composed man for the sake of keeping up appearances for his subjects in Narnia. Many of its inhabitants had learned to fear the rare outbursts of the High King's anger. When Peter snapped and let his anger loose, there was no going back. His anger was similar to a fire, at first a small flame yet still capable of burning you if you got too close until eventually, it grew into a monster filled with heat and rage, finally let free of its cage and seeking to destroy everything in its path. It became uncontrollable to the point that not even Lucy could manage to tame it automatically.
Ever since the Pevensie's stumbled out of Narnia, Peter's been a ticking time bomb, slowly counting down the seconds until he finally exploded. The tension in Peter's chest has been brewing, growing tighter with each passing day without a glimpse of a possibility of returning to Narnia, of going home.
With all the anger and the resentment Peter's been keeping away from prying eyes, his siblings are surprised and mildly impressed he's been able to keep a handle on his emotions until now. They all knew that Peter's pride and his role as High King would prevent him from answering truthfully if any of them had outright asked Peter if he needed to talk.
To make up for this but still looking for ways to support their eldest brother, Lucy made it her personal goal to make Peter laugh as much as possible at the many jokes she'd say and the joking banter she'd try to make him participate in. Susan would lace her arm through his at random points of the day, knowing that although it was a simple action, it was a way of responding to all the unspoken words between them but were ever so visible in the way Peter's eyes would occasionally appear bloodshot red whenever he sat down for breakfast. Edmund would come into Peter's room and sit down on his bed and talk about a plot of either a book he'd been reading, a movie he remembered watching, what he saw their neighbors doing in the morning, anything to distract Peter from the thoughts plaguing his mind.
Susan, Edmund and Lucy all knew deep down the moment they realized where their mothers surprise was taking place that this would be the final straw for Peter. They were both in some ways relieved that he would finally be able to release all the built up tension wound tightly in his chest but also nervous about its outcome.
Which is why when Peter suddenly stood up from his seat about to reprimand the so called 'knights', they sprung into action. They were expecting this and Peter's reaction didn't come to them as much of a surprise. They really couldn't blame Peter for this to be the deciding factor for his upcoming actions. Every move that was supposedly meant to imitate real sword fights of the past made the rest of the Pevensie's siblings grimace as well.
As they led him out into the hallway outside of the arena, Lucy had swung one of Peter's arms over her shoulders, her hand clutching his with the other wrapped around his waist. Susan grabbed his forearm and gently pulled him in the direction of the exit despite his protests. There was a reason both girls had the task of leading him out into the hallway, it was because they had a better chance of not being shoved aside and walking back down to the arena to continue his verbal assault on the knights quite frankly embarrassing display of a sword fight. If it had been Edmund leading him it might've been a different story.
Edmund was directly behind Peter, ready to take matters into his own hands if Peter did indeed end up trying to escape the holds of his sisters. Edmund knew Peter however, and knew his desperation would never get to that point. On the rare occasions Peter lost his composure in front of visiting dignitaries back in Narnia, all he needed was a gentle reminder from his siblings, a touch or a glance to remind him of his position. Unless he was in the battlefield, there no one who could stop Peter on his path to claim another victory for Narnia.
As the children led Peter outside they did not notice the pairs of eyes that followed them as they went, or realize that they had left their mother behind, still sitting in her seat with her mouth agape. Once she shook herself from her stupor, she hastily grabbed her belongings as well as the coat Lucy left behind and rushed to catch up with her children, leaving two very red faced knights openly staring at her as she left, not quite understanding what had just happened.
The people in the audience who did not take notice Peter's outburst started to wonder why the two knights had stopped their sparing and what made them do so? It was likely that the supervisors of the show noticed this too as a voice over the intercom announced they would be taking a short intermission and if all the knights would please make their way to backstage. They did although say to make their way into the castle to not ruin the medieval effect they were trying to push across.
When Helen finally caught up with her children the siblings were making their way to the car. She noticed Peter's shoulders were slightly slumped and that Susan was rubbing her hand across his back as they walked, Lucy's right hand grasped in Peter's left. Edmund was now walking in front of them and leading the way to the car. Helen didn't know wether to be furious at the display she had just witnessed her son put on or be worried about his well being.
