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#prepare for this to change by tomorrow
oliviasoddessey · 8 days ago
I have isolated my type! It is femme-aligned people who wear big leather jackets, masc-aligned people who like cats, and people who Are Not Aligned who look like they take long walks by the ocean yearning for their deep sea kingdom.
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nevertheless-moving · 46 minutes ago
Suicidal Misunderstanding XXIV
Part I - - - - - - - - - - Part XXI - - - - Part XXII - - - - Part XXIII
Star Wars Time Travel AU #27
Ahsoka watched normal space slip away with a numb sort of disbelief.
Somehow she couldn’t quite accept that her Masters would actually—she felt small and selfish to even think that this was them abandoning her, considering Obi-Wan’s life might—but still—she was rapidly exiting the inner-rim and Obi-Wan and Skyguy were...somewhere else. Even after breaking orbit, she had childishly half-expected one of them to jump out with a wild explanation of how the whole thing was a huge misunderstanding, or a crazy scheme—or—some kind of explanation. And now she was back in hyperspace, on her way back to the front, alone. Master Skywalker’s presences felt closed off, and far-away—she hadn’t even sensed Master Kenobi on Coruscant.
She hadn’t even gotten to see him...
She was startled out of her slowly sharpening melancholy by the sudden clasp of a hand on her shoulder.
“You alright there, Commander?” Rex asked softly. Ahsoka stiffened her spine. Right, Obi-Wan and Anakin hadn’t just disappeared on her—she wasn’t actually alone, and she had a duty to the men who were here.
“Just thinking about crushing some Clankers,” she replied over-brightly. “How’s the Resolute holding up?”
“Same hiccup with gravity in the kitchens during the jump—it seems they didn’t have time to actually fix the issue when we were in dock, but we were prepared for it so it wasn’t too messy,” Rex replied, hands falling into a loose grip behind his back as slipped into his ‘Captain Reporting’ voice. “A few odd issues with our communications systems, but I’ve got men on it; I’m told it’s nothing to worry about, and should be back to normal by tomorrow. I’ll let you know if anything changes.”
Ahsoka nodded. “And the troops?” she asked lightly.
Rex was silent for a moment. “Perhaps we should speak somewhere more private,” he responded finally. 
“Of course.”
She followed him from the observation port to an unused briefing space a few decks down, cheerfully greeting each vod they passed, all of whom radiated relief at the sight of the familiar Jedi commander. Another pang of guilt passed through her. She should have already been greeting the men, not wallowing in self-pity. They knew even less than she did about their missing Generals. She had to be more of Jedi than usual, not less. What would Skyguy think of her moping? What would Master Kenobi—
She smiled at another passing group, one of whom she recognized as a Snow Wolf. 
“Commander Tano!” he cried. “We had heard rumors—” Another soldier shut him up with an elbow to the gut. 
Ahsoka smiled harder. “At ease, Mit,” she said, relieving him from his hasty salute. “I know there’s rumors flying around about, ah, General Skywalker’s and General Kenobi’s special assignment, but I’m sorry to say that you guys aren’t getting rid of me that easily.”
Mit and the others chuckled briefly at the admittedly weak joke.
“Rex and I have to be off now but It’s a long flight to the Expansion Zone; I’m sure I’ll see your faces again,” she said with a snappy two-fingered salute, striding off before they could work up the courage to ask any follow-up questions. 
“As you were,” Rex ordered, and the Captain and Commander continued on their way.
Finally they stepped into the quiet room, door snapping shut. Ahsoka composed herself for a moment, plastering on a confident smile before turning to face Rex.
“What did you want to talk about, Captain?” she asked, falling backwards into a seat and looking up at the Captain with careful casualness.
Rex pulled off his helmet. His expression cracked Ahsoka in half.
“You don’t have to do that with me, Commander Tano. I know General Kenobi’s not on a mission,” he said quietly, voice as sad as his eyes. “Cody and I—and I think Waxer, we’re the only vode who’ve been read in on...what Kenobi tried to do.”
She looked away from that pitying, pitiful gaze, eyes suddenly burning. 
“The last direct news I got was more than two days ago,” she finally said, giving up on the act and slumping forward as Rex set his helmet gently on the table. “Skyguy called me to ask a bunch of weird question and told know. I felt Master Kenobi’s presence earlier this—kriff this was just this morning...” she trailed off.
“Language,” he corrected automatically. She chuckled wetly and absently pulled out a chair for him with a wave of her hand. He settled into it stiffly.
“I found out the night of,” Rex admitted. “They called Cody to ask about—about possible toxins. I think they were just searching for any kind of explanation. They let me visit him yesterday—”
Ahsoka hunched further and Rex paused for a moment before continuing awkwardly.
“It just looked like he was sleeping—healers said he was physically doing fine, so. I’m not a medic, but he’s definitely really well cared for.” Rex cleared his throat. “In terms of General Skwalker, I, uh, got a message from him the night before it happened about something completely unrelated, then nothing for three days, then a message before dawn this morning saying he had to ‘step down due to personal failures’ and he ‘trusted me to lead the 501st in his stead.’ Wrote that he needed to ‘earn his current rank.’” 
Ahsoka’s head snapped up, intense focus charging the room. Rex let out a frustrated sigh, running a hand through his hair.
“I commed him right back, and he said that it was ‘partially about Obi-Wan, but more about past wrongdoing’. He apologized for abandoning me and the rest of the 501st, but told me he had to work on ‘his judgement’ before he could trust himself to act as General. The official memo about their temporarily absence from the command structure, for ‘undisclosed reasons’ came out about 5 minutes after we talked. Along with the promotion of Krell and General Tiin.”
“He messaged you this morning? He stepped down voluntarily?” she asked, feeling betrayed all-over again. “What the kriff?”
“Did he—he told me he was planning on comming you once you were closer to Coruscant...” he asked, looking at her hesitantly.
She let out a frustrated snarl, chair falling to the ground with a clatter as she began pacing the room. “Well he didn’t!” she ranted, attempting to stalk off her frustration. “Something more must have happened, and the council doesn’t want us to know what! What you saw on the loading dock was all the information anyone gave me! For all I know they’re both dead!”
Rex inhaled sharply and the padawan attempted to backtrack her words. “No, I don’t mean that, I can sense Skyguy he’s just—distant.”
“But you can’t sense General Kenobi,” he said grimly. 
“I don’t have a direct training bond with him,” she replied severely. “And he’s good at shielding, and he’s usually—it’s not like he’s the loudest Jedi, you know?”
“You said you felt his presence this morning?” he pressed. “General Tiin and Krell did too, I think. Tiin seemed relieved at first but then—”
“He disappeared,” Ahsoka said quietly. “It’s like he reached out and then—it wasn’t even like letting go he just stopped.”
“Krell said he died,” the Captain reported matter-of-factly.
Ahsoka flinched. “There are—there’s other explanations. He might have just pulled up his shields really abruptly. It—I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I’ve felt Jedi die before and it doesn’t usually feel like that.”
Rex shifted awkwardly. The tortugan padawan paced back and forth, trying to release her helpless uncertainty into the force.
“Do you think it’s possible they might be on a special assignment?” he asked wearily. “I mean, it makes more sense in some ways that General Kenobi was just setting up some really intense cover for himself, and—and—General Skywalker got—accidentally wrapped up in it.”
Commander Tano rubbed her temples. “I wanted to think that too...I mean, it would be a pretty messed up choice of cover story, but...I really don’t think so” she said finally. “Skyguy was trying to put on a brave face when he talked to me but he was pretty—I’ve never seen him so destroyed—I mean getting shot down on the battlefield is one thing, but losing someone because—because you didn’t tell them how much you appreciated them, or because you added to their alright insane workload just through your presence—”
Suddenly Rex was in-front of her, chair scraped back and hands on her shoulders. “I’ve been through this was Cody, and I’ll go through it with you again as many times as it takes—you cannot blame yourself for this.”
She looked away. His hands tightened. “I’m serious,” he said emphatically. “I don’t know what’s going on, but you and Cody are the best of the best—if there was any warning sign to see, any enemy to fight, you would have identified it, fought back, won. I’m sorry, but the whole high council was surprised too, and they see him often enough! It’s—the whole situation’s kriffed up but it’s not your fault.”
“I know,” Ahsoka said quietly. “I’m sorry Skyguy stepped down on you—”
“That’s not your fault either—”
“Yeah, I know, you’re repeating yourself Captain—”
“Well, it’s hard to tell if you’re listening sometimes—”
Ahsoka gasped theatrically. “Is that anti-montral sentiment? I think it might be, after special Kamino sensitivity training too—”
“More like anti-anti-helmet sentiment. Seriously you’d think—”
“I’m a Jedi and I practice ataru. Armor would just—”
“—’slow you down’ I know, I know.”
Ahsoka giggled and the two of them found themselves wandering over to the small viewport, watching stars distort and stretch as they sped along the hyperlane.
“Have you—are you familiar with Krell?” Rex eventually asked.
“Not really,” Ahsoka admitted, wrinkling her brow. “I know he’s a pretty talented duelist—he’s got his own four armed Jar’kai style that’s apparently almost impossible to do anything against, but I’ve never actually gotten to see it in action—I don’t remember him hanging around the temple much growing up, and I’m not really certain where he’s been stationed during the war. I guess Master Windu assigned me to 501st duties so specifically so I wouldn’t bother him too much for sparring practice while he’s figuring out his duties? What’s your read on him?”
Rex radiated discomfort and Ahsoka eyed him cautiously. 
“I haven’t—seen him on the battlefield. I’m sure he’s very capable. He’s not the most...respectful Jedi I’ve met.”
Ahskoa smirked. “Well, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, right? If he gets the job done? I mean once you got a jetback you made it your personal mission to throw Anakin of a cliff as often as possible! And Kix stole all of Anakin’s pants after he kept escaping bacta and messing up Medical.”
“I don’t mean respectful like that, Commander,” Rex said quietly. 
“What do you mean, then?” she asked, feeling a prickle of unease. 
“It’s nothing to worry about right now, but I’d—appreciate if we could talk about your...impression after our limpet meeting with the Negotiator tomorrow morning.”
“Of course, Captain. We’re—we’re in this together, right?” Ashoka replied hesitantly. For the first time that conversation, she reached out to him, softly placing a hand on his arm and desperately trying to press her tangled feelings of friendship, loyalty, and gratitude through the force. 
Rex smiled, seeming to get the message. “Yeah Commander,” he responded hoarsely. “We’re in it this together.”
