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#purple guy fnaf
corpserabbit · 43 minutes ago
it'd be funny if pre-silver eyes novel afton's original name with the fnaf 1-4 games in mind was william schmidt lmao
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sp0okyprince · an hour ago
Tumblr media
michael had to look creepy and decrepit on the phone call i just kno it
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toyfredddy · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
i think its very funny that toy freddy of all animatronics is the biggest threat in 50/20. king. therefore william is terrified of him. this is canon now
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aftonspogchamp · 5 hours ago
william was either a really angsty teenager or a wallflower because he was afraid of standing out
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aftonspogchamp · 15 hours ago
officer: sir, did you kill these children?
william, on 5 cups of coffee and 4 redbull: AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN BOP BOP
officer, sighing and pulling out the handcuffs: that’s what i thought
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corpserabbit · 22 hours ago
is this william afton from the hit indie franchise, five nights at freddy's?
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acrylicqueen · a day ago
My Version of FNAF Canon
(a.k.a. my attempt at cleaning up the FNAF timeline) FNAF’s canon is messy and confusing, and I personally think the story would be better if the series ended with FNAF3 like Scott had originally intended. So, a  few days ago, I wrote up a revised version of the story and explained every detail so it is all easily understood.   You can read the revised story/timeline of events underneath the read more! 
Henry Emily
Original Founder of Fazbear Entertainment
Friendly and approachable. A family man despite being a single parent. Harbors big aspirations and is determined to stick to them. Has a tendency to get in a little over his head; has so many ideas that they all tend to muddle together and become confusing. Despite this, he is very professional. A HARD worker.
William Afton
Co-founder of Fazbear Entertainment
Founder of Afton Robotics
Manipulative and controlling. Narcissistic; possibly a megalomaniac. Has a habit of taking advantage of others for personal gain. Incredibly fake in earnest, but good at pretending to be a genuine person. Bad temper. Highly intelligent and sly, which makes him appear rather charming to most people.
Early 1970s
Henry has an idea for a kid's pizza restaurant utilizing animatronics and arcade games as entertainment.
He employs an old friend of his, William Afton, as his business partner. He becomes the co-founder of the company Henry's creating.
Working together, Henry and William found Fazbear Entertainment and in-turn Afton Robotics. 
Henry and William create the restaurant's animatronics, Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, and open their first location, "Fredbear's Family Diner." While they both design the animatronics, William builds them.
Late 1970s
Restaurant is successful and groundbreaking
After a few years of being open, to make the restaurant more exciting, Henry and William design new animatronics to be displayed alongside Fredbear and Bonnie. These new animatronics are Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy (what would later become their withered variants)
With an added aura of confidence due to building these new and more technologically advanced animatronics, William wants to take the company in a direction Henry isn't fond of; William is trying to take control of the company too much for Henry's liking
Eventually Henry fires William
Fuming, William files a lawsuit on Fazbear Entertainment, claiming he is the rightful owner of the physical animatronics. Since he built them he believes he is entitled to their copyright
William loses the lawsuit because when he forfeited the animatronics over to Fazbear Entertainment, technically Henry became the owner of them
Because of being fired and the result of the lawsuit, William is left penniless and disgraced
William grows to resent Henry and the Fazbear Entertainment company because not only did the company ruin him, but he also he believes it's not fair he helped the company become successful only to be fired and kicked off the team
William wants to get revenge, so he vows to figure out a way to ruin the company's reputation while also getting "even" with Henry for dropping him as a business partner
William takes his revenge to the extreme when he decides to murder Henry's daughter, Charlotte, outside of Fredbear's Family Diner in an act of vindictiveness and self-importance
Charlotte possesses the Security Puppet, binding her spirit to all future versions of the Puppet as well
Henry is devastated and the company takes a massive blow when the public finds out Fredbear's Family Diner is now linked to a child's murder
Henry closes Fredbear's down until further notice due to his grief and the negative reception from the public
Meanwhile, William gets away with his crime, no one even suspecting him since he dropped off the public radar after the lawsuit
Mid-Late 1980s (1985-1987) (FNAF 2)
Henry is being dogged by investors of Fazbear Entertainment to rekindle the restaurant 
Feeling backed into a corner, Henry agrees to make a new version of Fredbear's Family Diner, which he renames "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza." 
Henry makes new animatronics for the restaurant himself. He dubs these the "Toy" animatronics. Toy Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy (+ a new version of The Puppet, "The Marionette") 
Henry equips these new animatronics with special facial scanners to detect potential criminals in the restaurant. The animatronics identify these criminals through a database. Henry is determined to have this restaurant be safer than his last attempt. 
