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myinconnelly1 · 9 hours ago
Winter in Summer: Holding Hands (pt 7)
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Reader
Summary:  You are rescued by a stranger, when Hydra tries to abduct you in the street.
Warnings: canon violence, character injury, labor
word count: 686
A/N: If you are wonder why the baby still hasn’t been bored yet after (3-4) parts, welcome to the party.  If you get this, and understand why it’s taking so long.... YOU HAVE KIDS TOO!!
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN A COUPLE OF HOURS!”  Bucky shouted into the phone as you lifted a knee to your chest in hopes of easing some of the pressure.  “Nat, it’s Italian Airspace, it’s not RUSSIA!”
“Bucky!”  you cried his name and he reached over to you and held your hand.  His presence and attention alone were enough to help calm you a little.
“I don’t know how to birth a baby, Natasha!”  Bucky was still shouting as you both heard something metal fall over nearby.  You both held your breath until a cat ran through the alley and mewled at you.  “She’s further along than I thought she would be, and there was an explosion.  Do you really need all the details?”  He asked in a frustrated whisper.
“God,”  You groaned as you let your head fall back against the wall and panted.  Bucky kissed your hand gently as he listened to what was being said on the phone.
“No, Hydra didn’t bother to give me a crash course on that, thanks,”  Bucky rolled his eyes, then froze as your eyes locked on his.  “I gotta go.  Track the cell.”
“You’re with Hydra?”  You asked feeling betrayed.  If it wasn’t for the almost constant contractions and agony you would be running from him.  Of course, he works for Hydra.  He and the other ‘agent’ have been playing cat and mouse with you.  If one of them couldn’t get you then the other would.  He was going to take your baby, and at the moment all you could do was help him.
“I’m not with Hydra, OW!”  Bucky groaned loudly as you squeezed his hand through a contraction and tried not to scream.  “I’m not with Hydra anymore.”
“What does that mean?”  you gasped.  “Turn around.”  He did as you asked, exposing his back to you, and you yanked the pipe that was in his back out.  He shouted in pain, but to your surprise, you could already see his exposed skin knitting back together.
“I’m a super-soldier.  It’s complicated, and I don’t think you want to hear about it while your baby is coming,”  He suggested in a soothing voice as he turned back to face you and take the pipe away.
“Who’s Natasha?”  You asked, your body was shaking and clammy to the touch as you waited for the next contraction.  It didn’t take long.
“She’s a coworker.  One of the avengers.”  He said, calmly rubbing little circles on your hand.
“She’s not going to get here in time,”  You sobbed pathetically.  
“Shh,”  Bucky coos as he holds your hand.  “It’s gonna be okay.  You don’t know Nat, but she likes to be dramatic.”
“What if he finds us?”  You whisper.  
“He’s not gonna get us,”  Bucky’s words are final but short lived.
“Boo!”  Rumlow snickers as he and three Hydra agents come into the alley.
“Oh god,”  You whimper.  Bucky gets an arm behind your back and helps you to your feet.  “I can’t.”
“We have to,”  He says dragging you away from the men.  Bucky wasn’t kidding.  His strength was incredible as he led you out, and he turned into a small cafe that was still open in the late night.  “Can you help us?”  He asked the woman that was working there.  “Do you speak English?”
“Yes,”  Her accent was heavy though and she got a good look at the two of you and led you into a back room.  “I’m not going to ask you any questions.  My husband used to work for the mafia, I know trouble when I see it.  Help her to the chair,”  The woman was in her late forties or fifties, and she threw he hair into a bun and locked the door before kneeling on the floor.
Bucky helped you lean on a chair that she had in the room.
“Help her out of her pants,”  the woman said, as you clutched your belly and the chair.  Bucky did as he was told, giving your back a soft rub.  “Alright, Cocca, it’s time to push,”  she cooed from behind where you were kneeling.
Tumblr media
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kayxstories · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dylan stands next to you're hospital bed as you lay in pain. Harsh contractions rack through you're body making you cuss and yell. You're hand grasping his so tightly that his hand was turing blue. But he didn't mind it, his body was filled of pure joy. His baby was about to be born any second and he would get to meet a life he had created.
"Okay Y/n, push a couple more times. We're almost there" the doctor spoke out.
You gritted your teeth as you pushed. You pushed so hard that you swore you were about to die. You had wished you had a c-seaction.
"Okay. I can see the head. And...push" the doctor spoke again.
"Ahhh..." You groaned feeling terrible.
Youre baby boy comes out in the doctors hands, and Dylan helps cut the cord. You smile feeling drained as you relax back into the bed with sweat covering you.
"Hes beautiful" Dylan says with an amazed look. Dylan took a seat on the chair next to the hospital bed as he felt his body change. He sat back letting the happiness soak right into his bones. He could not believe that his first child was just born. He was here with his beautiful family, wife, and son. Nothing felt better than this moment for him.
This feeling would now be apart of him always. He watched as your newborn son was handed to you all cleaned up.
You smiled with tears falling down youre eyes. You cradled youre baby to your chest with joy radiating through your whole body. Your hand lightly runs over the side of your sons face. His skin was a perfect mixture between Dylan and yours. While he had your color hair and Dyalns eyes. A stunning baby.
"Do you want to hold him?" You asked smiling at youre husband. He grins and jumps up quickly. He softly picks up the tiny baby holding him ad you watch.
"Y/s/n lee Sprayberry" Dylan whispers.
"I love it honey" you say softly. He bends doen and presses a kiss to youre forhead and then the baby.
This was his family.
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jay-and-dean · 18 hours ago
Knocked-up  Chapter 4 : Yours
Tumblr media
Dean x Reader ?
Serie Summary :
You are a hunter, you can’t have a baby, and you really don’t want to, especially in this mess…
What if your angel in a trenchcoat had a secret that could maybe make you reconsider it ?
Tumblr media
Serie General Warnings : There will be angst and fluff and smut of course, there also will be swearing but if you know me, you fucking know that. There will be pregnancy related themes and other stuffs that I will detail in the chapters to not spoil my story. Please be 18+
Chapter Warning : Pregnant reader, SMUT (soft) unprotected sex, a hint of marking. Fluffiness 
Note : I couldn’t resist some DEAN POV
WC : 4.3k
Note : For those who are familiar with my work, you might recognize something from another fic. Yes this is my whole plan ;)
Text divider by the amazing @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Reader’s Pov
 “Dean… Imagine…” you say hesitantly, stroking his chest. “Imagine if the babies had been yours.”
For a second, he just searches your face like a thousand questions were flying behind those perfect green eyes.
“Yeah that…” he clears he throat. “I had this thought.”
He looks up at the ceiling, letting you trace the perfect profile of his face with your loving eyes. If only you could tell him… If only his next words didn’t hurt.
“I guess it would make things… I don’t know” he rubs his face, apparently unable to form a clear answer.
Maybe he just doesn’t want to hurt you.
“Forget it” you mutter. “I didn’t mean to freak you out.”
“You’re not freaking me out Y/n” he states, his eyes still on the ceiling. “I’m freaking out on my own.”
“What ?” you put your head in your hand up on your elbow to see him clearer, your palm on his stomach. “Dean, you have no reason to. I… I will leave and… I will be okay. Listen, I know you’re kinda used to feel responsible for everything, a-and you always take care of the kids around you, but not this time. You don’t have to feel like it’s your responsibility.”
His big bright eyes turn to you. He is so beautiful that you could cry at the bliss of sharing the intimacy of a bed with him, the vulnerability of nakedness, the memory of your love on his swollen lips.
And you think of what would happen if he took your babies in his arms, if he loved them like a father. Dean would be the best dad of all, he would take them on his lap and tell them stories about cowboys maybe; he would fall asleep with the little ones in his arms in front of Finding Dory… Dean would just be perfect but you can’t force him to be a dad.
You won’t force him to be anything.
“It’s not that” he sighs and runs his fingers through his hair. “I can talk to you about everything, right ?”
“Of course, Dean” you frown, your hand coming up to the soft skin of his chest. “We have a no taboo rule, remember ?”
He nods in a little huff.
“This time it’s not about some weird fantasy, not a traumatic memory… It’s even more… I don’t know… Personal ?”
More personal than trauma ? Oh Dean… What is happening in your sweet mind ?
You put a gentle kiss on the corner of his mouth and lift your legs on his, your baby bump snuggled up against his waist perfectly.
“I’m your confident, Deanie boy, but you also don’t owe me to tell me everything” you say softly. “If you don’t want to tell me, will you be able to tell Sam ?”
“Probably not” he states.
“So shoot.”
“Okay” he sighs, his hand coming to brush your thigh gently. “See… With this life I… I know I can’t have a family. I-I mean I have a family but like build one ?”
“And you… You regret that ?” you slightly frown, trying to read his face.
How you would love to give you everything he thinks he can’t have.
“I didn’t think I did” he answer in a deep voice. “When I was with Lisa… I was really relieved that Ben wasn’t mine, a-and when we got together… She kinda brought the subject once, of having one of our own, now that I lived at her place and had a job and all.”
In any other circumstances, the rare evocations of Lisa make your heart clench in jealousy, you can’t help it, she always felt like the one that got away. So imagining them having this talk would have made you sick. But right now you are carrying his children, full of his cum and he is naked in your arms… So even if you lose him later, this, right now, feels like victory.
“The very idea made me want to run away” he continues, making you look down at your belly as a bitter taste invades your mouth. “All I thought of was stroller and station wagon. I was already feeling buried alive in the suburbs. That is one of the things that made me realize apple pie life maybe wasn’t living the dream” he nods at his own words, like he was understanding more of it as he says it out loud.“Poor Lisa, I… That was a firm and definitive no” he swallows and his big hand comes up to land on yours. “But lately… I don’t know… I almost regret not being able to have kids ? I know I don’t make sense but…”
“No, you do” I nod, actually feeling his every words. “It’s different but the idea of having a baby was also giving me the creep, because of, yeah… My lack of interest for apple pie life. I lived it before, unlike you, and I really didn’t like it. So yeah” I chuckle slightly. “Strollers, parents association and all that made me roll my eyes so hard” my tone changes and I touch my baby bump. “And… At some point the idea of getting rid of that opportunity got intolerable.”
He gives you a little corner smile and squeezes your hand on his chest. Talking to Dean has always been so easy, probably because you actually listen to each other.
“Y-yes” he starts, speaking low. “Because when you’re hit by the whole kid thinking thing, there are so many things that feels different. I wonder how it would feel to hold a little girl or boy in my arms, look in their eyes, and know they count on me. Be able to make them laugh, chase the nightmares when they have one…” he describes your dream, making your hand shake a little. “Maybe I just want to break the line of absent fathers I come from.” You put a kiss on his shoulder, your lips wondering a little among the freckles.
His sentence resonate softly in your head, making you question everything. Maybe your decision to set him free was actually, like everyone does with him, choosing for him.
The second you open your mouth to try and fix the choice you made, he takes a deep breathe, and starts talking again, his eyes glued to the ceiling.
“And I had this impossible fantasies lately” he says lower, making you look up from his shoulders. “Of… of helping you raise those babies, as they were mine” your heart starts pounding in your chest at his revelation and the truth burns your lips. “To be like… What Zac will never be. The one they can come to when they’re scared, when they have a problem at school, need to fix their car one day… Like… They even could call me dad, even if I’m only there when they call me or when you invite me…” his eyes get lost in the void and yours fill with warm tears. “But I’m a hunter.”
“I’m a hunter too” you whisper. “Your father was a hunter.”
“Yeah and that’s exactly why I don’t want any kid to have a hunter dad” he turns his head to you. “Hey, I’m making you cry ?”
“I just… Hate that John made you doubt everything” you answer sincerely.”Dean” you take a deep breath. “The reason your childhood was a mess, it’s not because your dad was a hunter. It’s because he was obsessed, depressed,alone and because he neglected you so bad. If you had babies, they would have a home, a stability, an amazing uncle. They would have Cas to watch upon them, a sheriff awesome aunt. They would have a mother…” you mark a pause, knowing he is uncomfortable when you talk about his father. “They wouldn’t have to steal to eat, be arrested, put in a boy’s house and ripped from it when it’s starting to feel like home just because you need them back. Nothing would be even close to what you lived.”
“It was a little more complicated than that, Y/n” he states, somehow still feeling like he has to defend John. But yeah… I guess some of it would be easier. You make it sound simple” he chuckles. “What about hunts ? I can’t stop hunting. I tried and now, I know it’s who I am.”
“The mother would stay home when you’re not. Even if you kept the exact same hunting rhythm, they would still see their dad ten times more than soldier’s kids. Dean, I’m just saying, if you wanted this to work. It would.”
“That would still be selfish, no ?” he sighs with a trembling voice, like your arguments were starting to reach him.
“Have you seen what children in the world go through ?Wars, illness, hunger, abuse… Billion kids would dream of a life like that. You said you were suffocating in the suburb, yet you think it’s the best place to raise a kid ? Yours would know magic, they would never be severely hill, need surgery, they would recover from a broken arm in a split second thanks to the life you live… They would have a hero dad.”
“Yeah” he chuckles slightly. “Your babies are going to have the best mom of all, and a damn heroic one too.”
You look at him and bend to put a kiss on his forehead.
“You still haven’t answered my question” you murmur, finding your courage deep in your core. “What if the kids were yours ?”
“Why ask me that, sweetheart” he sighs. “They’re Zac’s. Y/n…” he searches your face. “Do you want me to have a role in their life ? Because… I know you would rather do that with a father for them a-and I just told you I would love that, but you know I can’t. Maybe you should tell their dad. I mean, he was here to knocked you up, he can be here to raise them !”
Tears roll down your face making him turn a little to you. He wipes them and hushessoftly, obviously confused by your emotions.
“They are” you say low in a shaky voice.
“What ?”
He clearly doesn’t understand because his expression doesn’t change, only worry still taking all of his pretty face.
“They are yours, Dean.”
He freezes.
For a second, no thought is readable in his eyes. He looks down at your belly and finally frowns, moving to sit up.
You close your eyes at the loss of his skin against yours, already regretting saying it, you grab the sheets to hide your belly and breasts, and sit up too.
“It’s impossible, Y/n” he states almost coldly. “We used a condom each time. You said Zac and you forgot it once !”
“I-I’m sorry” you look down, crying in silence.
“How can you be sure ? They have to be his ! He fucked you in that bar ! You told me yourself !” his tone is going up and his body is tensing in what you could swear is only fear.
“That’s what I thought, Dean” you speak between soft sobs. “And I was going to get that abortion but… Castiel told me they’re yours.”
“Cas ?” he gets up, bending to grab his underwear and jeans. “I’m gonna talk to him !”
“Dean…” you cry, trying to reach him.
“HOW CAN HE EVEN BE SURE !” heyells all of sudden, making you jump and cover your stomach in a weird reflex.
“No…” he sighs, his tone changing suddenly. “Shit, no… Sorry” he puts a knee on the bed to gently stroke your arm. “Sweetheart I’m sorry I just… He can’t be sure.”
“He is” you whisper. “He also k-knows the boy has your green eyes and will look like you.”
You don’t dare looking up until you feel his smooth gesture. He sits on the bed and comes closer to take you in his arms, sighing when he feels you shake.
“I scared you” he groans, stroking your back.
“No…” you state firmly, tears falling on his still bare chest. “I’m just so scared that you would hate it.”
He cups your face to make you lift your chinand look in your eyes.
“Hate what ?You ?” he says. “Never. Those kids ? No, neither. I’m just… Why didn’t you tell me ?”
“I didn’t want to put that on you” you answer simply, and he searches your face.
“If it’s true, Sweetheart, what am I supposed to do ?” he asks. “I have no idea what I am supposed to do now...”
“I’m not asking for anything.”
He lets a calm little silence fall around you, and his fingers graze the skin of your back in a tender gesture. You both really need it.
Your hand lets go of the sheets to touch your round belly because as long as they are good, you feel strong. You feel like maybe you could even take rejection from the man you love more than life itself.
That’s how strong they make you.
“You don’t have to ask” he murmurs moving to kiss your temple. “I have to think and… I have to process things but I’m not letting you down, Sweetheart. Never. Okay ?”
You nod.
Tumblr media
Dean’s Pov
 I open my eyes and look at the aggressive red light of my alarm.
3:34 am.
I woke up after a nightmare again. A nightmare about my dad, and about being worse at parenting than him. Again.
At least it changes from Y/n burning on the ceiling I guess.
I sit up and groan, lack of sleep is making me sore, everything is heavy.
In the last month, since she told me, the only time I slept more than one hour in a row was this time I was watching a movie with her in her room and fell asleep. She didn’t wake me, and I woke up a few hours later, spooning her, a hand holding her swollen stomach.
On my babies.
It was my fantasy, my own personal dream to call those babies mine. But now that it is true, all I can think of is how it shouldn’t have been me because it complicated everything.
I love her. I’m in love with her but we never have been together, and probably never will be, because being pregnant with my kids doesn’t make her mine. It’s not freaking middle age. And now I have to get her settled hundreds of miles away from me, leave her alone with those babies and keep trouble as far as possible from her.
Her belly getting bigger is only pressing me. I have to make everything perfect. I will give her all the money I can get and I will keep monsters out of Stillwater, hell, out of Minnesota.
I wanted to make love to her again, every day. I wanted to kiss her and offer her that carefree sex we are so good at. But I can’t make thing even more complicated than they already are. And I can’t get even more addicted to her, because she will leave.
Sam almost fell of his chair when I told him that evening in the library. I thought he would be a support, but he doesn’t understand. According to him, I could just let Y/n stay here and be a father. He thinks that with Lucifer and God’s shit finally over, the bunker is safe and that I deserve to start my own life.
But this is not about me.
I take my phone and call Cas again, he only showed up to tell me the kids were, indeed, mine and that he was sorry he didn’t tell me, butY/n asked him to.
No signal, the dude is busy I guess. But I’m freaking out, and I need to know everything he can tell me about them.
Will my girl look like her mother ? Will she have that pretty smile and that radiant energy in her ? Will my boy look so much like me ?
I already love those kids. Not because they are mine, but because they are hers, that’s why I loved them already, when I thought they might have Zac’s ridiculously blue eyes.
I love them because they sound like something I could do right, the ultimate occasion to be a better man.
When I let myself dream, I start to imagine teaching them how to fish at that lake I once took Jack, I imagine two little balls of love going to school with their too big bag, waving at me with smiles on their faces.
I even stopped by Lebanon’s school the other day, I saw the kids enter the building. They are so tiny when they are sent here. And I caught a talk between two boys about the Avengers, they were arguing on which was the strongest, and I thought of my dreams as a kid.
I wanted a batman costume, I could buy my kids one if they want. I wanted to make a huge pillow fort like they do in cartoons, but dad wouldn’t let me play too much with the motel’s furniture after I found an old condom under the couch’s pillows. So I have those images of building the biggest possible, it would be a freaking castle.
But my dreams never last, because then my thoughts slip to how they could die, and I feel that stab in my guts.
I rub my face in both hands trying to chase my nightmare but I know only one thing will allow me to get a little more sleep : Ihave to make sure everything is fine, once again.
I get up, stretch, and put water on my face before I walk to her room in silent steps. When I reach her room, I slightly open the door to see her sleep once again. Looking for my own peace in hers.
“Come in” she says in a sleepy voice, surprising me.
“Oh… I didn’t want to wake you up” I say low.
“Dean” she rubs her eyes. “You come here every night, and you look more tired than me. Please come here and tell me… Is it nightmares ?Worry ?”
I hesitate a second, but her sleepy form is calling me.
“Nightmares” I admit, feeling like a boy searching comfort in the middle of the night.
I enter slowly and close the door behind me so we are in the dark, but just when I’m about to probably shoot the corner of the bed, a myriad of tiny stars light up the room, making it heavenly. She turned on her fairy lights.
“You don’t have to turn on lights, Sweetheart, you will break your sleep more.”
“I can sleep with them” she smiles cutely with her eyes half closed, and open her welcoming arms. “Come here, you’re just in time, I was thinking of names.”
I crawl on the bed slowly, welcomed by her smell, by that heat and comfortable aura that is only her.
“Names ?” I say, lying next to her cautiously.
She tugs at the covers to invite me under, and opens her arms so I put my head on her shoulders, enjoying her hand stroking my back in that way only she does.
“Yes” she smiles. “I’m not going to let my babies have no names ! And twins often come a little early.”
“You’re not at the fifth month yet” I chuckle.
“Yeah but I know it will take me ages, and I will change my mind a thousand times.”
She turns her head and put her lips on my forehead. I know her leaving will be like night fell over my life forever. In her arms, against her soft skin, even the darkest night feels like a summer breeze.
She is my ray of sun.
“I want something happy” she starts, humming in thoughts. “I’m not calling them like dead people or tragic stories heroes.”
I close my eyes and let myself go for a second, let myself taste happiness and what feels like love.
As I always do when I want to touch her belly, I lift my hand and wait for her to take it and put it on her herself. She does right away, placing my hand on top of her already very round stomach.
I push her too tight shirt slightly up to feel her skin and hum, letting her play with my fingers while she thinks out loud.
“They are going to be June babies and I love that” she says with an audible smile. “Because it’s summery and joyful. And it’s the months when the nights are the shortest and the days the longest. I like that symbol for hunters babies.”
I’m perfectly relaxed, the nightmares are far, nothing can reach me. I listen to her voice and her talk about daylight and summer, a little smile appearing on my own face.
“So I thought of Joy for the girl” she says. “But… Isn’t it weird to be named like an emotion ? I don’t know…”
“Why not June ?” I say softly, not even looking up.
When she doesn’t answer and her hand stops fiddling with my hand, I lift my eyes.
She is looking at me with an expression I can’t read, something very emotional, her lips part once or twice before she speaks.
“I love it” she states.
I hum in a deep voice, unable to stop myself from moving up to kiss her lips.
I shouldn’t. I know I shouldn’t.
She cups my face and kisses me back, moaning gently in my loving mouth. I can’t help it and deepen the kiss, my hand moving from her belly to her chest.
“We shouldn’t do that” I murmur.
“Once more, Dean, please ?My body is a mess, I need to feel good.”
I swallow hard. I wasn’t even talking about sex, I was talking about the kiss, but if my love needs me to make her feel good, that is exactly what I am going to do.
Tumblr media
Reader’s Pov
 You are panting, licking your lips over and over as Dean’s gentle fingers caress your clit with care and expertise.
His shirt is gone, but you can see the tent in his sweatpants, and the lust in his beautiful eyes.
He kisses you once again, so softly, swallowing your soft moans. His fingers go down to your entrance, teasing it, spreading your wetness all over, before he enters just his index, moaning loud when you grip it hungrily.
“I don’t want to hurt you, or the babies” he whispers, looking down at you to study how he could take you safely.
“You won’t” you pant, moving to your side in a grunt, losing his fingers in the operation. You turn your back on him, lifting your leg a little to invite him. “Is that okay ?”
His only answer is a soft groan, and the bed moving behind you.
“You’re so amazing” he says low with his so-Dean’s voice behind you when his lips join your neck. “So beautiful.”
You close your eyes, wishing your life could be like this night forever, with the man you love praising you.
His arms wrap around your thigh to hold it up and spread with an ease that makes your lately heavier body feel feathery light, and his cock touches your craving entrance.
“You’re so wet” he hums, pushing the tip of his length slowly inside of you.
“I…” you try to speak, shaken by pleasure already when he stretches your throbbing walls. “I told you I have b-been… n-needing this.”
He moans and at your surprise, starts sucking a hickey on your shoulder while he pushes deeper, like he needed to let a mark on your body. Well… Another mark.
When he starts thrusting, it is slow, but it is deep and this angle allows him to hit even deeper in you than he ever did, even when your nights were rougher.
“Ah… Dean… Dean” moaning his name is freeing, it feels like saying I love you, so you do it again, and again, and again…
His mouth never leaves your skin, nibbling, sucking, licking, kissing… He is worshipping your jaw, your ear, he is like claiming your shoulder, your back and all that he can reach.
His arm tightens around your thigh when he gets close to his relief, cock twitching deliciously inside your sensitive core.
And despite your need to come, the overwhelming pleasure spreading from your clenching walls to your sweaty thighs and chest, he comes first.
His groans makes you gasp, but it is the shakes of his strong body and his cum filling you once again that sends you over the edge in the longest orgasm you have ever had.
Tumblr media
Dean’s pov
 I’m panting, trembling.
I look at her blissed face and smile. She is catching her breath after and orgasm that wasn’t as strong as the first ones I gave her, but definitely the longest I ever felt a woman come.
I put her leg down gently and feel my soft cock being slowly pushed out of her. This is perfect. She is perfect.
I turn her just a little more on her back to see her face, the orgasm made her chest, neck and cheeks redden, like she was sunburned for a few minutes.
I love her so much, my best friend, my tenderness in a rough life, my ray of sun in a dark life.