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toxickimi · 52 minutes ago
FO4 AU Ch 6 Until next time
The chefs and servants were rushing around in the castle preparing a feast for the visiting group. Kimikyo walked past the rushing staff as she made her way to the bath house. She dropped the clothes in a cleaning basket before putting on the tunic to cover her body. She climbed in the water, not noticing the Kigra and Piper were there. "You look blue..." Kimikyo looked over staring at Piper for a minute before jolting. "How-" "Best left unanswered. She's always like this. Guessing you didn't sleep little pest?" Kimikyo nodded before swimming around. "You smell like snake." Piper looked between the two princess before climbing out. "I think I'm done for the day. Your mother wanted to meet all of us today anyways." She smiled nervously before going to the girls changing room to notice Maxson's coat. She noticed the layer of slime like liquid before wiping it off on her towel. Kigra waited a moment before swimming over to Kimikyo. "Turn around..." Kimikyo turned her back to Kigra who began helping her clean her hair. "Honestly Kimikyo, you could have said you were going to the barn. Everyone was looking for you. Azumiral was panicking because you hadn't picked a fabric yet." Kimikyo remained silent as Kigra scolded her. "What? Iza took your tongue?" "Iza ate Elder Maxson and I couldn't save him." Kigra stopped for a moment before sighing. "Iza did not eat Maxson. I just saw him on the way to the bath house." "But Iza had his coat!" Kigra gently chopped at Kimikyo's head. "You idiot. Maxson probably left his coat on you at the barn and Iza was just being an ass taking it away from you. Is that why you smell like snake?" Kimikyo looked away, pushing her index fingers together. "I...I made Iza vomit in hopes to save him...b-but it's not like it was because I like that brute! It's because mama would have been angry that Iza ate him!" Kigra stared at her before taking a bucket to dump water on Kimikyo's head. "What ever you say. Anyways, I can assure you he's not dead." Kimikyo and Kigra finished their bath before getting out. The maids had already gathered the clothing from the basket to clean, leaving fresh outfits for the two princesses. The two helped each get dressed before walking the castle. "Mother has asked me to oversee the preparations for the feast tonight. Would you like to join me?" "I should get back to my studies. Azumiral might loose her mind." "She can't loose what she's already lost. Come with me, let's spend time together again." Kigra offered her hand to Kimikyo who took it in hers without hesitation. The two went to the kitchen, sampling some of the foods then to the dining hall to see the decorations. "Why is mama doing this anyways?" Kigra hesitated before speaking. "Kimikyo...there is a chance they might not be able to come back. The mages noticed a rift in the portal. They believe it's why the time acts so differently between the two realms. Mother has made a peace treaty for them to sign in the event the portal remains open but they are able to leave tomorrow." Kimikyo remained silent as she nodded. The two finished their walk with Kimikyo returning to her room. Kimikyo went through the fabrics that were awaiting in her room. She finally decided on dark blues, blacks, and a shear fabric that looked as if it had stars on it. She then began reading more of the books that awaited her. A maid walked in returning the clothing that was left at the bath house. "Princess, there was this coat in there. Might you know who it belongs to?" Kimikyo looked up to see Maxson's coat. "Oh. That belongs to Elder Maxson. You may leave it here. I will return it to him later on." The maid bowed, leaving the coat on Kimikyo's bed. "Would you like me to bring anything?" Kimikyo stood, stretching her self. "No thank you but could you have someone check on Iza?" The maid nodded before leaving. Kimikyo paced her room, reading the books. There was a light knock on the door before Danse walked in. Kimikyo looked over at him before putting her book down. "Hello Danse, what brings you here?" "I just visited your mother. She
told us-" "That you might not come back." Kimikyo went silent before looking back at him. "Did you want to take the cub with you? I can give you a training book and animal medicines." Kimikyo walked over to a book shelf, looking through the books. "That won't be necessary. I wanted to ask if you'd take care of her. Elder Maxson won't allow the cub on the Prydwen." Kimikyo stopped searching before pulling out a book. "Then please...spend what time you may have left with your cub." She smiled over at him, shooing him away. Danse had left and soon she gathered Maxson's coat then left her room. She walked the halls until she ran into Maxson. "There you are." She looked up at him, handing his coat back. "Thank you for lending me your coat. I don't think I have ever seen you with it off since you arrived." She looked at him, actually looked at him for the first time before clearing her throat. "I-I...apologize for it's late return...Iza...Iza uhm...he puked on it but don't worry! It has been cleaned." Maxson looked at her before handing her sheets of paper. "Here. This is the training my soldiers go through. While I'm aware, try to keep up with it." Kimikyo looked at the packet he gave her. "You made it sound like you're going to be back." The two went silent before Maxson walked away. The night fell with the feast beginning. Kigra, Piper, Preston, and a few others were drinking and having a good old time, laughing and joking around. Kimikyo was sat in her spot, reading and going over key points that would happen during the ceremony. "Do you always have your nose in a book?" Kimikyo glanced up to see Piper, grinning. "No. Not always." Kigra pulled Piper away towards the bards that were playing music. "Kimikyo, really now you can put the books down and enjoy yourself." Aiko smiled at her. Kimikyo sighed as she put her book down. "Mama, the last time I enjoyed myself turned out to be the last time. Excuse me." Kimikyo stood from the table, gathering her books before leaving. Aiko pinched the bridge of her nose. Preston and Azumiral watched for a moment before Azumiral excused herself. "I will...go check on her." "I'll come too if that's alright?" Azumiral nodded to Preston as the two left to room. "Kimikyo. Please slow down." Azumiral hastily walked after Kimikyo who stopped and stood in place. "Kimikyo..."Azumiral reached for her sister who was shaking. Preston stood back as he watched Kimikyo drop her books and fall to her knees. She was hunched over, hugging herself as she silently sobbed. Azumiral wrapped her arms around her crying sister. "'s alright moon beam." Preston gathered the books as Azumiral helped Kimikyo to her feet. The three quietly walked the castle, not going any place in particular. "Can I ask something?" Preston spoke up, breaking the silence. "What is it?" Azumiral spoke gently to Preston though he hesitated. "Was...just going to ask where we're heading." "We're just walking. Sometimes it's better to walk then go anywhere." Azumiral took the books from Preston, dismissing him. The two sisters walked the castle and its grounds until morning. "Let's go back....they'll be leaving soon..." Kimikyo spoke up with a croaky voice. She had quietly cried through the night, thinking back to that faithful day. Azumiral led her sister to her room to freshen up before the two went to meet with everyone. Aiko stood at the portal with the head mage to ensure nothing went wrong as the group passed through. Kimikyo lingered behind Azumiral though she was looking up at Maxson. Azumiral had moved, walking over to Preston who she gave a hug to, then a hug to Piper. "Goodbye, you two. My the winds guide you through your travels in life." Kigra and Aiko both bowed before the group. "Farewell." Kimikyo stepped forwards. She had her hands balled up into fists. "G-Goodbye...Paladin Danse, Piper, General Preston..." She looked up with tears in her eyes. "And good riddance to you Elder Maxson! Now I don't have to do your crazy training." Maxson looked down at her, placing his hand on her head. "Arthur. My name is Arthur
Maxson." Kimikyo flinched at not only his touch but his words. "I also gave that list to your guards, they'll make sure you train." Aiko cleared her throat at the group. "If you are ready." She held her hand out to the portal. "We're ready." First Danse walked through, then Preston and Piper. Aiko nodded her head to Maxson who slowly stepped through. The air was silent as everyone watched the portal. It began to ripple and change color. Kimikyo had clenched her eyes shut for what felt like an eternity. "Kimikyo." Azumiral placed her hand on Kimikyo's shoulder. Kimikyo opened her eyes to see the portal still there. "Well then, I suppose we will be seeing out friends again. Now dears, I'm afraid since that place is so...dirty with radiation I don't want you going there." Aiko walked away from the portal with the three daughters following after. "Kimikyo please meet with me later on." "Yes, mama." At her mother's request Kimikyo met with Aiko in her mother's room. "Are you alright? I heard that you had fallen asleep in the barn, and then just last night you didn't sleep." "I am alright mama." "Promise?" Kimikyo looked away from Aiko. "I will try." At that Kimikyo left the room, going to her own. "Ah there you are dear sister." Azumiral and Kigra were stood in Kimikyo's room, Kigra holding the wolf plush. "How adorable. Wittle Kimikyo had a wolf." Kimikyo walked past Kigra, sitting at her table. "Hope you don't mind, but he'll look just precious in my room!" Kimikyo bit her lip before looking at Kigra. "It is mine." "What are you going to do about fish girl?" "Enough Kigra. Put her wolf down." Azumiral looked at Kigra, who tossed the wolf aside. "Fiiine." Kigra walked out of the room with Azumiral following behind. Kimikyo walked over to the plush, picking him up slowly. "Funny...I named you after him without even knowing his name." Kimikyo stared at the plush, tears forming in her eyes. "I'm...glad he's gone. Just one more person bound to leave do I feel lost..." Kimikyo shook her head before putting the plush on her shelf next to the griffon.
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blue-sappir · 2 hours ago
Re: A Good Supper
Tumblr media
(Yeah, GIF is obviously not related. I’m just adding it so I can picture the demon for a moment as that school bully that Lee Je Hoon just kicked)
Yep, Kyung Soo seems to be slowly preparing himself to let go of Young Shin because of his biological mother’s involvement in YS’s mother’s death. His inner thoughts show just how devastated he is about it.
Based on what YS had told him last time, that wouldn’t change her love for him. Mr Noble Idiot does know that... but he is the one who has a hard time about that. Not that I expected any less.
I wanted to smack him for talking to Jung Hoon, though. Asking for some time until he sends her back to him or some nonsense like that. Come on, Kyung Soo! She’s no one’s property, you know. She’s her own person, for crying out loud. You know that better than anyone.
Yeah, yeah... that’s him preparing himself and his heart to let go of her yada yada.. But like I said, she’s her own person. Even if he lets her go, it doesn’t change the fact that her heart is where it is.
I was saddened by the fact that Kyung Soo is still very much alone in this horrible fight. Or more precisely, the burden just keeps being thrown over his shoulders for him to bear it alone. Sure, the Diner family did have concerns about him, but at the end, who was actually there for him? I’m not mad at them per se. But I’m obviously heartbroken for Kyung Soo.
And the one person who could be that person to stand with him all the way... is the person that he’s preparing himself to let go. So yeah. We’re still very much at a difficult stage.
If that’s not enough, according to tomorrow’s preview, the demon invaded his room while he was asleep! (Kyung Soo, you idiot, why didn’t you lock the door, knowing who’s invaded your home???) Yeah, yeah, she’s watching her son sleep or something, but goodness, it was so f*cking creepy. And if that’s not enough, she picked up the picture frame with YS’s photo with those dirty hands of hers.
Using the common Korean term for characters like her... she’s such a carcinogen. Give my poor guy a f*cking break.
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sims4yanderefun · 3 hours ago
I stayed awake until 4 a.m in preparing a post about Osana, while at 8 a.m I got up to work. My computer started to run so slow that it was just awful. Tomorrow I will re-install the system, I hope this does not affect my content.
I have several posts prepared, but they are all on the same topic. I want to take a little break from the posts in which I try to put the plot. Surprisingly, I enjoyed building an ordinary house. I think I'll change it a bit to make it look neat from all sides. Maybe I'll even make it available for download. I don’t like to use the CC in construction, so most likely it will be ready to load right away.