As she approached them to where they were leaning on the car, her mouth opened to either scold Peter or console him, which one she would end up saying she did not know. Right when she was about to speak Edmund shot her a glance that made whatever words that had formed die in her throat. She closed her mouth and looked at her second youngest with an astonished expression on her face, wondering how a single look from her son made her quiet but more importantly, why she had done it without question?
She glanced at Edmund once more and noticed a stern look dominating his face. Once again a strange feeling washed over her and she couldn't help but read into his expression a little more than she should, the words 'royalty' and 'kings and queens' once again danced in her brain. Once again, she shook her head and reprimed herself of thinking those silly notions, unlocked the car and motioned for the kids to get in, confused but understanding that now wasn't the time to address the situation at hand.
No one spoke on the ride home. 10 minutes into the journey, Helen turned on the radio to hopefully ease the tension that stifled the small space. In all honesty, she turned it on to avoid any awkward moments between her and the children and to have something to distract her on the tedious journey home.
Lucy had offered to sit in the passenger seat and Helen didn't object. Lucy didn't dance or sing along to any of the songs on the radio as she usually did. Instead, she leaned her elbow on the window ledge, a small frown lacing her lips as her unmoving eyes took in the scenery. Edmund, Peter and Susan squished into the middle row with Peter in between them. There was no doubt that it was a tight fit and they must've not been very comfortable but no one seemed to mind the cramped space, their bodies having practically no air between them with their shoulders and legs pressed tightly together.
Susan had her hand placed delicately on Peters thigh as she too like Lucy, took in the scenery outside the window yet her eyes were unmoving. Edmund had his head leaning on Peters shoulder. The first time she had seen him do this gave Helen a startled shock but she had quickly gotten used to all of her children's now physical behavior with one other.
As Helen looked into the rearview mirror and took in the scene displayed before her she couldn't help a pang of hurt from developing inside her as she wondered not for the first time today and certainly not for the first time since she had picked up the children from the train station; "Are they even my children anymore, let alone children? What happened to them in the country that they refuse to talk to me about?"
When Helen pulled into the driveway of their house since it's not really home to the siblings anymore is it, that's when Peter finally decided to say something for the first time since leaving the venue. As they got out of the car the rest of the siblings headed inside with slight nod to Edmund that he would follow shortly. Before Helen made her way to the front door Peter pulled his mother in for a hug.
Helen was not a very tall woman so Peter didn't need to strain himself too much to give his mother a proper hug. Startled by the abrupt display of affection directed towards her, it took Helen a moment before she wrapped her arms around Peter as well. Peter then pulled back and apologized for his actions and for ruining his mothers surprise. He said he didn't mean for his temper to get out of control and to shout at those men who were only doing their jobs. He promised to make it up to his mother soon and that he would learn to better keep his emotions in check.
When Helen asked the inevitable question of why Peter had acted the way he did, his face paled slightly, guilt laden in his eyes. His gaze shifted towards the ground for a moment before they eventually met hers again, his gaze now unwavering as he promptly told her that it reminded him of something that he'd seen in the country, but not to worry as he had it all sorted. Helen later blamed it on a trick of light when once again a flash of a broken adult, not child, appeared before her in that moment.
It was only because Helen saw beneath the broken mask Peter was desperately trying to keep firmly in place that she sighed and said alright. She didn't exactly know the reason why Peter had such a pained expression in his eyes but nevertheless, she pulled him into another hug. Not for the first time Helen whispered in his ear that if he ever needed to talk to someone she was there, and not for the first time Peter chuckled and promised that he would. They both secretly knew it would never happen.
Helen knew that she wouldn't find out the sole reason as to why Peter had reacted in such a manner that day and as she climbed into bed that night, she realized she never will. She realized that ever since her children came back from the country there were bound to be more instances where her children's motives would never be fully revealed to her. Peter's expression out in the driveway was proof of it.