“For the boy” I pants, putting a thousandth kiss on the back of her neck. “What about Ray ?”
Tumblr media
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quivvyintheclouds · 23 hours ago
Even When The Sun Stops Shining
Pairing: cc!Sapnap x pregnant!Reader Tags: fluff, sapnap is so very loving istg, sapnap talks to a fetus, dadnap content, sapnap makes reader feel safe<3, 2nd pov Summary:
Sapnap's head laid on your lap, his face towards your ever-growing belly, "Hey, little panda. You know, I'd do anything for you to be happy, and you haven't even been born yet. I already love you, and will love you forever, even when the sun stops shining."
Word Count: 469 Warnings: pregnancy pain, reader has a uterus and is 6 months preg (could be seen as gn but f!anatomy so like..)
Tumblr media
ive always wanted to have my own child with my soulmate, so i made this little imagine bcs im sad and in need of comfort LOL enjoy <3
Tumblr media
The pain just wouldn't stop.
It was around 2 in the morning when you woke up to a stinging sensation near your ribs. God, you were about to cry.
You struggled to move on the bed, finally realizing why you couldn't sit up; there were two arms wrapped around your chest, not showing any desire to let go.
Gently, you shook one of the arms in hopes of waking up the owner. Sapnap groaned, tightening his grip. You hissed as the pain spread around your ribcage, your baby punching around in your womb.
Suddenly, the warm presence that previously snaked around you disappeared. Curious, you turned your head only for your eyes to meet the worried ones of your fiancé.
"Shit, did I do something? I'm sorry," Sapnap helped you lay down in a comfortable position, frowning at the pain visible on your face.
"No, no it wasn't your fault," your head leaned back against the headboard, eyes closed and your breaths heavy. "This little monster keeps on punching at my ribs, it burns."
Sapnap moved lower on the bed. He gently set his hand on the side of your stomach, lightly pushing down in an attempt to get your baby to move.
You softly groaned at the pressure and pushed his hands away.
"Bubs, could you just talk to them instead? The noise will lure them away, I'm sure."
"Oh, of course, doll." Sapnap situated himself so that his head laid on your lap, near the bottom of your tummy. He started talking about his day, what he made you both for breakfast, and some video ideas he had. His voice was loud enough for the fetus to hear him but so soothing that you could fall asleep to it.
And fall asleep you did. Other than the occasional kick here and there, your baby had stilled and ceased your pain. As your eyelids began to flutter shut, you felt a feathery kiss being placed right below your navel.
Sapnap's voice was but an echo in your sleepy brain, and you could just barely make out what he was saying.
Facing your ever-growing belly, he spoke to your stomach. "Hey, little panda. You know, I'd do anything for you to be happy, and you haven't even been born yet. I already love you, and will love you forever, even when the sun stops shining."
The mattress shifted as Sapnap moved back beside you. He wrapped an arm around you, pulling himself closer to you. He placed a kiss on the side of your head, snuggling closer as he took in the smell of your hair.
"I love you."
And the world went dark.
That night, you slept peacefully knowing that the love of your life was right beside you, and would be for every step of your journey.
Tumblr media
ah i hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it! pls feel free to make a req! also, if youd be interested in joining a taglist, lmk (via asks)!
reblogs are very appreciated <3
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iguana-eyanna · 23 hours ago
What Was Left Behind Pt. 11
Tumblr media
Summary: After the events of the Sokovia Accords, Steve is now a fugitive to the U.S. government and has left you in the worst way possible. What happens when fate reunites the two again when you are most vulnerable?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x pregnant reader
Warning: hospitalization, problems within the pregnancy, Tony blasting Steve, mentions of possible character death
Sam and Steve were already heading to your house until they received Nat’s frantic call about you. Steve was driving the truck and never had this man break so many traffic laws (and crushed the steering wheel like the Hulk) in his life.
Once they got to the base, Steve didn’t even park as he just jumped out of the car to head to you. At the medbay, Steve saw Dr. Choi coming out of a closed curtain room.
“What happened?” he said worryingly. The doctor lowered her head down to find the right words. “I found out that the blood transfusion made her condition worse. The baby absorbed all of your enhanced DNA, making them grow at an immense rate. She needs to deliver soon.” she said.
Steve’s head was spinning, trying to wrap this information. “I don’t understand, I thought it was making her better. Won’t the baby be premature?” Choi’s face saddens as she has more bad news.
“The baby is practically full term, almost as if the fetus is overdue. Her body can’t sustain such strain. She must have been going through this pain for a while now. I suggest an all-natural birth as performing a c-section is too risky. We don’t know if either of them will survive such stress.”
Nat comes out of your room, looking at a very pale Steve “Hey big guy, let’s sit down… ey?” he nods his head as he slowly takes a seat while Nat wrapped up the conversation with Dr. Choi till she left for the nearest lab. Nat takes the seat next to Steve, unsure what to say.
“She was fine this morning. Why wouldn't she tell me something was wrong?" Steve questions, trying to grasp what's happening. Nat purses her lips, placing her hand on his shoulder for support. "Because she didn't want to lose you." she says in a faint tone.
Steve shoots his direction to her. "What do you mean?" he asks, flabbergasted. Nat looks down, trying to choose her next words carefully.
"Steve, she knew from the start that this pregnancy was going to be the death of her. She left the only life she's known to escape threats for your baby. Not only that, but she had to do it ALONE. Now that she's with you, she didn't want to throw away the limited time you guys had. I know y/n, she probably wanted to spend her last memories with the ones she cherished instead of wasting away on a hospital bed."
Steve stays silent, suffering inside with tears drenching his face. He faces in your direction, probably thinking you are scared for your life. Steve turns to nat as she nods her head for him to visit you, standing up and wiping his tears away to go to you.
You were in bad condition. It was as if all the color from your skin had drained away. The only color that appeared was the purple bruises that were forming at your exposed belly that was wrapped in belts to monitor the baby's heartbeat.
"Please don't look at me like that." you whispered as you struggled to get up from your lying position, trying to grab a thicker blanket to cover your shivering figure.
“Are you okay?” Steve asked as he grabbed the blanket and tucked you gently. “Believe me, I suffered worst.” you said as you straightened up a bit, rubbing your very big belly. He showed a face of guilt, but you just clutched his hand softly as he slowly sat at the edge of the left side of the bed.
He held your left hand, gliding his finger on your wedding ring. "Remember when I proposed to you?" he asks lightly. You begin to chuckle as you stare into his blue eyes.
"How could I forget? You were so nervous that we arrived late to the reservation. You were so persistent that we walked the block to a nearby diner and it started raining. I could tell you were visibly upset but I said 'the worst moments happen before the great ones.' Just like that, you knelt on one knee."
He smiles down in his lap, remembering his past frustration that melted away because of your reassuring words. "and I said that 'because of you, you changed everything in my life into something greater. I knew that the second I met you, I couldn't go a day without your smile or your laugh.' Then I took out the ring that I designed after your mother's locket."
You cup your hands around his face. "And it was the most beautiful ring." You both stay in your positions, enjoying the quiet that surrounds you.
"I need to ask you something..." you began as your eyes stung with tears. "If things go south, I need you to promise me that you do whatever it takes to save the baby. Alright?" you sniffed.
It was a hard pill to swallow as you two knew that you were probably not going to make it. But if one of you were to say it out loud, both your worlds would crumble.
He kisses your lips with such affirmation. “How can I say no to my best doll?” he huffed out, trying so hard not to cry again as he forced a small smile.
Your eyes start to flutter, causing Steve to help you in a comfortable position to sleep. He fixes your hair out of your face, then kneels down to kiss your temple. "I love you," he mutters softly before leaving the room.
Steve sees Sam and Nat in the waiting area, waiting for news on your well-being. "She's sleeping right now. Call me when she wakes up." Steve said sternly, walking like a man on a mission.
"Where are you going?" Nat screamed after Steve. He turns around briefly, looking straight at her in the eye.
"Like you said, y/n wants to be surrounded with the ones she cherishes. I'm going to uphold that wish."
Sam chases after Steve who is heading to a small aircraft. “Look man, I know what you’re going to do. I think you’re doing a noble thing but it’s a suicide mission. You don’t even know what’s going to happen to you.” Sam says as Steve turns on the monitor, hearing the engines roar.
“I have to die trying. If y/n doesn’t get this closure, she never will. I need to do this alone, but if I don’t make it… promise you’ll give her the necklace.” Steve says, holding out his hand to Sam. His friend’s face turns serious as he shakes the captain’s hand. “You do that yourself, Cap. You’re going back to your family in one piece.” Steve nods his head, prepping for the flight that can lead him to possible death.
“Boss, there’s an unknown aircraft that is heading this way.” FRIDAY alerted Tony as he was finishing dinner with Pepper. Tony gets up in cue as he presses a small button on his chest that surrounds his body with his armor. “Go and wait in the room. I’ll figure out what’s going on. I’ll have FRIDAY have you listen to what’s going to happen” Tony said in alert.
Pepper kissed him briefly and ran her way up the stairs. Stark flies out on the terrace and heads to the small aircraft. “Hey there, I don’t know if you noticed but you’re kinda trespassing on my property. I need to ask you to fly along wherever you came from before I call the local authorities and you know the drill.”
He backs up a bit as the aircraft slowly turns around to open the back ramp, revealing the last person he wants to see. “Tony… hear me out before you-” the man is cut off as Tony blasts him near his right shoulder, grazing into a wound. He falls back by the sudden impact, trying to tend the injury with pressure
Tony’s face is revealed to talk to his old friend. “You have ten seconds to explain what you’re doing here before I blast you in the sky.” Tony demanded as he raised his hand that was lighting up with energy. “It’s y/n!” Steve screamed out. Tony lowers his hand.
Tony’s face softens just from hearing your “Wha-what happened to her? Is she alright?” Steve slowly gets up, grunting lightly from his arm. “The doctor’s think she’s dying, Tony. They said she won’t be able to survive the birth. The only person she wants to have her dying moments in that delivery room is you.”
Tony is speechless, he suddenly looks back to see Pepper staring at them from the terrace. He could visibly see her crying and mouthing out “Go to her.” Without warning, Tony goes into the aircraft, now standing next to Steve as the door closed.
Steve is about to say something before getting interrupted by a phone call. Steve excuses himself to answer it. “Hey, I’m on my way. Tell -” his voice drowns out as he hears screaming on the phone. Steve tries to reply but the end goes silent.
“Steve, what’s going on?” Tony asks in a concerned tone. Steve turns to Tony as his face turned ghostly white.
“That was Natasha… y/n is going into labor.”
Taglist: @austynparksandpizza @bluemoon-icecream @castellandiangelo @coldmuffinpartycloud @denise-was-here @emmy626 @fandom-life-12 @findthebeautyinbreakdowns @friyak1 @httphiddlestan @ihearthockeyy @ilovetaquitosmmmm @jessyballet @jordynhouston @kalopsia-flaneur @lharrietg @lharrietg @lou-lou26 @lou-lou26ydia223 @lydia214 @marantha @marquisofmelis @rhapsodic-memories @scxrlettlove @smyfmj @supraveng @thatblondebrownie @turtlepad @youdidnotseethisluv
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July, 2017
Warning: Pregnancy(?), pregnancy-related discomfort, a wee bit of angst
My darling Stevie,
The weather is killing me!! Turns out that the sweltering heat of mid-July isn’t conducive to a comfortable eighth month of pregnancy, at all. I long for one moment of reprieve, one moment of relief… Just one single moment… And on top of that, mom keeps telling me about how it was when she was pregnant with me, and it drives me absolutely crazy, Steve! Thank God, you aren’t here though! Even usually, your body temperature runs high; you would’ve frustrated me to no end were you here, what with your need to fuss…..
But otherwise, I’m fine. Our little bug is doing great, too! They’re very healthy, though they still won’t let me sleep. Now they’ve taken up a really bad habit of sitting on my bladder. At times like these, I fervently wish you were here. Your voice would’ve definitely soothed them, and then they wouldn’t have tormented their poor mama so much.
Oh, what is going on with me, Steve? One moment, I’m glad you aren’t here and the next, I’m angry…. So angry that you aren’t here. I know why you can’t be here and yet, I can’t help but feel utterly peeved. And the thoughts….. I have so terrifying dreams, Stevie….. Please, please tell me that you’re alright. Please.
I’ve been pleading you for almost eight months now to let me know that you’re alright, and you haven’t responded yet. What am I supposed to think? Are you not responding because you cannot truthfully say that you’re alright? (Oh, Stevie, please let it not be so…..) Or have I made you mad in some way, done something to displease you? Or…. Or is it because you’re not getting my letters at all? Steve, please don’t leave me hanging like this. Please, darling, for the sake of our child, if not yours or mine, tell me whether you’re alright, whether Bucky, Sam, Nat are alright. Please. I beg you.
I’m feeling quite tired now, so I’ll leave it to this. Please take care, sweetheart. Be safe. I love you.
Hoping to hear from you soon,
Yours till the very end,
P.S.: What should we name them, Stevie? I was thinking of James Samuel for a boy and Sarah Adaira for a girl. What do you say?
A/N: So, what did you think? Do let me know! And most importantly, thank you so much for reading :)
@austynparksandpizza: I'm afraid you'll have to wait for quite a bit... At least 10-15 more letters from Y/N's perspective.
@kalopsia-flaneur: Thank you so much 🙈
August, 2017
Taglist: @austynparksandpizza
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dad!tom when the whole family are having a barbecue, he has identical twin daughters, they made him cards for father’s day, the twins melt his heart so much. but the reader gives him an extra present that she’s pregnant with twins again and nikki knew. harry jokes that tom has super sperm.
When you got to the party your girls ran immediately to Nikki, grasping her legs in hugs as they shouted about how much they had missed her. Their small bodies dressed in matching clothing gripping onto her jeans needily.
"Girls, girls, let's give granny some space, yeah?" you prompted them as you made your way over to her, the girls stepping out of the way allowing you to give her a hug. She pressed a kiss to your cheek during the embrace, her lips near your ear as she whispered.
"Are you making the announcement today?" she spoke, voice hushed so that no one else could hear.
"Yes, I am, but first I think that the girls are gonna give Tom a little present before I give him his so we have that to look forward to" you giggled, pulling back from the hug and watching as your girls started to roll around in the grass of the back yard.
"What are you two talking about?" Tom's voice came from over his shoulder as he came out into the back yard, carrying two beers in his hand, holding one out to you as he leaned over to kiss his mom on the cheek, saying a simple hello as he did.
"No, thanks, hon, I'm good" you mumbled, refusing the beer that was held in front of you.
"You sure?" he asked, brows furrowed and all you could do is hope that this was the last question he asked about why you hadn't been drinking recently.
"Yeah, I'm sure, just not really in the mood" you assure him with a small smile.
"Really, last time I checked it seemed like you were always in the mood" Tom smirked at his innuendo, laughing as you face morphed into one of shock.
"Tom!" you hissed, smacking his chest lightly and before he could rebut you were interrupted(like you often were)by two small voices calling out to one of you, Tom to be specific. Their two person chorus of "Daddy" pulling your heads in their direction.
They stood hand in hand, a large piece of paper also held between them. It wasn't legible by any means, scribbles of two legged...clams? it appeared, labelled, you and Tom were the bigger clam looking people and Claire and Ellise were the smaller ones. Surrounding the family there were flowers and scribbles of 'love you daddy' and 'you're the best'. Tom took the card from the girls hands as he knelt down in front of them, examining the card in great detail as tear welled in his brown eyes.
You took the card from Tom's hand, pretending to be examining it, counting the people over and over again with a puzzled look on your face.
"Love, what are you doing?" Tom's brow furrowed as he looked at you, his face one of puzzlement as well.
"There are two family members missing" you mumble, still pretending to be confused.
"No, Love, there is me, you, Ellise, and Claire" he assured, looking slightly concerned at your misunderstanding. You put a look of realization on your face, pointing at the clam person that was supposed to be you.
"I know why, they are too small, they don't even get to be drawn yet!" you exclaimed, Tom's face contorting in confusion and then to one of awe, your hands resting on your stomach, rubbing over the nearly invisible bump that was under your shirt.
"You-you're pregnant again??" Tom's voice was hushed, as if he was worried if he spoke too loud this would all fade away and he wasn't about to become a father again. You shook your head rapidly in response, the affirmation causing him to jump from his knees and engulf you in a teary hug before kissing you softly on the lips, cheers from his family members reaching you as you pulled apart.
You stood smiling stupidly at each other for a moment before he broke the silence.
"Wait, did you say two? You're pregnant with twins AGAIN?" his voice coated in shock and confusion.
"Yes!" you squealed, Tom wrapping his arms around you once again, spinning you around in joy.
"Tom's got super sperm!" you heard Harry shout, followed by a smack and Nikki's scolding voice.
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Ok… so hear me out. Could you write something, where the reader, who isn’t in the limelight, and Tom have always tried to keep their relationship private and from the media (only ever showing glimpses)? The reader’s pregnancy is no different, until Tom is doing an instagram live, promoting a new movie in their kitchen, and accidentally reveals the sonogram pictures on refrigerator. Thank you, Xx.
You and Tom had managed to keep most of the personal bits of your relationship private, wanting to maintain the sanctity of you wondrous relationship. It wasn't that your relationship was a secret, everyone knew that you were together but you just didn't post much about it.
You had recently found out that you were pregnant with your first child together and had proudly displayed the sonogram on your fridge, you looked at it lovingly every time you went to eat something like peanut butter and pickles, reminding yourself that you were growing a human and that this food combination was That weird, even if it really was.
You were now waiting for a chance to sneak in the background of Tom's instagram live that he was hosting and grab something to eat because you were absolutely famished, even if you had eaten only an hour ago. Just as you were about the move past Tom shifted, turning so the fridge was in the background of the shot, showing the small black and white photo of the fetus that was growing inside of you. You looked at him with wide eyes, not knowing exactly what to do in the moment but quickly coming to your senses.
"Tom!" you shout, his eyes shooting up to you, his gaze asking you why you shouted, but you were frantically pointing behind him, turning his head he saw his mistake, looking back to see the comment section.
"Oh-oh fuck" he muttered, ending the live and staring at you with wide eyes.
"Well I guess that news is out there now" you laughed loudly, alerting Tom that you weren't mad.
"They would have found out somehow, I just hope they are nice about it" Tom muttered, stepping towards you and engulfing you in a hug.
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Reader being incredibly horny for Tom when pregnant with his baby
This is pure.filth. Enjoy
A certain heat between your legs drew you from your sleep, the familiar tingling sensation alerting you that you weren't going in to labor but you were just exceptionally horny. You knew that you could reach past the round of your belly and get yourself off but you wanted to be full, to feel Tom in you, complete you.
Rolling over in Tom's grasp, your tummy rubbing against his bare chest as you faced him, brown eyes shut tight as he slept soundly. Reaching out you poked his shoulder, eyes narrowed in determination to get what you wanted, to get off, and you could feel him against you leg, already hard, and though you knew it was REM sleep increasing blood flow it was making everything just a little more difficult for you.
"Tommy" you whisper shouted, trying to draw him out of his dreamscape so he could fuck you senseless. "Tommy" you tried again, poking his shoulder harder and actually waking him up. His eyes fluttered rapidly as he woke up, panic spreading on his face as he sat up.
"Are you okay? Is the baby okay? Whats happening? Do we need to go to the hospital?" all of the words tumbled out of his mouth in a rush, a string of barely differentiated syllables.
"Tommy I am okay" you assure, hand going to cup his cheek but quickly slipping down his body to rest of his semi hard cock. "I just need you" you whisper, leaning in and kissing him under his ear, goosebumps erupting on his skin.
"Oh-OH!" he said, eyes widening as his hands instinctively went to your hips, pulling you as flush to his body as your swollen stomach allowed. "I think I can do something about that" he smirked, pulling back and kissing you as he hand slid down between you, underneath the fabric of your sleeping shorts. His fingers easily found your clit as your lips still danced against each other. You moaned at the contact, your folds so slick that his fingers easily glided down to circle your entrance.
"So wet already, love, so responsive to my touch, don't even need to finger you for you to ready for my cock" his whispered, rolling you over so your back was to his front, ass pressed up against his cock as his fingers continued to work over your clit. You were quickly rid of your sleep shorts, your bare ass grinding helplessly against his now bare cock as he teased it through your folds. Soft sighs and moans escaping your lips as he pushed into your slick heat.
"Fuck" the word fell from his hot lips, kissing your neck softly as his thrusts began to pick up speed. "Is this okay, you okay?" he panted out, trying to assure that this wasn't too much for your already strained body.
"Feels s-so good, Tommy" you whimpered, the pleasure overtaking your tender body, every sense heightened with the hormones that coursed through your veins. His hand slipped under your shirt, groping your swollen tits, pinching your ever aching nipples, sending a pleasure to your core that was close to pushing you over the edge.
"Tommy I-I'm close" your voice choked with pleasure as he continued his movements, thrusting in and out of you as he tweaked both your nipple and your clit.
"So close so fast, huh darling? I know just what to do to make to make you feel good, don't I" He husked in your ear, you could tell he was close with the strain of his voice, giving one particularly harsh thrust sending the both of your toppling over the edge, your walls spasming around Tom's cock as they milked him for every bit of cum he had, spilling into you as you felt every rope hit your cervix, every nerve ending hyper sensitive. He pulled out of you, your mouth opening in a silent cry at the loss of fullness.
"That good?" Tom asks, laying on his back as his chest heaved, moon light catching on the sweat droplets.
"That was perfect" you replied.
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larry-deamus · a day ago
Luke Hemmings x pregnant!reader pt2 Requested: yes Pronouns: she/her Word count: idk Imagine: Delievering your first child with 5SOS member Luke Hemmings.
Warnings: pregnancy, difficulty with birth, loss of child (doesnt happen, but implied)
A/N: Part 2 of my last fic! Its on my masterlist so make sure u read it before this one. Originally requested by cdizzle-swizzle
Masterlist Y/N - your name
Y/S/N - your son's name
Tumblr media
It had been 8 months since you had told Luke you were pregnant, and you were currently one week off from your due date. You had both decided against finding out the gender, wanting the baby to be a surprise. Luke had been the most supportive and helpful husband he could have been during your pregnancy, and it was greatly appreciated by you. Luke had spent 6 months on tour, with breaks in between before him and the boys postponed the remaining dates so that he could be there for you incase anything happened. The fans understood and couldn't wait for the first 5SOS baby
You were sat on the couch with Luke and Ashton watching The Project. Ashton had come over to take Petunia to his invade you had to rush off to the hospital, but he got caught up talking to Luke and never left. You felt a tightening sensation in your abdomen but ignored it as it only happened once. Soon enough the pain was really starting to bother you and the wimpers and scrunching of your face had been noticed by Ashton. He sat up and looked at you, "Y/N, are you okay?" Luke turned towards you quickly once Ashton had spoken and you nodded your head to try and alleviate some of the worry evident on his face. "Are you sure?" Luke spoke up with a frown etched on his face. "Of course I'm sure. I just need to walk around for a bit," you replied as you stood up. "Just keeping watching the tv, I'm fine." Luke looked hesitant, but once he saw Ashton seemingly not bothered he turned back around. You walked into the kitchen as Petunia followed you, grabbing a glass and filling it half way with water. Suddenly another tight feeling washed over you, and you placed the water on the bench so that you could hold your stomach. You felt a wet substance dripping down your leg, and noticed a puddle of what looked to be water on the ground. "Thank god I got off the couch," you breathed out quietly. "Luke! Can you come here please?" You heard Luke about back a reply as footsteps came closer and closer to the kitchen. As Luke rounded the corner, the look on his face was priceless. Obviously the sight of the wet floor and you slightly hunched over in pain sent him to worry, as he screamed (very high pitched in your opinion) for Ashton to come into the kitchen. The next hour was spent trying to convince Luke that you didn't have to leave until your contractions were closer together and watching Ashton freak out trying to pick an outfit for the baby once it was born. Once you got to the hospital it went smoothly until you were told to start pushing. You had squeezed Luke's hand so tight it had turned white, and you were stuck trying to push the baby out for 2 hours (which is much longer than both you, and the midwives had expected). Once the baby was out, you had been petrified when you didn't hear any noises. The hospital staff were dead silent as both you and Luke watched on with fearful eyes. The midwives rushed to move your newborn to a space to rescuitate it as you started crying in Luke's arms. But before they could even start, the sounds of cries filled the birthing suit and you let our a sob of joy. The nurses called Luke over to have a look as he silent tears of happiness were leaking out of his eyes. "It's a boy." You were given the opportunity to hold your son after the hospital staff had given him another check and made sure he didn't need want extra oxygen. You and Luke sat and held your son together, thinking over the name together as you basked in the joy of having another member joining your small family. --- Knocks sounded on the door to the room the hospital had moved both you, and your son into after the birth. Luke headed towards the door, opening it to reveal his three bandmates. They quietly made their way in with huge smiles as they noticed the small bundle in your arms. "Boy or girl?" Mikey asked after a couple minutes of silence. "Boy," you answered smiling down at your son. "Do you want to hold him?" Mikey nodded as you passed your son to him. He smiled down at him and brought his hand up to play with his small fingers. Ashton turned to you smiling turned to you smiling as Calum spoke up, "have you named him yet?" Luke nodded his head, "Y/S/N Hemmings." --- You and Luke sat in the nursery you had set up in your spare bedroom, as you watched your son sleep peacefully in his cot. Y/S/N's breathinh calming the two of you considerably. Luke smiled and pulled you in for hug, "I'm so proud of you. Thank you."
