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soulsnakebite · a day ago
Kabal, Cassie, Fujin, Quan Chi, Liu Kang persuade the reader to love the sport
I hope it's okay I rephrased it a bit.
Tumblr media
They persuade you to train with them...
Tumblr media
⚜ Kabal is a bit of a lazy potato himself, who likes to hit the snooze button about 4 times in the morning before getting up. Has he sometimes come late to work? No. He's fast. He'll be there in a second anyway. So you both need training and Kabal is the one who decides to be the motivator between the both of you. He praises you of course and says that after training you can go back to bed and sleep or treat yourself to a slushy... or make out on the couch - whichever you're up to, Kabal won't say no. Though sometimes you both skip a day of training entirely and decide to go right to the "treat yourself" part. He doesn't want to be harsh with you and enjoy your time together.
Tumblr media
⚜ Cassie is a very fun training partner, but she will absolutely not go easy on you. Of course she'll give you a hand and take lots of breaks with you if you can't keep up. You don't stop joking around, and you laugh loudly when you manage to pin her down to the floor. Everyone looks at you at the Special Forces training grounds and smiles at you two. The fun atmosphere and cheering from the people around you, makes you like training. Cassie likes to go and get some milkshakes after, and you always look forward to that. You might not like training as much, but you like spending time with Cassie so much, that you're eventually the first one to initiate it, making her smile at you.
Tumblr media
⚜ Fujin makes your training with him very playful and fun, so you won't get stressed out. Fujin is not very strict, he just wants to help you and spend more time together with you while also helping you like training more. He throws in a lot of wind jokes, but he is also a very good at encouraging and praising people. You feel very comfortable with the wind god and it truly is a nice experience - when you get tired, Fujin immediately stops and asks that you drink some water. He looks out for you and never pressures you to do something. Soon enough you look forward to waking up in the morning to wave at your favorite god and start the training, which is quite flirty but productive.
Tumblr media
⚜ Quan Chi is a more neutral teacher, as in - he doesn't mix friendship or relationship with business. Training is simply training between you two, and you don't find it too thrilling. When you point it out, he must now think of a solution. He likes having you around, he wants you to come over more often. So he tries out praising you a lot throughout, which reveals itself as very effective. It motivates you and it also makes you feel good about yourself. Quan Chi looks pleased but he's genuinely happy he found a solution. What made training perfect is when you asked him to take care of your soar muscles. Now it's something he always does after training - you deserve it after all.
Tumblr media
⚜ Liu Kang overworks himself to the max. When you point it out he just smiles at you and shrugs. "It's my duty as protector of Earthrealm.", is all he says. For you this means that he drags you with him to training - otherwise you wouldn't actually see him as often, since he trains a lot. But the Chosen One promises that it'll be fun. You might end up a bit too exhausted, and then Liu Kang admits that this must have been a little bit too much for you. Next time when you get tired Liu Kang asks you to climb on his shoulders, back, or wrap your legs around his torso, while the monk does push-ups or of the like. He laughs when you say that you can train like this all day.
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soulsnakebite · 2 days ago
Another request if it's possible👉👈. Can I get Z for Quan chi? No one has ever written something like this for him before =))
Ziplock - You are cuffed to each other... what now
Tumblr media
"Oh...", you complain as you look at your cuffed hand again. Raiden put you and Quan Chi in chains together, but you and him managed to escape and are now walking away from the scene.
"Now, I wouldn't say I'm uncomfortable.", Quan Chi quips in, even giving you a small smile. It baffles you how he can stay so calm in such situations.
"Lord Shinnok is awaiting us, and we didn't get his amulet back. What are we going to tell him?", you point out, worrying.
"Well, on the positive side we finally have time to get to know each other.", Quan Chi keeps up his positive attitude. He's always so self-assured.
"Okay sorcerer, it was really nice, but I really need you to use your magic to break my hand free from this very uncomfortable chain.", you put your cuffed hand up, shaking the chain for emphasis.
"If you wish.", Quan Chi sighs, but brings forth his green magic. He is strong enough to crush skulls - what is a chain?
You pull your hand back and rub it because it started getting soar. "Thank you."
"But is there any chance you'd want to meet up? I haven't had any friends before, and you intrigue me.", Quan Chi admires your facial features as he confesses his loneliness.
"I don't see why not, Quan Chi, but let's not fail this mission and then we can talk.", you say, turning around and walking back to try once more and retrieve Shinnok's amulet. Which will be difficult since Raiden has become very irrational because of it... not quite himself.
Quan Chi just clasps his hands back behind his back as he watches you leave. There's a soft happy smile on his face - and before he starts following you the sorcerer shakes his head: "I don't see why not, Quan Chi.", he repeats the words to himself.
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katze-law · 2 days ago
Silly/ Unpopular Mortal Kombat Opinion #2
I've noticed that A LOT of the "Kombatants" seem to make terrible decisions given the situations they're in all of the time.
So... here's what I think where some of these decisions MAY come from, with Raiden being an obvious example:
Raiden: His "immortality", his anger and other emotions, his fatal flaw of using half-measures, his dependence on the so-called "Elder Gods", his tendency to make unnecessary and pointless desperate deals, and perhaps his aloof nature overall.
In MK11, when he became mortal, his overall IQ was boosted MUCH higher than it ever was when he was "immortal" by NOT trusting Shang Tsung in the first place. But he was forced to go along with Liu Kang anyway.
Long story short, anyone who is considered to be a "god", "immortal", or has some form of mystical power are BOUND to be terrible decision-makers, even the likes of Shang Tsung, Quan-Chi, or even Kronika....
