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#promie (weird way of saying promise)
risukadarlin · 9 days ago
[toubousha] yuki’s volume - track three
Tumblr media
3;  scene three - waking up at midnight
listen along・masterpost
It’s so dark.
Where am I?
A woman?
Ahhh, that’s right.
This is your house.
That’s right.
What time is it now?
3 in the morning?
Oi, I slept for longer than four hours?
No wonder I feel so refreshed.
Was I lying on you the entire time?
You should have struggled more!
I didn’t mean to keep you restrained for that long.
There's no way you slept too, right?
You seriously did?
You’re amazing.
I’m sorry.
It’s my fault, I mean it.
I was really at my absolute limit.
I thought you’d wake me up straight away so I could move and sleep somewhere else but…
I didn’t expect you to actually leave me to sleep like that? Huh?
You resisted?
I didn’t even notice.
Ow, my back…
I should have borrowed your bed.
Ah, not in a weird way.
It’s too late for that, I guess.
I know I should have told you earlier but can you listen to me for a second?
Ah, let’s sit down.
My head’s still swimming a bit.
I must have slept too long.
I’m sorry.
That’s not funny.
I’m fine on the floor.
Ah, it’s fine, you don’t have to be so kind.
You’re not being kind?
Well, anyway, let me speak.
It’s about what I want to do from now on.
Tomorrow - well, it’s today now…
I’ll leave here tonight.
Let me stay here until then.
I can’t say any more than that.
You just have to let me stay here.
You can take one day of work, it’ll be fine.
I know I’m being selfish, but--
Ah, I said before I slept, I think.
I’m not asking, this is an order. I’m blackmailing you.
It doesn’t sound like I am?
Well, I don’t plan to be violent with you.
But a threat is a threat!
I’m not leaving here no matter how inconvenient it is for you.
But I promise you this.
I won’t touch you.
I’m just going to stay in your house.
You might not be able to relax but I don’t mind what you do as long as you don’t make contact with anyone outside this room.
Ah, don’t use the internet.
You can read a book or watch tv.
Don’t you have any movies recorded?
What are you laughing at?
I’m being serious.
It’s fine?
Ah, I’ll leave as soon as it gets dark.
I seriously mean it.
If it’s really okay…
That’s right.
This is a threat.
It doesn’t matter what you want.
I don’t seem like a bad person?
You. You were so scared until a second ago.
They’ve gone?
Ah, I’m sorry, was that tight?
I didn’t mean to squeeze you so hard.
No, I'm not wanted by the police or anything.
Not that they’re on my side or anything.
I don’t have anyone on my side…
Ah, I don’t take questions.
What are you sulking for?
Do you understand the position you’re in?
Where’s your cell?
Does it matter?
I’ll look after it so give it here.
It’s in your bag?
I had your bag, didn’t I?
Where did I put it?
I threw it over here…
Ah, it’s here!
I’m going to open it.
You’re embarrassed?
What are you saying?
I don’t get women at all.
I won’t look at anything, okay?
A purse, a bus pass...
What’s this pouch?
Oi, your phone isn't in here.
No, it really isn't.
Huh, where did you get that?
You forgot you put it in your jacket pocket?
So you could have called someone when I was sleeping?
‘You were restraining me so I couldn’t’?
Can you even call that restraining?
I was fast asleep!
That bruise on your arm...
That was me?
And the one on your wrist?
I don't remember being that rough wi--
No, you're right.
I was at my wits end so maybe I didn't control my strength properly.
I’m so--
No, I’ll apologise later.
I don’t know what will happen from now on, after all.
But as long as I’m conscious, I won’t hurt you again.
Yes, I promise.
I’ll even pinky swear.
You’re so weird.
I can’t tell if you’re just bold or…
I said nevermind, don’t get angry!
Ah, you’re going to make me go insane.
Here, lend me your phone.
I’ll look after it.
Don’t make that face.
You know I’m threatening you, right?
Yes, good, do as I say.
Don’t grin like that.
Ah, God!
I’m really going to go mad.
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thewalkingdead-fan101 · a year ago
In this hell Daryl Dixon X Reader part 1/??
Hey guys! This is my first ever story that I have published/ might ever publish? This story Is following the survivors from season one, and the reader of course. 
I do apologise in advance if its not the greatest, but I hope you guys like it :)
Warnings- Talk of Abuse, Abuse, Swearing, Blood, Gore (its the walking dead so I Guess that's a part of it :))
Tumblr media
It has been two months now... Two months since the world had gone to shit, two months since my brother Shane kicked down my door and shoved me into a car with a woman who would turn out to be my best friend and her son who was like a nephew to me.
Since the outbreak had hit, we have found other survivors, now we are a group. We work together to continue to live to continue to exist.
I never thought that I’d be in this predicament. I laugh out of spite as I look down at the two little sticks in my hand, two blue lines on one and a plus on the other.
I hear a twig snap and turn around to see a walker snarling and slowly stumbling my way.
Shoving the tests into my jacket pocket, and wipe my tears before walking towards it. The snarls get louder and greedier as I get closer.
“Oh shut up.” I say as I kick the walker in the stomach and watch it fall down, stomping on its head, hearing the crunch of it’s skull between the earth and my boot. The sound making me sick.
The walk back to camp was quiet, all I could hear was the crunch of fallen leaves under my shoes.
My mind was wandering.
How could I let this happen? How stupid could i be? It’s the fucking apocalypse! In what way is this okay?!
I see the RV and Dale standing up top, keeping watch as he was when I left. His attention snapped towards me as I walked out of the tree-line.
“Hey Dale, it’s just me.” “I was wondering where you ran off to.” “Just went for a little stroll. I ran into a walker, about 5 clicks south east.” “What?! Are you okay?” “I’m fine Dale, I put it down. They seem to be getting closer.” “We will keep an eye on it. You’ll have to tell Shane.” “I will, do you know where he is?” “He went down to the quarry to get water.” “Okay, I’ll y’all to him when he gets back, do you know where Lori is?” “I don’t, try her tent though.” “Will do, thanks Dale.”
I made my way through the camp and around the fire pit. I found myself standing outside of the blue and cream coloured tent and took a deep breath.
"Lori?" I heard a rustle and the door was pulled aside, revealing her familiar brown eyes.
"Oh, hey sweetheart, come in." She smiled "Where's Carl?" I asked. "He is with Sophia and Carol, I just finished cutting his hair. Why?"
I softly smiled, then the tears started flowing. Lori ran over and hugged me, sitting us both down on her cot. "Shhh,  honey what's wrong?" She asked rubbing soft circles on my back. “Lori, I messed up.” I said between sniffles. “What? What do you mean?”
I stood up and paced before her. I could feel her eyes on me.
“(Y/n) you’re worrying me, what’s going on?”
I reached into my pocket and handed her the two tests. The silence was deafening, it felt like hours until Lori spoke up.
“How?” “I don’t know. I made sure we used protection, and we always do.” “What made you suspect this?” “I’ve been feeling off, not to mention I’m late. I’ve never been late.” “How are you feeling?” “All I want to do is cry. I’m terrified.” I softly cried. “Come here.”
She opened her arms and pulled me close, softy rocking me.
“You’ll be okay, it’s all going to be okay.” “What if it’s not?” “What’s done is done. There’s no point in thinking the worst. You have to be positive. You have to deal with this now.”
I sat quietly with her, so many thoughts rushing through my head.
“I didn’t know you were seeing anyone.” She softly joked. “It’s Daryl’s isn’t it?” I nodded my head and laid back. “How’d you know?” “I’ve noticed small changes lately between the two of you.” “What do you mean?” “If anyone goes near you or gets too close he glares.” “That’s just him.” “No honey..You need to tell him.” “I know, I just don’t want him to hate me.” “Oh honey..." She sighed. "I-I don't know what to do.." "Just tell him, it’s never an easy thing to do.” "I know.” “And you have to tell Shane.” “I almost forgot about Shane for a minute.” “Don’t tell him that. I don’t know how his ego would take it.”