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Angel Hair Masterlist
Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Gender neutral!pregnant!omega!Reader
Warnings: canon divergent post CA:TWS, a/b/o dynamics, true mates, Hydra putting the A in assholes, angst, imprisonment, torture, experimentation, drugging, brain washing, non-consensual artificial insemination, pregnancy, labour, canon typical violence, minor character death, bereavement, PTSD/anxiety/depression symptoms, language, illness, epic amounts of fluff, beefy!soft!manbun Bucky (that's a warning, ok!), the occasional cliff hanger, probably possibly very, very, very eventual smut (I haven't thought that far ahead yet).
These are the big ones but warnings will be stated for each chapter so please check those before reading and if any of the warnings weird you out, take good care of yourself and give it a pass 😘
This one might not be heavy on the smut but this is still an 18+ blog so minors kindly redirect yourselves to these bunnies and rainbows in an orderly fashion cus the law, I thank you.
A/N: I said that I was going to wait until this is finished on AO3 before posting on Tumblr but I a) didn't think it would go on this long and b) could honestly be at this one for another year (it's already been nine months, seriously, how did that happen!?). So, I've decided to start doing some editing/rewrites on what I have so far and I'll post them here as I go while I'm still adding to it.
Those of you who have stuck with me through the "first draft" on AO3 up until now, thank you so much for all the support and feedback, you guys have literally made my year! I hope you enjoy the new and hopefully improved version (I'm not changing anything major but, you know)!
I will be posting Chapter 1 this Friday evening (25th June - GMT)
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Chapter list under the cut because there's a literal metric shit ton already 🏋️‍♀️
I hope you enjoy it!
(And I finally had a proper crack at the whole moodboard thing. I know, will wonders never cease! 😱)
Tumblr media
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untaemedqueen · a day ago
Husband!Jeongguk x Pregnant Wife!Reader
WordCount: 19.8k
Genre: Angst, Healing, Smut, Marriage!AU
Trigger Warnings: Mentions of Kidnapping, Mentions of Small Amounts of Food
Warnings: Heart Breaking Thoughts, Angst, Healing, Emotional, Praise, Fingering, Begging, Daddy Kink, Thigh Riding, Fellatio, Lactation Kink, Milk Drinking, Throat Fucking, Glazed Donut!OC, Cunnilingus, Degradation, Somewhat Dom!Guk, Sub!OC, Squirting, Rough Pregnant Sex, Finger Sucking, Multiple Orgasms, Creampie
A/N: Soooooo this is a fic I've been working on since February, FEBRUARY! And it's finally done. I'm really so so so proud of this fic. I worked super hard on it. It's a fic about love and healing, coming back to a loved one after something shakes their relationship to the core. It's uplifting and comforting and it makes my heart warm. I hope you guys enjoy it! Really huge thank you to @xjoonchildx​, @ladyartemesia​, @ppersonna​ for sticking with me and reading every little change I’ve made to it!
Tumblr media
Silence -- the absence of sound is sometimes deafening.
In silence, true silence, other sounds tend to bleed in like a gentle hum.
In Jeon Jeongguk's silence everything is always louder -- the clock ticking away seconds, the sound of his own heart beating catastrophically slow, the sound of gentle breathing across the room.
It drives him insane.
It drives him up the wall.
He's been so used to sitting in silence that everything just sounds so fucking loud.
The way nails are currently scratching against the rich fabric of the arm chair across from him.
The sound of a bus honking in the distance.
It all resounds through his skull.
"-Guk. Jeongguk?"
Taking a sharp breath, he looks up at the nail scratching culprit.
"Yes, Dr. Kim," he breathes, loosening his tie.
"Namjoon, please. Do you-Do you want to talk about your progress this week?" Kim Namjoon inquires, looking down at his clipboard.
Guk tilts his head, watching Namjoon's fingers card through the multitude of sheets.
What has he written down?
"There's been no progress this week." he replies, looking down at his lap.
Dr. Kim nods astutely. "Well it takes time for people to come back to themselves… as well as others after what your wife went through. It's only natural."
The only thing that Jeongguk thinks is how unnatural life is at the moment.
"Are you experiencing anger?"
"Experiencing grief or loss for what your life used to be?"
Oh, yes.
"Are you trying to be strong for her when you can barely stand on your own?"
Fuck, yes.
"No." Jeongguk states, looking up at the therapist.
Namjoon seems to take a pause to scribble something down and the younger man can't help how he sits up straighter to maybe get a peek at the writing.
"Well, if that's all you feel the need to say, hopefully next week will be more insightful for you. It takes time for someone to get over trauma, this has also been traumatic for you." Dr. Kim announces, intertwining his hands and placing them softly down on the clipboard.
Jeongguk looks at the clock, hearing the telltale ticking that seconds are passing. "Sure. Yeah."
"Next week then, Jeongguk." Namjoon says, giving him a small smile that dimples his chin.
Jeongguk is slow to get up and walk out of the room. Everything feels heavy around him, his own heart has felt like one hundred pounds since you finally came back to him.
But once he's out of the therapy building and in his own car. He can't seem to stop the gut wrenching sob that flies free from his chest.
His eyes screw shut and his forehead slams into the steering wheel.
"Oh, God!" he gasps, tugging and pulling at his tie that feels like a noose around his neck. He fumbles with the fabric before chucking it onto the dashboard with a wail.
"God! Fuck! Dammit! Goddammit!" he screams, slamming his hands against the steering wheel. His hand slips a few times, pressing up against the horn and the sound resounds throughout the almost empty parking lot.
In his swimming misery, all the months without you seem to bleed through his memory.
"Y/N," he gasps, pressing his bruised fist to his forehead and squeezing his bloodshot eyes closed.
One memory always gnaws at him in the silence. It stains his soul like coffee on white fabric.
He's gotten so used to seeing the cream colored walls of the police station that in some sickening way it feels like home.
"Can we go over it again, Mr. Jeon?" Detective Kim inquires, stirring his coffee slowly.
Jeongguk swallows thickly, looking over the man's cluttered desk. His hands shake nervously and his fingers clench and squeeze at the still air.
How many times does he have to repeat himself?
But he's so broken and desperate that he complies.
"My wife went to the supermarket to get groceries to celebrate that she was pregnant with our first baby." he whispers.
Just even stating the words sends his heart bleeding.
How many times does he have to repeat the worst day of his fucking life?
"The Atlantis Market?" Detective Kim inquires, narrowing his eyes at the case file.
He knows this already. Why is he asking?
"Y-Yes, it's where she always goes. She likes the meat better there than any other market." Guk whispers, closing his eyes.
"Right. And when did you notice she was missing?" Kim asks, sipping his coffee.
The slurping is incessant and Jeongguk's eyes spring open at the loud noise.
"T-Two hours she left. She always calls me when she gets to the supermarket. She always stays on the phone with me. She didn't call and hours passed."
He relives it daily and to tell this detective it again for the seventh time is heart wrenching.
"And you don't think that maybe she just ran away? Maybe it wasn't your baby… Maybe she went off with someone else?"
The accusation sends fury coursing through your husband and he bares his teeth at the question.
"She would never leave me. We love each other, we've been together since highschool. I went to that fucking supermarket and found the door to her car open and her car keys on the ground." he seethes, slamming his hand onto the wooden desk.
Detective Kim doesn't move, he doesn't flinch, he just hums in agreement which is insulting enough.
"Right, it says that in this missing person's report. Well, let me just make it clear that she has been missing for three months already. We have no leads and we don't know if we'll ever find her."
"You're the POLICE. It's your fucking job!" Jeongguk shouts, standing up and leaning down onto the desk with his fists.
"I'm just giving you the statistics, Mr. Jeon. No need to act violent." Kim warns, narrowing his eyes up at the broken younger man.
"I'll show you violent. Find my wife. She's fucking pregnant for God's sakes! She's in danger!" he spits, feeling the nervousness grow and peak inside of him.
"Are you threatening a police officer, Jeon Jeongguk?" the detective quips, standing up on his own volition.
"Find my wife!" Jeongguk seethes, kicking the chair over and leaving.
Tumblr media
Getting home, Jeongguk rattles his keys loudly before placing them in the dish by door.
"Baby? I-I'm home," he calls throughout the house.
He's learned over many trials and errors that it's best if he announces himself before entering any room. It seems to calm you in some way.
He finds you in the kitchen, temple pressed to the window as you watch the rain fall onto the back patio.
"It's coming down a lot out there," he breathes, looking you over.
Your hair isn't combed through and you still look pale but you're home.
"Y/N?" he calls softly, setting down the take out onto the kitchen island.
He hasn't been up for cooking lately, he's been too much of a nervous wreck.
You haven't so much as even looked at him since you've been brought back home. But, he's okay with that, just you even being here is perfect.
"I g-got us jjajangmyeon for dinner, I know you really like it from Golden Tiger." he whispers.
He nods a bit when you cup your growing stomach and just stare out the window.
You don't eat with him. You don't like it. It makes you scared.
He finds his chest clenching and he tears his eyes away from you. His fingers card through his long blond hair and he takes a deep breath to try and calm himself.
"I'll just leave it here then. Don't let it get too cold, it won't be yummy." he croaks, grabbing his take out container and a beer from the fridge.
He finds it easier to eat in his home office.
Picking up the black bean noodles with his chopsticks, he stares at the wedding photo of the both of you after you graduated college.
The smile that you give him is so blindingly beautiful and your eyes are alight with love and compassion for your husband.
He stares at it until his eyes are blurry with tears and suddenly he's lost his appetite.
"Fuck," he curses, throwing down his chopsticks and covering his face with his hands.
The silence echoes throughout the office and he can barely string a thought together.
But then his memory cuts through everything and it grounds him with peace even for a minute.
"You look like your brain is gonna explode!" you tease your husband, peeking your head into the home office.
He looks up from his computer, giving you a chuckle and then a pout.
"I'm so swamped with emails," he whines, opening his arms childishly for you.
You can only giggle, skipping over the large rug and sitting on his lap.
He groans teasingly, burying his face into your neck and sighing.
"Why am I so swamped, baby?" he whispers, kissing over your skin.
"Because you're a genius and everyone wants your help with building. What did Forbes say about you last month? Oh yeah! 'Jeon Jeongguk is the world's youngest ever architect that built a skyscraper that exceeds all expectations of reality.' And they're absolutely correct." you beam, planting a sloppy kiss on his cheek.
He laughs gently, rocking you back and forth on his lap. "Man, how did I get a wife that's beautiful, amazing AND smart?"
"Oh, you definitely got lucky." you quip, laughing loudly when he begins to tickle you.
Guk stares at the doorway, bringing the beer bottle to his lips.
"Oh, babe, what am I gonna do?" he breathes, putting his head back to the top of his office chair.
Tumblr media
Jeongguk's bed is cold, it's always cold these days.
You don't sleep with him anymore but he understands, you don't like contact of any kind. He can't imagine what you've been through or what you feel.
You certainly haven't voiced anything about the terrible experience you've been through.
Sometimes he can hear you crying late at night. He can hear your small sobs and it tears him into pieces.
In the moonlit room, he stares at his gold wedding band. His eyes drift to your empty side of the bed and like a child, he grabs your pillow. Burying his face into the soft fabric, he sighs loudly.
The room swallows the sound, and from the guest bedroom down the hall -- he hears your sob.
Guk's eyes squeeze shut and he prays that sleep will finally find him soon.
He's exhausted.
All he does is stare at his phone.
Jeongguk just stares and stares at his phone, willing it to ring and to tell him that you're on your way home.
He's cancelled all his major building projects for the foreseen future and everyone completely understands. Or so they say.
He has enough money to sit in this same exact seat for the next twenty years and wait for the phone call.
He's not fucking giving up.
He's not taking his eyes off the phone for a minute.
He owes it to you, the woman who he's pledged his life to, to get you back.
There's always this feeling -- this rush when a phone lights up.
And that rush only happens to people who are desperately waiting. Whether that be for a job interview, a text from their crush, an email from their boss telling them they got the day off.
But when his phone lights up, he thinks solely of you.
And after months of devastation and painful waiting -- Busan Police Department calls.
"Y-Yes!" Jeongguk screams into the phone, his index finger shakily tapping the speaker button.
"Mr. Jeon? Jeon Jeongguk? We've found your wife. She was left abandoned off the Olympus Expressway."
His nervousness doesn't cease and he feels like he's going to throw up any second.
He doesn't know why the question passes his lips but it does. "Is s-she alive? Is my wife alive?"
"Yes, Mr. Jeon, she's alive, she's being transferred to the Busan Hospital as we speak."
He falls out of his chair, wailing loudly. His hands clamp over his mouth and he gasps for air like he's been deprived of it.
"Mr. Jeon? Are you coming to the hospital? She won't speak to anyone."
His eyes squeeze shut and his heart pounds so loudly, he thinks it might explode.
"Jeon Jeongguk? Hello?"
"Yes! Yes, I'm coming!" he screams, putting his hands to his forehead.
"Any progress this week, Jeongguk?" Namjoon inquires.
Your husband stares straight ahead at the ornate clock on the wall. He shakes his head, swallowing thickly.
"We always sit here in silence, is that really okay for you?" Dr. Kim asks, crossing his legs and pushing his glasses up with his middle finger.
His lips puff out in thought and he sputters them softly. "There isn't… anything to talk about." he breathes, shaking his head.
Namjoon hums thoughtfully, tossing the clipboard onto the table beside him. "I beg to differ. There's a lot of pain in the situation that you're trying not to resurface."
Just the mention has Guk blushing and the first reaction is to get violent. His eyebrows furrow and his nostrils flare at the therapist before him.
"This is painful, Jeongguk. And you trying to bury it deep inside of you isn't going to help."
Your husband scratches at his neck, looking down at his wedding band. He closes his eyes and takes a deep, soothing breath.
"Why don't we try an exercise this week? Hmm? Homework isn't the proper word to call it. Are you up for it?"
Guk sighs, spinning his wedding band on his finger as he thinks. Anything would be better than this. He loves you so much that he's willing to try anything. So he nods.
"When you get home, even if Y/N doesn't talk to you or look at you. Why don't you tell her one of your happiest memories you can think of that involves her? Even though she isn't speaking, she can still hear you. I think that might be healing for you -- maybe her as well." Dr. Kim suggests, smiling kindly at his patient.
There're so many moments, how could Guk pick just one?
"Alright. I can try." he bleats, looking back up at the clock and hearing the seconds tick away.
"Good! Next week we'll talk about how that felt for you."
Tumblr media
Jeongguk shakes his keys, setting them down in the bowl by the door.
"Baby, I'm home!" he calls loudly, sliding his feet into his slippers.
The house feels colder today and he knows that winter will soon be nipping at the world's ankles.
He's a fabulous architect but his heat proofing in this house wasn't the best.
You're sitting on the couch today, staring aimlessly at the wooden floors.
"Are you hungry, babe? I brought you home some chicken soup. It's good for our baby girl." he inquires, walking past you and towards the kitchen.
He sees you thickly swallow and it makes his heart thump harder within his chest.
He leans down on the marble island countertop and he stares straight ahead for a while. He remembers when you first put up the small paintings that make up this large masterpiece above the dining room table. He fell in love with it so quickly.
He feels deathly nervous, like the day when he asked you to marry him.
"Y'know," he begins, he takes a deep breath and he just bares his soul before you, because it's just natural, "I remember the first day I ever saw you. It was in seventh grade and you had on the school uniform but you had these fake red highlights in your hair. They were, like, woven into your ponytail holder."
His fist tucks beneath his chin and he smirks at the memory. "I just knew you were going to get in trouble for it because it was against school code. I remember telling you about it too and you just stared at me and said, 'So?' And I was like, 'Damn, this girl is so badass. I wanna be this badass.' Mrs. Park came up to you and you didn't give a flying shit when she reprimanded you. And I remember that I stared at you like you were the sun. I wanted to know you immediately, I wanted to be by your side. I wanted to be your friend. I was falling in love with you then."
He hums sweetly, wrinkling his nose at the memory.
"I just wanted to say that. I know it's really difficult for you right now. I understand. I can't begin to understand what you went through." Jeongguk breathes, opening up the fridge and grabbing a beer.
When he looks over towards the living room, he can see you staring at him through the turned off television and his eyes suddenly burn with raw emotion.
"I-I miss you." he gasps, putting his hand to his heart.
He stands still for a while, just letting the both of you look at each other after so long. He blinks his eyes rapidly when his tears get in the way of being able to see you.
When you finally look away, he takes a deep breath through his nose.
"I-I'll be in my office. I know you find it hard to be in the same room as me." he breathes, rounding the kitchen island and heading down the hallway.
When he opens the door to his office, he has to cup his hand over his mouth at the sound of your voice.
"I miss you, too."
He slides down the back of the door, pressing his forehead to his knees and he bites down hard on his index finger to quiet his blubbers.
You spoke to him.
"What are you doing?!" you giggle as your husband slides his hands over your eyes.
"It's called a surprise, you've never heard of one?" he quips, kissing the crown of your head.
You hum playfully, folding your arms and relishing in the way his chest contorts against your back.
"Why am I being blinded? What's the surprise?" you inquire, tilting your head until you finally whisper, "Is it something kinky?"
Guk laughs loudly, letting his head loll back. "You fuckin' wish." he teases.
"You're right, I do." you jeer, allowing him to guide you along farther.
"Silly," he chuckles, promptly stopping you.
You feel his hands begin to get a little sweaty and you know this only happens when he's deathly nervous.
"Gukkie? What is it?" you ask sweetly, running your fingers over his bare arms.
"I just hope you like it." he breathes, pressing his lips to the top of your head.
"I like everything you do, Guk," you reply, drifting your nails over his skin.
"Remember in eighth grade I promised you that I would build you a house?"
"Yeah out of popsicle sticks and spit," you guffaw.
He takes a deep breath, pulling his hands away from your face.
When you open your eyes, the bright sun makes you squint but the gasp that leaves you has him stunned into silence.
"Oh my God, Jeon Jeongguk!" you yell, bunching your hands up into your hair.
The house is sleek and modern with asymmetrical shapes and big open windows.
When you turn to him, his eyes are wide with nervousness. "D-Do you like it?" he bleats.
You have no words, instead you decide to tackle him onto the front lawn.
He groans loudly, wrapping his arms around you like always. "Is that a yes?" he chuckles.
"Yes! Yes! I fucking love it! I fucking LOVE it!" you screech, cupping both sides of his face and pressing a wet kiss to his lips.
God, it's fucking cold in this house. Guk shivers beneath the blankets and he can only imagine how cold it must be in the guest room.
He explicitly made it colder so guests wouldn't stay as long.
There is a rule, y'know. Guests are like fish -- they stay for three days and then anything after that, they start to stink.
You must be fucking frigid. But he remembers when he checked on you one night soon after you came home and you screamed so loud that it scared him to his core.
He doesn't want to frighten you.
He tucks his body into fetal position, squeezing his eyes shut in hopes that he'll just pass out sooner or later.
The silence in his room begins to echo like white noise and he can only whine softly.
When he couldn't sleep before you were taken, you used to play the sounds of the sea for him. He can remember the waves crashing against the coastline and a seagull or two crying out high above the water.
He hasn't heard the sounds of the beach in so long.
He lays like this for a long time, just keeping his eyes shut and listening to the heater click and roll every so often.
But then he hears the sound of feet.
Your feet.
They pad slowly throughout the hallway and he takes a sharp breath when they stop in front of the master bedroom.
The door creaks open and his bottom lip purchases between his teeth. He makes no movement. He doesn't know why you're in here but he doesn't want to scare you away.
After a while, the sheets ruffle and your side of the bed dips.
He presses his lips into a thin line, feeling his hands begin to shake with nervousness. He can't possibly move, he wants you to stay right where you are.
You take a sharp breath between your teeth that makes his heart beat faster and when he slowly opens one eye, he can see you rubbing your growing stomach.
He swallows the sob that threatens to escape and he squeezes his eye closed one more.
He finds it comforting to hear the sounds of your shallow breathing. He relishes in it in all honesty. He adores it.
It's the one sound he probably couldn't live without, besides your laughter.
And as he drifts off to sleep, he can hear waves lapping against the shore.
Tumblr media
"So, how was your experiment?" Namjoon inquires.
Jeongguk finds himself smirking, running his fingers through his hair. "I think it went really well."
The therapist sits forward curiously, widening his eyes at seeing Jeongguk give a semblance of a smile for the first time in a month.
"Would you like to share that experience here?" Dr. Kim inquires.
Your husband sighs dreamily, staring down at his wedding band.
"Well I did as you suggested and I told Y/N about the first time I ever saw her. When I looked over at her, she was looking at me for the first time since she came back. It was through the television but… she was really looking at me. I told her I missed her and-and she said it back! Last night, it was freezing in the house and Y/N came and laid down with me in bed." he gushes, putting his hand over his heart.
Namjoon smiles, his deep dimples etching into his cheeks. He quickly writes something down before setting the clipboard aside. He gives your husband his undivided attention, intertwining his hands in his lap.
"Well, that must feel amazing. Especially after feeling alone for so long." Namjoon beams.
Jeongguk nods almost childishly. "It was amazing. I didn't get to touch her and we didn't talk but finally she was in our bed again, y'know? And she told me she missed me too, which felt incredible."
Dr. Kim has seen your husband for a while now and this is the most he's ever said in a one hour session.
It's honestly a relief to see Jeongguk actually coming out of his shell, if only on a miniscule level.
"Well, I think the exercise definitely helped, right? I mean, Jeongguk, this is progress. I'm sure it feels amazing."
Guk nods, leaning back comfortably into the couch. "Yeah," he laughs, "I'm so elated. I don't know what else to say."
Namjoon leans forward, putting his elbows to his knees. "Well then, I think we should make another exercise for you guys."
Your husband listens attentively, crossing his legs and sitting forward.
"Maybe this week we can delve into staying in a room with Y/N. How does that sound? You can stay in a room with her and just talk for awhile and even if she doesn't respond -- that's okay. She was listening to you the other day."
Jeongguk nods, a small smile playing on his lips. "Yeah, I'd love that."
Tumblr media
"Baby? I'm home!" Jeongguk calls loudly, tossing his keys to the side table.
He peeks into the living room and you're not sitting in the same seat he left you in when he left.
His eyebrow quirks up and he looks into the open kitchen only to find an empty space.
His first thought, however terrible it is, is that you've left.
You got so scared that you bolted after sleeping with him in bed last night.
"Y/N?!" he croaks loudly, tossing the bags of dinner onto the kitchen island.
His mind begins to muddle and his hands start to sweat at the simple thought.
He rushes down the long hallway of your home, checking his office, his bedroom, the guest bedroom.
You're nowhere to be found.
"Y/N!" he yells, shoving open the nursery room door.
You flinch gently when the door makes a loud noise and Jeongguk is immediately calmed by your presence.
"I-I'm so sorry. I just thought you left. I didn't mean to scare you, please forgive me." he begs, shutting the door as quietly as he can.
You're staring at the crib your husband bought just a month or two ago.
Before you were taken, this room was completely empty. You hadn't talked about themes or what you would need but while you were away when Jeongguk wasn't staring at his phone, he was setting up the nursery.
He didn't know the gender then, of course, and he only found out at the hospital when you were picked up from the Olympus Expressway but teal was always pretty to him and it's one of your favorite colors.
"I know you like teal so…" he finds himself at a loss for words.
You pick up a small stuffed animal that sits in the crib and hug it to your body.
Jeongguk shifts from one foot to the other uneasily. He just hopes and prays that he hasn't frightened you too badly.
"Do you…Do you wanna talk?" he inquires softly, sitting down on the floor.
You stare at the white and teal abstract paintings that make up the wall.
Your husband looks down at his hands, staring at his wedding band like always.
"I-I know you're having such a difficult time adjusting and God, I can't imagine what you went through but I miss you, baby. I miss you so much. I would stare at my phone all day just waiting to get a call from the police…" he breathes.
He doesn't look up at you, if he does then he might be too nervous to speak his truth.
"If you hate the nursery we can always change it. I just needed to do something. I needed to prepare for you to come home because I knew that you would. I knew you would come back to me."
He can see your feet turn towards him and you slowly but surely make your way beside him before sitting down.
