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tristranthorne · 2 hours ago
gotta get all my work done today because I will be FULLY useless tomorrow when shadow and bone drops lol
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glowing-sand · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Petition to turn my friends texts into Sam and Bucky themed comics please these are too chaotic to be kept hidden from the world
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newtonsheffield · a day ago
After our earlier conversation I would absolutely love some Gregory and Lucy proposal goodness.
Thank you for helping further my trying to continue to push Gregory Bridgerton in the fandom dialogue agenda!!!
Alerting Everyone to what a beautiful little angel cinnamon roll Gregory Bridgerton is, is God’s work and I’m truly stoked to be doing it. Doing it as much for myself as anyone else at this point and I have another Gregory and Lucy prompt in my inbox as well so... stay tuned! 
Okay! Gregory and Lucy+ Proposal
“So how are you going to do it?” Kate’s voice broke through Gregory’s reverie as he stared down at the emerald ring he’d bought 15 minutes ago, the little halo of diamonds around it glinting in the afternoon light. Gregory Startled  “I actually hadn’t really considered it.” He said, a little surprised at himself. He’d been so focused on this first step he hadn’t really considered how to do it. Anxiety churned his stomach. This was the most important question he was ever going to ask anyone, he had to do it properly. Had to show Lucy that he was serious, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and Lucy was perfect, so this had to be too. 
Kate hummed thoughtfully, as Gregory’s mind raced.  “Should I get a sky writer? Anthony tried to propose with Newton right? Maybe I should buy her a puppy! Or a Kitten, she’s been talking about how she wants a cat recently. I’ll get her a kitten and then she’ll want to marry me for sure-” Gregory started rambling nervously as Kate’s laughter cut across him. “Greg, I don’t think you need a kitten to make Lucy say yes, honey. I know she wants to marry you.” Kate said firmly, and Gregory felt a warm feeling settle in his stomach, the anxiety calming slightly at the confirmation. And then Kate continued. “Anthony bungled his proposal a few times, and in the end, he did it right there in our kitchen and he just... told me he loved me and asked me to spend my life with him. And I’m glad those other times didn’t work out because I remember every second and it was beautiful.” She said, a soft smile on her face as she stared down at her wedding rings. “So what you’re saying is this needs to be perfect because Lucy’s going to remember this forever. Great, Thanks Kate.” Gregory quipped, the anxiety returning. Kate rolled her eyes.
“I’m saying, don’t overthink it.”  Gregory considered carefully for a second before he said, quickly “So we’re thinking no to having Ewan McGregor ask her right?” 
Gregory had been acting very oddly all day. Well, for a few weeks now if Lucy was really honest with herself. He’d been very particular about putting his own laundry away. and kept saying things like In five years maybe we’ll do that huh Luce? with an emphasis on the time frame as though he was testing her. And just this morning she’d gone to get his Diary from his satchel when Anthony had asked and Greg had practically sprinted across the office screaming “Lucy what are you doing in there?!”  And he’d stared at her all through lunch, barely listening, fiddling with his bowtie. Little Obi Wan Kenobi’s dotting it, his lucky bowtie he called it. Lucy couldn’t help but wonder what he needed luck for. And as she’d stood at the end of lunch leaving a light kiss on his head he’d caught her arm and tugged her until their eyes met, eyes own behind his glasses staring piercingly at her as he said seriously “Lucy, I love you.” and her heart had stuttered a little at the seriousness in his voice and she’d had to clear her throat as she said  “I love you too, Greg.”  
It was all just a little...unnerving. Not Gregory saying he loved her, he did that about every 45 minutes, but the rest was a rich tapestry. And then there was Anthony. Anthony who kept smiling at her brightly, and giving her odd little looks until finally, at 3 o’clock she’d snapped. “Anthony why are you looking at me like that? You’ve been doing it all day.” Anthony looked mildly taken aback his eyes darting quickly to Gregory. “i’m not looking at you in any particular way, why would I be looking at you Lucy. What a notion!” Anthony said quickly, walking towards his office “Gregory, I’m going home, I have a wife and son there.” And he left... in the middle of the work day. But as he’d passed Lucy’s desk she could swear she’d heard him mutter  “I can’t believe Kate’s going to win that bloody bet!” 