Helen took into account the sadness she noticed in Peter's eyes and the noticeable weight that pressed firmly on his shoulders which is why she wasn't terribly harsh on him or pushed him to reveal anything he clearly wasn't comfortable talking about with her, even though that realization hurt her very much. Pain, even if not understood by everyone around them, was still pain, and she was not going to cause her son any more of it.
That did not mean she was going to let him go unpunished however, Peter still acted out in a crude manner in public and directed it towards other people. She grounded him for a week with dishes duty for every meal and with no electronics, but something told her Peter didn't really mind having to go without an electronic device for that long as he already did so anyways.
Helen also made note of not planning any more huge surprise trips like to the now off limits Medieval Times unless she was absolutely certain it was a place her children would enjoy going to or they had straight up told her they'd like to go there in the first place. In fact, she decided that from now on surprise trips or any huge surprises for that matter, were to be put on pause until further notice which probably meant forever.
No one got much sleep that night and if she heard three pairs of footsteps heading towards Peter's room in the middle of the night and hushed whispers for the rest of it, Helen made no implications that she had noticed at all the next morning at breakfast.
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celeste2033 · 5 days ago
Chapter Two
Tumblr media
It was safe to say that Peter was feeling a multitude of emotions as he sat in the beavers den. The main one being confusion, he’d never come across a talking beaver in his sixteen years of life, then again he’d never seen a beaver up close at all. The second feeling Peter had was fear, he’d promised his mother that he would protect his younger sisters and brother. Maybe he should’ve listened to Susan when she said that they should just go back to the wardrobe, but he couldn’t upset Lucy like that, she would be devastated if they didn’t find her dear friend Mr. Tumnus before leaving. And maybe, just maybe, part of him wanted to have an adventure, something that was more exciting than sitting in the Professor's house all day every day. He wasn’t like his siblings, Lucy was easily entertained by anything and anyone, she was perfectly happy bar the light homesickness. Susan was perfectly happy to sit down in front of a fire with a good book. As for Edmund, he was quite fond of his own company. Peter wasn’t like them. He looked around the den at the small group. Susan stood beside Mrs Beaver, helping to make tea & toast whilst Lucy and Mr Beaver talked. Edmund was- oh bloody hell.
“Where did Edmund go?” Peter asked and the den fell quiet. Much to his embarrassment, he’d already failed his mother.
“To fetch more wood, maybe?” Lucy suggested as Mr Beaver rushed out of the door, he returned with a grave look on his face.
“I fear that he may have stumbled into the path of the White Witch.” Mr Beaver said quietly. Perfect. This is just what Peter needed. How could Edmund be so foolish? Before the group could even think of what to do, the worrying sound of a wolf’s howl echoed through the woods. “Quickly, children.” Mr Beaver revealed a small tunnel hidden at the back of the den, ushering them towards it. Lucy went first, Susan not far behind Mrs. Beaver who carried a sack of emergency supplies. Peter followed her, hanging back slightly to help Mr. Beaver closed the tunnel entrance before hurrying after his sisters. He could hear the wolves close behind them, hoping they could get out of this tunnel before it was too late.
Fortunately for the Pevensies, or at least most of them, they had escaped the White Witch unscathed for now. Alongside Mr & Mrs Beaver, they walked towards where Aslan was supposedly staying.
“There will be no issue crossing the river, it’s been frozen for centuries.” Mrs Beaver had explained, famous last words it would appear. Well maybe not for her, she and her husband could cross without issue. However, the ice was starting to melt and looked unstable.
“Go slowly,” Peter told his sisters, letting Lucy and then Susan begin to walk across before he did. They had crossed at the start of the river, a frozen waterfall stood tall to the left of them as they crossed, slowly coming to life. As well as the Witch’s wolves being on the prowl, just to make life easier.
“Peter, look!” Susan cried, a cracking brought Peter’s attention to his left hand side as the ice covering the waterfall began to melt & break away, as did the ice below their feet. Thinking quickly, he drove his sword- a gift from Father Christmas of all people- into a large sheet of ice and called out for his sisters to hang onto him as they were sent flying down the river. The beavers were dragged alongside them, but were able to swim to safety. One of the wolves sent after the children was washed away in the process as Peter hung onto the sword for dear life, keeping an arm wrapped around his little sister and Susan clung to him. When they reached the shore, coughing up ice cold water. Peter pulled Lucy’s coat from the river with no Lucy inside it.