You're about a foot apart but he takes that. He takes anything you want to give him.
"I love it." you breathe, looking down at the teddy bear and running your fingers over the soft fur.
Your voice sends him spiralling and he clenches his hands together to steady himself.
"I don't have a great sense of style like you, so I just bought a bunch of stuff and placed it everywhere." he chirps, looking around the room.
"Hate the changing table." you whisper.
The notion makes him laugh and he finds himself chuckling heartily at your words.
He hasn't laughed in so long that it feels euphoric.
Jeongguk turns his head to you, his blonde hair falling into his eyes. "I love you. I know you're probably not ready to come back to me yet but I'm always here waiting."
He can see your eyes becoming glassy and it's like a dagger to his heart. He presses his hand to the left side of his chest, taking a calming breath through his nose.
You don't move and you don't speak, you just stare down at the teddy bear that absorbs any falling tears that escape from your eyes.
"Are you hungry?" he inquires, folding his arms.
You sniffle gently, pressing the teddy bear to your growing stomach.
He doesn't want to force you to do or say anything. So he just sits beside you. Because he always will.
Silence takes over the room, coating Guk in white noise.
"I thought I was gonna die." you announce softly, playing with the hem of your dress.
He squeezes his eyes shut, his bottom lip starting to quiver at your admission.
"I didn't think I would ever see you again," you gasp, gripping the teddy bear tighter.
Jeongguk can feel his eyes burning with raw emotion. He can feel his body shutting down to it's baser instincts.
"I never gave up hope. I always knew you would come back to me. I just knew it." he breathes, looking over at you.
You give a small nod, wiping your cheeks almost childishly.
"Thank you for speaking to me. I miss your voice." he whispers, looking up at the ceiling.
There's silence again.
"I wasn't allowed to talk." you murmur.
His fists squeeze tightly at the admission and he can feel this anger swirling deep within his gut.
You haven't said anything, especially anything about when you were taken so the small sliver of information you've given him makes him see red in that quick minute.
"Did they…Did they hurt you, baby? Is that why you won't let me touch you?" he inquires softly.
You swallow thickly, standing up and putting the teddy bear back in the crib. "I'm hungry." you bleat.
Jeongguk realizes he's stepped too far for where you're comfortable, so he nods in agreement.
"Yeah… Of course. I brought home some sesame chicken. Come." he says quickly, trying to take your mind off of everything.
"What do you think?" you ask your husband, picking a small onesie off the store rack.
Jeongguk lowers his sunglasses, staring at the small article of clothing.
"It's yellow," he replies, garbled around a piece of hotteok.
"So? You don't like yellow?" you quip, looking down at the small bumble bees buzzing around the fabric.
"You're not pregnant yet," he states, sitting down on one of the benches near the shoes area.
"So? I can't buy a onesie if I'm not pregnant?" you gasp playfully, pressing the baby clothes to your chest.
He looks at you incredulously, fighting the smirk that threatens to spread over his lips. "What're you saying? You wanna have my baby?"
You roll your eyes, placing the baby clothing into the cart. "Isn't that every woman's dream?"
He blinks. "To have Jeon Jeongguk's baby? Yeah probably."
Your snort seems to carry through the thin air of the department store and Guk watches as you rifle through more clothes.
Wiping his mouth with his napkin, he takes you in. The way you sway to the music that creeps through the loudspeakers and the way your fingers deftly card through the small onesies.
God, his life is so perfect.
You're so perfect.
He's the epitome of luck and he surely believes he saved the king in his past life to be so blessed this time around.
"I love you," he breathes, pushing his sunglasses to the top of his head.
Your smile is blinding and you cross through the aisle, sitting down on his lap and hooking your arms over his neck.
"I love you, too." you coo, booping his nose with your index finger.
You ate in silence but at least you stayed in the same room as him.
Guk noticed how slowly you ate, like you were savoring it as if it was your last meal or something.
He appreciates that you spoke to him if only a few words. He'll cherish it forever if he's being honest.
But with the absence of sound, he found himself thinking of so many questions that won't leave his brain.
He knows you're not ready to answer them. You may never be ready.
But he has them prepared just in case.
Now, laying in bed, he hopes you'll come and sleep with him again like last night. He hopes it wasn't just a one off.
Jeongguk's head lays down on his pillow and he stares at your side of the bed.
He likes that your side is still a bit wrinkled from last night, it reminds him again that you were next to him.
When he hears your small footsteps, he closes his eyes. He pulls a soft throw pillow to his chest and hugs it as tightly as possible.
It feels like an eternity, waiting to see what you'll do but then finally you slip into the bed beside him.
He peeks one eye open and he's met face to face with you.
You haven't been this close in ages.
"Hi baby," he whispers, closing his eye.
He can only chant to himself, 'Please don't leave. Please don't get scared.'
He can feel the bed dipping closer and closer to him and his eyebrows furrow curiously.
You're moving towards him?
He can feel the soft skin of your arm grazing against his and a shiver runs up his spine.
He whimpers gently, embarrassingly so, at your body so close to his own.
Guk can feel his eyes welling up with tears.
He takes deep, calming breaths to try and steady himself.
“D-Don’t move,” you beg of him and his body goes rigid at your request.
His eyes snap open and he watches you lean in slowly. He holds his breath, swallowing thickly when you press your forehead to his.
Fat, salty tears roll down his cheeks when your stomach presses against his arms.
You take a sharp breath between your teeth and it echoes through him like he’s a vast canyon.
Jeongguk can feel his hands sweating and he wants to hold you so badly it’s almost ripping him apart. But he keeps true to your request, locking his joints in place.
“Okay,” you breathe nervously, closing your eyes.
Your lips move ever so slowly towards his and he squeezes his eyes shut.
When he feels the soft petals of your lips against his, his whole body relaxes and he sobs weakly against you.
He doesn’t kiss back, he just allows you to do what you please -- to take what you need.
Your small hand wraps around his wrist and it dangles limp within your grasp.
“Baby,” Guk sobs softly as you pull away.
You don’t reply, you just lay his hand softly on your stomach and turn onto your back.
His sobs crack with the sheer amount of pain and relief in his throat. He can barely hold himself together and when a tiny patter makes itself known under his hand, he begins to wail.
You squeeze your eyes shut, covering your face with your hands and even though this is so painful -- it’s so healing.
“T-Thank you,” your husband cries, burying his face into the throw pillow he holds so tightly to himself.
“Love you,” you whimper, turning your head and staring at the closed windows.
He nods childishly, running his hand over your growing stomach.
“I love you too, baby. So much.” he gasps, feeling his heart begin to bleed again.
Tumblr media
Jeongguk doesn’t even give Namjoon a chance to sit down. He starts speaking the minute he steps foot into the therapy office. “She kissed me.”
Dr. Kim grabs the arms of his chair, slowly sitting down and raising an eyebrow. “Jeongguk, that’s amazing.”
Your husband doesn’t even sit down. He feels like he’s floating on air and he wants to keep it that way. He paces back and forth behind the long couch, pocketing his hands deep into his pants.
“She’s making so much progress so quickly! I’m so proud of her!” Guk whines, lolling his head back.
The therapist writes something down on his clipboard, looking up at your happy life partner. “Would you like to talk about how this happened?” he asks with a small smile.
Jeongguk is like an excited puppy, rounding the couch and throwing himself down on it immediately. “Well, I did exactly as you said. I stayed in the nursery with her for a while and I was talking and she talked back!”
Namjoon hums thoughtfully, scratching his nails to the fabric of his chair. “Did she say anything important? Anything that would help us delve deeper into what happened to her?”
The happiness starts to bleed out of your husband as he replays your words from last night through his head. “Y-Yeah. She said she thought she was going to die and she was so afraid that she would never see me again.” he bleats, looking down at his shoes.
Dr. Kim nods, setting aside the clipboard and folding his hands. “That must have hurt.”
Guk can’t help the frown that spreads over his features. “Yeah, it did hurt. I asked her if they hurt her and if that’s why she won’t let me touch her but she didn’t give me an answer.”
There’s silence again and Jeongguk finds it just as uncomfortable as all the other times before this.
“She’s definitely still learning to cope and she’s almost certainly healing little by little. Did you do anything else with her?” Dr. Kim inquires.
“We ate dinner together and… God, Doctor Kim, you had to see her. She was eating so slowly like it was her last meal or something.” your husband bleats.
Namjoon nods understandingly. “She might not have been given a lot of food when she was taken. It’s good that she eats slowly.”
Jeongguk didn’t even think of that… he feels like an asshole now.
“And what about last night? Did she sleep in bed with you?”
Oh, but that question brings back the excitement.
“Yes! She laid next to me in bed and-and she asked me not to move. So I didn’t but she leaned in really close and kissed me for the first time in… forever. She also took my hand and put it on her belly and I felt the baby move.”
Namjoon purses his lips impressed. “Well, that’s amazing. Maybe we should think about bringing Y/N to a session maybe next week. What do you think about that?”
Your husband nods almost instantaneously. “Anything that I can do for an exercise to help her?”
The therapist narrows his eyes thoughtfully. “Try to just talk to her some more? Next week, if she wants to come for a session then maybe we can work on her being okay with some simple touches.”
Jeongguk nods, a surge of hopefulness fleeting through him. "Okay!"
The flowers and plants in the backyard have been doused and seemingly flooded by the constant rain.
It's killing your tomatoes and you can only scoff as the rain continues to batter down outside.
"Do you see this?" you gawk to your husband, tapping your nail against the glass door to the back patio.
Your husband turns away from the television to look at the downpour outside.
"I know, it won't stop. How am I supposed to go survey the land for the new Seoul project if there's flooding everywhere?" he gripes, setting down his beer.
"Uh. Yeah. But my tomatoes!" you whine, turning to him with a pout.
He can only smile at your pouty face, standing up off the couch and opening his arms for you.
"I'll get you new plants if these are damaged. You know that, baby." he coos.
You hum in agreement, wrapping your arms around him and tugging him tightly to your body. "But then I'm gonna have to start all over again. Amena and Allegra have been growing for a year already."
Jeongguk can only snort, running his hand over your head in the most soothing of ways. "You named our tomato plants?" he quips.
"Yeah! They're like my children! I water them everyday, I talk to them so they become big and strong, I love them." you retort, running your hands underneath his white tank top.
"God, I need to get you pregnant already. I think you're going crazy." he jeers.
You snort, placing your temple to his chest and feeling his even, strong heartbeat that's become the song of your life.
"I hope I don't get my period this month." you breathe, closing your eyes.
He smiles, placing his chin atop your head as he stares at the torrential rain outside. "Me too, baby. Me too."
Jeongguk has become a master at the staring game.
He stares at you every second he possibly can in hopes that he can memorize every single thing about you.
But tonight, he just lets everything go.
He stares up at the ceiling instead of grabbing a pillow and pressing it to his chest. He watches the shadow of tree limbs dance across the moonlit ceiling and it shrouds him in ethereal comfort.
Out of the corner of his eye, he sees you enter the bedroom. While you do make yourself small, he can see your hands pressed up underneath your belly almost as if you need the support.
You're slow to climb into bed and he moves the throw pillow out of your way without a single word.
You've done really well today, you held eye contact with him many times and you even answered a few of his questions.
He has faith, now more than ever, that things can go back to the way they were.
"Baby?" he inquires softly.
You grab his hand and place it on your belly without a word.
Turning your head to him, he knows you're listening even if you don't speak.
"Will you come with me for a therapy session next week? Doctor Kim thinks it would be a good idea." your husband asks, tracing the outlines of the warped branches on the ceiling.
"Yes. I want to heal." you whisper and he gives a small smile at your words.
"I think you're doing better and better everyday." he announces, running his thumb over your distended belly.
You shiver at the movement but you don't push him off.
Leaning over to the nightstand, you grab the lotion that hasn't been used in months but Jeongguk can already smell the telltale scent that is purely yours.
You hold it out, looking at your husband with doe-like eyes and he can only smile.
He sits up with a giddiness that has his limbs trembling with excitement.
"If you don't like it, tell me, I'll stop right away." he promises, pushing the comforter off the both of you.
You take a sharp breath at his closeness, looking up at the ceiling to calm your erratic heart.
He lifts his long t-shirt that you wear for sleeping and he can feel his eyes burning at the sight of you.
Tying his hair up in a ponytail, he can see how taut your belly is -- how well his little girl is growing inside of you.
"Oh my babies," he coos gently.
He bends down, keeping his eyes on your face. His lips pepper small, open mouthed kisses to your taut skin and you wriggle beneath him.
You don't want to push him away but you haven't been loved like this in so long -- it makes you nervous.
You squeak gently when he kisses your belly button. His hands are so warm at the bottom of your bump and you shiver.
"Too much? Am I doing something wrong?" he asks softly, watching your hands bunch up the sheets.
"N-No," you gasp, squeezing your eyes shut.
There's a layer of sweat that begins to build on your scalp and you know it's because of the nerves.
"You're so beautiful, baby. Thank you for carrying our daughter." Guk breathes.
He pulls away from your stomach, you've done really well so far letting him kiss you like this without flinching away from him.
He squeezes some lotion into his hand, hoping to warm it just a bit before spreading it out onto your skin.
You wince at the still cool lotion and your limbs tense up when his hands glide effortlessly over your bump.
It's terrifying to be touched but knowing that it's Guk -- the only man you've only ever known or loved makes it just a bit easier.
"Wonderful, you're doing wonderfully babe." he promises, dutifully lotioning your belly.
You look so motherly below him, like an angel of fertility and he can't stop the tears that obscure his vision.
When he sniffles, your eyes snap to his and you can see the sheer amount of adoration he holds behind the windows to his soul.
"I love you," he breathes, running his hands over your sides.
Swallowing thickly, your hands, as shaky and terrified as they are, cup his face. Your thumbs swipe away his tears and he can only sob more at the feeling.
His slick with lotion hands, wrap around your wrists and delicately he presses kisses into your palms.
"You're home with me now. I'm never going to let anything terrible happen again. I'm going to make sure you're safe. I swear. I promise," he gasps out against your soft skin.
You can barely contain the sob within your own throat but you nod childishly at his words.
He covers his face with your hands, crying loudly into the cover you've given him.
"I love you, too." you promise quietly.
His eyes flutter shut and he can only give your hands more kisses until his tear ducts have no more salty tears to shed.
"You're so beautiful and so precious to me. I love you so much." he bleats, letting your hands go.
He continues his work in silence apart from sniffles and rubbing his red cheeks onto his bare shoulders. His fingers are gentle against your tummy and you know he needs this.
He needs this connection with your daughter because it's been so sorely missed. You had her and only her when you were taken away but Jeongguk had nothing.
He had nothing but heartache and waiting.
When he's finally finished, he sets the lotion back on the table before throwing himself down beside you.
"I miss holding you," he chirps, reaching for the throw pillow to hug.
You bury your terror deep down inside, moving closer and closer to him until your stomach is pressed up against his.
You both collectively shudder at the touch but when his arms wrap around you and you smell the familiar scent that is purely his… you find yourself relaxing even in the slightest.
"Thank you," he gasps, running his hands over your back.
His face buries into your hair and you can only give a meek nod.
"Oh fuck, this feels good." he whispers, closing his eyes.
Tumblr media
Your husband holds the door open for you and you shuffle slowly into the therapy office.
Jeongguk didn't know how difficult it would be for you to go outside but when he put his hand in yours, it helped in ways he could never imagine.
"Hi Y/N, it's so nice to meet you," Dr. Kim greets sweetly.
You give a small smile, sitting on the far end of the couch and tucking your legs beneath you as if to make yourself miniscule.
Namjoon looks you over before nodding to himself. He puts the clipboard down and watches your husband take a seat at the other end.
"Jeongguk has been telling me about all the amazing progress you've been making." Namjoon informs you.
Guk takes in the therapist then. He's soft and sweet with you but not so soft that he'd be talking to a child or someone young. He's had to do this quite a few times, he surmises.
"You don't have to talk if you don't want to. This is a safe space to just be," the therapist looks pointedly at Jeongguk, giving him a soft smile, "how has your progress been this week?"
Your husband smiles at the question. "She's doing so great. She let me put lotion on her belly and she slept in my arms all night long last night, didn't you baby?" he gushes, looking over at you.
You nod, looking over at him and giving him a small smile.
"Well that's great. It seems a lot of progress has been made. Y/N, did you know that when your husband first came here he didn't talk at all for the first month?" Namjoon inquires, pointing his pen at your significant other.
"No," you murmur curiously, staring at the handsome blonde man you adore.
Dr. Kim appreciates hearing your voice even if it's soft and short.
"Well, I didn't want to talk a lot because I felt foolish." Guk admits it easily.
You pick your head up fully then, giving your attention to him.
"Why is that, Jeongguk?" Namjoon inquires.
Your husband clears his throat awkwardly, looking down at his wedding ring and widening his eyes. "I felt like a failure… Cowardly, too. My wife was missing for months and I did my own search in finding her and came up with nothing. Then, the police -- they were all brazen assholes that even when they found Y/N they just threw her into my care without any extra help or reasoning behind anything… She was afraid and I-I felt guilty."
You swallow thickly, leaning across the couch and wrapping both of your arms around his right bicep.
He does what's always been normal to him, kissing the top of your head.
Namjoon watches as you shiver but don't pull away and he hums in agreement.
"Why did you feel guilty?" he prods, crossing his legs.
"Well… I'm her husband and I let such a terrible thing happen to her. I'm supposed to keep her safe and I-I fa-failed. Then when she came back to me, she was so frightened and I was at such a loss of what to do, it… it ripped me apart inside."
Namjoon can hear your small gasp even if your husband doesn't and he nods understandingly. "Y/N, do you have anything you want to say about that?"
You hug Guk tighter to your body and his eyes squeeze shut. "It's not your fault. It's no one's fault." you bleat sheepishly.
Dr. Kim nods astutely, leaning forward until his elbows are on his knees and his hands are intertwined beneath his chin. "Nobody in this room is at fault for what happened. There are terrible people in this world that sometimes make horrible choices and it affects others."
Then there's silence for a second and you watch Jeongguk spin his wedding band around on his fourth finger.
He only ever does this when he's deep in thought. On instinct you reach over and press your lips to his cheek and his hand comes up to cup the side of your face sweetly.
"Y/N, do you still feel the need to flinch away or scream?" Dr. Kim asks and you can feel your face paling in color.
Your eyebrows furrow and you hug Guk tighter to yourself.
He looks over at you and you can see the pleading in his eyes -- he needs you to talk about this, he needs to understand.
"Yes," you chirp, looking down at the knees of your leggings.
What a simple question.
Jeongguk coddles you to his body and he watches as your pupils shake back and forth. This is when you're deep in thought.
He closes his eyes and he knows that you probably won't answer, you aren't comfortable with this man.
"Because they used to hit me." you breathe, closing your eyes.
Guk takes a sharp breath between his teeth, turning his face away from you as his jaw clenched tightly.
"Did they know you were pregnant?" Dr. Kim asks, picking up his clipboard.
You shake your head and your husband can feel your hair whipping around at your answer.
"Did you tell them that?" Namjoon asks, pushing the bridge of his glasses up with his middle finger.
"Yes, then they stopped." you reply.
"Fucking pieces of sh-"
"Jeongguk. For Y/N's sake, we're not going to get angry here. We're going to just listen and understand." the therapist cuts him off quickly.
Squeezing his fist tightly, he brings it to his forehead before nodding weakly.
He doesn't want to scare away your progress but this ball of hatred within him grows tense and feels more like fire with every passing second.
"What did they want with you? Why were you taken? Do you know?"
Your teeth nibble at the inside of your cheek and you can feel the sensitive flesh becoming raw and cut up with every worrying clench.
"It's okay if you want to wait to spea-"
"I don't." you squeak quickly.
Namjoon nods, leaning back in his chair and extending a hand for you to speak when you wish.
"They were doing drug stuff." you blurt, finding it kind of relieving to speak about it.
"Oh? And did they make you do drugs?" Dr. Kim asks.
Jeongguk scoffs so loudly that it makes you cower but he's quick to apologize profusely and kiss the top of your head repeatedly. "Baby, no. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, baby girl."
"Jeongguk." Namjoon chastises softly and your husband holds up his hands apologetically.
"They didn't make me do drug stuff. I bagged up drugs… I think it was cocaine or something but I'm not sure… I don't do drugs." you announce, squeezing your husband's arm sweetly.
The therapist watches how your legs tug out from underneath you and slowly plant onto the carpeted floor. He doesn't speak, he waits for you to.
"My ankle was chained to some type of radiator. The metal got warm at night so… that's how I knew. I wasn't allowed to speak and they conditioned me to it. So I didn't or… couldn't tell them I was pregnant. But one of them, Taehyung, noticed after a few months. I can remember them fighting about it or yelling about it for a while."
Jeongguk watches how you stare off into space and he wants to pull you away from those memories and shield you so badly but you need this. You need to speak about it to get over it.
"So one day when everyone was out to lunch, Taehyung asked me if I was pregnant and I said yes. I don't think he liked keeping me there in that state and he kept rambling on about two mouths would be worse than just one. So he told me he was going to kill me and put an end to my misery. And I thought that would be best."
Guk squeezes his eyes shut, biting down on his lip to the point that it might draw blood but then you begin to speak again.
"I was waiting and waiting to die but it never came and then at night, a bag was put over my head and I was knocked out. Then I woke up on the Expressway six months after I was taken." you state, looking down at your husband's wedding band.
Jeongguk shudders and he takes a deep, calming breath through his nose.
"Thank you for telling us, Y/N. I know this certainly can't be easy to relive. But now that it's out in the open, we can work on rebuilding your relationship with Jeongguk. How does that sound?"
You nod immediately, looking up at the blond haired man you adore.
Namjoon gives a small smile, putting his clipboard aside.
"I think the next exercise you should do as a couple is to continue to heal together. Whether that be physical or talking. It's important to get back to the patterns you had before this."
"Physical?" Jeongguk echoes, tilting his head.
The therapist takes off his glasses, cleaning them with the hem of his sweater vest. "Sexual intercourse is healing, Jeongguk."
Your husband blushes a furious pink that radiates to the tips of his ears.
"That doesn't mean you have to rush home and try it. You should build up to it. Allow things to become comfortable again between the both of you. You can only start to heal when you allow yourselves."
That resonates deep within you and you find yourself yearning for comfort after so long.
You want to be back to your full self, even if it would take a day or a year to get there.
Tumblr media
"That was great babe, you did amazing. I'm really proud of you," Jeongguk gushes when you both finally get home.
The small smile you give him has his heart melting with love and he holds back the biggest urge to throw his arm over your shoulders.
You know that this must be torment for your husband and the guilt within you is constantly growing.
When you walk into the kitchen, it piques Guk's curiosity. He watches as you rifle through the cabinets and fridge with nosy eyes.
His elbows lean down on the kitchen island and his hands come up below his chin to investigate.
"Whatcha doin', baby?" he chirps, watching you grab a carton of eggs.
"Cooking." you reply softly, setting ingredients down on the counter.
"Wait, really?!" he gasps, standing up straight and widening his eyes.
"Take out food is bad for you," you whisper, tying your hair up.
"No, but… baby, you must be tired. You don't have to cook. I can cook." he says quickly, rounding the island to be beside you.
He towers over you and the sweet smell of his cologne puts you at ease even if he's just a touch too close.
"You don't know how to cook," you remind him, flipping open the rice cooker.
He scoffs, widening his eyes playfully. "Yes I do! Why would you offend me like that?"
You giggle gently, a simple reflex and the both of you freeze.
Wow, you haven't laughed in… ages. It feels so good to laugh.
Guk swallows thickly, hoping that this isn't the straw that breaks the camel's back.
Your laugh is so pretty, prettier than most things in this universe and his stomach does flips at the simple noise.
Your cheeks even hurt from the smile you produced, those muscles haven't been used in forever.
Jeongguk waits patiently to see if you'll be the one to speak up and he's grateful when you do.
"I'm sure that you remember the fried chicken," you offer, grabbing the bag of rice from the bottom cabinet.
"Okay!" he groans, "how was I supposed to know the oil was too hot? In what universe do things immediately char when put into hot oil?"
"This one," you quip softly, smiling to yourself as you add water to the cooker.
His arms wrap around your belly, caging you into his grip and you're so distracted with the fun memories that you feel no discomfort at all.
This is natural.
This is good.
Feels damn good, too.
"I've made other food that's been tasty." he counters, kissing over the back of your neck with soft, sweet lips.
You shiver at the feeling, letting your eyes flutter closed.
It's so natural to tease your handsome husband and on instinct you do so with a playful tone.
"The galbi, the egg fried rice, the hamburgers, the pizza, the sweet and sou-"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah alright." he murmurs, chuckling into your ear.
You hum sweetly, shutting off the water and letting your body get comfortable with the familiar arms around you.