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chadillacboseman · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
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Frost, Kronika, Quan chi, Kano, Onaga
Alright I would get drunk with: Kano. He seems like a "professional" drinker < (aka; I think he can hold his liquor better)
Make out with: Onaga. I have no shame. I would do it
Date: hmmm I wanna say Frost. I think a little date with her would be fun
Marry: Quan Chi. Obviously.
Punch: (I am so sorry @kronikaslittlestepford) Kronika. 1. she's the only one left on the list and 2. (speaking of how she is canonically; aka, in game), I really really want to beat the "entitled Karen" parent out of her. That might kill her, but oh well.
thanks for this ask @ombratheshadow13
thank you
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When Shinnok gets his amulet back, it's over for you bitches!
Quan Chi to Sub-Zero in Sub-Zero mythologies
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kusagrasskusa · 13 days ago
Mortal Kombat Males X Reader Imagines - VILLAIN EDITION :D - "Falling In Love" - Part 1
Kano, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Ermac, Shao Kahn, Baraka, Scorpion, Noob, Goro, Reptile, and Erron Black.
Here's some Mortal Kombat villain headcannons! The bold characters are linked to another post I made, and the Italic characters are on this post! I couldn't fit them all onto one post due to the 10 gif limit and 30 hashtag limit, so here's this :P
These are headcannons and I really don't know about some of there's characters backstory and whatever, so don't be surprised if something us wrong. Don't be afraid to inform me :)
I may switch between "you" and "Y/N" a lot :)
Oh, and because this is Mortal Kombat, expect blood and manipulation. A while back, someone complained about there not being a blood warning for a Mortal Kombat fanfic I was writing. If you're sensitive about that stuff, you should prolly ignore the game tbh.
Lastly, Shang Tsung's was longer than expected. I um- love him?? Like a lot?? Like, a lot lot?? Mmmmmm????? And you'll see why I say this soon-
EDIT: HOLY SHIT 73 HEARTS- THANK YOUU! Tho I feel hella selfish asking, but can skme of ya'll reblog and let me know what you think in the little comments there? I've only ever written imagines in this style once before and didn't get much feedback. If you guys can let me know where I should improve and what I did okay, that'd be great! Besides, it helps reach out to other people who may want to see these kinds of things. Thanks again!
Tumblr media
To be honest, to be able to be in a relationship with this man, you'd have to be close to him since he was little. With his job and how often he leaves to fight, he sorta doesn't really have time for relationships. So you'd have to be his childhood friend who cared about him enough to leave with him to start the Black Dragon.
When you were little kids growing up in a trailer park, it was a common rule to never let your kids outside alone as their was a lot of pedophiles and dangerous people. Yet one day, your parents brought you to your neighbor's house where Kano lived. There, you two became close friends.
If you weren't from Australia, then when you began to pick up the accent, Kano would laugh at you a lot and tease you. But you, with a similar personality, would find a way to tease him just as hard. You two got into a lot of fights when you grew up together, but you two would have no time to stop and think when someone hurt one of you. That's because it happened once and it's what made you two get the closest you've ever been:
When you were 13, you were encountered by some boys flirtatiously. It wouldn't have been so bad if they were around your age; no, these boys were 19-25. You were alone at the time and were walking home from school, as your school was walking distance, and Kano was sick that day so he didn't walk home with you. You tried to walk away but then one of them grabbed your arm and began to get way too close for comfort. Yet out of no where, Kano cane with a metal bat in hand. Rather than announcing his presence, he swung his bat and attempted to fight then off the best he could, but a 13 year old had no chance. When he was being jumped, you tried to defend him and got hurt badly as well. When someone called the cops, they ran off.
Ever since then, Kano was strange and way more protective and violent. His right eye was blurry and dark, yet he swore he had no regret in helping you that day. Although he would never do as much as yell at you, he had no problem yelling at his parents and punching holes in the wall when he got upset. At school, his grades were shit and he got into so many fights that he was kicked out. You were basically the only person he really trusted at that point.
Then he was sent to military school. For three years, you were alone and scared. You carried a 12" knife everywhere with you in case you got hurt since Kano wasn't there; and at school, everyone knew you as the best friend of the asshoke who beats the shit out of everyone. No doubt you got bullied hard for it and even jumped. As for Kano, military school was fucking torture with people yelling at him all the time and he couldn't fight back. Yet overtime, he became much, much stronger and bigger. And by the time he was 16, he could no doubt take down a wrestler on the low-medium side.
The day he returned from military school was the happiest part of your life. But when you saw him, he was nearly unrecognizable. He was more muscular, growing facial, and a little bit taller. Of course, not the size he would be as an adult but still larger. Actually, in your eyes, hE waS hOtt. You hugged each other and you began to cry hard from happiness. It was a good day.
Yet even though he showed no bit of his violent side to you, at home he became even worse. His anger and hatred towards the people around him was bad enough to where killing them was as simple as that. The next morning of him returning, the police arrived on the scene. You were told that his family was dead and that Kano was missing and damn, did that scare you so bad.
Kano had snuck into your house weeks later in the middle of the night through your window. When you heard his footsteps, you turned in your bed to find a large figure looming over you. He covered your mouth before you could scream and he told you who he was. Through the moonlight, you could see a metal thing over his eye. He chuckled and told you that he met some people that fixed him up and that he was running away to stay with them for now on. That you have one chance to come him or you'll never see him again.
You were in shock, of course. Yet even so, you packed your bags and stood by his side. It was during a long walk in the forest did he tell you, "I'm so fucking glad you came. You're like an abused puppy; innocent and small yet loyal to some asshole, heh heh."
"You're an asshole, definitely, haha. But you're a damn lot better than everyone else in our life. How could I not go?" You asked but you didn't get a response. It was a mere 5 minutes of silence before he stopped and sighed. You stooped and looked over at him questioningly. "You okay?"
