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#queen of hearts
amerrymystery · 35 minutes ago
Some Ivy and Allen Writing here because Yes.
TW: Transphobia
“Allen, What are You doing here? This Is The Girls Room” Ivy asked visualizing her friend in The door Of The Room
Allen just mumbled something With The Head down trying to not look Ivy In The Eyes, This just Make her More even More worried.
“Allen, Please. I just Wanna Help”
Finally Allen put His Stare yo revealing red points un His eyes probably from Crying.
“They Didn't Let me in in The boys room”
Saying that Ivy was Offended Is very Little, She was furious. She bit her inferior lip and started to walk
“I'm gonna give Them a piece of My mind” Oh, God Allen Knew that look in Ivy's Eyes, She was gonna do something Really crazy right now.
Obviously, If It wasn't The Snake Edén did a intervention grabbing Ivy's feet with her body and hissing Obviously with Allen once More being The only who could hear her.
“For More I Think They dessssserve it, I don't Think They're worth it”
Ivy Looked at Her friend waiting for translation but he only put a hand in her shoulder shaking His Head.
“Edén and I don't want You in trouble”
Ivy finally just nodded to that, but still walking Out Of The Room, maybe She wouldn't Take action but Knew Of Someone who could.
Clover Midori could be a Royal pain, Another Of Cassandra puppets according to Ivy. But If There's something The two Of Them shared Is They'll make anyone who Hurts their Friends Pay.
Alleeeeeeeeeeeen, honey, baby, why must they hurt you like this? My poor little son, he deserves so much better than this. Oh, Ivy is really about to kill a bitch! Yes, girl, smack some sense into those fucking eejits! May God have mercy on anyone who has to face the wrath of Ivy and Clover. They're dead bloody meat, that's for sure. Anyway, this is amazing and heartbreaking and I'm going to go cry.
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luckynatured · 35 minutes ago
Tumblr media
((What strikes me as funny about those archetype results I got for Hilbert and Lucas? The ‘response to problem’ bit in their result is directly something the other would do.
Hilbert when he went through the events of the run: after a period of doubt, eventually directly confronted it and made it better.
Lucas when presented with the Dialga thing: almost immediately takes off for Johto with little to no warning.))
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booksareswag · 41 minutes ago
Here's your daily reminder that Freddy Mercury died in '91 and Sirius Black got out of azkaban during '93 meaning Remus had to tell him he'd died ✌️
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kaerinio · 3 hours ago
@oflogres​ wrote: WAIT A SEC IS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY???? HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUXX!! You are a source of constant joy and passion and inspiration that I love seeing on the dash whatever blog it's on! You are endlessly kind, intelligent, and have this aura about you that I can just TELL you are a person of greatness. I adore you! Your Dany in particular is fantastic, original, and yet so true to canon grrm ought to owe you some fees! Have a happy, happy birthday !! ❤ 🥳 🎂
Tumblr media
EMILY!!! YOU SWEETHEART!!!! I am literally sitting here with tears in my eyes because this is all just so incredibly sweet, and it means so much to me coming from you. I JUST THINK YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!!! I love talking to you and screaming with you. I love seeing you on the dash. I love watching as you develop muses and bring these rich headcanons and metas forward. Literally, every single muse you write comes to life before our very eyes. You are so talented, it’s striking, and you inspire me to look deeper into my own muses and explore the vibrancy living within them.
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lady-bakuhoe · 3 hours ago
Jo!! You're posting! also, hello haha :D <3
CLAUDIA! Omg hihihi! I hope you’re well! It’s good to see you on Tumblr 🥺💕
Tumblr media
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artemishdp · 7 hours ago
the way its so easy predict character deaths in a kdrama.. im mad bc im not surprised anymore. pls let there be other formats of setting up a characters death. it is in their dialogues, character set up, and ultimate desires/goals. and the way writers dont give to them. lol 
like you see it in their dialogues.. aside from his character set up, the way byeongin from Mr. Queen said “you need to live” 5 mins before he dies... when he found sobong near the cliff. 
in early episodes of the guardian/goblin, they established the fact that ji eun tak was a missing soul therefore meets the grim reaper every 9 years so they can “put things in order” obviously, the attempts have been a failure bc of the deities/goblin’s interventions. bc her existence served a purpose and that purpose was being a goblin’s bride. but when they met again after 9 years, she was not a goblin’s bride anymore, shes just a missing soul. the way ji eun tak said to the death reaper “im 29 yrs old” and he had that look in his face, the way he looks at ji eun tak every time he was reminded that she was a missing soul. he wrongly interpreted it, that she was just “meeting” him as old friends. bc he wanted her to live and they had the goblin to keep her safe but he literally was a living omen to her. it was obvious by ep 15, and by her character set up. 
in scarlet heart, you know when all of hae soo’s attempts to go back to the future failed, the only way was for her to die in the past. 