We both laughed.
“Thank you.” “What for honey?” “The advice, listening.” “Look, im here for you. Your family now.” “Thank you." I hugged her. “I remember telling Rick I was Pregnant with Carl. I was worried for nothing.” "How did he die?" "Rick?" I nodded. "He was shot on duty, Shane was with him when it happened. He was comatose when everything happened. Shane went to get Rick before he came and got us and he was gone.” "I'm so sorry Lori." I whispered hugging her once more. "It's ok." She smiled weakly.
We were both startled by the sound of a blaring car alarm.
"What is that?" I asked "I don't know, let's go and see." We ran outside and to the R.V. "Dale! What is that?!"I yelled up to him. "A stolen car Is my guess." He answered
I nodded and looked towards where the source of the noise was coming from. It was a red Dodge Challenger that pulled up, only for Glenn to jump out, smiling as if he had just won the lottery.
"Holy crap, turn that damn thing off!" "I don't know how!" "Pop the hood, please." "My sister, Andrea" Amy began "Pop the damn hood!" "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!" "Is she alright?" "Yeah, yeah, she's ok, she's ok!" "Why aren't they with you?" I asked "Why isn't she with you? Where is she?" "She's ok?" "Yes! Yeah fine, everybody is..well Merle, not so much..." "Are you crazy? Driving this squealing bastard up here? You trying to draw every walker for miles?" Shane snapped. "Shane.." I tried "I think we're ok." Dale said "You call being stupid ok?" He asked dale in disbelief. "The alarm was echoing all over these hills. It'd be hard to pinpoint the source....." Shane glared at him. "I'm not arguing, I'm just saying.. And It wouldn't hurt you to think more carefully next time, would it?" He scolded Glenn. " a cool car" he smiled sheepishly. A truck pulled up behind the car. And everyone got out.
"Amy" "Andrea!" Amy sobbed as they ran to each other and hugging as if they were dying tomorrow. "Papa! Daddy!" Morales's kids ran up to him as did his wife. I looked at Lori who was now with Carl talking to him, tears in both of their eyes . "You are a welcome sight" dale laughed hugging morales. "I thought we had lost you folks for sure!" He exclaimed. "How did y'all get out of there anyway?" Shane asked. "A new guy.. He got us out." Glenn said. "What do you mean new guy?" I asked "New guy?" Shane asked "Yeah, crazy vato just got into town.." Morales said. "Hey, helicopter boy! Come say hello." He called out to the truck. A man dressed in a police uniform emerged. "The guys a cop, just like you.."
I looked at Shane's face and he looked stunned.
Carl had ran past me and Lori following in pursuit. The man started to cry and he ran to Carl. "Dad! Dad!" They all hugged sobbing.
I started to cry, for the reunion of a family, that was thought to be impossible.
Later on that night I was lying on my cot, staring at the tarp. My tent door opened and Shane put his head  in. "Come on. Foods getting cold." "I'm not hungry." I sighed. "What? You're always hungry." He laughed. "Shut up." I smiled and smacked his arm.
I sat up making room for him to sit next to me. "Any way what's up. You seem different. More weird.” He asked sitting with me. “So, I need you to Promise me that you won't be mad.” "What’s going on?” “Shane.” “Okay, I promise?" He asked. "Shane... I'm scared" "What why? Walkers can't come near us.." "They’re getting close though, I ran into one earlier today. I’m okay, I wasn’t hurt. But It's not that." He nodded. "I’ll do another perimeter check first thing in the morning. What is it? "I'm pregnant." I blurted out. He tensed up. "Shane." "No... Just be quiet.." He whispered. "You promi-“ "I don’t care. I’m mad. You're 18! So who is it? Please don't be Glenn."
I shook my head.
"Ok please be Glenn." “It’s not Glenn.” He sighed. “By the way im 22.” “Still too young.” “Shane-“ “Who is the father?” “Look it’s not a big-“ “I’m only asking you one more time, before I go out and ask everyone in the camp if they’ve slept with you.” “Daryl.” I sighed softly. “I can’t hear you.” “Daryl is.” I said more confident. “Are you kidding?” “What? no.” “When did this start?” “Shane, I-“ “When did this start?” He asked raising his voice slightly. “About 6 weeks.” “How?” “What?” “How did it start?” “Shane this isn’t any of your business.” “It’s is. How did it start?” “Merle was being a creep and Daryl told him to leave me alone and then he and I started talking. He is really sweet.” “He isn’t-“ “Shane, shut up. You asked and I’m telling you. Anyway. The next day was the same as every other day. Daryl being Daryl and keeping to himself, I tried to talk to him and he was weary. After a week he was a little more talkative and then one night we ran into each other and one thing led to another. For a while there it was only hook ups, and then after a few weeks we connected. He still is weary and doesn’t really talk much.” "(Y/n)! he is like twice your age!" "Not even." "I don't care" “How is this any different than you and mrs Cooper?” He stayed silent.
"Just please Shane.. Don't do anything.." "I don’t like this.." “You don’t have to. Can I show you something?" "I guess..." I stood up and grabbed my jacket, bringing out the two tests. "Is that?" “Yeah, I didn’t want to just ‘guess’ I was pregnant.” " far along do you think?" "3 or 4 weeks." I said. "Who knows?" "Only you and Lori..." “I’m not happy with this, but I love you. And if this is what you want I can’t stand in your way. Make sure you eat.”
Shane left the tent and I laid back down. After about an hour of hearing thunder rumbling I fell asleep.
I woke up, and I watched the shadow of the leaves dancing in the wind on the roof of my tent above me. Sighing, I sit up and stretch. I pull on my worn jeans and slip my boots on over my socks.
Walking out of the tent and looking around everyone else seemed to be awake, Rick was the only one asleep... I don't blame him "Hello (Y/N) ." "Morning Dale." I smiled. I climbed atop the R.v. He looked over and smiled. “Sleep well? We missed you at dinner last night.” “Yeah, I wasn’t really hungry.” “Whatever you and Shane spoke about last night he was a bit hot headed when he returned to the fire.” “Yeah. I wouldn’t doubt it. We got into an argument.” “Are you okay?” “Yeah I’m good.” “As long as you’re alright.” I smiled. “Hey Dale.” "Yeah?" "I can trust you with anything right?" "Yeah.. Why?" “I want you to know because you’re really important to me.” “Go on” "I'm pregnant." "What was that?” "I'm pregnant, Roughly 3-4 weeks. I’m telling you because i respect you a lot and you’re a father figure to me. Thank you.” “You’re pregnant? That’s great! I mean it’s not the greatest timing but a baby is a blessing.” “Really?” “Yes! Irva and I were going to have a baby. We lost it though. Didn’t want to try again.” “I’m so sorry you went through that Dale.” “I just want to say thank you for trusting me enough to tell me, your secret is safe with me.”
We shared a quick hug before I walked towards the ladder. "I should probably start getting things ready." "Don't do anything too exhausting." He smiled. "I'll try" I laughed.
Once I touched the ground I walked over towards Carol. "Hey honey." She smiled at me, the faint outlines of bruises on her arms. I smiled softly back. "Hey you need any help?" "Sure honey." She smiled I grabbed one of the baskets and started to hang up clothing. After about half an hour Rick emerged from the Grimes’ tent. We all greeted him. "They're still a little damp. But the sun'll have them dry in no time." Carol said to him. "You washed my clothes?" "Well, best we could, scrubbing on a washboard ain't half as good as my old Maytag back home." "Yeah or the laundromats" I said softly, making Carol laugh and Rick smile. "That's very kind. Thank you."