“What have you done?” Susan cried, yelling out her sister’s name as Peter stood by helplessly. In the space of a few hours he’d managed to lose two out of a possible three siblings. If Susan was suddenly abducted by aliens, he doubted that it would surprise him.
“Has anyone seen my coat?” A small voice asked from further upstream. Lucy walked towards the group slowly, soaking wet and shivering. Peter and Susan smiled in relief, hugging her tightly.
“I don’t think you’ll be needing your coats for much longer.” Mrs. Beaver said, pointing forward to the woods where the snow was slowly melting. “We’re almost there.”
The group continued to walk through the woods, Peter not letting Lucy out of his sight for even a second, despite the small girl now not seeming remotely fazed by her near-drowning experience. Susan was admittedly angry at Peter, but she knew that it was an accident and that Lucy would be okay, but she still couldn’t help thinking that this was a bad idea and that they should’ve gone straight back to the wardrobe. If only Lucy didn’t have her big brother wrapped around her little finger.
A few hours later and the Pevensies followed Mr & Mrs Beaver up a hill, at the peak, the siblings got their first view of Beruna. They all walked down the hill to the hustle and bustle of the camp set up in the valley. Peter kept both Lucy & Susan close to him, as they were the recipients of looks of shock and surprise, as well as muttered comments. The beavers led them to a grand tent and stopped outside.
“We have come to see Aslan.” Peter said, holding his sword out. A large crowd had formed behind the Pevensies and they all bowed as there was movement inside the tent. A lion emerged from it, Aslan. Peter, Susan and Lucy all followed the crowd’s actions and bowed too.
“Welcome Peter, son of Adam. Welcome Susan and Lucy, daughters of Eve.” Aslan spoke. He sounded how Peter had expected- not that he spent much time thinking of how a lion would speak, they didn’t get many of them in Finchley. “And welcome to you, beavers. You have my thanks. But where is the fourth?”
“That’s why we’re here sir.” Peter said and stood up.
“We had a little trouble along the way.” Susan explained.
“Our brother has been captured by the White Witch.” Peter told Aslan.
“Captured, how could this happen?” Aslan asked. Mr. Beaver spoke up.
“He betrayed them, your majesty.” He said, causing concerns to be raised in the crowd.
“Then he has betrayed us all!” A centaur declared.
“Peace, Orius.” Aslan warned. “I’m sure that there is an explanation for it all.”
“It’s my fault really.” Peter confessed. “I was too hard on him.”
“We all were.” Susan said in support of her big brother.
“Sir, he’s our brother.” Lucy said softly. As much as Edmund annoyed her, he was her big brother and she didn’t know what she would do without him.
“I know, dear one. That makes the betrayal all the worse. This may be harder than you think.” Aslan sighed.
A few hours later, the Pevensies were sitting inside their tents recovering from the day, some more than others. Peter had not seen himself as a killer, especially not one of animals but when the wolf tried to attack his sisters, he did not know what else to do. He kept his thoughts to himself, however. Him and his sisters decided to go on a walk around the camp, leaving their tent, Peter looked up at the ridge which the sun was setting over and saw Edmund talking to Aslan, with a girl standing beside him. With one look, he was enchanted it was safe to say. She wore a dress the colour of the sea that seemed to sparkle as it blew slightly in the wind, it was as though the dress was made of tissue paper. Her dark brown hair was loose, falling down to just below her shoulders and even from where he was standing, he could see her bright blue eyes. Susan stood beside him, looking up at her too.
“I wonder who she is.” She said, “she’s very pretty.” Peter nodded, barely acknowledging his sister until Lucy ran over, spotting her brother.
“Edmund!” She called out happily, Peter quickly shushing her. She had caught the attention of Edmund, Aslan and the girl however, who slowly made their way to them.
“What’s done, is done. There is no need to speak to Edmund about what is past.” Aslan instructed.