"Y/N," he stated as he grabbed your hands and pulled you close. "This is so fucking cliche but uh...Damn, don't judge me for what I'm about to say, okay? It takes a lot to say this, alright?" He growled as his face showed his frustration. You giggled at his flustered face as you listened in on what he was about to say. "I love you, okay? I love you. I'm so fucking happy you came with me; it helped me realize how I felt, okay? You're an amazing person, godammit."
Y/N shivered as he cheeks lit up. A smile grew on her face as she grabbed the sides of his face all lovingly. Naturally, that would make Kano feel even more embarrassed. "I love you too. You're an incredible, strong, and independent man with an adorable soft side, hehe." Kano sighed and rolled his eyes, grabbing Y/N's hands and squeezing them. He leaned in for a quick kiss that ended up lasting a few seconds longer than expected. And before you picture this in your mind as loving and shit, just know these 16 year olds don't know how to kiss at all-
Tumblr media
Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung very proud of his wealth, dignity, talent, looks, skill, and position in the empire of Shao Kahn. He and Quan Chi would unspeakably fight over the position of number one best, which was he before Shao Kahn was defeated by Lui Kang the first time. However, this takes place way before that, before Shang Tsung grew old and hosted the tournament. He's young and proud, and his wealth and looks captured the attention of many people whether male, female, or anything else. However, this time, he caught interest in someone else.
A street dancer dancing graciously in a ring of fire. She wore a traditional dress of yellow, orange, and red that swung around graciously to the rhythm of the fire. It had a strip that revealed her leg to help her move around more. She had her hair up beautifully as to keep it from burning off, and the strands that remained departed swung around with her. Despite clearly being poor, she dances like she's been trained by the best and only the best.
Shang Tsung was in his carriage filled with riches at the time, lavishing the faces of people who envy his wealth and are in need. Yet when saw a large crowd build up around a giant bonfire, he stopped and looked. He commanded his driver to halt so he could see what the commotion was about. Perhaps a large group of people was being burn at the moment. Either way, he was curious, and he wanted to know. He stepped out of the carriage and walked his way passed peasants, shoving them aside and not sparing them a glance.
The performance he saw was astonishing to him. He got to the front of crowd and therefore had the best viewing of the girl's beauty. Not just her dance, but rather her poorly clothes, hair, face, and body was all a wonderful sight. You could even say he was impressed. When the show was over, people tossed coins and praised her way. She bowed and thanked them all, taking the coins and stashing it away in a bag. When she made eye contact with Shang Tsung, who smirked cockily, she pouted her lips and looked away. His dirty money meant nothing to her.
Yet the next week, the same time of night, she danced again. This time, with little creatures of outworld that were trained to preform certain movements whenever their trainer did. This dance was more gracious than the previous, and the next week was more special. Each week, little by little, the dances got more beautiful and awe worthy. And Shang Tsung made sure to attend every one of them off of admiration.
It was only a matter of time before he finally contributed money to her as well; and when he tossed his coin, he made sure it was a lot. When Y/N picked it up, she froze in shock and felt tears form in her eyes. Never once had she ever viewed a coin so valuable. And just from knowing it was Shang Tsung, as he always watched from the front, she made sure to take a deep breath and give to someone more worthy. She threw the coin into the crowd, and someone caught it and yelled in joy.
Shang Tsung felt nothing of her sacrifice, as at least she recognized him as a big enough fan. And yet week after week, he tossed coins and Y/N gave out those coins to the less fortunate. And when he would toss more coins, more peasants people would be given money. And Y/N never made that much at all, as even with all the money she got from the poor peoples, the people were poor and therefore could only give out a little bit. So she was basically making $50 or 50€ every week, which is just enough to survive for a while in this place.
Y/N knew that Shang Tsung knew that she was tossing his money and why. But after a while, she couldn't help but appreciate his offer. I mean, he's giving money to the poor that way, just not directly. And if she's being honest, she was practicing her dances and tricks harder and harder each day just for him. It started to feel more like a team fundraiser to her, actually. And with her growing up peasant streets where everyone is scared to let their pride down in fear of being hurt, she knew there was some cold people out there with a good heart that they hide in fear. Maybe, she thought, this was Shang Tsung's way of doing something good without feeling like it's his fault.
One particular night, however, she was training in a private area alone, but she felt like she was being watched. Although she tried to convince herself that she's paranoid, she knew better. So eventually, she stopped dancing and looked around the broken down home. She saw nothing at all, but she still knew someone was there. Shang Tsung emerged from the shadows and complimented her style. He held out a bag that made a metallic sound inside, meaning it was stacked full of money. Y/N was surprised as all hell and silently took the money with a nervous expression. Shang Tsung then left but told her he expected an even better performance next time.
And that wasn't the last time he done that. And one day, you asked him why he even cared to watch a poor girl's dance when he could afford 10x better dancers. He explained that he himself didn't know, and that he just felt obligated. It turns out the sorcerer was easy to get along with and talk to, so Y/N felt at ease when she spoke to him a few more times.
One day, he requested she would preform for an upcoming festival for the emperor himself. No payment required, no obligations, just a large dance that would be in front of thousands of eyes. He would pay for any attire, equipment, trained animals, special effects, backup dancers, and more just for her. Of course, Y/N agreed. She was put in a carriage with Shang Tsung to be brought to the specified location of the festival. In the carriage, they along well.
Y/N was much quicker to fall in love than he was. She found him wise and strongwilled, even if he was a murderer of thousands. Y/N was naive of course, and Shang Tsung had no problem taking advantage of that either. As they talked, he would bring up promises and praise to her if she agreed to do certain things or agreed with his opinion. Things to make her feel more cared for and appreciated.