I finished up with the laundry and walked over to where Glenn was standing watching his precious car get torn up. "It's a shame... I'd love to have that car." I said aloud. "It's nice isn't it?" "Yeah." I smiled. Shane came back in the jeep with the huge containers of water. He got out. "Water's here y'all, just a reminder to boil before use." He yelled out.
It wasn’t long until we heard a scream. "Mom!" "Carl?" "Dad!" We all ran towards the screaming. "Baby!" "Mom!" "Mommy!" "Rick!" Morales threw rick a weapon as we all made our way through the trees. "Carl!" "Carl!" "Mom!" "Carl! Baby!" "Mom!" "I've got him, I've got him." Lori hugged Carl. And Sophia hugged Carol. I followed behind the guys and saw a walker eating a deer.
Amy and Andrea both stood next to me. I've grown close to everyone in the group, well with the exception of Ed... And I've been accepting Merle.
All of the guys started to bash the hell out of the walker. Amy and Andrea hugged each other. When finally the head came off. "It's the first one we've had up here. The first one this close. They never come this far up the mountain." Dale said. "Well, they're running out of food in the city, that's what." Jim said A branch snapped and everyone was alert. "Oh Jesus." Dale sighed. "Son of a bitch... That's my deer!" I heard the familiar voice of Daryl call out. I tensed up and smiled.
"Look at it, all gnawed on by this... Filthy, disease bearing, motherless poxy bastard!" He exclaimed kicking its body. "Calm down, son. That's not helping." Dale interrupted "What do you know about it old man?, why don't you take that stupid hat and go back to On Golden Pond?" Daryl then sighed. "I've been tracking this deer for miles." He said pulling out every arrow. "I was gonna drag it back to camp, cook us up some venison., do you think we could cut around this chewed up part right here?" "I would not risk that." "That's a damn shame, well, I got some squirrel, about a dozen or so. That'll have to do."
The smell of the walker was travelling to my nostril and I started to feel nauseous. The decapitated head started to move, Turning around i ran to the closest shrub, collapsing to my knees and vomiting. "Oh my god.." I heard Amy say behind me. "Come on people, what the hell?" Daryl asked using an arrow on its head.
I felt some one up behind me holding my hair back and rubbing my back. "Sweetie it's ok, let it all out." Lori soothed. It just kept coming and coming. By now everyone was around me. "What's wrong? Ain't ever seen a walker die before?" Daryl sneered. "Are you ok?" Amy asked. "What happened to her?" After a few minutes it was safe to get up. I wiped my mouth. "Sorry." I managed to get out. "It's ok, but are you?" Andrea asked.
All of the men left leaving just me, Lori, Amy, Andrea, Jacqui and carol, as well as Miranda. "Guys-." I looked over at Lori when she started to speak.
"(Y/n) is pregnant..." "I'm 3 or 4 weeks along." "I thought you were, I just didn't want to bring it up honey, you’ve got all the symptoms.." Carol sighed. "Oh my god, you're having a baby." Amy squeaked quietly. "Yeah." "Congratulations." They all said and hugged me. “This is crazy. You know that right?” Andrea asked “Yeah, can you guys please not say anything to anyone..." "We won't. " We walked back over and stood under the shelter of the R.V.
"Merle! Merle! Get your ugly ass out here! I got us some squirrel! Lets stew 'em up." "Daryl, just slow up a bit, I need to talk to you." Shane called. "About what?" "About Merle. There was a... There was a problem in Atlanta" "He dead?" "We're not sure." "He either is or he ain't!" "No easy way to say this, so, I'll just say it." Rick said "Who are you?" "Rick grimes" "Rick grimes, you got something you want to tell me?" "Your brother was a danger to us all, so I handcuffed him on a roof, hooked to a piece of metal. He's still there. "Hold on, let me process this. You're saying you hand cuffed my brother to a roof? And you left him there?!" "Yeah.” I knew what he was thinking so I pushed Rick out of the way as Daryl threw the chain of squirrels, hitting me with full force. Shane tackled him to the ground. Lori ran over to me as did Andrea and Amy, helping me and bringing me back to the R.v. "Are you ok?" Lori asked. I nodded my head watching Daryl. He pulled a knife out.
"Watch out for the knife." Rick pushed daryl back, getting Shane to put him into a head lock. "You'd best let me go!" "Nah, I think it's better if I don't." "Choke holding's illegal." "Yeah, you can file a complaint." Shane said not letting go. "Come on man, we'll keep this up all day." "I'd like to have a calm discussion on this topic. Do you think we can manage that?" Daryl glared at him. "Do you think we can manage that?" Rick asked once again. They let him go.
"What I did was not on a whim. Your brother does not work and play well with others." "It's not Rick’s fault." We all looked at T-dog. "I had the key, I dropped it." "You couldn't  pick it up?!" "Well I dropped it down a drain." "Dary-" "Just shut up!" "If its supposed to make me feel Better, it dont" "Maybe this will. Look, I chained the door to the roof, so the geeks couldn't Get at him, with a pad lock." "It's gotta count for something." "Daryl.." I tried "Not now!" He snapped. We were all silent. "Hell with all y'all!" He looked at Rick and then T-dog.
"Just tell me where he is, so I can go get him." "He'll show you, isn't that right." Lori said "I'm going back." Rick said making Lori go to Carl. After half an hour Rick was ready and he was having a  discussion with Shane. "I need to talk to you." I told him. "Not now." Daryl replied "Yes now!, I've been waiting to talk and now that you're leaving again I thought I should tell you." "I'm not interested in what ya have to say! I'm getting my brother back." "Thanks." I said with a scoff "Wh-" "Just go! Your brother is more important." I sighed walking away.
After another 10minutes they got in and left. "You didn't tell him did you?" I looked at Dale. "No, he didn't give me a chance." I sighed. "(Y/n)!, we need your help!" I saw the girls starting to take the washing down to quarry. "Duty calls." "Go ." He smiled at me.
I ran to catch up. I grabbed a basket and went down with them. Once we reached the quarry I saw Shane with Carl across with a net, Shane started yelling and splashing around  making Carl laugh. I was walking with Jacqui and Andrea with more clothes from Carols wagon to the water. "I'm beginning to question the division of labour here." Jacqui said. We continued to wash the clothes. "Can someone explain to me how the women wound up doing all the Hattie McDaniel work?" "The world ended. Didn't you get the memo?" Amy said making us giggle I looked to carol who looked over to Ed. "It's just the way it is" she said. "I do miss my Maytag.” Carol sighed. "I miss my Benz, my sat-nav" Andrea piped up "I miss my coffee maker, with that dual-drip filter and built-in grinder, honey." "I miss my computer, and texting." Amy sighed. "I miss hot water..." I stated. "We hear you honey." Jacqui said. "I miss my vibrator." Andrea confessed. "Oh!" Jacqui said. "Oh my god!" Amy laughed. "Me too" Carol said. Making us all laugh loudly. "What's so funny?" Ed asked "Just swapping war stories, Ed." "Yeah" "Problem, Ed?" "Not that concerns you" "And you ought to focus on your work. This ain't no comedy club." He said toward carol. "Ed, we’re just having a little laugh to brighten things up a bit, something you obviously don't know how to do." I said bitterly. "You shut your mouth." He said to me.