Of course this isn't easy, it isn't easy to try and force the terror that is constantly awake inside of you away. But because it's Guk, your husband who you love more than anything, it makes it just a little bit easier.
"What're you making for dinner anyway?" he inquires, kissing the crown of your head repeatedly.
With each kiss, his pectoral muscles ripple against you and you've forgotten what it's like to appreciate your god of a man. Before you were taken, you worshipped his body like he was a god. And you think that's been sorely missing for him as well.
"Egg fried rice." you reply, turning around to him.
He takes a sharp breath between his teeth at the sight of you so close to him. Taking a step back, he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable but your hands reach up to his hips and still him.
"Just stay," you whisper, watching his eyes become glassy.
Cupping his cheeks with your hands, you smile up at him gently.
His eyes flutter shut and he's in such incredible peace.
"Kiss me, please." you ask of your husband.
His eyes spring open and he hums with uncertainty.
"Are you sure, baby? I don't want to rush our progress. I don't want to scare you." he coos, running his hands over your belly.
"Kiss me." you repeat.
When he bends down, your breath hitches and your nervousness grows with each second. His large body seems to drape over you like a shadow and your heart begins to hammer with fear.
You want to scream out in this second, cower away from him and everything the world has to offer.
But then his lips press to yours. He's soft and gentle, letting the petals of his lips caress yours with such love and adoration. That fear -- that anxiousness is gone as quickly as it came.
The smell of his cologne breeches your senses while you kiss, it echoes and spreads through your limbs like a forest fire.
Jeongguk cups your cheeks with his hands, wiping away tears that you haven't even noticed have breached past your eyelids.
"Oh my baby," he gasps, pulling away and pressing his forehead to yours.
"Thank you," you whimper, hugging him as tightly as you can to your body with the obstacle of his growing daughter in the way.
There's something about you on early school day mornings. Maybe you just look better in the chilly air or maybe your presence just warms Jeongguk to the point of comfort.
"Morning loser!" he jeers, fumbling with his tie.
"Oh, I'm the loser, am I?" you quip, leaning back against the large cherry blossom tree beyond the gates to your high school.
"You're our loser," Jimin teases, walking past the both of you with his textbooks pressed tightly to his chest.
Flipping your other friend the middle finger, you blow a bubble in your gum. You watch as Jeongguk continues to fumble with his tie, earning creases and wrinkles in the fabric.
"Oh lord, it's like watching a 'how to fail at life' video." you roll your eyes, grabbing the lapels of his school uniform jacket and shoving him up against the tree.
He sneers at you, widening his pretty mocha eyes and you can only snort in response.
"My dad didn't teach me how to do this before he went away for his job." he gripes, gripping the bottom ends of the tie in his fists and furrowing his eyebrows.
You take pity on him then, watching his annoyance truly bubble to the surface.
"Here," you breathe, smacking his hands away from the tie playfully.
You start to tie his tie properly, blowing a large bubble that he pops easily with the tip of his finger.
"First day of the new school year, this should be fun." he says, pushing some hair back behind your ear.
You shiver at his touch, lowering your head as your skin begins to heat up with embarrassment.
"Oh God, just kiss her already. Gross!" Jimin calls you both.
Your eyes snap to one another and Guk lets out a playful chuckle. "She doesn't know what's good for her!" he teases, winking down at you.
You grumble your protestations quietly, tying the tie so tightly that he coughs loudly.
"God," he groans, moving the neck until he's comfortable.
"I do know what's good for me!" you bite back, slinging your backpack over your shoulder.
"Oh yeah?" Guk quips, walking after you, "Then kiss me."
His large eyes are devious and his eyebrow juts up with playful intentions.
"You can't do it, can you? You can't just-"
You press your lips to his roughly, not knowing how to kiss since this is your first time. His large hand cups the back of your head immediately, sighing gently against your lips. It's messy and there's a lot of teeth but your heart thrums knowing Guk is your first.
When you pull away, you want to flee almost immediately but Jeongguk doesn't give you the time. His arm wraps around your shoulders and his smile is so large and giddy that it could rival the sun with its brightness.
"So you like me, huh?" he quips, running his thumb over your red, raw lips.
"Shut up!" you hiss, pulling his tie towards school.
Jeongguk groans loudly when he climbs into bed. He turned the heat up all the way but there's still a chill in the air that makes him tug the comforter over his bare chest quickly.
He can only smirk when you step into the doorway in only his t-shirt.
"You're getting so big that your belly enters a room first, y'know," he quips.
You snort softly, a noise that used to be common but it's the first one in months.
"Dinner was delicious, I missed your cooking so much." your husband breathes, hooking both of his hands behind his head.
"You didn't cook at all?" you inquire gently, climbing into bed beside him.
He turns his head lazily to you, raising an eyebrow. "You think I could cook for myself when I was so worried? I can't cook to begin with."
"Oh, so you admit it then." you sigh, placing a throw pillow beneath your bump and turning to him.
He laughs, crinkling the corners of his eyes cutely.
The moonlight casts a bluish glow over his face and arms and you can't help but begin to lose yourself in his handsome features.
His breath starts to catch in his throat when he looks at you, your eyes are speaking thousands of words of ardor and he can't help the tug of his heart at the sight.
"Doctor Kim said we have to have sex," you bleat.
"We don't have to do anything, baby. If you aren't comfortable, then we aren't doing it." Guk deadpans, running his hand over your belly.
When the light hits his irises just right, the beautiful mocha color seems to burnish holes into your skin.
His hand cups your cheek and your eyes squeeze shut at the soft warmth.
You don't know what you're ready for in all honesty.
You don't know what you need if it isn't Jeongguk.
And you want to try at least something to feel closer to him.
"I-I want to try something," you whisper uneasily.
Your husband leans up on his elbow, looking at you with curiosity written all over his handsome face.
He looks you over, pushing the comforter off of his ever heating body and your eyes fall straight to his torso. His abs are thick and noticeable, the muscles flex and ripple with each deep breath he takes and you find yourself heating up at the sight.
The black ink of his tattoos litters his body in all the right spots and all you can think about is how much you've missed him.
"What do you want to try, baby girl?" he coos, running his hand through his long blonde hair.
"Well if you stay still… maybe I can…" you can't even find the words, your throat tightens up and you feel completely lost at what to do.
Before you were taken it was so easy to fall into bed with your husband and now it's like you're grasping for straws.
Jeongguk hitches up the leg of his briefs, raising an eyebrow. "If you're really serious about it then take what you need."
"That's selfish," you mutter, looking down as his thick thigh muscles twitch suggestively.
"Hey, hey, hey," he coos, tilting your face up with his index finger, "you need to feel comfortable again. You have my patience, my love, my heart, anything and everything. You take everything you want and need from me without guilt. I'm your husband, there's no way I could be selfish with you."
He's always been this way with you, ever since middle school. Jeongguk has always given you more than you give him and that selfless nature of his always has your heart bleeding in ways you may never understand.
You lean in slowly, your breath hitching at the closeness of him and his eyes flutter shut in anticipation.
"Take everything," he reminds you, running his fingertips over your stomach softly.
Guk can't help the mewl that escapes his throat when your lips press to his. He lets you take the lead, keeping his hands to himself politely.
Your kisses are slow and nervous but Jeongguk appreciates them all the same.
"Don't be nervous, baby. I'm right here. You're safe." he promises, pulling away for air.
You don't want this pressing anxiousness, you just want to be normal again. That's all you want.
Your hand shakes when you wrap your hand around his wrist.
"Mmm, that's it. Guide me, babe. Show me where you want me." your husband breathes out, kissing over your jaw with gentle pecks.
"Uh…" you chirp, settling his hand between your thighs.
He hums sensually, letting the heat from his digits warm your soft, cool skin. "So pretty," he purrs.
You gasp loudly when he cups your sex and his eyes are immediately on yours.
"Just relax, baby girl. If you don't like it or you aren't comfortable just tell me. I'll stop right away, okay?" he promises, kissing your lips ever so gently.
You give a meek nod, whimpering when his digits drift over the seat of your panties.
"Baby girl likes it. You're wet already." he breathes, inching his body closer to you.
He can feel the stickiness of your panties and his hips rut into the air at the feeling.
Jeongguk has been so depraved of everything besides the overwhelming feelings of guilt and loneliness he feels deep down inside.
He parts your folds through the sodden fabric, immediately connecting the pad of his thumb to your swollen clit.
"How's that, baby? You like that?" he gasps, watching you writhe under his sweet touch.
You mewl softly, squeezing your eyes shut and nodding.
There's this nervous pit within you that seems to be diminishing by the second. Every deep breath your husband takes and every word of praise that drips from his lips lulls you deeper into his comfort.
"Can I take your panties off?" he inquires sweetly, hooking his fingers into the sides.
Your hips lift within a word and he peels your underwear away at a deathly slow pace.
Your arousal is messy and stringy, breaking away from the soaked fabric to cling to your pussy lips and thighs.
Jeongguk groans wantonly, tossing the fabric away in a fury.
You've both only ever known each other's bodies. You lost your virginities together, you've both only loved each other so much that every part of your bodies is solely for the other.
Even if Guk hasn't had you in months, it's a muscle memory remembering how you like to be pleased.
"You're soaking wet, baby." he gasps, running his fingers over your puffy lower lips.
"P-Please," you whimper childishly, spreading your legs.
The wanton groan that rips from your husband is animalistic and needy at best but it pushes all your fears away in that moment.
"What're you begging for, hmm?" he coos, kissing over your neck.
"I don't know," you laugh, turning your head to him.
His smile is heartbreakingly gorgeous and he kisses you with the intensity to rival a thousand men. If this was any other time you would have pulled away but the arousal that's searingly hot and coursing through you only wants more.
You moan into the kiss, earning a gentle whine from the man you love.
"Is this what you want?" he quips, thrusting two fingers deep inside you.
Your stunted moan is loud and your chest heaves at the fullness you feel.
It's always amazing how he fills you up without even trying.
"Fuck, your pretty cunt is so tight." he groans, curling his fingers expertly to the sensitive bundle of nerves within you.
"G-Gukkie!" you whimper, placing your hand on your growing stomach.
"Feels good, baby? You like it?" he asks sweetly, placing his free hand atop yours on your belly.
You give a meek nod, mouth dropping open when he starts to pump his fingers in and out of you at a snail's pace.
"You're so beautiful," Guk breathes, pressing his thumb back to your swollen clit.
He rubs loving, smooth circles to the nub, praising you when your moans reach a loud pitch.
"That's not what you call me in bed, baby. You know better. Come on," your husband goads, lifting his long t-shirt to look at your stomach.
"Daddy," you preen softly and he smirks at your sweet tone.
"Good girl, there it is."
His fingers fuck into you faster and your hands can't stop raking over the taut muscles of his stomach.
Jeongguk feels like he doesn't have a second to waste. He wants to please you in every way and show you how much you've been sorely missed.
"What am I going to do with you? You're too gorgeous to be in my bed." he groans, pressing his lips to the swell of your stomach.
Your hips wriggle for more and he pulls out altogether. Adjusting the painfully hard erection beneath his boxers, he lays down on the bed.
"Come take everything from me, baby," he announces, opening his arms.
You feel so empty, so needy and bothered that you immediately heed his command.
Whimpering softly, your legs part over his thick thigh and he gives a warm smile up at you.
"You're so beautiful," he avows, running his hands over your sides.
His thigh is smooth and rigid beneath you. You emit a whimper throughout the quiet room as you begin to rut yourself against his muscles.
"God, you're so wet. My thigh is soaked. Fuck." Guk curses, moving your hips faster.
Looking down into his eyes, they're drunk with adoration and lust.
You're too grateful to feel so peaceful and calm in this moment. You can think of nothing else besides the man beneath you.
"Daddy, I-"
He hums in agreement, tucking his bottom lip tightly between his teeth.
He can only look at your body with wonder. You're so perfect and you always have been. You've always been a dream to him and he's so happy you can be back here in his arms.
Pushing the shirt up higher, his hands graze over your large stomach and he whines softly.
"You look so amazing carrying our daughter." he praises.
His thigh muscles flex tightly for you and your hands scramble to press against his chest at the feeling.
The pressure is so intense and so amazing, you can only babble meaningless words and sounds.
Your head lolls back and your nails scratch against his golden honey skin when the bubble inside you begins to expand.
It's been so long since you've felt this kind of relief that it's approaching at a rapid pace.
"Does it feel good, baby girl? You wanna cum for me?" your husband asks, drifting his hands over your bump.
"Yes," you squeak, allowing him to intertwine your hands together.
"Yes what?" he quips, looking down at his soaked thigh.
"Yes, daddy." you breathe, letting your head loll back.
"Good girl, I bet you're real close, hmm? Just let go, baby. Take what you need."
His hands on your skin are so gentle and sweet that it's easy to fall over the edge with someone to catch you so earnestly.
"I can feel your clit throbbing, shit," your husband whines, running his fingers through his hair.
There's a moment when everything goes still. It's just you, your husband and your deep seated pleasure. You can only begin to relish in it when time starts up again.
"Daddy! Cumming!" you gasp, squeezing your eyes shut.
"Look at me when you cum, I want to see your pretty face."
Your eyes snap open on his command and suddenly that bubble inside you bursts.
The pleasure is so intense and so mind shattering that you can only make small gasps and whines as it courses through you.
Your hips rock slowly and your brain short circuits at the explosive feeling.
"Gukkie!" you cry out softly and when your body begins to rack gently, he sits up in a flash to coddle you.
"You're okay, I'm right here. You're safe, baby." he avows, running his hand over the back of your head.
Your chest feels tight and you hug him so closely that there isn't any room for anything else.
"Are you okay? Do you want me to get you water?" he inquires sweetly, kissing your temple.
"Don't leave me." you beg, laying your head down on his shoulder.
"I would never dream of it, baby." he whispers, rocking you slowly in his arms.
Your eyes flutter shut and the small pattern of irregular shapes that your husband draws on your skin calms your heart right away.
"Felt good, huh?" he chuckles, combing his fingers through your hair.
Your nod is childish and sweet, earning a bright smile from the man before you. "I love you, y'know?"
"I love you, too." you whisper, laying down beside him as he falls back.
He looks down at his soaked thigh with a wry smile. "I still get you flooding like a river."
"You're still cocky," you sigh, burying your face into his shoulder.
He laughs loudly, wrinkling his nose. Turning to you, his thumb drifts over the apple of your cheek and he can find no greater peace than this.
"Are you comfortable? Do you need anything?" he inquires.
You shake your head softly, getting comfortable beside him. "Just you."
Those words shoot straight to his heart and he feels like he's falling in love all over again.
"Are you in pain, should I help you?" you murmur tiredly.
Clicking his teeth, he kisses your forehead. "I'm never in pain when I'm with you. You should know that by now."
"I didn't feel scared at all. It was really nice," you bleat, feeling your head get heavier on his body.
"I'll show you that you don't have to be nervous or scared anymore. I promise," he whispers, smirking when your lips part in your unconscious state.
Tumblr media
You're still quiet when you speak but at least you're speaking.
Guk is over the moon with how close you let him get. He can hug you and kiss you now without feeling your body tense up so tightly.
On one hand he feels guiltier, if he would have just talked to Dr. Kim from the start, maybe your healing process would have begun months before this. On the other hand, just seeing you heal is worth its weight in gold.
"So… progress? Do we want to touch on that?" Namjoon inquires, giving a smile when you sit beside your husband and not at the end of the couch.
"We got closer this week than we ever have yet." Jeongguk tells him, letting his arm go lax so you can wrap your hands around his bicep.
Namjoon's eyes widen and he nods pleasantly. "I see. How was that for you, Y/N?"
You hum softly, watching as your husband spins his wedding band. "It felt good to just relax and not be scared."
"Ah, I see. So it pushed away everything you were nervous about?"
You nod pleasantly, looking up at Jeongguk who gives you a wink in reply.
"I was really nervous at first and my heart felt like it was going to explode but then after a while it kind of melted away," you squeak, feeling your neck and ears heat up out of embarrassment.
"That's really good. It's healthy. Not many people c-"
"But I felt guilty," you chirp, cutting off the therapist.
Dr. Kim narrows his eyes at you curiously and so does your husband.
Namjoon's hands politely fold and he tilts his head when you try to make yourself smaller.
"Why, baby?" your husband pouts, running his hand over the back of your head.
"Well I didn't do anything for you." you bleat, looking down at the sunflowers that make up the bottom of your dress.
Guk frowns deeply, drifting his thumb over the base of your neck. "Baby, you know I don't care about that."
Namjoon takes off his glasses, cleaning them with the hem of his shirt as he takes in your interaction. "So, Y/N, you felt guilty that you couldn't please your husband like he pleased you? Is that right?"
Your nod is miniscule but he does catch it when he puts his glasses back on.
"I see. Well that's quite good in a way, isn't it? It means that you love your husband so much that when you can't give back everything he gives to you it makes you feel as if you've been selfish."
"I've always felt that way. Jeongguk always gives me everything and I feel like I never do nearly enough for him in return." you gasp, accepting your husband's hand when he intertwines your fingers together.
"Babe," he murmurs, brushing a few stray hairs back behind your ear.
"It's natural to feel that way. It just goes to show how much you love him." Namjoon announces, crossing his legs.
Guk pushes the side of your head until you're leaning your temple against his shoulder. His lips glide over the crown of your head and you squeeze his hand tighter within your own.
"I'm going to give you an exercise this week, Y/N." Namjoon says, putting his clipboard aside.
You perk up at his voice, tilting your head curiously.
"Please Jeongguk how you think he should be pleased." the therapist says, folding his arms.
"I'm sorry," you whine to your newlywed husband.
He looks up from the end of the bed, running his soft hands over your calves.
"Don't be sorry, you can't help it." he coos sweetly, kissing over your exposed skin.
"I want to go out and play," you whine, looking out the bay windows of your hotel suite.
The sun is high in the sky and the palm trees sway in what you can only assume is a sweet, cool breeze.
Only on your honeymoon would you get jet lagged and sick.
Guk chuckles, crawling up the bed to lay beside you. "We have so much more time to enjoy Bali, it's okay. You just need to focus on getting better right now."
"But it looks so cool outside," you whine, turning to him with a pout.
He taps his index finger to the tip of your nose cutely. "Just relax, baby. You're not going anywhere until you feel better."
Taking the cold towel off your forehead, he dips it back into the warm water.
"You don't have to stay with me, you can go out and have fun," you suggest, closing your eyes.
"I have all the fun I need in this room. I have you." he whispers, smothering your cheek with kisses.
He lays the warm rag back onto your forehead and he can't help the love that blooms throughout his body when he looks down at you.
Sure, your face is a bit pale and peaky and yeah, your body is covered in a film of cold sweat but God, you still look like everything beautiful and perfect in this world.
"You're so sweet. I don't know how I ended up with someone as perfect as you," you murmur, letting the fresh sea air blow through the window over your body.
His smile is wide and loving, a billion sweet thoughts coursing through his head at all times.
"I think you're perfect. I've loved you since the moment I saw you." he breathes.
"Stop one up-ing me. It's not good for my mental health," you jeer, letting a small smirk grace your features.
Your husband chuckles, kissing the top of your head repeatedly. "No one could ever love you as much as I do."
"Now that I believe," you sigh happily, feeling your husband lay down in bed beside you.
"Just worry about getting better and then we can go play with dolphins."
"Dolphins. Okay, just dream of dolphins." you breathe blearily, accepting the tired state the medicine is putting you in.
Jeongguk gives a lopsided smirk, watching your head tilt towards him.
"Beautiful as always," he whispers, pressing his lips to yours.
Your husband was surprised to hear that you felt guilty in all honesty.
You've never voiced it in that way before.
"Do you think that you don't do enough for me?" he inquires curiously, setting down his chopsticks.
You look up from your food and suddenly the guilt is tripling and swirling around in your gut. "Yeah, sometimes." you whisper.
"Why?" he asks, picking up his plate and bringing it to the sink.
Staring up at the paintings above the dining room table, your head tilts. "Well, you've always been this big love bug and I'm not always like that. You're really selfless and I'm not."
He clicks his teeth softly, turning to you and crossing his arms. "I love you the way you are. I love everything about you… I always have."
"That's what I mean. That selflessness." you breathe, turning to him and giving him a small smile.
He chuckles sweetly, a sound that you adore more than anything in the universe.
When you stand, he quips an eyebrow.
Being kidnapped was terrifying, coming back was just as scary but not being able to show your husband how much he's adored and loved… well that's just as frightening.
Even though you still have this constant looming of nervousness that enraptures your being, it doesn't supercede the need to show love to your husband which you're grateful for.
"What is it?" your husband coos when you grip his wrist.
You don't reply, pulling him towards your bedroom silently.
"Baby?" he inquires, allowing you to take him to your room.
Closing the door behind you, you want to flee but you stand your ground, pushing against his chest until he's seated on the foot of the bed.
He stares up at you curiously, putting his hands behind him to balance himself.
"I love you," you avow.
"I love you too. Baby, what is it? Are you alright?" he asks curiously, tilting his head.
Your knees touch down on the soft carpet underfoot and his eyes widen.
"Wait, babe. It's okay. You don't have to-"
"I want to," you promise, cutting him off.
He takes in your doe-like gaze and he hums unsurely to himself.
"Come kneel on the bed if anything, I don't want your knees to get hurt." he breathes, pushing himself back to give you room.
See. He's too sweet and gentle to be unappreciated.
You take his advice, climbing onto the bed between his parted thighs.
Licking his lips slowly, his eyes watch you like a hawk.
"Y/N, we don't have to do this right n-" he groans softly, cutting off his words when you graze your hand along his soft cock.
His eyes squeeze shut and you're almost too quick at unbuttoning his jeans.
He lifts his hips, his pretty lips parting for air and his chest seems to tighten.
You're sure he's been aching since the other night when you fell asleep on him and the answer becomes known right away when you pull down his briefs.
He's already rock hard, the long, thick length seems to twitch and pulse for relief. The bulbous head is a maddening red and he seems so sensitive that even the soft graze against his heavy balls has him whining.
"G-God," he hisses, laying back.
You lick your lips, watching as precum begins to bead at the tip.
You've only ever had this man beneath you and God, you're lucky to have him.
"Take your shirt off," he begs, tugging at the hem.
You do as told, suddenly too concerned with pleasing him than to feel any sort of nervousness.
"Fuck, your tits are huge." he groans, palming your breasts softly.
Taking a sharp breath between your teeth, you can only whimper at his touch.
"Hurts?" he asks sweetly, pulling away.
"No, no. More. Feels good. They ache." you coo.
He tugs down the cups, widening his eyes at how different they look than what he's always been used to.
"Damn," he mumbles, sitting up.
"This is about you," you whine, palming his cock.
He moans so loudly that it ricochets through you and you can already feel your panties dampening.
Jeongguk is quick to tug off his shirt, giving you full view and access to his God-like body.
"Your nipples are so puffy." he bleats, running his thumbs over them.
"Jeongguk," you croon softly, trying to admonish him but it isn't coming out as such.
When your nipples begin to harden, small beads of milk start to gather at the tips and his eyes shoot up to yours.
"I want to taste," he growls, laying you down.
He isn't sure if it's because you look so motherly and so angelic or if it's something that he didn't even know would turn him on but the sight of your breasts leaking is sending him into an animalistic fury.
"I'm supposed to be making you feel good!" you gasp, feeling his lips drift over your clavicle.
"You always make me feel good," he murmurs, scoffing loudly when you begin to jerk his cock in hand.
His lips are warm and sweet against the swell of your breasts. You can feel the pufts of hot air he expels with each groan and scoff as he snaps his hips to your hand.
The tip of his tongue peeks out between the sweet pink petals of his lips and he looks up at you for confirmation.
Your smile is enough for him to continue and his hand presses to the distended side of your stomach as he makes his dissent.
Flicking the tip of your nipple with his tongue, your milk is sweet and enrapturing against his taste buds and he preens at the taste.
"Fuck, it's so sweet." he gasps, wrapping his lips around your stiff peaked bud.
You can only whine sweetly, carding your fingers through his hair when he suckles harder.
"D-Daddy! Oh!" you cry out, running your thumb around the head of his cock.
His precum is thick and sticky as you spread it around the head and he shivers against you.
You feel relief and intoxication when he continues to suckle. "Feels so good, the other one. Please."
He complies immediately, moving to your other breast and suckling.
"Oh fuck, baby. I want your mouth on me," he begs, letting your nipple go with a noisy pop.
It's easy to get back into this routine, shoving him down to have full access to his body.
Your tongue swirls around the bulbous head of his cock, picking up the thick, sticky precum he beads endlessly.
"Holy s-shit," he groans, moving your hair out of your face.
Gathering your hair into one fist, he runs his free hand along your cheek.
With every dip of your head, a string of curses greets your ears and you know how much he's enjoying himself.
"God! You've always been so good with your mouth. Fuck!" he curses, letting his head thump back to the pillow beneath him.