And perhaps oddest of all, was that Gregory had refused to leave early. After Anthony had left everyone had filtered out slowly, being a Friday afternoon. But Greg had claimed he had work to do, remaining resolutely at his desk until he and Lucy were the very last people in the office, the lights dimming slightly around them. And Lucy watched carefully as Gregory took a deep breath, straightened his bowtie, then his glasses, collected his things and said  “Let’s go home, Luce.”  He took her hand, swinging it between them like they always did as they walked out and then, just as she reached the reception desk Gregory suddenly stopped, and when she turned towards him questioningly, her heart did as well.
Because Gregory Bridgerton was kneeling next to her, his hand holding a jewellery box with the most beautiful ring she’d ever seen glinting in the lighting and she couldn’t help herself, her heart beating a million times a minute, tears coming to her eyes, “Yes!” Gregory’s mouth fell open a little in surprise, his other hand fiddling nervously with his glasses, a shy grin on his face. “Can I... Can I at least say my speech first? It’s pretty good. Lot’s of nice things about you in it.” He said, laughter in his voice, his chest puffing out proudly. Lucy felt laughter bubble in her chest, even through her tears. “Go ahead, but I’m pretty sure the answers going to be the same.”
 “Lucy Abernathy, I think you are the most absolutely incredible person that I’ve ever met. You are so smart, and funny, and kind, and a little scary when someone’s in your way in a way that’s absolutely adorable. And you accept and love every part of me.” His voice was getting a little choked, and Lucy could feel the tears running down her face. “I thought a lot about where I wanted to do this and The very first time I saw you, you were standing right here, and that’s the day my life began. Because I know now that the reason I’m here is to love and support you and I know we’re still really young but  I swear to god Lucy, I will be the person you deserve. La la la Lucy, will you do me the very great honour of becoming my wife?” He finished, tears fogging his glasses a little and Lucy’s heart was bursting with love for this beautiful man who thought he had to try to make her happy. When all he had to do was be himself.
“This is traditionally where you’d say your line.” Gregory said lightly, adjusting his glasses nervously again and Lucy felt a smirk twist on her lips “Yes.”  And Gregory leapt to his feet, wrapping his arms tightly around her as he spun her around the foyer where they’d first met three years ago.  “I love you.” Gregory whispered firmly in her ear as he placed her back on the ground. “I know.” Lucy quipped, her heart skipping happily as Gregory groaned  “Ugh Lucy, You’re my dream girl.” Before he stooped and pulled his lips firmly against her own.
Thanks for indulging me!   
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romelle · a day ago
and you’re saturn !
epic!! is it because everyone wants to put a ring on me be honest
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dipulb3 · a day ago
Dems: Pour Some SALT on That Infrastructure - As the debate over President Joe Biden's infrastructure proposals heats up Roll Call reports that a “new caucus pressing for repeal of the $10 000 limitation on state and local tax deductions boasts th...
New Post has been published on
Dems: Pour Some SALT on That Infrastructure - As the debate over President Joe Biden's infrastructure proposals heats up Roll Call reports that a “new caucus pressing for repeal of the $10 000 limitation on state and local tax deductions boasts th...
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desconofficial · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
We are hiring "MANAGER PROPOSALS" Location: LAHORE Last date to apply: April 26th, 2021 Please email CVs at:
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chachacorner · 2 days ago
2021 Microsoft AI for Accessibility Grants Program-Call for Proposals
2021 Microsoft AI for Accessibility Grants Program-Call for Proposals
2021 Microsoft AI for Accessibility Grants Program Application Deadline:July 30, 2021, 11:59 PM Microsoft is currently accepting proposals for the AI for Accessibility Grants Program to empower your work through grants, investments of technology, and expertise. Microsoft AI for Accessibility is currently calling for project proposals that advance AI-based innovations in education to empower…
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rolandtowen · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
a messy sketch of how I imagined Sokka in my fic, And I Shall Love Because of You because classes are boring and I needed to do something with my hands. 
