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nicotinemaiden · 5 days ago
[Infinite Songs for her Smile - Ch.18]
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And I walked down the stairs Meeting the eyes Of a woman who is not for me But she's calm and she's sweet And she's struck and imposing Her name is pronounced Victory And her wings have been tied on with ribbons And the torch that she carries is dark But she sheds her disguise when she follows my eyes
[The Silent Comedy]
The noise. The voices. They were almost unbearable, piercing through his skull like an arrow, numbing his vision. His whole body ached, all of his senses were dull, as if something blocked them. He sighed allowing his head to rest on the wall behind him and wondering, exactly, what was he doing here. He promised her he would not run, he would not disappear. Not from her. But every second surrounded by happy people celebrating one of the worst days of his life he was more and more tempted to break that promise.
 The hall was decorated in white and blue for some reason, colors that were so far away from the ones he thought of when he thought of her that it scared him. The lights were bright, bleached of color, as if they wanted to make sure it didn’t interfere with the ones that were already there. On the tables, little candles cast small lights on the food - a really bad decision if you asked him, but nobody did.
Everything about this place made him want to close his eyes and only open them when this was over. All of this.
This party was planned months ago, long before Zen started bringing Shirayuki to planned balls as his official partner. A day after he started mourning a love that should have never been alive in the first place. Everything changed that day. Surprising even himself he was… happy for them. He just struggled to simply watch this situation from the sidelines.
That night he was ready. He just knocked on her door to say goodbye. He knew he wouldn’t forgive himself if he left without saying anything. But she opened the door and looked at him, really looked at him, at his eyes, at the way his jaw and shoulder tensed, and somehow she knew. And he looked at her, at her eyes - red and puffy - and at her sad smile, and somehow he also knew.  
They spoke at the same time, locking eyes without any kind of shame.  
“Please, don’t go.” She said, a gasp escaping her lips at the desperate sound of her own voice.  
 “I’m here for you. I’ll always be.” He said, breaking his own heart a little more in the process with a promise he needed to keep but wasn’t sure he could.
From that night until today he kept his promise, never wanting to ask what she was crying over. Obi dared a glance in her direction, the throne a huge contrast with the warmth of her smile. He couldn’t help but think she didn’t belong here, surrounded by marble and people. She belonged in the forest, surrounded by plants and birds. But he never allowed himself to tell her so, not even when the shadows in her eyes started to creep under her smile. Not even when she talked about her fear of never working at the pharmacy again after her marriage. He trusted his master to come with a plan to have the princess working alongside the commoners because that’s what she wanted. But Zen never talked about it and her fear soon consumed him too.
Soon he wouldn’t be needed and, even if he wanted, he couldn’t keep his promise. Yes, a part of him knew Zen would never send him away. He wasn’t just his master, he was also his friend. But everyone would go on with their life. Could he really watch them have and raise their kids? Could he really just watch them be happy and not think about how the only woman she loved was the one that was so out of his reach everything inside of him ached?
He ran his hands down his hair, lost in thought. He needed air and he needed it now. He crossed the small walk to reach the garden door and was greeted by a fresh almost-spring current. Once outside he breathed deeply and walked a bit to stand between the flowers. From here he couldn’t watch the hall and the people inside couldn’t watch him. That thought alone was more freeing than the act of coming outside had been.
He always knew this day would come. Not the engagement party, more like the day he had to convince himself that this stupid infatuation was something that no one needed. Not his master, not the little miss and, less of all, not him. But the only way he could try to put all of this in the past was by leaving, and that… that wasn’t happening any time soon. Not after he heard her almost pleading him.
He heard something behind him and turned just in time to reach a falling Shirayuki that, for the look of it, just stomped on her dress. She wasn’t even near the floor but he asked anyway, knowing exactly what he was asking. This was her party. Their party. And she just found her way outside, to him, as it happened in almost every party since the first one.
“Miss, are you okay?”
She looked shocked for a moment and then she stood straighter, her arm lingering on his hand more than necessary.
“Yes, I’m just not so graceful.”
Obi chuckled without thinking. Dropping the subject for the moment, he added.
“Yeah, I know.”
She glanced at him with an expression that said ‘oh, really?’ and chuckled herself.
“You know, that's the part when the other person usually says ‘No, don’t worry, it was just a slip’”
Now it was his turn to look at her with an arching brow and a questioning look.
