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psimplx · 7 days ago
Porqué existen días en los que te levantas bien triste?
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naerbe · 10 days ago
¿Cuál es tu película favorita?
Por cierto lindo blog 💙
ahhh muchas gracias😊🤗
la peli que amo con todo el cora es Spirit🐴 de Disney no es muy conocida (mi teoría es que el rey león le robo el protagonismo ajaeufhejja are :v) pero es una de las mejores películas de Disney en mi opinión
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moment-sadboy · 11 days ago
Reglas: responde 20 preguntas y taggea a otros 20 blogs para conocerlos mejor. (esto estaba en inglés, hice lo que pude traduciéndolo, sorry :c)
(Mini PD: la persona q me tageo pa hacerlo se arrepintió? No c but me salió q me menciono así q lo hago iwal xD)
Nombre: Mariano
Apodos: Marian - María - Colo
Signo: Piscis
Nacionalidad: Argenta
Banda favorita: no tengo
Artista favorito: oscu
¿Cuando creaste tu blog? 2021
Última cosa q Googleaste? tanjiro pixel art
Número de la suerte: 5
Otros blogs: nol
Cuantos blogs sigues?3(lo q leo o lo reblogueo o le doy like seguir es mucho :v)
Cuantos seguidores tenés? 23
¿Cuál es tu promedio de horas de sueño?: eee dormir? Q es eso?se come?
Instrumento: no me gusta hacer música bit si escucharla :3
Que llevas puesto ahora? Pantalón negro,remera gris oscura y campera gris
Viaje soñado? Andorra y buenos aires
Comida favorita: milanesas, Pastas, milanguche de sanwinesa
Canción favorita: eee Nose
Tags(son los q me siguen jajsj)
@prisionerodepensamientos@diosavenus08 @bugsbad @socio-de-la-soledadc @ying-kong-shi @papitasfritasbebe @meow-434 @lalaykory @fujoshilatina @alyyy-brownie-17 @italoandrehf @dmaa02 @nefertitithingsad
(PD: son menos porque algunos no me los tomaba no se xq)
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lagatos-blog · 11 days ago
¿Quieren hacerme preguntas?
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septiembrre · 14 days ago
5. share a positive memory about coming out!
I came out to my mom and my grandparents first and it ended up being an unanticipated hurtful experience, so I was really nervous to come out to my dad.
But, when I did.... jajajajajaja. Can I back up and say that this happened over a margarita (me) and pina colada (my dad) at a Chili's? And that my dad's first instinct was to invite my partner to go watch a bull-riding competition? I just... Sometimes, I don't feel very Texan but then I have to share personal stories about myself and all that comes out is 🤠Yeehaw!
Thanks for the ask, mamey!
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septiembrre · 14 days ago
18 and 21 for the Pride Questions!🌈
18. what’s your favorite parts of lgbtqa characterization in media
This is hard for me to answer! I've never been one to actively consume media for LGBTQA storylines bc historically these storylines have skewed towards white characters whose experiences don't usually resonate with mine. As it is, there's such few roles for Latine/a/os period without asking for queer inclusivity. Do we have to pit these identities against each other? No. But sometimes Hollywood and/or other centers of power pretend that we do.
But, I love that a greater diversity of queer representation is happening more broadly in The Media (finally!) and also being produced independently. To me, my queerness feels so joyful, like a way I can access a less colonized self, and my queerness also has feelings of melancholia? My generalization of "older" LGBTQA depictions (even from just 10 yrs ago) is that it's very white, very centered on gay men, and also really heavy on trauma, violence or some sort of devastation experienced by these characters (or like narratives really heavy on the first time someone comes out). It's soooooo nice that there are so many creators moving art away from this -- what a relief!
21. what’s an absolute turn off for you in people?
Oh my god, I haven't dated in so long! I haven't really had to contend with this even though obviously I still experience attraction.
I'm gonna say stubbornness. Especially, when they're wrong, and I'm Right™. And especially when it manifests in the intersection of white male privilege.
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septiembrre · 14 days ago
Hola Gaby!