[ID: a digital sketch showing Sokka from the neck up, in his twenties. He has dark skin, grey-blue eyes, and is smiling slightly. His beard is just beginning to fill in. In his hair, there are three braids, two gathered into his wolf tail and one tucked behind his ear. All of the braids have grey-blue beads in them. Along with the braids, he is wearing a golden crescent-moon headpiece in the tuft of his wolf tail. End ID]
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I was supposed to take the photos for my university certificate tomorrow but I'm not going because 돈이 없어요 and this sucks :) my friends wanted to go get lunch after it but :) 돈이 없어요 :) they'll think I don't want to hang out with them :)
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noisysandwichobject · 3 days ago
How the new European Super League will work and what we know so far as Man United, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham sign up for breakaway competition that will change the face of football
How the new European Super League will work and what we know so far as Man United, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham sign up for breakaway competition that will change the face of football
The Premier League’s so-called ‘big six’ teams have signed up for the European Super League, sparking a furious backlash. But what is the newly-formed competition and what will it mean for the game in this country and beyond? These are the teams that believe they can dictate terms to everyone else Here’s what we know so far… Twelve of Europe’s leading football clubs have announced they have…
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sanchos · 3 days ago
wait super league is actually happening????? I THOUGHT IT WAS A JOKE
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zukkaclawthorne · 7 days ago
omg 👀👀 i would LOVE to hear more about either of the tuvml verse wips 💕
hehe okay so into the daylight is the full-length azula-centric sequel that i have just started working on. i have a lot planned for it that i am very very excited for. it starts out with azula's letters to some of her friends over the course of the six(ish) months after the events of this ultraviolet morning light and then we pick up with azula six months later, and the fic is almost exclusively from her point of view (right now the plan is for her to narrate everything except for a zuko interlude, which will obviously be from zuko's pov)
without spoiling too much, what i have planned so far is sort of giving me summer camp murder mystery vibes?? (except no one dies i promise and also technically it takes place in winter) obviously there will be zukka in this because duh it's the tuvml sequel and also i'm planning on bringing jin in and expanding a bit upon her character, and we'll see more from yura and vai as well!! anyway i'm super excited about this fic if you couldn't tell jsdgfdkjgh
& (no choice but to) stay is a zukka-centric probably oneshot about the two(ish??) weeks zuko and sokka are in the swt post-chapter 7 and pre-epilogue
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freshproposals · 7 days ago
12 Important Non-Feature Aspects of a Proposal Software
We have seen it over and again, multi-million dollar software purchased by companies are put to dust in a matter of year for various reasons including it was difficult to use, lack of change management, no onboarding/training or support, challenges in accessing it, etc.
Though I am calling it a non-feature aspect of proposal software, these are supposed to be must-have kind of characteristics of the tool.
To be clear, I am referring to online proposal software
Non-Feature Aspects of a Proposal Software
Easy Onboarding
User-Guide, Training, Support
Responsiveness/ Frequent Update
Public Roadmap
Data Backup, Security
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drarrily-we-row-along · 7 days ago
Day 7: Wedding
Harry loved having a boyfriend.
There were a lot of reasons that he loved having a boyfriend (and this boyfriend in particular, at that) but one of the most unexpected reasons was because it was convenient to have someone to bring to events.
Harry no longer had to worry about being seated at the awkward single table, no longer had to listen to people tell him that they knew just the right witch/wizard for him. He no longer had to worry about not knowing what to do with himself when everyone else started dancing. And most important, because his boyfriend was Draco Malfoy, Harry no longer had to worry if he was making any hideous faux pas because Draco always quietly and gently guided him to doing the correct thing.
Five years. Nearly five years of this perfection.
He loved Draco Malfoy for many reasons and having a date to go to weddings with was definitely among them.
They'd gone to a lot of weddings together, especially toward the beginning of their relationship. The war had made a lot of their friends decide to get married quickly and the two of them had gone to wedding after wedding in the couple of years following.