“I don’t lie. You just had too much time with nobles and royalty, Miss.”
Her smile turned sweet as she moved to one of the trees of the garden, him on her toes.
“I love that about you. The way you make everything so simple. No facades, no masks, no pretenses or false friendship. I miss that.”
Standing in front of her like this made him forget that, besides the times they actively sought each other, they’d been apart most of the time lately. Between preparations, etiquette and protocol classes and all the things that seemed required to become a princess, she was busy most of the time. And of course, he wasn’t exactly welcome on most of them. Not like she needed a guard inside the castle.
“I miss you too.”
She smiled and her eyes sparkled. Without a warning she sat down, not without tugging him with her on the way. She made him sit at her side and rested her head on his shoulder.
“There, that’s better.”
No, it was so much worse he thought he would start trembling. He crossed his arms on his chest just in case and leaned on the tree behind them.
“I wish I could sneak to your room and... talk. I… I’m so scared.”
She sighed and he noticed not only her words but her tone. She wasn’t just scared of the unknown. There was a sadness in her voice, a longing that tore his heart apart.
Deciding that even if his arm trembled it was worth it he unhooked it from his chest and moved it to Shirayuki’s shoulders, bringing her closer. The instant it was done she hid her face between his chest and his neck. This was not the first time they’d had this conversation and he was sure it wouldn’t be the last. Maybe this time he should really say something. Not about him. About her.
He tugged a strand of her hair behind her ear, following the lines of the intricate hairstyle they put on her tonight. The braids formed a bun at the end and it was truly a mystery how these ones got out. Probably because she kept touching it, trying to calm her nerves. Usually, she wore the ribbon he and Ryuu had gotten her some time ago but there was no place for it on her hair right now. So she wore it on her wrist as if it were a bracelet. He couldn’t help but smile. The dark green ribbon stood out with the violet of her dress but that didn’t stop her. She once told him that it was the only thing that seemed real in a world made of plastic, the only thing that kept her grounded.
“How can something that’s supposed to feel right feel so wrong?”
He inhaled sharply. It made him sick watching her like this. And definitely, it shouldn’t feel wrong for her. He was tired of these kinds of conversations. He was tired of the shadows on her eyes, of the strain in her voice.
“You don’t belong there. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Those people, they… they are stripping you of your freedom, of your braveness, of your wilderness. Nobody should have allowed this to happen.”
She moved just enough to look at him from her position, a small smile dangling on her lips.
“This as in suddenly having to become what they expect a princess to be or this as in my engagement to Zen?”
Her smile turned playful and he looked at her eyes, realizing how close they were. He could feel her breath in his lips, warm and sweet. He could almost taste strawberries. He bit his lip without thinking and watched her turn a shade closer to her hair. He was so tempted to just say ‘Both’ and not explain anything more that it almost escaped.
“You know what I mean. Your engagement to master is your decision, not something anyone could forbid. Not after what the both of you endured.”
He could swear he saw a flash of disappointment on her, but it passed so quickly it was hard to know for sure. But then she made a confession that sucked the air from his lungs.
“I don’t know Obi. I don’t know if I can. I already feel like a doll whose only purpose is to decorate the room. And I thought I could do it… for Zen. That I loved him enough to do it.”
The weight that her words carried made him hug her a little closer if possible. He just needed to feel her while she talked.
“I… I don’t. I care about him. A lot. But it's not the same. I can’t believe I’m saying this out loud after all this time but I regret it. I regret saying that yes more than anything in this world.”
A loud silence fell between them. It was so heavy it made it hard to breathe. He knew he should say something but, really, what could he say? A hopeful question formed on his throat.
“Can’t you say no?”
She searched his eyes for something and, even with his defenses as high as they could be at that moment he felt naked in front of her. As if she would realize exactly how he was looking at her, how pleading his words really were. And her… that look in her eyes. He may be going crazy. His lips moved before he could control them but he had enough control to look away.
“I could always snitch you from here. Make a house in the woods, surrounded by flowers, maybe some crops. With a little village outside the forest, maybe a beach? Do you prefer the mountain?”
He expected her to be laughing, to alleviate some of the stiffness of her expression. Instead, she was looking at him eyes wide, a little spark on them, hope and something more. He hated himself for looking at her again because they were even closer than before. Her confused look asked without words if he was serious.