For The pride month questionnaire:
3. How long have you been aware of your sexuality/identity?
14. How do you feel about the term “coming out” ?
Thanks for the ask, Lucia!! 💕💕 I haven't had to use words to talk about queerness in a while and I appreciate the opportunity.
3. I've always known that I'm bi or attracted to various genders. When I was a little kid, I had crushes on classmates regardless of gender. At some point after that, I heard the word "bi" thrown around (the early 2000s was quite the era of oversexualized bisexuality), and early on I realized "oh okay, that's how I communicate this part of me".
For gender identity, it's been trickier. When I was younger I thought to identify as gender nonconforming I had to experience ~a lot~ of gender dysphoria or want to transition. Information about being nonbinary wasn't that available when I was coming of age (a decade ago)! But, now that I have more life experience, I'm realizing maybe there is a word for the discomfort I feel when people refer to me as a woman. So, this identity is one that I've been feeling out. I also admire women a lot and they are like so rad so it took me a while to realize I might not actually identify that way. Referring to me using she/her/ella is still good, tho!
14. I'm more frustrated with the narrowminded frameworks around coming out, more so than the word choice of coming out. I've had to come out in so many ways, so many times, in so many different kinds of relationships and interactions, over and over again. I don't love that the dominant framework of coming out still lingers in this understanding that it's one and done.
Even when straight people know you're queer or LGBTQ+ identifying, you still need to continually assert your queerness or bring up queer culture (as you feel comfortable or safe to), or else the conversation will default to conversations around heteronormativity.
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crimitale · 15 days ago
Preguntas a chara la esqueletal
1- por la hora que es en este momento, no me dieron los ojos para hacer esto a digital, por lo que estará en hojitas de papel.
2- este personaje es un oc error, estaba destinado para el universo que estoy creando pero preferí descartarlo, ahora es mi identificación tanto en amino como para z
3- así que si, este personaje está más relacionado a mi personalidad que a la de una chara real
posdata: tengo dislexica no me funen si mi ortografía es terrible pliz (。ŏ﹏ŏ)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cris-valentin · 21 days ago
¿Los hombres no tienen sentimientos?
¿Son unos 🐶?
Pues... Yo llevo 5 años enamorado de la misma persona, nose tú .-.)
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septiembrre · 22 days ago
Be nosy asks
2. What are you obsessed with right now?
11. If you could teleport anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
2. I can only think of foods. I have this breakfast that I eat most mornings: waffles, yogurt, 🍓, toasted walnuts and ☕️. I’m definitely obsessed with it and look forward to it everyday.
I’m also am deep into an unfortunate obsession with fancy oat milk lattes with lavender syrup. Especially if it’s a matcha latte with added lavender syrup (it tastes like fruity pebbles and I don’t even love fruity pebbles but this configuration is strangely delightful to me). All of the above beverages cost almost a million dollars and I don’t think I should be mismanaging my money this way. But, I think about them all the time. The pandemic has broken me bc I used to be an exclusive black coffee/cold brew girl and used to be really snobby about not needing sugar.
11. Somewhere by the ocean with a good beach. 😭
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septiembrre · 22 days ago
your younger self!!!!! did i say that???? sorry!!!!!!!
Jajajaja it’s okay I understand. Words are hard. Thanks for the ask, Jo!
Advice I’d give to my younger self about writing is sappy:
Try it. When you write and you suck at it, it’s okay because it’s still fun. Writing is fun because you can literally share truths that you’ve learned. Writing doesn’t make you any less of a brown girl.
it’s okay to come into my inbox and ask me about my fic writing
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septiembrre · 22 days ago
what excites you most about writing rn?
I am loving writing different kinds of scenes and different dynamics or emotional tenors. I feel at a place in my growth where I have created a palette of ~basic writing skills, and it makes tackling scenes with nuance easier and fun, and less overwhelming.
ha, god, i shouldn't talk about get to be mine, because i haven't updated it in a million years and with my lingering pandemic depression and depletion I can't guarantee when the next update is coming. However, I'm loving the over the top Brio ridiculousness, and building out relationships between Beth and her kids, Beth and her past, Beth and her oldest friend, Beth and her sister, Beth and her new friend -- and exploring ways for B to grow and organically choose to be emotionally brave and vulnerable. Idk, I hope it's not super corny to others, bc it's definitely a different vibe than the show. I'm enjoying slowing the characters down, settling in with a quieter, reflective Beth, and playing around with the details.
brasitas is also still pending and it's a similar conversation between rio's past and his current relationships, and quieter, too. A theme emerges, I suppose.
it's okay to come into my inbox and talk to me about my fic
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baekjis · 23 days ago
🌷 + Personas en la academia.