It had been a lark. They went to weddings, laughed at the people who cried for no apparent reason, drank entirely too much, and had a lot of fun.
When Ginny and Blaise had announced that they were getting married, Harry had expected that this wedding would be like the others.
He was wrong.
(More below the cut)
It wasn't that Draco was mad (at least he didn't seem to be), it was that he'd been weirdly detached in the weeks leading up to the wedding. He was polite to Harry, but honestly that was as much a red flag as anything.
By the time the day of the wedding rolled around, Harry pretty much constantly had a pool of anxiety churning in his gut.
He watched as Draco fiddled with his dress robes, setting everything just so, and he couldn't stop himself from blurting, "Is everything alright?"
"Of course," Draco said, glancing up and catching his gaze in the mirror. "Why wouldn't it be?"
"I don't know," Harry replied. "That's why I'm asking."
Draco hummed and went back to looking at himself in the mirror.
"It's just you've been a bit quiet."
"Have I?" he asked noncommittally.
"Yes," he replied with a sigh, recognizing the classic Draco Malfoy deflection tactic at play. "If I've done something wrong, I wish you'd just tell me," Harry said, collapsing back onto their bed. "I didn't mean it, whatever it is."
Draco walked over to him and stood between Harry's thighs before gently taking his hands and pulling him up, "You haven't done anything wrong."
"You're sure?" Harry asked as he leaned in and pressed his face against Draco's stomach, wrapping his arms around him.
"Yes," he replied, fingers tenderly carding through Harry's curls.
"I love you," Harry murmured.
"I know," Draco replied, equally soft. "Come on. We're going to be late."
Harry sighed but didn't argue with him, he supposed that whatever it was could wait until after the wedding.
The wedding was lovely. Blaise cried but Ginny didn't; normally this would have caused the two of them to giggle but Draco's lips barely tipped up and Harry didn't want to laugh about it by himself. So he just found himself clearing his throat a bit awkwardly and looking back up at the bride and groom.
The reception was at the Zabini Manor, in the sprawling gardens and Harry took Draco's hand as they wandered through the rose bushes. "You're sure you're okay?"
"I wish you would stop asking me that."
Harry's brow furrowed, "Well I wish you'd stop being weird," he said.
Draco's quicksilver eyes flashed, "Excuse me?"
"You heard me," Harry replied stubbornly.
"I did. I was giving you the opportunity to change your answer," he replied and strangely Harry felt a bit of relief. Bickering was good. Bickering was familiar.
"I just want to know what is going on with you-"
A group of people walked by and Draco smiled disarmingly at them before grasping Harry's elbow and tugging him away from the main path. He walked them over to a blossoming Cherry Tree and Harry might have enjoyed how beautiful it was and enjoyed the lovely smell if he wasn't so preoccupied with his boyfriend.
Suddenly an entirely unwelcome, unhappy thought popped into his head, "Wait," he said, "Are you..." he trailed off because it physically hurt him to say it. "Are you in love with Blaise?" he asked, lowering his voice and glancing around, just in case anyone had followed them.
"What?" Draco spluttered. "Of all the hare-brained-"
"Or were you?" Harry asked. "Is that why this wedding has been so different? You could have told me-" he said.
"Potter, you're being ridiculous!"
"Am I?" Harry asked. "Look, I wouldn't have been mad. Especially if it had just been because you used to love him. I've loved other people, too. Not the way I love you," he hastened to add, "But it would have been-"
"Shut up," Draco snapped. "For fuck's sake. Just." He huffed a breath, "Shut up."
"Will you tell me what's going on if I do?"
The other man groaned in obvious frustration, "Fine," he said, then repeated, "fine. I'll tell you. I am not, nor have I ever been in love with Blaise."
That was honestly a relief. Harry said nothing he just gave a nod, hoping the other man would continue.
"But we were one another's back up plans."
"Back up plans?" he asked curiously.
Draco nodded and wandered a few steps away, looking at the gnarled roots of the tree. "Yes. If we were still both single by 40 we were going to get married. Better to have someone to come home to than to be alone forever."