I turned around and continued washing. He stayed there for what felt like forever until Andrea spoke up. "Ed, tell you what... You don't like how your laundry is done, you are welcome to pitch in and do it yourself. Here." She threw it at him. And he threw it back. "Oh!" "Ain't my job missy." "Andrea don't." "No Andrea." I backed Amy up. "What is your job, ed? Sitting on your ass smoking cigarettes" "It sure as hell ain't listening to some uppity smart-mouthed bitch." "And ours isn't listening to a halfwit asshole such as your self." I answered him. "I've told you before shut up! Now come on let's go!" He said towards Carol. "I don't think she needs to go anywhere with you Ed." Andrea said to him. "It's none of your business, come on now, you heard me." "Carol." We all asked. "Andrea, please, it doesn't matter..." She said "Carol yes it does." "No honey" she whispered. "Hey don't think I won't knock you on your ass, just cos you are come college educated cooze, all right." He said to Andrea. "You'd have to get through me first." I warned. He looked at carol. "Now you come on now, or you gonna regret it later." He said to Carol. "So she can show up with fresh bruises later, Ed? Yeah we've seen them." Jacqui spoke up. "Stay out of this." He chuckled. "Now come on! You know what, this ain't none of y'all's business." "No, I've stayed outta this for too long, and now it is my business." I said. "You don't wanna keep prodding the bull here, ok? Now I am done talking, come on." He grabbed carol. "No, no carol, you don't" "You don't tell me what?! I’ll tell you what!" He slapped her and Andrea pushed him. His grip had tightened. All of us yelling at him. "Get off her!" "Come here! Come here!" He kept yelling. We finally got her away from him. "ED!" I yelled at him. He looked at me and I hit him square in the jaw. Making him slap me harder than he had hit Carol, I fell to the ground.
He was dragged away, and I saw Shane being the one who dragged him away. "Are you okay?" Amy asked. "I'm fine, look after carol." "Get off me!" Ed yelled at Shane. I looked over to see Shane throwing punch after punch. "Shane!" "Shane! Stop! Just stop!" "Shane!! Stop it!" "Stop!" He stopped. "You put up your hands on your wife, your little girl, my sister or anybody else in this camp I will not stop next time. Do you hear me? Do you hear me? I'll beat you to death ed!" Shane punched  him one last time. Carol ran to ed after and kept apologising.
"Are you sure you’re ok?" Jacqui and Amy asked. "I'm fine just a busted lip and bloody nose. I grew up with Shane, i’ll be fine." I said getting up.
We all packed up the things and Carol got Ed into the car, she drove him and the laundry up to camp, the rest of us decided to walk. "Thank you." Andrea spoke. "For what?" I asked. "For helping me stand up to him." "I actually can't believe you hit him." Amy laughed "I know.. Neither can I.” I laughed “I just hope that the baby is alright." Jacqui said looking down. "It'll be fine." We made it back to the camp after 10 minutes.
I made eye contact with Lori who rushed over as soon as she seen the blood. "What happened?!" "Lori! Calm down I copped a hit off of ed after he copped one off of me. It’s only a busted lip and a bloody nose." "He deserved it." "Shane almost killed him." "I wouldn't blame him." "Look I'm going to go and lie down, I'm tired." "Ok honey." "(Y/n)!" I looked over to Shane. "Are you ok?" "God! I'm fine." "Ok, just tell me other wise." "Will do!" I went to my tent and fell asleep. I woke up to Lori shaking me. "Dinner is ready." I nodded and sat up. "Sounds good, what are we having?" "Fish, Amy and Andrea caught them." "Ok, let's go." I smiled.
We walked towards the campfire and sat down. I ate some of my food and laughed along with everyone's jokes and their stories. "(Y/n), what was Shane like growing up?" Jacqui asked, "Here we go." Shane laughed. "He was the type of brother that would do anything for his little sister, including tea parties and dress ups, oh and the make-up and hair do's oh and this one -" "Ok enough of that." Shane cut me off. "I was going to say this one time I fell out of the tree in our backyard, I would’ve been about 12, I broke my arm and Shane was in the hospital with me, he bought me chocolates and balloons and a flower, that happened to be dead." Everyone awed. "And where do you think you're going?" Andrea asked Amy as Amy stood up. "I'm going to go and pee.. So much for being discreet around here." We all laughed. I started to play with my food, not feeling well, and the fact that daryl probably hates me right now. "(Y/n)?" "Huh? What?" I asked. "I said are you ok?" morales asked "Oh, I'm-"
I was cut off by a loud scream, both Andrea and I looked over to where Amy was, now being eaten alive by a walker. Everyone started running and yelling, grabbing weapons. Carl was with Lori, and Sophia with Carol. I grabbed my knife and started to help with killing the walkers. One was coming up behind Shane, so I ran up behind it and stabbed it with my knife. "(Y/n/n)! Get in the RV now!" Shane scolded. "No! Shane I am helping." I said killing another walker. "I am not risking your life! So get inside!" He stated killing one also. "No Shane! And that's final!" I said as I killed more and more walkers. I dropped my knife, a walker cornering me ,and everyone was pretty much out of ammo, when all of a sudden an arrow went through the walkers head, making it fall on me. I pushed it off of me. There were then gunshots and soon after the walkers were dead, I heard a snarl turning around, I seen one behind me, an arrow lodging itself through its eye, I stood frozen. I felt two hands on my shoulders. "Are you ok?" Daryl asked. I started to function properly again and I hugged him. “I needed you and you weren't here." I whispered "I was trying to get Merle.” "And how did that work out for you? I don’t see him anywhere!” I pushed him off me. “What is wrong with ya?” He snapped. I scoffed. “What is wrong with me? The group was just attacked and you went out on a rescue mission. I get that he is your brother, and I respect that. If it was Shane I would go back as well. Daryl we just lost our people.” “They might be your people, they sure as shit ain’t mine.” “Merle is a trigger happy idiot, he only cares for himself! He doesn't care for you!" "He is the only one that has ever cared for me he’s the only family i'll ever have!" He yelled. "You know what you're an ass!" I said pushing him backwards.
 I walked away, and I sat with Andrea who was sitting over Amy's body. "I'm so sorry." I whispered, rubbing circles on her back. "It's not your fault." "I'll give you some time. If you need me, im here.” "Thank you." She whispered hugging me.
 I got up and walked over to Shane. “You were an idiot out there! I told you to get to safety. What were you thinking?”
 “Shane, if I didn’t help, we could’ve lost a lot more of our people.”
 “I don’t care, we could’ve lost you.” "I know, but it should've been me not them, they were all good people Shane." "Don't say that." He scolded me as I hugged him. "They all were good people, we lost them, and If I lost my baby sister Id never." "What?" "Never be able to cope." "Shane?" "Yeah?" "You scared me the earlier today." "When?" "At the quarry." "I'm sorry." "I know."
He hugged me close as he looked around for anymore possible threats. 
After we were given the clear, we all sat down and grieved for our lost ones. After a few hours the sun was rising. I got up when I saw Daryl walking toward me. I tried to walk off when he grabbed my arm, pulling me over to him.
 "What's wrong with you Lately?” "Nothing that you can do about it anyway." "Honestly why are you being a bitch?" I know that what he said wasn't bad, but it hurt like hell, hormones of being pregnant I guess.
Normally I would take being called a bitch into my stride. I saw Jacqui looking at me, she started to walk over.
"Dixon, treat her with more respect! She doesn't deserve this." She said walking away with me. “Mind ya own business. Stuck up-”
Before I could process what was happening my hand collided with his face.
Everyone’s faces were shocked when I turned around. "I guess you and merle are more alike Thani thought Daryl." I said to him grabbing Jacqui's hand and walking away. "Why would you do that?" She asked. "Because you definitely don't deserve to be spoken to like that.” I looked back and saw him walking to help everyone else. "Sit down honey, we will do this." I nodded and sat down.
"Why do we all get stuck with doing work, you don't have to do anything?" Jim asked. "Jim, shut up" Shane snapped. He did as told and continued working. Lori came over to me and started talking.
"Still haven't told him yet?" "No." "Honey." "I know. It’s just hard." I looked over to where he was, angrily shoving the pick-axe into the dead skulls, to make sure, sweat on his forehead. “A walker got him!" Jacqui called out.
 I looked over to Jim and Jacqui, everyone rushing over to where they were. I pushed everyone out of the way and he held the shovel tighter to protect himself. Someone pushed me behind them protectively, coming face to face with a pair of angel wings. "Show us." Daryl said, still making sure I was there.