His cock begins to throb as you swallow around him and the hiss of pleasure he seethes through his teeth has your loins unfurling with sickly sweet wanting.
"W-Watch your stomach." he begs when you swallow him to the hilt.
Your nose brushes against his bare public bone and your husband is quick to wipe the tears off of your cheeks.
"My cock is too big for your pretty throat, huh? You're making a mess," he coos, drifting his thumb over your precum and spit covered chin.
You don't care how messy you look, you just want him to feel good because he deserves it. He deserves everything.
You begin to fuck his cock into your mouth faster and Jeongguk can only hiss and groan semblances of words.
"You- Ooh, fuck! You're so go-good at this. Shit!" he cries out, lifting his hips off the bed.
Whimpering gently as his cock begins to throb in your throat, you grip onto his thick thighs.
"You're gonna make me cum, Christ!" he moans, tugging on your hair.
With each dip of your head, his precum squirts onto the flat of your tongue and you're so lost in the world of pleasing your husband that you can't think of anything else.
"Off, get off. I want to cum on your belly." he gasps, pulling your hair.
With a noisy pop and a soaked chin, you let his cock fall free from your mouth.
You lay down at his command, running your fingers over his abs as he jerks his cock in hand.
"You look so fucking pretty with my baby inside you, I'm-I'm gonna cum all over this belly," he whines, his blonde hair falling into his eyes.
Tucking his bottom lip between his teeth, he gives a long groan. "Baby!"
Your thighs rub together for any and all friction you can find, staring up at the handsome man. His eyebrows knit and his mouth drops open into a silent scream.
Palming your leaking breast, he curses once more before ropes of his cum land on your distended stomach. "Fuck!"
He sits back on his heels, looking you over with lust drunk eyes and the goofy grin he gives you makes your heart hammer inside your chest.
"Damn," he breathes heavily, putting his hands on his hips, "you look so good covered in my cum."
You can't help but give a sweet giggle, letting your head loll back to the mattress.
Jeongguk takes in the silence and for the first time in a long time, he doesn't find it eerie.
"Are you aching?" he whispers, spreading your thighs.
You hum nonchalantly and when he looks down at your swollen cunt, he narrows his eyes at you. "Don't try to hide your need from me. I see your clit throbbing."
"This was about you," you offer, sitting up on your elbows.
"Don't care." he chides softly, wiping your stomach with his briefs.
His arms wrap around your thighs and your breath hitches in your throat when his head bows down.
The gentle kiss he gives to your swollen bundle of nerves has your hips lifting off the bed.
"You deserve to be pleased more than anyone in this universe," he coos, licking a flat strip up your sex.
"Guk!" you gasp, fisting your hands into his hair.
"Play nice," he jeers, attaching his perfect lips to your clit.
He suckles harshly, flicking his tongue back and forth until your chest has no more air to expel.
"You're so sensitive when you're pregnant," he breathes, entering two fingers into you slowly.
You whine his name, arching your back at the fullness you feel. His fingers curl perfectly inside of you and you can already feel your head swimming with pleasure.
You didn't register just how needy you were until this moment. You were too busy trying to please the man you adore.
"Daddy!" you whimper, letting go of his hair to fist the sheets in your hands.
He hums softly in agreement, slowly adding a third finger.
It's pent up wanting that floods through you at a blinding pace and your mind goes blank in an instant.
Jeongguk fucks his fingers into you faster, keeping his eyes plastered on your stomach which seems to get tighter and tighter by the second.
It's never taken him a long time to get you to your peak and it was and is something he's still constantly proud of.
"Oh my God!" you whine, throwing your head back.
When he hears your sobs of pleasure, he lifts the hood of your clit, taking his time to caress the throbbing bud with the tip of his tongue.
"I'm gonna cum. Daddy, pl-please let me." you beg, squeezing your eyes shut.
He hums in agreement, suckling harder until your legs are twitching and freezing in place.
The pads of his fingers flick against the velvet walls inside of you and suddenly your orgasm is blinding.
Your body racks with cries and your eyes well up with pleasured tears.
"You squirted for me, baby girl." Guk coos, pulling out of you and licking his fingers.
"Oh fuck," you gasp, putting your hand over your heart.
Your husband chuckles, inching up the bed until he's face to face with your stomach.
"Hi princess," he whispers to your daughter, running his hand over the soft, smooth skin.
It takes you a while to gather yourself after that explosive orgasm but hearing Jeongguk speak so sweetly to your daughter brings you back down to Earth.
"I really missed you, y'know," he avows, kissing your belly, "Daddy is gonna work really hard to make sure you and mommy are super safe and happy. Okay? Does that sound good?"
There's a tiny kick beneath his hand that has him chuckling in an instant. "Did you miss me too? We're all gonna heal together as a family. I'm going to spend the rest of my life making up for those months, alright?"
When he looks over at you and his hair falls into his large mocha eyes, you can only smile warmly.
"I love you," you breathe, feeling butterflies swirl around inside your stomach.
He smiles brightly, rubbing smooth circles to your distended skin. "I love you, too baby."
Tumblr media
Healing isn't always a one track thing. Sometimes there are setbacks and turns, other times it takes years.
You feel lucky to be getting your life back so quickly and it's only because your husband is the most supportive man of all time.
"So how was this past week?" Doctor Kim inquires, running his hands over the knees of his pants.
Jeongguk kisses the top of your head, wrapping his strong arm around your shoulders when you coddle to his side. "She's doing incredibly well."
You can only beam at his words, sending a shy smile the doctor's way.
"Y/N, how did you feel about the exercise? Did you show Jeongguk how much he means to you?"
"I tried," you breathe, recalling that night. "But it's a two way street with us, I guess."
Namjoon nods, setting down his clipboard. "And you know what? That's okay. In my opinion it's better to have things equal on both sides. It's a good thing that Guk adores you so much that he doesn't want things to be one sided."
"That's right," Guk whispers, intertwining your hand with his.
You look down at his wedding band, leaning your head on his shoulder with a pleasant sigh.
"And what about the anxiety, Y/N? Did you feel much of that?"
Your cheeks burn at the intimate question but you answer the doctor anyway. "No, it all just kind of melted away. I was so focused on pleasing him that it just kind of… faded."
Dr. Kim nods, crossing his legs and taking off his glasses to clean them. "You're healing. That's so important and you're doing it the right way -- together. Soon, you won't even need to come here."
Jeongguk runs his thumb over your bare shoulder, kissing the top of your head until your mind goes blank with only positive emotions.
"What should our exercise be this week?" your husband inquires.
Namjoon tilts his head, looking over how healthy the bond between you both has strengthened. "Just relish in each other's company."
"I really hate this," Guk sighs, wrinkling his nose at the design he's drawn.
The disappointment in his voice draws your attention and suddenly you're draping your upper body over the back of the couch.
"I think it's pretty, what's wrong with it?" you inquire.
He sighs, tossing his pencil down and running his hands through his long hair.
"It just feels so… rigid and so… fucking… bland. It has no soul in it. There's no emotion."
You don't know how he's always been so creative. It's always been a wonder to watch him work whether he was just doodling random cartoon characters or he was trying to create a new look for an upcoming building.
Your husband's eyebrows are notched together tightly, completely absorbed by everything wrong with the sketch.
"It feels so impersonal. There's no real soul in it. No real connection." he seethes, frustrated.
You pout in his direction, wishing you could distract him for just a second.
He's been so caught up in this project it's almost eating away at him.
Guk hasn't been sleeping or eating the way he should, he hasn't been enjoying life since the beginning of this project.
So you do the one thing that will get his attention.
Peeling off your sundress, you stand up off the couch.
Your husband runs his hands over his face due to his frustration and his breath catches in his throat when his eyes open.
"Oh baby, I'm sorry. I'm not really in the mood to-"
"Just let me take care of you," you cut him off, unlatching your bra and letting it fall to the dining room floor.
Jeongguk takes a sharp breath between his teeth, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you between his now parted thighs.
His hands run over your curves, looking up at you with soft, loving eyes.
"You're so beautiful," your husband breathes, leaning in to kiss between the valley of your breasts.
You hum softly, letting your fingers card through his black locks.
His lips pepper more loving kisses to your skin before he's stopping.
"That's what this project needs. More curves! More fluidity! Motion! Something with emotion!" he cries out, sitting up straight.
You sigh, putting your hands on your hips and narrowing your eyes at him.
"I know! I know! You're so totally pissed at me but just stand there for a few minutes," he beams, grabbing the large sketching pad and his pencil.
"Mkay," you concede, watching his eyes drift over you slowly.
"You're my biggest inspiration! I don't know why I didn't think of this before!" he whines, running one hand over your bare side as his dominant hand sketches fluid lines.
"I love you," you remind him.
His hand stutters on the paper and he looks up at you with the most blinding of smiles. "I love you too, gorgeous. Always."
Today was the first day you've had company over in your house since you've gotten back home.
Jimin has been privy to everything being your husband's best friend and he's kept completely silent on the topic which you find yourself grateful for.
But the most frustrating part throughout the whole evening is feeling your friend tiptoe through every conversation you both have.
He stops talking every five seconds as if he's thinking over what he's going to say before actually saying it just in case it triggers something inside of you.
And while you're grateful -- you wish it hadn't come to this.
"Your tomato plants look healthy," Jimin breathes, nodding towards the back patio.
"Jeongguk took good care of them while I was gone." you chirp, feeling your husband's lips press against your temple.
Your best friend clears his throat, slowly nodding at your admission.
Long gone is the frail woman who would jump at each and every small sound and every quick movement.
You just want to be normal again. You don't want to be the kidnapped victim anymore.
You want to be Jeon Jeongguk's wife.
You want to be the mother of a precious little girl.
Not someone who's been taken.
Jimin taps his fingers to the arm of his chair, bringing the mouth of his beer bottle closer to his face.
He's thinking again. Thinking of what to say.
Looking down at your lap, your fingers drift slowly over the swell of your stomach.
"The baby's getting big." your best friend comments.
Your husband takes the opportunity to fawn over you, pulling you close to his sweet smelling chest. "Yeah, she is. We decided to go with Haneul for her name. It's something uplifting and healing. We definitely needed that after everything that's happened."
You're more than grateful that Guk isn't too shy around the subject.
Ignoring the situation is one thing. Pretending like it never happened would kill you inside.
Jimin clears his throat, taking a deep swig of his beer.
Maybe it's your pregnancy hormones or maybe it's something even more troublesome that bubbles with a fury deep within you.
"Jimin. It's okay to talk about it, y'know." you announce, crossing your legs.
"N-No, I know. I just-" he doesn't finish his sentence, looking down at the knees of his pants.
"I'm not scared or ashamed of it anymore. We've both started to heal properly. It's alright for you to speak about it."
Jeongguk kisses your cheek, curving his hand around your distended stomach.
"I know… I just…"
"You don't see me the same anymore? I'm not the same girl that used to stick my used gum in your hair when we were in sixth grade? I'm not the same person that helped you lose your virginity in college by introducing you to Byul? Yes, I was kidnapped. I was handcuffed to a radiator at night. I bagged up drugs for free and got like twenty grains of rice a day. I wasn't allowed to speak. I was losing the feeling in both of my legs when Haeneul kept getting bigger because I couldn't walk anywhere. But I'm okay now. I'm still me. I'm still the same nasty, irritating bitch that made fun of you for that lopsided bowl cut you decided to do on yourself so you could look like Rain."
Jeongguk and Jimin blink in unison.
Your husband kisses the top of your head repeatedly, hugging you closer to his body.
Your best friend stares at you and you can practically see the rusty cogs turning in his mind.
"It wasn't fucking lopsided. All the girls loved that look." Jimin says finally, smirking over the top of his beer bottle.
"Yeah, keep telling yourself that, bud." you giggle, letting your body relax against Guks.
"I'm sorry, Y/N. It's just taking me a while to adjust to you being back. I don't want to upset you." your friend apologizes, leaning forward and placing his hand on your knee.
"You can't possibly upset me, I'm stronger now. Stronger than I've probably ever been," you promise, placing your hand atop his.
Tumblr media
Jeongguk groans loudly as he jumps onto the bed.
His hands open and close childishly, giving you a big smile when you shed his t-shirt from your body.
"You okay?" your husband inquires, running his hands over your thighs as you straddle his waist.
"Yeah, I just don't want to be 'the victim' anymore. I'm healing and I want everyone around me to heal as well."
He nods in agreement, sitting up and drifting his lips over your collarbone.
"I got something you can heal if you're up for it," he quips, pulling your bra strap and letting it snap back into place.
You hum to him, gasping softly when he tugs down the cups of your bra.
"Fuck," he curses softly, suckling softly at the thin skin of your neck.
His chest presses against your stomach and when the gentle kick of your daughter reminds him she's also there he can only smile against your skin.
His hands rub at your distended sides, kissing down the swell of your breasts. "Daddy needs some one-on-one time with mommy right now."
You let out a breathy laugh only to suck a sharp breath between your teeth when the tip of his tongue flicks at your nipple.
Your back arches and Guk takes the opportunity to unlatch your bra, his hands cup beneath your breasts, pushing them up for his viewing pleasure.
"Such pretty tits," he hisses, suckling from one nipple to the other until you're a shivering, sobbing mess before him.
It's a downright sin how fast you get wet for him. He could snap his fingers and you'd be sodden in an instant.
"D-Daddy," you preen softly, combing your fingers through his hair as he pushes your breasts together.
He suckles on both nipples at once, keeping his eyes glued to your pleased face.
Your hips roll against his hardening cock, whimpering when he flicks his tongue quickly against both stiff peaks in tandem.
"You're soaking through your underwear like a little cumslut," he hums, running his hands over your back and laying you down softly.
Jeongguk kisses down your body slowly, drawing out long sighs and whines from you until your mouth is dry and aching.
He leaves hot, open mouthed pecks along the swell of your stomach as he makes his descent.
Your hands are shaky, eyes widening to watch him.
Grabbing needily at your thighs, he kisses over your clothed pubic bone, grabbing the band of your underwear with his teeth and tugging playfully.
"Fuck, you get my cock so hard," he breathes, pulling down his briefs.
His thick cock bobs in the air, pearling with precum and twitching with neediness.
"Christ," you whine, reaching forward to touch it.
He stops you in an instant, kissing up your forearm and hooking his fingers into the sides of your panties.
Guk pulls down your underwear slowly, licking his lips at the amount of arousal that is spread over your bare lower lips.
Tossing the underwear away, he spreads you open with his index and middle finger.
He hums aloud, watching your entrance pulse and quiver, begging to be fucked.
"Pretty little pussy just dying to take my fat cock," he groans, burying his face against your core.
He suckles at your lips, your clit, your thighs, adoring the high pitched whines that emit throughout the room.
"Daddy, please!" you cry out, lifting your hips for more.
Slowly, he enters two fingers into you, kissing up your belly.
You gasp loudly, letting your head loll back at the full feeling.
He curls his fingers to the spongy spot within you that makes you boneless before him.
"M-More!" you whine, fisting the sheets.
He smiles against your skin, adding a third finger.
Your chest heaves and you tug gently on his hair.
"You wanna cum? You wanna soak the bed for me? Hmm?" he inquires cheekily, kissing up to your breast.
You nod quickly, letting your mouth drop open when he begins to fuck you faster with his fingers.
He suckles at your nipple, groaning at the milk that enraptures his taste buds.
Your toes curl and your eyes become spotty.
"I want you to squirt all over my fucking hand." he seethes through his teeth.
The sounds of your wet cunt echo throughout the bedroom and your eyes squeeze shut at the oncoming pleasure that creeps steadily through your body.
"Your belly is getting so big, I love it. You look so beautiful carrying my baby." he murmurs, nipping at your ear lobe.
Your hips lift, moans turning it babbles and semblances of words from different languages.
When he feels your pussy begin to throb around his fingers, your husband moans into your ear. "You're gonna cum for me, aren't you? Cum for daddy, get my hand nice and soaked."
"F-Fuck!" you squeak, pulling at the sheets until they're pooling around your body.
Then the bliss enraptures you, you cry your husband's name loudly, slamming your hips down to his hand with a quickness to ride out your high.
You can feel your arousal squirting out of you in waves and Jeongguk groans loudly at the sight.
Pulling his fingers from your core, he rubs your clit quickly, adoring how your body shudders.
"Good girl," he coos, prying your legs open and entering his fingers into his mouth.
Whimpering gently, you run your hands over his arms, willing your breathing to return to normal.
He runs his hard cock through your folds, tucking his bottom lip between his teeth.
"Your pregnant cunt is so warm," he breathes, thrusting deeply inside of you.
You moan for him, wrapping your legs around his waist and hooking your ankles together.
His thighs spread wider, placing his hands on your belly and running his thumbs soothingly over the skin as you accommodate to his large size.
He starts off slow, letting the bulbous head of his cock drag through your plush walls sensually.
"Oh fuck, yes," he hisses, peppering kisses over your knee and down your thigh.
Your husband takes his time, letting his hands roam over your body.
He's afraid to cum too quickly, it's been a long time since he's been inside you.
Lifting your hips off the bed, he palms the skin of your backside.
"Yes, God, right there!" you whine, digging the heels of your feet into his back.
"Yeah? Right here?" he teases, thrusting hard to the one spot that has your mind swimming, "Like that? Your pregnant little pussy wants more right there?"
You cry out loudly, bringing your hands to knead at your breasts.
"Yes, daddy! More! Please!" you beg.
"Open your mouth," he instructs, letting one of your cheeks go.
Doing as told, he enters two fingers into your mouth. He keeps them flat on your tongue, picking up speed with his hips.
You whine and gargle against his digits, keening loudly when he throws your legs over his shoulders.
He angles himself forward, minding your large stomach.
"You feel so fucking good around me. You're so fucking wet, sloppy little pregnant hole just for me."
You sob loudly against his fingers, letting him fuck you down the bed.
His teeth nip at your calf, groaning at how impossibly tight you are for him.
"What's that, baby girl? I can't hear you. You want it harder? You want me to wreck your pregnant pussy?" he hisses, hooking an arm around your thighs and pressing them tightly against his body.
You scream against his fingers, your second orgasm approaches like a freight train and you know all too well that you won't last much longer.
"Fuck, look at these tits," he groans, pulling his fingers from your mouth and drifting them over your hardened nipples.
"Da-Daddy, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna…" you whimper, scratching your nails down his thighs.
"Oh, yeah? You wanna cum on this thick cock? Go ahead, baby girl. It's all for you," Guk moans, sliding his knees under your backside and ramming the head of his cock into the soft patch of nerves within you until you're squirting for him once more.
"Christ!" he cries out, pushing your legs off his shoulders and angling his body over yours.
He's seemingly hypnotized by the way your breasts heave upward with each thrust and he keeps his hands on your belly, rubbing smooth circles to the skin.
"Tell me you love me," he begs, squeezing his eyes shut.
"I love you," you sob, watching his long blonde hair fall into his eyes.
"You're never fucking leaving my side again," he seethes, leaning down and suckling at your breast.
"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," he sobs against your nipple.
You feel it then, his cock thickening and throbbing for release within you.
"Where do you want it?" he gasps, looking up at you.
"In me, cum inside me! I want to feel it!" you beg, running your nails down his arms.
"Oh, baby!" he moans, thrusting slowly and deep until warm ropes of cum lather your spent walls.
He lets out a shaky sigh, pulling out of you and spreading your lower lips. "Push it out," he instructs.
You do as told, pushing his cum from your blissed core.
"Fucking hot," he murmurs, kissing over your shoulder and laying down beside you with a groan.
His hand cups your stomach, his face nuzzles into your neck and your rapidly beating heart begins to even out once more.
"I love you, baby. More than anything or anyone in this universe." he avows tiredly.
When he feels the gentle kick of your daughter beneath his hand he lifts his head. "You too, princess. I love you too."
You smile at the sight, closing your eyes.
There is no one in this world that could help you heal like your husband beside you.
Tumblr media
"Well," Dr. Kim breathes, "I think this is going to be our last session."
"Really?" you inquire, wide-eyed.
He nods in agreement, taking off his glasses.
"You've healed so much over this past month. Faster than I've ever seen before. You're an incredibly strong woman." the doctor announces.
"Well I have the most supportive partner," you smile, nudging your husband who winks at you in reply.
"You'll still need to be open with each other. You'll need to rely on one another and keep it up but that hole within you is filling up more and more each day."
Jeongguk nods astutely, kissing your temple sweetly.
"You both are the perfect example of healing with a loved one. I can see how much you love each other. I can feel how much you adore the other and that's powerful. That can get you through anything."
Your chest puffs up at the therapist's words. There really is no better person to heal with than Jeon Jeongguk.
"I love you," he whispers into your ear.
"I love you too." you reply, intertwining your fingers.
"And on that note, that ends our session." Namjoon smiles, putting the clipboard on the table and putting his glasses back on.
In this moment, Jeongguk takes in the silence and he relishes it.
While it's loud and it's deafening, it calms him.
Because when you're by his side, the silence sounds like the most healing, romantic song.
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iguana-eyanna · 2 days ago
What Was Left Behind Pt. 10
Tumblr media
Summary: After the events of the Sokovia Accords, Steve is now a fugitive to the U.S. government and has left you in the worst way possible. What happens when fate reunites the two again when you are most vulnerable?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x pregnant reader
Warning: n/a
Nat was telling the truth when she said that you and Steve would be busy. Both of you barely took your hands off of the other, day and night. You bet that Steve treated your body like a goddess when he had every chance.
One day, you were both making breakfast in the kitchen. You started to make scrambled eggs as Steve made a dark roast coffee for himself. “So, I was wondering… what would you like to do for next week?” Steve said as he started to sip his coffee. You gave him a funny look as you were flipping the eggs.
“Uh… I don’t know. Maybe we can get more toilet paper in a few days.” you said mindlessly. Steve turns around, hiding his sad demeanor. You chuckle as you turn off the skillet and hug him from behind the best you could.
“I’m teasing, hon. How could I forget our second wedding anniversary?” You said, trying to hide your laughter as Steve’s facial expressions changed.
His mood changes to a bright smile, shaking his head as he turns to face you. “I swear I can’t tell when you’re dead serious or joking.” he said. You shrug as you place your hands on top of your belly.
“What can I say? It’s in my blood.” you replied, flashing him that signature Stark smile. He rolls his eyes and kisses your head, taking the prepared food to the dining table to eat. You sit down as Steve pours your favorite juice in a glass.
Steve joins you to eat, still continuing the conversation. “I’m serious though, I really want to celebrate it.” he hints as he felt guilty for missing your first anniversary as he had a recon mission around that time. You think for a bit as you take a bite of a buttered toast. “Oooo, I saw this cute park when we were out last time. It looks secluded enough to have a picnic there.” you suggested.
He nods his head enthusiastically as he drinks his coffee. “That sounds great! I’ll ask Sam to go out a few days before so we can pick up a few things.” You sip your drink, agreeing.
“Same with Nat, I promised for us to hang out before this little one makes their appearance soon.” Steve reaches out his hand and places it on your abdomen, feeling a strong kick in response to his touch, and smiles in your direction.
“We got ourselves a plan.” Steve says, coming closer to you as he reaches your lips. You kiss him back as you place your hand on top of his that was still on your belly. “Indeed we do.”
“So you’re telling me that you guys NEVER celebrated your first wedding anniversary?” Sam asked a bit harshly as he was eating some sort of treat Steve couldn’t recognize.
“I was doing recon in Cambodia. When I got back, we just got caught up with life and work. That’s why I really want to make this years’ anniversary memorable.” Steve replies quickly as they’re walking around shops that are lined on the street.
Sam finishes his snack and disposes of the wrapper in nearby trash. “Look, I know you mean well about this whole thing. But doesn’t y/n like more of a simpler celebration? And where are we going by the way?” he says, following Steve into a small pawnshop.
It was as if Steve was a regular for he knew what type of item he was looking for. “There it is.” Steve said in awe, looking through a glass display of a gold necklace.
“A locket? Can’t you just order one on Amazon or eBay?” Steve shook his head as he stared at the glass case.
“y/n never told me this, but she dreamed of having her mother’s locket ever since she was a kid. That locket is the same replica of what her mom had.”
Sam gets confused. “Wait, if y/n didn’t tell her what she’s always wanted, then who did?” Steve looks down, then turns to Sam.
When Steve was catching up on all of the music he’s missed, you brought him to a record store on one of your dates. You started picking records that had particular decades and started to describe what was so great about the music genre of that time. He noticed that there was this twinkle in your eye whenever you talked about the little details.
It was at that moment that Steve knew that he was going to marry you. The first thing he had to do was ask one final blessing from the one person you looked up to: your brother.
Steve took his motorcycle to Tony’s lab to fix a few kinks in his bike. Tony had all of the tools to fix it, so they both decided to work on it as their project. “Whew, I need a drink… What's your poison?” Tony says getting up from the ground as he inspected one of the engines.