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berniceisblogging · 4 hours ago
Warning: Words may be triggers.
Chronicle #33. On Why I am Still Here
Spiritual director no.2: "I can see there are a lot of concerns. I recommend focusing on: Who am I, and what do I want to do with my life?"
The usual answer I hear is, "I am a child of God."
Then a guess of why God created one in the first place.
Last 2019, My answer was,
"I am the daughter of the Queen Mother of God."
"I want to propagate the Rosary in mediums I enjoy, in ways I can sustain."
This 2021, what is my answer?
Well, a little background first.
1. Queen Mother
If one does research about Kingdoms of way before, in Europe or even Asia,
the Queen Mother stands near the King,
and makes the decision for him.
She has the upper hand.
She's in control.
Of everything.
Of everyone.
2. I don't understand the word "child of God."
I don't even understand being a child of my parents.
My mother was my parent, as far as I understood. And my father was... well, he tried. He tried to be my parent, but.
My mother knew how to get her way with me, mais but my father didn't.
This year, my answer to
Who am I, and what do I want to do with my life?
Is this:
I am a CREATION of God.
What do I want to do with my life?
Well, I still do want "to propagate the Rosary in mediums I enjoy, in ways I can sustain.", but my journey towards that has changed.
Let's continue our trajectory in Chronicle #28, where I discussed my goals and where I am in relation to them.
I've reached my first minor goals.
Here are my new minor goals:
But a little back story first. Hehehe. <3
In Chronicle #30, I mentioned a bit about my new minor goals.
But I stopped short when I said I couldn't go after them because I needed to fund reaching them.
Which explains my new minor goals:
1. Accumulate savings tantamount to 3 years of my lifestyle, sustained despite having no cash in
2. Accumulate savings as leverage to acquiring assets generating passive income
Only then will I attempt to:
3. Monetise my advocacy (I am monetising making Catholicism chic.)
We all need money to fund our dreams. But to make it more basic: Our DAILY living.
Q: Okay, so Bernice... These are long-term goals. Have you considered... What if you don't live long enough to see them come to fruition? The second goal seems very challenging. Not everyone is able to reach that kind of goal.
A: Well, you know what? If I die tomorrow, and not see any of my "dreams" come to life, I DON'T CARE.
I've been burned too much to believe I can figure out why God made me in the first place.
My "dream" to monetise making Catholicism chic came to me 2015 pa.
Oui, 2015 pa.
I noticed I come nearer and nearer and nearer as years pass by.
God knows if this "dream" is from God.
Maybe it's another lie from Lucifer, just like with this guy written in Chronicles #27 #26 #25 #19 #12.
Really, I just don't care anymore.
I just focus on what I am led to
You know, that's actually Biblical.
"Think not of tomorrow for it would have its own concerns. Focus on the now. The concerns of today are enough for you today." Bible, Paraphrased
So if I die tomorrow, right now - Whatever. It doesn't matter to moi any longer.
I live for today, preparing for tomorrow.
But if tomorrow never comes...
So be it.
So be it.
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fablesofkitkat · 11 hours ago
*POV: sneaking into Bakugou's apartment at 2am*
He stirred in his sleep, adorably scrunching his forehead with his eyes closed. You giggled at his sleeping face, which was totally creepy now that you think about it. Damn your boyfriend, turning you into such a sap.
"Hey, Katsuki." You shake his shoulders and he blinks at you, dazed in his sleepiness. Cute.
"Oh, you're here. I'm dreaming, aren't I?" He mumbles, his voice a whole lot deeper and gruff. Fudge that bedroom voice doing things to you. Get your head out of the gutter-
Your thoughts were interrupted when he suddenly pulls you to his arms, drapes his left leg over yours, and your back against him. Your body subconsciously adjusts as the small spoon.
"Bear hug 🐻" He says.
"I'm back." You say. You've been out on an investigation and you didn't know when you'd be back and when you returned, the first thing you do is find your adorable, pomeranian boyfriend. "Did you miss me?"
"Dumbass question." He replies, fighting the drowsy haze clouding his mind. He succumbs to closing his eyes, exhausted with a pro hero day's work. He wonders what time is it. You wiggled and turn to face him, smiling helplessly. Kami, he was such a tsundere.
Translation: of course he missed you, there was no need to ask.
"I missed you." You place a kiss on his jaw, your hands brushing his left cheek. "I miss dealing with your jerk of an attitude."
He wasn't really that much of a jerk anymore, if you knew him well enough. Although, Kirishima begs to differ; says Bakugou wasn't a jerk only to you. He treats everyone pretty much the same like back then at the Academy. You kiss a spot on his neck, the one that makes him shudder; at the same time you trace the outline of his ear to the nape of his neck, your fingertips are cold, a contrast to the warmth of his skin, sending shivers to his spine.
" Careful, teddy bear." He grabs your hand. "You just got back from your mission. You're exhausted. You won't be able to sleep if you start something now."
You gulped, behaving your mischievous antics.
"Well, I only dropped by to see you for a bit. I need to get back now." You shifted your body, preparing to lift yourself up but the arm that drapes on you halts your effort. "Katsuki, I need to go back to my apartment."
"Who goes to their boyfriend's place and expect to not spend a night there?" His eyes were closed. He must be really exhausted from work.
"Uhhh.. me? I'm still in my hero outfit." You lift your brow at him when his eyes snapped open. He scans you from head to toe.
"So?" He frowns.
"You do know that I'm ruining your sheets right now because of my outfit, right? I need to shower and change my clothes." You answered, amused at him being finally awake.
"It's not like it's the first time you ruined my sheets." He smirked.
Damn boyfriend for making you flustered like a damn tomato that couldn't decided whether it's a fruit or a vegetable.
"Besides," he continued. "You got some of your clothes here, I have a spare toothbrush for you in the bathroom 'cause you need a new one and I threw yours out, and I'm making breakfast tomorrow."
You laughed. Not because there was anything funny in what he said but because you felt genuinely good at the moment. Your classmates at the academy were always confused as to how you were able to keep your relationship this long but it was Katsuki's thoughtfulness that's the major reason why. Yeah, he was sometimes a grump but you always take his grumpiness in a stride.
"At this rate, I'm paying my rent for nothing. Since I spend majority of my time here." You say, grinning.
He raised an eyebrow at you.
You smiled at him dumbly.
He scowled, "Dumbass, don't you get it?"
"You really want me to say it?"
"Are you-"
"Move in with me, teddy bear 🧸 ." He kisses your lips, quick and sweet; his eyes curving at the shock on your face. He flips you back to the spoon position and dozes off almost immediately, confident you would accept in the morning. If not, it was a matter of time, or maybe the pancakes would convince you at breakfast, that was his last thought before finally going back to sleep.
"This better not be sleeptalk, bakubread ." You grumbled.
[I wrote this after listening to a bakugou playlist]
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princessjungeun · 15 hours ago
Night In Paris: Chaeryeong x Reader
A/N: i’m getting back into writing these kinds of request so im a lil rusty. Please be nice lmao
Tumblr media
You and Chaeryeong had been anticipating the senior class trip for the past four years. Every year, each language department school took their senior classes on a trip to either Shanghai, Tokyo, Barcelona, or Paris. Both you and Chaeryeong had dreamed of visiting Paris since you met back in 6th grade. When you two heard about the language program at your high school, you both knew that you’d have to enroll in French. 
Unlike you, Chaeryeong was god awful at French despite placing in the highest class and carrying an A+ all year. Well technically she wasn’t bad at writing or understanding, she just sucked at speaking it. You however were practically fluent, all thanks to changing the language for the subtitles on Netflix. 
The class had spent half of the day completing tasks that the teacher prepared like ordering food in French, asking for directions, and making small talk with strangers. There were also a few presentations given on history of the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower which you all would be visiting tomorrow. 
Dinner had ended an hour ago and you all were free to wander around the hotel as you pleased. Your roommates (and two best friends), Ryujin and Hyunjin, were downstairs in the pool while you and Chaeryeong lounged around in bed. 
You nudged her gently, “hey do you wanna do something fun?” 
She could tell by the stupid smirk on your face that it was probably going to involve breaking a rule, almost all of your plans did. Your girlfriend asked, “what do you have in mind?” 
You leaned forward, your lips inches apart before whispering, “you’ll just have to trust me hmm?” You poked her nose and got up, putting on your shoes and grabbing your backpack. 
Chaeryeong tied her shoe laces and grabbed her phone and wallet before standing by the door, watching you leave a note for your roommmates. It read in messy handwriting: We snuck out, cover for us. - Y/N & Chae <3
You left it on their shared bed and grabbed the room key before opening the door and making a run for the elevator. When you two got to the lobby, you noticed a chaperone sitting downstairs on a couch, flipping through a magazine. It was clear she was put on door duty to make sure no students were going to do exactly what you and your girlfriend were planning, sneaking out.
Chaeryeong whispered, “It’s Mrs. Han. What do we do? If she catches us we will be in so much-” 
You clapped your hand over her mouth, “Just be cool, don’t draw attention towards us. We are simply going to walk out.” 
Chaeryeong always admired how rebellious and fearless you were. No matter the situation you were so calm, cool, and collected. Not to mention it took a lot to fluster you when you were caught in a situation, it was like you always had a plan B ready to go. 
You started walking, Chaeryeong held her breath as she followed you closely, slipping her hand into yours. You ran your thumb over the top of her hand, making it outside undetected by the chaperone or anyone else. 
Chaeryeong let out a deep breath, “okay now what?” 
You told her, “we have fun! Come on.” 
The two of you made your way down the sidewalks, passing locals and tourists who were heading home or towards their hotels for the night before the sun set. The warm summer heat made the air thicker than usual, but it wasn’t completely unpleasant like it had been earlier in the day. 
You noticed a bakery that you’d passed in the morning when you all were heading to the hotel on the first day. You’d made a mental note to visit it, especially after Hyunjin looked up reviews and found out they had good bread. 
Lightly, you pulled at Chaeryeong’s arm, “come on, in here.” You stepped inside the small bakery to find an array of breads and pastries. It was clear they’d been busy all day because a few things were completely bought out. You told your girlfriend, “pick whatever you want.” 
Her eyes widened as she looked closer at everything, she settled on a chocolate pastry and you got a fruit one. Before you left you remembered Hyunjin and Ryujin, so you got Hyunjin a loaf of bread and Ryujin a pain au chocolat. 
As you finished paying you asked the employee politely in French, “excuse me how do we get to the Eiffel Tower from here?” 
They replied, “if you want to walk, it’s down this street here, then take a left and go all the way down that street as well. It will be right there. But if you want to take a taxi, you can just tell them Eiffel Tower and they can get you there.”
You thanked the woman before taking your goods and leaving, tucking them inside your backpack carefully. Chaeryeong asked, “what were you two talking about?” 