Tumblr media
No especificaste bajo qué criterio especial debía sortear a las personas, así que asumiré, para mi conveniencia, que se trata de personas elegidas al azar, muy casualmente y así quedamos todos en paz. Yo diría que Joel (veamos si el poder de mi mente lo materializa mágicamente, ya que no lo he visto), Miyeon (a quien también visualizaré con mucho cariño) y Kyong, creo que sería un excelente contrincante de ajedrez.
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septiembrre · 23 days ago
Could you recommend Spanish good girls fics or just fics or stories written in Spanish please ? (I’m trying to improve my level in this language) (also satisfied through the weekend is really amazing !)
I don’t think there are any GG fics written in Spanish (yet!), unfortunately. But, you should use the Language filter on AO3 and comb through other fandoms you like.
You could also read the online newspaper of a place you might like to visit or where you know people from. Or try poetry in Spanish.
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septiembrre · 23 days ago
I feel like a total metiche asking you this. But a while back I saw mm's irl brother posted something about being in an NBC show. It looks like he plays a cop and he's wearing an MSP pin. I assume it's an abbreviation for Michigan State Police. I freaked out and thought... maybe he'll be in s4. MM's actual brother not his fake brother (aka pond scum) Nick !!!! Do you know anything about this? Feel free to ignore. Que pena!!
¡No te preocupas! 💕 Esto es el tipo de chisme que me cae bien. Fui a mirar el IG de Michael y me encontré con su post. Su IMDb tiene un acting credit allí de “detective” pero no puedo determinar si es un show de NBC. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Quizás si pero maybe you’re right y el foto es de Good Girls. I think it could be cute if he made a cameo! Vamos a ver. ☺️
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septiembrre · 28 days ago
Why does your thoughts and life experiences have to be classified as a “drama” post… I’m really starting to hate it here.
I hope folks aren’t thinking about this post as drama. However, it is a post talking about shade and I’m surprised all the time by everyone’s totally different internet etiquette. I’m sure some folks skipped over it by default. I’ll put the rest of this under a cut but it’s not for drama! I think I need to start saving the people who follow me’s dashes at some point. 
Honestly, between the post from last year and the addendum, it was hella long, too. Thanks to folks who read both all the way through (or friends from last year who popped back up in the hearts) -- I know isn’t the place to talk about nuance, much less rambling vulnerable posts about lived experience, and appreciate folks who stuck through the end to read it all. 
I also encourage folks to look at the notes, where I responded to tags on a reblog, and a member of our Good Girls Tumblr community pushed me to consider other nuanced pieces of this, too. 
But for folks who do think that the post is the problematic kind of drama, I do want to say that for a long time, ~comments~, or what the South Texan in me refers to as comentarios, with various grades of disrespect have been one of the few recourses for slighted, marginalized folks to take agency back. In my post, I wanted to say that I see so much of that playing out, even if I don’t know -- will never know --  the full story.
Also, the post is writing that is based on my individual thoughts and life experiences, and I don’t want people to read it thinking i’m like capital r, Right™, or that I think I’m Right™. Or worse that it’s like The Thoughts of BIPOC Fans™ because it’s not and I already know that this doesn’t land in the same way for other BIPOC folks. 