Harry, thought this through but couldn't understand why this had been making Draco upset for the past few weeks, "But neither of you are single."
"Well, not now," Draco replied, looking intently at the cherry blossoms to avoid looking at Harry. "But he's just gone and tied himself to someone else, so..." he trailed off.
"Are you planning on breaking up with me?" Harry asked, panic rising in his gut. "Draco, I love you. I'll do anything-"
"What? No. Potter," he said, looking at Harry now, "Harry," he said, reaching out to him. "No. It's the opposite that I'm afraid of."
"You're afraid that I will break up with you?" Harry asked incredulously.
"Of course I am!" Draco all but shouted before visibly trying to compose himself. "Of course I am. You are Harry bloody Potter. You're obviously too good for me."
"What?" Harry yelped but Draco just kept on talking.
"Everyone says so," he said, as if it was anyone else's business, as if Harry gave a rat's arse what other people thought. "And honestly, if you wanted to marry me, you would have done it by now; it's been five years and there's never even been a whiff of a proposal."
"But-" Harry started.
"So, it was just nice to have Blaise as a back up. To know that when you got tired of me at least there would be someone-"
"Okay, stop!" Harry exclaimed. "First, Blaise can fuck right off." Draco's brow furrowed and he opened his mouth but Harry talked over him. "I literally never want to break up with you. I am in this for the long haul and I thought you knew that."
"No, it's my turn," Harry interrupted. "You are the reason that we're not married."
"I know," he assured, nodding, "I'm not the type of person someone marries."
"What? No!" Harry protested. "Godric, no. Draco you told me you hated weddings. You said you hated the entire concept of marriage. You hated the status, and the games, and the politics-"
"I didn't mean that about getting married to you!" he protested.
"Well, how was I supposed to know that?"
"Because there was nothing political about this!" he said. "There's nothing about status, or rank, or politics, or games about our relationship."
Harry stared at him, "Draco, I have wanted to marry you for so long," he said. Draco looked skeptical so Harry said, "Remember that night that we went to the Weasley's, it was our first time there as a couple?" Harry continued, remembering the moment like it was yesterday.,"And you went outside at one point when we were playing games."
"I remember," he interrupted.
He kept talking anyway, taking a step closer to the other man, "And I came outside to find you and you were standing there staring up at the stars with tears in your eyes."
"I remember," he growled.
"Let me finish," Harry said, clasping his hand in his, "and you asked if that was what it was like to have a real family."
"Look, Potter-"
"Let me finish," Harry repeated. "And I told you that I didn't have a clue because the Weasley's are the closest thing I've had to a real family."
"Yes," Draco replied. "And we talked about my mother."
"Yes," Harry agreed, "But that doesn't matter because I knew that instant that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I knew that I wanted to have a family with you. I knew you were it for me."
"What?" he whispered. "Harry we'd been dating for what? A month at that point?"
"Twenty two days," Harry replied. "And I knew. I've never been one for taking a long time to make decisions. My gut has never really led me astray and I know when something feels right." He tugged Draco a little closer until they were standing mere inches apart, "And nothing has ever felt more right than you."
"Harry," he whispered, "Really?"
"Yeah," he replied, leaning in to peck his lips. "Marry me, Draco Malfoy."
Draco was nodding and throwing himself at Harry, kissing him fiercely and Harry wrapped him up in his arms and kissed him back.
When Harry pulled back, he rested his forehead against Draco's, "I love you."
'I love you, too."
"We should get back before everyone notices we're missing."
The other man nodded but made no move to leave. "And we probably should keep this between us for now. We don't want to steal their spotlight."
"Our little secret for the night," Harry promised. "But then after that everyone will know," he said. "Everyone will know that I am yours and you are mine, no matter what. Until death do us part."
"Until death do us part," Draco whispered back like a promise.
A promise that they both fully intended to keep. No matter what.