During the dance, her performance was better than anything ever seen before. Her movements through fire in her new dress were so eye catching that even the emperor himself wasn't that bored through it, as the impatient man was through all else. Her dance had sections to it and twists that made it all the more surprising. Shang Tsung felt proud, strangely to him, and was sure to praise her for it later.
Just because the festival was over doesn't mean that Y/N and he had no longer talked. Due to their time together when she was practicing for the festival, they're relationship got closer than expected. Actually, Y/N had even considered him a friend. Shang Tsung didn't see her as a peasant, but a friend felt like a stretch to the sorcerer. But still, he definitely could enjoy her company.
Weeks after the festival, Y/N knew she loved him. She felt so stupid for falling in love with someone with power and money, as it made her feel disgusting. But she couldn't help herself. Then a time when the sorcerer noticed a strand of hair not being in the right position, he was sure to fix it for her. She felt so flustered that he'd care to notice something so small. By then, Shang Tsung knew how she felt about him and was sure to use it to just advantage. He is a cursed murderer after all who had been one for hundreds of years, so it's believable for him to still act like that.
The day came when he would invite her to tea whenever he had room for it. His charm was irresistible and Y/N's heart would speed up with every sentence he spoke. Y/N made good company in that time and calmed his nerves each time they met up. But finally the idea came across his mind at the end of one of their meetings: what if he accepted her love? But for what reason, what use? He couldn't think of any reason why he should be with someone he cared for as a friend at best, but at the same time, she was streetsmart and knew basically everyone on the streets.
The idea came to his head at last. Y/N was stealthy and flexible, as well as streetsmart and knowledgeable of all the poor people. Lots of people rebelling against their emperor comes from poor places and the ones who burn down royal buildings often go uncaught. Perhaps she could aid in those situations. Or maybe she would make a good spy in general, hmm? And with that in mind, the next meeting, he said that he perhaps sees her a little bit closer than a friend would. Y/N would grow flustered and confess her own feelings as casually as possible, which wasn't all that successful. "So then," the sorcerer spoke, "it is decided. Mutual respect and care is the core of a loving relationship, is it not? It would make quite a lot of sense for someone with our traits to come together as one soul and two bodies (marriage). We manage well together and could prove useful to one another. You may use my wealth to feed them poor, and I may use your company as comfort."
Y/N agreed hesitantly, but alas still agreed. Shang Tsung wouldn't come to love her until a while later, as those things slowly grow to him. It was maybe the day of marriage when he finally noticed that maybe he did care for her more than a friend. And Y/N, naive to believe she wouldn't be used, was head over heels for the scorcerer.
Tumblr media
Quan Chi
Simply put: you are his loyal servant and he, you're world's God. Y/N may not have been a reborn demon sent to hell, no, but rather was once and orphan child who was "saved" by him. Ever since, it was your top priority was to make him happy and to serve him with pride.
You were only 8 when he found you alone and dirty in the streets of Outworld. He just happened to be on his way to a place on the other side of the dark realm and happened to spot you begging for money. He smiled darkly at the misfortune of others and through the window of the carriage, you saw him and recognized him as the wealthy sorcerer. As soon as it clicked in your head that he was Quan Chi, you stood up and ran after the carriage and shouted for help. Amused, he had demanded we the carriage to stop so he could listen to the poor child's plea.
All she asked was money. It was expected to hear her say that, as he's heard the same plea countless times from countless people. But the question he always had was, "what makes you worthy of such wealth?" Typically, the person's response was that they were helpless and/or served under Shao Kahn's command in the army. Those responses were simply repeatetive and meaningless to the sorcerer. Yet the child's response was different and had captured his attention.
"I am capable of summoning a flute that controls the actions of a specific person, or group, who hears it. I can control their body that way and can use them as puppets for any need. I can be useful to Outworld if you'd just lend me help in return!" The poor girl begged, making a few hand motions to summon a flute from her hands. Quan Chi was definitely interested and asked how strong it worked. She replied that it gets stronger by age, according to her mother before she passed. He asked about the girl's parents, and she explained that they had fought for Outworld and died doing so.
So his mind was made up; he would take her under his command as now he sees potential in her. Being a naive young girl, she took this as kindness unlike any other and already took praise of the man. Later, she would be brought to hell and from then on, trained.
Throughout her time under his command, Y/N was taught the many ways of scorcery and how it works. What tricks she was to learn to be useful to him was her choice, but boosting her own speed, defense, and strength was a requirement. As she grew older, the amount of control on a person grew stronger and stronger, and she would finally be capable of playing her flute fast and loud enough to prevent people from easily stopping her. As for her combat skills, she struggled to get the hang of punching and kicking ruthlessly until her opponent was dead. Although she could fight, her skills were that of a normal army man.
When she was 14, Scorpion was brought to hell and reborn. By then, her loyalty and love for Quan Chi had increased tenfold; hell, you may even call it love. Due to the amount of manipulation that murder is normal and that what the baldass scorcerer was doing was good, her love for him was inevitable. What an amazing man to have saved Hanzo and her from a terrible fate. Y/N's love for him was more than a teenage crush, truly. Although she never mentioned it directly, she wasn't keeping it a secret either.
Her cheeks would turn red around him and her smile would never fade. She may have been raised by a serious and cocky man, but only the cockiness of him went on to her. She was still a child and had childish urges to express her love for him in some way; maybe she would praise him in private to the other demons, lost souls, Scorpion, and others. Of course the demon himself knew of her feelings and would use that to his advantage as well. More praise would come out of his mouth whenever she preformed a task for him in order to make her more obligated to aid him.