“Hello.” Edmund said awkwardly, looking at his feet. Lucy was quick to run over and hug him, just happy to see her brother safe & sound. Susan hugged her brother next, asking if he was alright. “I’m a little tired.” he replied.
“Go and get some sleep.” Peter muttered, “and Edmund? Try not to wander off.” He added with a smile.
Here’s Chapter Two! I hope you’re all enjoying the story so far, I feel that it’s a bit slow atm but the pace does pick up soon! X.
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pterpvensie · 7 days ago
the pevensies were so relieved to fall back into narnia. their lives in england fit them like poorly made clothes, pulling taut around shoulders and sitting too loose around chests. they go to the train station and find themselves wading through crystal clear ocean, sand in their school shoes and salt soaking the fabric of jumper and skirt. stripping those clothes feels like shedding a too tight skin, removing a disguise that they’ve been wearing for too long. having to leave again must have been hell. must have been like stepping back into a false life. 
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jojo-pevensie · 8 days ago
The Jobs the Pevensie's Wanted After Narnia.
Peter use to want to join the war, be a soldier. He wanted to be just like his father, but that too changed after he went to Narnia. He realized the heartbreak and pain that accompanies those who go into constant battles. He had lead armies by 13, he had faced death from such a young age, and from then on, he knew he didn’t want to bring anymore pain into the world. He wanted to help people. He wanted to change the world, but he couldn’t if everyone else was broken from their fights. He spent countless days and nights in the library drowning himself in books. He wanted to help heal his warriors that were hurt inside too, just like Edmund and him were. He wanted to stop the nightmares...or at least make their effects less terrifying. So when Peter was back on Earth, he discovered psychology. He became a therapist for the people who, like him, had seen too much to fully recover. Maybe he didn’t change the world like he wanted to, but to the soldiers and veteran who came to see him...Peter saved their lives.
Before Narnia, Susan was just a normal girl who wanted to find love and settle down with a family. She wanted to be a professor. However, afterwards, her entire view of what she wanted changed. She had gone into battles, she had lead battalions, and she knew that all she would ever want was peace, but that wouldn’t be realistic. Instead, she settled for caring for people. She became a nurse to fix the pain people had been put in. Susan had a gentler touch then the other nurses because she remembers being in the soldiers position when she was a warrior...a long time ago. She soothes them by saying the words that she wished had been said to her. Even when they are on the brink of death, she brings them peace. She is quick witted and a fast worker, she tries not to let the deaths affect her so much, but at home, when she is alone, she breaks down. She can’t forget the people she lost in wars so similar to the one these soldiers were fighting in. Susan would do anything to forget the memories of her past, but they made her a better nurse because she understood their pain and they understood hers.
Edmund never knew what he wanted to be because he never knew himself. He was lost, but Narnia showed him who he truly was. He wasn’t just a king, he was a peacemaker, a diplomat. For a brief time, he thought he wanted to be a soldier in the war effort, but he came to realize he wasn’t meant to fight in those wars. That wasn’t where he belonged. He came find out that he was meant to be a judge. He had made so many mistakes in his life, ones out of greed and hate, so he wanted to give people a fair chance. Every time he decides on the outcome of a case, he reminds himself of his life in Narnia. They made their mistakes and they have to deal with the consequences, just like he had too. He wants people to be sentenced according to the crime they committed and not get off just because they have money. He believes in being fair, unbiased, and just even when it is hard to. Everyone deserves to have their story told, everyone deserves a chance at redemption.
Lucy always knew that she wanted to be a teacher, and it came to her naturally. She was kind and patient but also strong willed. Growing up in Narnia, as a young queen, she knew how to command respect even among children. They loved her and wanted her to love them too...she did obviously. She loved getting to make them feel important and bring smiles to their faces. Before Narnia, she always felt like no one wanted her to be unique, so she was completely accepting of who her students were. Lucy knew what it was like to have rulers try and crush her spark of curiosity because they wanted her to be quiet, but she would never stop being who she was. She nurtured that same curiosity in every student that came through her doors. Sometimes she has dance breaks and teaches kids the Narnian dances that she use to dance with her siblings. Other times she has music breaks and play the songs that Tumnus had taught her. She gave these children every ounce of love she possibly could because they needed to be shown peace and love, especially during these dark times.