Day 6: Proposal | Day 8: Chickens
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a-pile-of-kruge · 7 days ago
it’s the way im living for inej ghafa in netflix’s shadow and bone, so even if the show actually turns out to be a shit parade in everything else i will be sitting in the corner and admiring the treasure of my heart while praising god for women of color
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drarrily-we-row-along · 8 days ago
Day 6: Proposal
Draco's body sunk pleasantly into the mattress, the soft, cool sheets kissing his overheated skin. His mind was delightfully calm and blank, just floating along in the peace that he could never find outside of this bed and this particular set of arms.
Harry's body was draped heavily over his, rib cage expanding as he tried to catch his breath, the slight quiver in his thighs and his abdomen signalling that he had been just as affected by the proceedings as Draco was.
He blinked his eyes open to watch his own long, pale fingers trail lightly along the other man's bronze skin, the contrast as striking as always. Draco brushed his fingers along Harry's shoulder, then up his neck, before tangling them in his soft curls.
For long moments Draco stroked the other man's hair, being careful not to snag his fingers in knots, before allowing his fingers to delve deeper and gently massage at Harry's scalp.
Harry let out a soft groan and his body relaxed even further onto Draco's, the heaviness of his body a more than welcome weight. After a few blissful moments of Draco's hands smoothing over Harry's skin and through his hair, memorizing all of the strong, hard planes and the soft, smooth curves of his body for the thousandth time, Harry mumbled, "I'll move in just a minute."
"No rush," Draco replied, voice equally soft, equally content. Don't ever move.
But Harry did eventually draw back, not moving too far, just far enough that they could look into one another's eyes. As always seemed to happen when he looked at the startlingly clear, vibrant green of Harry's eyes (when they weren't hidden behind his glasses), Draco's breath hitched in his chest. You are so beautiful.
Harry's fingers caressed his cheek before his lips brushed over Draco's, and Draco's heart pounded against his ribs, trying to escape his chest and find it's way to Harry.
"I love you," Harry whispered before he leaned in and trailed light, barely-there kisses across Draco's cheekbones, "So much, Draco."
And in that moment Draco knew that he wanted this for the rest of his life, knew that he would never feel complete without it, knew that one lifetime would simply never be enough so he needed to make this one count.
He began planning the perfect proposal.
(More under the cut)
It had taken six months. Six months to get everything perfect for his proposal.
He checked himself over once more in the mirror before heading out the door, locking it behind him with his muggle key even though it was warded. His neighbors always gave him funny looks if he just walked away without locking the door.
Draco arrived first, arriving early even though he knew that Harry would be late. It meant he'd have time to run through his speech one more time in his mind. Anxiously he patted his pocket, feeling the comforting weight and shape of the ring box in his pocket.
Soon enough, Harry was rushing into the restaurant, tripping over himself and his apologies. He was always late. Always. Honestly by this point Draco usually brought a book everywhere with him. "Darling," he interrupted, cutting off the flow of the other man's explanation. "It's alright."
Harry's smile was as brilliant as the sun when he plopped into the seat across from Draco, "You look gorgeous."
"Thank you."
"I mean," Harry started before taking a large drink from the glass of water in front of him, "You always look gorgeous, of course."
"Of course," Draco teased.
Harry rolled his eyes as he finished off his glass of water, then he said, "But especially today. I love that shirt on you."
"Thank you," Draco said.
"Don't they usually give us menus here?" he asked, looking around with a bit of confusion.
He nodded, "I took the liberty of ordering for us, though. Do you want some wine? I got a bottle of that Chianti that you enjoyed so much the last time we were here."
Harry just stared at him for a long moment, "Yes," he said finally. "Yes, I do want some wine."
"Alright," Draco replied, a bit disconcerted.
"Sorry, it's just," Harry trailed off, "You amaze me, you know?"
He shook his head and poured him a glass of wine, "It's the trauma," he teased.
Harry laughed, "No. I mean it," he protested. "You remember everything about me. And you're always going out of your way to do nice things for me." He frowned and reached across the table to cover Draco's hand with his, "You're way better at being a good boyfriend than I am."
He laughed, "No, I just know your love language."