After a minute of arguing Shane ripped Jim's shirt up, revealing the gruesome bite. Lori sat down with Jim as the rest of us moved away and started talking.
 "We should put a pick-axe through his skull and the dead girls and be done with it." Daryl stated. "For the love of god, the mans still alive." T-dog whispered. "Only a matter of time." Daryl replied loudly, making  us look at Jim. "How long does it have to kill you?" Glenn asked quietly "I've never seen a survivor of a bite before, have you?" Jacqui asked. I shook my head. "I'm not going to take a chance." Daryl said turning around, "No Daryl, if we do that, that's our humanity gone and I am not-" "You're not what?" Daryl asked suspiciously. "Nothing, I don't feel too good." I said backing up.
 My breath hitched in my throat and I turned around and ran. I didn't get far as I dropped to my knees, heaving and gagging. "Oh shit!" I heard Shane, shortly after the sound of footsteps came close and someone was kneeling beside me. "Are you ok?" Shane asked me. I shook my head in response. After what seemed like forever I finally got all of the contents of my stomach out. I reached out for Shane and he helped me up slowly. I turned around and saw everyone staring at me. The girls all knew and so did Dale and Shane. Daryl looked at me and sighed.
 "We're you bit?" He asked aloud from a distance making sure everyone could hear. "No, It's just the smell, it's getting to me, and I didn't eat much." I covered up. "Daryl, if she was bit, she'd have a fever." "Shane, I need to tell him.” He nodded in response. "Daryl! Come here.” Daryl nodded.
 We walked over to where my tent is. “What? I need to get rid of ‘em.” He motioned to the bodies. “What I am about to tell you is really important. I really, really like you Daryl.”
“Get on with it, we don’t have all day.” He rolled his eyes, with his arms crossed. “Daryl, I’m pregnant.” Breathed out.
“Na, you ain’t.” “I am, I took two tests.” “It ain’t mine. It’s probably T-dogs. You two are close.”
“Are you being serious?”
“We always used condoms. It ain’t mine.”
“Daryl. It’s your baby. I’ve only been with you. Condoms can break.”
He shook his head.
“We have been together every second night if not every night, since we started this thing between us, there is no way that this isn’t your baby.”
He stormed off, grabbing his crossbow.
 I stood there alone, watching him walk away and start loading corpses into his truck. I waited until he was out of sight, until I made my way back to the others.
"Are you alright?" Lori asked as I rejoined what was left of our small group. “I told him. He is mad, thinks I slept with T-dog.” "You should've said something." "I tried. Numerous times." "Don't stress, it isn't good for the baby." She said hugging me.
I heard a branch snap.
 "I think we should deal with this right now!" I heard daryl yell, coming out of the woods raising his crossbow at Jim. Rick raised his gun a Daryl's head. "We don't kill the living." "Says the one with a gun to my head." "Daryl, put it down. Please." I whispered the last part softly touching his arm, making him slowly lower the crossbow, looking at me out of the corner of his eye. Rick lowered his gun and I saw Daryl glare at him. "Come with me." Rick looked at Jim. "Where are you taking me?" "Somewhere safe" Rick said taking him to the RV.
 After about an hour Amy woke up. Andrea had shot her at least five minutes after she awoke. I watched her wrap her own sister up in a white sheet. "(Y/n)?" I heard Rick ask. "Yeah?" "I need you to stay here and watch Jim as we bury the others." "Yeah, I'll do it." "No you aren't!" I head both Daryl and Shane protest. I looked at them both. "Why not?" I challenged. I saw Shane back up a bit. "What if he turns, and you get bit." Daryl snapped. “Look im an adult, not that you’d care at this point, regarding our previous conversation Dixon. I won't, because i'll have this." I said pulling my knife out of my boot. Daryl shot Rick a glare. "If she gets hurt I'm going to stomp your ass." He threatened leaving. Shane looked at him and walked away. "Go, I'll watch him." I smiled Rick thanked me before joining his wife and son. I climbed up into the RV and saw Carol sitting there looking after him.
 "You can go, it’s my turn to look over him." I smiled weakly. "Are you sure? I-" "Carol, you have to bury your husband. Sophia needs you honey." I hugged her. "I-ill be back soon." Carol stuttered with tears slowly running down her face. I nodded and sat down. "How are you going to do it?" Jim asked coughing "Do what?" "End this" "Jim. I'm not going to hurt you. I promise." I smiled dampening a cloth and wiping the sweat off of his head. "Thank you." He panted. "Would you like a drink?" "Please." I got up and went to the refrigerator grabbing the bottle of water that had been placed in there. I walked back to Jim. He couldn't hold the bottle still he was shaking that bad. "Here, I'll help." I steadied the bottle to his mouth and he drank. I pulled the bottle away and done the cap up. "I- I never got to say congratulations." He said with a weak and tired smile. "Thanks." I whispered. He went to smile but he started to cough, I handed him the red bucket that he had become far to familiar with. Blood was coming up with each cough. After a few minutes he stopped. "I'm sorry you have to look over me." "Jim, please stop saying sorry." He nodded his head. I heard a voice outside of the RV and looked out of the window. I saw almost everyone walking back. Jacqui came in and sat down next to me.
"It's my watch honey." She stated. "Are-" "Just go, I'm surprised that you put up with me that long." Jim softly laughed. "Honestly Jim! You make me sound horrible." I said amused. He smiled at me and I smiled back. "I'm going to see you soon okay?" I asked. He nodded his head. I slowly walked out of the RV. I went to my tent and entered it.
I laid down on my sleeping bag and looked at the tarp that lay above. I heard footsteps outside of my tent, followed by Daryl entering and laying next to me. He pulled me close and I rested my head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry for snapping earlier." He spoke. "I'm sorry for not telling you when I was originally going to." “When was that?” "You were angry at everyone for leaving merle on that Roof, I tried To tell you then.”
The tent was quiet, I could only hear Daryls breath, and my own. “Im 3-4 weeks along-” "It's been decided. We're heading to the CDC" he cut me off. "Rick or Shane's idea?" "Ricks" "I bet Shane wasn't happy about that." I laughed.
 The silence was too much, I lifted my head and kissed his lips softly, him kissing back. The kiss slowly turned into a heated make out session. "(Y/n)! We're leaving in 20!" Shane called out interrupting us. I pulled away. "Cock-block" Daryl groaned. I softly laughed. I got my back pack and daryl got his crossbow and his bag. "I'll put our things with Merle's bike in the truck." Daryl said taking my bag. I sighed as I started to take our tent apart. "Here, let me help you." I looked up to see Lori. "Thanks." "You should be doing the light stuff." "I'm fine with this honestly." “If you say so." She said.
 I looked over to see Shane walk over. "Ok ladies, this is a mans job." He said pulling the tent apart. Lori scoffed and left. After 5 minutes Shane looked at me.
 "And that is how you pack away a tent." "Nice job. Now take it to the RV with the other tents." I smiled sweetly. He rolled his eyes as he grabbed it and started to walk away. I walked to where the rest of the group was.
 "Now, everyone stay on channel 40, but keep the chatter down. Jim will stay in the RV with Jacqui, so he is in good hands. Questions?" Rick asked I shook my head but morales stood up, his family joining. "We're not going." I looked at him shocked. "What?" I asked in disbelief. "Heading the opposite way, we've got family in Birmingham." He finished. "You won't make it alone." Rick said. "We'll take our chances." "That's a lot of pressure to hold on yourself." "We can handle it." Miranda said with a soft smile. "I really think-" "I've got to do what's best for my family." Morales spoke Rick nodded his head. "I understand. Channel 40 ... If you change your mind." He softly smiled back. Morales nodded. We all said our goodbyes and they got into the van. After a while they where out of sight. "Is everyone ready to go?" "Yeah." "Yep." "Sure." We all piled into out vehicles. The RV pulled out onto the road, Rick following behind in the Cherokee, then T-dog in the church van, Daryl and myself and then Shane following in his jeep..... 