Note: This restaurant is most likely when the company began using the spring lock suits. Therefore, the safe rooms for bleeding out are located in THIS location specifically. This may have been a suggestion and action from investors, as I can't see Henry making this reckless idea up. 
The restaurant opens to mixed reception. This new restaurant is in a different city than Fredbear's. Henry made this decision mostly to help his mental health.
Eventually, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza becomes just as popular, if not more so, than Fredbear's Family Diner. Kids ADORE adore the restaurant for the characters, games, and prizes, and adults can appreciate the groundbreaking technology that goes into the animatronics.
Despite still being the owner of Fazbear Entertainment, Henry attempts to distance himself from holding a strong management role. He's still traumatized by the brutal death of his daughter.
William, noticing that Fazbear Entertainment is becoming successful again even after the crime he committed, becomes enraged. 
Still doing poorly mentally and financially because of his termination from the company, William realizes that in order to truly tarnish the reputation of Fazbear Entertainment for good, he's going to have to hatch a new plan (William is truly a vindictive bastard)
Note: William tries so hard to ruin the company because not only did it put him out financially, which essentially ruined his life, but it wronged him personally, and since he's so narcissistic he believes people shouldn't be able to get away with doing him wrong. This is most likely not his first experience with breaking the law/doing something truly horrible.
Under the alias 'Fritz Smith' William applies for a job at the new location, landing a position as a day-worker and part-time night guard
William changes his appearance slightly just in case anyone recognizes him from Fredbear's
Considering the fact Henry is trying to distance himself from the new restaurant, he doesn't notice William (posing as a different person) is now working at Freddy's
Note: The animatronics begin to act strangely toward the staff of the restaurant after William gets a job there because Charlotte (inside The Marionette) can sense that an evil presence is within the building now. Therefore, the animatronics start to act aggressively toward all adult figures (considering Charlotte mostly remembers that the murderer is an adult.) 
For a while, William works a normal job at the restaurant, getting close to the patrons and other staff members. He takes this time to study the inner workings of the company.
He's seen as a slightly odd, but generally well-meaning individual (and a pretty good worker too!)
After about a year or so William finally puts his plan into motion, using one of the old animatronic suits to lure five children into the backroom and murder them, just as he had done to Charlotte (maybe he does this on a day he's supposed to have off in order to have an alibi. Takes the day off and then sneaks into work anyway)
He finds great satisfaction in this and ends up having quite a bit of fun committing the crime. It reminds him of the catharsis he felt back when he murdered Charlotte.
(As an added bonus 🙂) William takes each corpse and shoves them into spare animatronic suits in the backroom closet for someone to discover later. He then cleans himself up and promptly flees the scene of the crime, lying in wait for what will happen next.
Charlotte's spirit, now residing inside of The Marionette, gives life to the dead children by allowing them to possess the animatronic they were each stuffed into. This permanently binds their souls to any and all past and future versions of that character. (So technically each child is possessing EVERY iteration of their respectful animatronic. Ex: The child stuffed inside of Freddy is haunting Fredbear, Withered Freddy, Toy Freddy, Regular Freddy, Etc.)
Note: The childrens' bodies were most likely stuffed inside the Withered animatronics. William probably figured it would take people a bit to check those specific models, which would give him enough time to prepare for the fallout that would occur when they were found.
With the disappearance of five children at the restaurant, an investigation is launched. The staff plans to have the restaurant closed for only a few days so the police can conduct it.
As expected, the corpses of the children are found during the investigation and the restaurant is promptly closed
After being cleaned out, the restaurant holds one final birthday party before shutting down to allow for further investigation into the crime
With these five murders, the animatronics are sent into a frenzy, acting more aggressive than ever and generally not working right
During the last birthday party, Jeremy Fitzgerald, the night guard that was instructed to work the dayshift, is attacked by one of the animatronics, resulting in the "Bite of '87". He survives, but with the loss of his frontal lobe he loses cognitive abilities and all motor skills. 
Note: You may ask "Why'd Fazbear Entertainment agree to still do the birthday party even though they literally just found five childrens' corpses in the building?" Money, duh. The managers don't want to miss out on a sale, and they CERTAINLY don't want to have to refund parents for the party.
This is the final nail in the coffin for the restaurant, so it's completely shut down, the future of the company unknown.
The murders of the five children and the Bite of '87 completely tank the reputation of the restaurant, and the tragedy is all over the news.
Henry is left in utter disbelief and turmoil after the incident. Unable to deal with everything, he makes the decision to sell Fazbear Entertainment, completely cutting ties with the company.
