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#prinipal nezu
ginger0utcast · 7 months ago
Thrown into it
Part: 1,2,3,4,5, 6
Part 7- Congrats! You’re living with the protagonist!
We parked in front of a concrete wall, a green sign of characters being the only thing contrasting its pale grey color. A sudden urge of pain makes its way up my spine and to my head, making me grab my hair and inhale sharply. “Hey? Kid you okay?” I hear Mic ask. My eyes water, making me blink a few times. “Y/n? Do we need to go back to the hospital?” Nezu questions. Is that concern I hear? I open my eyes. The head splitting pain fades as I look up at Nezu. “ I’m fine..” Where did that come from? Woods turns back in his seat. “Are you sure?” I looked to him only to see something was different. “T-that.. The sign!” I pointed to the green sign in front of us. It was perfect english. “I-I-”
“Yeah.. parking for thirty minutes. So what?” Snipe questioned. “I-I-I couldn’t read that a moment ago..” Nezu observes me while Snipes brings up something I didn't even notice before. “But you speak perfect Japanese.” My eyes widen. “Wait what?” I questioned. Was it just me or was the world spinning a bit? Snipe laughs whole heartedly while Woods stares at Nezu with a look that screams ‘Are they fucking serious?’
Mic keeps himself composed as he lowers his shades. “What do you think we were speaking? English?” I inhale. What is this tom-fuckery? “Call me crazy, but.. yeah..?” 
The group glances at each other. Snipe and Woods just plain confused while Nezu and Mic seemed to be talking telepathically. “Look I know it sounds stupid but. It’s just true. I know better than to lie to heroes.” Mic glances back at me and speaks in something that sounds like gibberish. “Scus?” I mumble just before the pain I felt when I glanced at the sign returns. A groan comes out of my mouth as I hold my head in my hands. My eyes screw shut from the pain. I feel someone touch my shoulder but I shake them away at the pain. “What the fuck..?” 
“Y/n? Y/n?” I hear Mic ask. First calm, but by the second time more concerned than anything. “Screw it, we need to take em back to the hospital.” I hear Woods groan. “N-no! I-I’m fine.” I gasp. The pain gives way to a newfound lightheadedness. Everything feels a bit fuzzy for a few moments, but with every blink my body returns to normality. I exhale. “I..- I- I’m fine. I’m sorry.. I- I don't know what came over me..” I mumble over myself. “Y/n? Do you understand me?” Mic asks slowly. I hum and nod. “Mind telling me what happened?” I blink away a sudden feeling of tiredness to attempt to explain. “You said.. Something in alien speak, my head started to hurt, and then it disappeared as soon as it came..” Mic nods silently. “Do you know what language we are speaking in now?” He looks over his shades to me. “Japanese..? Like before? Even though it sounds english?” Mic looks over to Nezu. “She thinks we’re speaking Japanese still.” Nezu puts a paw under his enormous, triangular head. “Interesting..” Woods turns back in his seat quickly. “I haven’t seen a quirk like this before! I mean- I’ve seen hyper intelligence- but it takes people like that at least a hour to know a language front to back..” Nezu chuckles while shaking his head. “There has to be drawbacks to this quirk.” Snipe comments. “If not then that thing is damn powerful. Imagine the uses.. Infiltration and undercover work would be easy.” Mic punches Snipe’s shoulder with a look of disgust. “That is a child! The hell is wrong with you!” Mic yells seriously. The older of the two yelps from his seat while waving his arms around. Damn the roles have reversed. “What! I’m just saying! And besides, I’m not saying we should actually do it! That's twisted!”  I try to hold back a smile but Nezu notices me. Mission failed, we’ll get em next time. “Anything funny about this situation?” He prompts. “Your staff is full of brilliant idiots.” I admit lightly. “Absolute, bloody, brilliant, idiots. And god do I love them.”
The once arguing trio turns to me with a shocked look. “Hey you can understand us?!” Woods, Mic, and Snipes yell defensively, making me laugh even harder. Nezu glances between all of us with a smile. He probably would have let this go on. “We better hurry or else the Midorya’s will be concerned.” He prompts. We all take a moment to look at each other before following Nezu’s request. I tried to keep it cool but that kind of backfired when I saw the apartment complex that Izuku and Inko lived in. I blinked a few times and rubbed my eyes. I’m actually going to be living with the main character. I must be a Mary sue. Someone pinch me. I might just make the world implode with a sneeze. “Ey little listener!” Mic called from the front gates. “Are you just gonna let the world pass you by all the time or are you gonna move?” His tone gave off a subtle hint of annoyance but he was patient all the same with me. “S-Sorry! Just.. Never seen a building this tall before y'know?” Okay so that was a lie, but he seemed to believe it. “You from the country or something?” I nod nervously and walk to the group. “You could say that.” He hums along with my response. Soon enough we meet up with the group. 
