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#professor membrane
cute-little-bug · 18 hours ago
Writing requests; open!!
I decided to open up my writing requests since summer is here and goddamn I’ve nothing better to do!! Here’s the characters I will write for;
Professor membrane
Tallest Red
Tallest Purple
Tallest Miyuki
Tallest Spork
Zwo (Zim2)
‼️requests I won’t be taking‼️
-invader Zim oc requests
-Super exclipt nsfw
-Zim x Professor Membrane
-Professor membrane x Red x Purple
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irlmrgribbleston · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
im trying out a new art program and i rly like this brush but i accidentally changed it so now i cant find it 😓 anyway ladies and gentlemen , him
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ihaveissuesandrage · 2 days ago
Incorrect IZ-quotes 04
Membrane: "Son, it's not in the holiday's spirit! Now help me to annihilate Santa!"
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irlmrgribbleston · 3 days ago
how r u gona fw professor membrane but not with clembrane he is just as fine as pm look at him
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i love him <3 __ <3 i do not understand why ppl dont like him
Tumblr media
i enjoy all 3 of them ‼️
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ihaveissuesandrage · 4 days ago
Incorrect IZ-quotes 03
Zim (setting a shark free as his new evil plan): "Chompi, you're a noble and heroic creature. Now go and eat the children!"
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gothitelle-goddess · 5 days ago
I love Enter The Florpus, but I also dread it, because ever since it came out, people would constantly bend over backwards to justify Membranes shitty parenting in the show, like, you don’t have to make excuses, they can be two different versions, stop justifying abusive parenting please.
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ihaveissuesandrage · 5 days ago
Randomly thinking about Dib singing Mysterious Force from Phineas and Ferb to Gaz. Linda should be replaced by his father.
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Am I Worth It?
Warning- Dark angst as well as suicide. Read at your risk.
No one POV
"Am I worth it?" Dib asked, wiping the blood coming out of his mouth.
Dib was in the middle of a fight to destroy Zim's new latest plan.
"Worth it?! What kind of a question is that?!" Zim exclaimed before activating the bombs.
Dib quickly got up to try and stop it but not before feeling a stab at his right arm.
He hissed, but that didn't stop him.
He managed to deactivate the bomb, making Zim pissed.
"HOW DARE YOU?! I'LL GET YOU BACK FOR THIS, DIB-STINK!" Zim yelled before running off.
Dib sighed, walking away as well.
'It's been a long day...' He thought before sighing again.
'Can't let Dad or Gaz see this, not that they care anyway...'
Dib felt tears forming, but he withheld it.
He couldn't show weakness right now. Not when Earth is at stake.
But really, does he had to hold it in for so long?
"Am I worth it?" Dib asked Zim, walking right beside him.
"What do you mean by that? Well, yeah, of course," Zim said, looking at Dib with a suspension look.
"Why do you ask that?"
"It's nothing, just curious," Dib admitted truly.
It's been one year ever since Zim found out that his mission was a lie.
To cope, Zim and Dib decided to go out with a truce.
Ever since then, Zim and Dib became somewhat friends.
"Hm... You better not be hiding something, Dib-friend," Zim said, looking at Dib intensely.
Dib nervously laughed as they entered the class, going to their assigned seat.
'Damn, does he care or not?' Dib thought, nervously scratching his arm.
'I mean, we're just friends right now; it wouldn't matter that much to Zim, right?'
Dib stared at the window, ignoring Ms. Bitter's teaching, and sighed.
'Even so, let's just hope that nothing goes wrong...'
"Am I worth it?" Dib asked nervously at Zim.
Zim smiled at Dib as he held his hand and said, "Yes, Dib. Yes, you are."
This made Dib smiled faintly too, but not much joy was on his face.
'Of course, he would say that to make me feel better...' Dib thought before blushing.
He cuddled up to Zim after their 'fun' time, if you know what I mean~
Dib sighed before looking at Zim again.
'Thank goodness he thought that these scars are from our old battles...'
"I love you..." Dib said before cuddling in Zim's chest and falling asleep.
'I love you too...' Zim thought, hugging Dib tightly.
"Am I worth it?!" Dib exclaimed, slamming his hands down onto the table.
It's been three years since they were together, but something broke that spark a long time ago.
Lately, Zim became more distant, always finding excuses in his life.
Of course, Dib thought it was something small, and now, this is happening.
It left Dib's heart completely break causing him to cry.
'I knew it. I should've known for a long time... He hates me just like everyone else did... Why me?'
Dib looked at his hand that slammed the table and sigh.
'That's it, huh? It's over...' Dib thought, grabbing his things to leave.
'Goodbye, Zim,' He thought before closing the door to finished what he thought to do a long time ago...
'"Am I worth it?"' Zim heard Dib's voice inside his head.
He kneels to place the flowers that he purchased for his Dib.
Then, he felt tears coming down his face.
Dib's death hit him hard that night.
It was the last time they ever spoke, and, unfortunately, Zim found Dib dead by a river.
He tried to save him, but it was too late.
Dib was gone... and he wasn't coming back.
'Oh, my love, you were always worth it...' Zim thought, crying out as he apologized over and over again.
"Zim- I'm very sorry, Dib-love. Just let this be a prank, please come back..." Zim pleaded, clutching onto the necklace Dib gave him.
'Please...' Zim thought, but he knows that nothing will make him come back.
'You were always worth it, my love...'
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tinypurplespacemoose · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Was gonna do the perfect face thing on him but then I realized he’s already perfect
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izpride · 7 days ago
aro and bi professor membrane? :]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Professor Membrane + Aromantic/Bisexual flags!
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cdarkheartzero · 8 days ago
The Tallest’s Drone
Tumblr media
Tallest Zim rules with an iron fist. Nothing in the universe stands a chance against his magnificent power. But he’s not destined to rule the cosmos alone. And Zim will teach the tallest-in-training Dib the skills he will need even if one of them almost gets killed in the process.
A fic crafted with @faithfulwhispers one night that started as just a joke and become a full fledged AU. Seriously, it was just some doodles and stupid crap, I swear.
You can read hers here!
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amyisherenowitsokay · 9 days ago
Can you do 46 for your drawing requests? Membrane in Zim's house is such a rarity and the scene was just so funny! XD
Tumblr media
46. Filthy
Zim’s eyes darted around the room, “Why are you . . . here?”
“Ah, yes.” Membrane set his briefcase on his lap, beginning to disengage the unreasonably complicated locking mechanism each of his devices possessed. “It has come to my attention from my children that you are in need of biological and anatomical reproductive education, Zim.”
Zim’s eye twitched.
What We Become is rife with Dadbrane and I hope you loved it.
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boneremoval · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
found another simp @somebodythatwantstoperish​ 
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delhe-dalim · 9 days ago
Debía a creerte. Miré película. 👀💪
Tumblr media
ya vesss que sí tenía razón?😳 That's nicE
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