By the age of 20, Quan Chi had grown onto her as well. He never once saw her as a daughter but rather another hellspawn, even the definition didn't match up. So he beginning to love the find young woman she became wasn't all that strange. Besides, this sort of thing was strangely common in Outworld. I mean, Kitana is an Edenian of hundreds of years old yet she fell in love with the mortal human that is Lui Kang. Quan Chi knew Y/N quite personally as well, so there's that. However, his love her wasn't really love, but rather a love of what she can do for him. Unlike Shang Tsung, he is a demon with a completely different mind of that of a human's so love isn't something he can truly expirence.
Their relationship had never been officially discussed; it sorta something that they both knew existed without any words being said about it. The scorcerer is no fan of PDA, yet in private, spoiling his lover was something he enjoyed doing. And she would repay him back by preforming any task required and sharing her love for him back.
Tumblr media
A creature with hundreds of souls swarming inside him is a cause for insanity. Imagine being trapped with nearly a thousand people who argue, complain, scream, cry, laugh, kill, save, and clash personalities every second of your life without any possible escape. It would be no surprise if you went fucking insane after a single day of pure despair; you may begin to cut open your skin and put small family airlooms in it to keep it with you at all times because of how much you miss them. You may start to pull out all your teeth and eat them, or snap your bones because you love the sound and feeling of pain. Those examples would be ways of comfort no matter how you look at it, and being incapable of doing anything to co-op with your hellish afterlife is an agony words will never be capable of describing.
Y/N was a simple maid working for Shang Tsung. The sorcerer wouldn't have time to clean up dead bodies and blood in the Flesh Pits when he immediately needs to work on another project, so his maids were the one to deal with that. You were assigned with the task of cleaning up after him. And for a long period of time, cleaning up the scorcerer's Flesh Pits became so long and hard that it became your only chore, and he had been killing many more than usually. Then one day, you over heard talk about a being of hundreds of dead warriors.
There was a creature that showed up in the Pits one day that you couldn't ignore. His green eyes glowed and had waves of green flow through them as if it showed a glimpse of what swarming souls looked like. He was quiet and still, only ever sparing you a glance when you'd clean. This was the being of many dead warriors, and it clicked Y/N quite fast. One day, with Shang Tsung absent, Y/N was cleaning up blood on one of the torture tables when she heard a voice from behind her. No, not a voice; it was like many combined. Frightened, she turned around and saw a tall figure wrapped in bandages staring right at her.
That moment, Y/N thought she was about to massacred into the worst way possible. When the tall man slowly stumbled closer and closer to her, she backed up against the table and covered her head with her arms out of fear, dropping whatever she was holding. In the unfamiliar place that is a chamber of hundreds of souls, it's easy to see that Ermac wouldn't have been stable in his early stages of development. Seeing a beautiful lady was familiar to him but he forgot how to respond as the endless combinations of ideas from each soul were different. Ignore her, compliment her, harm her, befriend her, and others that could either be terrible or better.
"Human girl," was his first ever spoken words to someone other than Shang Tsung. "Your name?" Y/N would looked at him and shiver while answering with her name. The name would repeat endless times in his mind as each soul took their time committing it to memory and getting used to her. It was mentally overwhelming, as easy to tell be how strange he was acting. He was very close to her, perhaps a foot away, eying her as if he'd never seen someone like her before. He was intrigued and too overwhelmed with different ideas to know what to do next other than just stand there. After seconds of silence, Y/N broke the silence.
"What is...your name?" Ermac was took his time to comprehend her question but responded with his name moments later. It got silent again, but an even longer time. Y/N stayed in her protective position the whole time as she could just see in his eyes of how unstable he is. She didn't know what he was capable of and if he knew what he was doing. Finally, the sounds of footsteps echoed throughout the place and scorcerer returned. He motioned for Ermac to leave when he saw the situation and apologized to Y/N.
The next time this happened, the interaction wasn't much different. He appeared behind her when she wasn't looking and said her name in his voice that contained hundreds of sounds in it. She was startled again and dropped whatever she was doing. "Ermac...Can I help you somehow," she asked despite the shakiness in her voice. Ermac simply got close again and stared at her. He said that he just wanted to look at her as she was the most beautiful person he'd ever seen. A shiver went down Y/N's spine but she pretended to hide it. Then Shang Tsung arrived and took him away.
The third time was similar, as was the fourth and fifth. The main difference was that he was quicker to respond and had less exaggerated movements. He wasn't stumbling to walk due to the many souls not knowing where to go, and was able to comprehend her words to him much faster than before. And eventually, it was clear his intentions weren't devious at all but rather just him being curious about the lovely girl he sees everyday.
Ermac, the moment he saw her, was in love. For someone so mentally unstable without anyone but her and Shang Tsung, any connection with anyone wad precious. And the beautiful girl was someone he immediately fell in love with for responding to him politely and acknowledging him. His souls may not be able to co-op with their claustrophobia.
One occurrence was when Y/N was cleaning the floors and suddenly Ermac appeared. She smiled at him nervously when she saw him and said hello, which he replied by asking how she is. Somewhere in the conversation, Y/N had asked how many people were in him. He was silent for a moment before saying that can't count but it's more than a hundred. Ermac then apologized for how he was when he first met, as his souls couldn't understand what was going on around them and were constantly at war. Y/N sympathized with him and told him that it was alright, and that she's glad he's getting over it.
They're conversations got more normal and longer from then on, and she noticed that each visit was more intelligent than the next. The souls were learning to understand their body and minds with the help of Shang Tsung, forming an overall personality among them. Of course, Ermac's strong immediate feelings for the girl never disappeared, like how his loyalty for Shang Tsung hadn't even though each soul was killed by him in the past. He was a soft spoken guy who showed incredible power and had not yet been introduced to the battles he was made to fight. Due to not having the corruption in him yet, he showed his soft spot a lot, even if his expression was always empty of emotion.
