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lyricssongs2021 · 11 minutes ago
IPL 2021: Delhi Capitals got relief, star fast bowler associated with team
IPL 2021: Delhi Capitals got relief, star fast bowler associated with team
IPL 2021: Delhi Capitals got a big relief in the opening round of the 14th of Indian Premier League. South Africa fast bowler Enrich Norkhia has joined his franchise Delhi Capitals after the third negative test. Delhi Capitals has issued a statement informing Norkhia of joining the team. The franchisee said that now his superstar Pacer is now out of Quarantine. He was corona examined three times…
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heteroskeleton · 21 minutes ago
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pillowthoughtss · an hour ago
“QUARANTHINGS: Stay positive but not in Covid”
Tumblr media
               We have been in this unusual lifestyle for more than a year now. Studies, work and leisure are all done from our home. No big gatherings, no parties, no events, and no Christmas shopping at tiangges and crowded malls. To be honest, I have positive and negative thoughts in my quarantine life. We all struggled to adapt to the new normal during the first wave of quarantine. It's difficult to see my friends and family only through a screen, and the only way I can go outside is to buy necessities. I'm sick of it. The old world, the outside world, is something I miss. Making Tik Tok videos and scrolling via social media are the only things that keep me entertained. However, social media also contains negative news about the world. The only way to stay in touch with people I care about and keep them up to date on our lives is through social media.
                    There are days when I have a nervous breakdown and have no idea why. It's exhausting. Particularly in the first week of online class, I decided to create a routine for myself in order to feel as though I were still in school. I began doing things that I had never had time to do before, such as opening my curtains, making my bed, slowly getting dressed, and so on. But it changes when time passes. I can’t handle this too much gadget radiation. Moreover, there are times that I really want to listen and learn from our professor but our internet is not cooperating. The coronavirus pandemic threw almost every part of school at once. It wasn't just about the transition from chalkboards to computers. But also, how to discipline the students. Imagine waking up two minutes before classes without taking a bath nor brushing my teeth. It’s not the usual me. Before this invisible enemy has engulfed the entire world, I always made myself productive every morning but due to the mind-set that my classmates and professors will not smell me nor can see me (if I choose to close my camera), this tolerates me to become unproductive.
                    Like other students, I also want academic break. The schoolwork is very exhausting. My eyes and back are also in desperate need of a rest. My thoughts need to be refreshed as well. We are still dealing with the effects of the pandemic, and schools should not add to the pressure on students. One of the reasons I want an academic break is that it relieves stress for us students. College is exhausting, without academic break, students will be unable to recover from the pressures of the online class. We students, too, are overburdened with schoolwork, and this academic break will go a long way toward refreshing our minds from the stressful world.
                Furthermore, this is the very first time that we celebrate Christmas in a pandemic. The celebration for Christmas in a pandemic is unusual. While online simbang gabi is still available, there is still a cultural shift caused by this pandemic. One of the famous Filipino cultures that I practiced was eating Puto Bumbong and bibingka after the mass. This made me realize how this health crisis changes our Christmas culture. I miss the cool breeze of air while walking to church, I miss Christmas family gatherings, I miss buying gifts at the mall or tiangges, I miss Christmas parties with my friends and classmates, I miss everything we used to do before Christmas.
                   As the time passed by, there were certain aspects of this quarantine that I did not anticipate enjoying. Aside from making Dalgona coffee and following the latest Tik Tok dance trends. Quarantine has taught me things about myself that I would never have learned otherwise. It's also good to step away from life once in a while. I can honestly say that having a life slowdown has helped me take better care of myself. It taught me that having some leisure time isn't always a bad thing. I started to adore this quarantine set up; for example, in my online class, I don't have to get up early or travel two or more hours to get to class. And even if I'm at the grocery store purchasing necessities, I can attend lessons. I've always despised getting free time because I felt obligated to do something useful about it. Now that I think about it, I actually enjoy getting free time to do whatever I want, even if it isn't the most productive thing I might be doing. I appreciate taking this opportunity to focus on myself and improve my mental health.
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temarihime · an hour ago
𝚜𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚜𝚒𝚋𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜 𝚍𝚞𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚚𝚞𝚊𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚎
➤ 𝚝𝚎𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚒
nearly at her breaking point
learned how to cook
started a new hobby which involves flowers
she sucks at it
develops a bond with ino after shikamaru told her that ino can help with her flower needs
misses shikamaru but refuses to admit it
screams at everyone who refuses to wear masks
screams at kankuro every day
thinks life can never get better because he has an excuse not to deal with people
time doesn't exist
shaved his hair off
thinks temari is being a bitch but refuses to fight back
taught gaara how to make puppets and do face make up
sends shikamaru photos of temari being sad
learned a few recipes from temari but still is a shitty cook
killed so many of temari's plants but kept it a secret
➤ 𝚐𝚊𝚊𝚛𝚊
worried about if naruto wears his mask
thinks rock lee would get infected alongside naruto
agrees with kankuro that temari is unbearable
started his cacti collection
thinks face make up is cool but refuses to be kankuro's muse
writes a lot to naruto, rock lee and surprisingly shikamaru
always has a free mask to hand out to anyone who doesn't have one
hates being stuck at home but is glad he gets to spend time with his siblings
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artisticnajam · 3 hours ago
♥️السلام علیک یا ابا عبداللہ♥️ #ArtisticNajam #art #blogger #catsofinstagram #drawing #explore #instagood #japan #kpop #love #luxury #makeup #nails #ootd #photoshoot #quotes #quarantine #reels #style #travel #video #viral #videooftheday #PSL2021 #alisadpara #today #instadaily (at Pakistan)
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jasmine-tea-latte · 3 hours ago
In a bit of personal news, I got my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine today!