But, Anon, I feel you. I have been thinking about making a new non-Good Girls Tumblr, deleting this one, and keeping up with my fic at my own pace. Season 4 has been real rough. (ugh is that dramatic? Idk honestly I think it's been a rough go for everyone)
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septiembrre · 29 days ago
Really enjoyed your nuanced post about respect for Latinx characters on the show. Why do you think there’s such a divide between the respect Rio commands from the majority of the audience versus the how the show treats him? I have empathy for all the characters but the longer the show goes on, Rio is the standout “main” character that receives the least amount from the show itself. I’m interested to see how this shifts with the introduction of Nick as the bad egg, but was thrown by bill kreb’s response that Beth will never soften to Rio because of the situations he puts her in. And not that #brio is the entire show but Beth is the person/lens who we see Rio through, so her opinion/attitude is by default the one that matters here (petition for first person Rio POV). I’m not totally sure what I’m asking hahah but would love your thoughts on any of it if you wanted to share. 🧠
Hi Anon! 
When I got your ask yesterday I realized that damn it, I finally needed to track down this post I wrote last April in the middle of Season 3 airing. Back in the day (lol, a year ago, but a year in pandemic terms, okay?), I didn’t tag anything in purposefully -- I mean I only meagerly tag things now -- and thought I had lost it forever, but I’m so glad I found it. I didn’t do all that emotional labor for it to fall into the Tumblr abyss. 😭I fucking transcribed something from a Youtube video (so extra.) 
It’s weird reading it now because so much it still feels salient. I hate that. But, even though it’s time-stamped from a year ago, I think it still gets to your question: 
Why do you think there’s such a divide between the respect Rio commands from the majority of the audience versus the how the show treats him? 
1. I think there isn’t enough support for writing Latinx characters on the show. I wonder if there are any Latinx writers on the show, and if there are, whether they are junior writers/what their power looks like in the writing room. The conversation doesn’t have to stop at writers either, just how many Latinx creators allowed to have voices in the decision-making involved in the show? 
2. I still think MM lacks the traditional star power to have Rio’s character get more narrative weight. I think there are certain things within his control, pieces he can lobby for and effect -- but not larger narrative choices. While Rio is the fan favorite, MM is still the least prolific, known of the cast, hasn’t paid his acting dues to get higher billed, etc. I do laugh tho every episode when MM is billed right above Lidya Jewett the actress who plays Sara, Ruby’s daughter, who has barely been in this season (but kudos to her and her ppl for advocating for her billing spot). 
Importantly, MM doesn’t seem to have allies in the three leads. For example, I would argue Reno’s professional relationship and friendship with Retta and Matthew’s relationship with Christina (lol, Matt seems to be a set favorite) have very much paid off for both of them (especially Matt). It feels strange to watch classic work dynamics play out like this on the show bc you would think it would be more effected by NBC’s bottom line. But I’m getting that classic workplace read, that your job standing is based on who you’re allied with and who is your advocate. And this is just pure speculation, my personal read, but I think there are also vibes of ~unconscious bias~ discriminatory stuff around MM being a Latinx actor from a working-class BIPOC community layered in all of this. 
I don’t want to fully get into the subject of MM but I feel like this ask would be incomplete to not mention the following. Something else that stands out in this situation is MM’s public shade towards the show, and social media presence overall. *sigh*  At this point, I can’t imagine MM hasn’t been come across as unpalatable to his castmates. From the little glimpses we get on social media it hasn’t looked pretty. However, as much as he makes me cringe, I see his work vibes, and I feel a sad echo of my own experiences as a brown Latinx person trying to get my white coworkers to recognize my fuller humanity. 
Anyway, NBC’s gripe is that Good Girls doesn’t make them enough money and the thing is we know how it could. With a few tweaks (not making GG the Rio!Show but giving Rio more narrative weight, putting him in even one substantive scene with Annie or Ruby for example) Good Girls could more easily get renewed, be more popular etc. I don’t think shifts like this would have to compromise the integrity of the story Jenna Bans originally wanted to tell with the focus on the three female leads. There can be more effort put into the Latinx representation without it breaking the premise of the show.  
But, on the bright side in Season 4, Rio has a new scene playmate~ Little by little we are populating Rio’s world, and we finally have someone he can work against one-on-one in scenes independent from Beth. Love for that for him!~* Idk, I’m still skeptical about this Nick storyline. I really enjoy aspects of it, but I feel like it’s pinging a radar re:poorly thought out representation in a way I haven’t fully processed yet.  
Thanks for the ask! (I will take no further questions about MM at this time.🙈)
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