At Ermac became more stable, Y/N inevitably began to love him back. He was polite to her despite her just being a maid, and treated her as an equal. That was something she could respect more than anything else. And confessing wasn't that hard either; Ermac's souls have seen so much in past lives that any "surprising event" wasn't surprising at all but rather seen as something that just so happened to happen with nothing else to it. So a time when he would randomly say he cared for her, she said she cared for him more. The next time he said he cared deeply for her, she said she loved him. And that's how it began.
Y/N is simply a hard worker who gets anxiety easily. Yet even so, Ermac saw a lot in her due to the fact there wasn't many people to examine anyway. In their relationship, Ermac came to easily tell when the younger girl was nervous by examining her body language. When that happened, he learned that her comfort was being touched; whether a hug, holding hands, playing with her hair, or whatever else, it would distract her from her anxiety. Ermac would become more civilized over time, but Y/N was okay with that change even if his soft side wasn't seen as much. I mean, it benefits him, don't it?
Tumblr media
Shao Kahn
Y/N is a strong, independent, calm, collected, and skilled fighter who can find away around the toughest situations. She was easily on par with the scorcerers themselves on some things, and advanced in others. She knew Chinese, English, Edenian, and Japanese and was very skilled in medical arts. In some cases, she could be considered legendary for her abilities. She was a general in Shao Kahn's army and had not once came close to losing. In her training, during breaks the armies were required to learn about medical treatments in order to ensure lesser deaths. She was tactical and thorough in her works along with beautiful, thus earning her many admirers everywhere she went. However, she was known for being quite emotionless and therefore not very capable of accepting praise.
At 14, she was brought into the military for being capable of managing nearly every problem that came her way. Even the grown men she fought along side with struggled to keep up with her. Hell, she'd even train people who struggled to keep up and prove to be of good use. By 16, she was right below the power of the general. By 17, she had total control over an entire army and she knew how to train them properly. Women were uncommon in these positions so word quickly spread. No doubt the emperor himself would want to gain knowledge of this girl as well.
When Y/N was requested to meet up with other people in power at the empire of Outworld, she held in her pure excitement. But on the inside, she was anxious and happy as all hell. And when she stepped place onto those pure palace floors, she felt so honored. When she first arrived, there was a man who was assigned to escort her to the emperor. He introduced himself as Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn's right hand man. Kn the way to the throne room, he explained why Shao Kahn wanted her in and what he had planned. Long story short, the stories he heard of her was that she was greater than any warrior Outworld had ever seen, and in others they said they witnessed her take on dozens of men at once and came out scratchless.
When she arrived into the throne room, her eyes laid right on the emperor straight away. By his side was Outworld's very princess of blue and her guar of green, and on his other side was a demon known for his powerful scorcery. Guards surrounded the doors and room to only stress the authority of the emperor.
Simply put, you were offered a position next to his scorcerers as a high authority General. But first, you would have to prove your strength to him; to prove your capabilities true. And yet, even up against the two scorcerers themselves, you had won. That was enough to prove to the emperor of your capabilities, thus earning you the job. You couldn't let it show, but your gratitude was immeasurable and suppressed under a small smile and a few lines of dialog.
She admitted that she wasn't all that stronger than the both of them together, but she managed to win easily by analyzing their attack styles and countering it. Impressed, she was given a position in the army.
Y/N's greatest honor in the world is serving the emperor. She was completely swallowed into admiration and radiated none less but the highest respect. As for Shao Kahn, he only respected and trusted the girl back. No doubt that his admiration for her went from professional to something a little more, but it's not the kind of liking that anyone may expect. Yes, he was the emperor but he was still more than capable of real love.
Most would think that love is something that would hold back people, but not to him. To Shao Kahn, every emotion is very important and useful when making decisions. And if he felt falling in love with Sindel centuries ago woul help maintain a kingdom, then he had no problem falling in love with her. And the plan worked. Shao Kahn has a way of blocking out emotions though, showing really just anger. However there's a lot happening in that man.
Y/N would be sent on so many missions and come back with a mere few scratches on her. At some point, even the scorcerers became jealous of the girl's attention from the emperor. It was a matter of time until Shang Tsung asked her how she managed to be so safe all the time. She simply said that she was born with an ability that fights with her without command.
Y/N was one to not care for praise, hate, flirts, or conversation in general. Her empty look was proof of which. Yet when thr emperor's praise became more and more personal and sensual, Y/M couldn't help but feel her legs weaken and her heart pound. The unfamiliar feeling made her hella nervous, and Kitana made her understand what it was.
As this takes place before the tournament, Mileena and all them aren't there. Kitana is, however, and she confronts Y/N one day without fear. She mentions how her father has taken a liking to her and that she knows how she feels about him. Kitana then told the story of how her mother died for the kingdom, and asked if Y/N really wanted to be used as a pawn. Y/N smiled at the girl who was clearly hurt and explained that she's already bound by servitude.
One day, Shao Kahn had asked the girl to go somewhere with her private. It was a strange part if the palace no one but the emperor knew existed; it was beautiful. A little pond, trees, and pure peace. It was still within walls of the empire however, as if the area was an indoor garden. And through the windows has a good view of Outworld. Y/N was brought over to a window and explained, "Y/N, everything you see out these very windows could be your's. For as long as I live, if you let me take you as my bride, I shall give you everything you could ever want. This is your decision, but choose wisely."
Of course Y/N had to agree. She knew it would hurt Kitana, as the girl clearly grew to like her, but the emperor was her main goal.