The Pevensie's never thought would become kings or queens. The never thought they would be fighting in magical wars at such a young age. They use to want normal jobs in a normal world, but then Narnia happened. And it changed them forever.
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celeste2033 · 12 days ago
Chapter One
Tumblr media
To anyone visiting, Queen Jadis' palace was never a welcoming home. Built almost entirely from ice, save the dungeons built from a network of pre-existing caves, it was cold and dark. Yet to Grace, it was home. She had never been afraid of the Narnians trapped in an icy imprisonment in the courtyard of the palace, she loved the polar bears who served her mother as though they were harmless puppies, she never really felt the cold like others did- she was her mother's daughter after all.
For the first thirteen years of her life, Grace had seldom left the palace and when she did it was with her mother. It is the day of her thirteenth birthday that our tale truly begins. "My dearest daughter, do come and sit." Jadis had said, becoming Grace to come and sit at the foot of her throne. "How old are you today?" The queen asked, running a hand through her daughter's dark brown hair. "I am thirteen, mother." Grace replied, smiling. "I am of age." "Indeed you are, Grace. So, as my gift to you, I would like you to visit the people of Narnia more. Show them that we are good people. We are good people, aren't we?" "Yes, mother! Do you want me to go alone?" Grace asked, trying not to get her hopes up. She was so close to freedom, she could taste it. A simple nod from Jadis made the Princess' heart soar. Following the dream she had had the night before, Grace longed to have some questions answered, ones that her mother could not. Who was Aslan? Was her mother a villain?
It took one venture into Narnia for the young princess to learn everything she needed to know and join Aslan's army. Almost three years later, she received a message from a dear friend. A daughter of Eve had been seen in Narnia & it was likely that another three were close behind. It was time.
One morning, Grace awoke to the noise of a sled leaving the palace gates. Stumbling out of bed, she looked out of the window to watch her mother leave. Jadis had heard of the young girl who had entered Narnia and wanted to find her before Aslan did. While the palace was empty, she began to pack a bag. In a matter of days, she would leave the palace forever. It was the only place the young girl had ever known and if she was honest, she was afraid to leave, even if it was for a very good reason. What did you even pack to run away from home? Grace decided that the small dagger Aslan had gifted her a few years ago would be useful, as would a cloak she could use to stay hidden or keep warm. Her room seemed bare, Grace had never thought how strange it was that she had little personal belongings.
The return of the sled distracted Grace, throwing the bag under her bed, she rushed downstairs to meet her mother. Jadis was sitting in the throne room with a young boy beside her. He was a bit younger than her, only by a few years she assumed as she could not see his face, just the back of his head covered in raven hair. She was unsure if she should approach, what if the boy knew whose side she was truly on? It could foil her entire plan and cost her her life. "Grace! Is that you?" Jadis called out. Busted. The princess walked over slowly and sheepishly.
"I am sorry, mother. I did not mean to pry." She said, not looking at the boy.
"That does not matter now, my child. I would like you to meet my new friend. This is Edmund!" the White Witch exclaimed. "He would make a fantastic king, don't you think?" "Yes, I do believe that he would. It is a pleasure to meet you, Edmund." Grace smiled and curtsied, earning only a look of disgust from the boy. "Will I have to share my throne with her?" He asked the White Witch who laughed lightly. "No, no, my dearest. My daughter is betrothed to another king, to make your kingdom stronger. She will not be here for much longer." Grace knew that this was a lie, of course, it was poor Edmund who would not be here for much longer. She sensed that her mother's patience was wearing thin, it drained her to keep the loving queen act up. "I am hungry." he stated. "May I have more Turkish Delight now, please?" Despite the feeble 'please' that he ended with, Edmund's question was more of a demand and Jadis' temperament changed immediately. "Take him to the kitchen." She ordered a servant standing nearby, who escorted Edmund out of the throne room and down a flight of stairs. Before the young boy could understand what had happened, he was locked in a small cell. With absolutely no Turkish delight, much to his dismay.