“I may joke around Miss, but if you asked me I would do everything I just told you.”
And that felt like giving her another piece of her soul, of her heart. But what was there to lose when she already claimed all of it. She just didn’t know it. And at that point he didn’t care if she could read behind his words, he was just too tired of this situation.
For a moment she looked so stiff and still that she reminded him of a statue. He wondered if he should check whether she was still breathing when she blinked, looking down.
 “I wish I could ask something like that of you.”
She said it so quietly he might as well have imagined it. But he heard it the same way he could hear his heart crying for her.
His hand moved slowly, his finger lifting her chin so he could look her in the eyes. Those wonderful green eyes that glowed the moment they collided with his, as if his own golden ones were illuminating them. How could something so completely beautiful be real was one question he kept asking himself day after day.
“You could ask of me the most selfish, stupid or dangerous thing you could think of and I would do it if it means I’ll get to see you smile.”
And she knew it. She knew it and she smiled, granting a small prize to those difficult words. His fingers lingered on her chin, his gaze dropping near them, to the fully rosy lips that were no longer curved upwards but half-open, waiting. His thumb moved to them, to the lower one, caressing it for a moment before allowing his eyes to flicker to hers just in time to see the way she was looking at him. And he felt scared because of the immense recognition, because that was the way he looked at her when she wasn’t looking, because he wasn’t so naive as to think the position they were in was something casual that usually happened to friends and, most of all, because she wanted exactly the same as him. And he was closer after that. So much so their lips touched for a second before a blinding light interrupted them, making them jump apart from each other.
The quiet flutter of wings and the soft light moved away, following a trail of other lights, other small fireflies flying gracefully towards the forest. Once they were far away again he let himself breathe, smiling when her head fell on his shoulder again. They found themselves in these kinds of situations more often than not and, like every time, he could slice the tension between them with one of his knives. And, like every time, he was grateful for the interruption because, if he really were to kiss her here and now he couldn’t go back. So he kissed the top of her head with as much care as he could muster and, like every other time, he let her go.
She stood slowly, leaving him pained by her absence, and fixed her hair and dress enough to go back in. He followed, stretching his back and arms as best as he could. She smiled brightly at him, full of energy and happiness, such a high contrast with the Shirayuki that followed him into the garden not so long ago. Something in her eyes was full of gratitude and he couldn’t exactly place what he did to deserve it but he returned her smile with one of his own.
“I should go, but…”
Her hand moved to his, their fingers interlacing, her thumb moving in slow circles at the top of his hand. He searched her eyes but found them looking at the grass below their feet.
“I would want a log cabin on the mountains, near a lake with lots of flowers and fireflies.”
She was redder by the word and it would have been extremely cute if it weren’t for the fact that he could feel on his face that he was too. And the grip of her hand was tightening as if he would run from her when he listened to what she had to say. So he squeezed back, making her look at him and blurt out what she was really thinking.
“And with you.”
There was a stunned silence from both parts from what felt like an eternity. She lifted her other hand to her lips, astounded that those words really left her lips. He stared at her the same way, eyes wide, a thin line on his lips. He wanted to ask if she was just joking but, by her looks, he could clearly see that it was true. And that not even her knew how deep that truth was.
So he untangled his fingers from hers, feeling awful at the look of disappointment on those green orbs that chased his dreams, and surrounded her body with his arms, bringing his nose to her hair, hiding his face. If he continued to look at her another second he would have started crying, he was sure of it. And she answered immediately, one arm surrounding him and the other playing with his hair in a motion that made him want to know how those same fingers in that same spot would feel in other kinds of situations. Obi enjoyed the feeling for a minute, letting himself get lost in her touch, and then lifted his head to look at her.
“Now I don’t want to let you go.”
She chuckled at his words, her hand still entangled on his hair, making small and hypnotic circular movements.
“Just for a little bit?”
His arms loosened until only the hand at his waist remained, its shape moulded to her body.
“And then what?”
He had to know. He needed to know what happened now with all the things said and all the things that remained to be.
“And then… We could talk about the furniture.”
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wonderlandleighleigh · 2 months ago
Good morning! Valentine’s Day prompts are still open!
I did a slew of Star Wars ones yesterday, anybody want anything different? 
Star Wars (still open!)  Supernatural (Sorry Wincest fans, still no dice) Chuck MCU Batman Family and other DC peeps 9th and 10th Doctor era Who
Crossovers are also available. 