You laughed, “you know...things.” 
She groaned and pushed your shoulder, making you dramatically hold your shoulder and groan in fake pain. You decided a cab would be better just so that you could get there before sundown. The entire ride Chaeryeong tried to get you to talk but it was no use because your lips were sealed. 
When you all were dropped off she asked, “why are we here? We’re coming back tomorrow.” 
You told her, “yeah with our classmates, goofy best friends, and the overprotective chaperones that won’t let us hold hands for longer than three seconds and remind us “six inches for the lord” whenever we’re close. I wanted to bring you here, just as us two, not a group.” 
Chaeryeong’s face flushed pink upon the sincerity of your comment, she covered her face with her hands, “how are you so good at that?” 
You sat down as you told her, “it’s what I do best, now come on.” You patted the grass next to you, pulling out your pastries from your bag as well. She took hers and took a picture of it before eating it. You couldn’t help but laugh when her eyes lit up and she did a little dance at how good it was. The two of you ended up sharing both while enjoying the scenery in front of you as the sun dipped below the horizon. 
Chaeryeong shyly moved closer to you, prompting you to wrap your arm around her shoulder. She leaned into you, a soft smile creeping onto your face as she toyed with the hem of your shirt. 
Your girlfriend played with your fingers as she asked, “you know this is something I’ve always wanted to do?”
You responded, “what?” 
She replied, “going to Paris with you.”
Although you knew why, you wanted to hear her say it herself, you asked “why?” 
A shy smile crept onto her face as her face blushed red, “You know, going to the City of Love with the girl I love...” 
You pulled away from her, your heart beating faster with every passing second. Most times you were calm when she said things like this, but in the moment you couldn’t be more flustered. 
She sincerely told you, “I love you Y/N.” 
With all the confidence you could muster, attempting to keep you cool girl façade up, you asked, “you know there’s one thing I wanted to do with you while we’re here and I haven't gotten the chance until now.” 
She furrowed her brow, you moved closer until your lips were just barely touching, “this.” You pressed your lips against hers, your hand slipping behind the back of her head, fingers lacing in her silky hair. 
You could feel her smile against your lips before she pulled away, with the same sincerity, you replied, “I love you too Chae.” 
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frost-queen · 19 hours ago
Blood rivalry //Au (Reader x Tewkesbury)
Requested by: Anon, Forever tag: @grey-girl​, @missmelodramatic​, @spxce-frxckles​, @theletterhart​, @elllie-does-the-posts​, @coupsnflower​, @andrea3spinoza​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Like a bad religion was this a sin!
It was pouring lightly outside while you gazed outside. Just watching the raindrops hitting the window as they slowly made their way down. In the background was your mother speaking. Peaking brief at her, you saw her wave her handkerchief around like an extension of her hand. Leaning against the fireplace with a glass of brandy in his hand stood your uncle. The oh so ever gentleman. One hand in his side-pocket with the cord of his pocket watch sticking out. Your older brother was playing cards with another uncle of yours, not caring if your mother was pouring her heart out. No one seemed to listen to her till she mentioned a specific name. – “Those Basilwether’s…” – she said with a soft whine. You jumped out of your skin, hearing your uncle flip the table he was playing at. The cards went flying in the air, your brother stiff in the action. – “I spit on that name!” – your uncle John then spitted on the carpet as if he needed to get the bad taste out of his mouth. – “Clean that up, kid!” – Uncle John sniffed loud, wiping his mouth, giving the order to your brother. He sighed loud but obeyed to his uncle’s orders. He started to collect the cards from the carpet as your mother dramatically let herself fall into the sofa. – “Why on earth did we deserve this.”
Your other uncle who stood by the fireplace, shook his head, bringing his glass of brandy to his lips. The entire room was on edge now after hearing that family name. The atmosphere had changed as everyone kept quiet, letting their hate brew inside. Sighing loud, you turned your attention outside again. What a family you had. Your family had been one of the greatest names in London for centuries. Thriving and rising in business. Till a rival family climbed up. The Basilwether’s. From the stories you had heard where they vicious. It was engraved into our minds to hate all Basilwether’s for the sake of our pure hearts. They were the devil itself. Spreading poison and lies wherever they went. Hunting for young girls to consume their hearts.  The silence got disturbed by the doors to the meeting room opening. – “I have excellent news!” – your father walked in, holding a piece of paper in his hand. All the attention went towards him, blinking themselves awake. Your mother was the first one to step into her normal behavior again. – “Ah, darling what delighted news do you bring?” – she got up from the sofa, walking over to him. He took her hands, giving her a kiss on her cheek.
“I have arranged it all.” – he exclaimed, looking over to his brother John. He noticed the flipped over table, his son Grayson still collected a few cards. His other brother Bennet standing near the fireplace. – “Did someone die in here?” – he then started to laugh loud, bringing a more serene atmosphere into the room. The mood started to lighten up as your uncle John and Bennet started to laugh as well. Grayson pulled the table back up as you kept your gaze pointed outside. – “Y/n… Y/n…” – your father started to look around for a sign of you. – “Where is that daughter of ours?” – you sighed soft, getting up from your comfy seat. – “I’m right here father.” – curtsying brief before him. He laughed loud, opening his hands to you. He grabbed your cheeks, pinching them. He then pushed you against his side, his arm around you to reveal you to everyone. – “Our daughter is getting married to the count of London!” – applause came from your mother as you gulped loud. – “I’m sorry.” – you called out, slipping from underneath his arm. – “I’m about to what?” – your father kept laughing as you glared at him, demanding for him to explain further.
“You will meet him at the ball tomorrow night.” – the loud squeal of your mother pulled your attention away. – “Tomorrow? Do you know how many preparations I have to do in order to get this right?” – she already started to panic about the arrangements in such a short notice. – “John and Bennet will help you out as will the staff.” – John snarled brief. – “I’m not much of a party planner. I’ll make myself otherwise useful.” – he then took his leave, tipping his hat to your father. Bennet sighed soft, taking out his pocket watch to see the time even though there was a huge clock in the meeting room. – “Let’s make this quick!” – he tugged the watch away again, moving towards your mother. She already started to babble about preparations as they left the room. Now that it was your father and you alone, besides your brother, you dared to go against him. – “Care to elaborate more on this father?” – you hissed at him, standing in a bossy tone. Grayson came walking towards you, clicking his tongue. – “Dear sister!” – he said, slipping his arm over you. – “You should be pleased with father’s arrangements.” – you elbowed him, wanting to get his slithery arm from around you. – “Like you should have been pleased with your lucky lady?” – you turned towards him with a witty glance. – “How did that turn out?” – you pushed, knowing it was a hot topic. Grayson growled at you as you pretended to bite at him.
“The poor girl must still be suffering from it.” – “That’s enough Y/n!” – your father yelled at you, putting a stop to your bickering. Puffing loud, you turned away from Grayson. – “I was merely teasing him.” – smirking, you knew you wanted to take it a step further. – “He can’t help it that the girl had an accident. Such a strange one indeed.” – you turned around back to him, grinning from ear to ear. – “How did she get into her accident again, Grayson?” – you questioned, putting on an innocent face. Grayson cursed, reaching for your neck with claw fingers as your father took a hold of his wrist before he could strangle you. – “Enough both of you!” – you tilted your head curious to the side, gleaming with the way you could get to him. – “We both know it was an unfortunate accident. Poor girl, but she couldn’t be welcomed into our family as she is broken.” – Father sighed deep, lowering Grayson’s hands. – “We are a strong family! We are strong in body and mind!” – he pressed his fist against his chest, proud to be a Y/l/n. Grayson did the same, like it was a family motto. You rolled with your eyes. They were so stiff and stronghold into the idea of being superior to others. – “Excuse me as apparently I have preparations to attend.” – you curtsied dramatically for your father, glaring at your brother.
In the hallway, you took a deep breather before running up to your room. You shut the door with a loud thud, not wanting anyone to come in. Sliding down against the doorframe, you felt tears come up. Married? To a man you’ve never met. How much you wanted to be a part of another family. A family that would not force their only daughter into a forced marriage, just for status and power. Your feelings didn’t matter, they never did. If you could just live a normal life. Not having to be forced into this. Not having to recite the family’s motto daily. Not having to feel so superior against others. The entire town rather avoided you then receive the blow of doing something wrong. Your family wasn’t really the soft handling type. If anything had to be dealt with are guns always a good solution.
You don’t know how, but your mother manage to host a ball in one days’ time. The house was already filled with grant people you had never seen or only knew them by name. Grayson was watching you from afar, glaring at you with a glass of champagne in his hand. You shot him a witty glance, disappearing into the crowd, before he could come over. Lifting your dress a bit up, you had to force your way through people. Your mother had insisted into you wearing the golden ballgown that made you feel like a bloated balloon. The puff sleeves were the worst as they felt like tiny balloons on your shoulders. The gown itself fell wide open as underneath it was a hoop to help it look big. – “Excuse me, pardon me.” – you said, lifting the heavy fabric up to squeeze yourself between people. As long as you kept moving, no one would find you. If you were unfindable then you wouldn’t have to meet your future husband. Easy right? Whoops there was your uncle Bennet. He was chatting with a lovely lady who wore a great amount of jewelry on her fingers. You quickly turned around before he could spot you. Taking another route, you hoped to avoid any familiar faces there.
You found yourself into the music room as a man was playing the piano. Several gentlemen and ladies were dancing, using the room as a ballroom. Since you didn’t had any. Glancing panickily you searched for a way out. You made your way across, avoiding getting stepped on. At the other side were doors that leaded you to a smaller room. You opened the door to encounter a smokey room. Coughing loud you saw the men who were playing cards stop and stare at you. A pile of money in the middle of the table. You snickered soft, stepping back to close the door. Needing a moment to process the picture in your mind, you proceeded your steps. Gambling in your own house, who would have thought. You walked across again, going through another room as you were greeted by loud laughter. A woman was cackling loud, her voice echoing through the room. Then you spotted your father, laughing loud with a chubby man. His moustache big and bushy. Squealing soft, you dived to the ground, hoping to crawl past him without him noticing.
Crawling over the floor on your hands and legs, you came eye to eye to some shoes. Looking up, you sheepishly grinned at the curious, confused man that looked down at you. – “Lost my earing?” – you said quickly as an excuse to why you were crawling over the floor like an animal. You pretended to snatch something near his shoe, getting up. – “Got it.” – holding your closed hand to him. He found you rather odd as you moved past him. The door was just in reach as you could almost feel it. – “Y/n! my darling!” – you suddenly heard, making you freeze on the spot. Slowly turning around, you saw your father make his way through the people. – “There she is!” – he laughed out, smacking his arm around you. – “Have you been avoiding your old man?” – he leaned in close, narrowing his eyes. You quietly shook your head as he laughed loud to his friends. – “I’ll show you, your fiancée!” – he started to walk out of the room with you under his wing. You tried to smile, but the tense expression in your face wouldn’t leave. You walked with him through the house in search for your future fiancée.