Meanwhile, William sits back, satisfied with the fact that he was successfully able to achieve what he set out to do.
Early 1990s (1993?) (FNAF 1)
The Fazbear Entertainment company is in limbo for a while after the incidents. The FNAF2 location is left to rot.
The investigations into the murders of the five children culminated in the wrongful arrest and detainment of another Freddy's employee. Therefore, William has remained innocent.
However, as the years have passed, William has begun to be haunted by the spirits of the five children.
He decides that in order to get *them to stop bothering him, he'll break into the rotting Freddy's location and completely dismantle the animatronics, effectively destroying their vessels and hopefully causing the spirits to be destroyed along with them.
*This doesn't necessarily have to be the actual spirits of the children. It could also be an inkling of William's conscious seeping through and torturing him about the crimes he committed. 
William does this and during the dismantling process is ambushed by the five spirits, scaring him into the safe room and causing him to hide in an abandoned Spring Bonnie costume lying on the ground.
This is where the spring locks release and kill him inside the suit, as seen in the FNAF3 mini games. 
Now that William is finally dead, the spirits believe they can pass on, but what they aren't aware of is that being killed in the Spring Bonnie suit has now fused William's spirit with it. Therefore, he is not truly dead. 
Mid-Late 1990s (FNAF 1)
The people that purchased the Fazbear Entertainment company from Henry decided to once again try and revitalize the company, still seeing great potential in it despite the tragedies that took place. (They want their money!)
They decide to turn the restaurant into more of a chain.
They salvage some parts from the old FNAF2 location, board up the safe rooms inside the building, and use the parts they find to remake the animatronic characters. 
(Q: Why do they board up the safe rooms? 
A: Considering these people technically still own the old FNAF2 building, I would imagine they would like to keep it around for potential other locations in the future. Therefore, they don't want anyone easily breaking into the building and screwing things up, so they just board up any and all entrances, doorways, etc. 
Q: Why did they decide to do this now? Why not earlier? The building was just sitting there, so why hadn't they boarded it up sooner?
A: Up until this point the people that own Fazbear Entertainment now weren't planning on doing ANYTHING with these old locations. They had no plans, so why would they need to make sure that one of the old locations doesn't get vandalized? They only start caring now because the building is finally a potential way to make a profit.)
These characters are cheaply made and look like a significant downgrade from the Toy animatronics (considering they weren't made by William or Henry) 
Most of everything in the new restaurant is dingier and cheaper than the past two locations because the new owners of the company care more about money than quality, unlike Henry.
Since William's spirit lives on inside the Spring Bonnie suit, the children's souls are unable to pass on, so even these new animatronics continue to act strangely and attempt to attack the night guard. 
This continues until this new location is shut down as well for health violations. The place is a mess, the pizza is nasty, and families are complaining that the animatronic characters are glitchy, smell awful, and seem to be leaking "what appears to be blood and mucus." 
~2017 (FNAF 3)
Far in the future, the Fazbear's Fright horror attraction is made to capitalize on the infamous Freddy Fazbear's Pizza "rumors"
William, now possessing Spring Bonnie, is found by Fazbear's Fright while they scavenge through the old FNAF1 location
He is placed into the horror attraction after he is salvaged. 
Influenced by his remaining bitterness toward anything Fazbear Entertainment related, plus the animalistic nature he processes while inhabiting Springtrap, he attempts to attack and kill the night guard of Fazbear's Fright
After a week, the Fazbear's Fright building catches fire and burns down. Springtrap burns with the building and, with his vessel destroyed, William's spirit is sent to Hell. It's currently debated on whether or not the fire was caused by an outside party, or by the faulty wiring and ventilation in the old building. 
Note: It's quite possible Henry found out about the horror attraction and burnt the building down himself, attempting to end all things related to the seemingly cursed franchise once and for all. This might have been an act of catharsis for him, almost like he's finally letting go of the past.
With William officially gone, the spirits of the six kids he murdered can properly pass on. 
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onion-png · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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aftonspogchamp · a day ago
William, walking alongside Henry: the moon sure is beautiful tonight
Henry, looking up: it sure is
William, frantically getting on his knees and searching his pockets for the ring: yeah, and look at the stars
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19vayne87 · 2 days ago
William WINX
Если ваши сны не похожи на это, то вы скучно живёте
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corpserabbit · 2 days ago
can we talk about the fact that in the novel trilogy; afton built an entire restaurant with a waterfall, numerous high quality arcade cabinets, various animatronic mascots, and many other decorations under henry's own house?
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