The journey so far has been silent, we’ve been on the road for about 20 minutes.
I put my head on the window and sighed. "What's wrong with ya?" Daryl asked "Nothing." "Bullshit." “Im just tired?” “It ain’t that.”
“It’s not important.” "Fine." We sat in silence for at least another 5 minutes, when everyone in front of us had started to pull up. "What the hell?" Daryl started. We both got out and gathered around the front of the RV. "What happened?" I asked "It's the hose, it's completely shot." Dale sighed. "I thought you fixed it earlier." I commented. "Yeah, didn't you jury-rig it or something?" Rick asked. "It's not holding, I was going to strip the cube van." "Shit." Shane sighed. "There's got to be a gas station, or an abandoned car between here and the highway." Rick sighed. We all traded wary looks. "Glenn, Dale, it shouldn't take us long." Rick stated. "I'll go this time." Shane piped up. "You sure?" "Yeah, you stay with your family." Shane said putting some things in his jeep. I looked at Daryl. "Shane!" I called after him. He turned around. "What?" "Be safe" He nodded. I felt a hand on my shoulder.
"Your brother is the toughest son of a bitch there is." I heard Rick say removing his hand. "You don't say" I chuckled. "I never knew that Shane had a sister." I sighed. "Well, I wasn't the best person to be related to, I was 14 when our parents died, I was in Shane's custody , Shane and I got into a huge fight causing Shane to move out. He left me with my fathers brother who was an alcoholic, he was an abusive drunk, I almost died a few times, so I-I ran away, Shane doesn't know about our uncle. I stole from a gas station, that at the time earlier in the same week a someone tried to hold it up, so they had a few police men stationed there. I refused to tell them who my family was, because I at the time I was on my own, I mean Shane was alive, I thought he hated me, my uncle was a drunk who would get me into more trouble, my parents were dead and if they Weren't they'd be disappointed. It turns out, my cousin worked at the station and he called our grandmother, she took me in and helped me through everything, she had gotten me a job at the bakery that she worked at, she swore she'd never tell Shane about any of this, she kept to her word and didn't, after 6 years of living with her on the out skirts of King County, she had passed, and I re-united with my brother at our grams funeral. When the outbreak hit he showed up at our grandmothers house with Lori and Carl. For quite a chunk of our lives, Shane and I lost contact. Which is why you haven’t heard about me.” By the time I had finished everyone was standing with us listening. "Sorry." I whispered. "Don't be." "What were you two fighting about?" Dale asked. Memories came flooding back. "I-I- dont remember." I lied pushing past people.
I was waiting, for two and a half hours.
I was at the movies with a friend, it had finished at 7.15pm. I was 14, Shane was meant to pick me up. So at 9.20 I decided to walk home, it was a twenty minute drive from home to the cinema, he should’ve been here by now. It was 9.55 by the time I got home.
Shane was no where to be seen.
I sat on the bottom step, watching the front door, waiting for my brother to walk in. Surely he had a good reason to not be there when he said he would. After an hour of waiting, Shane still wasn’t home. I stood up, and got a glass of water to take with me to bed. I hear the door open and I walked over to see Shane walk in with three women, Barely dressed, caked faces.
The girls were giggling, Shane was plastered. They ignored me and made their way up the stairs and into the master room. The next day the girls left, and Shane walked out, pleased with himself. "What was that a new record?" I asked sourly. "What's up your ass?" He scoffed. “You forgot about me again.”
 “No I didn’t.” “The movie finished at 7.15 last night and I waited until 9.20 for you.”
“I had plans.”
 “I could see that.”
 “You got home, it’s not a big deal.”
 “To you it might not be. But it is to me Shane, you promised. Mom and dad can’t come pick me up because you forgot.” “So what? You’re okay. You’re grown. Deal with it.” “Shane-“ “I can’t fucking do this. Im not your father, I don’t want you.” Shane grabbed a coat and left. This time he didn’t come back.
I walked to the truck, grabbed my bag and pulled out my water bottle, taking a sip. "What are ya doing?" Daryl asked. I offered my bottle to him, for him to shake his head. I put the bottle back. “I was thirsty.” I responded.
 “Are you okay?” "Sure." I said shoving my bag back into the truck. I tried to push past but he blocked me. "Don't start." He said. “Start what?”
 “Being a bitch.” “You gonna hit me like ed hit me, knock me on my ass? Go on, take your shot." I slightly raised my voice. Pure anger went through his eyes. "When did he hit you?!" He said raising his voice only that the two of us could hear. “It doesn’t matter, im okay.”  I replied, softly pushing him out of the way. I walked to where T-dog and Jacqui were sitting. "You alright, I saw you two talking.” Jacqui asked. “Yeah im good.” "I'm sorry." T-dog said "About?" "Your past." "Don't be, that's why it's in the past, we gotta keep, keeping on.” They both smiled. "(Y/n)!" I turned my head and saw Lori, signalling for me to goto her. "I'll talk to you guys later." I smiled.
I walked to the Cherokee and stood with her. "Hey, is everything okay?" "Yeah it's fine, word of advice.." "Yeah." "Fit in as much sex before you start growing bigger, trust me." She whispered I laughed causing everyones attention to land on us. "Don't make me laugh, I doubt we will be even sleeping next to each other." "Why?" "I don’t think this is something he wants.” "Daryl loves you, I can see it in his eyes." I looked over to where Daryl was, talking with Rick about whatever. I heard a rustle in a bush and grabbed my knife. Lori heard it too, pushing the kids behind her. I looked to where Daryl was with Rick and they were still talking, so were the others. "(Y/n). Don't."
I ignored Lori's protests and started walking. I saw a squirrel, torn to shreds on the ground, and saw a walker eating another one. I quietly snuck up behind it and as it turned around I shoved the knife into its skull, blood now all over my knife and a little bit on my shirt.
I heard a twig snap behind me and I turned around, running into a hard chest. "You shouldn't be alone out here." "Daryl you scared the shit out of me.” “I don’t want you out here alone.” “Daryl. I’m not a doll.” I snapped.     Moving around him and heading back to the cars, he grabs my waist and pull me into him, kissing me hard, dropping his crossbow. I kissed back with just as much force. He licked my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I parted my mouth and our tongues fought for dominance. My hands slipped under his vest and ran over his chest. He held me close, not letting me go. We were interrupted by a snapping twig. There was a walker, it was coming toward us. He walked in front of me and grabbed the crossbow, shooting it in the eye. "We should go back." I whispered. "Yeah." He nodded. He grabbed my hand and we walked back to the others.
"Are you okay?" Lori asked as soon as she saw me. "Yeah, I'm fine. We just talked." "Are you going to use my advice?" "To be honest. We kind of tried that then, until a walker ruined it. My sex drive is on high and I just." "I know, I was exactly like that when i was pregnant with Carl." I saw Shane pull up in the jeep, getting out and handing the hose to dale. Glenn and dale started to work on the hose. "It will only take me a few minutes." Dale said looking back to everyone. "Everyone, let's get ready to head out, as soon as the RV is fixed we are moving out." Shane called. Shane made his was to his jeep, passing the RV door. It opened, Rick carrying Jim.
 "What is going on?" Shane asked Rick. "Rick?" I asked "He doesn't want to go any further." Rick said regretting it. Rick carried Jim to a tree and set him down against it. "Are we just going to leave him here?" Glenn asked "No! We can't. It isn't right!" I protested. "Please just go." Jim sighed softly. We all stood there, looking at Jim. "He wants to die peacefully." Andrea spoke up. We all looked at her. Rick got out a bottle of water and placed it beside Jim. "What the hell man?!" Daryl asked. "He's made his decision, I can't force him, I can't force anyone of you." "What's the point of going to the CDC then? we're close." Shane said. "I think it's still the right plan." Rick argued softly "He can't take the bouncing around in that thing, look at him." Carol sighed. We all looked at him. Shane focused on Rick. "We're really just walking away? I don't want to live with that." Shane said. "Shouldn't we.. You know?" T-dog asked. Rick cut him down with a glare.