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crvtlouv · 2 months ago
prompt list !!
A/N: please ask me first if you could use these.
fluff prompts
“let me give you kisses”
“i thought we were gonna cuddle..”
“i made you cookies!! theyre a little burnt, but i still made them with a lot of love !!”
“you look absolutely breathtaking”
“wanna bet?”
“everyday i fall in love with you more and more”
“do you want me to carry you?”
“i will not stop until i get this stupid stuffed animal for you.. no, i dont care how much money it takes”
“here, take my jacket”
"sweetheart, what did you bury in the garden?"
"it looks like you're in trouble there. can i help?"
“lets sneak out”
“i want to spend the rest of my life with you”
“i’ll take that as a compliment”
“youre such an idiot”
“ much coffee did you drink today?”
“i swear to god, if i hear that song one more time, i will throw you out of the house”
“what kind of noise was that?..”
“aww is my little baby scared?”
“thats it. no more kisses for you until next week.”
angst prompts
“pay attention to me”
“you deal with me like its the easiest thing in the world”
“i love you” “as what?” “ everything”
“i’ll only hurt you”
“please hold me”
“leave me alone”
“please say my name..”
“tell me you love me one more time..”
“give me one good reason, why i should stay”
“why cant you love me back?”
“please forgive me”
“dont shut me out”
“dont make this harder than it already is”
“give me one single reason why i shouldnt fucking leave”
“you took him/her/them back? you cant be serious”
“you make me feel like im not good enough”
“so you lied to me the whole time..”
“i never wanna see you again”
“im a monster”
“please dont cry”
smut prompts
“really? you wanna have sex.. here? now?”
“say that one more time. i dare you”
“i didnt know you were into this kind of stuff”
“dont even try to act all innocent now”
“fuck youre so wet”
“i know for sure that you can be a lot louder than that”
“im your boss. we cant”
“youre going to get us arrested” “oh ive always liked the idea of you in handcuffs”
“so what are you gonna do about it?”
“you want to get punished that badly huh?”
“that is my good girl”
“you asked for this”
“you can cum one more time for me, cant you?”
“aww, is it to much for my baby?”
“youre so.. big”
“god the things i would do to you right now”
“shut your mouth”
“i told you to be quiet didnt i?”
“you just cant listen to me huh?”
“did you enjoy yourself last night?”
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softdropletsoflove · 5 months ago
Hello lovelys!
People seem to like fluff I also do in times such as these so! Could you guys send in fluff promps? :)
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therealredmullet · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
#charactober Day 16 #characterdesign #drawing #challenge #promps with #flamingo #punkrocker #skateboarding in #ballpointpen for #inktober
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realityiswack · 6 months ago
"Six hours, congrats me."
"You're not gonna survive."
"How long has it been?"
"...Why won't they answer..?"
"Heyy! Quick reminder that it's been a whole 18 dayss!"
[Don't Respond.]
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lordansketil · 7 months ago
Okay, SO... I have never done this before on here... I have two major WIPs and a novel on the go but, right now, I feel like I just need... some small things? So, if people want to chuck me some suggestions I might write some short things? That’s a thing people do on here, right?
I can write George IV stuff, I do a mean Voldemort, and I can write the Outsider or other Dishonored characters. I recently got on a Daredevil kick so Wilson Fisk is on the table. For Star Wars... hmm... I’ll write Palpatine things, but I’m not a big fan of the new films and haven’t seen the latest one. Oh, I'm a big Lovecraft geek too. Feel free to ask for stuff not on the list (but I might not do it if it’s out of my comfort zone).
No promises, but yeah - let’s do this!
I haven’t taken prompts since livejournal welp
Thanks guys, I've got a pile of cool prompts, now to start working through them. You do not disappoint. Love to you all! <3
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incognitoreads · 8 months ago
party? at the club
Hannah already knew this was a horrible idea. How she had let Emma convince her to do this was beyond her, but here she was in an uncomfortably short dress. That on its own had been an ordeal. The dress Emma had wanted her to wear could barely be considered clothing. Perhaps lingerie? “Loosen up” Emma had said as she browsed the racks. “You are a college student now you need these new experiences” so that’s how she had ended up standing at the back of a club whilst Emma was flirting up a storm at the bar. At that moment she silently resented Emma. Emma got to be the crazy one, the cool one, the flirty one. It could get so frustrating. On that thought there was a bang a gun shot that felt like an icy spike down her spine. New experience. Thanks Emma.   