On your way you saw Grayson grinning at you, raising his glass to you. Oh how much you hated his smug face. In the hallway, near the stairs, found you him. The Count of London. – “Here she is my daughter!” – your father approached him with a big smile on his face. The Count turned around towards you, smiling rather strangely. It was as if he didn’t know how to smile. The suit he was wearing seemed rather tight as you tried to look at anywhere but him. – “A pleasure meeting you Miss Y/l/n.” – he reached for your hand beside your body, bowing deep. Pressing your lips together, you tried not to think about his lips on your skin. – “May I say you look exquisite.” – you granted him with a polite smile as your father was present. – “The two of you will make a fine couple!” – you stumbled a bit forward as your father gave you a firm pat on your back. Sputtering soft, you didn’t want your father to leave you alone with him. – “So Y/n, shall we go somewhere private?” – the count suggested, taking your hand firmly. He leaded you upstairs, giving you no option to object.
Meanwhile while the party was going on inside was there a happening outside. – “Shht be quiet!” – A young man shushed at a much younger men, more of your age. – “I still don’t know why we are here?” – Tewkesbury asked his cousin. His cousin sighed soft, hiding more behind the bushes. – “To steal of course! While the Y/l/n’s are busy partying, we can hit them from the inside.” – The cousin grinned, moving his gun in sight. – “Hey, you said no violence!” – Tewkesbury hissed at him. He puffed loud. – “That is for precaution.” – he casually replied, checking his bullets. The cousin then glanced over to his left, seeing three to four men of his family hid as well. They made eye contact, nodding at each other. – “It’s time to hit them like they hit us.” – Tewkesbury could feel the hate coming from the tone on his voice. That deep hatred for your family. They got in motion, sneaking up closer to the mansion. Tewkesbury and his cousin went right as the other four went left. There were two guards waiting outside. Two of the four family members snuck up to them, chloroforming them before they could sound alarm. They neatly hid them in the bushes, tying them up with a cloth in their mouth. Tewkesbury gulped, looking up to the high balcony. – “Hey!” – his cousin grabbed him by his shirt. – “You aren’t going to back out of this aren’t you?” – he could see that Tewkesbury was hesitant. Shaking his head, he wanted to act brave for his cousin.
“Alright then!” – his cousin got on one knee, holding his hands open to Tewkesbury. Tewkesbury placed one foot in his hands, holing him by the shoulders. – “Ready?” – “Yes.” – Tewkesbury then got hoisted up in the air, clamping on tight to the vines that grew around the pillar. – “See you up there, kid!” – His cousin saluted to him. Tewkesbury exhaled deep before climbing up. He reached the balcony easily, pulling himself over the railing. Hearing sudden voices, he jumped behind the wall to hide. The door closed as you exhaled soft, staring around you to the room. – “Your father was right about your beauty.” – The count whispered out, feeling his hand slide over your back. It made your muscle pull together, knowing how close he was to you. He came in front of you, his hand still sliding over your back. – “Shall we skip the acquaintances?” – he suggested, making you swallow soft. You slightly shook your head, stepping away from him as you didn’t want anything to do with him. You heard him inhale sharply through his nose before grabbing you. You screamed it out as he took you by the wrist, smacking you against the wall.
With your face squashed against the wall, you started to whimper soft. He moved some hair aside to reveal your face. – “I’m not so old fashioned. – he whispered into your ear. You felt his hand firmly on your back, pressing you against the wall. Gasping sharply he turned you around, you’re back hitting the wall. – “I’m more of an actions first, talk later guy.” – he smirked at you shivering from fear. He seductively looked at you, licking his lips soft. – “Tell me sweetheart… do you crave me?” – he let his hands slide down your arms, taking you firmly by the waist. – “No!” – you called out, getting in defense mode. You pulled your knee up, hitting him in the stomach, which made him crouch in pain. You then went towards the door as he stepped on a piece of fabric, sending you flying to the ground. He turned your around, sitting on top of you while you screamed it out. – “No, no please.” – you cried out. Shaking your head, you tried to get him off you with no use. Then his face changed expression, going numb. You freaked out as he fell to the side with a loud thud. Pulling yourself a bit up, you saw a boy your age, holding a small statue in his hands. Realizing what he had done, he dropped the object. – “God, he isn’t death, right?” – he breathed out, needing to control his breathing. He then noticed you, gazing at him. He immediately dived towards you, making sure you were alright. – “Did he hurt you? Are you alright?” – he asked, helping you up.
His eyes went wide at the sight of the girl in the golden dress. Your presence made him swallow nervously, wiping his sweaty hands on his shirt. – “Who are you?” – you questioned, gazing at your handsome knight. – “Tewkesbury.” – he replied, holding his hand out to you. – “Y/n.” – you replied, shaking it. You didn’t say your last name as you didn’t want to spook him. Everyone was afraid of your family name, just as much as the Basilwether’s. You gulped, hearing the count groan soft. – “Let’s get out of here before he wakes up.” – Tewkesbury spoke, grabbing your hand. He ran with you outside of the room, pausing in the hallway. This was not what he at all imagined. He just had to get inside, steal a few things, maybe break a thing or two and bounce. Now he was stuck with a girl that he wanted to keep save at all costs. You saw him hesitate to which way to go as you took the lead. – “This way.” – you called out, pulling him with you to the right. The two of you ran into the hallway, hoping the count wouldn’t wake up soon. Tewkesbury came running in the front again, running up to a door. He opened it, widening his eyes before quickly shutting the door again. – “Not here.” – he said, moving you away from the door.
Tewkesbury had encountered his cousin in that room. It would raise a lot of questions to you if you saw a strange man steal from the Y/l/n’s. He ran with you further down the corridor, opening another door. The room was empty as he pushed you inside. He firmly shut the door as you looked around for anything to block the door. You handed Tewkesbury a chair as he accepted it with a smile. Tewkesbury and you started to back up, holding on to each other as you heard loud footsteps. You gasped loud, seeing the doorknob twist. Tewkesbury covered up your mouth, hoping the count would just leave. The two of you started to back up more, stepping onto the balcony. It got silent again, making you wonder if the count had given up trying to break in. Tewkesbury glanced down, seeing his cousin re-group with the others. – “I have to go!” – He called out. You turned towards Tewkesbury as he took a hold of your shoulders. He switched positions with you so that you couldn’t look outside. Facing the room, you were confused. – “So soon?” – you whispered out as Tewkesbury exhaled soft. He hummed, letting his shoulders drop.
“I will sure miss you, my valiant knight.” – you spoke, making him chuckle brief. You saw that he seemed urgent, needing to be somewhere. – “Will I see you again?” – you wondered as he was caught off guard for a moment. – “I sure hope so.” – he replied with a sheepish smile. – “Then meet me tomorrow night at the rose garden at Central.” – you suggested. – “I’ll be waiting there for you.” – Tewkesbury brought his lips to your hand, his touch ticklish and dreamy. – “Then I’ll be there.” – Tewkesbury took a hold of you, twirling you inside the room. You were a bit confused as he suddenly closed the glass doors towards the balcony to keep you out. He locked them from the outside, safely climbing back down. He re-joined his family, breathing out deep. – “Where are your treasures?” – his cousin squeaked, seeing him empty handed. – “Almost got caught so I had no time.” – he breathed out, hoping it would be enough. – “No matter, we sure have enough.” – he grinned at the golden statue in his hand. He gave it a kiss, glorious of his steal. As they were heading out, glanced Tewkesbury one more time over his shoulder to the girl he left behind.
You were lying in your bed as your mother stood in the door opening watching you. She smiled soft, slowly closing the door after seeing you were fast asleep. You waited a few more moments before throwing the covers up. You were dressed and ready in a simpler dress to escape into the night. Ever since your encounter with Tewkesbury, you couldn’t stop thinking about him. You knew you had to see him, you just had to go to the rose garden, hoping he would be there too. Throwing the rope of blankets out, you wanted to escape through the window. You slowly went down, landing before the mansion. Then you ran into the night to see your knight in shining armor. Like a thief in the night, you made your way over to the rose garden at Central. You paused a few seconds before the gateway that leaded you into the garden. Taking a deep breath, you opened the shrieking gate into the garden.
On your left and right were enormous trees planted that towered over you. Beneath them, near your knee height several rose bushes. You walked down the stony path, deeper into garden. In the middle of the garden stood a fountain, surrounded by labyrinth like bush walls, covered in roses. With a smile on your face, you sat yourself down on the edge of the fountain. In silent you waited for him to come… if he would even come. You waited and waited as it got chillier outside. You hated to see this true, but it looked like he wasn’t coming. Disappointed you got up, knowing this was all for nothing. – “You aren’t leaving yet, are you?” – A voice came from behind you, making you turn towards it. High in a tree was Tewkesbury as he jumped down before you. – “I didn’t think you would come.” – you said out loud, smiling at his presence. There was a feeling deep inside of you, a feeling that made you connect closely to Tewkesbury. Without thinking you leaped into his arms, hugging him. – “I didn’t get to thank you before.” – whispering to him, you felt his arms around you. – “He didn’t bothered you anymore, did he?” – you looked away for a second, shaking your head then. – “Did you know him?” – Tewkesbury then asked, taking your hand as he let you sit down at the fountain. Sighing soft, you felt something deep inside of you trust him with this information.
“It was the count. The man I am supposed to marry due to my father.” – Tewkesbury gasped soft, covering up his mouth. – “Why would your father do that to you? Do you love him?” – he questioned, making you yell ‘no’ at him. – “I never wanted it. I… I have no choice in it.” – you turned your body away from Tewkesbury, ashamed. – “Then don’t marry him.” – he reached for your hand, taking it in his. Sighing soft, you turned to him again. – “It’s not that simple.” – “Then make it simple.” – he gave your hand a little squeeze, staring into your eyes. You had just met him, but your heart felt like you had known him for years. Beating faster at his presence, taking every word of his in like poetry. Sweet poetry you knew by heart. A sudden urge existed between the two of you, making you lean in closer. Closing your eyes, you closed the gap between him and you. Kissing him felt like magic. A wonderous feeling went through your body as your lips synced up with his so perfectly. Like they were made for each other. After kissing him, you knew it. You felt drawn towards him. If this was love, you didn’t know it yet. It sure felt floaty and magical. A feeling you never wanted to part from. Tewkesbury moved his arm around you as you leaned against his shoulder. – “I never want this to end.” – you whispered. – “Then let’s make sure it doesn’t Y/n.”