Andrea kneeled and kissed Jim's forehead, she stood back up and turned away. Glenn stood forward. "Hang in there bro." Dale follows. "Good luck." "I really wish that we weren't doing this, but it is what you want and I respect that.” I said kneeling and kissing his forehead, and wiping his hair away from his eyes. I stood up and walked to the pick up. Daryl looked at Jim and nodded coldly, the followed me to the truck. The others followed with their goodbyes. The RV pulled out slowly, all of us following pursuit. Looking out of the window I share one last smile at Jim. Series Masterlist   Next Part
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spideyanakin · a year ago
Hello there!✨ Part 6
Peter Parker x Reader Star Wars x Avengers Au
Normal Masterlist 🧚🏻‍♀️
Series Masterlist 🍒
Tumblr media
That night you couldn’t sleep. The thought of leaving Peter when you just got together hunted you. You wanted to have more time with him, but faith decided otherwise. 
You watched the sunrise rise on your sleepless night. The sky was turning a beautiful golden color that reflected on the clouds. 
The alarm you set the night before echoed through your room. You walked to your bathroom and washed the dry tears that stained your cheeks. You sighed. Your time here was short, but you’ll never forget it. 
You tied your hair up, leaving you padawan braid out like you were used to. You walked to your closet and got the Jedi robe you missed so much. You passed a hand through the soft fabric you loved before putting in on. 
You grabbed your lightsaber from a shelf and clipped it to your belt. You took a last glance in the mirror before you grabbed a bag with things you collected from this earth. 
You looked around the room, knowing you’ll miss it. 
You went down to the dining room where you saw Tony, Steve, Nat and Peter all eating their breakfast in peace. Peter looked as tired as you. 
That night he couldn’t sleep either. He didn’t want you to leave, but he wanted you to be happy. He couldn’t ask you to stay, that would just be selfish of him. He knew how much you loved your life back in your galaxy. But at the same time, he wanted to keep you. He wanted to keep the girl he fell for the second he saw her. He wanted to keep the girlfriend he’d only got for a few hours. 
You gave a tired hi to the table and sat next to Peter, who looked at you with fascination. The only time he saw you fully dressed as a Jedi was the day you arrived. 
A sad smile crept on his mouth as he made eye contact with you.
“So, you ready?” Tony Stark broke the silence. He had put on the cheerful front but he didn’t want you to leave either. 
You barely nodded as an answer and grabbed the box of cereals. 
“Well, Thor is on his way; he’s the one who knows the most about space. Steve and Nat will come with us too in case something goes wrong. Bucky, Sam, and Peter will be staying here, they will be on an intercom so if anything goes really wrong they can monitor the ship from here.” Tony explained. 
“Why can’t I come to space.” Peter looked up from his bowl to stare at Tony, almost outrage he couldn’t come. 
“Because it’s too dangerous Peter. I won’t risk your life.” 
Peter was about to say something but you cut him off, placing a hand on his shoulder. 
“Peter, space is more dangerous than you think.” You looked at him straight in the eyes and he knew he couldn’t fight this one. 
“Alright.” He sighed, his eyes getting almost glossy, sad he wouldn’t get more time with you. 
The large space ship Tony Stark had built looked nothing like what you were used to. It was big and grey and it had blue lines all over it. It looked weird?
Thor had arrived, you always felt the force with him just like you always did. Same with Steve.
Nat, Steve, Tony, and Thor had already all walked in the ship and you were standing at the door with Peter.
“Other Galaxy, you ready?” Tony stepped out of the ship and wondered why you took so long. 
“Yeah, I’ll be here in a second. Just saying goodbye.” You pointed to Peter and the others. 
“Alright,” Tony said before getting back in. 
You gave a quick goodbye to the rest of the team before you were face to face with Peter. 
“So... This is a goodbye then,” Peter said feeling his eyes water. Yours were tearing up as well. 
“I guess.” You replied, warm tears leaving your eyes.  
You looked at Peter and Peter looked at you, the two of taking each other in one last time. 
“Oh, Peter” You jumped in his arms sobbing. “I'm sorry I have to leave so soon.”
He held a hand to your hair. 
“I'm going to miss you.” Peter felt the tears falling from his eyes too. 
“I’ll never forget you.” You smiled through the tears. 
“And you think I will?” 
You let out a teary laugh before kissing his lips, never wanting the moment to end. 
“This can’t be the end...” You whispered. “Promis I’ll find a way to come back.” 
“You don’t have to promise anything. It’s ok.” Peter looked into your eyes. 
“I think I, I love you.” You said through the tears. Peter smiled even tho he felt his world fall apart with you leaving.
“I think I love you too.” He replied even tho he was sure of himself. 
“Well... let’s hope this is just A Goodbye then.” You tried to stay hopeful. 
“Goodbye then.” You tried to smile. 
“I love you.” 
“I love you too.” 
You gave him a quick peck on his lips before leaving for good. Turning one last time to see his face before disappearing into the ship.
“You ok?” Tony asked you as you sat down on a chair next to him. 
“Yeah.” You whipped the tears from your cheeks and buckled your seatbelt. 
“Alright then, let’s go!" Tony flipped the switch while Thor tightened the grip on command controls. You felt your body vibrate with the vessel, ready for take-off. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, ready to leave the one you loved. You were a Jedi you’ll just have to suck it up. At least that’s what Yoda always taught you... 
You opened your eyes again, the trees getting smaller and smaller as you got ready to get out of the atmosphere. 
Suddenly the vibrating stopped and you felt light. Your lips were trembling as you tried to stop yourself from crying, the earth was slowly disappearing from view. 
“It’s ok.” You whispered to yourself as you felt the force a little bit more than usual. “I'm ok.” You let the force warm up your body feeling sudden peace.
Nat looked at you with almost pity. She knew that you and Peter were together; you’d told her everything. She didn’t know the feeling of being torn apart in two worlds and she wished she would never know it. She didn’t really want you to go but thought it was the best for you, even if Peter was on earth, your whole life was galaxies away. 
Tony didn’t know how to react. He didn’t suspect that you and Peter together, but he did know you guys were close. He knew you’d miss earth, and he knew he’d miss you. The month you spent on earth will forever stay in their memories, and you’ll forever be their favorite Jedi.
Thor didn’t know where to put himself. He wanted to cheer everyone up, but he knew what the others felt. He wasn’t there most of the time, but the few times he came, he saw your cheerful attitude and your lovable character. You were miles away from your home, not knowing when you would come back and you would still wake up every day with a smile on your face. He did admire you. Plus you were a great fighter and your light thing was amazing; to be honest Thor wanted one. 
Steve was sad too. You had become one of his favorite person and he knew he’d miss you too. He loved training with you because you were the one who would teach him stuff things rather than him. And he knew this would be hard on Peter.
You looked through the large window as you slowly left the Milkyway. 
“And, we're out of this galaxy.” Thor sighed while pressing on the acceleration button. 
You gave him a sad smile and turned to Tony Stark.
“I just wanted to say thank you... Thank you for everything.” You smiled. “Courage makes heroes, but trust builds friendships. And you trusted me even tho I was a stranger. You brought me into your home, your family. Thank you.”
“You’re very wise you know.” Tony smiled back missing you already. 
“You should meet Yoda.” You chuckled. 
“Well, maybe we will.” Steve joined the conversation. 
“Yeah.” You looked down at your hands and played with your nails for a short while. 
You leaned back in your chair, admiring the millions of stars who carved the view and the beautiful deep blue and deep purple color palette you hadn’t seen for so long was calming your nerves. You felt your eyes getting heavier as you drift off into sleep. 