"What's your's?" Harry asked as he toyed with Draco's fingers.
"Physical touch," he said with a little smile.
Harry looked up from where he'd been watching Draco's fingers slip through his. "Oh."
"Yes, oh," Draco chuckled. "And you're nearly always touching me so you keep a steady stream of serotonin flooding my brain."
"You know what?" Harry asked.
"What?" Draco replied, humoring him.
"You're perfect for me."
He raised an eyebrow at him, "Only just realizing this Potter?"
Shaking his head, Harry shot him a little grin, "No. I've realized it loads of times, it's just that it's only now occurred to me that I ought to do something about it."
"What?" Draco asked.
"Draco Malfoy," Harry said, with a smile so wide that it crinkled the corner of his eyes. He took Draco's hand in his, "You make me so, so happy. I want this for the rest of my life-"
And suddenly Draco realized exactly where the end of that sentence was headed, "Potter, don't you dare," he threatened.
"Will you marry me?" the other man asked, with that stupidly huge smile on his stupidly handsome face.
"No!" he pounded his fist on the table, "I can't believe you."
Hurt flashed across Harry's face, "Oh," he said. "Godric, Draco. I'm sorry, I didn't know you were that opposed to-"
"I'm not," he said quickly. "I'm really not," realizing the conclusion that Harry must have come to.
"Well, obviously you are," Harry said. "And it's alright," he added, "We don't have to-"
"No," Draco said again and he pulled the ring box out of his pocket, "I wanted to propose to you," he said. "I've been planning this for six months."
"What?" Harry asked, his hand coming up to cover his mouth, eyes comically wide.
Draco gestured to the restaurant around them, "We're at your favorite restaurant, with your favorite jazz duo-"
"I don't have a favorite jazz duo."
"You do," Draco replied. "Every time you hear them on the wireless, you hum along, even when you don't know the song."
"Godric," Harry murmured.
"I sent over flower arrangements, there are over a hundred lilies in this restaurant."
The other man looked around, looking a bit overwhelmed.
"That door over there?" he added pointing to the private room where the restaurant hosted parties. "All of our friends are standing behind that door waiting for us to join them for champagne and dessert."
"What?" he asked, craning his neck to look at the room.
He rubbed a finger over his eyebrow, trying to keep himself from laughing aloud. At this point, he was probably either going to laugh or cry. "I made sure that it would be a night that your favorite waiter would be on and I got here early so I could wait to be seated in his section."
"I have a favorite waiter?" Harry asked.
"You do," he replied. "And I bought your favorite lube, and put on fresh sheets, and left rose petals on the bed, and candles around the room."
"Yes," Draco replied. "I planned out a whole speech."
"You did?" he asked, eyes welling up with tears.
Draco reached across the table and grasped Harry's hands. "I did. I'm so in love with you, Harry James Potter. I've never felt more free, more loved, more me than I do when I am with you. You make me want to be better without making me feel like I'm not enough. I didn't know what happiness was until you and I never want to be without you."
"Me either," Harry whispered.
"I could go on about all of the things I love about you, about what a good man you are," Draco continued, "But we both know that you hate that."
"I do hate that," Harry murmured with a wet little laugh.
Draco cup his cheek and swiped the tear that was escaping Harry's eye with his thumb. "I never wanted to be really known until I met you," he said. "You have taught me so many things about being me and I know it sounds a bit selfish but, I've really liked getting to be me. I want to be the me that you see and I can only do that when you're by my side."
"I love you," Harry said. "Yes. Godric, yes, Draco." He lunged across the table to kiss him just as their waiter appeared with their food.
"Sorry, should I come back?" the man asked.
"We're engaged!" Harry said, pulling back to look at the waiter. "Can you believe it? This gorgeous, brilliant man has just asked me to marry him. Me," he laughed and shook his head and Draco loved him. He ached with how much he loved him.
"I think I'm actually getting the better part, don't you?" Draco asked the waiter.
"It seems you both are," he replied with a big smile. "Congratulations." He set down the food in front of them, "Enjoy. I'll give you a little time before I come back," he added with a little wink.