"I cannot wait for his blasted siblings to arrive." Jadis sighed, closing her eyes for a moment as Grace stood beside her. "Humans are so draining." "Would you like to be left alone, mother?" She asked. "I think that I shall retire to my chambers for the night." The witch said and stood up. "Goodnight, my dearest." "Goodnight, mother."
Fortunately for Grace, her mother's chambers were in the most northern part of the palace while Grace's lay in the southern tower, above the dungeons. Once she was certain that everyone- especially the queen- was asleep, Grace took her bag and descended hundreds of stairs to the dungeons where Edmund was held. She unlocked the door of his cell quickly and quietly, creeping over to him.
"Hey, Edmund." She hissed, shaking the boy awake. "Come, we're getting out of here!"
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celeste2033 · 16 days ago
There is a place, that seems to be a million miles from us. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, lays Narnia. To describe Narnia is hard, it is the most beautiful place you could ever imagine: with woodland to its western border; the Great Eastern Sea on the east; wild lands above it; and Archenland below. Narnia was full of what can only be described as magic.
Full of magical creatures that we can only see in our dreams, and nightmares, living magical lives in a magical land. It was a haven for all. Until a witch came to Narnia, her name was Jadis. She called herself the Queen of Narnia but to the common folk of the land she stole, she was the White Witch. A tyrannous queen who dammed Narnia to a century of winter and stole the land from its true leader, Aslan. Jadis had a fear, however. One day, four humans would stumble across Narnia and end her reign, fulfilling an age old prophecy. She would do anything, and everything, to prevent it- no matter the cost.
16 years ago, the White Witch believed that she had found her solution: a baby. Jadis had no time for children under normal circumstances, they irritated her beyond belief but a baby could be useful. So, Jadis acquired one: a blank canvas for Jadis to use for her own benefit. And so, the queen now had a daughter, Princess Grace of Narnia or the Ice Princess. She grew up to be a beautiful and kind girl, despite her mother, and it was hard for the folk of Narnia to hate her like they did the White Witch.
On the eve of her thirteenth birthday, Grace had a rather bizarre dream. One where a great lion visited her, telling her of the death and destruction that her mother had caused. Of course, the princess was not oblivious to what was happening in Narnia but she feared her mother too much to question it. From that day onward, Grace was a Narnian. Working in secret, she patiently awaited the day that the four kings & queens would arrive to take back Narnia & the prophecy would come true.
"Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight,
At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more,
When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,
And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again."
Couple side notes for this story I forgot to mention in my first post:
This is based off the Narnia books and films but mostly films, specifically the ages of the Pevensies in the films
Chapters will be posted every Sunday at 4pm GMT, there are 15 of them to be posted for this story.
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celeste2033 · 17 days ago
Peter Pevensie x OC Fanfic: the Ice Princess
Tumblr media
I'm Celeste, my pronouns are she/her and erm I love Narnia basically. I've been in love with Peter Pevensie since I was like seven so naturally, I decided to write a fanfic. (technically I'm going to write three but let's just focus on the one for now) I wasn't sure where to publish this book, there is a teeny tiny chance that you saw it on Wattpad momentarily (it got like 14 reads aha) but I decided that it might do better on here so here we are!
Book one is based on the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and is called the Ice Princess. Here is a little blurb type thing for you:
'The White Witch, Jadis, has a secret. And that secret has a secret. Jadis' secret is a daughter, sixteen year old Grace. Jadis kept her hidden away for almost all of her life in the hope that her own flesh and blood would be the perfect protegee but Grace had other plans. Since the eve of her thirteenth birthday, Grace had been working with the greatly revered Aslan to restore Narnia to its rightful state. They awaited the day that the prophecy that the White Witch so greatly feared would come true and Narnia would be free.
So, when an unsuspecting daughter of Eve stumbles across Narnia, three more humans were bound to follow suit. But was the Ice Princess about to melt for a mere son of Adam, or would her mother win her over again?'