Steve gets up as well, trying to clean his hands from the grime. “No thank you, but I was wondering if I could ask you something serious?” Steve said as his mind was freaking out. “Tony gives him a funny look. “So you want my sober judgment… you must be in deep shi-” Steve shoots him a glare as Tony rolled his eyes, giving Steve the floor.
“Y/n and I have been really serious for the past three years now. I love your sister Tony, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. That’s why I wanted to ask for y/n’s hand in marriage.” Tony’s face turned to stone. He slowly walks to Steve (almost intimidating him) and breaks out a grin and goes up to Steve, placing his hand on his shoulder.
“Out of all the people in the world, I’m glad that you’re the one who’s dating my sister. If any other guy would have asked me that, I blast them before they could blink. So yes, you have my blessing.” Tony says.
Steve exhales as he slumps his shoulders in relief. “I think I do need that drink.” Tony chuckles as he takes out two beers from his mini-fridge for celebration.
“Have you gotten a ring yet?” Tony says as he swings his drink, sitting down. Steve shakes his head no as he reclines to a chair opposite Tony.
“I don’t even know where to begin. I checked a store once and I was so overwhelmed when they asked me so many questions. Any advice?” Steve ponders a bit before getting up to a shelf and taking out a small piece of paper.
“Here, this is a picture of me, y/n, and our parents when we went to France. My dad got this gold locket for my mom there.” Tony points at the necklace in the picture.
“Y/n was only three at the time, but she always wanted to wear that locket. We tried looking for the necklace after my parents’ passing. Up to this day… We still don’t know where to find it. If you could find a ring that could resemble that necklace, I guarantee you that she would say yes.”
Steve chuckles as he inspects the necklace closer, looking at the rose design on the gold. “I think I know what to do now. Thanks, Tony.” Steve says as he shoots him a smile.
“Of course, let’s finish the bike before things get too sappy.” Tony remarks, getting out of his seat. Steve could see his future brother-in-law wiping his tears from the back of his hand.
*end of flashback*
“So, what’s in the box?” Nat asked as you walked out of the store. “I don’t kiss and tell. And for being an international spy, you’re really bad at keeping secrets.” you said as you carried the semi-large item in one arm. Nat pokes out her tongue as she carries on the conversation.
"Well judging by you going to a vintage store, I'm guessing you bought something as old as Steve." Nat said, making you laugh. You suddenly hunched forward, hissing.
Nat turned to you, holding your back to steady you. You regain your breathing, looking up to Nat. "They've been kicking so hard lately, I think they knocked the air out of me." you huffed, trying to lighten the mood.
"I'm sorry, did you say LATELY?" Nat screams, taking you to a near bench to sit down. You place the box on your side as you try to soothe your active baby.
"It's probably nothing. I'm telling you I'm fi-" You stopped talking as you feel a harder kick, trying to hold back a scream. The pain you felt was almost as if your insides were on fire.
Nat wasted no time to hold your shaking figure, dialing someone on her phone. "You're ok, you're going to be ok..." Nat said, trying to calm your agonizing whimpers.
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calumsnatchedmyheart · 2 days ago
Concept: reader gets Tom a happy father's day card from Tessa because they don't have kids yet but still wants him to feel included within the celebration. Maybe she even gets Tessa to do a paw print with ink inside the card
Hi, so like I um changed it up a little and I hope it doesn't seem too weird
You and Tom had been trying to have a baby for a while now but to no avail. The many failed pregnancy tests weighed heavy on your shoulders as the date of fathers day came closer and closer. You wanted him to feel included, to feel the excitement of being able to celebrate the day the way it should be.
It was the morning of father's day and you had snuck out of bed, making your way downstairs with Tessa trailing behind you, quietly waiting as you made yourself your morning cup of coffee. You had an idea, running to the other room and grabbing a random tube of paint that sat in your junk drawer, a squirting some on a plate and bringing it down to Tessa, grabbing her grey paw and dabbing it in the paint, pressing it softly against a card that you had also grabbed, leaving a cute little paw print.
A smile took over your cheeks as you stared at the cute little print, wiping her paw off and letting her run off into the back yard. As you were standing up, a wave of nausea ran through you, your head going light as you ran to the bathroom, heaving over the toilet. It was a feeling that you had never experienced before, you didn't feel sick but you did feel different. A scary hope rising in you that maybe this was morning sickness, maybe the gift you could give Tom was the gift of fatherhood, grabbing one of the pregnancy tests you kept under the sink and quickly taking it.
You sat against the door, your knee shaking as you waited for the timer on your phone to run out, fingers crossed that there would be a small blue cross on that pink stick. You nearly jumped out of your skin when the alarm went off, grabbing the stick and screaming out with joy as you saw the positive result, tears slipping down your cheeks.
Your moment was interrupted when you heard a pounding on the door, Tom's worried voice reaching your ears as he asked you urgently.
"Love, are you okay? Why did you scream?" he seemed so anxious and little did he know the best news of his life was going to be given to him today. Biting your lip you slipped the pregnancy test in your pocket, opening the door to reveal a terrified looking Tom.
"Yes, Tommy, I'm okay, I just saw a spider" you lied, a sly smile on your face.
"Oh fuck no" Tom rushed out, running away from the bathroom while screaming over his shoulder "I'll come back when its gone" you giggled at his fear, Spiderman being scared of Spiders, how ironic. You quickly returned to the kitchen, grabbing the card that you had stamped Tessa's paw on and scribbling something down, tucking the test into the envelope before going to find Tom.
"Hey baby, I have something for you" you sing songed, handing Tom the envelope as his brows pulled together.
"Is today a special occasion?" he inquired, tearing the envelope open and pulling out the card.
"Just read it" you prompted and he quickly obeyed, opening the card. His eyes widened as he read the words, feeling as if he was dreaming.
"I'm excited to be the babies big sister and guard dog, you're gonna be a great dad- Tessa" the words were your handwriting obviously, the small paw print bringing a smile to his lips, but an excitement growing in him, flipping the envelope over and letting the test fall into his open hand.
"You- You are pregnant?" he asked, brown eyes blown wide with joy as he tried to blink away the surprise.
"Mhmm" you confirmed nodding your head.
"We are gonna have a baby! Oh my god" he cried, jumping up from his seat and falling to his knees in front of you and lifting up your shirt, placing a kiss to your belly as you giggled.
"Happy Fathers day Tom"
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mggsluvbug · 2 days ago
hello, how are you??? i would like to request a tom holland x reader where they go hang out with tom’s friends and the reader sits on his lap while tom is smoking a cigarette and talking to his friends?
i’m good thank you! and i know we all saw that pic of tom with the cigarette, and ughh, he is too attractive 😩😮‍💨
Clouds of smoke|| T.H.
pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
warnings: smoking obvi.. but other than that i don’t think anything else.
a/n: ugh i didn’t even see this request, i’m so sorry, but i liked this idea so yeah… thank you for the request! and feel free to send some more for me, I’m working on a couple difficult requests rn but i’ll get to all of them i promise lol. (also i don’t know a lot about smoking, but i tried my best lol)
Tumblr media
“Y/N AND TOM HURRY YOUR ASSES UP!!!” Harry, one of Tom’s younger brothers yells from downstairs, while Tom was admiring you finishing up your makeup and walking out of your shared bathroom.
“You look gorgeous, as always.” Tom mutters, pulling you in from your waist and placing a sweet kiss to your lips.
Truth be told, you weren’t wearing anything extraordinary, just a cute two piece with polkadots, some cute accessories, and some boots. (outfit below)
Tumblr media
“Thank you baby” you smile when he pulls away and grabs his phone off the bed and asks if you were ready to head downstairs. you nod your head and you both stalk down the steps to see Harry impatiently staring at his watch and tapping his foot against the hardwood floor.
“Calm down mate, we’re not gonna be late” Tom says to him with a roll of his eyes while he walks past him, heading towards the car.
“Hey Tom, Harry! Oh- and you are…?” A tall man asks while hugging both Tom and Harry.
“I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you.” You say smiling while shaking his hand.
“Oh , if i knew you were coming i would’ve gotten another chair, here lemme try and find one for you …” The man starts but Tom was quick to cut him off;
“No it’s ok! Y/N can sit on my lap, it’s no problem.” Tom says and pulls you down by your hips and you hand right on his lap.
“Are you sure?” He asks.
“Yeah, it’s no problem really!” You dismiss and lean your back against Tom’s chest.
“Anyone up for a smoke?” The man looks up, whose name you still don’t know, pulling out a carton of cigarettes and pulls one out.
“No thanks mate, maybe some other time.” Harry denies and takes a sip of his beer.
“Sure, just one.” Tom shrugs. He doesn’t smoke often of course, just whenever he feels like it. and it was being offered, so he thought, why not?
“Yeah, here you are.” The man hands Tom the cigarette and slides the lighter over the table and you pick it up to it for him. You watch was the smoke slowly enters his mouth as you light it and he quickly pulls it out before too much gets in this mouth, and blows it out.
“You wanna a puff darlin’?” Tom asks, looking at you and raises the cigarette to your lips. Like Tom, you weren’t necessarily a ‘real smoker’, you just have one every now and then. You inhale the smoke and you let it fill your scenes before slowly blowing it out with ease.
“Woah, i said a puff, not a whole drag.” Tom laughs and lifts it back up to his mouth.
“Well, thank you anyway” You sigh, feeling relaxed after only one drag.
“No problem baby…” He says and connects your lips, letting go of the smoke he was holding in his mouth and letting it travel into yours.
“Ok, ew gross. stop being all cuddly.” Harry fake gags and returns back to his conversation with the friendly man.
“That was hot.” You whisper looking into his eyes. By now, you had switched positions (ok have an ariana grande moment bestie😌), so you where sitting on his lap with your knees of each of his sides so you weren’t in that much of an uncomfortable position.
“Yeah, i don’t know why we don’t smoke more often?” He wonders
“Probably because it’s bad for you… but i don’t really care to be honest.” You admit taking the cig from his hands and pulling it up to your mouth.
“I would say the same, but i’ve gotta stay big and healthy if i wanna keep being the grown up, ripped, and incredibly handsome actor i am.” He jokes.
“More for me then!” and you turn yourself back so you were now into the conversation with Harry and the man.
“Damn, you little spitfire.” Tom mutters with a smirk in his face and he leans forward pressing a kiss to the inside of your neck and then also joining the conversation.
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Glamrock Freddy x pregnant reader headcanons im know that he is a robot and he can’t have but for the sake of this headcanon let just say he can okay please
actually i can do that no matter how weird it is but i like the idea<3
Glamrock Freddy x Pregnant Reader
Tumblr media
He was so surprised when you told him you were pregnant, he even knew he could get you pregnant.
At first he would think you were joking or even making fun of him.
but once he realizes that you are serious he will get super emotional and pull you into a warm hug.
Then he will gently place one of his paws on your stomach and caress it, and rest his head on your stomach without being heavy.
and frankly i believe you will hear "hello little one" mumbles and whispers as he pats your stomach.
As the months go by and your belly starts to grow, Freddy, who was already protective, will become even more protective.
will try to be with you at all times throughout your pregnancy. like behind the scenes or in the night guard, he trying be always with you.
Also, both Freddy and the Glamrock cult are the kind of friends who will protect you at all costs.
Chica will be very happy to learn that she will be aunt.
Also, chica will feed you abundantly and will immediately bring or make whatever you desire.
One more thing, feddy only lets his very close friends touch your belly. He is really afraid of losing both your child and you.
Freddy's afraid and worry will increase as the birth approaches, and you are the only one who can calm him down. please comfort this cuddling bear he is really afraid of losing you.
he will be with you when you give birth if possible, his eyes will shine like the sun when looking at your children/child.
He will love her regardless of gender but he knows how much he wants a girl to everyone because he always tells how happy he will be when he has a princess and queen.
But you know that whether it is a boy or a girl, he will love your child and treat him like royalty.
Tumblr media
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mywldflwers · 2 days ago
Oh, Baby | Chapter Two | P.P
disclaimer: this chapter discusses sexual innuendos/commentary, teenage pregnancy, and inappropriate language.
enjoy an early chapter! i’ll try to post thursday or friday again.
Tumblr media
The following morning, I was awoken with the urge to puke.
A pair of hands helped pull my hair up and away from my face, calmly rubbing my back. Tears blinded my eyes as I tried to get everything out of my system. I felt lightheaded from just having my head bowed.
When I was done emptying my stomach and brushing my teeth, I tiredly leaned into the wall.
“Thanks, MJ.” I whispered as I wiped at my face.
She smiled weakly and sat next to me.
We were silent for many moments. It was almost scary how quiet she was being. I was waiting for her to scold me or even yell at me, but she didn’t say a word.
When I called her over last night, she helped occupy my parents. She told them I was feeling ill from the school’s lunch that day and that it would pass just as it did for the other students at school.
I was eternally grateful for my best friend.
What I really was doing, of course, was taking the pregnancy test she bought in a rush on her way over here.
It told me exactly what I already knew.
“What do I do now?”
MJ cleared her throat as she pondered this question. “We have to take you to a doctor.”
I shook my head. “My parents are just going to find out from the insurance bill.”
"We can go to a clinic. They're private and usually free."
"If they're not free?"
"Then we tell your parents. I'll do it with you if you need me to. We just have to let them know!"
My hand clamped over her mouth quickly, my eyes wide with fear. “Sh! They’ll hear!” I hissed lowly.
She rolled her eyes, pushing my hand off of her. “The sooner they know, the sooner we have more options. Don’t you want those options?”
I felt a pang in my head, my brain practically throbbing against my skull. “I can’t tell them, MJ.”
Her eyes widened at my ludicrous statement. “So, are you going to . . . get rid of it?”
“I—I don’t know. I just know I can’t fathom the idea of disappointing them. My mom will just—just die. This could kill her. Oh. Oh my, God! My dad will kill Peter. He’s going to kill him, MJ, and this baby will be fatherless! Oh—”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Breathe, Y/N.”
Her hands held my arms down as I shook from fear. She did her best to soothe me as I cried again. My head was resting in the crook of her neck by the time I was done violently sobbing.
I sniffled as she played with my hair. “What do I tell Peter?”
She sighed. “You know he’ll support you in any way he can, Y/N. Whatever you want to do, he’ll do it, too.”
That I truly believed.
He’s a great guy. The best, really. In a weird way, I was actually thankful that this was happening with someone like him. In whatever way he could, he’d make sure I was okay and I was comfortable. Peter loves me enough to fix anything if I asked him, too.
“We should get ready for school,” she murmured.
I removed myself off of her and pushed myself up to stand. I didn’t say anything as I made my way out of the small room to get into mine.
The two of us got dressed quickly and quietly. It must have seemed strange, because there was a gentle knock on the door.
I dragged my feet over to get it open.
“Are you two okay? Do you still feel sick? I thought I heard you two in the bathroom again earlier.” My mother held a steaming mug and a box of what seemed to be crackers.
I tried to smile as I put down her offerings. “It’s okay, just an upset stomach again.”
“Wanna stay home? I don’t think anyone would mind too much.”
“I can’t, Mom. It’s our first day of lessons, I need to be there.”
MJ peeped up from behind me. “I could pick up notes from Peter and Ned. We all share some classes with you.”
My mom smiled brightly at the girl. “See? Our MJ has your back.”
As much as I wanted to stay in bed and somehow crawl away from the impending doom waiting for me outside, I couldn’t. I needed to speak with Peter as soon as possible. He would know exactly what to say and how to fix this.
“It’s okay, Mom. Besides, I have my internship after school. I’m just lucky they were willing to work around my school schedule.”
She chuckled and pulled me into her arms. “They’d be idiots if they had said no.”
When she held me for a while longer, I felt myself yearning to fall apart. I wanted to cry and beg my mommy to help me. She would take care of this and me better than my boyfriend, despite his sweet personality and thoughtfulness. She was practically a hero without the suit. This woman was the sole reason for my own ambition and bravery.
But I couldn’t go to her. Not anymore.
“I love you, Mom.” My voice was hoarse, but she didn’t comment on it.
She squeezed me once before holding me at arms length. “I love you, too, Bunny.”
MJ and I did our best to hurry out of the building as fast as possible after that. My heart was nearly pounding out of my chest, begging to burst and implode from the amount of stress I was enduring.
When the two of us made it outside, I was surprised to find Peter not there. I even waited about five minutes, but the only one who showed up was Ned.
“Hey!” I called to him as he crossed the street. “Have you seen Peter?”
“No, I waited for him by my building, but figured he had come here instead.”
I sighed, but pulled out my phone that I hardly seemed to use since the summer. When I found his contact under one of his many pet names, I dialed his number.
It rang for a long while before I was sent to voicemail. I gave it another shot, but accepted defeat when it was to no prevail.
“That’s great,” MJ huffed. “Of all fucking days, Parker can’t pick up his phone.”
“It’s fine, M—”
“No, it’s not! You have to talk to him now.”
Ned rose his arms in question. “Whoa, what’s going on?”
My eyes widened. “I . . . I just have to talk to him about something.”
He frowned. “You can tell me if something happened. I won’t tell anyone, you know that. Besides, you look like you’re ready to collapse.”
God, I couldn’t even think about saying it out loud. The way my stomach lurched at the idea made me clamp my mouth shut, afraid I’d vomit all over his shoes. I gave MJ a hopeless look to which she sighed at.
“Once she tells him, she’ll tell you.”
I watched his face filter through his thoughts and when his eyes widened, I turned away in embarrassment. I could feel his eyes staring at me intensely to which I had no words for.
It seemed to not have taken long for him to filter through the options.
“Let’s go,” I mumbled, looking down as I walked past him.
The three of us were quiet the rest of the way. It was odd to feel so glum when the city looked so beautiful so early this morning. Despite the whir of the cars and train just above, I could hear the birds. They sang softly, but I appreciated it.
When I stared up at the clouds, I placed a hesitant hand on my stomach. I nearly shivered from the idea of something growing inside me faster than I could possibly fathom.
“You okay?” MJ whispered.
I only shrugged.
We finally arrived to school about ten minutes before the bell rang. I tried to rush into the crowd, but I was held back by MJ’s surprisingly strong grip. I sent her a scowl, but she only rolled her eyes.
“You’re going to get dizzy if you try it.”
I wanted to prove her wrong. I could do it and act as if nothing was happening. I could behave the way my other peers were. I would be normal again and completely ignorant to the situation.
But then I looked back into the crowd and swallowed the lump in my throat.
I was in no condition to be in such a fast paced environment when I was so easily sick. I got a headache just watching them zoom by.
Ned waited for the traffic to calm down with us, still incredibly silent from earlier. He wouldn’t look up from his shoes which only made me nervous. He was never one to keep his opinions to himself, especially when this particular thing revolved around a life changing topic. But there he was. I was almost afraid he was going to scold me, too. And then I remembered he was Ned. He’d do his best to make sure I was okay before giving me advice that would ease my restless heart.
Just as we were about to disperse and get to class, our attention was caught by the squeaking of sneakers against the tiled floors. The three of us shared confused looks until a flustered boy with floppy hair came to view.
I sighed in relief. “Oh, Pete!”
He smiled glamorously before trying to flatten his now puffy curls. “Hey, honey! I’m so sorry, but there was this crazy robbery at like two in morning and by the time I was done, I was obviously exhausted and I went home to try to get some sleep, but I ended up sleeping in! Go figure.”
Seeing his carefree features quite nearly crushed me. He wasn’t stressed about anything besides his Spider-man issues, because he had finally been able to somehow balance his separate lives. I couldn’t spring something so life altering onto him right now. Especially not when he must have been so exhausted still.
MJ cleared her throat. “Ned and I have to get to homeroom. See ya.”
And with that, she was dragging Ned with her who didn’t bother saying anything.
“Why don’t you go home to rest?” I murmured, leaning my hand against his face to caress his cheekbone with my thumb.
He almost immediately leaned into my touch and draped his hand over mine. “Isn’t that a bit irresponsible of me considering it’s the second day?”
“Hardly, Spidey.”
We both chuckled together. He seemed to think about my suggestion, but he shrugged a moment later.
“If you come with me, I’ll consider it.”
I sent him a look to which he sighed at.
“Please? We’ll just cuddle and sleep all day! Maybe some other stuff later, but for now—”
My face flushed profusely at his boldness. Despite our sex life being quite regular considering the amount of times he was left alone, it was still new in our relationship. In a comfortable environment, we were able to talk about our sexual relations easily, but being in the out and open in the school hallway was a bit embarrassing.
When he noticed this, he smiled shyly.
“That was pretty forward of me, I’m sorry.”
“No, no, it’s not that. I just. . . Actually, let’s go.”
His eyes widened. “Really?”
I nodded. “I haven’t been feeling the best.”
“What? What’s wrong? We can go get some medicine at the corner store? Some soup, too?”
My heart fluttered at his caring nature. I ended up wrapping an arm around his torso to which he maneuvered his arm over my shoulders. I rested my head onto his chest, holding him closely.
“I love you, Peter.”
He relaxed. “I love you, too. C’mon, let’s head out before someone catches us.”
We somehow made it past the security officer whom was too indulged in his comics to find us interesting.
By the time we made it to the corner store, we were conversing about his time spent at the Avenger’s Tower. He was gushing over all the equipment Tony Stark had. I thought it was cute how excited he got over his first interaction with vibranium. I was also intrigued with the information he was giving me, considering I helped Peter with the engineering on his suit before. He went on about his web shooters now having these amazing new features.
"I cannot wait for you to visit the tower one of these days! Mr. Stark says you're more than welcome considering he looked into your grades and the work you’ve done for the newspaper as well as your internship so he was very impressed.”
Great. I’m going to be letting down a complete stranger now, too.
I forced a smile though and shook my head to feign some sort of disbelief. “Wow, what a big stalker.”
Peter laughed easily, too engrossed into his story. “Totally. I’m sure he has your social down, too. And your parents’ and Miles’.”
He continued on and on about the brilliant Tony Stark as we made it back to his apartment, hand in hand as usual. I would’ve held at least of one of the two bags, but he was adamant enough to hold them both with his one free hand. I guess it wasn’t much of a hassle for him considering he could lift a bus with the same one.
Eventually, we made it inside where I almost immediately felt a wave of nausea slam into me. I stood at the doorway nervously as I eyed the kitchen around me.
Something smelled fishy. Literally.
“Peter?” I whispered, interrupting his small rant about the argument he got into with Tony discussing the realistic properties of the quantum theory. “Did Aunt May make fish? Tapia, specifically?”
He pursed his lips before nodding. “Yeah, last night. We threw it out, I don’t think she cooked it right. Why?”
I kept my mouth shut and my eyes closed as I tried to ease the pain. After inhaling deeply, I spoke slowly. “I need you to take out the trash, please.”
Peter froze, his eyes locking on the garbage can that sat about two to three feet from me. Hesitantly, he made his way over to close the bag before pulling it out. When he excused himself, I tried to breathe slowly through my nose. It worked a bit, but I could still smell the rotting meal.
When he came, his hand rested against my forehead. “You seem warm.”
I swallowed the lump in my throat, clearing it as I shook my head. “I’m just—I’m okay.”
“Y/N, you’re clearly not fine. Let’s go have you lay down.”
Before I could protest, I was already being swept away. Not literally, thankfully, because I think Peter was smart enough to know I’d probably end up throwing up all over the place. When we entered his bedroom, he helped me get out of my school clothes almost immediately. His cool fingers grazed against my heated skin and I was internally grateful.
When he pulled his shirt over my head, he helped me get under the covers. I nuzzled my head into my favorite pillow he owned and he massaged my scalp as I got comfortable.
“I’ll go make that soup. I want you to try to eat just a bit before you fall asleep.”
He held up his hand, his face twisted in confusion. I stayed quiet as his eyes darted around the room. He even went to stand, ready to swing open the door.
“I think May is here.”
“What? No, she would’ve said something when we came in.”
“Then who do I hear?” He frowned.
I was about to ask what he meant, but that thought quickly vanished as I felt my stomach ache. My hands almost immediately began to shake as I pulled myself up to sit.
God, I wanted to just pretend a while longer. If he hadn’t had those special senses of his, I’d get my way. What else did he sense that he didn’t speak up of?
“Peter, sit down.”
He did so easily, sitting at the foot of his bed. “What’s wrong?”
I breathed in deeply, thinking of what to say next. Instead of finding the words, though, I took his hand in mine. As I did this, I watched his expression filter through his emotions. He was definitely anxious, most likely thinking of the worst case scenario. Little did he know, our reality was probably by far the worst one.
I maneuvered his hand and hesitantly placed it over my stomach while simultaneously biting down on my lower lip. My teeth had practically ripped the skin to shreds at this point. Yet, he was still watching me with an unsure look.
“What do you hear in this room, Peter?”
He blinked before glancing around. “Besides the noise outside, I hear our heartbeats and breaths.”