"Can I see the ring now?" Harry asked.
Draco opened the box and showed him, "It's half of it," he said softly, holding out the curving golden band and sliding it over Harry's fourth finger. "The other band will interlock with it at our wedding."
"It's beautiful," Harry breathed before looking down at the case, "Oh, there's the other half-"
"That's my engagement ring," Draco corrected with an exaggerated huff. "At the wedding you'll get a silver half like the one in the box and I'll get a gold half like the one on your finger."
"I love it," Harry said, leaning over to kiss Draco. "I love it so much."
"Good," he replied, "Now put that ring on my finger," he said, nodding toward the box.
Harry beamed at him as he took the silver ring from the case and slid it onto Draco's finger. "I can't believe we're engaged."
"Me either," he whispered softly, clasping Harry's hand in his own and rubbing his thumb along Harry's palm. After a moment of simply staring at one another Draco said, "We should go back and let our friends know you said yes."
Harry hummed, "Later?" he asked. "Can it just be us for a little bit?"
"Yes," he said softly, heart melting in a way that he hadn't imagined possible. "Just us," he agreed, "As long as you'll have me."
"Always sounds good to me, too."
Day 5: Possessiveness | Day 7: Wedding
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aftgficrec · 8 days ago
heyy, any andreil being happy and cute fics??
Have some of these!  There are some more recent ones, plus a series that’s an old favourite. - S
Also see...
Super domestic andreil here
short & sweet post-canon oneshots here
Fave super fluffy andreil here
post canon long domestic andreil here
‘Holly On Your Own Front Door’ here
‘We Sat on Our Own Star and Dreamed’ here 
‘New Year’ here
Nap Time is Best Time by Willow_bird [Rated G, 2659 words, complete, 2021]
“Is he dead?”
“Don’t be stupid, he’s clearly breathing.”
“Yeah, okay, but like - you should go check.”
The Foxes are chaos-gremlins who have to stick their noses into EVERYTHING. Neil loves them anyway
Scattered Letters by BlueJay26 [Rated G, 14581 words, incomplete, last updated April 2021]
Neil keeps finding letters around the house. He doesn't read them; Andrew hasn't said anything, surely they aren't meant for him.
Alternatively, the story of two professional athletes told through letters, postcards, and sticky notes.
tw: implied/referenced abuse
Photo Shoot by sheskyripa [Rated G, 2473 words, complete, 2021]
Neil was not shy, not at all. He had no problem with being placed in front of a camera and saying shit about everything he was thinking. But a photoshoot was completely different. A photoshoot would have an almost total focus on his appearance and Neil didn't like it at all.
or, the Foxes have to do a photo shoot and Neil is not happy with it. Andrew helps.
tw: scars
I'll Race You There by RedHeadFireBred [Rated G, 4957 words, complete, 2021]
“Excuse you,” Neil grumbled, nudging his nose against Andrew’s head, “it’s about to be Neil Josten-Minyard.”
“I don’t want your stupid last name.”
“But I want YOUR stupid last name.”
Wedding days aren't always picture perfect. Sometimes things go wrong, but if the day ends with you walking down the aisle with your husband, could it really be so bad?
Andrew doesn't think so. He thinks that's as perfect as he and Neil are going to get, and it's exactly what he wants, too.
cute andreil by @fornavn [tumblr, 2021]
cute as a button babies andreil by @caraleadraws [twitter, 2021]
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littlerose13writes · 8 days ago
This or That
Thank you @truemeg and @roonilbwazlib for tagging me!
coffee shop or flower shop • alternate universe or fix-it • rivals to lovers or childhood friends • angst hurt/comfort or fluff • love at first sight or pining • modern au or historical au • soulmate or unrequited • fake dating or secret dating • breakup and makeup or proposals and weddings • getting together or established relationship • oblivious pining or domestic fluff • hurt/comfort or crack • meet the parents or meet-cute • time travel or parallel universe
I tag @trolleybitch @yannfredericks @accioscorp @hyperiius @motherofmercury and @lovealpenglow
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