Grace technically is an OC, she's pretty much open to interpretation because I do prefer the way that a Y/N fanfic set out (by that I mean that I can live vicariously through them) I can't really write them that well and I also read 'Y/N' in my head rather than putting my own name in lol. So for Grace, the only features I mention are her hair which is a dark brown and her eyes which are ice blue (she is an ice princess after all)
That is everything that I have to say right now, the prologue will be published at 4pm GMT tomorrow and then the chapters themselves will be published every Sunday also at 4pm GMT! I hope that you enjoy the Ice Princess!
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e-louise-bates · 20 days ago
As I've been mining Prince Caspian for dialogue for the screenplay (yes, I'm on Act 2 already, wish I could write this quickly for real projects, but it helps when half the dialogue and the basic structure of the story is already there for you), I am struck by just how clearly Lewis shows the Pevensies' personalities in the sandwich scene.
Edmund: Practical, matter-of-fact, persistent. "What about those sandwiches," he asks, and lists all the reasons they should eat them now, and sticks to his point through all the digressions. He is also the one, after the sandwiches are eaten, who suggests they forage for food.
Susan: Fearful and pessimistic. "Hadn't we better save them," she says, because she thinks they may need the sandwiches more later. She also, I am sad to say, does not offer any helpful suggestions when they are afterward thinking of more food options, but instead merely says it was a pity they had eaten the sandwiches so soon.
Lucy: The dreamer. When the others are figuring out the practical details of the sandwiches, she merely comments that she wishes they could go on being as not-hungry as they were when they were thirsty. She does suggest catching shrimp for food, but this is even less helpful than Edmund's first idea of collecting gulls' eggs, since they have no nets. She also, despite having lived in Narnia and having had many adventures there, has the vague idea that when stories speak of hermits and knights-errant eating roots, it means roots of trees.
Peter: Quiet, thoughtful, and decisive. He stays out of the argument entirely, choosing to keep his own unhelpful thoughts to himself rather than contribute to the pointless debate. Not until a practical suggestion has been made--Edmund's--does he speak up, and then it is to confirm Edmund's choice and tell the others that that's what they should do, at which point the argument stops and they follow his lead.
We see this again in the scene where they are figuring out that they are back in Narnia. Susan is the most distraught by the memories of all they've lost, and afterward doesn't want them to open the treasure room door because she's afraid of what might come out. Peter takes charge and is the one to figure out that they are in Narnia, and also comforts Susan and reminds her that she is a queen here. Edmund thinks of all the practical objections to them being in Narnia, and later is the one to figure out the timeline differences. Lucy has "felt for hours that there was some wonderful mystery" about the island and the castle ruins, and immediately thinks of how excited the Narnians will be at their return later when they figure out that it really has been hundreds of years since their departure--again, dreamy and thinking about their return more in the abstract than in the concrete. (It's striking that all three of the others notice the boat while she's talking about the Narnians being excited to see them--she is more caught up in imagining their response than in paying attention to what's happening in the here and now.)
It's especially interesting because both the old BBC/Wonderworks films and the Disney movies show Peter as the slightly overbearing older brother (more exaggerated in the Disney movies, where he's bossy and arrogant especially in PC); Susan as practical (again, overdone to the point of obnoxiousness in the Disney movies, where she ought to have been named Queen Susan the Practical or Queen Susan the Perpetually Exasperated or Queen Susan the Know-It-All, as there wasn't an ounce of gentleness in her character); Edmund as snarky (Edmund in the books IS a bit snarky, but it isn't the driving force behind his character); and Lucy as bouncy, extroverted, heart-on-her-sleeve, and honestly a little bit shallow (as with Edmund, Lucy in the books is occasionally bouncy, and definitely cheerful, but oh boy does she feel things deeply--too deeply for words, often).
Anyway, I'm just struck once again by Lewis's genius for giving a clear picture in only a few words, and how easy it is to miss on a casual reading. I've read and re-read PC since I was a kid, and this was the first time I saw how well-depicted their personalities just by a few short sentences. The only reason the Narnia books are so short is because Lewis had the ability to use exactly the right word in the right place where any other writer would have needed a paragraph. And because he does it so simply, it's easy to overlook, but once you do see it in one place, you see it in all the books. Sheer brilliance.
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