“Snipe, Mr. Woods? Do you mind giving myself, Y/n, and Present Mic a moment please?” Woods crosses his arms as if he was about to say something but Snipes beats him to the punch. “Sure. Cmon Woods. I need to talk to you about something.” Snipe grabs Kamui’s arm and drags him ahead by a few meters. I chuckle at his over dramatic struggling and complaints. I fucking love anime. “Now then, L/n,” Nezu pulls two envelopes from his pants pocket, both of which were twice the size of his paw. One of them was a crisp, pure white with the UA emblem on it. The other was more yellow, old, and is slightly wrinkled. “Aniken, should I take the white or the yellow pill?”
“What?” Mic asks with utmost confusion, followed by Nezu with a matching look. I tried to brush off my weirdness with an equally confused “What?” Thank god they didn’t question it. Instead giving me a strange look. Nezu took initiative and moved on from my absurdity. “One of them is your schedule, the other is information you must give to Mrs. Midoriya. State that it’s from your parents.” I look between the envelopes and nod. “What about my uniform? School supplies? I’m.. not really made of cash y'know?” Mic smiles slightly. “Oh we know. The government’s got you covered on that.” He gives an enthusiastic thumbs up. I look to Nezu. “So I’m a charity case?” Nezu shrugs. “Essentially.” Damn Nezu. Blunt much? 
Mic chuckles awkwardly at Nezu roasting me alive. “At least until you're twenty. But that’s a worse case scenario. The government is actively trying to find ways to get you back home.” I smile a little at the thought. Back at home this would make one hell of a dream. Maybe even fanfiction if I remember all this. And not get writer's block of course. “Okay.. When do I start?” I ask. Nezu picks back up on the conversation. “The day after tomorrow should be suitable for you, yes?” I take a moment to narrow my eyes. “What’s the catch? I know I have to do work in order to catch up to my peers. The finest hero school in Japan doesn’t let in just anyone.” Mic covers his obvious smile with his mouth. “OOOooo! She knows her stuff.” Nezu smirks. “Indeed. You will need to catch up. So I’ll give you two weeks to finish all the work. Then you can officially start. Think that’s enough time Mic?” The smaller of the two asks. Mic nods “Oh yeah! Plenty of time for this little listener!” I can't help but smile at that. I feel like I’m going on a pokemon journey. “Thanks for believing in me. Not a lot of people do.” I admit. He dramatically gasps “Well that's a damn shame! You’re gonna be great kid. Besides, you have me as an english teacher, and with that quirk of yours you’re definitely gonna get straight A’s for sure.” I look over to Nezu to see his phone suddenly buzzing. He quickly takes a moment to answer it before hanging up on the caller. “I’m sorry to end the moment, but Snipe has reminded me that we are on a time crunch. It is a school night after all.” A long groan echoed through the lot of the complex, making me chuckle.“Oof- yeah you’re right.” The blonde agreed. “I got tests to grade and a lesson to finalize.”  And with that, the three of us began to make our way to complex 2, third floor. As the light breeze ushered us to our destination my mind went back to the idea of staying with Izuku. Should I tell him what I know? He deserves to know. But what would be the repercussions of my actions? Him knowing that he will be the number one hero can change so many things. It could go to his head like Bakugou and complements. He could back out from the pressure. Fuck I cant do it. Too many factors. Maybe Mirio? I could warn him about what happens in season four. Maybe then he could follow his dream, maybe he’ll be the number one hero then. But not now.. I don't know where we are in the story. I know after the sport’s festival, but is Stain still out and about? Has the exchange between Shoto, Izuku, and Tenya already happened?
Instead of a pleasant nudge to get me out of my thoughts, this time it was a jab to the elbow. “Ow!” I look around to see Snipe glaring at me and motioning to the door in front of us. In the doorway was Inko! She had a bright pink apron, her signature skirt and shirt- ah she’s so tiny! She chuckles. “I-I’m so sorry! Bad habit!” I hug myself tightly. “I-I’m trying to break it-'' She shushes me from my rambling with a wave of her hand. “It’s completely fine! My son has the same habit. I think you two will get along well.” Her kind smile warms me a little. “Mrs. Midorya, do you have the paperwork we gave you?” Mic asks politely. “Oh! Oh yes! Come on in let me make you some tea! The work is around here somewhere!” Inko scampers from the door frame and into the apartment. I didn't hesitate to follow her inside. While I was taking my shoes off I couldn't help but notice how lovely the inside was. The apartment looked exactly like it did in the anime all the way down to the T. It was so welcoming and homey. Almost like Christmas but without the decorations. I was planted in the living room when the hero’s finally came in. From what I assume was Inko’s room, she called. “Make yourself at home! I'll get the kettle on soon!” I look over into the comfy living room before glancing over at the adults. “We’re sorry ma’am but we can't stay for long.” Nezu responds just as Inko appears again. “Oh, well if that's the case, will you at least take something with you! You all help Izuku so much and you work so hard as is!” I see her eyes glance over to the kitchen. “I have cupcakes?” I turn to her. “Cupcakes?” My stomach rumbles at the sound of sweets. She giggles “Yes. I didn’t know what flavor you would like so I made chocolate and vanilla. I hope that's alright?” I point to her like a child. “Are you sure I’m staying with her? She’s too good!” Inko chuckles at my truth. “Don't flatter me, I’m nothing special. You go and take one. They’re over on the counter hun.” She called me hun! I’m weak! I clench my heart and shake in my spot. “The world doesn't deserve you!” I say before bolting it to the kitchen. 