Tumblr media
The daughter of Sindel and Shao Kahn, the half sister of Kitana and Mileena, is Princess Y/N, a noble girl of beauty and riches beyond comprehension. This girl was born into a warm castle, clean air, money, good clothing, and loving family, a trusting sister, and much more. Her father, Shao Kahn, was very loving towards her and clearly saw her as his greatest achievement besides being emperor. Kitana loved and protected her younger sister from the the day she was born into this world. Sindel loved both her daughters equally, however she decided to abandon them only a mere week from Y/N's birth to protect her kingdom.
Despite her parents, Y/N is a kind and humble soul who sees life beyond her kingdom and pities the poor folk without the ability to be free from their harsh world. She was a strong fighter, one that could nearly defeat Shao Kahn, and her siren-like magic was incredible. Her voice was that of a mythological being; capable of manipulating emotions, thoughts, and even movements of her opponents. Of course let's not forget her shared Kiss of Death.
A leader of the most despised, aggressive, poor specie known to Outworld, a creature born into cold, hateful lands, and a being born with dangerous spikes was Baraka, the leader of the specie of Tarkatan. He was hairless with evil eyes, sharp teeth, and bones that poke out of his skin that can be used as weapons. He's powerful, untamed, and cruel to all those who piss him off. He was born into a harsh life with no one to aid but him or guide him but himself. That is all he is, ever will be, and nothing will ever change that.
Yet Baraka had earned himself into the place of Shao Kahn, and with a role that would get him massacred for if he dared step out of line for even a moment. Y/N had been training with her father, and she was perfect and agile the whole time, however there was one thing that she always did to pass her father off; no matter who or what she fought, she would never finish them. Years and years of training, and she would never kill. This earned her many punishments, such as being humiliated or beat; afterall, this is Shao Kahn who raised her.
Y/N wasn't let outside the kingdom either. She was considered too weak and fragile because she wouldn't kill. So a fee times, she tried to escape but was caught by either one of the sorcerers, a guard, her sister, or her father. At some point, Shao Kahn wanted someone to keep watch of his daughter to ensure she would never step out of line. And that someone was the savage himself.
Baraka would walk and follow her every place she went no matter what, even if it got the princess mad. Kitana could never convince Y/N to just kill something to make her father stop hurting her, but it just wanted in the girl's heart. The only time Y/N would allowed to be by herself was when she bathed, and even then Baraka would stand outside the room waiting. Baraka had never spoken to her unless she spoke to him, as ordered, but one particular day he didn't follow that order.
Y/N had just gotten clean and decided to quickly get dry and dressed before leaving the room, as normal. Yet what Baraka hadn't seen was that she carried a knife with her to the bathroom, which could be used to pry open the window silently and sneak out. She would shove the knife between the walls and window to pop it out of place without shattering it. Then, she slowly stuck one leg before the other out, until eventually— Baraka noticed the girl was taking a longer time then usual, so he called out asking if she was okay. She yelled out that she was okay, but the tone in her voice just told him to bolt in and check on her.
Once Baraka caught her, she hmphed and jumped out the window, landing on the roof. The roof was curvy and Y/N risked sliding down and hurting herself as she ran away, jumping from platform to platform. She felt so mischievous and free just being outside the castle doors. But Baraka was used to these times of platforms and could easily navigate across the roof to catch up to her. Y/N heard Baraka gaining on her, so she began to sing a song loudly that wasn't affected by her movements. Yet due to the wind and the sound of his loud footsteps, Baraka hardly heard her song and therefore wasn't affected.
Eventually, Y/N slipped on a tile, caused her to fall down and roll down the curvy rooftop. Hell, she even fell off the edge, thankfully grabbing one of the spikes poking out from the rooftop. She gasped loudly, fucking terrified, and hanging on for dear life. Baraka growled loudly as he came over to her, and glared at her rather than helping her up instantly. He hissed out words that made Y/N feel hella bad; ungrateful, you don't understand what it's like to be me, and other things. When it looked like Y/N was at her breaking point, he finally helped her up. He carried her bridal style back to her room to ensure she doesn't run off again.
Along the way, she was silent. And the next day, she wasn't as annoyed as usual with her body guard. Actually, instead, she started to ask about his specie and life, and he was obligated to answer. Baraka spoke of the hardships of his specie and how hard he fought just to keep what was remaining of his specie to survive. He spoke of how he got his position under Shao Kahn and how his early life was, and why he does what he does. Y/N felt terrible for the man, and hearing him go through so much nearly made her cry.
I guess calling her humble earlier seemed like a bad description word, hmm? After all, she tried escaping what she should be grateful for, right? But do keep in mind that Y/N isn't one for harassing, taunting, complaining much, keeping things to herself, and even escaping. You see, that time was just a one time thing and after dealing with backlash from her father, she would never attempt it again.
It's simple, really; Y/N would walk around the kingdom and ask Baraka about himself, then he would ask about her. It was simple and in depth before, but became more casual and friendly later on. Hell, it turns out the two opposites had a lot in common. After a mere month of constant talking, the two were very close.
One day, during training, Y/N had refused to kill yet again. Shao Kahn, of course, was pissed and had no issue harming his daughter more than usual to try to make her kill. Yet she wouldn't. Afterwards, she was sent to her room where Baraka had followed. She wasn't going to cry in front of someone, but damn she felt like she had to. Baraka sorta growled and tried to persuade her to do it once. Just make their death quick and painless; hell, use her voice to ensure they don't even notice the pain their in. Eventually, he convinced her after days.
Shao Kahn couldn't be happier. And Y/N, though relieved her father wouldn't hurt her, felt terrible. Later that day, she was on the verge of tears when she thought about that poor creature. Baraka had hugged her and told her it was okay, that she didn't have to worry because at least they wouldn't have to fight in the coliseum. Damn, even hours of hearing the princess explain why she always feels so bad, Baraka stood by her side the whole time and comforted her. That day, Y/N giggled sadly and said that she can't understand the things said about Tarkatans when Baraka was the nicest guy she ever met.