Your uncles, brother and you were walking the streets of London. You walked between them quietly, seeing everyone step aside. They feared them with every step they took. Your uncle John pushed a woman aside who was standing in his way. You wanted to whisper an apology to her as your brother Grayson pushed you further, giving you no time. Salesmen were calling out their supplies, hoping to catch a buyer. Suddenly your uncle Bennet and Uncle John pulled out their guns. You gasped soft, seeing everyone jump to the side. Across from them you saw an old lady with several men around her. – “Basilwether!” – John spitted out, disgusted by the name. The men around the old lady had drawn their guns as well, pointing them at your family. – “Y/l/n!” – Lady Basilwether called out, spitting on the ground. Grayson pushed you back, drawing his gun as well. – “These aren’t your streets Old crone!” – Bennet hissed at the lady. – “Neither are these yours.” – she laughed out, leaning against her cane. – “I spit on your name!” – Lady Basilwether spitted again. John’s blood boiled with anger at the sight of them. – “Uncle can we not just leave them?” – you asked him, stepping between them. – “Y/n?” – you suddenly heard. Looking around, you tried to locate the voice. Till from between a young man and lady Basilwether appeared Tewkesbury.
“Tewkesbury?” – you replied, shocked to see him there. The lady turned sharply to him. – “How do you know the girl?” – she snapped at him, glaring at him. At the same time turned Grayson your way. Pulling at your arm, he wanted to know more. – “How do you know her grandson?” – then it all hit you. Tewkesbury was a Basilwether, and you were a Y/l/n. Your head started to spin, making you grasp for it. Everything he told you was a lie… felt like a lie. Then you lied as well. Every moment you had with him over the past month. Falling in love with him was a lie. He was a Basilwether. Your sworn enemy. Your families had a feud for centuries. It was heretic to engage with them. You felt like fainting as you had fallen in love with the enemy. But you didn’t know. You didn’t know. – “How does the kid know my niece?” – John shouted at the lady, pointing his gun at Tewkesbury. – “And how does the girl know my grandson?” – she fired back, boiling with rage. – “Answer us Y/n!” – Grayson yelled at you, pulling hard at your arm. You couldn’t move, think, or speak. That was how shocked you were by engaging with him. – “Answer me!” – Grayson pointed his gun at you as a last resort. – “Leave her alone!” – Yelled Tewkesbury from across. Making Grayson glare at you. – “Oh, you are so death missy.” – he seemed to be amused by it, grinning from ear to ear.
The families parted with no bloodshed… this time. Each were eager to know the story behind you knowing one another. You got dragged back to the mansion, demanding to explain yourself. – “So let me get this clear? How exactly did you knew him?” – your father questioned, pacing before you. You were strapped to a chair feeling like you were in an interrogation. Both your uncles where there, glaring at you. Grayson was smiling at himself in the back. Even your grandfather was present which meant this was serious. – “I swear… I didn’t know… I didn’t know…” – you begged, hoping they would be mildly to you. – “I don’t believe a word you say, Y/n!” – Grayson called out as you screamed at him. – “I didn’t know I swear. He’s lying!” – Your uncle gave you a slap to shut you up. He then grabbed you by the shoulders, squeezing them tight. – “Did you do it to ridicule us? Our family name? huh!” – You started to cry, shaking your head. – “I swear… I swear…” – You didn’t tell your family anything about your love for him. They would kill you on the spot and then murder Tewkesbury to call it square. You couldn’t do that to him. You loved him to much for that after all those months.
After what seemed hours, you were finally released to be locked in your room. They weren’t fully convinced you were telling the truth, but they couldn’t get more out of you. You immediately threw yourself at your bed, falling between the pillows. Crying loud, you knew you were never going to see Tewkesbury ever again. Your life was over. They sure would never allow you out, probably giving haste to your marriage to the count. That was far from anything you wanted. You wanted to be free, free with Tewkesbury. You cried until you had no more tears left to cry. That made you more miserable as you still had some tears to spill. Spill over the love you had lost now. The sky had already darkened. The house was silent as everyone was fast asleep. The tears had already marked their way into your skin as you got up from your bed. Some fresh air would do you some good as you opened the window. – “Y/n?” – you heard, making you gasp out of surprise. Looking down you saw someone standing underneath your window. – “Tewkesbury is that you?” – you asked, keeping your voice down. – “It is I, my love.”
Your heart instantly leaped, gazing down at him. – “What brings you here my love?” – you asked. – “You, my love. You.” – he replied, holding his hand out to you. – “I didn’t think you would ever want to see me again after today. I’m from the wrong family Tewkesbury.” – you desperately hoped it wouldn’t matter but it did. – “I know my love. I do not mind. I love you. My heart belongs to you, not your family name.” – you moved your hand to your chest, touched by his words. – “Tewkesbury, I love you too, but we can’t be together. If my family finds you here, they will kill you.” – you already anxiously looked behind you to see you heard any voices. – “Then come with me.” – he suggested. – “Run away with me, Y/n. We can go wherever we like, be whoever we like. No more Basilwether and Y/l/n. Just you and me. What do you say?” – The answer already laid on your lips, just waiting to be spoken. – “Yes! I’ll come with you Tewkesbury.” – you called out, seeing him smile from ear to ear. You rolled out your blankets out to escape with him. You were nearly downstairs as you heard the voices of your uncle. That made you climb down faster, jumping into the arms of Tewkesbury.
“Y/n! get back here!” – Your uncle John called out to you from the window. You shook your head, taking Tewkesbury’s hand. The two of you started to run away as your uncle fired some shots in the dark. He missed as the two of you were already to far out of reach. Tewkesbury and you eloped together, away from everything. Just to be together without having to hide your true feelings.
Check out my Masterlist for more Enola Holmes imagine’s!
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awhilesince · 21 hours ago
Sunday, 15 April 1827
7 3/4
12 1/4
my bowels as yesterday – prepared my clothes for the wash – 
at my desk at 9 10/60 – made out and wrote out the summary of last week – musing over it – all which took me till 10 1/4 – then counting over and balancing my money took me till 10 40/60 – right to one franc too much which had got among the 5 francs pieces in my large red purse, and I had not seen it there before – Breakfast at 10 40/60 – 
about 11 Letter from Marian (Shibden) – 3 pages and the ends written by Mrs Veitch to my aunt – good account of them – but Marian will be glad if my aunt is well enough to return home next year so that we can live anywhere in England for she thinks people of moderate fortune ought to be enough to their inheritance to see that it is properly managed – no chance of letting Northgate – still some dispute about the land I bought at Godley – the new vicar very much liked – ætatis 34 fancy him likely to be removed for something better – He is not against Roman Catholic emancipation this seems his only blot with Marian – She thinks we pay dear for everything here – times do not seem to have mended much – It struck me I would go to England in the summer or autumn suddenly without saying a word to  anyone but Marian I shall think of this – perhaps my going over would do some good – took the letter to my aunt – 
sent away the breakfast things at 11 20/60 then wrote the last 8 1/2 lines, and at 11 35/60 began finishing dressing – went in to read prayers at 12 1/4 – read the prayers (leaving out only the litany and sermon 8? (on the excellence of the gospel) bishop Sandford – came back to my room at 1 25/60 – very bilious – lay down on my sofa and slept Till 3 – then sick – then lay down again till 4 35/60 – 
went out at 4 50/60 – talked to my aunt 5 minutes then direct to Mrs B– (Barlow) walking on the terrasse d’Eau – went there – walked the whole length of the Terrasse and 1/2 way back and she met me having taken Jane (not well) home – walked in the gardens Till 6 1/2 – then went to 2 pastry cooks rue du Faubourg St. Honoré – too dear – then to Broussin Grande rue verte No. 42 recommended by Madame de Rosny – reasonable – just Tasted a little gateau with Mrs B– (Barlow) she ordered a vol au vent at 4/. for tomorrow, and a Charlotte Russe at 5/. and I bought and brought away with me ‘une tourte de franchipane’ at 1/25. – In returning people asked 6 sols for oranges, would take 5 – gave 4 sols a piece for 3 – Mrs B– (Barlow) bought in the morning for 3 1/2 sols a piece – parted with Mrs B– (Barlow) at my own door, and came in at 7 1/4 – 
dinner at 7 20/60 – Left the dining room at 8 50/60 – went to the Senés at 8 55/60 to ask Mr Senés to send someone to Examine my aunt’s bed – 2 more bugs found this morning – very civil – will come and bring the tapissier at 10 1/2 tomorrow morning will change my aunt’s bed – give her the one had daughters sleep in – got back from the Senés at 9 40/60 – just wished my aunt good night and came to my room at 9 3/4 – wrote out the washing bills, and wrote the last 11 lines all which took me Till 10 25/60 – ate 3 oranges just before getting into bed –
left margin: Fahrenheit 48 at 8 a.m. 59 1/2 at noon. 51 at 10 25/60 p.m. fine morning – a few drops of rain about four p.m. or earlier otherwise fine, coldish day –
reference number: SH:7/ML/E/10/0081
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smoochesfromlevi · 22 hours ago
Erwin, Levi, and Hanji's crush confessing to them
Not sure how I feel about this one but I still hope you all enjoy <3
You never would have expected to be playing such a risky game with the other veterans. After such a successful expedition, the adults chose to get some drinks of alcohol for them to celebrate. You usually wouldn't drink alcohol but some of your squad mates dragged you in to join. One thing after another started happening and all of a sudden you were playing a game of truth or dare. Everyone seemed to be enjoying it but you were shocked some of the people were able to drag Erwin and Levi into this. It was all fun actually, until it was your turn. "Okay (Y/n), truth or dare?" Nanaba asked. You sat in thought for a bit but you didn't feel like embarrassing yourself with a dare so you chose the easier route. "Truth." You said. Nanaba rubbed her chin a bit to think of a question until she shot up a bit to give you her question. "Do you have feelings for anyone in this room? And you have to tell us whom." Well shit. You took a deep breathe before you gave Nanaba your answer.
Tumblr media
Erwin picked up your discomfort with the question and he wasn't sure if you were even going to say anything. Truth was, he had strong feelings for you that eventually became romantic. Sure he was curious about what you were going to say, but he didn't want you to be so uncomfortable. "You don't have to answer if you don't want (Y/n)." Erwin answered and gave you a smile. Your face felt a bit heated with your crush looking at you and having to hear your answer. "Come on (Y/n)! Just tell us. No harm done." Hanji said happily. It was now or never. "I have feelings for the commander. That answer your question?" You looked down in embarrassment. Erwin looked at you with a knowing look on his face but he didn't really seem that surprised either. "I already knew (Y/n)." Your mouth widened before you closed it and the game continued on like it was nothing. Erwin took a seat next to you as he said quietly, "Sorry I startled you earlier (Y/n). But I already figured out you loved me a long while ago." You started stuttering before saying, "How?" Erwin seemed to be in thought as he put in his mind what he was going to tell you. "You always helped me in my office and were always making sure I took care of myself. I always believed you cared for me." Your face temperature went up again knowing how much Erwin believed you cared. "I hope you know I feel the same about you. How about we have some dinner together tomorrow night when you're available?" Your eyes widened before telling the blonde, "It's a date."