After I grab a cupcake I watch from the counter as the grownups talk. Munching through their attempt at hush talk. “Are you sure you’re okay with this ma’am? We do have other applicants.” Snipe starts. “Oh no, it’s fine! Besides, I need some more pep in my step! These old bones need some movement!” She assures with a wave of her hand. “You don't look at day over twenty Mrs. Midoriya!” I call. The group turns to me, Inko’s face a light pink in embarrassment. At least she has a smile on her face. “Oh you-! No flattery in this house!” She retorts. I laugh. “No flattery, just honesty.” 
I glance over at Nezu. It could have just been me but I think his smile relaxed a bit. “We should be off Mrs. Midoriya. I can see they are in good hands.” I get up from my spot and bring the cupcakes over to them. “Her cupcakes are great. You shouldn't leave without them.” I suggest. Nezu sighs and takes one of the vanilla. Over his shoulder he glances at the heroes. “Go on. I’m not gonna stop you!” Mic exhaled as if he was holding his breath all this time. “Oh thank god!” He snatched two and gorged them. “Oh wow.” I comment. Woods jabs Mic in the rib, making him cough on some cupcake. “Hey!” Woods glares at the blonde. “Just because you’re my senior doesn't mean that you have the excuse of not knowing some manners.” Snipe carefully takes one and thanks Inko. Is that a blush I see?  No. Calm down inner shipper. “We best be off now.” Nezu restates and soon  enough the heroes leave me and Inko alone in her apartment. 
We take some time getting to know each other at the dining room table. And true to form, Inko was just as sweet as she is in the anime. Apparently she’s also into American culture and late night dramas. Wouldn't have pegged her for that kind of stuff but the surprise was pleasant. “You’re really great at baking Mrs. Midoriya!” I exclaim while taking our plates to the sink. “Oh- thank you! I’m happy to know someone besides my son likes my cooking.” Oh right.. I should probably ask about Izuku. “Oh right-! I forgot to ask about your son! What’s he like?” This is gonna be interesting. “Oh well, he’s a little shy but once you get to know him you'll see who he is.” Right on que the door opens. “Mom! I’m home!” I hear that iconic voice followed by the front door opening. “Oh Izuku! In here! The exchange student is here!” Something falls and Izuku yells. “I-Izuku?!” Inko begins to get up only for Izuku to call back. “I-Im fine mom!” I glance over at Inko and back at the hallway. Izuku eventually walks into the dining room. “W-Where are-” 
Inko motions to me. “Izuku, this is Y/n L/n, they will be staying with us. They’ll have the guest room.” Izuku’s eyes fall on me. As mine do the same for him. He was still in his school uniform. Pants baggy, tie dishoveled, shoelaces untied, the imperfections out weighed the perfections in his uniform. No wonder the hot mess energy he was radiating was all the more powerful. I can't help but smile. “You must be running around a lot.” I smirk in attempts to break the tension. He jumps a little at my sudden remark. “O-Oh! Um.. y-yeah. The school is pretty big so..” He trails off into silence. Silence that lasts a whole minute. I bite my lip. “Sooo uh.. I saw you at the UA sports festival? You won the first round! I was so smart of you to take off a chunk of the robot and use it for the later portion of the race.” His face flushes a bright pink. “O-Oh no! I bet anyone would have thought of that if they were in my situation!” I chuckle. “Dude that's unique to you! Noone can replicate that now without bringing you up!” He goes and scratches the back of his head. “Y-yeah.. I guess you’re right.” I hear Inko let out a sigh of relief. 
“Now that you two have met, how about we get you settled Y/n.”
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kyarathehedgehog-blog · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
been making a bunch of bnha characters in sims 4 and when i made principal nezu i was pretty bored so i went all out and painted his suit on him 
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