Alberto Gu in Crash landing on you, i was actually unsure about his death but i knew there was a chance they’d kill him. when he was in north korea, he was literally walking on a thin ice between life and death. when seri and ri jung hyuk were in SOKOR and he was left in that place, hiding and running for his life with no other protection aside from his.. helper? assistant?.. the tension between his goal of leaving that place safely and his desire to stay for dan was so HIGH. i was sure they were not gonna give it to him. 
and in youth of may, in one of early eps, that fucking watch. when myung hee’s father had that watch. you know the watch was meant to be passed down and myung hee was the one that was related to him. her father couldnt be the skeleton bc they showed it early, if he was the one who was meant to die, they’d revealed that watch in one of the last eps. 
In vincenzo, the way han seo said to vincenzo in ep 18 or 19? that he wasnt scared of his brother bc he has him and also the fact that he redeemed himself? you know how writers redeem characters only for them to kill them in the end. 
and so much more.
although, me being able to predict their deaths doesnt really lessen the pain of watching it lol. 
but im so bored. i wanna be shockingly devastated! 
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heyimboredtalktome · 10 hours ago
I'll have y'all know that my favorite figure skater's parents told her that to get a dog she'd have to do well at the Olympics and she went and won the frickin Olympics when she was 15💀
Her: I want a dog
Her mom and dad: Yeah sweetie, do well at the Olympics and we'll see
Alina Zagitova: Ok
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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booksncoffee · 14 hours ago
i just finished the wicked king and WHAT THE HELL
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hackedmotionsensors · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Felt like cleaning up this sketch of Queen and Rabbit UuU
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sammys-magical-au · 20 hours ago
Useless Headcanon/AU Canon
Sam jokingly shouts “FOR THE HONOUR OF GRAYSKULL!” when transforming into The Queen of Hearts bc she’s a big SPOP fan and just wants to make the team laugh
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fandomtrxsh19 · 21 hours ago
Ever After Headcanons: aka Ever After High headcanons
Maddie is a tiny smol girl and has been the receiver of headpats, being called “baby”, and used as an armrest many times
Maddie sometimes makes pop culture references and even though Kitty understands, she pretends not to just to see the chaos of confusion.
Lizzie likes to sleep and snuggle with a couple or stuffed animals. It reminds her of home and comforts her. The only people that know are the Wonderlandians
Raven’s a huge Disney nerd. She keeps it low key tho and the only one that knows are Apple and Maddie. Apple keeps on pestering her about it just to annoy her
Cedar secretly wants to learn how to swim but knows she can’t because she’s made of wood
Maddie has lowkey spied on some of the monster high characters without them knowing, well, except for Twyla and Spectra
Daring and Dexter helped Darling with her crush on Apple. The bros help her out with planning dates and when she first asked her out.
C.A is a sucker for really bad romcoms. She loves to laugh at their blatant stupidity and story issues.
Cerise is a hidden weeb. She doesn’t tell anyone out of embarrassment. Her favorite is either Demon Slayer or Inuyasha, but she is a bit of a sucker for the magical girl genre
Ashlynn’s learning to make hats with Maddie and she actually likes it.
Briar is a bit addicted to coffee/ energy drinks. The others try to hide them away from her just in case something happens.
The other girls, specifically Apple, ashlynn and Lizzie, like to play with and style Holly’s hair. Even Maddie gets into it sometimes and it’s adorable. She loves to put Holly in pigtails and in little hats and omg it’s so wholesome
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hopedied · a day ago
padmé’s  handmaidens  from  her  terms  as  queen  of  naboo  all  went  their  separate  ways  after  those  terms  were  up,     except  for  sabé,     who  continued  by  padmé’s  side  as  senator.          in  the  queen’s  shadow,     padmé  works  with  two  new  ‘handmaidens’,     cordé,     dormé,     and  versé.
cordé  posed  as  senator  amidala  in  the  beginning  of  aotc,     with  versé,     and  died  in  padmé’s  arms     --     versé  also  died  during  the  landing  strip  attack.          though  she  knows  that  being  in  her  employ  means  danger,     padmé  still  fears  for  the  lives  of  the  people  around  her.
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