So in a few weeks my immune system should be stronger and life can finally go back to (somewhat) normal - while still being careful, ofc.
The bad news? This is my current state and it’s only been about 12 hours since the injection:
Tumblr media
I felt fine earlier, but now? I feel like I’m about to slip into a fever dream and start hallucinating myself as a certain bald guy with a blue arrow tattooed on my forehead.
I’ve got a hot cup of jasmine tea freshly brewed and popped some Tylenol; now I just need to convince my husband to sit by my side for the next day or so, spouting Iroh’s wise proverbs about undergoing a metamorphosis and all that jazz.
Wish me luck, y’all.
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diaperboy1986 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I got bored and made 100 cookies today. Who wants some?
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musclefatboy · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I finally got thru all my asks! As a thank you for all the love, I'm throwing in a quick pic of me before the next ten asks pic. Please keep em coming guys! I love to hear from my followers and I appreciate all the love. Thanks for being patient with my answers!
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shaehappyskin · 5 hours ago
Stay at home and break the chain while you shop @ Shae.Store #breakthechain #stayathome #quarantine #shae #shae_happyskin #skincare #beauty #lockdown #storeonline #skin #healthcare #love #fashion #health #food #wellness #travel (at Gurgram, Haryana, Delhi NCR)
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shaehappyskin · 5 hours ago
Stay at home and break the chain while you shop @ Shae.Store #breakthechain #stayathome #quarantine #shae #shae_happyskin #skincare #beauty #lockdown #storeonline #skin #healthcare #love #fashion #health #food #wellness #travel (at Gurgram, Haryana, Delhi NCR)
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babyyoufuckedmeup · 5 hours ago
This hurts so badly but why does my heart feel like it’s about to die
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kolour-kween · 6 hours ago
Aesthetic Book Tracker with no Charge🌺🌿
Hey!! I made this really cute book tracker and scanned PDFs of it, original colour and white-background. All you have to do is like this post and comment ✨ and I will send it to you to use!(free of watermark ofc😆). It can be used digitally and printed so yay!
Have an awesome day!
, kolour_kween 🌼<3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fandom-junk-drawer · 8 hours ago
Watch "plague doc walk tiktok" on YouTube
Steppin out during quarantine be like
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helloviol3t · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Lmao haven’t eaten in two days ganggggg 🤪 idk why I ever though things would be better. I don’t even care if they do at this point lol
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lontanodalpanicoo · 9 hours ago
Caro mario, senza uno psicologo, io, sarei già morta. Volata giú dalla mia terrazza, sulle scale bianche. Se non avessi avuto la forza di andare da qualcuno: uno psicologo. Vorrei fare qualche esempio di ciò che mi sono sentita dire in quelli che ormai sono tre anni, durante i quali sono andata da qualcuno che la società riconosce come “persone che fanno quel lavoro perché volevano scegliere un’università facile” “ma perché che problemi hai?” “Puoi parlare con me” “secondo me non servono a niente” “oddio ma costa un sacco” “da questi problemi ne esci solo con le pasticche” “guarda che dopo non ne esci più” “ma non stai tanto male” “sei esagerata” “io non ti vedo tanto triste” Fa male sai? Fa un male cane sentirsi dire tutte ste cose. Fa male vedere la gente strabuzzare gli occhi quando dico che “si, faccio terapia” perché “non mi sembri il tipo” e la società italiana trabocca di questo pensiero. Vai dallo psicologo se sei MALATO, se hai problemi grossi di cervello. Vai dallo psichiatra e ti danno le pasticche e dopo sembri fatto. Ma gli psicologi non sono dottori. Non sono dottori veri! Perché? Perché il corpo si e la mente no? Loro, gli psicologi, ti ascoltano. Sai, all’ultimo incontro ho parlato del mio rapporto con gli altri. Del mio terrore, puro, di poter far del male a qualcuno. Sto zitta perché non voglio che ci rimanga male. La aiuto, anche se va a mio discapito. Se lei è felice lo sono anche io. Il mio terapista (Mario la sai la differenza tra uno psicologo, uno psicoterapeuta e uno psichiatra? O manco quella?) dice che devo concentrarmi più su me stessa. Su ciò che voglio io. Vorrei una società in cui la salute mentale stia al pari di quella fisica. Vorrei che la smetteste di fare discorsi alla cazzo (scusate ma ci stava bene) su cose senza senso. Caro Mario, si vede che in terapia non ci sei mai stato. Adesso avresti la mente aperta come una cozza bollita e la tua è chiaro che non lo sia. Un bacio❤️
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