Tumblr media
Would he be uncomfortable? Would he start avoiding you? You weren't prepared with what the captain was going to think about your feelings for him. You looked around the room to see Levi giving you a deep and quiet stare just as everyone else was. You couldn't deal with awkward silence any longer as you felt your face heat up and just pointed to Levi. To say that everyone of the veterans were flabbergasted was an understatement. You didn't really see the expression of Levi's face change much but you did put your head down for the rest of the game to avoid looking at his gorgeous eyes. As the night ended, some people had to be helped back a bit due to the alcohol but you were pretty much okay since you didn't drink much. You stayed behind to clean up when you felt someone's presence walk from behind you to go next to you. You turned your head to see the captain and you already averted your eyes before you cleared your throat. "What is it captain?" It was quiet for a few seconds before a deep voice rang in the air. "I-I wanted to talk to you about earlier." Was it just you or was he stuttering a bit? Were his ears a little red too? "I don't know how to respond but, shit. I-I f-feel the same." You never saw Levi in this light before and to hear him say those words made you all the more happier. "I'm so happy to hear you say that Levi." You said. The raven haired male opened his mouth and said, "I've never felt like this before so I hope you don't mind taking this slow for my sake" You gave the man a light smile before grasping his hand. "I'd like that."
Tumblr media
Your breathing became heavy as you grew with anxiety. It didn't help that your crush was sitting next to you either. You loved them for a long time and your relationship has always been close friends so you didn't want to ruin what was between you two. Nevertheless, you took that risk. "I l-like you, Hanji." After you said your answer you heard the brunette laughing at your side before putting their arm around you. "Didn't think you'd have feelings for me. But hey! I like you too." While you gasped in shock, you heard some grunting from some of the others in the room. "Goddamn it." You were so confused all of a sudden. "Huh? What's going on?" You asked in confusion. Hanji smiled and said, "The others made a bet whether you'd end up confessing to me or not." Nanaba growled in frustration and said, "I thought you liked Miche or Levi. There goes some of my allowance" Levi shook his head from the other side of the room and Miche snorted to himself aware of how right his nose was. Hanji gave you a peck on the cheek and said, "Turns out we both were oblivious." Your cheeks felt on fire before you smiled and said, "Yeah we are."
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bae-cold · a day ago
Healthcare Information Technology Services Market Opportunity Analysis-2026
Tumblr media
Need for integration of payers and provider to optimize cost and service efficiency is expected to reshape the healthcare IT industry in North America
Geographically, North America accounted for the largest market for healthcare information technology services followed by Europe. These regions dominate the overall Healthcare IT Services Market owing to presence of healthcare infrastructure. However, Asia Pacific is expected to be the most lucrative market for different healthcare IT services due to the improving healthcare awareness, rise in healthcare expenditure, booming IT industry and patient demographics. Asia Pacific is mainly driven by China and India. As per the estimates, China and India are expected to account for over 50% of regional market by 2024.
The healthcare industry is witnessing rapid technology enabled changes. Doctors and Physicians are leveraging digital technology to deliver better healthcare services and create effective system across the healthcare value chain. Healthcare information technology is expected to grow at a robust rate during the forecast period creating substantial opportunity for players across world. Emergence of various lifestyle and therapeutic application based apps has also boosted the market. Though the industry is expected to witness upward trajectories, industry leaders might face stiff competition from new entrants as well as changing technology dynamically. The industry leaders need to keep abreast with technology to differentiate them from rest.
At present, the information technology has become an integral part of the healthcare settings or infrastructures as it help address the requirements of today and be prepared for tomorrow. Modern high-tech hospitals and other healthcare settings make available a unified matrix of patient records, imaging results as well as his medical history and related information. The healthcare (HC) IT services, which is provided by a range of global HC solution and service providers help furnish the right information at the right place at the right time. Therefore, healthcare information technology solutions and services help enable improved patient care with superior hospital management.
* The sample copy includes: Report Summary, Table of Contents, Segmentation, Competitive Landscape, Report Structure, Methodology.
Request a sample copy of this report:
Process Execution and emergence of healthcare apps has drastically boosted healthcare information technology in last few years
Healthcare information technology is gaining prominence across the world owing to its added advantages including better access to patient information. Introduction of social media platform along with handy mobile devices has bridged the gap between payers and providers. Moreover, big data concept has led chained hospitals to understand the patient in more logical way thereby driving the market to its high potential.
Increasing number of surgical interventions, rising demand for improved healthcare services, demand for high-tech hospitals and clinics and increasing patient population would further boost the healthcare IT services market globally. Demand for improved healthcare services are increasing due to increasing incidences of chronic health issues, such as hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and rising number of infectious diseases and rising geriatric population of the world.
Healthcare information technology services market is consolidated with leading players accounting for major share of the market
Some of the major players operating in the healthcare IT services market include, Carestream Health, Inc., Epic Systems Corporation, Cerner Corporation, GE Healthcare, McKesson Corporation, NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC, Philips Healthcare, Merge Healthcare Incorporated, Agfa HealthCare NV, and Siemens Healthcare among others.
Browse Research Report:
Key Development
Key players in the market are focused on various business strategies such as merger and acquisition to gain competitive edge in the market. For instance, in August 2019, Royal Phillips, a global leader in health technology acquired Carestream Health Inc.’s Healthcare Information Systems (HCI) business in 26 of the 38 countries it operates. HCI is a cloud-enabled enterprise imaging platform that will expand Philips’ current enterprise diagnostic informatics solutions.
Key players in the market are focused on launching new products and services to expand its product portfolio and gain competitive edge in the market. For instance, in May 2019, Cerner, a global health platform company launched Anuva Health, a near-site health network offering. Anuva Health offers in person and virtual healthcare services for employers who are looking to provide unique benefits to employees to support improved health and lower costs.
Key players in the market are involved in various business strategies such as collaboration and partnership to gain competitive edge in the market. For instance, in April 2019, GE Healthcare entered into a partnership with Nasscom, a technology services industry company to boost startups to work on digital healthcare solutions in India.
Buy-Now this research report:
About Coherent Market Insights:            
Coherent Market Insights is a prominent market research and consulting firm offering action-ready syndicated research reports, custom market analysis, consulting services, and competitive analysis through various recommendations related to emerging market trends, technologies, and potential absolute dollar opportunity.
Contact Us:
U.S. Office:
Name:  Mr. Shah
Coherent Market Insights 1001 4th Ave,
# 3200 Seattle, WA 98154, U.S.
US :  +1-206-701-6702
UK :  +44-020-8133-4027
JAPAN :  +050-5539-1737
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movefreelyforever · a day ago
Tumblr media
We have a lot more control over our emotions than we realise We experience an array of emotions every day, happiness if we achieve something good, grief if we lose someone we love, anxiety if someone wrongs us. But did you know that we actually make our own emotions? Despite emotions being generated inside the brain nobody has ever found a set location or brain circuit for any emotion. They are neither built into our brains at birth or universally recognised and expressed.   The brain doesn't react but predicts (which is a primal response)  a relevant emotion to whatever situation you are in using your reaction to past experiences.  Our brains billions of cells are constantly shifting through a lifetime of experience, making thousands of guesses at the same time,  trying to answer the question “what is this most like?” This means we have a lot more control than we realise because we can teach our brain how to predict differently tomorrow by changing the ingredients our brains use to build emotions. Imagine every Monday morning you wake up feeling dread about the day to come and all the stuff you have to do.  You think of being stuck in traffic or the busy bus or train, endless emails and deadlines,  your cat is sick and needs to go to the vets after work or you need to be back from work early to pick up your children. Your head and body starts to hurts, you feel sick, perhaps you are ill. The brain can transform physical discomfort into emotional stress in the blink of an eye and  is trying to find an explanation or prediction for those sensations in your body that you experienced when you woke up.  In truth you probably didn't sleep very well on Sunday or you haven’t ate breakfast or your bodies dehydrated.  The uncomfortable sensations in the body are effecting how your mind copes with the day and the thoughts going on in the head are directly affecting the queasiness you feel in the tummy. Practise going to bed earlier or give yourself time to eat a healthy meal in the morning it may  completely change how you start your day on Monday. This is a suggestion to changing the ingredients that cause anxiety and a way to gain control over your emotions. We all feel nervous before a tests but some people can get so anxious they never achieve their full potential. Based on past reactions and experience of taking tests your brain remembers the sweaty palms and hammering heart rate. To rewrite this emotion try to appreciate and acknowledge that the hammering heart rate is your body preparing to do battle so you can get through that test. Research shows when students learn to make "energised determination" rather than acknowledge anxiety they perform better - it will also seeds their brain to predict better in the future which is emotional intelligence in action.   In 2017 my daughter and myself were involved  in the terrorist attack in Manchester, a traumatising event which subsequently effected my daughters emotional, mental and physical health.  School was a constant trigger with its large crowds, noise, bangs and bells compounding the trauma and overwhelming her brain. Lockdown however has had a really positive effect in respect to giving Kira sufficient time away from school to process more positive emotions making learning a more enjoyable experience particularly as she is currently taking her A levels exams and hopefully starting University in September. Emotional suffering can be reduced by learning how to construct experiences differently, the actions and experiences you make today are what makes our brain predictability tomorrow,  it is the path to a healthier body and mind and a more flexible and potent life.   Living with anxiety takes strength - be kind to yourself and other as we are all fighting battles -------------------------------------
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windpeen50 · a day ago
Make the best of a very long flight or train journey to get the job done well with publicly available training seminars and also movie podcasts
This informative article is about making your time work more efficiently foryou personally. Personally, I like to waste time like every other individual. Some times I like to see TV and play with video gaming without any limitation, weeks or days in some row. Other times I'd like to do the job a few weeks, maybe months straight, '' I continue doing everything. But even then I discover the time and energy to waste some moment; point. . Allow me to complement television watching with fun posts like soaps or gummies. And that I really have fun, spend your time like there's no tomorrow. Ofcourse there is certainly tomorrow each day, so I want to keep travelling to my job. I put in and maintain very sensitive accounting software on servers of 490 of five hundred top luck businesses, or whatever that list is named. Whatever the scenario, I have to saythat enormous city dwarfs me. I only cannot be here for more than 23 days at one time, and so I mover to suburbs... 3 educate hrs off from the city. It truly is closer to other country's capital by 1.5 hrs of travel, however I move to some area big city, double the distance. That is the reason why I travel sometimes by train, other times by automobile and even have somebody drive me back. These very long length chauffers really help. I fly much also for could work related excursions, and not every prime rated business has offices at the large city that I repeated. And I experience educate. It's really a lot of problem... Sometimes I get picked up with private jets, and wait period is certainly briefer to reach those jets. But they, the 500, love my skills, therefore they pamper me sometimes.
