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#quarantine reading
quietsharpeheart · a day ago
So what you’re telling me is that Wonder Woman is Diana who is named after Diana Trevor, Steve Trevor’s mother, and Steve Trevor is Etta Candy’s guy while Trevor Barnes is Diana’s guy. Then we’ve got Donna Troy who is Diana’s sister, not to be confused with Donna Milton, the name Circe used when disguised as a mortal and who has a daughter Lyta whose name sake is Hippolyta, Diana’s mother, who also has the mantle of Wonder Woman…
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frankenshane · 3 days ago
reading chauncy’s gay new york while also delving into my new gay regency romance, has me like
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kkasnotiek · 4 days ago
Hello.. does anyone wanna talk to a lonely 18 year old and maybe become friends?
i’m sure we can find something in common and talk about that …
interact if your interested :D
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candiedshots · 6 days ago
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Coffee,e-book, and eyeglass case
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yeah I know I should be studying for exams and shit but what if I'm incredibly bored to do so :/
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gxn7na · 7 days ago
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I'm On A Short Reading Break. ✨
I Had A Very Productive Weekend, I Dedicated My Weekend Solely For Getting Assignments Done. I Still Have 2-3 Weeks Of School Left So I'm Basically Finishing Up Final Term Topics And Turning In Projects.
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betternamenot2come · 9 days ago
If there’s one group of people you can count on to stay safe during a pandemic, it’s the people that read and write fanfics. Let’s be honest here, we weren’t going out when we were allowed to. Why the hell does anyone think that’s gonna change when we aren’t allowed out?
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bloodyvalntyne · 9 days ago
Dedicated to whoever reads and feels the same way about monotony, and to monotony, thank you.
There are about 1.019.729 words in the English language, but I decided to go with the monotony.
Since the pandemic started, monotony has gained a new meaning, at least for me.
Monotony has become every day, and every day is now the same.
But I would like to thank monotony because monotony has been keeping me alive in these endless times.
Monotony makes me want to wake up every day, hoping there will be something new, but there isn't.
So, thanks, monotony. You've been keeping me alive with your repetitive hours and that magnificent talent of yours, the one that makes the new and interesting things just as boring as you are.
Thanks, you unstoppable melody that plays the same chords over and over again. Because you take all of my problems away, and you make them insignificant compared to you. Because you're not only my salvation, you also are my biggest problem. The one I fight every day, hoping it will disappear if I sleep.
But I've slept hours and hours, and when I wake up, you are still there.
You are there when I wake up, and I take the same classes. You are still there when I hear the same voices and see the same faces, asking and answering the same questions. You are there while I sleep, and I dream nothing but you. You've become my best friend and, at the same time, my worst enemy.
And I might sound rude, but, my dearest friend, I've become tired of you, and as much as I love you, I want you to go away, and yes, monotony, this is me, setting you free and begging you to please go.
But I know you won't do it because I've done it thousands of times in this almost year you've kept me company, and I know that you do it because you care for me, but please, leave me alone.
And now that I'm trying to write this, I recognize that you're not as bad as I try to picture you. You've been kind to me. You caress me with your soft touch. You wipe my tears and brush my hair till I'm numb enough to try and do another thing.
I've read, I've written, I've laughed, cried, watched more episodes of series than anyone would recommend to, I've discovered, and I've repeated that same pattern over and over again. And when you make your great appearance, and I start the cycle again. And I guess my tears aren't enough for you to go away, neither my growing anxiety and necessity to do something new. Because I'm supposed to be in my best years, I should be enjoying being young, not locked inside my house, wondering if I'll ever set a foot outside again.
And yes, I know this is not your fault, but I still miss the outside. And yes, I know you know that sometimes I have a good time, and you enjoy it as much as I do because you like it when I'm happy, and I stop thinking about you, and you take a little break, and you also give me a break.
And when you give me those little breaks is when I am at my best.
You, monotony, make everything so fast and slow at the same time.
I wouldn't know how to describe it.
Days pass fast. Weeks are slow. When I realize it, the month has come to an end, and you start your cycle all over again.
Days are fast. Weeks are slow.
And, you, my friend, are an essential factor in this.
When your cycle breaks, it changes. Days are slow. Weeks are fast.
Because without you, I get lost. Because I'm so used to your presence, I don't remember what's life without it.
You've had me so numb for so long. It almost ridiculous when you think about it. And that's why I hate thinking about it. It's depressing, it's been a year since this started, and I haven't set a foot outside, and I had planned so many things. I was going to see my favorite person live. I wanted to go out and enjoy, I still do, but I can't let myself wander around with that idea. Because it would only get my hopes up, and while I do hope this ends soon, I'm not sure of anything.
And this is making me crazy.
I've always been someone with her goals, ideals, and future set. I've always known the next step, and now everything is changing, fast and constantly, and while I consider myself able to bear change, this is too much.
My dream job has always been to be a teacher, but now, many other things are becoming fascinating. Things I would've never thought of being a possibility. Because engineering never sounded more interesting than now, and while it might be that I'm growing up, this changes the game. When I think about this, I ask myself: is it necessary to know that stuff now? I mean, I'm many years away from that, aren't I? I still have high school to think about it, but as I already said, I've always known the next thing, and not knowing is scary.
And I hate being scared or insecure about anything. It's a hideous feeling, especially when you overthink everything as I do.
I like to put it this way, for instance, you're on a clear field, there's only one way, everything is safe and sound, and then suddenly as you walk more into the pathway, more and more paths start appearing, and the one you were following seems like the most boring. There are other things ahead, but what about everything you had planned? What's going to happen to that? Are you going to ignore it?
Because then again, you've thought about your already planned life so many times that it seems monotonous and not captivating enough.
And you cry or sleep.
There are about 1.019.729 words in the English language, but I decided to go with the monotony.
Monotony is now an essential part of my day.
Monotony keeps me alive.
Monotony is a nightmare.
Monotony is terrible.
Still, I want to thank you, monotony, so thanks for keeping me company and always being there. You are a great friend.
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ephemeralphrog · 9 days ago
hi I’m trying to find this jk ff i read on wattpad but I can’t find it again :’)
it was about jungkook and y/n who had an arranged marriage of some sort?? Y/n has a clothing company and jk was a ceo I’m pretty sure… It was almost like an Office/Business AU
jk was kinda “cold” in the beginning but near the end he gets more romantic (classic wattpad) and i remember y/n tries to learn how to cook for jk, and he’s always home really late bc he’s cheating sort of…
The author had a second book in that same world but it was a Jimin ff, but the author didn’t complete the story
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paradise-creator · 10 days ago
I am 👌 to throwing the computer in front off me rn
(block the tag Quarantine things with my mom if y’all don't want to see me complain about stuff djdbbsbz)
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howdydowdy · 10 days ago
trying on outfits for my important work presentation tomorrow. dresses feel bad. menswear feels bad. my gender is I Don't Want To Be Here and my gender expression is pajamas.
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