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#punk academia
fancyson · 9 hours ago
hot take. misanthropy is equivalent to someone reading about feral cat colonies being dangerous to native wildlife and going "actually this small group of cats causing genuine damage means that every cat is born inherently evil and selfish. I will now make hating cats my entire personality and create a philosophy for it called felinethropy"
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scholarlyacademia · 22 hours ago
weird concept but has anyone else observed partners sort of "swapping" behaviors after a breakup? like while my parents were married, my mom always used this very very specific kind of sauce on things and my dad picked up that habit, and now 10 years since they've divorced, my mom has not used that sauce since, but my dad has never not used that sauce. like the whole concept is weird because it makes you wonder what habits people have because of you and what habits they dropped because of you. wild.
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madfrustrated · a day ago
Tumblr media
I'm quick to push, I'm quick to shove,
and the first to point the finger.
"Sick and Impatient" by Citizen
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lillithenettix · a day ago
Hello everyone!
I'm working on my final project for uni and I made a short anonymous survey about the Cottagecore aesthetic. I would really appreciate it if you took the time to do it whether you're familiar with cottagecore or not. Thank you!
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dandolibrary · a day ago
By the way, would like to let y’all know that the self love backfired on me hardcore.
I’m immensely in love with myself now. I can’t stop staring at my reflection. Like damn I’m so cute 😍.
I avoid water in hopes I don’t drown.
Part 1:
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evil-genius-wannabe · 2 days ago
I know I don't have a big following but I would appreciate it if anyone who sees this posts looks up what is currently happening in Palestine
Israeli settlers are attacking rightful Palestinian territory and killing Palestinians in their homes and during their prayers in the middle of the sacred month Ramadhan.
This is a humanitarian cause that we need to speak about more and even one post about or just educating yourself can mean something
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vivamusatqueamemus · 2 days ago
you don't understand, i LOVE learning and i LOVE studying, i just don't like being judged on how i do that and stressing about how much time i spend doing that every day because i feel like i'm not enough of a student and i don't deserve my marks if i don't stay on the books at least x hours a day and that stuff is stressful
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theunfathomed · 3 days ago
💌 It’s okay to take time for yourself, whether to recharge from a particularly demanding day or heal from a hurt or when you just need to be alone.
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dandolibrary · 3 days ago
A lot of people in my life called me “wise” and “mature for my age” growing up.
And I’m sitting here (now 19 years old) wondering if I actually was wise and mature for my age.
Was I? Was I mature and wise?
Or was it just common sense?
Or was it only common sense to me, and not to everyone else?
I was just a kid, so I was I actually smart or was I just taking things I saw on TV and in life and applying it to everything else because it made sense?
Does seeing things and then applying them to others make me smart or is it just common sense?
Was I just parroting things I’ve heard?
Am I socially smarter than the people in my life?
Or did they need a different perspective?
Did they already know the answer and wanted confirmation? To be assured that what they thought was right?
Is everyone else socially smarter than me and just using me as a sounding board to make sure that the decision their making based of their own advice was good?
Did they ask me because they thought I was not smart and decided that if a not-as-intelligent person could figure it out and get to the same conclusion, that it was common sense?
Am I actually smart or am I being used?
And this is why I’m awake at 1am.
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