About a year later, Y/N had earned her father's respect by being able to fight whoever and kill them without worrying. She did it quick and painlessly, ensuring her siren voice made their nerves stop working. Baraka was a close friend who stood by her side proudly, though he came to realize his work as a body guard was done. Y/N had her father's trust, so he wasn't needed anymore.
"I am going to miss you very much, Baraka," the princess told the Tarkatan in a private room. "You are as close as Kitana to me, really. I bid you best of luck." Baraka had exchanged his goodbyes as well, but right before leaving, Y/N had hugged him tightly. Then, after he hugged back and pulled away, she kissed him on the "lips." When Baraka left, he knew had fell in love with the princess and the princess had loved him back just as much.
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ombratheshadow13 · 15 days ago
Quan Chi, Lady Maria, and Jacob Frye for the new ask game
Let's see...
I choose Maria as my lab partner because I can trust her intelligence and patience.
I think being trapped in an elevator with Quan chi will be so fun since seeing his surprised face makes me laugh.
I would definitely pick Jacob for my employee trainer 'cuase I know Jacob is that type of person who's every movement makes me laugh and I guess he likes to be in charge.
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toomanyf4ndoms7 · 18 days ago
Mortal Kombat Invasion: The Shadow’s Servitude.
summary: Within The Netherrealm, a dark soul gets an important assignment to observe the events of the Invasion for future Knowledge.
As Outworld pushed into Earthrealm, its centaurs running down Earthrealmers by the dozen, another Realm prepared to send a spy to observe the events of the battle for future use.
The Netherrealm was the current domain of the Fallen Elder God Shinnok, where he had been banished thousands of years ago by turning on his fellow Elder Gods. Shinnok’s charisma and power had gained him allies within the Netherrealm as he attempted to destroy his enemies.
The loyalists formed a group known as The Brotherhood of Shadow. Despite Shinnok’s defeat, the Brotherhood remained ever devoted to their Lord, awaiting his return and freedom.
One of their recent members was a dark soul stained by a lifetime of sin. The soul had been granted new existence as a Wraith with dark powers of The NetherRealm by the sorcerer Quan Chi to enact Shinnok’s will.
The Wraith wore a ninja outfit not unlike that of Scorpion, but in pure black like Shadows. His skin was oily black and his pure white eyes were the only facial feature visible. His name was Noob Saibot.
Noob Saibot had been summoned by Quan Chi for important news.
Quan Chi was standing outside a fortress with his hands behind his back, a dark smile gracing his pale face as his wraith appeared before him in a portal of shadows.
“Ah, Noob Saibot. Good to see you’ve made it here safely.”
“You summoned me?”
“Indeed, I did. Outworld has begun the Invasion.”
The Wraith crossed his arms, clearly uninterested in the events of Earthrealm.
“What does that have to do with me?”
“We will have to observe the outcome of these battles, I am too notorious as Shinnok’s right hand. You on the other hand, are an enigma and Shao Kahn will not bat an eye if you swear allegiance.”
Taking a knee, Noob Saibot agreed to the plan.
“Excellent, Quan Chi opened a portal that would transport him to Earthrealm, I look forward to your news.”
Noob Saibot spared the Demon no glance as he entered through the portal.
Noob Saibot found himself in a chaotic City with a red sky, and a fortress rising from the ground, evidently Shao Kahn ‘s doing, far different from his last time in Earthrealm. He made his way into the fortress, paying no mind to the guards’ stares.
Two guards stood before a large door engraved with a golden representation of Shao Kahn’s helmet.
This must be the Throne room.
He made his way to the door yet was blocked by the spears of two guards.
“State your purpose.”
“I am an emissary from the Netherrealm and I seek an audience with Shao Kahn.”
The guards scoffed.
“The Emperor has no time for Netherrealm demons.”
With a flat stare, Noob Saibot teleported into the throne room and knelt before the surprised Emperor.
Shao Kahn’s eyes widened at the sudden entrance but steeled his gaze as he questioned the Intruder.
“Is there any particular reason you came here? An assassin perhaps?”
“I am not here for an assassination, Emperor. I am here to offer you my services at the behest of Netherrealm’s ruler.”
“Why should I grant such a request, especially now that I have already invaded?”
“The Netherrealm will assist in further conquest when you succeed in this merging.”
Weighing the benefits of such an offer, Shao Kahn agreed.
“Very well, you shall act as a scout to alert me if any survivors make their way here.”
Kneeling, Noob Saibot feigned loyalty.
“I humbly accept your invitation.”
His assignment required him to spy on the Emperor and report the outcome of the Invasion to his masters.
No matter who wins, The Netherrealm will gain knowledge.
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Oh, pretty shaolin. I've returned with something very special. I think you'll like it.
"You come with nothing I want, Quan-Chi. Your footsteps pollute the temple grounds. I WILL remove you." Kung Lao is tense, a coiled spring with exorcism on his mind. The demon in question is the foul Netherrealm sorcerer.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I had surgery and feel a little weak, that's why, can't spend a lot of time in front of computer. So, I wanted to draw something easy and bright. It's summertime, guys! Time for my sadness (: cuz, I'm not a big fan of this time of year. And, it was a little hint for Lana Del Rey's song - Summertime Sadness. Wish you all, the best!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the origin of viscous’ powers
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I just wanna fall asleep on quan chi T_T
I always wonder if he's a good cuddler 🧐🤔
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yuvon · 24 days ago
Hanzo: Truth or dare?
Sareena: Dare
Hanzo: I dare you to kiss the hottest person in the room
Sareena: Hey Quan Chi?
Quan Chi, blushing: Yeah?
Sareena: Could you move? I’m trying to get to Bi-Han
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