146 words 
I have decided I actually need to start writing so I figured short scenes based on random pictures would he a good start. 
I would love some constructive criticism!  
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anglxbeats · 9 months ago
Hanako: Hey guy-
Kou: Shhh, the baby is sleeping
Hanako: What baby
Kou points to Mitsuba
Hanako: Wow, thats gay
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pjo-hoo-nextgen · a year ago
What are the kids like on v day?
Grey enjoys it by showering his friends with affection and he provides an endless amount of hugs.
Eli makes the best Valentine’s Day food and he pretty much lives for every single holiday.
Andy acts like he doesn’t care but he really does and stresses out over Valentine’s Day a whole month in advance.
Jaxon isn’t too sure how to feel about it as he’s never really had a valentine but he hopes to get one soon.
Maria could give a flying Pegasus’ ass about Valentine’s Day. The only thing she cares about is that chocolate is less expensive the next day.
Thia is a lot like Grey in the fact that she enjoys Valentines Day because she can show others how much she cares about them.
Sol gets embarrassed on Valentine’s Day and more bashful than normal. This only worsens when Andy starts going out of his way to make each Valentine’s Day better than the last one for her.
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peachysnows · a year ago
I want to start writing more this week and in the next few weeks. I think you guys deserve more writings and opening requests is the best way. Please be specific when you request and there are times where I won’t have time to complete them all. Thank you all and please, SEND ME THINGS HAHA. 
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thewritersline · a year ago
"I did what you wouldn't."
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Prompt requests
prompt requests for supernatural and BNHA.
I do x readers, at the moment I don’t do ships or others, sorry.
- Just pick a prompt (or two), and a character from either SPN or BNHA and then send in the request!
normal request rules still apply <3 requests and matchup rules here
I could take awhile to write the requests, as am still a full time university student, plus exams in january. But I will do them as soon as possible! So please don’t hesitate to request <3
1. ‘bite down on this, this is about to hurt’
2. ‘Damn right i’m pretty!’ ‘I said petty’
3. ‘Please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle’
4. ‘So what if I broke my arm, i’m still doing it’
5. ‘Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2am?’
6. ‘Get out... I said GET OUT’
7. ‘Hello life ruiner’ ‘That was years ago, your life doesn’t look that ruined’
8. ‘I’m so sorry’
9. ‘Hear me out’ ‘why the fuck should I listen to you?’
 10. ‘I never ever want to hear you say that again’
11. ‘You have to tell her. It wouldn’t be right not to’
12. ‘Set me up’
13. ‘Can we cuddle’
14. ‘There’s only one bed…’
15. ‘I’m going to kick your ass, you had one job! And you messed that up’
16. ‘Oh, like I planned on being stabbed’
17. ‘Is that my underwear?!’
18. ‘Some mistakes are worth making twice’
19. ‘Stop texting me weird shit late at night’
20. ‘Oh, shit…’
21. ‘Suck my dick!’ ‘Do you have one?...’
22. ‘We’re not just friends, and you know it!’
23. ‘Bite me’
24. ‘Oh, I insist’
25. ‘You’re so hot when you’re mad’
26. ‘Stop biting your fucking lip’
27. ‘I’m pregnant’
28. ‘I’m too sober for this’
29. ‘You woke me up, just to cuddle?’
30. ‘Hush little baby, please don’t cry’
31. ‘Don’t touch me’
32. ‘I’m just speechless…. You look beautiful’
33. ‘Open wide! Come on, eat your dinner’
34. ‘Please stop screaming’
35. ‘Could you have sounded more sarcastic there’
36. ‘You forgot…’
37. ‘You should be impressed how low my expectations are’
38. ‘Come on, you gotta talk to him’
39. ‘I tend to bite or lick’ ‘I hope it’s the second one
40. ‘Just wait for me, and don’t do anything stupid!’