Tumblr media
However, I'd like to point outside, even with hrs and perhaps full of times of traveling every week, I don't really spend your time that way. About 50% a while on the aircraft I will play games on handheld games and also see television in my notebook or furnished 65 in. screen, when I am on the jet. I bring videos together with me, I chiefly down load them from Youtube. If conferences or do it yourself videos I want have some thing that I'd want to watch during my consumption of the Bible later - I still spare video mp4 file to my own laptop, however sometimes videos do not need picture, so I change them to mp3 format to listen via my smartphone. This free on the web Youtube to mp3 converter program never fails to provide me crisp audio of good quality for the seminar or educational movie I've got my eyes on. And I then just listen to sound function for a podcast or something. I do some times should go back for the video, as I cannot grasp the point of idea, but it will not take place too often. Do-it-yourself videos are fantastic candidates to locate their way into my laptop, but those I normally will have to see. ASMR video clips those are the way to be switched to mp3 and listened to great headset. I once downloaded mp3 with this cat fated, it really gives me goosebumps, I presume some thing about that cat was special. It really calms me down, I think something at the sound makes me take resonate and return into understanding of those ways of the entire planet while I'm ASMR-ing. I don't like people whispering, I really do enjoy cats licking themselves and purring thankfully, these sounds get to me personally. Sometimes entering home at a personal car I would turn about this or that cat's recorded voice to get relaxation. . However, make sure don't listen or watch to ASMR about the train, even because they may possibly wake you into a separate country. Youtube has lots of lectures and seminars on different topics. Nonetheless in addition it has multiple recordings of live DJ sets from music festivals that are electronic. People I download as movie mp4 file, because I love to see these on the airplane and also Web is not always available, or is very slow and spotty, therefore that I don't hold my breath and prepare at home, download video or convert to mp3 athome on WiFi and such. . converter youtube I download full 2 3 hrs periods of famed DJs, to relish in my own flight. I enjoy old productions seem from UK - tech-house, techno, garage, breaks, jungle. The most useful of the finest that built the remaining portion of the world love dancing songs.
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Unifor Local 252 On Strike Against Nestlé
Tumblr media
"Workers with Unifor Local 252 continued their strike action on the picket line on Friday in front of the Nestlé factory in Toronto’s west end. Workers have been on strike since Saturday, May 1. Local 252 represents 470 workers at the factory in Toronto. Spirits were high on the line, with music, dancing and guest speakers, including FoodShare Toronto’s Paul Taylor and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh."
"Prior to the strike, benefits offered to some workers were already falling short. 'If someone has a family they cannot manage with those benefits. It’s really, really hard,' said Anjum Shaheen, a worker in the P-0 Unit for over two years. P-0 is one of the units (P-0 through P-7) in the factory producing food for Nestlé, and is where new hires are placed. This unit is classified as 'part time' by the employer, and as such the wages and benefits are much lower than the other units...According to several workers on the picket line, throughout the pandemic, Nesltlé management has often assigned tasks to P-0 workers that are originally assigned to workers in units with more seniority. Workers in senior units can refuse jobs that they find unsafe or otherwise problematic, leaving management to assign the job to P-0 members. P-0 workers are often doing the exact same job as the 'full time' unit at half of the wage of their more senior coworkers."
"P-0 workers want equal pay for equal work in the new contract. They also want to be moved into the next unit, P-1, changing them to 'full time' status to reflect their real work hours. This would also raise their health insurance benefits. Further, the local is fighting to get all workers access to the general pension plan, as opposed to the lesser plan offered to P-0s...Harte confirmed to The Hoser that Local 252 President Eammon Clarke did not make the picket line on Friday because he is now with the bargaining committee preparing for tomorrow. Nestlé has agreed to go back to the bargaining table with the union on Saturday May 8."
The Hoser, May 8, 2021: "Unifor Local 252 On Strike Against Nestlé," by Kevin Taghabon
Unifor, May 1, 2021: "Nestlé workers on strike in Toronto"
Collective Agreement between Nestle and Unifor, May 1, 2017-April 30, 2020 (131 pages, PDF)
Photo Source: Kevin Taghabon. (2021). Barb Quintanilha, second from the left, with co-workers and OPSEU members' support [Photograph]. The Hoser.
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tobinknight · 2 days ago
Tobin B Knight
Tobin B Knight  
  “Hello - I find reading quotes helps me at times- Tobin Knight”  
“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”-
Albert Einstein
I hope you liked this quote… Tobin Knight  
Tobin Knight
"I will help as many people as possible"
We Will Change the World
Master The Game of College
The End to Insomnia
“A man's mind, stretched by new ideas, may never return to its original dimensions.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
I hope you liked this quote… Tobin Knight  
Tobin Knight
"I will help as many people as possible"
We Will Change the World
Master The Game of College
The End to Insomnia
“He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” - Victor Hugo
I hope you liked this quote… Tobin Knight  
Tobin Knight
"I will help as many people as possible"
We Will Change the World
Master The Game of College
The End to Insomnia
“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” - Mark Twain
I hope you liked this quote… Tobin Knight  
Tobin Knight
"I will help as many people as possible"
We Will Change the World
Master The Game of College
The End to Insomnia
“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” -
Arthur Ashe
I hope you liked this quote… Tobin Knight  
Tobin Knight
"I will help as many people as possible"
We Will Change the World
Master The Game of College
The End to Insomnia
“Either you run the day or the day runs you.” -
Jim Rohn
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Tobin Knight
"I will help as many people as possible"
We Will Change the World
Master The Game of College
The End to Insomnia
“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” -
Malcolm X
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Tobin Knight
"I will help as many people as possible"
We Will Change the World
Master The Game of College
The End to Insomnia
“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” -
Zig Ziglar
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Tobin Knight
"I will help as many people as possible"
We Will Change the World
Master The Game of College
The End to Insomnia
“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” - Andy McIntyre
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Tobin Knight
"I will help as many people as possible"
We Will Change the World
Master The Game of College
The End to Insomnia
“The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn …and change.”- Carl Rogers
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Tobin Knight
"I will help as many people as possible"
We Will Change the World
Master The Game of College
The End to Insomnia
“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”-
Mark Twain
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Tobin Knight
"I will help as many people as possible"
We Will Change the World
Master The Game of College
The End to Insomnia
“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”
Will Durant
I hope you liked this quote… Tobin Knight  
Tobin Knight
"I will help as many people as possible"
We Will Change the World
Master The Game of College
The End to Insomnia
“I wish you the very best, God Bless you .. Tobin Knight”
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claudeng80 · 2 days ago
Selling Her Inheritance
An inn should not be this quiet in the middle of the afternoon. There should be carriages coming and going, grooms changing out horses and impatient drivers calling for stirrup-cups. The kitchen should be humming, clearing away the last of the midday meal and starting the preparations for supper, and the taproom should be full of thirsty travelers and locals both.
When Shirayuki’s grandparents were alive, that was what it was like.
But now it’s empty, so silent she can hear a bird singing in the back garden. A carriage rolls past, probably on its way to the Duke’s Head down the lane, and Shirayuki’s heart clenches. It feels like failure, what she’s doing. It is a failure, in a way, but it’s the right thing to do. The letter in front of her, what’s been commanding her attention for far too long and far too many drafts, stares up at her accusingly.
The Apple, in ----shire, along the main road. Established location with modern stables, kitchen, and cellars. Experienced staff available.
Interested parties contact Mistress L----- at that address.”
She grits her teeth, forcing her hand to stop its shaking, and signs and folds the request letter to accompany the advertisement. Hopefully she’ll have a taker in the next week. Hopefully it will be enough to pay back her loan. Hopefully exaggerating her status keeps any potential buyers from reacting the same way everyone else has so far.
“I’m sorry, grandfather,” she says, wiping a tear from her nose before it can fall onto her letter. She would have kept the inn if she could, but the suppliers wouldn’t deal with her. Customers wouldn’t respect her. She let all the staff go last week, with promises to recommend them to the new owners. Tonight will be the last night she opens for dinner and drinks, just to say farewell to the regulars and hopefully sell the last of the stock, and tomorrow she starts making plans for her future. 
She’s going to find a small place to rent and someone to study with. Medical school is above her touch, but she can find a job as an apothecary’s assistant or an apprentice midwife. She’ll make her own way, follow her own path.
It’s what she’s always wanted, just not the way she wanted it.
The bell at the front rings just as she’s putting back the pen, and ink slops on her desk and her left hand. She snatches the letter out of the way of the spreading pool and huffs. Too many things to deal with- she tosses the letter safely on a shelf and goes to see who’s at the door. The mess will have to wait.
Wiping off her fingers as she strides through the main taproom, she tries to remember what she’s got in the kitchen to feed a hungry customer. She wasn’t planning to open for a few hours yet, but there are some scones left and some cheese, and one of the last barrels of her grandmother’s ale on tap.
The bell rings a second time and she grumbles. “I’m coming, can’t you tell we’re closed?” But she wipes the annoyance off her face before she unlocks and opens the door. If there’s nothing else she’s learned from her grandparents, she at least knows how to put forward a welcoming air. “Can I help you?”
The man doesn’t look like a customer. He’s not one of the usuals, nobody she knows from the village. He’s wearing what looks like the livery of a great house but without the dust of the road, so either he hasn’t come too far or he’s been riding in a carriage.
But there’s no carriage in the yard. “I have a summons for you, red-haired girl,” he says, like she’s a scullery-girl who’s been neglecting the pots.
Well, he’s going to be disappointed. She has no reason to defer to anyone. Except the King or Queen, or probably the Prince Regent. She’d go if they summoned her, but the odds of that are laughably small. They send letters, at least, not sneering footmen who don’t even introduce themselves and just keep talking. “My master holds your loan, and he has received your request for relief.”
She has to think for a second, before she remembers it. A month ago, in a panic, she sent Duke Shenezard a letter explaining her situation. Surely he would give her a month of forbearance, if she could catch up the next month. That was back when she thought she’d be able to keep up the inn, back before the suppliers knew her grandfather was gone. “The situation has changed. I will be paying off the loan in full instead, as soon as the sale of the inn goes through.”
The man looks around the room, lingering on every splinter and stain. “Perhaps so,” he drawls, doubt in every syllable. “But that is not what has been agreed upon. Lord Raj will accept your person in lieu of payment. He has need of a mistress, someone pretty and accommodating.” He shifts his judging stare to her, and she hates how she feels the need to hide her ink-stained hand. “You’ll do. Present yourself at Tanbarun House tomorrow. Prepare for a visit of a few months.”
Shirayuki’s hand clenches on the door, and it is only through personal sacrifice that she doesn’t slam it in his face. “You’ll want to clean up,” he suggests, nastily. “And there will be no need to bring that dress you’re wearing.”
That is enough. She does refrain from slamming it, but it’s not until the door is closed and locked between them that she draws in another full breath. The silence is tight as a drumhead now as she leans against the door. She’d looked forward to the future she pictured, a little house in the village and an apothecary down the street.
But she’s not one to cling to a plan when situations change. Mistress Kino at the Duke’s Head will buy the bar stock at cost, and that will give her enough for an outside seat on whatever stagecoach stops there first. She’ll find a new place to follow her dream.
Somewhere else to be free. She runs upstairs to pack.
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