You were woken up by loud voices and the harsh up and down movements of the ship.
“What’s wrong?” You groaned barely awake. You could barely open your eyes from the blinding white light. Your eyes were stinging and dry, from all the crying you’d done and the strong lighting wasn’t helping the pain. 
“We’re here. But it’s more dangerous then we thought.” Thor replied in a stern tone. “This vortex thing is surrounded by asteroids and it's sucking us in.” He started pressing a few buttons which just made the space ship vibrate even more. 
“We're going send in the test pod.” Tony looked at his screen and pressed a few buttons. “It has a camera, we will be able to see where it leads us and how. The pod is made with the exact same material as the ship if it survives then so will we.” He explained a little sure of himself. 
“Alright,” You approved.
Tony made his screen bigger so that everyone could see. He grabbed a small remote and pressed a few buttons. 
The ship released a small pod that slowly made its way through asteroids, dust and space debris. Once it got close to the giant white wall the pod got sucked in faster than lightspeed, every inch of it getting crushed into pieces. The camera got propelled millions of miles away from the vortex and was now floating towards a galaxy. 
You looked through the screen as you saw the millions of pieces floating around going towards the galaxy you recognized as your own. You stood up and got closer to the screen, inspecting every inch of the sight. 
“Zoom in.” You made a hand movement towards Tony keeping your eyes glued to the screen. 
Your heart was pounding at a million miles per hour. You could recognize Tatooine and Naboo even if they were far away from the camera’s sight. You could also see the vast figure of the 1,600-meter-long Imperator-class that was used to carry the clones. You placed a hand to the screen feeling as you were almost touching the planets, you traced old roads you’d take to travel from planet to planet with the tip of your fingers.
“I'm sorry... We can’t get through it.“ He sighed. “And were um... Were losing track of the camera... it’s getting too far.” his voice filled with the remorse of failing. 
You nodded; understanding, your eyes becoming glossier and your vision fading as the screen blurred. A soft sob escaped your mouth the sadness of never going back taking over the joy of seeing Peter again. 
“Hey, hey.” Nat stood up and took you in her arms, where you poured your heart out. “It’s ok” She put a hand through your hair trying to calm you down. 
“We’re sorry Y/n... Really...” Tony sighed not knowing where to put himself. Your galaxy was behind this vortex, millions of miles away, but there. The strongest ship the universe could offer couldn’t go through it. 
The ride back was long. You sat there tears coming down your cheeks. You were never going to see Anakin again. Never going to see Obi-Wan again. Never going to see the Jedi council again, and would never see one of your best friends; Ahsoka again. You sighed. Were they even searching for you? Wouldn’t they have found a way by now? Was Anakin even a little sad you were gone? You couldn’t stop the tears from falling just thinking about them forgetting you, not even fighting for you.
“I'm never going to see Anakin again.” You said in a cry barely above a whisper.
“Who is he, like your boyfriend or something?” Tony tried to lighten up the mood, but you weren't laughing. 
“No... He’s my master, my Jedi master.” You sniffled. “He’s like an older brother to me... He taught me everything I know.” You played with your fingernails as more tears blurred your vision. “He’s the only family I had left.” You cried into your sleeve. 
A small ‘oh’ escaped Tony’s mouth and he turned back around to face the road, not happy with the comment he’d made.
You landed on earth and your whole body felt cold. Even colder than space. You could barely feel the force and you missed the wholesome feeling it gave you. 
The doors open and Tony got out first. Peter was there waiting for them to get back. It had been about 20hourrs already. He had time to sleep, eat and do everything you’d do in a day, but instead, he cried himself to sleep and barely ate. When he saw you heavily walk down the ship, tears in your eyes and almost dragging your small bag like it was heavyweights, he felt warmth and happiness which quickly turned to pain. 
The second you made eye contact with him you paused and nodded a small ‘no’, making him understand there was no way you were going back. A sob escaped your mouth before you dropped your bag and ran into Peter’s arms.
“Hey, it’s alright. I'm here.” Peter whispered in your hear hanging on to you never wanting to let you go. 
You cried into his arms earning looks from Tony.
“Is it me or there's something going on between these two?” Tony asked barely above a whisper to Nat. She shrugged her shoulders like everything was normal.
“Well yeah, you didn’t know they're dating.” 
Tony looked at Nat with wide eyes.
“Since when !?”
“Like 2days ago.” She said in the calmest way. Steve laughed at Tony’s reaction.
“I knew it,” Steve added before earning a surprised look from Tony. A small silence fell as they watched you and Peter who were standing a few meters away.
“I feel bad for her...” The light mood faded.
“Yeah...” Tony sighed. 
“I mean, she lands on this planet, she finds a guy she likes, she not even allowed to have a boyfriend. And then we tell her she can go back to her planet, we try to bring her back and turns out it’s impossible.” Nat explained.
“Wait, what do you mean she’s not allowed to have a boyfriend?” 
“Well, it’s the Jedi code. They're not allowed to get attached to anything, let alone be in a relationship. Being a Jedi is a strict commitment.” She replied in the calmest way possible.
“How do you know all that?” Tony exclaimed shocked she knew.
“Well, she told me. Plus I watched the movies.” she turned around and entered the compound leaving Tony and Steve shocked.
“Since when does she watch Star Wars.” Tony turned to Steve. 
“Don’t look at me. I only watched A New Hope.” Steve raised his hands to show he was innocent and followed Nat.
Tony’s mouth fell right open.
“I NEVER EVEN WATCHED ONE!” Tony followed them making a mental note to watch them. 
That night you and Peter fell asleep on the couch. You had both stayed up late talking with some of the Avengers. 
Your heart was breaking and Peter was the only one who could repair it. The idea of never seeing any of your friends again hunted you. You knew you would miss your old life.
You woke up, your legs tangled in Peters. You slowly tried to stand up but Peter's grip tightens on you, pushing you closer to him.
“Morning” A soft chuckle escaped your mouth, Peter loving the sound of it. 
“Morning.” He grumbled in your hair holding you as close to him as possible.
You turned around facing him. 
“You ok?” He said barely above a whisper. You just nodded in response.
You stared at each other for a second, melting into his eyes.
“I love you.” He said a little hesitant. He didn’t know if you said it just because you were leaving and was never going to see him again. But he was sure he loved you.
“I love you too.” You smiled.
Peter turned on his back and you put your head on his chest melting into his hug.
“Morning kids” Tony entered the living room.
“Morning.” You stood up from Peter’s arms and sat on the edge of the couch.
“Sleep well?” Tony asked a smirk making it’s way to his lips. Both Peter and you let out of soft chuckle before replying with a small ‘yeah’.
“You ok?” Tony asked sincerely before taking a sip of his coffee.
You gave him a slight nod and a sad smile to go with.
Peter sat up with a groan and wrapped his hand around your waist, placing his head on your shoulder.
“Hey, keep it PG” Tony chuckled and walked towards the door. “Breakfast is ready.” He left the room. 
Peter stood up from the couch and left to the door. As you wanted to do the same your eyes caught your lightsaber. 
It was delicately placed on the coffee table. You stared at it for a while remembering what life with the Jedis.
“Anakin you hear me?” You laughed as your grip got stronger on the wheels of your Eta-2. 
“Loud and clear.” 
You let out a giant woohoo as you made up and down turns around space. It was your first time flying your own spacecraft and you were more than ready. 
“So you like it?” Anakin said in the intercom.
“Are you kidding me? This is amazing!” 
The Jedi council and Anakin had decided to give you your own Eta-2 for your birthday. You honestly almost cried when you received it. You couldn’t get the smile of your face as Anakin brought you to try it out. 
You closed your eyes and you felt warm tears fall down.
“You coming?” Peter brought you back to reality. 
“Yeah.” You quickly wiped the tears of your face and joined Peter for breakfast. 
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