41. ‘Take notes, kitten’
42. ‘Been there, done that. Regretted it and then did it again’
43. ‘Remember that park we used to go to? That’s where i planned to propose’
44. ‘You’re looking for a moral compass in someone who’s never heard of one’
45. ‘You don’t have to forgive and forget, but don’t let it consume you’
46. ‘I need a hug’
47. ‘i’m glad you’re mine’
48. ‘You’re asking for the impossible again’
49. ‘ you don’t want me, i’m broken’
50. ‘There’s only one blanket and two of us. Looks like we’re just going to have to cuddle then’
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stxrryvxnte · a year ago
Archenemy pt1
A villain who is in love with his archenemy.
A soft smile plastered on his face as he watch the hero fought his minions. The Lone Wolf was able to take down ten of his man and yet instead of feeling rage and anger at his plan is ruined by the hero. He feels proud to see that the once, couldn't even take down five of his mans, finally able to fight ten or more.
"Sir K, we should go." Said his left hand man. He nodded and left, leaving his minions to take down the hero.
He keeps on making a scene to meet the hero. A scene that happened in the middle of the night, giving the hero a name called "midnight". It all went according to his plan just to able him to see the hero.
But, one night. He didn't come. So does the next and the following night.
Out of curiosity, K turn on the TV and watch the news. From there, he found out that the hero has a new enemy. A far more powerful and far more great that what he is.
The hero has fame and name from his fight that are broadcaster on the tv. That makes K think, what does he have. He's just a villain who mess with people but he didn't harm them nor kill them. He's not important. Will never be.
He was walking down the street where they used to fight, wearing his mask to cover his face. "Oh, who do we have here." He heard a deep rough voice said. It's coming from the dark alley. 'Now this is cliche' he tought.
"It's the oh, so called archenemy of midnight" The voice said again. A footsteps could be heard from where he was standing. He was scared, yes. But he's gonna stand his ground. "I'm pretty sure you have already taken that title from me." He replied.
A deep chuckle could be heard as the yellow streetlight finally shine on the man. "Is there anything you need? If not, I'm gonna take my leave." He said. The man laugh again. "Oh, I do need something alright." was all he heard before his vision turn black.
He woke up to a gush of wind blowing through his face. He was tied on a helicopter landing spot. "Well damn." he mumble as another gush of wind blew. The man who tied him was standing on the edge looking down at the ant sized people.
"Not so heroic now, Huh, Midnight" The man said. The man then turn to look at the tied up boy. K just look at him with a blank look on his face. "Seriously? I'm a villain too. You know." he said, annoyance dripping from his voice. "If you want a hostage, just choose some random people. He will still save them." He continued.
"It's not like he care if die or not. You are just helping him get rid of me." He said with hurt hidden behind the blank look on his face.
The man laugh. "That's where you're wrong. That useless being, care. In fact, he care about you more that anyone. And he's going to watch as I kill you slowly." He said with a smile
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pansexualorgana · a year ago
Stucky prompt, if you’re still taking prompts. Just them wandering around in the cold weather and getting hot chocolate at the end?
oh yes domestic holiday fluff this is what im here for fuck me up
It was, in all honesty, too fucking cold to be outside. Steve knew this, because Bucky had muttered it under his breath approximately seventy three times in the six minutes they’d been outside.
But it was Bucky’s idea to go to the flea market in Central Park. His time on the run gave him a great appreciation for all of the outdoor markets -- farmers, flea, art shows. 
So when Steve had said he wanted to carve a goddamn pumpkin nearly a month after Halloween and The Appropriate Time To Carve A Gourd, Bucky had jumped at the chance to scope out the newly erected pop-up market. And it was only a short walk from the tower, too. It would be great.
And then they’d actually stepped outside and Bucky promptly regretted every decision he’d ever made that could have possibly led him to this point in his life. Starting first and foremost with befriending this punk ass golden retriever who refused to by clothes in his actual size.
Christ, you could basically count his abs through his coat. All 32 of them.
Maybe golden retriever was a little off -- Steve was more like a bloodhound who refused to give up the scent of the pumpkin he was going to desecrate. They should have just gone to Whole Foods. 
“It’s fucking freezing.”
“Maybe if you’d stop whining about it, you could actually conserve some warmth,” Steve shot back with exactly 0 malice, throwing an arm over Bucky’s shoulder and tugging him in.
Steve was warm. Steve was a goddamn furnace. 
“What the actual fuck, Steven,” Bucky hissed, even as he huddled more into the blessed warmth, “are you running a fever?”
“I just run hot,” Steve shrugged, “Have since the serum.”