“How many heartbeats do you hear?” My voice had wavered.
His eyes snapped over to me then. He furrowed his thick brows together before looking down at where his hand was placed. He even parted his lips to speak, but was quiet as he continued the contemplate my words.
“You might have to really try to listen. I’m sure it’s not strong right now.”
Peter inhaled sharply, his other hand clenching the bed beneath us. “You . . . You’re—You’re pregnant.”
The words I have yet to even say aloud myself caused me to wince. “Yes.”
I couldn’t hear him breathe after that. My hands shook his shoulders, trying to get him to look up at me. When he did, I noticed the tears welling up in his eyes.
“I am so, so sorry, Peter!” I whimpered, tears of my own already falling down my face. I had been too afraid to even speak any more at this point. He was so still, I was sure he was thinking of every way he could get me out. “I-I never meant for any of this to happen.”
His shoulders tensed as he slowly took my hand in his again. “Well, of course not. You’re only fifteen.”
I was confused. “Aren’t you mad?”
“Mad? No. Surprised? Of course. Did you think I would really try to blame you? Y/N, it’s not like you forced me into anything here. We decided to become intimate, because we love one another. Should we have been more careful? Absolutely, but there’s only so much to do about that now.”
With his words circulating into my brain, I felt the uneasiness in my stomach start to subside.
“Why are you so calm?” I asked softly.
He sighed before pursing his lips. “Maybe because it all makes sense now. I felt something off about you for weeks. Now I know why.”
“What was off? I only just started getting sick.”
“Yeah, but it started off with your smell. You always had such a distinctive scent to me and then it went completely off balance. Not in a bad way or anything, I swear! It was just noticeable.” His fingers intertwined themselves with my own. He let his thumb caress my hand before kissing my knuckles gingerly. “Oh! And your heart rate has increased. I noticed it when you sleep.”
My mouth felt dry. “Okay, anything else?”
“Well, usually I know when you’re on your period. You weren’t on schedule this month, despite your irregularities.”
That one caused my face to noticeably burn with embarrassment. He had mentioned something like that to me before, but I made him swear to not bring it up anymore. Not that it wasn’t natural and I was uncomfortable with it, I just wished I had some sense of privacy. He understood, just like he always did.
“Is that all?”
He shook his head before sheepishly adding on more. “Your hormones were a bit off, too. You’d get in the mood at the most random times or change between each emotion in a matter of seconds.”
“That’s not as obvious as the others.”
“No, considering I knew you had to be getting your period at some point and we are in our adolescent stage.”
I only nodded.
“Oh, and yesterday when you smelled the meat from the kitchen? You usually don’t get nauseous when smelling something you don’t enjoy.”
That was pretty clear, too. But to be fair, I didn’t take this symptom into consideration. I was sure it was just trauma from the last time they served that food in the cafeteria. After my mother explained her own symptoms, though, it kind of all just clicked.
All the pieces were falling together in the palms of our hands now.
“Peter,” I murmured. “What do we do?”
He took another deep breath, his eyes squeezing shut. One of his palms rubbed his forehand as he began to visibly stress out. I let him ponder for a moment, his lean figure now pacing back and forth throughout the small room. He was even pulling at his hair.
After a few moments, he exhaled loudly. “Okay, okay. We’re fifteen and sixteen years old. We’re also only in high school with no paying jobs. We’re a bit busy figuring out what we want to do for the rest of our lives, considering you’re involved in an internship and I’m Spider-man.”
I sat quietly, picking at the skin around my finger nails while listening to him ramble.
“We have three options as of now. I’m assuming you’re only about four weeks, so that’s not too bad if we’re looking at terminating the pregnancy. Do—” He looked at me with wide eyes, his body coming to a halt in front of me. I was sure he was listening to the heartbeat again by the look on his face. He slowly got down to his knees, his eyes now strained on my stomach. It was like watching a car crash as his lower lip began to quiver. “We made a small being, Y/N.”
“I know, they’re kinda of making me nauseous all the time.” I tried to fight off the smile forming on my face.
He gave me one of marvelous smiles as he pulled me into a bone crushing hug. I squeaked, patting his back gently.
“Pete?” I choked.
A gasp left his lips as he released me. “I’m so sorry!”
I only smiled, brushing my thumb against his cheek. “It’s okay, love.”
He sighed again, leaning his forehead into mine. I inhaled deeply as he allowed me to share his warmth.
“I never want to pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do, but I will share my thoughts on this if you’ll let me.”
I nodded gently, no words able to leave me.
His hands pulled my own to his chest, keeping them there against his heart. His eyes bored into mine as he tried to find the right words, I could quite literally feel how nervous he was.
“I love you. I’ll love you for the rest of my life and the eternity afterwards. You’re it for me. I could feel it. So, even though we might be too young for this, I want it. I’m all in and I’ll do whatever you need me to if you’re in, too.”
As I processed those words, I felt my eyes well up with tears. I pressed both of my hands to his face and pulled him down to meet my lips. He kissed me back with a force I never felt before, I was sure I was seeing all of the stars and galaxies above.
But I had to pull away to give him a sad smile.
“I know you’re it for me, too. And if you do truly feel this way, you’ll understand that I need some time to think this through. I’m sorry.”
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Winter in Summer: Midnight Confessions (pt 6)
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Reader
Summary:  You are rescued by a stranger, when Hydra tries to abduct you in the street.
Warnings: canon violence, character injury, labor
word count: 731
“Get down!”  Bucky shouted as he eased you to the floor lightning-fast and covered you with his body just before you felt the heat from an explosion behind him.
The world was spinning and too bright to see anything.  You realized that Bucky was talking and as the ringing in your ears eased you picked up the words.
“Are you hurt?”  He was looking for any signs of bleeding or burns.
“I am alright,”  You groaned, feeling a slight tightness in your back.  
“Can you stand?”  he asked, reaching out for you.  You nodded and he helped you stand up.
“Bucky?”  You asked.  He staggered a little as you got to your feet.
“I’m-  I’m fine, Doll.  don’t worry.”  He groaned, and you both saw a large piece of piping in his lower back.
“Oh my God,”  You started to hyperventilate.
“At least it did hurt your baby,”  He huffed and fell forward into your arms.  You kept him on his feet.
“I don’t know what to do!  Where do I go?  Do I take you to the hospital?”  You asked, putting his arm around your shoulders and trying to help him.  That pain in your back radiated out and made your toes curl.
“No, find us somewhere to hold up.  I’ll be okay once I get this thing out of me.”  Bucky tried to stand a little straighter.
“I’ve said that a number of times,”  You said, trying to keep the mood light.  Bucky did laugh, and the two of you kept low and away from the sirens.
“I think these Italian country-siders are gonna hate us,”  Bucky groaned.  You were thankful it was dark but missed having a bathroom as you lost control of your bladder slightly with a slightly stronger contraction than you were expecting.
“I’m just sad I didn’t get to eat that pasta you brought to me,”  You moaned leaning on a wall to catch your breath.
“More contractions?”  Bucky groaned trying to get a look at the pipe.
“And they are getting stronger,”  You nodded, breathing through it.  “You have to tell me something,”  You said as you grabbed him again and the two of you started moving again.  It was slow travel as you tried to keep against walls and the two of you had to stop several times for you to catch your breath.
“It was an experiment,”  Bucky said reluctantly.  “Hydra had a subject that was unwilling to procreate.  He was one of their best subjects, one of the most successful.  So that baby is actually yours,”  Bucky said, kissing the side of your forehead gently as he gave you life-changing news.
“I don’t know if that is better or worse,”  You huffed during one of your breaks.
“Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?”  Bucky asked, letting himself touch your belly gently.
“No, the tech couldn’t get a good look.  The baby had their legs crossed I guess,”  Your whole body scrunched and you moaned low in your throat.
“Come on, we gotta go,”  Bucky said, looking around nervously.  You hadn’t gotten as far as you hoped and now you both knew they were most likely tracking you somehow.
“I can’t,”  You whimpered.  You wanted to throw up and you felt like you had a fever.  You knew Bucky was worse off than you were right now.  He was still bleeding, and here you were crying because your back hurt.
“Doll, did your water break?”  He asked, seeming to see you for the first time since the explosion.  “We gotta get help,” Bucky said.  He helped you onto the ground and you both sat there in the alley out of sight of anyone, you hoped.  He grabbed your cell phone from your pocket.
“Is that how they are tracking me?”  You panted, as you resisted the urge to pass out.
“Not likely,”  He said, dialing a number.  “Hey, it’s me.  I know I said I didn't need help.  But I lied.”
“Who’s baby is this?”  You asked him, clutching his metal arm and breathing through the pain.
“The Winter Soldier’s,”  He said grimacing, before turning his attention back to the person on the phone.  You sobbed into his shirt to try and muffle the sound.  “We’re in Italy Nat, send a quin.  And hurry, I don’t know how much longer she is going to last.”
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missymurphy1985 · 3 days ago
Out of the Blue
*This was a request*
Warnings - smut / unplanned pregnancy / talk of abortion
I've used a fictional family for Cillian for this, names have been changed.
"That's it then," Cillian sighed, reading the letter from his solicitor, his friend Adam sitting opposite him in the kitchen of Cillian's new apartment in North Dublin. The Decree Nisi, his divorce from Kate now final. He felt a tinge of sadness, he couldn't help it, they'd spent most of their lives together and shared two teenage boys, but he couldn't forgive her cheating on him while he was away filming, the trust had left him completely.
"To a fresh start, Cill." Adam raised his bottle of beer to Cillian's pint of Guinness as they toasted, Ada ln trying to lighten the darkness in his best friend's eyes. "You're better off without her - now you can move on."
"Yeah no thanks, I'm done with women for a LONG time Ad, they're all the fucking same!" Cillian smiled, almost a laugh. "All I'm interested in now is the boys, they've been through one hell of a rollercoaster this last year."
"When are they coming to stay?"
"Tomorrow afternoon, I've got them all weekend."
"Then tonight Mr Murphy I am taking you OUT! Come on, we can go check out that new bar in the city, there's a band on!" Cillian groaned, that was not his plan for this evening. All he wanted was his pyjamas, a good book and an early night. This wasn't lost on Adam. "I'm not taking no for an answer here, come on! It's been months since you went out, let's do this!"
"Adam please... Not tonight yeah? Maybe next week, or.."
"Enough! No! You're not moping any more, I'm taking to out and that's the end of it." Cillian rolled his eyes. Fuck it, arguing with Adam was pointless, he'd known this since high school.
Within an hour they were ready, both of them in jeans and Timberland boots, Cillian in a blue striped t shirt and Adam in a green one. Hair fixed, they headed out to the waiting taxi outside.
"The first sign of someone trying to take my picture, I'm out of there Adam..." Cillian dreaded the thought of being papped out on the town following his divorce. The papers just wanted a scoop on who he'd be sleeping with now he was freshly single and available. Adam nodded in agreement a deal, as the taxi pulled outside the bar.
Y/n woke up, her head pounding. Opening her eyes she looked around at her surroundings, not recognising a single thing.
"The fuck have you done this time y/n..." You groaned, rolling your eyes and sitting up gingerly, trying to stop the contents of your stomach from evacuating violently over the unfamiliar bedsheets. Glancing at the alarm clock, you groaned again. 8am... Why the hell was it so damn early.. and where the fuck was she?? She heard a door downstairs open and close, and froze. She wasn't alone. Footsteps up the stairs, she quickly hid back under the covers pretending to be asleep as she heard the bedroom door open and the pressure on the side of the bed as someone sat down next to her sleeping body.
"Hey.. you awake?" An Irish voice filled the silence, as the smell of fresh coffee found its way under the duvet you were hiding under. Clenching your eyes tightly together, you slowly pulled the duvet back and opened them, seeing the man you clearly spent the previous evening with. Your eyes found his.. my god they were so blue.. he was handsome.. bit older than you, maybe? You couldn't tell for sure. You definitely recognised him from somewhere other than last night though, maybe he went to uni with you?
"Um... Morning.. I uh -" you sat up, taking the coffee from his hand, thanking him.
"Did we -"
"Did we.."
You both spoke at the same time. Clearly neither of you remembering the night before. You smiled, he smiled, before you both burst out laughing.
"Fucking hell, how wasted were we? We can't even remember if we had sex or not? I've NEVER been that drunk.. listen I'm sorry, this isn't exactly a great morning after huh?" He took a sip of his coffee, blushing slightly.
"Hey this is not something I do regularly okay.." he shook his head agreeing, neither did he.
"Cillian." He offered you his hand to shake, still smirking. "Listen if you can't remember if we had sex, you definitely can't remember my name..." Your turn to blush now.
"Y/n. And no. I definitely don't remember. But if it makes you feel any better, I'm still fully clothed? I don't think we had sex then redressed, do you?" You laughed, showing him you were still wearing the top and jeans you had on last night.
The pair of you laughed in relief.. eyes meeting again as the tension finally left the room.
"I can drive you home whenever you're ready y/n. If you need to get back?" Cillian offered.
"Erm.. oh yeah.. that'd be great, thank you.. listen, would it be cheeky to ask for a shower, or..."
"Hey, no not at all! Just through there," he pointed to his en suite. "I'll fetch you a towel, take your time."
You smiled. Those beautiful blue eyes were captivating you completely, you couldn't drag your own eyes away. He couldn't take his own from yours either, that tension was back, but it was a different kind of tension this time. Neither of you could remember how you got here, but neither of you minded that it had happened.
"You.. I'll go have that shower, yeah?" You moved to stand but stumbled slightly, landing closer to Cillian. He didn't move. Your face was now a mere few inches from his. Those eyes, once again never leaving yours. Your core burned, glancing down you saw the obvious excitement in his trousers, causing you to groan quietly.
He leaned in slowly, lips brushing yours carefully. You couldn't stop yourself kissing him back, within seconds the kiss becoming heated, tongues colliding. He leaned you back down onto the bed, moving his body to cover your own. You couldn't stop yourself, it was as if you were moving in autopilot, everything inside your core was on fire, demanding more of this incredible man immediately.
He stopped kissing you and hovered over your face, rubbing his nose against yours.
"Are you sure about this y/n?" You nodded, and kissed him again hungrily, parting your legs as he fell between them, grinding his own hips against yours. You could feel his hard-on, and you bucked your hips against his.
"Please... Don't stop now... I need this.. even if I never see you again after this Cill, just let me.."
"Baby I don't do one night stands... I'm taking you for breakfast as soon as we're done. Deal?" You smiled, no that was probably a grin. Breakfast sounded damn good right now, but not as good as he'd feel buried inside you.
"Deal. Now fuck me.. please?"
"Your wish is my command." Clothes removed, he grabbed a condom from his jeans pocket (Adam bought them the night before, he remembered that part at least, him slipping a couple into his jeans pocket as Cillian protested he wasn't going to sleep with anyone that night anyway...) Slipping it on, he pushed himself inside you, filling you completely.
"Fuck... Cillian that's fucking it..." You raised your hips with each thrust, he buried his face into your neck, biting the skin and sucking it slightly. You could hear him moaning into your collarbone.
"Shit you feel good... So fucking tight y/n..."
"Harder... Cillian, harder..." Your nails scratched down his back - if he was marking you, you were absolutely marking him in return. His thrusts now came hard and fast, as your walls clenched around him, your body finding that sweet release you needed, you hands pulling his hair hard. He came immediately after you, with a low moan into your hair as he pulled it in return, both of you panting trying to catch your breath.
"Shit me... I wasn't expecting that.." Cillian eased himself out, catching the condom before throwing it on the floor by the bed. Collapsing next to you, he turned to face you.
"I'm sorry... I don't even know you and I'm fucking you.. this isn't me y/n, I mean it, I don't do this, I've NEVER done this before."
"Hey, you've never had a one time thing? Seriously?"
"I was married for 20years until last night y/n!" He laughed, causing you to smile too. Suddenly your smile dropped a little.
"How old are you? If you don't mind me asking.."
"42. You?"
"If I tell you, don't freak out yeah?"
"Y/n I know you're younger okay, just tell me. It's okay."
"24." His eyes widened, was that in horror? Shock? Disgust? You couldn't tell but it didn't look good...
"24?? Shit me... The press are gonna have a field day with this..." You sat up, suddenly extremely self conscious. Age was never an issue for you, you actually preferred an older man, but it clearly bothered him.
"The press?" You asked, confused. "Why on earth would they be bothered?"
Cillian looked at you. You looked back at him completely deadpan. Shit, you were serious.
"Google me. Cillian Murphy." You reached into your jeans pocket for your phone and typed his name.
"Oh shit..."
"Y/n, you still with me?" Cillians voice floated through the screen, knocking you from your daydream. Filming over in England for Peaky Blinders, Skype calls were your norm now.
"What? Shit sorry, baby, I was in a world of my own then! What did you say?"
"I asked if that delivery had arrived from Amazon, those books I ordered? You ok?"
"What books? Oh, those.. erm yeah I think so, something arrived for you earlier anyway, I left it on the kitchen side for you for when you get home next week. At least I think I did..."
"What's going on with you? Are you okay? You haven't been yourself for a few days now, forgetting things? You left your keys at work the other day, your phone in your friend's car.. what's going on?" Truth be told, you had no idea. Since your chest infection four months ago, you'd lost the ability to adult. You and Cillian had moved into a new home on the outskirts of Dublin 4 months ago, that morning after being the start of a blossoming romance, that led to you moving in together within the space of 6 months. Everyone had something to say, especially his ex wife who was still telling everyone who'd listen that you were obviously sleeping together while Cillian was still married, obviously he traded her in for a younger model, obviously blah, blah, blah... Never mind the fact that SHE cheated on HIM, no mention of that... Luckily your friends and family saw past all of it, and welcomed the new relationship - seeing how good you two fitted together, it wasn't hard to see why. You were the gin to his tonic, exactly what you both needed without you knowing you needed it. But these last few months, you'd felt completely spaced out - not even you could deny it.
"That chest infection really knocked the wind out my sales Cill, I haven't been right since! My mind's gone to absolute mush! Maybe I'm just run down, I've got the rest of the week off now so I'll get some rest, I promise."
"Maybe book a doctor's appointment y/n, you should be over this by now, you took all your antibiotics, yeah?"
"Yep, every one, right on time. Babe I'm so tired! I can't explain it!"
"Hit the sack babe, get an early one. I'll call you tomorrow. Don't forget to make that appointment okay?" You agreed, eyes growing heavy. You told each other I love you before closing the call and heading straight to bed.
You left the doctor's appointment the following day with tears in your eyes. This couldn't be happening... You took out your phone to call Serena, your best friend.
Approaching her front door, she opened it and immediately held you as sobs racked your body. Taking you inside away from any prying paparazzi, she put the kettle on.
"He's gonna kill me Serena... This isn't supposed to happen! We agreed - this wasn't part of our plan!! What am I going to do? How could I have been so stupid?"
"This isn't your fault y/n.. and he is not going to kill you, okay?" Nausea overcame you and you ran to her downstairs toilet, your breakfast evacuating violently into the toilet bowl. Serena made you a glass of water. Your phone vibrated, Cillian's name appearing on the screen. You ignored it. Again. Three times he'd called, three times you ignored it.
"You have to tell him sooner or later, y/n..." Serena was at the door, glass of water in hand.
"How? How exactly do I tell the man who is adamant he wants no more children that I'm fucking pregnant Serena? And I'm already 13 weeks gone? How did I not know?" Sobs overcame you again, your phone vibrating a fourth time. This time, a voicemail was left. Shakily, you listened to it.
"Y/n what the fuck? Call me. Call me right now." He didn't sound happy - from just a few missed calls, that was a bit extreme! Once you'd calmed down, Serena left you alone in her kitchen while you called him back via WhatsApp, hands still shaking.
"Baby, what's going on?? Paul's just shown me a photo on Twitter of you leaving the doctors with tears in you eyes, what the hell is happening?" You cursed yourself.. fucking photographers everywhere!
"Babe, are you alone? And sitting down? Put your phone on video call." He did as you asked and you saw his panic-stricken face fill the screen as you settled your phone on the counter. He saw your pale, tear-stained face and turned a shade of white.
"Y/n what is it?"
"I went to the doctor's -"
"I know that, y/n..."
"Look, this is easier if you don't interrupt me, yeah?" He nodded an apology and sat back, arms folded. "So that chest infection.. I had to take antibiotics. And it would appear that antibiotics... Well.. they render the pill completely useless and -" his eyes widened as he listened to you.
"The fuck are you saying y/n?"
"I'm pregnant, Cillian. 13 weeks." You closed your eyes, waiting for him to scream at you. Shout at you. Curse you. But he said nothing. Silence. Complete radio silence. You opened your eyes, tears threatening to fall any second. "Well fucking say something Cill!"
"I... I don't... Fuck y/n... This is a joke, right? You're joking? It's April 1st and you're having me on, yeah?"
"No, Cillian, it's July 15th and I am not FUCKING JOKING!!" The tears fell freely now, how much of an arsehole could he be. You saw him stand up and walk across the room out of view and your tears fell harder. Serena re-entered the room hearing your sobs but you waved her back. Composing yourself..
"Cillian... Cillian are you still there? Cillian?!" He came back into view and sat back down, eyes wet. He was crying.
"I'm sorry.. baby I'm sorry I didn't mean.." choking his words, so many emotions running through his mind. Another wave of nausea saw you suddenly dash out of view to throw up in the toilet again. All he saw was you run.
"Y/n?? Baby?? Where you going??" Serena came into view.
"Cill she's fine - it's morning sickness. She's okay don't worry." Cillian breathed a sigh of relief seeing your best friend there, at least you weren't alone.
"Listen, go take care of her yeah, tell her to call me when she's feeling okay.. and tell her I love her. We'll be okay. Everything will be okay, I promise." Serena smiled, nodding her head, ending the call, making her way back to you, still wretching into the bowl.
"How are you feeling?" Cillians voice helped to ease the pain. Your morning sickness had subsided, at least for the last couple of days. Your bump appeared out of nowhere once you'd found out you were pregnant, but with the sudden change in your body came changes you really didn't appreciate - your pelvis was agony. Since you hit the 7 month mark, it felt like it was on fire daily.
"Like dogshit. Like my hips want to cripple me. This is hell Cillian, I miss you so much!" You started to cry again, Cillian feeling completely helpless. He'd already missed so much of this precious time filming, neither of you able to come home or visit due to Covid restrictions and y/n having a high risk pregnancy. Severe morning sickness, coupled now with severe pelvic girdle pain, doctors had signed you off on sick until your maternity leave kicked in in 6 weeks time. You couldn't walk now without crutches, relying on friends and family to bring you groceries. You were beginning to resent your own baby, which made you feel even worse.
"I'm on the first flight home tomorrow morning, we wrapped filming up a month early so I could come home sooner. I wanted to surprise you, but I'm shit at surprises!" He chuckled, causing you to giggle too. You perked up, still lay on the sofa like a bloated whale but at least you were smiling now.
"Really? You'll be home tomorrow?"
"Flight lands at 7am. I'll be home by 7:45. And I'm not going anywhere, y/n, I've cleared my schedule. Nothing coming up, no press, no interviews, I'm completely yours and the baby's for the foreseeable future. I promise." Tears fell again, but this time, happy ones. He'd be home in less than 12 hours. One more sleep, and he'd be home.
"Come on y/n... You can do this!" You gripped Cillians hand hard as another contraction rippled painfully across your abdomen. Why the fuck did you refuse the epidural? What the hell were you thinking??
"I can't... I can't do it... Cillian I've been doing this for hours I can't..... Aaaaahhhhhh!" You screamed as your body took over and you bore down. The midwife ordering you to push.
"You can, you can baby, come on... She's nearly here! So close now, just a little longer..." He breathed with you, patting your head with a cold flannel to cool you down. Another contraction, another push...
Suddenly the room erupted with a baby's loud cry, swiftly followed by your own. Cillians eyes watered as your daughter was lifted in the air, still attached by the umbilical cord. Cillian cut it, taking your daughter into his arms. It was already decided he would hold your baby first, after all, you'd been carrying her for 9 months! You choked, seeing him holding your baby for the first time, as he carried her over to you to hold to your chest.
"She's here... She's beautiful.. look at her eyes Cillian!" Ocean blue, just like his.
"She has your nose y/n... My god she's perfect..." He kissed your head gently, openly sobbing now and not caring in the slightest. He thanked you. He thanked you for bringing his daughter safely into the world, for going through hell during the worst pregnancy you could've imagined..
"All worth it... Every second.. but I'm never doing this again Cillian.. I mean it, never again." You glared at him then at the scissors on the table, then down at his groin.
"Fuck off, y/n, I'm not having anyone snipping anything down there..."
"Looks like a life of celibacy then Murphy, that's the only logical conclusion."
"I'll book an appointment next week." You smirked. Very rarely did you not get your own way, and now he had two girls against him, he knew he'd never get his OWN way ever again.
And he wouldn't have it any other way.
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