Goddamn if that didn’t make Bucky even angrier about the goddamn Great Value Walmart Brand serum he’d been shot up with. He didn’t get extra warm. He got nightmares. 
Okay, that thought was unfair. They both got nightmares. 
Steve still got the warmth though. 
“I am sleeping with you until Spring,” Bucky decided and stated without any input at all from the filter that was supposed to hang out between his brain and his big fucking mouth.
He chanced a look up.
Oh, yeah. Blush central.
“I meant. Like. Using you as a hot water bottle.” With abs. So many abs.
Steve cleared his throat, but he didn’t push Bucky away and that was a win, “Yeah, Buck. The bed’s more than big enough.”
They meandered through the market and Bucky was sufficiently distracted by the amount of produce they managed to grow in New York City in fucking November.
Greenhouses, apparently, were the secret. 
Honestly, Bucky didn’t care if the secret was goddamn baby tears, he bought two pounds of fresh goddamn plums the week before Thanksgiving and he was over the fucking moon about it.
Thanos himself couldn’t ruin his day. 
Steve had wandered away at some point while he had been carefully selecting every single plum the poor woman had to offer. 
Like a bloodhound, it would appear the Bucky needed to put the man on a leash.
Earth’s mightiest fucking defender. More like Earth’s mightiest dickhead who got distracted by anything shiny.
There was a whole section of the market devoted to artists -- selling pre-made pieces, doing sketches right then and there, and, where Bucky eventually found Steve, some who were selling art supplies.
Even without his human furnace, Bucky felt warm.
Steve hadn’t drawn in a good long while. Since he came out of the ice, really. And he got super fucking squirrely when asked about it.
So Bucky, not being an idiot, turned on his heel and marched back towards the produce to find his big, dumb idiot a big, dumb, motherfucking pumpkin.
And the irony of the whole situation was that Bucky practically froze his goddamn balls off for Steve to carve a stupid pumpkin and no one in the market was selling pumpkins.
Bucky found plums (which, thank you giant turtle in the sky) but the produce that was actually in season? No dice.
They were going to end up at Whole Foods anyways.
Fuckin bullshit.
He did, however, find a stand selling hot chocolate. And not that shitty powdered bullshit that Clint tried to force down his throat. Like, real hot chocolate. Made in a fucking pot on the stove, with heavy cream and milk and a lot of stirring. 
Bucky bought two of the largest size they offered and got the old man’s card. There really was a god. 
By the time he found Steve again, the other had a small, clear plastic bag and a soft, shy smile on his face that only widened when Bucky held out the styrofoam cup of liquid happiness. 
“Real hot chocolate, Stevie.” Was all he said. He wasn’t going to question the bag. He was just going to let Steve do his thing.
Steve would share when he was ready.
“Also,” Bucky added, staring up at the sky with a tiny, content smile as the first snowflake caught in his eyelashes, “I have been to every corner of this market, and there are exactly 0 pumpkins.”
“Well, shit,” Steve said back, though he really didn’t sound all that torn up about it, settling back into his preferred position with his arm around Bucky, all up in his space like he owned it.
He kinda did.
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winnie1419 · a year ago
Starters #1
You supposed the end of the world would be catastrophic, but honestly you were having the time of your life.
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Someone should send me something to write about because I am bored and binging criminal minds for the millionth time
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elliotlpowell · a year ago
24. — agony
Where do gods go when they die?
Can they die?
The knife is struck deep in her abdomen, blood slowly trickling out and she’s hunched over--barely peering up at the young woman whom she had raised for the last twenty years. She’s looking just as shocked--just as afraid as she feels.
In her chest, she feels her heart quicken--struggling so hard to keep the blood flowing, struggling hard to keep her alive. Yet, she knows. She knows that will no longer be the case.
She’s run from Eteus for too long, she’s run from her fate for too long--she’s sure that there’s no way she can get out of this one. After all, immortality can only extend so far--this, she was so certain of for a very long time.
Her vision is blurring and the young woman had stepped away, blood on her hand, blood on her clothes, and her eyes wide and face pale.
When she meets the ground, the pain too much, and thoughts wildly running through her head--she sees him in the shadows. Eteus’ cloak moves with him, and he’s now standing above her. And Sage. Sage is gone.
“Keep her alive,” Ceta rasps out. Her final demand. Eteus makes no promises.
Care to find out?
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